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tv   ABC7 News 600PM  ABC  August 13, 2019 6:00pm-7:00pm PDT

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board meeting where a decision apparently will be made, kate? >> reporter: absolutely, dan and ama. this story has really sparked debate across the country and there are many who want the murals at george washington high permanently removed and others like danny glover who you mentioned and you'll hear from in a moment who feels like covering up the murals in any way is the equivalent of book burning. take a look in june the school board voted to paint over the murals that would destroy the 13 frescos called the life of washington painted by an artist 85 years ago but friday the school board passed a resolution for the artwork to be covered with panels instead of paint. that's up for a vote tonight. we spoke to a president of the school board who hopes the resolution passes but danny glover weighed in today. he's a washington high grad and is very much against covering the mural in any way. >> why are we talking about
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boarding it up? it's absurd. boarded up? in some sense to hide it from our view, art has to make us feel uncomfortable. the responsibility of art, the fear is uncomfortable. >> with this alternative, there are folks on both sides that won't be happy with it. i hope what we ultimately end up deciding is that we'll put up art that inspires students instead of dehumanizes them. >> reporter: the mural was funded in the 1930s and was meant to show george washington in a critical light as a slave owner and leader of a nation that killed native americans. the debate is raging on here tonight. the school board meeting just started and outside before it started, there were people with signs very express sieve signs one. we'll bring you the latest online, on social media and
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right here at 11:00. back to you. >> thank you. a fiercely passionate debate. kate has tweeted about this story and will continue to tweet updates. follow her at kate abc 7 and look for her live report tonight at 11:00. new at 6:00, santa clara county is getting a new voting system for the 2020 elections. this is the first update to the technology since 2003. the new system includes high-speed scanners and a device that should speed up the counting of ballots. right now all the ballots have to be returned to the register's office. they have to take counting which could mean we learn the outcome of races much earlier. new at 6:00, pictures of people suspected of stealing 16 phones from the apple store on walnut creek sunday morning. three people entered the store, grabbed the phones and ran out to waiting car and took off. none of them have been caught. the napa county sheriff's office just released this mug shot of a man suspected of multiple sex crimes.
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brian sales is charged with five felonies including rape and sexual battery. detectives haven't released details but want anyone with information to give them a call. terror in san francisco, a woman was attacked as she was trying to get into her home. her building security camera captured the whole struggle. and it was intense. and the security guard there trying to help. the victim was not seriously injured but is really shaken up understandably. abc 7 news anchor kumasi is live. the video is really stunning. >> reporter: it is really stunning and that woman still shaken up about what happened. when we spoke with police here earlier today, they said they were able to arrest the man a block away from where that happened but earlier today, the woman told me that man told her that the woman inside, her security person was a robot and he was trying to get inside to kill her. she says this whole thing was really terrifying. it's supposed to feel good to get home after a long day but
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instead of relaxing, this woman ended up fighting for her life in the stunning video, you can see her trying to get through the front door of her building. when a pan man believed to be homeless grabs her pulling her away from the door onto the ground. >> the only thing going through my head was you have to save yourself. you have to save yourself. >> reporter: she struggles to get away able to crawl inside as the man grabs her legs. he tries again to get inside but they are able to close the door. after his arrest, his words haunt her. >> he said what are you going to do? call the cops? they don't care. they aren't going to do anything to me and he kept repeating that to me. this guy had no fear of the city or the cops and that to me is a new level of fear for me because if the cops are not here to protect us, then what is protecting us from getting hurt over and over again? >> what would you say to her and other residents that don't feel safe going home? >> i would say if you ever don't feel safe, call 911, let us
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know. give us a description of the person or situation. have an officer come out and we'll take care of it for you. >> reporter: she says it took officers 30 minutes from the time of the first call to arrive but sfpd says it was a lower priority call because it was reported as a man standing outside. when things escalated, they got an officer to her house in three minutes. >> this is the building. it is steps away from the site of the embarcadero safe navigation center. she's afraid when it goes up, more incidents like that might happen. sky 7 flew over the site. the group is suing city of san francisco to stop the proprosed homeless navigation center. she hopes her experience will serve as a wakeup call. >> this should never happen to anyone. i was trying to get into my ter: nice tell me centeroe will have additional security measures in place but right now
