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tv   ABC World News Tonight With David Muir  ABC  August 13, 2019 5:30pm-6:00pm PDT

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david muir" is coming up next. i'm kristen sze. >> i'm dan ashley. hope to see you again at 6:00. tonight, the chilling new video just released. what it now reveals about the gunman in the dayton massacre. seen before the shooting with his sister and a friend. and where he was the night before. also tonight, the violent clashes erupting at the hong kong airport. authorities targeting pro-democracy demonstrators. those demonstrators beating an officer when he draws a gun. a reporter targeted, accused of being a spy for china. president trump responding tonight. his opponents say he should be doing more. the deadly gun battle on an american highway. a driver pulled over. he gets out of the truck and walks to the back, pulls out an assault-style rifle, opening fire durinrush hour. the race to save the officers. the teenager and his threats. authorities tonight discovering 10,000 rounds of ammunition in his home. the severe weather threat at this hour from memphis to
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raleigh. blinding rain possible through the northeast. rob marciano timing it out. we have new reporting on jeffrey epstein. how he did it, taking his own life. and what's now happened to the warden and to two staff members who were supposed to be watching him. the hot car rescue. the mother who accidentally locked her ten-month-old in the car. the frantic effort to save the child. the woman attacked by an alligator more than nine feet long while walking her dog. we have news on her condition tonight. and listening to your conversations. facebook collecting audio and having those conversations transcribed. good evening. and it's great to have you with us on a busy tuesday night. and we begin with new surveillance, and what it reveals about the gunman in dayton. seen with his sister and a friend before the shooting. you can see the gunman arriving at the bar. of course he would later come back. then walking after going to his car and changing his clothes, then carrying a heavy backpack.
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he ducks into an alley and puts on body armor. not long after he emerged and the shooting began. this number tonight -- 26 people shot in just 32 seconds. among the dead, his own sister. abc's eva pilgrim leading us off. >> reporter: tonight, nine days after a gunman killed nine people in downtown dayton, officials using never before seen surveillance images and videos, piecing together the most detailed timeline yet of connor betts' deadly rampage. [ gunshots ] authorities say connor betts got to the area around 11:00 the night of the shooting. you see in this surveillance video him arriving with his sibling and a friend. the three going to blind bob's bar. then at 12:13, betts leaves his sister and friend at blind bob's and goes to ned peppers across the street. he's there for 30 minutes before going back to his car, where cameras capture him changing.
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he stood behind the for bars nine minutes before he's seen on video again. this time, body armor on, gun in hand, walking down an alley. just after 1:00 a.m., the terror began. >> we believe that the shooting started at approximately 1:05 and 35 seconds. we believe it ended at 1:06 and 7 seconds, that's 32 seconds. >> reporter: police quick, responding to the scene in 15 seconds, taking him down in the doorway to ned peppers. the aftermath, more than a dozen taken the hospital. nine people were killed, including the shooter's own sister. tonight investigators revealing betts was in contact with his sister throughout the night. even calling her at one point. as to whether or not he shot her deliberately? >> some are saying absolutely not, he was not intentional. some say, no, it had to be. i would say it's inconclusive. >> and eva pilgrim back with us again on this tonight. and police revealing he had been there the night before, but they still haven't revealed a motive of any kind? >> that's right.
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police tell us they think betts planned the shooting, and they think he acted alone. saying he was in the area the night before the shooting as well. they're trying to figure out how long he had been planning this actual attack. david. >> eva, thank you. we're also following the major story overseas. the violent images coming from hong kong all day long. the world now watching. pro-democracy demonstrators who want to get rid of china's heavy hand. those protesters storming the airport again in hong kong. though this time, police and s.w.a.t. teams engage. targeting protesters, making arrests. demonstrators attacking an officer and a reporter, convinced he was a chinese spy. and tonight these images. chinese troops in a neighboring province, conducting what they say are exercises. president trump responding tonight, at one point saying, why are people blaming me? here's ian pannell with the dramatic images tonight. >> reporter: one of the world's busiest airports descended into chaos tonight with thousands of anti-government protesters taking over, forcing frustrated passengers caught in the middle
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to abandon travel plans for a second day in a row as hundreds of flights were canceled. >> all they know is they're angry and nobody's listening. >> reporter: it began as a protest over extradition law to china but grew into a massive pro-democracy campaign. targeting airport officials with laser pointers, hurling plastic retreat. police in riot gear quickly moving in, grabbing protesters, taking them down one by one. one group cornering and beating this officer until he drew his weapon. the crowd blocking doors with luggage carts until a wall of police pushed forward, opening pepper spray on the crowd. protesters detaining a reporter from a chinese state-owned newspaper, accusing him of being a spy, tying him to a baggage cart until paramedics could reach him. >> this may be the last resort
