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tv   ABC7 News 600AM  ABC  August 13, 2019 6:00am-6:59am PDT

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i feel like there's a song in there but couldn't get to it. >> let's get physical. >> triple-digit temperatures for many of us today, and meteorologist is tracking these conditions. oh, mike, you told us it was coming, but yikes. >> yeah, and the beginning of school for a few folks and hopefully they have clothes that will help them get through the day. 60 in palo alto. palo alto unified district going back today at 7:00. 81 at noon and a hot 90 at 3:00. here's the planner for the rest of us, 56 to 64 with a little fog along the coast this morning. we will be in the mid to upper 60s from noon to 4:00 along the coast. 88 to 84 around the bay. 92 to 98 inland. still, look at 80s and 90s at 7:00. the potential for unhealthy air, not only for today but tomorrow and thursday. more on that coming up. here's francis. a new crash in hayward in the center divide, and traffic
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is slow on 880 from 238 towards 92. here's a live shot of the san mateo bridge. once you get to 92, it's looking good traffic making your way out of hayward. lots of brake lights through walnut creek approaching highway 24, all due to a crash that has been cleared. we have a couple hot spots. one a sig-alert in the north bay, 221, a sig-alert where all lanes are blocked, and you can see traffic backed up in all directions approaching the intersection. in the south bay, san martin traffic heavy on 101 because of an accident blocking lanes. right now crews working to restore power in the oakland hills after a tree knocked down power lines. >> this is on fern wood drive in the montclaire neighborhood. amy hollyfield just arrived on the scene and joins us with what
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is happening right now. >> reporter: they are trying to get this thing out of here, reggie. let me step out of the way. it's a pine tree that came down here on fern wood drive. it's blocking the entire street, and it took power lines and cables down with it so a lot of cleanup work to do here. we have not heard of any injuries from this, just a huge hassle in this neighborhood as people have to navigate around it this morning, and also listen to the loud sounds of chainsaws. we heard them as we pulled up and it looks like they are taking a break from that right now but a noisy and messy operation going on here. no word on why the tree came down. it's not windy or rainy, no stormy conditions right now. i guess it must have just been time for that ole girl to come on down. a big mess to clean up here in oakland, and we did not see any cars trapped under the tree or anything like that. reporting live in oakland, amy hollyfield, abc7 news.
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>> thank you. we are learning details about a car break-in this san francisco. one of the victims is former major league player, alex rodriguez. a rod was in town, and thieves took half a million bucks worth of jewelry and electronics. >> i would never leave half a million dollars worth of stuff in my car in san francisco. i leave a water bottle in there. >> rodriguez issued a statement saying, quote, i am saddened that several i actuals were irreplaceable with sentimental value were taken. i am encouraged that law enforcement has security footage of the crime. 6-year-old steven romero, and
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and is iponse to the gun violeneies including kigilroy. a friend of the dayton shooter is facing federal charges. >> he bought body armour and helped to assemble the weapon used to kill nine people. he lied on federal firearms forms to obtain a weapon. he indicated he did not use controlled substances when he did. according to a probable cause affidavit, he helped the gunman assemble the gun in the weeks before the shooting. >> mr. collie does not stand accused of intentionally participating in the planning of that shooting. we have no evidence of that.
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p>> if convicted collie faces 1 years in prison. and then we are learning about more of the investigation into the epstein dead. he died by suicide in his jail cell over the weekend, days after he was taken off suicide watce officer that was supposedo check on him was not a regular guard. the officer was filling in because the jail was short staffed. dan abrams says that's common practice. >> what is more astonishing, this happens fairly regularly. the system is so taxed and under staffed they have to recruit people who are teachers or secretaries, nurses, even, at times, to fill in as correctional officers. >> yesterday new york police and the fbi raided ebstein's private island in the caribbean. law enforcement officers were
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trying to find things to connect those involved in the ebstein case. critics say this mural at george washington high school shows the oppression of native americans and african-americans, and others say it's art and should not be destroyed. the school board president will propose covering up the mural with panels to hide it from view rather than pointing over it and destroying it. the city council will decide what to do. and then new research programs thanks to a contribution by marc and lynn benioff. they are lending $25 million. m. ucsf and stanford will use the money for the development of
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learning about diseases. as kids get ready to head back to school, the battle to get them off their devices. how to do it in time for class. here's a look at the golden gate bridge. barely a wisp of fog, and the winds at 10 miles per hour. let me show you what the result is this afternoon. highs anywhere from 10 to 16 degrees above average, and even warmer weather a - ( phone ringing ) - big button, and volume-enhanced phones. get details on this state program. visit right now or call during business hours.
