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tv   ABC7 News 430AM  ABC  August 12, 2019 4:30am-5:00am PDT

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well as four early bird express lanes for b.a.r.t. sf you're only as fast as the person in front of you. this eliminates a lot of issues with traffic downstairs. >> over the next year or so, you can expect to see more changes around here. stores and restaurants and a rooftop park will open throughout the complex. live in san francisco this morning, jobina fortson, abc 7 news. at long last, right? >> about time. if you're just joining us, we're getting a check of the weather at 4:30 this morning. what can we expect this morning? >> a lot more heat, especially inland. if you like the mid 70s through san francisco, let's say we do it again. winds blowing a little bit offshore. the warmth will also make it to
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the coast. mid 60s there as we head in noon to 4:00. 77 to 86 at noon around our bay and inland neighborhoods, 78 to 82. i think we'll see more 80s. i'm going to have to change that. as we head to 7:00, still hanging on to the 80s inland. mid to upper 70s around the bay and low 60s at the coast. we could have triple digits for a couple days. let's bring sue back in for the morning commute. good morning. we have a couple of trouble spots unfortunately. an accident cleared to the right-hand shoulder 580 west as you come off the altamont into livermore should be clearing or improving slightly, although there's plenty to look at there. better news traveling eastbound in towards vacaville before manuel campos, we had a big rig and truck get into it there. that's been cleared. you can see the green sensors. no slowing here. a major investigation is under way into the apparent suicide of jeffrey epstein, a
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well connected financier accused of sex trafficking. >> he died inside a federal prison early saturday morning. abc 7's mona kosar abdi joining us with more details. >> reporter: the investigation is centered on the 24 hours leading up to epstein's death and how after being placed on suicide watch three weeks ago was left alone and unmonitored. the death sparking a new investigation into the high-rise metropolitan correctional facility in manhattan where he was being held without bond. just after 6:30 saturday morning, the wealthy financier was found hanging inside his cell, his death coming less than three weeks from another incident when epstein was found unresponsive with marks on his neck. >> one las to wonder how it is that this man who just tried to take his own life by hanging
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himself a few weeks ago was in a position to successfully hang himself. abc news has learned guards was supposed to check on the alleged sex trafficker every 30 minutes but the protocol was not followed in the hours before his death. another source familiar with the matter tells abc that both guards assigned to the unit were on over time. news of epstein's dealt taking a toll on his alleged victims who were hoping for justice. >> i wanted him to take up for what he did and to be put in jail or prison and have to sit there and think about what it is he exactly did to so many people. >> reporter: less than 24 hours before his death, 2,000 pages of new documents containing disturbing testimony were made public, including by a woman who says she was a sex trafficking victim of ap stein and his acquaintances. >> the people who have to be concerned are the ones who worked with jeffrey epstein, who
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helped facilitate what he was doing. >> reporter: those documents were filed as part of maxwell who recruited her to be a teenage sex slave for epstein. it's important to know maxwell does deny the allegations and has not been charged. live in washington, mona kosar abdi. jury deliberations resume today in the ghost ship warehouse trial. two men face 36 counts of irn voluntary manslaughter, one for each person who died in the december 2016 fire in oakland. if a verdict is reached in the morning, it will be read in the afternoon. if the jury reaches a verdict in the afternoon, it will be read tomorrow. this is to allow family members of the victims to get to the courthouse. a woman says a lyft driver
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picked her up outside a bar and took her to his home in tracy and raped her. the woman called for a lyft because she says she was intoxicated. lyft has permanently removed his access and reached out to the rider. happening today, people can start making claims against pg&e for losses they fired in the fires in 2017 and 2018. a court has established the fund to deal with fires caused by pg&e. later this week a court will hold a hearing on pg&e's liability stemming from the 2017 tubbs fire that swept through santa rosa. state lawmakers return to sacramento today following their summer break. one panel will question the chancellor of the california state university system. auditors found csu not only amazed a $1.5 billion surplus,
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but also hid that money from the public. employee unions and student groups have been critical over the surplus. the future of a controversial mural at a san francisco high school could change this week. school board president stephen cochlear spo coke wants to cover the historical mural at george washington high school instead of painting over it. the mural has been controversial because it portrays oppression of native americans and african-americans. lyanne melendez says danny glover could be teaming up with krifl rights leader amos brown to support keeping the mural. outside lands has come to a successful end. crow the three-day music festival was expected to draw close to
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200,000 people. the festival did up security because of the recent mass shootings. we have not heard of any incidents. turning grief into action, a gilroy restaurant holds a major fund-raiser for the victims of the garlic festival shooting. a tesla engulfed in flames in the middle of the road. two months before the warriors open play at the chase center. the unique dance team that will be entertaining fans. it's 4:36. i want to see your moves if you want to try out pour the warriors men's dance team. >> i do not. unless they play day games, i couldn't make it anyway. not really in my schedule. has nothing to do with my dance ability whatsoever. 57 in castro valley, san leandro 59. the rest of us in the low to mid 60s in alameda. 60 in san francisco, mountain view 61.