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it's too far out to detail what those will be. reporting live, a mabc 7 news. >> what can you tell us about the man we saw on the video? >> reporter: so police tell us he's 25 years old. his name is austin james vincent. he does not have a local san francisco address but he's facing several imprisonme imprisonment, battery and more. police are looking for the thieves that stole an estimated half million worth of goods from an suv rented from espn. among those things, belongings of alex rodriguez. vic lee is live with the followup. >> reporter: the sfpd says auto burglaries are down 1 1% so far this year, but there still have been pretty high profile auto burglaries here. an urn was stolen from a car near sea cliff, an urn filled
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with the ashes of loved ones, a tourist was run over but auto burglars trying to escape from the legion of honor and now this. on sunday, yet another high-profile car burglary. this one happened here at fourth a streets. missing from the car, half a million dollars worth of jewelry, camera gear, a computer and other luggage. one of the victims, baseball star and sports announcer alex rodriguez who had just finished his broadcasting duties at oracle park. espn rented the suv for the production crew. the break in happened while rodriguez and his crew were having dinner. the car was parked across the street. the story was a topic of the day in the neighborhood where signs like these appear on car windows. >> every block they are broken in. everywhere. >> reporter: commercial realtor larry matthews says his car has been broken into at least five
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times. there was a big police response sunday night including officers dusting for fingerprints. even the night police captain arrived here. many local victims of car break-ins here say they never got the treatment rodriguez was given. >> they have never done it for me. [ laughter ] >> okay? >> reporter: the mayor says victims of auto burglaries might consider calling 311 instead of 911 for a better response from police. >> if you're calling specifically because you've had a car break in, there is a completely different section that you can do a report. >> reporter: jack mcelderry cloud works at a nearby garage. he made an offer a-rod may not be able to refuse next time he's in town. >> call me. i'd be happy to let you into the garage down below. it would be nice and safe. >> reporter: larry mathews has a better idea. >> take the bus. >> reporter: good idea. the sfpd says the response, the
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size of that response sunday night was because of the value of the stolen goods. in fact, think say that any loss greater than $15,000 would require the same kind of response and by the way, the department says any victim of an auto burglary can request the fingerprinting of their vehicles. vic lee, abc 7 news. >> that's good to know. thank you, vic. evacuation order haves been reduced to warnings for people living near the moose fire. it started just over 24 hours ago off the moose road near hopland which is 46 miles north of santa rosa. cal fire estimates 225 acres have burned so far and that the fire is 25% contained. no reports of injuries or damage. today is a spare the air day and not because of the fire although some smoke is visible here in the bay area. you can see it's a bit hazy. tomorrow is also a spare the air day. i want to bring in abc 7 news
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anchor spencer christian to check on the current conditions for us. spencer? >> it is hot and dry near the fire. let me give you a look of current conditions where the fire is burning. it's 92 and relative humidity down to 28%. wind doesn't appear to be a major factor at the moment. steady winds 6 miles per hour but there are occasional gusts right now experiencing gusts to 12 miles per hour later in the evening it will cool down. it will go up a bit but hard to say just what will happen with the wind conditions. i'm sure that's a major concern for the firefighters. i'll have more details a little later. the jury is still out in the ghost ship trial. jurors started deliberating july 21st. today was day seven because they are off on fridays, saturdays and sundays ask didn't meet last monday. the days they haven't met you see in red, laura anthony has a look what defense attorneys think the jury has done so far.
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>> reporter: well, hi, ama, defense attorneys had quite a reaction to what happened this afternoon. the jury broke its silence, sent a note to the judge and asked for a good portion of testimony to be read back to them. that includes that of nikko that signed the original ghost ship lease with derick almena and that i want to hear ryan o'keefe's testimony. again, he was a volunteer at the concert the night of the fire. and perhaps most importantly, they want to hear the testimony of almena himself word for word. >> it's no surprise the majority of the questions and attention is focused on almena. we said max is innocent and never should have been prosecuted or involved in a crime until prosecution. he should have never been put in jail for two years. the fbi should have never kicked in his door and arrested him and now we're seeing deb ragliberat that more reflect almena.