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for us as an effective movement for us to force the government to reply to our demands. >> reporter: beijing has called this terrorism and tonight is sending a message. chinese state-owned media showing forces assembling near the border with hong kong for what they say are exercises. president trump today asked about the situation. >> i hope it works out peacefully and i hope nobody gets hurt and nobody gets killed. >> reporter: later, ominously tweeting, the chinese government is moving troops to the border with hong kong. everybody should be calm and safe. >> ian, president trump responding as you reported. and tonight there's real debate over what role the u.s. should play if any as the protesters push for democracy. >> reporter: that's right. on the one hand, the president being accused of pulling his punches. on the other, tweeting he's being blamed for the problems in hong kong. it's not clear who he thinks is blaming him. if it's the chinese government, they certainly criticize america for backing the
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protesters, though not president trump. of course, he's in the middle of delicate trade negotiations with china. joe biden describing the protester as brave and saying america should put its full support behind them. >> thank you. and back home, new reporting after a traffic stop that turned deadly in california. the drive getting out of his truck, going to the back and pulling out an assault style rifle and firing during rush hour. officers frantically trying to save their colleagues. one officer did not survive. afterward, the somber procession escorting his body. abc's chief national correspondent matt gutman is on the scene tonight. >> reporter: tonight, police still investigating that deadly gun battle in the thick of rush hour traffic. dozens of rounds fired. you can hear those pops and see the puffs of smoke. [ gunshots ] when it ended, three officers were shot. one of them, 34-year-old andre moye, killed. >> they're requesting for medical aid on the helipad. >> reporter: it began minutes
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earlier when motorcycle officer moye pulled over this white pickup in what police say was a traffic stop. police say as moye was doing paperwork to impound the vehicle, the suspect, aaron luther, went to his own truck, pulled out a long gun, and began firing. in this video filmed by a terrified motorist, you can see him firing, dressed in black. and despite being mortally wounded, officer moye managed to radio for backup. those reinforcements arriving. that's when two additional officers were hit, one of them critically wounded. one of those officers dragged to safety. his colleagues putting him into a cruiser and then, officers' guns at the ready, sprint towards moye, loading him onto to a patrol helicopter. stray bullets slamming into nearby cars. >> it hit straight into the middle of my windshield, missing my head and my two children that were in the backseat. >> reporter: overnight, that solemn procession of chp officers accompanying moye's body. >> this was his dream job. and he loved going to work. >> reporter: luther's father
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says the suspect had been arguing with his wife. >> i love him, and i'm sorry for the policeman. >> matt gutman with us live from riverside, california. matt, the police are investigating why the suspect jumped out, and how he also got that weapon? >> reporter: that's right, and that's because he is a felon, and felons are not allowed to have weapons of any kind. luther had a rap sheet going back 25 years, including attempted murder. officers want to know why he had a gun of any kind, much less that customized assault-style rifle. that he pulled from that pickup behind me. >> thanks, matt. one more note about guns tonight. an ohio teen under arrest. authorities saying they found 10,000 rounds of ammunition in his home. authorities say 18-year-old justin olsen threatened to shoot federal agents, planned parenthood, and a gay bar. the fbi say they moved in,
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fearing another possible mass shooting. we turn next to the tornado watch in three states and the severe weather threat in the east tonight. storm chasers watching this large tornado near yuma, colorado. twin funnel clouds in burlington, colorado. and severe thunderstorm watches in the east. and rob marciano is tracking it all for us. hey, rob. >> reporter: a very active radar scope tonight across a wide area. seven reported tornadoes from minnesota to colorado. watches up in that area with active warnings now. there you see it along the stationary boundary. we also have severe thunderstorm watches in tennessee and north carolina. trees down across the carolinas. big winds with the storms today. during the day tomorrow we'll see another pulse of energy that may time out here in new york during rush hour. that will snarl traffic on the ground, and potentially in the air like today. >> rob marciano, always great to have you. and there is new reporting tonight about jeffrey epstein. we now know how he killed himself. and tonight the justice department taking action against the warden and two staffers who
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were supposed to be watching epstein. one worker wasn't even a corrections officer. here's linsey davis. >> reporter: tonight, the first fallout from the jeffrey epstein suicide. attorney general william barr ordering the warden to be pulled from the jail and temporarily reassigned. two staff members on epstein's unit placed on administrative leave pending the outcome of the investigations. this comes after sources tell abc news one of the workers was not a designated corrections officer. a law enforcement official says epstein used a bed sheet to hang himself. the fbi and nypd scouring epstein's private island. sources tell us they are looking to find evidence of co-conspirators in epstein's inner circle, including associate ghislane maxwell. in a now settled 2015 defamation suit against maxwell, virginia roberts giuffre says that maxwell recruited her to be a teenage sex slave to epstein. >> the training started immediately. how to be quiet, be subservient. give jeffrey what he wants. a lot of this training came from
