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tv   ABC7 News 1100PM  ABC  August 11, 2019 11:00pm-11:59pm PDT

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a san francisco street sparking new calls for
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in san francisco a 79-year-old woman was struck and killed by a taxi driver. witnesses say she was pushing a cart with cans before she was hit. get set to sweat this week as hotter temperatures are about to move in. we'll let you know how warm he get and how long in the accuweather forecast. i'm kate larson in san francisco where there's a major bus reopening here at the salesforce transit center. what it means for your commute. abc 7 news starts right now. >> announcer: now news to build a better bay area. from abc 7. tonight we're learning new details about the woman who was hit and killed by a taxi in san francisco last night. she is the 15th person to die while walking or biking on the city streets this year. good evening. i'm eric thomas. thanks for joining us. dion is off tonight. the crash happened just before 9:00 last night at fifth and
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market in the city's tenderloin district. abc 7 news reporter luz pena went there today and talked to some witnesses. luz? >> reporter: we're learning more about this victim. according to the san francisco coroner's office, she was a 79-year-old woman. we spoke to witnesses tonight who said she was walking and collecting plastic bottles and cans minutes prior to getting struck by this taxi driver. the shopping cart flew several feet away from her. one of her shoes ended in the middle of market street. >> i heard a loud boom and then i seen a lady's cart right there. and then the car drove a few u the car. >> reporter: ivan bay ran toward the crash and called 911. 71-year-old eun yang of san francisco died at the scene. >> did the driver stop? >> he stopped and then i ran over to call the police and his passengers hopped out. >> reporter: san francisco police is investigating this crash. they don
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drugs were a factor. it's still unknown if yang was in the crosswalk during the collision. walker executive director says young's death marks the 15th person killed while walking or biking in san francisco this year. >> we are asking that our mayor step in and intervene. >> reporter: two weeks ago and only four blocks away from last night's crash a tesla driver sped through a red light killing benjamin dean. kelly dean tried to shield her husband while they crossed the street before they were both hit. we interviewed district 6 supervisor mark haney on these deaths. >> there needs to be a plan from the mta. we've now identified seven intersections in the tenderloin that we want to have changed to be pedestrian scrambles. >> reporter: in july supervisor mahaney introduced a resolution at the board of supervisors to declare a state of emergency for traffic safety. he said his goal is to speed up the process. >> market street is set for a lot of changes already that will
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prioritize pedestrian safety, but it's moving too slow. >> reporter: now, after last night's crash supervisor marhaney revealed to us he will be calling an emergency meeting with the mayor's transportation adviser as well as the mta's officials to speak about changes to san francisco's high injury network. in the newsroom luz pena abc 7 news. >> luz, thank you very much. san bruno police are asking any possible victims to come forward after airlift driver was arrested for rape and false imprisonment. police say they arrested 46-year-old tonye kolokolo. a woman accused 4i78 of picking her up at a bar in san mateo and taking her all the way to his house in tracy before sexually assaulting her. lyft tells ab 7 it has permanently eliminated the driver's access and has reached out to the rider. new developments tonight into the investigation of the jailhouse suicide of jeffrey epstein. the medical examiner's office has completed its audience but says it's awaiting further information to determine a cause of death.
