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tv   America This Morning  ABC  August 12, 2019 4:00am-4:29am PDT

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happening now in america this morning, growing outrage and new questions about the death of happening now in america this morning, growing outrage and new questions about the death of accused sex trafficker jeffrey epstein after his apparent suicide in jail. what we learned overnight about the protocols that were not followed and the so-called extreme overtime that the jail guards reportedly had to work. panic at the mall. >> they're shooting, go! >> a masked man triggers a major scare at this texas shopping mall days after those shootings in el paso and dayton. with the nation on edge, a new proposal in washington to address public safety concerns. daycare tragedy, five children are killed after fire rips through this home in pennsylvania. what authorities have revealed about the daycare facility and the possible cause. plus olympic hero simone
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biles making history twice in one weekend. her new record achievement overnight. and from janet jackson's big surprise to the big news about lucky charms cereal to this man being shot out of a cannon, all the trending stories to jump start your monday morning. good monday morning, everyone. thank you for joining us. we begin with new details on what took place inside that new york city jail before the apparent suicide of accused sex trafficker jeffrey epstein. >> the jail was reportedly so short staffed that one guard had worked five straight days of overtime and guards failed to check up on epstein as often as required. as we wait for autopsy results, conspiracy theories are flourishing but the criminal investigation will continue amid allegations that epstein spent decades preying on underage girls. >> mona kosar abdi has all the
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new details. good morning, mona. >> good morning, kendis and janai. that investigation is centered around the 24 hours leading up to jeffrey epstein's death and how epstein who was placed on suicide watch just less than three weeks ago for a short period of time was left alone and unmonitored. >> reporter: the death of squlof jeffrey epstein sparking an investigation into the correctional facility in manhattan where the accused sex trafficker was being held without bond. just after 6:30 monday morning the wealthy financier was found hanging inside his cell. this comes after another incident where epstein was found unresponsive with marks on his neck. bruce barket represents epstein's cell mate at the time. >> one has to wonder how it is that this man who just tried to take his own life by hanging himself a few weeks ago was in a position to successfully hang himself. >> reporter: abc news has learned guards were supposed to check on the alleged sex
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trafficker every 30 minutes but sources say that protocol was not followed in the hours before epstein's death. another source familiar with the matter tells abc that both guards assigned to the unit where epstein was being held were on overtime. news of epstein's death taking a toll on witnesses who were hoping for justice. >> i really wanted him to take up for what he did and to be put in jail or prison and have to sit there and think about what it is he exactly did to so many people. >> reporter: less than 24 hours before his death, 2,000 pages of new documents containing says she was a sex trafficking victim of epstein and his acquaintances. >> the people who really have to be concerned are the ones who worked with jeffrey epstein, the ones who may have helped facilitate what he was doing. >> those documents were filed as part of a now settled defamation lawsuit against elaine maxwell, a longtime associate of epstein's. one accuser says that maxwell recruited her to be a teenage
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sex slave to epstein. it's important to note that maxwell denies those allegations and has not been charged. >> again, federal authorities say the investigation will continue. mona, thank you. overseas a shooting at a mosque in norway is being investigated as a terror attack. police say the suspect was overpowered by a worshipper at the mosque in oslo. they describe the suspect as a white norwegian citizen around 20 years old. he was reportedly inspired by the new zealand mosque attack and the el paso shooting. he's also accused of killing his teen sister. to the fears here at home. a little over one week since the mass shootings in texas and ohio, a scare at a mall in houston sends people running for their lives and it's just the latest example of how the nation is on edge. now one senator is calling for a new law in response to the safety concerns. >> they're shooting, go! >> reporter: panic at a busy houston mall sent shoppers sprinting into oncoming trfic trying to escape what they
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believe to be an actor shooter but it was likely a false alarm. police say it started when a masked man jumped on a table in the food court threatening to take his own life. then he dropped an unidentified object to the ground causing mass chaos. authorities are now searching for the suspect and calling the incident a terrorist threat. it's the latest example of communities around the country unnerved after those back-to-back mass shootings in el paso and dayton. in times square last week, a loud popping sound from a motorcycle backfiring caused hundreds to flee the area. >> it was like pretty much a stampede of people sprinting as fast as they could. they were knocking over tables and knocking over the chairs. >> reporter: the fbi has been on high alert with concerns about copycat attacks. last week this 20-year-old was arrested at a missouri walmart after entering the store carrying a loaded military style rifle and wearing body armor. police say he wanted to test the boundaries of his second amendment rights.