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and accessoriesphones for your mobile phone. like this device to increase volume on your cell phone. - ( phone ringing ) - get details on this state program visit right now or call during business hours. it's 6:10 on a tuesday. temperatures on the peninsula, either side in the mid to upper 50s from 55 in mid low park, and belmont city at 59. 59 at livermore. 58 in oakland and san rafael. and mid-60s towards concord and antioch. already no cloud cover here so the heat risk will climb if you are out and about today. remember, dogs, if you can't put your hand down on the sidewalk for five seconds don't walk them out there. the peninsula, 62 at 8:00, and mid to upper 80s this afternoon.
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77 at 7:00. for the south bay, 63 at 7:00. mid-80s at noon and low to mid-90s this afternoon. for the east bay valleys, 66 at 7:00, and mid-80s at noon, but look at the mid-90s as we head through the afternoon hours. still around 90 at 7:00. we'll take a look at this heat wave in more depth coming up. northbound 101 traffic jammed as you make your way into san martin out of gilroy because of an accident blocking all lanes. it's moving at zero miles per hour, so you may consider cal train or other city streets to get around the mess. no delays in san jose, and could be because traffic is backed up in san martin. 101 looking good all the way into san francisco. we have a sig-alert in the north bay, napa, 221 only one lane opened and somebody trapped in their vehicle. traffic is backed up in all
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directions approaching the intersection. if you are getting out of town, northbound 101 blocked because of another accident. walnut creek is struggling to keep small businesses and restaurants. more for lease signs are popping up downtown. many long-time establishments have closed. today the chamber of commerce will meet with local business owners to talk about the obstacles they are facing. >> if it's a labor issue, maybe there are things we can help with. you don't know until you start to connect the dots. >> he said rising rents could be an issue. small businesses are paying $25,000 per month in walnut creek. a man charged for hiding a camera inside of an airplane bathroom. if you love pasta, and i mean, really love it, olive
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a video camera found in an airplane rest room, and now a man facing charges for hiding it on a united flight from san diego to houston in may. the fbi went to great lengths to track down the suspect.
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a woman stumbled upon the video camera while using the rest room. university security viewed the footage but could not see the face of the man that installed it but could only see his clothes. that is a dirty bird. >> what a disturbing story. yikes. >> it's 6:16. this is good news. delaware has become the first no-kill state for the animals in shelters. they announced the state's achievement at the state's conference. activist say they hope to achieve no-kill status for cats and dogs nationwide by 2025. let's hope they start with california. new at 6:00, it's back to school season, but your kids may have trouble putting down the electronic devices.
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children 2 to 5 years old should only be using them for one hour per day. children 6 and older should have limits on what kind of media they should use to leave room for sleep and physical activity. during the school year it's important that children stay focused on their studies. >> it's best not to go in just cold turkey. our job now is to take a child's screen time as they have it now and get it down to the quota by the beginning of the school year. >> pediatricians srecommend making a plan with your kids and giving your kids reminders screen time is up. >> it's a real thing. remember the video of a child that did not know how to use a book, kept trying to swipe it. >> that would be depressing. and trying to get them to go to bed ehlier to worry about as a parent. then you are adding on.