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two federal investigations are already under way into the death of the multimillionaire who was awaiting trial on sex trafficking charges. abc 7's rachel scott has the latest. >> reporter: investigators now poring over evidence and surveillance footage to discover the major breakdown in protocol that allowed jeffrey epstein's apparent suicide in his manhattan jail cell. >> was there a crime? connected with the suicide. was someone paid? was someone else involved? >> reporter: abc 7 news has learned guards were supposed to check in on the alleged sex trafficker every 30 minutes but sources say that protocol was not followed in the hours before epstein's death pape source familiar with the federal facility tells abc news "understaffing was a problem and morale low." and another source says the two guards at the special housing unit where epstein was held were both on overtime. >> what the guards do and what they're supposed to do are almost always two different things. >> reporter: attorney bruce
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barget represents epstein's former cellmate, who roomed with epstein knell was found unresponsive in his cell with marks around his neck less than three weeks ago. six days later epstein was taken off suicide watch. then saturday morning at 6:39 he was found hanging inside his cell. some of epstein's accusers outraged. >> i really wanted him to take up for what he did and to be put in jail. >> reporter: epstein's death coming less than 24 hours after 2,000 pages of new documents were made public. when virginia roberts gufray's 2015 defamation suit against gislen maxwell were revealed. in her deposition she says maxwell recruited her to be a teenage sex slave. maxwell a long-time associate of epstein has not been charged with any crimes and has consistently denied the allegations. zplt people who really have to be concerned are the ones who worked with jeffrey epstein. >> reporter: rachel scott, abc news, washington. jury deliberations resume
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tomorrow in the ghost ship warehouse fire case. this is the sixth day the panel will meet to discuss the fates of derrick almena and max harris. the two men face 36 counts of involuntary manslaughter. one for each person who died in the december 2016 fire. if a verdict is reached in the morning, it'll be read in the afternoon. should jurors reach a verdict in the afternoon it will be read the next day. this is to allow family members of the 36 victims time to get to the courthouse. on the peninsula firefighters tackled a small grass fire in woodside. abc 7 news was there as smoke rose from the teague hill preserve this morning. cal fire says the fire started around 6:00 a.m. and they stopped itbo five acres. the re phot healy wdeeand ledmo er a whe. well, tomorrow is a day commuters have been waiting for for a long time. ten months, to be exact. buses are back on the third
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floor deck of san francisco's salesforce transit center. abc 7 news reporter kate larson has the story on how we got here and where we're going. >> reporter: you might remember one year ago the salesforce transit center opened to much fanfare after eight years of construction. then six weeks later on september 25th a worker discovered a cracked steel support beam. i was here. it was breaking news when the entire $2 billion transit center was evacuated foefrn's safety. >> i need everyone to clear back outside the structure please. >> reporter: and then the next day a second cracked beam was discovered beginning the closure which lasted 278 days. the initial kraxd beam was found in this ceiling here on the third floor bus deck. and the big deal now is that buses are back for the first ten noz. the riders i've spoken to are excited. >> you know, it seemed like it's beautiful. it's here.
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>> reporter: the main advantage of the bus deck is that one lane goes directly from the upper deck of the bay bridge to the transit center. >> you're only as fast as the person in front of you. this eliminates a lot of issues with traffic downstairs. >> reporter: dave sarel will be using the bus deck regularly and said his safety was worth the wait. >> as long as all the joints are secure that's all that matters. >> reporter: ac transit operates 26 bus lines well as four early bird express lines for bart. sf muni operates one treasure island bus from the deck. all other muni buses are on the ground level. now more changes are on the way. over the next year or so stores and places to eat going to be opening up here on the rooftop park and throughout the complex. all commuters need to know for monday is that buses will drop off and pick up from here, the salesforce transit center. i'm told there will be ambassadors here as well as at the temporary transbay terminal a few blocks away to make sure everyone knows where they're going. other than that happy commuting. in san francisco i'm kate