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>> reporter: it looks like it will take another day or two for the jury to hear back all of this testimony. the estimate is for every two days of testimony, it will take a day to read that back. a court clerk will literally sit in the deliberation room with the jurors and read both the questions and the answers to them. >> nikko and his mother both testified. eye might his testimony be important? >> reporter: yeah, they both testified early in the trial, ama. nikko was one of those that signed onto the original lease but within a couple weeks, he told the jury during his testimony that he had second thoughts about what derrick almena was doing to the property and changes he was making. bouchard was concerned there were no permits and permission from the owner to make changes. his mother testified that she actually got into the equation and sat down with almena and his
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wife to talk about permits but he and his wife didn't want to hear about going through the proper channels, at least according to hear. laura anthony, abc 7 news. >> thank you. we're sending u datpdates throu the abc 7 news app. how can children go back to school when there is no school to go to? that's the issue facing hundreds of south bay students who thought they would be starting class at a brand-new charter school. only on abc 7 news tonight, meet a family searching for answers about the incident that answers about the incident that left their son we're here for you. so chances are, you've seen us around the house. or around the yard... on the shelf... or even out in the field. your mom knew she could always count on us... and your grandma did too. because for over 150 years, we've been right by your side. advancing health and nutrition for everyone you love. so, from all of us at bayer...
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in the east bay a man shot by police in hayward had a replica weapon. that's what officers told us today. they say police shot a man in his 20s expected to recover. the investigation closed the intersection of mission boulevard and valvista for several hours. it happened after police responded to a a a a >> he was waving the gun in the air. community members called because they witnessed the man waving the gun in the air. >> police won't say what kind of weapon he had or whether he used it to threaten officers. in the south bay, parents who were promised a better educational opportunity for their kids is scrambling after the charter school that they were set to attend this fall is no longer opening as planned. a lot of finger pointing. the blame game in full swing. chris nguyen has the story from san jose. >> reporter: tonight, plans for san jose's new's k through 8 have come to a halt. >> let us open and let us prove
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that we can, you know, make this high performance happen. >> reporter: dreams dashed last week when san jose unified told school administrators it would not provide promise with space due to concerns over low enrollment. >> the reason they are unable to open is because of the failure to secure the necessary enrollment tied to the lease agreement and the sense it specifies what type of space they want. >> reporter: the district says the academy failed to provide a fully executed agreement by the deadline last spring. school officials offer a differing view saying they asked for modifications in terms of the square footage they were to use but didn't hear back all summer. >> we were just waiting for response from the district. we've been emailing, calling, just anyway that we can get any response. >> just because i can't afford to live in south san jose where they have good schools doesn't mean that my kids shouldn't also get a good education. >> reporter: in a statement, mayor sam liccardo said rather than continuing to seek every
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possible road block, san jose unified officials should recognize promise academy can become a great asset to the city and pathway to opportunity for san jose's children. promise filed multiple lawsuits against the district in the past and weighing future options. >> a lot of our kids are being affected. by stall tactics from the district. that's really what it boils down to. >> reporter: these parents scrambling to find a new school for their kids. in san jose, chris nguyen, abc 7 news. all right. we have some intense heat that we're dealing with now. >> we do triple digits. weather anchor spencer christian is tracking it for us closely. >> try to find ways to beat the heat over the next few days if you can. here is a live look at the doppler 7. we have a noticeable absence of marine layer. sunny skies across the region. it's breezy and warm. gusts 17 miles an hour and half moon bay and surface wind around the bay area from 12 to nearly 20 miles per hour. this is a view, lovely view from
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mount tam looking down at san francisco. it is currently 74 degrees here in the city and 78 across the bay in oakland and 92 redwood city, 85 an jose and and 64 half moon bay. 92 at santa rosa and 85 napa and very close to 100 at fairfield and from emeryville looking westward once again you can see the absence of a marine layer there. these are the forecast features. intense heat inland the next two days with high temperatures ranging from 100 to 160 in many inland locations. there will be minor cooling on friday, but the significant, more significant cooling begins over the weekend. a heat advisory will be in effect from 11:0 0 a.m. tomorrow until 8:00 p.m. thursday for all this area in the orange there. most of the immediate bay area as a matter of fact with exception of the coast and bay shoreline. high temperatures over the next few days will not only exceed 95