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ghislaine herself. >> reporter: maxwell denies the allegations. her whereabouts are unknown. interesting to note abc news has witnessed a lot of activity on the island, with people coming and going. there have been plenty of opportunity to remove potentially incriminating materials before the authorities arrived yesterday. it was five weeks after his arrest and 14 years after the first allegations were made, david. >> linsey davis with us. linsey, thank you. overseas tonight, and the mystery deepening after the deadly nuclear blast in russia. of course russia at first saying there was no radiation. now we're learning it was as high as 16 times above the normal range. abc's james longman is in russia tonight. >> reporter: days after that suspected nuclear missile explosion off the coast of northern russia that killed seven people, new worry about just how much radiation was released. just hours after the blast, residents trying to take their own measurements. after officials first denied any fallout, russian meteorologists now confirm that up to 16 times
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the normal radiation levels were detected in the area. not deadly, but there's still no independent information on readings closer to the blast. >> it's obviously not on the chernobyl scale, but even if there is no danger, and i hope there is no danger, it is very worrisome that our government operates with such a lack of transparency. >> reporter: russia insists the air is safe. but more mixed signals -- the government ordering an evacuation near the site then abruptly cancelling it. the reluctance to release information reminiscent of russian denials decades ago after the infamous nuclear blast at chernobyl. >> james longman with us live tonight from moscow. vladimir putin still has not directly acknowledged this accident? >> reporter: that's right. and he won't of course want to talk about what russia considers military secrets, but this does raise big questions about the kind of nuclear technology he's trying to develop and the dangers they pose. >> james longman in moscow
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tonight. james, thank you. back here at home, and the trump administration's new rule for legal immigrants already here that would make green cards more difficult. for those who apply for government assistance. today the acting director of the immigration services, ken cuccinelli made headlines when he said how the famous phrase on the statue of liberty might be revised. >> give me your tired and your poor who can stand on their own two feet and who will not become a public charge. >> the new rule could impact hundreds of thousands of immigrants who come to the u.s. every year. to the economy tonight and another wild swing on the markets. president trump backed down on some chinese tariffs set to kick in on september 1st. the administration removing things from the list and delaying until december 15th the tariffs on cell phones, laptops, toys, and some clothing. they're saying it was in case the tariffs would affect some shoppers in the christmas season. the dow recovering from
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yesterday's losses. still ahead on "world news tonight," listening to your conversations. facebook collecting audio and having the conversations transcribed. we'll have more. also tonight, the hot car rescue. the mother who accidentally locked her 10-month-old in the car and the frantic effort to save the child. also tonight, the alligator attack. the woman badly bitten while walking her dag. we have news on her condition tonight. more on the family tragedy at a national park as well, trapped in their car during a sudden rockslide. we'll tell you where this happened. a lot more news ahead. i'll be right back. i'll be right back. the best tie to ask yourself are my bones strong? life is full of make or break moments. that's why it's so important to help reduce your risk of fracture with prolia®. only prolia® is proven to help strengthen and protect bones from fracture with 1 shot every 6 months. do not take prolia® if you have low blood calcium, are pregnant, are allergic to it or take xgeva®
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for just $59 at (nathan) secondhand smoke caused measthma attacks, infections and lung damage. and i never smoked. (announcer) if you or someone you know wants free help to quit smoking, call 1-800-quit-now. we turn next to the ongoing warnings about children and the dangers of being left in the car in this heat. in florida, a mother accidentally locking her baby girl in an suv. and then the effort to save her. abc's victor oquendo from florida. >> reporter: frantic moments for thisn mother caught on police body camera, accidentally locked her baby
5:48 pm
girl, and her keys, inside her suv. >> the child's in distress, they need to open it. >> reporter: the officer on scene noticed maddie, then 10 months old lying unresponsive. she started her car using an auto start feature, turning on the air conditioning. but in minutes, the car, and the air, had shut off. tufford had called onstar to open the vehicle but her account expired and they couldn't help. >> her head was to the side. she was limp. i looked and said, this isn't working. we need break a window. >> reporter: the officer tries bashing the window. a bystander with a window the officer using a hammer. breaking through the glass. eventually unlocking the car. the nightmare was over. maddie, back in her mother's arms. thankfully this case last month was just a close call. but so far this year, 32 children have died in hot cars according to kids in hot david? >> victor, thank you. when we come back, more on facebook listening to your conversations and transcribing them.