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larsen, abc 7 news. a car almost plowed through a building after a crash this afternoon in san francisco's outer mission neighborhood. the t-bone collision happened on mission street and highland avenue around noon. one of the vehicles was pushed onto the sidewalk and hit the side of a building. ambulances responded to take injured people to the hospital. the cause of that crash is under investigation. for the first time we're getting our first look at two rescues carried out by the couldn't costa county sheriff's office helicopter. both incidents happened last saturday. first a hiker suffering from extreme dehydration was airlifted out of a trail in the los trompas regional wilderness area. that trail was steep and very remote. firefighters called a helicopter to help bring the victim out. then a few hours later another hiker became ill along a trail on mount diablo. firefighters also called in a im to safety. airlift t he was treated for severe dehydration and heat exhaustion. still ahead on abc 7 news at 11:00, a san francisco woman
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says rideshare companies are discriminating against her service dog. she explains the reactions she's been getting from the drivers. and i'm meteorologist drew tuma. we are wrapping up a warm finish to the weekend but i'm tracking even hotter air moving in tomorrow. we'll let you know how hot you get where you live and the full accuweather forecast ahead. plus a tesla bursts into flames in the middle of the
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get your yes for less at the new stores in west livermore and in union city. startling video shows a tesla bursting into flames on a busy highway in moscow. the driver and his family escaped the car and were rushed to the hospital. the driver says the flames erupted when his tesla model 3 plowed into a parked tow truck at high speed. he says the car was in drive assist mode but he was holding
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the steering wheel and didn't see the truck. tesla has not commented on the crash. a san francisco woman who has a disability that requires her to have a service dog says she has faced discrimination from lyft drivers who refuse her rides. she's calling on the ride-sharing company to do more to educate drivers. abc 7 news reporter liz kreutz has that story. >> reporter: talia lubin has type 1 diabetes. her service dog astra is not only her best friend but her most important guardian. >> she's very sassy but she saved my life a bunch of times, so i can't like -- we're a good team. >> reporter: despite laws that protect service dogs and their handlers talia says she often faces discrimination. most recently from lyft. three different drivers refused her service because of astra. >> whenever this sort of thing happens, it feels -- it's so painful. >> reporter: the first incident happened earlier this year. she said the lyft driver pulled up, saw astra and drove away. the following two incidents happened on the same day last
11:16 pm
week. >> the first driver pulled over and i was saying, you know like hi, how are you and he like cuts me off and is like you can't have a dog. you can't bring your dog. >> reporter: she got him to driver her but felt harassed the whole ride. then on the way back a similar incident. another driver canceled. >> it's scary because you're like am i just not going to get home? like what am i supposed to do? it's hard enough having like this chronic disability. like to have it make your life even more difficult because there are people that discriminate. >> reporter: airlift spokesperson sent abc 7 news this statement saying what talia described is unacceptable. lyft has a strict policy requiring drivers to accommodate service animals and failure to do so can result in being removed from the lyft community. >> i think just having that policy in place is enough? but it's not enough if you don't ensure that the people that need to be paying attention to it know about it.
11:17 pm
so that's what i'm hoping to change. >> reporter: and talia did report these instances to liftd. she was told that lyft suspended temporarily the drivers' accounts for a day and reminded them of the animal service policy. talia was given a $5 credit. but really she is just asking for more information for these drivers so this doesn't even happen in the first place. in the newsroom liz kreutz, abc 7 news. outside lands has come to an end. crowds streamed out of san francisco golden gate park tonight after the final performer wrapped up. the three-day music festival was expected to draw about 200,000 people. today's headliers include kacey did hav upped , and paul simon. securi this year. no significant incidents were reported. >> announcer: now your a accuweather forecast with drew tuma. >> in acuwaerkt earlier today our warmest spots in the 80s and 90s but even warmer waerktsd is going to move in overt next couple of days. and by mid-week it's going to be
11:18 pm