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64 right now in san jose. look at the 67 in antioch. napa 55 and 57. a look at your commute, about 59 degrees over a very quiet bay bridge this morning. there's just clouds at the coast. that's it. it's going to be hot when you head back inland this afternoon and light breezes on the bay. let's see how much warmer the temperatures will be today. 63 on the peninsula, full-on sunshine. already 80 at noon, down to 76 at 7:00. the south bay, 63 at 7:00, 2 at 9:00, 80s at 11:00. 90 at 3:00. hottest spotted will be the east bay valleys where we'll climb to the 90s by 1:00. even during the evening hours the mid to upper 80s at 7:00.
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want to bring in sue and welcome her back in and see what's going on this monday morning. a couple trouble spots already. this one is through livermore where you've got an accident cleared out of lanes. first, though, we'll take you to walnut creek. the headlights headed northbound on 680. taillights -- the back ends of those cars are headed towards highway 24. it's moving nicely. here is the trouble spot. not only do we have your normal commute, but an earlier accident partially blocking a lane of traffic here. looking at 40-minute drive time as you make your way in toward dublin pleasanton. coming towards vacaville cleared. there are flares out there. mo
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the southeast corner heading towards arizona. excessive heat watch it is tuesday, wednesday and thursday. upper 90s through the central valleys. sunshine around the coach nearing 70 in many areas. 78 in tahoe. it will be 78 friday. we'll dip below average, mid 70s
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with sunshine saturday and sunday. 4:42. happening today, el pollo loco in gilroy will donate 100% of today's sales to the families who lost loved ones in the garlic festival shootings. those victims athe eatery is of free meals to the 12 people injured. the restaurant is on chestnut and east 10th street. it will be opening from 11:00 this morning until 9:00 tonight. if you would like to help the victims of that shooting in a different way, the gilroy foundation has establihed a special fund. we have a link for your on our website, on the peninsula, fire crews are guarding against flare-ups in a small grass fire. abc 7 news washere as smoke rose yesterday.
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quick action from cal fire crews kept the fire to just about five acres. campers in the area had to be evacuated. cal fire sent out a few photos. the fire was in a heavily wooded asia. there were a lot of redwood needles and smoldering after the fire was brought under control. the golden state warriors are looking for members for their all senior dance team. the only requirement, you must be at least 55 years old. abc 7 news community journalist camilla checked out this year's tryouts. >> it's our 55 and up senior dance team for the warriors. they're energetic and vibrant and honestly our fans go nuts when they perform. pretty much every time they perform, that's what they get, a standing ovation. they make you want to dance no matter the age. they let you know no matter what
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you're doing in life, you can achieve your dreams and go to it. we'll pick the final teams -- we have 15 returners coming. i think we'll have a really strong team. >> i was fortunate enough to be a golden state warrior dancer with the inaugural team the '18-'19 season. it was so incredibly awesome. i hate to use that word. but it was just awesome. i couldn't not come here again. >> it was a great experience last year. just the energy of being with the golden state warriors dance teams, the warriors is a great organization. a lot of us are here, too, because it keeps us going, keeps us youthful, keeps us loving li life. >> i love it. they look good, too.
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>> lest you even think for a moment about dismissing them, mike, a lot of them are former dancers, former warriors dancers. they haven't lost it over the years. they're ready to go. >> yeah. just needed an opportunity to rekindle that fire and get back out there again. >> they could outdance me in a minute. >> i love it. can't wait to watch them per form. all sorts of fun stuff. looking back at a little cloud cover, just a small sliver of clouds along the coast. the rest of us, plenty of sunshine, even warmer temperatures today. we'll be seeing stars again tonight with cool to mild temperatures and the building heat will continue through at least wednesday. here is a look at the cloud cover. you can see it's mainly along the coast. this is where it stays. none of that is going to drift too far to the east. if it does during the morning commute, it will be quickly pushed back by sinking air and a
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strong sun today. it's going to push us to the mid to upper 80s through most of the south bay. los gatos, morgan hill will start to see 90s. 79 in santa cruz today. mid to upper 80s at most neighborhoods. millbrae 82. along the coast, look at these upper 60s to near 70 in daly city. sausalito 71. we've got upper 80s to low 90s through the north bay valleys. along the east bay shore, 80 at richmond, 82 at oakland. fremont at 86. in the east bay, low to mid 90s. the good news, mid 50s to mid 60s for most of us the next couple of nights. here is my accuweather seven-day forecast, the days that stick out especially inland are wednesday and thursday. by the time we get to saturday and sunday, we're comfortable in the 60s, 70s and 80s again. hi, sue. good morning. let's get your monday morning off to a good start. a grind getting into livermore. we have an earlier accident
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that's been cleared. damage is done though. looking at 40 minutes from tracy to dublin. new problems on the peninsula, this one northbound 101 near marsh. chp is not specify phiing which lane is blocked. we are seeing slow traffic from woodside road towards redwood city. we'll check back with the chp. they're waiting for a tow truck and i believe they have called an ambulance as well. some startling video shows a tesla bursting into flames on a busy highway in moscow. how vulnerable is your smart tv to hackers. in tech bites, another tesla catches fire after a crash. >> a model 3 hit a stopped tow truck. the driver says he was in driver assistance mode. >> he suffered a broken leg but escaped before the fire. the catcher in the rye is going digital for the first time
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tomorrow. reclusive sallinger refused ebook versions during his lifetime. there's a new warning about how vulnerable your smart tv may be to hackers. a security expert at a hacker demonstrated how a drone could easily take over an unsecured smart tv by hovering nearby. the hacker can display phishing messages and ask for passwords. those are your tech bites. >> have a great day. >> oh, boy. lawyers for bill cosby are back in court today. the allegations against the trial judge. what a thrill. the giants have a big surprise for team great will clark. bugging out in san francisco. creepy critters of all kinds are on display as the zoo celebrates a very special anniversary.