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if you can't afford your medication, astrazeneca may be able to help. to the "index" of other news. and the alligator attack in sun city, south carolina. a 68-year-old woman severely bitten on the leg and hand while walking her dog in her backyard. the alligator came from 25 yards away. the dog survived, she was rushed to the hospital. the gator, more than nine feet long, was captured and euthanized. the family tragedy at montana's glacier national park. a 14-year-old girl killed when a rock side fell on top of her family's car, shattering the rear window. her parents and two children also hurt. placido domingo accused of sexual harassment. the a.p. reporting nine women have come forward with allegations claiming he pressured them into relationships by threatening their careers. he says the relationships were consensual. concerts have been cancelled in san francisco. an invitation withdrawn in philadelphia. facebook confirming it hired contractors to listen to and
5:53 pm
transcribe audio chats on its messenger app. saying much like apple and google, it paused the practice more than a week ago. several big tech companies have come under fire for collecting audio clips of users from your device. when we come back, the grandson, what he invited his grandmother to do. she said yes. they check in with us. grandson, what he invited his grandmother to do. she said yes. tonight, they check in with us. are signs of joint erosion. humira can help stop the clock. prescribed for 15 years, humira targets and blocks a source of inflammation that contributes to joint pain and irreversible damage. humira can lower your ability to fight infections. serious and sometimes fatal infections including tuberculosis, and cancers, including lymphoma, have happened; as have blood, liver, and nervous system problems, serious allergic reactions, and new or worsening heart failure. tell your doctor if you've been to areas
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if you have tingling, numbness, or muscle weakness. while taking eliquis, you may bruise more easily... and it may take longer than usual for bleeding to stop. seek immediate medical care for sudden signs of bleeding, like unusual bruising. eliquis may increase your bleeding risk if you take certain medicines. tell your doctor about all planned medical or dental procedures. what's around the corner could be surprising. ask your doctor about eliquis. finally tonight here, "america strong." the grandson who said, grandma, why don't we go on a road trip? they're still going. brad ryan and his grandma joy embarking on their first road trip to a national park in 2015. there she is at great smoky mountains national park in tennessee, where grandma joy spent her first night in a tent
5:57 pm
at age 85. >> she had never camped a night in her life. we arrived at 1:00 a.m. in the rain, and she held the umbrella over my head while i put the tent together. the majority of her life has been spent in this tiny little town in ohio called duncan falls. the desert, sand dunes, beaches, all of that was really something that she had yet to experience in life. >> reporter: they have taken five road trips together already. >> so far we have traveled 25,000 miles across 38 states, hitting 29 u.s. national parks. >> reporter: one of their most memorable? great sand dunes national park in colorado. >> we walked across the sandy landscape and up a sand dune. and then she got down on the ground and i said, what are you doing? and she said, i want to roll down. that looks fun. i think it just tapped into some inner sense of childhood wonder in her. she said, how can you get hurt on the sand? you got to give it a whirl. you're only going to be here once.
5:58 pm
you did it. have fun getting back up. >> reporter: she did and the kept going. visiting the grand canyon, teton national park, yellowstone, joshua tree and glacier national park and redwood national park. >> hey, grandma, where are we? >> we're in the middle of a redwood forest. >> how do you feel when you look up at these trees? >> they make you feel very small. >> does it make you feel very young? >> not me. i've walked too many miles. >> reporter: and she's still walking. texas and new mexico next. tonight, we're cheering for grandma joy. oh, we are. 32 more parks to go. she turns 90 next year. grandma joy rocks. i'm david muir. we'll see you tomorrow. good night. grandma joy rocks. i'm david muir. we'll see you tomorrow. good night. a woman was attacked as she
5:59 pm
tried to go home. tonight we're live in san francisco with answers from the city about why and how this happened. new at 6:00, the first update to santa clara county voting machines in over a decade. it's supposed to be faster, more secure and ready in time for next year's proesidentialspence. the heat wave is underway and fire danger is upon us. details coming up. does this work of art belong in a up many lipublic school? the decision is being made to draw celebrity attention. thanks for joining ashl ashl ashley. >> i'm ama daetz. it shows oppression and others say they are art depicting history that should be remembered, not destroyed. >> they have been the topic of a fierce debate for months drawing the attention of danny glover who graduated from that high school. kate larson is live at tonight's
6:00 pm
board meeting where a decision apparently will be made, kate? >> reporter: absolutely, dan and ama. this story has really sparked debate across the country and there are many who want the murals at george washington high permanently removed and others like danny glover who you mentioned and you'll hear from in a moment who feels like covering up the murals in any way is the equivalent of book burning. take a look in june the school board voted to paint over the murals that would destroy the 13 frescos called the life of washington painted by an artist 85 years ago but friday the school board passed a resolution for the artwork to be covered with panels instead of paint. that's up for a vote tonight. we spoke to a president of the school board who hopes the resolution passes but danny glover weighed in today. he's a washington high grad and is very much against covering the mural


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