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but 100 in many locations. on days like this, there is increased risk of heat-related illness. we have intense heat war war war effect from 11:00 tomorrow and these areas temperatures are likely to exceed 100 degrees everywhere and again, under these conditions, heat stroke and heat exhaustion are possible. try to protect your health and take care of yourself under these conditions if you can. overnight mainly clear skies, maybe a little patchy low cloudiness and lows will drop into the 60s in many inland locations, upper 50s around the bay shoreline and mainly mid 50s on the coast. highs tomorrow, lots of triple digits. 103 at clover dale and 100 santa rosa and 106 concord and fairfield 105 and 104 antioch and 103 down south and morgan hill and many locations will have highs in the 90s and some locations right along the bay shoreline will range from upper
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80s to low 90s tomorrow and hotter locations on thursday. numerous triple digit readings inland and we'll see lots of low 90s near the bay shoreline once again and 70s on the coast. on friday, as i mentioned, there will be minor cooling, some locations with triple digits tomorrow down into the 90s on friday but still lots of other triple digit readings. saturday brings more significant cooling as you can see here on the accuweather seven-day forecast. in fact, the weekend is looking pretty good. we'll have a nice mild to warm pattern for most of the bay area on saturday and sunday but temperatures will bounce back monday and tuesday, not up to the triple digit level but a warming trend will continue. >> meanwhile, we're concerned about the next two days. >> definitely. >> definitely. >> at least let's get down to business. the business of family time...
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you can learn something inside san francisco's library but what about outside? this is on the front sidewalk, the interactive exhibit is designed to give you insight into how you can socialize with others. mayor london breed says it's part of a larger effort to reimagine the city's public spaces. >> with the sunshine today, with
6:25 pm
all the folks here today, with the kids playing in the playground and the cafe, we are trying to do everything we can to transform this public space so that everyone is welcome. >> the middle ground exhibit includes more than a dozen interactive and multimedia instillations. it's the result of an on going partnership between the city and the san francisco explore tore yum. let's explore san francisco international airport. a week from today a ban on plastic water bottles takesfect. it's plan of the first airport in the world with zero waste. the airport sells 10,000 plastic bottles a day. the new rule applies to the airport's restaurants, caves and vending machines and includes unflavored still sparkling water. the ban does not apply to fla r flavored water, tea, juice or soda. you'll be able to purchase water
6:26 pm
in aluminum, glass or compostable packaging. the ban takes effect on august 20th. the site of mass prodemocracy protest for the last two days. >> next, we'll check on the impact its having here both at airports and on the cal campus where a message board is a battle ground of sorts. >> a heads up about bart construction this weekend in the east bay. it will not just disrupt riders
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tension continues to rise in hong kong as protests enter their tenth week. they started in the demonstrations have grown and free elections. the bill has been suspended but not withdrawn. china in recent days have warned protestors to back off or face the consequences. >> in hong kong we saw another day of chaos as riot police
6:30 pm
stormed hong kong. and almost 7,000 miles away in berkeley, a much smaller demonstration also got heated. abc 7 news reporter liz shows us what is happening at cal. >> reporter: it's chaos at one of the world's busiest airports. thousands of prodemocracy demonstrators and riot police swarm the hong kong international airport. flights cancelled for a second straight day. at sfo flights to hong kong on schedule but the unrest overseas made its way to the bay on the berkeley campus, students concerned it's encroaching on the autonomy set up the so-called john lennon wall inspired by walls of the same name it's a place where people can write notes of solidarity for global causes. in this case the hong kong protest. >> wait, wait, don't do that. no, no, no is not -- >> reporter: many students from mainland china want it taken down. we saw one student doing that. others posting alternative
6:31 pm
messages. what message do you want to write on this wall? >> the only thing i want to write is i love china. we support our homeland. we support china. >> reporter: this berkeley student from hong kong comes by every day to put the notes back up. she wears a mask and asks to be anonymous out of fear of retribution by the chinese government. >> i want to let the international world know and raise awareness for people that doesn't know what is happening in hong kong and let them know what is the case of the police brutality happening in hong kong. >> reporter: she was quickly confronted by students who disagree. >> hong kong is one of a part of china. it's absolutely true and this people, they use violence against hong kong police. >> reporter: this student believes it's the other way around. >> people are angry to keep going because the government doesn't care what our keep bands are and closing their ears.