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let's talk about what is going on weather-wise because we have kids going back to school today. here's a look at the east bay hills at 64 degrees. you can see the clouds once again, just like yesterday, not able to surpass twin peaks, and it's a spare the air day. mid-50s to 70 out near brentwood. the weekend will be 10 to 20 degrees cooler than the next couple of days. head to santa cruz, about 79 degrees. up the peninsula, i know a lot of you don't have air-conditioning so find somewhere cool to stay today. near 80 in san francisco, and low 70s at the north bay coast, so comfortable there, but east bay shore, mid to upper 80s.
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you want to find shade or get the fan go early this morning trying to draw in the cool air now. and triple digits in fairfield, antioch. 87 at noon here, and 93 degrees as we head out at 3:00. kind of dangerous, those temperatures, especially for outdoor temperatures this afternoon. 56 in san rafael and santa rosa, and cool spots half moon bay at 59. look at these temperatures wednesday and thursday. the heat risk going to hit high. still moderate on friday and then gone saturday and sunday. and sohe00s andms this m a new crash just rorte in dubls0 approaching 680. all lanes blocked here right now on northbound 101. traffic is jammed out of gilroy,
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so monterey road might be an alternate to get back on northbound 101. north bay, a sig-alert in the napa area, there's an injury accident, and only one lane open and you can see traffic backed up on northbound 29 and even backed up from westbound 12 as well. it's going to be a mess in that area where the sig-alert issues. here's a live shot of the bay bridge toll plaza, and it's delayed into the maze right now. and lots of brake lights out of walnut creek because of earlier problems. this morning we are getting an exclusive look at some of the female superheroes in "avengers." and wildfires battling a fire in the north bay, and smoke drifting into wine country. coming up here on a tuesday on "gma," the incredible story of a couple struggling for years to start a family, and then
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adopting two sisters weeks before they found out that they were pregnant with twins. all six of them are here live sharing their wonderful story here on "good morning america."
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let's take a deeper dive into the tomorrow and thursday will be the hottest days with the most stagnant air. 2:00, 2:30 is when the forecast is updated, and wednesday and thursday will be spare the airs also. the a's and giants will renew their bay bridge series tonight at oracle park. >> both teams fighting for their playoff lives, and it's a great rivalry and last year the a's took 4 of 6 games from the giants. they will play here at oracle and then at the a's next weekend. >> it's fun. i mean, this rivalry or the series is always fun to begin with, and the fact that both games will meet a lot for both teams will be a lot of fun.
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>> what i am hearing is it's going to be fun. >> it's always fun. >> the first pitch is at 6:45 tonight at oracle park. if you missed it in theaters, "avengers end game" is available. enjoy being abl to ba piece of the puzzle that was a woman who was the head of an army and was right hand man of the leader and it was humbling and moving. >> the directors are on tour to thank fans and support the franchise. marvel is owned by disney which is the parent company of abc 7. some people will be able to buy a lifetime pasta pass. the never ending pasta pass will
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be available to 24,000 diners for $100 each. the first 50 can opt in for the upgrade for $400. , efs at olive garden. i quizzed for him years. >> basically, i made the salads at olive garden, and my manager would make it so, reggie, see, the salad cannot be higher than two fingers high. >> sylvia, why did you do that? >> she clearly hated me, and turned everybody against me. >> look where you are now. made you have grit. >> never promoted.
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pg&e's plan to turn off electricity during a wildfire. and pg&e crews still wrapping up a scenery pairing damage left behind. another big selloff on wall street, the dow plunging your business is up and running, but is it going beyond fast?
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betr arthbc7 mornings." >> now at 6:30, a rush hour attack on a southern california highway. one chp officer killed and two others wounded before the shooter is finally taken down. stock market plunge. the opening bell right now and another major selloff on wall street. we are watching to see what happens this morning. happening now, a spare the air alert in effect across the bay area, just as temperatures get ready to cross the triple digit mark for a lot of us this morning. good morning anyway on this tuesday, august 13th. >> good morning to those school districts back to school today. just in time for hot weather. >> i know a lot of the school districts don't have air-conditioning. it's going to be a tough go for those students, and here we are, usd, alamo, danville and san
6:31 am
ramon, 65 at 7:00 this morning. 91 already at 11:00, and then 96 this afternoon, so dress appropriately. here's a look at what is happening. mount tam, 75 degrees. 64 to 68, noon to 4:00 at the coast. the bay, 78 to 88. look at that inland, 90 to upper 90s by 4:00. our best chance of air quality issues will be late into the evening hours where we are 60s at the coast and still in the 70s and 80s at the bay and inland neighborhoods. it's a spare the air day today, and warmer weather on the way. all the folks back to school, so traffic picked up as side. we have a couple hot spots.