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at least eight walmarts around the country have received threats in the last week alone. last weekend police in new facebook message about a puerto rican festival. elsewhere, two alleged white supremacists face charges for reportedly planning attacks. >> i have my ar-15 rifle. >> reporter: in las vegas agents arrested 23-year-old conor climo. they say documents and messages indicated he wanted to blow up a synagogue or gay bar. meanwhile, in response to the recent mass shootings, senate minority leader chuck schumer announced he's introducing a bill that would require fbi permission for civilians to buy body armor. >> this demands an fbi check especially now after what happened in these killings. this would empower the fbi to set regulations as to who can get advanced body armor. >> senator schumer says a bipartisan bill on body armor sales would pass if it were
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brought to the senate floor, and he thinks president trump would sign it. top immigration officials are defending the sweeping crackdown on undocumented workers in mississippi. children were left sobbing because their parents were detained at food processing plants. now the trump administration is under fire for punishing workers and not punishing their employers. but officials insist the immigration crackdown will likely lead to charges against the companies. >> this was a joint criminal investigation with i.c.e. and the department of justice targeting work site enforcement, meaning companies that knowingly and willfully hire illegal aliens. in most cases they can pay them reduced wages and exploit them further for their bottom line. that's what this investigation was about. >> the crackdown took place as the president traveled to el paso after the deadly mass shooting targeting mexicans. the acting homeland security secretary called the timing unfortunate. authorities in wisconsin are investigating a deadly home explosion in the central part of the state.
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they say the homeowner was killed and was likely sleeping at the time. debris flew hundreds of feet into the air damaging nearby buildings. no word yet as to the cause. time now for a look at your weather this monday morning. the heat warnings in the south remain in effect today with a combination of heat and combination of heat and humidity making it feel as if the temperature is above 100. it will feel like 111 in memphis and dallas will feel like 110. the high temperature in dallas expected to be 103, nearly as warm as phoenix. 95 in kansas city and 94 in atlanta. washington will be warmer than miami with a high of 91. boston and new york will beat los angeles by a few degrees. cooler today in the pacific northwest. coming up, just in time for monday morning, we'll reveal the most overworked cities in america. see if you can guess the number one. first, an electric car explodes into flames after
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crashing into a truck reportedly while in auto pilot. what we're learning about the crash. later, the naked burglar who got stuck in the chimney. when i have an asthma attack... i feel scared. sometimes my parents have to take me to the hospital.
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we're back with this video of a man blasting out of a cannon at the michigan international speedway. david "the bullet" smith has been performing the stunt for more than 20 years. he typically exits at a speed of 70 miles per hour before spending about five seconds in the air and landing safely on that airbag. it runs in the family. smith took over from his dad. tesla has not yet commented on this fiery crash involving a model 3. the driver says the electric car was in driver assistance mode, not quite full auto pilot mode, when he slammed into a truck
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stopped on a russian highway. he says he didn't see the truck and apparently neither did the crash avoidance system. at dr suffered a broken leg but escaped from the car. previous crashes have raised questions about the safety of automation in vehicles. tesla has said when properly used, drivers supported by auto pilot are safer than those without it. now to the investigation into a fire that ripped through a daycare center in erie, pennsylvania killing five children. the flames broke out after midnight sunday on the first floor of a residential home that was turned into a 24-hour daycare used by parents who work nights. two teens reportedly jumped from the second floor but the younger kids were trapped and the owner barely made it out. >> it just didn't look real, but you know it was. you're right there. you can feel the heat. you can smell the smoke. then when those firemen carried out them babies -- i can't -- i just can't imagine that. i really can't imagine that. >> so tragic.