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it's time to revisit hot cars. we have had a few more instant taken due to the heat in the vehicles, being left in there. a child's body temperature will heat three to five times faster than an adult. 80% of the temperature rise in the car at all during the day, the total amount happens in the first ten minutes. even as cool as the temperature out at 60 degrees, we could have loss of life. always remember look before you lock. in fact, just in 30 minutes, if
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it's 94 outside, we could warm to 130. if it's 94 in 60 minutes, 133 inside. nobody can live through that. look before you lock the next several days. >> thank you for that, mike. happening today bill cosby's attorneys will fight to overturn the 82-year-old actor and comedian's sexual assault conviction in pennsylvania. cosby is currently serving three to ten years in prison. last year a jury found him guilty of drugging and sexually assaulting a woman at his home near philadelphia in 2004. cosby's lawyers are accusing the trial judge of making an error by letting five other ausers testify to bolster the prosecutor's case. it could take months for the court to decide on cosby's case. a car almost plowed through a building after a crash in san francisco's outer mission neighborhood. the t-bone commission happened on mission street and highland avenue yesterday afternoon. one of the vehicles was pushed onto the sidewalk and hit the
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side of a building. ambulances responded to take injured people to the hospital. right now the cause of the crash is under investigation. the giants will honor one of the best clutch hitter in franchise history by retiring his number. will clark wore 22 during his eight seasons as a giant. the giants saluted clark and other members of the 1989 national league pennant winners yesterday. teammates and fans nicknamed clark will the thrill when he's merged as a team leader. >> this is where i learned to play baseball, where i learned to be a big leaguer, where i had the most success. to be forever linked with the greatest that ever played this sport here in san francisco, it's absolutely amazing. >> the team plans to hold a special ceremony during the 2020 seas season. check this out you guys. this is happening right now in san francisco. you are looking live at the bus deck of the sales force transit
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center. today marks the first weekday in ten months that buses are using the center's third level again. >> the bus says not in service, but some people did just come out of it. it was exciting because it was closed for ten months. it took eight years to construct this transit center and closed just after six weeks because of the cracked beams. it's been closed for more than 200 days now. the main thing here, the convenience of this bus deck for commuters is that one lane goes directly from the upper deck of the bay bridge to the transit center. we're seeing the first bus roll in and roll back out. very exciting. >> i imagine for those people waiting ten months, yeah, holding their breath that this time it's for real. all right. us, too. here is a look at tuesday's temperatures. look at that, look at all the mid to upper 90s in the east bay and down into the south bay and the north bay. 70s and 80s around the bay.
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even some 70s start to filter to the coast wednesday. look at all these 100s, if north bay, the east bay, parts of the south bay. even 91 in hi ward. possible wednesday. we start to back off a little bit. still looking at 70s at the coast into san francisco. 80s and 90s around the bay and 1 100s inland. friday, saturday and sunday you'll look forward to as temperatures drop back into the 70s and 80s. let's get sue in here. it's a monday morning and the commute is? >> not good if you're on the peninsula unfortunately. we're getting worse from chp that all lanes are blocked north 101 near marsh with an injury accident. a tow truck and ambulance en route. take 280 or el camino real. you can't get through northbound 101 at marsh. we'll take a look at that. a muni issue overnight, too, when we come back in a couple minutes.
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a favorite attraction at the san francisco zoo celebrated a milestone this weekend. >> the zoo held the 40th bugiversary. a one-of-a-kind exhibit when it opened in 1979, centipedes, cockroaches, tiny creepy crawlers. >> people love bugs, especially kids. even people who don't love bugs i think are fascinated. they like to come out to the insect zoo and see them as long as they're safely behind glass. >> yeah, that's the key. officials intended the insect zoo to be temporary, but it was so popular, they made it permanent. >> coming up next at 5:00, what is old is new again. why more and more people are buying wrangler jeans. a police investigation surrounding a busted car window. what we know about the scene overnight. a break for bts. why the wildly
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now at 5:00, san francisco police officers collect evidence from a car with a bust ed out car window. what we learned overnight. so great to be hanging out with you. you're never more than seven minutes away from my accuweather forecast. so let's start with meteorologist mike nicco. if y like the warmth, you'll be happy this monday. >> absolutely. warmer than yesterday. if you're traveling this morning, there's no fog anywhere. there's a little cloudiness at the coast.


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