6:32 am
traffic is heavy through dublin, and it's already slow out at the altamont pass. sig-alert in napa, lanes blocked and traffic backed up in the northbound direction and even on to westbound 12. southbound 221 also very slow approaching the intersection. better news now in san martin, all lanes re-opened northbound 101, but traffic is still very heavy out of gilroy. >> thank you. developing news out of southern california. a chp officer was shot and killed after a gun battle in riverside county. a procession escorted the officer from the marin moran yo valley. the officer decided to impound the truck, and he called for a tow truck and filled out paperwork, the suspect went to his truck and took out a rifle
6:33 am
and open fire. >> it was a long and horrific gun battle. air one transported that gravely injured officer to the hospital. the helicopter itself is a crime scene. >> the suspect was also killed. three other officers were injured. family members identified the officer that died as 34-year-old moya jr. hong kong's airport canceled all remaining departing flights for a second day and you are looking at the reason why, prodemocracy protesters have taken over the terminals. >> demonstrators say they want a bill to be formerly withdrawn. one flight from sfo to hong kong has been canceled so far today. afternoon on king road and
6:34 am
cunningham avenue, and jobina fortson is live there this morning. >> reporter: good morning, natasha and reggie. crews have been out here all night long working on the power lines that came down during the crash, and now that the sun is up you can see more clearly why fire crews were able to get here so quickly. the crash happened in front of fire station 16 here. fire crews heard the moment the crash happened and the crew on duty heard the crash and lost power and had to manually open the station doors to access the scene. san jose fire says 11 people, including the driver, were evacuated from the vta bus and the driver of the suv also escaped. >> i came over here and i seen nothing but black smoke everywhere, so i couldn't get too close. when i came over here, i saw a lot of smoke and a lot of fire and a lot of water, and then i seen the light post -- well, not the light post but the post that
6:35 am
fell on the bus and it was just ugly. it looked like hell or here. he. >> reporter: the crash costs 5,800 customers to be without power. jobina fortson, abc7 news. and wildfirfirefighters are to get the moose fire out. flames spread to 150 acres within two hours. cal fire says the moose fire is 25% contained. smoke has been drifting to the south and people report smelling it in sonoma county. it's west of clear lake and about 45 miles from santa rosa. there are no reports of injuries or buildings burning so far. cal fire is doing reconscious flights to look for
6:36 am
hot spots. firefighters in shasta county have put out 14 lightning fires since friday. a new rule could limit legal immigration to the u.s. the trump administration announced the public charge rule. it makes it easier to reject green card and visa applications for immigrants that rely on public benefits. critics say the rule targets low-income immigrants and supporters say it encourages self reliance. >> it will promote immigrants' success in the united states as they seek opportunity here. >> it does not make america greater as well, but it will make us poorer, hungrier and sicker. >> asylum seekers and refugees are exempt from that rule. and a group already plans to file a legal challenge against hit, and san francisco mayor vowed to challenge the rule, and
6:37 am
he said we would do everything in our power to fight it. in the east bay, pg&e will conduct a public safety power shutoff drill today. neighbors in the oakland hills, and san leandro hills and castro valley area may see pg&e trucks and workers. it's to prevent electricity from sparking fires. different scenarios will be setup for employe could be tested in certain ways. power will not be interrupted during this drill. students are headed back to work. this year's student ids will include a number aimed at saving lives. and you are looking live at the big board at the new york stock exchange, and that's up 59 points this morning. another update on how the markets are doing coming up next. a huge tree came down in an oakland neighborhood overnight
6:38 am
blocking an entire street. i will have the story coming up next. first, you are never more than seven pheupbminutes away f your accuweather 7-day forecast. >> we will start with temperatures in the san francisco, 57 in the castro and mission valley. the financial district, the warmer spots. upper 50s on both sides of the peninsula into the south bay. walnut creek, 62. pittsburg, 68. mid-50s all throughout the north bay and along the peninsula. we are looking towards san mateo, and there's a few clouds at the coast. it will be hot if you are taking mass transit this afternoon. it will be hazy sunshine. san francisco, we're in the 60s through 9:00 and then jumping into the 70s by 11:00, and upper 70s this afternoon. still 70 degrees at 7:00, which