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the children who died were between eight months and seven years old. the home had only one sm >> awful story. lawyers for bill cosby will present arguments in a pennsylvania court today as they appeal his sexual assault conviction. his lawyers will appear before a panel of judges to challenge the testimony of five women who say the disgraced comedian drugged and molested them. cosby is serving a three to ten-year sentence for assaulting a woman back in 2004. if you're already feeling overworked on this monday morning, chances are you live in one of those cities. the new list of overworked cities is out and washington d.c. was number one followed by houston, atlanta, seattle and chicago. a mobile technology company ranked major u.s. cities on their work/life balance. factors included work, intensity, commuting time and vacation time. the best work/life balance was found in san diego. >> i'm sure new york city was somewhere on this list, right?
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>> we know for d.c., that traffic on the beltway, whoo. coming up, the multi-million dollar yacht that came crashing into a marina. also ahead, olympic champion simone biles making history again. her new achievement overnight. and the family who bought their dream home only to be haunted by years by a stalker. the surprising twist in this ongoing mystery. haunted by years by a stalker. the surprising twist in this ongoing mystery. u see clear ski. you see me. but if you saw me before cosentyx... ♪ i was covered. it was awful. but i didn't give up. i kept fighting. i got clear skin with cosentyx. 3 years and counting. clear skin can last. see if cosentyx could make a difference for you. cosentyx is proven to help people with moderate to severe plaque psoriasis find clear skin that can last. don't use if you're allergic to cosentyx. before starting cosentyx, you should be checked for tuberculosis. an increased risk of infections and lowered ability to fight them may occur. tell your doctor if you have an infection or symptoms.
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neutrogena® n-owsy c and try our hydrating makeup. by over 200 indoor and outdoor allergens. like those from buddy. because stuffed animals are clearly no substitute for real ones. feel the clarity. and live claritin clear. we're we're back with this super yacht crashing into a marina in australia sending panicked diners running from their seats. a mechanical mishap apparently caused one of the engines to lock on full speed. no injuries were reported. now to the growing mystery over a stalker terrorizing a new jersey family who bought their dream home. >> for years they've been getting threatening letters from someone calling themselves the watcher. now in a surprising twist, someone new has bought the house. abc's trevor alt reports. >> reporter: a new jersey family moving on from a still unsolved
4:17 am
mystery that for years kept them from moving into their dream home. just days after derek and maria broaddus bought this westfield house in 2014, sinister letters began arriving in the mail. the anonymous writer referring to themselves only as the watcher, furious about planned renovations to the 100-year-old colonial, threatening the family and their three children. one reading, i watch and wait for the day the young blood will be mine again. the messages putting the town on edge. >> i was shocked. i've lived here my whole life. >> the people are alarmed to see something like this. >> reporter: after buying the six bedroom house for $1.3 million, records show the family sold it for $900,000, taking a $400,000 loss. >> more than anything at this point they wanted to get rid of the house because they knew it was going to be this burden. they knew they weren't going to move in. from there the next thing they want more than anything is to know who did this. they're not looking for revenge but i think peace of mind.
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>> reporter: our gio benitez spoke with their attorney two years ago. >> they want a sense of peace in their life. they can never see themselves living in this particular house. >> reporter: the town's police department investigated letters but the watchers's identity is still unknown. >> i think there's some sense of relief and a hopefulness that they can kind of move on with their lives after a really rough five years at this point. >> reporter: there's been no comment from the home's new owners or the broaddus family but we do know they did warn prospective buyers about the watcher and the letter. j after nearly one week an escaped inmate wanted for murder in tennessee is back in custody. curtis ray watson was captured outside memphis sunday, surrounding to authorities after walking out of a soy bean field just ten miles from the prison where he had escaped. he had been spotted hours earlier right there on a home security system as he opened a refrigerator.
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watson's daughter said she's been concerned for years that her father would break out of prison. >> this has always been a childhood nightmare of mine that he was going to come out because i'm one daughter that he hasn't hurt and i was just always scared he's going to come out and he's going to finally hurt me. >> watson was serving a kidnapping sentence. he's accused of killing a prison official the day he escaped. simone biles finished off a milestone-filled weekend with another u.s. gymnastics national championship. biles won her sixth title last night in kansas city. that ties a record set 67 years ago. the final night included the olympic champ becoming the first woman to perform a gravity defining triple-double during the floor exercise you see there. that followed another history-making move friday on the balance beam. >> here it comes, two flips, two twists, never been done in competition. oh! you see that smile.