6:32 pm
some caters workers at san francisco international airport were arrested today with dozens of other people outside the american airlines head quarters in dadallas. i was pushing for higher wages and affordable health care. the union says american airlines subcontracts workers who prepare food for the planes are living in poverty and unable to afford health care. american is urging the subcontractor and workers to bargain and reach a new contract. united airlines is changing the so-called bottle to throttle rule that sets how long pilots have to go without drinking before flying. the old rule is eight. two united pilots were arrested in scotland and charged with suspicion of being nder the influence before a flight to the u.s. the faa proiblt hibits flying. that's half the legal limit for
6:33 pm
driving a car after drinking. in the east bay, bart is preparing riders for a major project between the stations. tracks will be shut down on six six different weekends. that starts this weekend. crews will replace 50-year-old track components, it's a project funded by measure rr. >> with the approval of rr a couple years ago 2016 it provides $3.5 billion to rebuild the system. already more than 30 rr projects are either complete or in the construction process, this is one of the larger ones. >> when the bart track is closed two eastbound lanes will be closed. that's so bart can safely position a 265-ton crane. in san francisco, a man is fighting for his life days after being hit by a car. >> he's in a coma and his family is trying to find out what happened and whatever happened took place at 16th and bryant streets in the city's mission district.
6:34 pm
abc 7 news reporter luz pena has the story you'll only see on abc 7. >> why you just left and left my son there. >> reporter: a mother's plea after her son was left unconscious in the hit and run on saturday afternoon. >> my son is fighting for his life. >> reporter: the photo of how he looks today is difficult to see. he's in a medically induced coma with multiple injuries to his brain, crushed femur and five broken ribs. she looked for her son for a day knowing something bad must have happened. >> i called again the police department, and he said he couldn't find any information, and he told me to call general hospital. >> reporter: according to witnesses, the driver of a black mercedes was stopped at a red light behind another car. it abruptbly sped into oncoming traffic and hit him crossing the street in the crosswalk.
6:35 pm
the 48-year-old was transported to general hospital. >> his brain is still swollen. >> reporter: pedestrian safety group confirmed 16th street is part of san francisco's high injury network. now this family wants the city to make some changes. >> some adjustments in the traffic regulation in that place. >> reporter: while this moth ed pl prays for the driver to turn themselves in, she's holding on to hope her son is hearing her voice. >> what do you tell him? >> that we love him so much. he needs to fight this. no matter what. >> reporter: we spoke to an sfpd officer who confirmed they are investigating the case but did not e veal information in the hit and run. in san francisco, luz pena. abc 7 news is committed to building a better ababay area a dig into the issues. one is homelessness. it's a topic folks tackle today in santa clara county.
6:36 pm
supervisors approve a request to have staff look into what it would take to build affordable housing on property that the county already owns. you can see the locations on this map. one supervisor spoke with us today about why it makes sense on more than one level. >> for every person who is hopelehop homeless on the street, we spent 60 to $90,000 a year keeping them homeless with ambulances and the jail and the hospital and mental health services when we have someone housed, we spend closer to 25 and $35,000 a person. if we weren't doing this for the reasons of compassion, it makes sense financially for us to look at alternatives for people in need of housing. >> another part of the financial picture is measure a that voters passed to fund almost a billion dollars in affordable housing in the next decade. abc 7 news was there yesterday for the unveiling of the first completed project. three more projects funded by the bond measure are set to open later this year.
6:37 pm
homelessness of course is not just a south bay issue. almost all of the nine counties saw the homeless population increase in the past two years. it's been getting worse. you can see how it's changing where you live. look for this article on right there on the home page for you and we want to hear your idea about building a better bay area. share them by joining the better bay area grown up on facebook. >> up next, local fallout to sexual harassment allegations against the biggest name in the world of opera. also ahead. >> registering your car should be simple but it took one bay area man four months to renew his tags. i'm michael finney.