very warm no matter where you live in the bay area. live doppler 7 along with satellite tonight showing you a really calm picture. limited if any fog from this vantage point. in fact, we'll take you to the picture pape good-looking one outside tonight. the exploratorium camera showing you the lights of the bay bridge dancing on the calm bay waters. not a cloud to be seen from this vantage point. no fog. the accuweather highlights we'll show you fog is going to be very lmited tonight. our marine layer is getting compressed overnight tonight and that means mainly clear skies for most of us. also means a sunny start to the day tomorrow and a warmer afternoon on the way. a warming trend began today. it will continue tomorrow and for the next couple of days. this heat will peak mid-week. our hottest spots inland and the bay shoreline you'll feel the warm weather. we'll show you the numbers in just one second. it is a mild evening. 65 santa rosa, 64 in oakland. 65 in san jose and livermore checking in with the temperature
11:19 pm
of about 67 degrees. live doppler 7 along with satellite quiet right now across california. what we are tracking off to our east there's this ridge of high pressure essentially centered over texas and that ridge is slowly going balanced back to the west overt next couple days. that will supply the warmer weather you'll feel overt next couple afternoons. tonight limited fog just? patchy cloud cover along the coast. that's about it. overnight mid 50s to low 60s. your starting temperatures out the door. let's try the fog for you first thing tomorrow morning. very limited amount of fog. pretty much right along the immediate coastline of san francisco and that's about it. a lot of sunshine from the get-go and that marine layer will continue to be very compressed over the next 24 hours. highs in the microclimb. 89 in san jose, 91 morgan hill, cupertino up to 87 santa clara. along the peninsula warm and
11:20 pm
bright. 84 in menlo park, the same in mountain view, same with san mateo. warm in the city tomorrow, 74 for a high. even daly city. a lot of sunshine hitting 70 by the afternoon. north bay 80s and 90s tomorrow. 89 petaluma. the same in san rafael. 92 in calistoga. napa up to 89 degrees. 80 oakland, 81 san leandro. 85 union city, 86 fremont and inland it is hot. we're going into the 90s. 96 pittsburg. 98 the high in brentwood. the numbers continue to rise as that summer warmth builds. tuesday's mild hot. look at wednesday, mid-week or xeegd the century mark in the hottest spots. an along the bay shoreline we're in the upper 80s in some spotstion even by friday cooler weather moves in. a warm week ahead for a lot of us. >> do i have to look at
11:21 pm
wednesday? >> you do. because you'll have your ac bill going up. >> thanks a lot, pal. i appreciate it. still ahead on abc 7 news at 11:00, bugging out in san francisco today. critters of all kinds on display. if you were lucky you got to
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the san francisco zoo celebrated a momentous milestone today. the zoo held a 40th bugiversary with the legendary insect zoo. it was one a kind when it first opened in 1979 with a collection of centipedes, cockroaches, spiders and other tiny creepy crawlies and some not soti osebps to m ppleovebugs elly kids. but even people who don't love bugs i think are fascinated. they like to come tout insect zoo and see them. as long as they're safely behind
11:25 pm
glass. >> it was one of the first insect zoos in the world when it opened. zoo officials intended it to be a temporary exhibit but after it got to be so popular the management made it permanent. >> i can just -- would you like to have one of those crawling on you right now? yeah, that's what i thought. >> that young lady just kind of walked away. >> just like i would. >> just like everyone would. coming up in sports, where there's a will, there is a way. the thrills that the w ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪
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buick's fresh new lineup is full of surprises. current eligible non-gm owners and lessees get 20% below msrp on most 2019 buick encore models. ahead of tonight's series finale against the phillies the giants honor the 1989 pennant winners and a big announcement the legendary will clark is
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going to have his number 22 retired next year. will clark jerseys all over oracle park tonight. bottom three, down 5-2. and mike yastrzemski blasts his 12th homer of the year. one more than grandpa carl had in his rookie year. there's your fun fact of the day, 5-3 ball game. a fan has that. bottom six fire up the splash cam. scooter goes splash. second homer as a giant toward mccovey cove. things got weird here in the bottom of the eighth. this is closer will smith. his first professional a.b. he's a closer. he's a pitcher. it's his first a.b. and he's got a batting average. how about that? two-run single. the dugout loves it. giants up three. and he was smiling from ear to ear but he had to buckle down in the ninth and do his regular job. that's closing things down. how about bryce harper? checks not accepted here. frustrated. the giants win 9-6. they take two of three from the phillies. smith gets the win. here's the man of the hour. >> when's the last time you hit in a game? >> college. it's been a while. it's been a long time.