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>> that's right, she sticks that landing. biles is expected to be the favorite in two months at the world championships. she's set to defend her 2016 gold medal next summer in tokyo. pretty impressive. >> very impressive. up next in the pulse, the naked burglar who got stuck in the chimney. also ahead, the news about two popular breakfast cereals, lucky charms and frosted flakes. first, janet jackson's sweet surprise for a special fan. jackson's sweet surprise for a special fan. ♪ corey is living with metastatic breast cancer, which is breast cancer that has spread to other parts of her body. she's also taking ibrance with an aromatase inhibitor, which is for postmenopausal women or for men with hr+ / her2- metastatic breast cancer as the first hormonal based therapy. ibrance plus letrozole was significantly more effective at delaying disease progression versus letrozole.
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4:23 am
well, his reaction went viral. you see him jumping for joy and screaming with excitement. >> that's the way love goes, right? get it? well, if you thought he was ready for an escapade, how do you think he would react if he actually met janet jackson in person? take a look. >> that was a highlight for me just seeing her on stage. >> that's really sweet. i'm glad. i'm glad. i'm glad you feel that way. >> papa was shook. it was such a great gift and just in time too because janet's residency ends august 17th. she's only got three more shows. that was a lucky dad. >> his rhythm nation was all off, he was so surprised. next, a story about ketchup karma. you may have heard about the ketchup thief who stole a bottle of of heinz from a perkins restaurant in new jersey. >> the thief felt so bad he came back later with two bottles of ketchup and a note apologizing saying after they stole the ketchup someone crashed into their car and they wrote, i hope returning two new
4:24 am
bottles will restore karma for me. >> we have an update. heinz is now paying to repair the person's car. >> wow. >> heinz is saying we want to share the good karma here. >> not bad. next is news about two popular cereals. first is lucky charms. >> they're famous for their tiny marshmallows. they're magically delicious. now you can find them as a standalone product for $1.50 a bag. the company claims they're bigger and puffier than the ones in the cereal. >> and the other cereal in the news is frosted flakes. it's not even mid august and pumpkin spice frosted flakes is already flying off the shelf. too soon. >> i've already got the review. they're great! finally, to the naked burglar in southern california. >> apparently trying to break into a condo but the homeowner spotted him. he tried to hide in the chimney of a nearby home but he got stuck. police and firefighters had to pull him out. >> thankfully they gave him a blanket, a towel, whatever they had to do to cover him up before they arrested him. >> my goodness. >> you don't want to be taken to -- hey, what are you in for?
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. making news right now at 4:27, back in service. buses return to the bus deck of the sales force center for the morning commute after nine months of closure. police arrest this lyft driver after a woman accuses him of picking her up at a bar and sexually assaulting her. live with new details about the officers that were supposed to be watching jeffrey epstein when he committed suicide. >> good to start the week with you. sue hall as always, good to have you. >> mike, what is the week looking like for us. >> pretty warm.
4:28 am
we'll build upon that today, tomorrow and probably wednesday. a little tapeering starting thursday. outside right now, mid 50s to mid 60s. one exception, 67 degrees right now in concord. so dress for those temperatures as you're heading out. here is where we head out this afternoon, upper 60s along the coast. low to mid 80s around the bay. nearing 90 in the south bay and the north bay. we'll talk more heat coming up. first, here is sue. we had a couple of incidents cleared. looking at the golden gate bridge, a couple headlights. the san mateo bridge is looking great for about a 15-minute drive across the bay towards foster city from 880. here we take a look at your commute out of the central valley up and over the altamont. an earlier accident pushed off to the shoulder westbound 80 near 1st. happening right now, after being closed for ten months,
4:29 am
commuters can finally use the sales force transit center. >> it closed just a few weeks after the grand opening because of cracked beams. jobina fortson is there live with the day commuters have been waiting for. hi, jobina. >> reporter: good morning natasha and kumasi. what riders need to know is starting yesterday buses will be picking up and also leaving from the sales force transit center. we're told there will be ambassador around the area to make sure people know where they're going. buses back on the bus deck for the first time in ten months since the cracked beams were discovered. the main advantage of the bus deck is one lane goes directly from the upper deck of the bay bridge to the transit center. ac transit operates 26 lines from the third floor deck as well as four early bird express lanes for b.a.r.t.


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