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one of the greatest opera singers faces multiple sexual harassment claims. a reporter details accusations from nine women that say they were sexually harassed by
6:41 pm
one accuser claims he touched her inappropriately and three others say he forced kisses on them. domingo is calling the allegations deeply troubling and as presented inaccurate. he was scheduled to perform in october. they say san francisco opera place as priority on a safe and secure environment where everyone can focus on work and art. stocks closed higher on wall street today following news president trump is delaying a new round of tariffs on certain chinese made goods including cell phones, toys and video game consoles. the dow rose 372 points, the nasdaq added more than 150 and the s&p added 42. the top u.s. trade negotiator says the tariffs will be pushed back until december 15th.
6:42 pm
all right. you may want to think about the beach for the next few days. temperatures could reach triple digits. >> steamy. spencer will show you where next. we're here for you. so chances are, you've seen us around the house. or around the yard... on the shelf... or even out in the field. your mom knew she could always count on us... and your grandma did too. because for over 150 years, we've been right by your side. advancing health and nutrition for everyone you love. so, from all of us at bayer... thank you for trusting in us. then and now.
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registering a car should be a simple thing but a bay area man ran into a buzz saw of bureaucracy. >> man, it took hill four months to renew the registration. >> that's ridiculous. >> isn't that crazy? >> he needed 7 on your side's help michael finney stepped in. >> this guy admits he made a small mistake, but couldn't believe how it snowballed into a four-month long ordeal just to get those tags. it began with the simple trip across the golden gate bridge and grew into bureaucracy that kept eric tangled up for months. >> very frustrating. its not set up for success. >> how did a bridge crossing turn into a big problem? since there are no toll takers, they mailed a toll invoice but it went to the old address in santa clara and the post office didn't forward it so eric forgot
6:46 pm
about it until he got the mvp renewal. >> to my surprise when i opened it, there was an $81 penalty. >> that $7 bridge toll had grown to $81. >> i was kind of shocked, so i called fast track. >> eric wrote this long essay appealing the fine. fast track didn't respond. >> and i asked them why and they said well, because i didn't put a fast track account number down. >> but he has no fast track account. it took two months to clear it all up then another delay. >> you have to do it through the mail. >> the dmv won't let you renew online if you have to clear a penalty so he mailed in the paperwork. >> i didn't hear anything for four weeks so four weeks out i called. >> the dmv said wait six weeks. >> at eight weeks i've said it's taken eight weeks. >> by then it was too late. >> my registration is expired. >> what if he got pulled over. >> that's up to the police officer's discretion.
6:47 pm
>> police didn't ticket him but the dmv charged a late fee of $172. >> at that point i was fed up. >> eric contacted 7 on your side and we contacted the dmv and said most renewals are handled quickly and customers receive stickers within a few weeks. some transactions require special processing. this was the case with mr. ensign's renewal and we apologize for the delay. the dmv sent the new tags and waived the late fee. >> i hope we're done with it. >> i think we are. the dmv receives 50,000 mail in renewals each and every day which can create a backlog however, the dmv says state law allows you to drive your car while you're waiting if r your renewals and generally police won't pull you over if you're just two months expired notice we said generally. >> yeah. >> yeah. >> i want to hear it from you. 7 on your side hot line is up monday through friday 10:00 to
6:48 pm
2:00. you can also go to my facebook page at i never want to be driving without that sticker. >> yeah. >> thanks, michael. >> yeah. okay. we got a lot of weather to talk about. how hot will it get for howspens that. >> paraphrasing michael finney, generally it doesn't get this hot but is still. here is a look at the overnight conditions, mild but not hot. mainly clear skies and patchy fog at the docoast. it won't drop below 60, along the bay and coast cooler and tomorrow look for highs of 103 in clover dale and morgan hill 95 san jose and 100 santa rosa and fairfield and livermore 105 and antioch 104 and fremont 92, 78 in san francisco. look for tips for beating the heat, surviving the heat, dealing with the heat. drink lots of fluid before you feel thirsty. seek air conditioning if you can find it or shade and don't leave
6:49 pm
kids or pets inside cars. in fact, don't keep yourself inside a car long, either. here is the heavseven-day forec. high temperatures well above 100 degrees in many inland locations. there will be minor cooling on friday but the real cooling comes over the weekend. it will feel better on saturday and sunday. >> watch the paws on the concrete, too. >> that's true. that's right. yeah. >> exactly right. >> thanks. >> okay, on to sports, talking baseball. big stuff coming up, larry. >> talking hot, talking heated.