11:30 pm
>> were you a good hitter then? >> for sure. duh. >> did you slow down approaching first base? >> no. i'm just that slow. that's just how it goes. i felt like a little leaguer out there when i was running the bases. just having -- i was just having fun playing baseball. i felt like a little kid, honestly. yeah, it was fun. >> i wonder if he got orange snacks after the game. a ceremony honoring the 1989 pennant winners. orange and black will retire number 22. kevin mitchell, dusty baker roger craig, robbie thompson it name a few. they were all thrilled for will and clark says this is his hall of fame. he's proud to be a forever gi t giant. >> i came up as a giant. this is my first organization. this is where i learned to play baseball. this is where i learned to be a big leaguer. this is where i had my most success. and to be forever linked with the greatest that ever played this sport here in san francisco, it's absolutely
11:31 pm
amazing. i'm very, very heartfelt right now and i'm having trouble like putting it into words but it's just super special. how about the a's fans in chicago for the series finale against the white sox. matt chapman thinks has a home run but john jay leaps and he brings it in the yard. watch the glove work. just kind of knocked it back into the field. two pitches later matt olsen hits it over his head. chris basset was dealing for the a's. seven innings, four hits. no earned runs. and stephen strikeouts. on deck oakland comes to oracle to take on the giants in the bay bridge series. this abc 7 sports report sponsored by river rock casino. so a lot of fun going to happen over there at willie mays plaza when the two bay area rivals collide. >> always a good time. chris, thank you very much. much more to come on abc 7 news at 11:00. an american gold medalist took a knee today on the podium at an
11:32 pm
international competition. how he's explaining his decision that could now get him sanctioned. plus a dance team unlike any other. we'll take you to
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good evening. i'm eric thomas. in tonight's headlines a pedestrian hit and killed by a taxi along san francisco's iie 79r- wi jun yang. she was a resident of the city. advocates for safer streets say it san francisco given the recent spate of pedestrians being fatally hit by cars. san bruno police say they've
11:36 pm
arrested airlift driver an a woman accuse him of pick herring up at a bar in san mateo then taking her all wait back to his home in tracy before sexually assaulting her. the driver is identified as 46-year-old tonye kolokolo. lyft says he's been permanently banned from the service. buss are back ten months after the terminal closed following the discovery of two cracked steel beams. ac transit west sxat greyhound resumed service to the bus deck today although tomorrow is when many people will be utilizing the center when they go to and from work. investigators are looking into what caused a devastating fire at a home in erie, pennsylvania that killed five children ages 8 months to 7 years. the fire broke out about::15 in the morning at this house also listed as a daycare. the children were on the second floor. firefighters say a 51-year-old woman inside the home ran through the fire to get outside, burned her lungs and crashed her car on the way to the hospital. a neighbor was also hurt.
11:37 pm
>> it didn't look real. but you know it was. you're right there. you can feel the heat. you can smell the smoke. and then when those firemen carried out them babies and -- i -- i just can't imagine that. i really can't imagine that. >> fire officials said the home had one smoke detector located in the attic and that foul play is not suspected at this time. house speaker nancy pelosi and a bipartisan group of lawmakers today visited a detention facility in mcallen, texas operated by the hoept of homeland security. the congressional delegation want o'ed to investigate the treatment of children and families at the border. this comes after touring central america the last few days to explore the causes of immigration and possible solutions. >> the damage has been done in so many cases. we want to try to bring families back together. this is a public policy issue. and it challenges the could nsce of america, undermines the
11:38 pm
character whof we are and as people of faith it has no place in our country or in our hearts. >> reporter: the trump administration is trying to restrict applications for asylum in the u.s. from central america by requiring migrants to apply in galt mala rather than at the u.s. border. state law marksz return to work tomorrow after their july recess to tackle a host of bills that includes a measure before the senate that would force companies like uber and lyft to treat their driers like full-time employees. the legislature will also be tasked with passing a nearly $215 billion operating budget setting up funds for wildfire victims and a cap for rent increases. this year's session adjourned september 13th giving lawmakers about a month goat their work done. the future of a controversial mural at a san francisco high school could be set this week. school board president stefan cook spoke only to abc 7 news about the plan he's proposing to the school board as early as tuesday. cook now wants to cover a historic mural at george washington high school with
11:39 pm
panels. the board had earlier voted to paint it over. the mural has been controversial because it portrays oppression of native americans and african-americans. abc 7 news reporter lyanne melendez says also this week san francisco native and actor danny glover could be teaming up with civil rights leader amos brown to announce their support for keeping the mural. you can sear more of her reporting on the story including the interview with cook on our website at an american gold medalist is explaining his decision to kneel during national anthem at the pan-american games in lima. fencer race embodin took a knee during the team's medal ceremony when the u.s. national anthem played. the 26-year-old floridian says it was the recent mass shootings across america that led him to pull off a very public and controversial protest. >> catalyst was certainly the shootings this past week and being overseas and o'not being home and being an athlete who's