6:39 am
is warmer than our average high of 67. east bay, 69 at 9:00. already 80 at noon, and then mid to upper 80s from 1:00 to 5:00, and 78 at 7:00, and our last stop will be in the north bay, 57 this morning. 66 at 9:00. we have 78, and then 88 at 1:00, and not 98 but low 90s, and that's enough during the afternoon hours and 82 degrees and sunshine. spare the air today, and try to keep people off the roads but they have to get to work somehow. tell us about the commute? >> i feel like when the weather heats up there's a lot of accidents, and also summer break is over as well and some are heading back to school. there's a hit-and-run crash after the metering lights, so traffic is backed up into the maze. traffic significantly gotten really busy compared to last week. it's related to summer break being over. live shot westbound 580, traffic
6:40 am
backed up approaching the tolls as well. an earlier accident on westbound 580 and dublin has been cleared but from tracy to dublin it's almost an hour, 56 minutes. slowing from antioch to concord, 20 minutes, and 101 from san rafael to san francisco has been looking great, and big delays on northbound 29
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>> announcer: you're never more than seven minutes away from your accuweather 7-day forecast. >> today, tomorrow and thursday, our hottest days. 106 inland, and low to mid-90s around the bay and 70s at the coast. a couple things i want you to think about. answer these questions before you leave the house today. do you have enough water? do you know where there is shade available if you are working outside? do you know the symptoms of heat illness versus heat stroke? who are you going to call in case there's an emergency. have all that answered and it will help you in case there's an emergency. low to upper 80s through the sierra. we will stay in the 80s for afternoon highs in tahoe for friday, saturday and 79 on sunday. we will talk more about poor air quality coming up next. first let's get over to natasha for more news. happening right now in oakland, crews are working to
6:44 am
clean up a big mess. a tree fell overnight and knocked out power in the montclaire neighborhood. amy hollyfield live for us with the work under way right now. >> reporter: they are trying hard to get the huge pine tree moved out of here but it's a big one. the tree is blocking fern wood drive in the montclaire neighborhood here in oakland. it's beautiful here with gorgeous trees lining the street, and you feel like you are in a forest. one woman told us this is the second tree to come down this year. she said she was in bed when it happened this time. it was just before midnight last night. >> you know, it's such a large crash and you walk out and it's so dark that all you can smell is the smell of the tree. it smells like christmas, except it's not. but the last tree landed not ten
6:45 am
feet from our house, so i just have been thankful it always happened at night and nobody has been hurt. >> reporter: the tree did knock the power out for 25 customers, and pg&e is out here working on the situation. they are estimating the power will be back on around 9:00 this morning, and it also started a small fire, the fire department was here and got it knocked down. nobody was hurt. it didn't land on anything, but the street is blocked and it just create add hua huge m huge >> thank you. every new school year comes with a lot of change and this year students across the state might notice a change to their id card, suicide prevention information will be on the back of ids seventh grade through
6:46 am
college. many agree it could help students that suffer from depression. >> it's not talked about, and having it on a card and being open about it is helpful. >> having the opportunity for somebody to have a number for somebody to call out to and reach out to and be available, i think it's fantastic. >> according to the journal of medical association, 5,000 men and 1,200 women between the ages of 15 and 25 died by suicide in the u.s. in 2017. if you or somebody you love is struggling with suicidal shots, we have resources you can turn to, action is where you can find them. staff returned to schools yesterday and they are receiving information on how to respond to those upset by the garlic festival shooting. the district says two additional
6:47 am
counsellors will be on hand at all of its 15 schools tomorrow. now to your morning money report and the wild ride we are seeing on wall street. >> the dow plummeted 400 points yesterday marking three days of losses, but look what is happening now, we are up about 316 points. we were expecting to see another drop when the markets opened this morning because of the trade war with china and fears we could be heading for another recession, but there are obviously other forces at work. a set of first addition pokemon cards just sold for 17,000 bucks. >> it was not just like one super fan. the first addition were printed in 1999, and individual cards from that set can sell for $10,000 each.