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good evening. here we are five months into the baseball season and giants meeting the a's for the first time since spring training. two game mini series. it's national left-handers day. madison bumgarner against brett anderson. wh wa-la. chris alvarez who is right-handed joining us from the ballpark. hey, chris. >> larry, hey, larry, i ama right-handed thrower but bat left-handed. so there we go. this is a huge series as you mentioned, both teams fighting for play-off lives and the game just got underway but we are at a great art exhibit. fans are excited and you see the history of the bay bridge series and artwork now. we've got some excited fans
6:53 pm
aren't in the stadium yet. first pitch started. you should be inside. these games do feel different because of the rivalry. play-off position on the line, giants three and a half games back of the second nl wild card. oakland two games back of the second wild card spot in the american league. this sabis about as close to october series as you can get. >> this is a little different if you're local and understand, you know, that all eyes are on this series and, you know, all the bay area sports fans are watching. there is a little different feel to this than maybe any other series during the course of the season. >> it's always exciting. in oakland and us play and think it creates a lot of interest. we talked about this so many times and they are really good. >> it's exciting for the fans. i think the fans really get a chance to get into it with each other every year and the atmosphere of these games is a lot of fun. >> when this day cam evomes, it
6:54 pm
different feeling. it more excited, a little more feels like kind of a special occasion on the schedule. >> it's a good rivalry. walk around town and see a's hats and giants' hats so those are fun the next couple days. >> every game i feel like feels more and more important as we go to both be going through it i think will add to the excitement and the atmosphere so it should be exciting. >> one of the hot topics obviously, larry, back there is the split cap. you saw one of the guys that played for the giants and a's and guys that are bay area natives brandon crawford, no one is a fan of the split cap hat but we found fans that were. we'll see giants and a's next two nights, important games but wearing different hats, larry? >> enjoy. nice to see you making friends, also. that was good. thank you, chris. >>. barry bonds was bat left throw
6:55 pm
right. the helmet issue is apparently resolved with help from the internet. his feet an issue but brown is back arriving today with agent drew rosen house ready to get back to work after finding a loophole that might allow him to wear the helmet he wants as long as it's less than ten years old. gruden confident. >> it's great to have him back. had a good understanding in spite of what people think. we had a pretty good understanding what is going to happen and now we're ready to get rolling. >> it was good to hear. i'm battling to see my face all over the news. all the talk. these guys are doing a good job with supporting me. great for them to come out about it and excited to hear. >> so how did brown find his helmet? he crowd sourced. social media. mixed results, remember he needs a specific model that isn't made anymore, the shut air advantage.
6:56 pm
they offered the raiders' helmet to get the play calls, not league approved. sage rosenfeld has the right helmet that's an old giants' helmet if brown is hungry, the fan is offering up his nacho helmet again probably not league approved. the replies to brown's tweets were really funny so if you got time, go online and check ab's twitter account. >> i like the nacho helmet. >> me, too. >> interesting propels on the helmet option. >> nacho your best option. >> oh, oh. >> thank you. >> i'm having a wonderful effect on people. [ laughter ] >> join us tonight for abc 7 news at 11:00. i'm amanda in santa clara. people started complaining about unkept conditions, now the city is prioritizing cemetery maintenance. that story is at 11:00. a warning for dog owners, toxic algae is suspected in the deaths of four pets in two states where it's been found in
6:57 pm
the bay area. >> that is this edition of abc 7 news. look for breaking news on the abc 7 news app. appreciate your time. >> i'm ama daetz, for larry beil, michael finney, the entire team, we hope you have a great evening. >> we do and hope to see you again at 11:00.
6:58 pm
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