11:40 pm
on the road a lot and seeing the terrible things that are happening and wanting to evoke change. another athlete also protested. hammer throw gold medalist gwen berry raised her fist during the u.s. national anthem on saturday. both barry and embowden could be sanctioned by. usoc for their displays. el poio loco in gilroy will donate 100% of tomorrow's sales to the families who lost loved ones in the garlic festival shooting on july 28th. those victims are 6-year-old steven romero, 13-year-old keyla salazar, and 25-year-old trevor irby. the reshts is on chest neet and east 10th street and is opening from 11:00 in the morning to 9:00 in the evening. it will also accept cash, credit card or check donations to be equally split between the three families. and if you would like to help out the victims of the game roye garlic festival shooting a different way, the gilroy foundation has established a special fund and we have the link on our website at still ahead on abc 7 news at 11:00, lori loughlin's dourt
11:41 pm
seeming to speak out about the college admissions scandal engulfing her family. her flippant message to the tabloids. and i'm meteorologist drew tuma. a mainly fog-free night will lead to a warmer day tomorrow. we'll have the details in the accuweather forecast coming up. and abc 7's new brand localish is sharing inspiring stories in a local digital series called more in common. liam has already undergone 15 surgeries including two brain surgeries this mast year. but now he's getting to escape the hospital and just be a kid again at summer camp. >> liam's walking away from a tough year with spina bifida. just 8 years old he's already had 18 surgeries in his little life. the scars from his most recent one still healing. but he's not in the hospital this week. he's at summer camp. >> it's saying to me no more hospital beds and don't have to do this, don't have to do that. >> and you had to spend? time in hospitals lately. >> i had a back surgery once and
11:42 pm
i had to like be on my back for a bunch of days. >> what's been your favorite memory from last year? what are you most excited about? >> probably the carnival. >> that's tonight? >> that's tonight. there's a hot air balloon. >> are you going to do that? >> i'll plobl do that. >> when i first met you this morn ugh were kind of quiet a little quiet, a little shy and by nightfall you're going crazy, doing the ymca. >> i just love to have fun. you know when you're at ross and that cute dress gets even cuter? yes. or when you can say yes... to both? or wheyothat brand at thate (smiling) su.
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actress lori loughlin's daughter seems to be speaking out about the college admissions scandal engulfing her family. olivia jade giannulli posted an image on instagram today that we can't show. she's flipping off the camera with both hands. in the caption the teen tags several outlets including star magazine, people, daily mail, blogger perez hilton and "every other media outlet." she includes the hashtag close
11:46 pm
source says. olivia jade has been very quiet on social media since both her parents were indicted in april for allegedly bribing usc olivia jade and her sister admitted to the school. basketball season is fast approaching and the golden state warriors are looking for members for their all senior dance team. the only requirement, you have to be at least 55 years of age. abc 7 news community journalist melissa pixcar checked out the tryouts today. >> it's our 55 and up senior dance team for the wa. anbrt hontl o fs gnuts wn they. and pretty much every time they perform that's what they get, is a standing ovation. they're definitely our fan favorite. they make you want to dance no matter what the age and they just kind of let you know no matter what you're doing in life you can still achieve your dreams and go for.
11:47 pm
we have almost 70 contestants coming out to 5audition for the teams and then we'll pick the final team of 20. we have 15 returners coming. i think we're going to have a really strong team. i was fortunate enough to be a golden state warrior dancer with the inaugural team, the '18-19 season. and it was so incredibly awesome, i hate to use that word, but just awesome. i couldn't not come here again. >> it was a great experience last year. and you know, just that energy of being with the golden state warriors dance teams. i mean, the warriors is a great organization. a lot of us are here too because it keeps us going, keeps us youthful, keeps us, you know, loving life. >> they really do love what they do. we had a chance to talk toomofh. very interesting. time for one last check of the
11:48 pm
weather. and if you use an air-conditioner these days oh, my gosh. here's drew. >> take a look at this picture, eric. a live look from sutro tower behind me. it is a fog-free looking picture tonight. warmer weather on the way not only tomorrow but over the next couple of days. tonight numbers will fall under mainly clear skies. mid 50s around the bay shoreline. more milder locations will drop into the low 60s like concord and antioch. highs on your monday it's going to be a warmer afternoon tomorrow compared to this weekend. up to 74 in the city. 80 in oakland as you hop over into the east bay. near 90 in saab jose with a high of 99 degrees. 950 in santa rosa and 95 in antioch. as we fast-forward into to us these numbers continue to climb away from the coast with our hottest spots getting very close to 100 degrees. but on the accuweather seven-day forecast you'll find on wednesday and thursday our hottest spots do exceed or meet 100 degrees. warm in the 80s and will cool off by friday. turn breezier over the week.