6:48 am
i knew they would be worth something one day. we donated them, because my mom said we didn't have the room for it. >> those animals, whatever they are, are they still around? >> pokemon? >> no, these in particular. is that still something you can -- whso. i don't think they retire them. >> do they die? does pokemon die? >> i don't know. >> no clue. >> i don't know anything about it. >> you battle them, i just don't know what the stakes are, mike. i am just going to go under my kid's bed and see if they have that big binder full of them. >> mine are spread around thero organized in binder. >> all those hidden treasures we have in our house. hi, everybody. 61, and look at all the sunshine.
6:49 am
look how calm the bay is. that means high pressure is sitting on top of us squashing the sea breeze and the marine layer, and that's why we have a spare the air today and even warmer temperatures. health risk will be highest tomorrow and thursday with even more warmth piling on, but 10 to 20 degrees cooler this weekend. microclimates, 92 at san jose, and mid-90s, morgan hill and gilroy, and 79 in santa cruz. 86 in millbrae. 87 in san mateo. 90s around redwood city. near 70 along the coast today with almost as much sunshine as yesterday. near 80 downtown south san francisco and across the golden gate. low 70s with sunshine along the north bay coast, and 20 to 25 degrees warmer in your valleys with low to mid-90s. we have 84 in richmond. that's as mild as it gets along the east bay shore. 90s in union city and fremont, and as you head to castro
6:50 am
valley, you are in the mid to upper 90s. head out to fairfield, antioch, 100s. palo alto unified starting, up to 90 at that, 94 at 3:00. we have a game, bay bridge series, a two-game set over at oracle. 73 at 6:45, and 64 at 9:45.9:45. our hottest days for wednesday and thursday, and then still hot friday and then back to average saturday and sunday with 60s, 70s and 80s. a new crash for folks heading out of san francisco on southbound 101 past bay shore there may be injures and traffic is slowing as you make your way towards south san francisco. also a sig-alert in the north bay and napa, northbound 29 at 221. all lines weanes were blocked b
6:51 am
looks like they will have two left lanes open soon. it's jammed in all directions, especially on northbound 29 and westbound 12, that's a crawl. here's a look at the san mateo bridge, and westbound traffic is slow and go out of hayward and you will find lots of brake lights as you make your way from hayward to fremont. we are seeing all the usual traffic jams in place. northbound 101 in san jose under 880, there are slow spots and traffic is recovering, but still very heavy right now out of gilroy into san martin because of an erarlier accident. general motors and sroe volkswagen plan to spend billions on battery-powered models, and gm plans to manufacture 20 electric
6:52 am
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good morning, america. as we come on the air, we're tracking breaking news overnight. officers attacked on a california highway. deadly rush hour battle. >> there was a [bleep] shooting right now. happening right now. >> a gunman pulling out a long rifle, opening fire, killing an officer, injuring two others. drivers ducking into their cars to dodge the bullets before the shooter is finally taken down. we're live on the scene this morning. severe storms on the move. this land spout tornado tearing through wyoming, and flash floods swallowing cars in illinois. now 24 million in the storm zone as the system moves east. ginger with the track and timing. also, the new twist in the epstein investigation. the ne


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