11:49 pm
but still the next couple of days sts going to beit's going one, eric. >> thanks, drew. chris alvarez is here with sports. >> back to oracle park and the boys of the surmmer of '89. plus we catch one a m
11:50 pm
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giants and a's are going to renew their bay bridge series tuesday at oracle park. but there was a time once before interleague play where the only time these two bay area teams could meet or square off is in the world series. the giants honored the 1989 squad today. during today's meet and greet with the fans kevin mitchell that one-handed famous catch came up but when i got to him i asked the man who hit 47 homers in that mvp season of '89 about something else. >> here with kevin mitchell. we all remember him for the
11:53 pm
barehanded catch but you can hit. you remember -- >> just let them know i can hit. >> you tell me you can hit. >> oh, yeah. i definitely love to hit. it's been fun playing here. i'm thankful to the san francisco giants to have us back here. >> what does it mean all these years later to have this reunion here? >> oh, man, this is a great feeling. like i i said it's thankful we all can come back and walk on that field. we've got a lot of wounds but we're going to make it out there nd make it nice for the fabz. chamonship.visltheas very ris even with the earthquake but what did it mean the vibe that october? >> well, i'll tell you, it was great for the city to have us to come back and play, just try to get aot people's mindecau it s a tragic incident that happened. but thank god that everybody is blessed and let that go in the past and move on.
11:54 pm
but i tell you what, there's nothing i can say about what happened that year. >> a lost interleague play these days, would you have liked to have interleague play when you played to play like they do now? >> i think that's a great deal right trrks there, the interlea play. i wish we did have it. you get to see more towns. when i went to the american league it's different from being in the national league, and you get to face a lot of off-speed guys and better pitching in the american league. >> what do you remember most about the 1989 team? there an untold story we don't know about? >> i'm the type of person. i love to say a lot of things but a lot of things i can't say. it's just a blessing we can all come back and have fun like we used to. because we're all brothers. like i said, we're just from another mother, but we're all brothers. and a lot of us don't got hair, a lot of us can't walk, a lot of us have stomachs but we're going
11:55 pm
to go out thering and make it today. >> and remember kevin mitchell can hit. >> can hit. don't forget that. >> don't forget it. >> thanks to kevin for his time and the entire giants team. the entire country getting a chance to see 9 niners when they take on denver monday night august 19th for their second preseason game nationally televised on espn. friday saturday the team will hold joint practices in colorado. shawn combman had surgery to repair a fractured fibbia and dislocated ankle he suffered in last night's game against dallas. ebel placed on injured reserve as the team continues to navigate around those injuries for the regular season opener week one. >> we just have a better feel for our team and the guys that have established themselves, you've got to prove yourself all the time but we want to take care of a lot of guys too and with having four of these and we have a few more established starters in certain areas. the most important thing is to get our team the best they can be by tampa but we also hope our team can be ready for tampa anytime we have a chance to rest guys and keep them healthy we're going to dry to do it. alameda native keelan dawes
11:56 pm
is working his way into playing his hometown team. caught two passes for nine dprards but one of those a touchdown in the raiders' win over the rams. that was fluff to catch jon gruden's attention. >> i said i like that doss. he's playing three positions. it's a credit to him. he's a smart guy. he's versatile. he can help us in the kicking game and he's playing himself into position maybe to make the team. he's doing well. hey, did you see this? cool moment at the end of today's nascar race at michigan. kevin harvick took home the ecked flnd aft the race his son keelan ran over to his dad to congratulate him. and dad put him in the car and took him on a victory lap. how cool is that? this abc 7 sports report sponsored by river rock casino. >> i like that. put him in the car, leave ail little scratch behind --? he was carrying the flag. very cool moment for father and son.
11:57 pm
>> thank you, chris. and you as well drew and you at home for joining us. i'm eric thomas. dion wasn't here with us. you know how that goes. she'll be back, hough. abc 7 news continues tomorrow morning at 4:30. for drew and chris and the entire abc 7 news team, you have a great evening and an even better.
11:58 pm
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