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tv   ABC7 News 430AM  ABC  August 14, 2019 4:30am-5:00am PDT

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it would be tough to sleep. of course, they've got the back-to-school nerves and now this. at least in school typically there is air conditioning. for those at home in the heat today, keep in mind cooling stations are open in cities like concord and brentwood. a heat advisory is in effect for the region. children and seniors are the most vulnerable. you might want to get those kids a ride to and from school, especially home today, not really the day for walking or biking. it is going to be so hot. reporting live in walnut creek, amy hollyfield, abc 7 news. >> amy, thank you. several bay area cities are opening cooling centers. you can find the closest one to you by going to our website, the heat is raising concerns for more wildfires. this one just last night in vallejo. the flames damaged two homes in the hans park area. people were evacuated for about an hour. firefighters did manage to contain the fire to four acres.
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it is 4:30. if you're just waking up to us, let's take a look at your weather today with meteorologist mike nicco. >> here is a look at our temperatures. we have a lot of 60s out there, low to mid 60s. san ramon 59, 56 in napa. santa rosa 57. palo alto 59. after 92 degrees yesterday. still upper 60s in concord and brentwood, the official temperatures. what amy was seeing, that's surrounded by concrete, a parking lot. it's going to be a little warmer as is all pavement today. remember, if you're out walking around, you may feel that heat crawling up from your feet to your ankles to your calves. think about that for the pelts, also, that are going to be out. if it's too hot for you walking on the pavement without shoes on, they shouldn't be out there either. 90s in palo alto. mid 90s to 100s in the north bay and over 100 in the east bay.
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we're going to check out the roads. freeways, interstate 80 looking good. i always worry there are more accidents when the weather gets hot. so far it's pretty quiet. as you continue the ride to the bay bridge toll plaza, traffic is nice and light this morning. no major accidents or problems on the freeways reported at this point. we'll also show you the ride on 680. that's southbound traffic on the right past treat and gary down towards highway 24. drive times for you. southbound 680 walnut creek to dublin, 13 minutes. also looking in the north bay. southbound 101, santa rosa to san francisco, 51 minutes. also delay-free on northbound 17 right now as you make your way out of the santa cruz mountains. traffic will be pretty heavy heading the the beaches today. fremont liss are asking for your help to find a missing teen. police say sky is 18 years old.
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he does have autism. he was last seen wearing a white tank top and shorts and ear protection. if you have seen him, please call fremont police right away. some new developments facing international outcry about destroying art. the san francisco board of education reversed course on the controversial mural at washington high school. >> abc 7 news reporter kate larsen has the details. >> mr. cook? >> yes. >> reporter: it's ignited an emotional debate about racism versus censorship among community members, educators, students and parents. >> and i can't imagine him walking into that school being told meet me at the dead indian. >> the 13 frescoes were meant to show george washington in a critical light, as a slave owner and leader of a nation that killed native americans. but the images have offended
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many students, past and present. >> i remember feeling really hurt that i saw it, the one person that looked like me was portrayed as dead, as a declaration in the school lobby. >> art has to make us feel responsibility. the responsibility of art is do make us feel uncomfortable. >> reporter: actor danny glover compared it to book burning. >> the compromise to cover rather than paint the mural left both sides disappointed. >> it's being covered. when is the next time they'll uncover it. >> if they're that upset about images, about names and sounds, why don't they consider changing the name of the school. >> reporter: estimates to cover the mural have been in the hundreds of thousands of dollars. the school board says they will digitize the painting so it will be visible. it won't be on public display. there are discussions about trying to move the mural somewhere else in the city.
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in san francisco, kate larsen, abc 7 news. happening today, a u.s. bankruptcy judge will consider whether to allow a civil trial against pg&e for the 2017 tubbs fire. lawsuits filed by survivors were put on hold after pg&e filed for bankruptcy protectin. people in the county want to contest cal fire's findings that private power equipment sparked the tubbs fire, not pg&e's power grid. they believe state investigators disregarded key evidence. "the new york times" reports two guards who were supposed to be checking on jeffrey epstein fell asleep and falsified records to cover up their mistake. epstein was found hanging in his jail cell on saturday morning. the jail reassigned the warden and suspended those two guards. surveillance video in the special unit where epstein was held shows that the guards did not check on him for about three hours. they were supposed to do it every 30 minutes. new details in the mass shooting in daytonment
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surveillance video shows gunman conor betts leaving the bar. he goes to his car and changes clothes and puts on body armor. moments later he's merges and opens fire. the video indicates he acted alone. 26 people were shot in 32 seconds. his sister was among the nine who died. investigators say it's not clear if betts intentionally shot her. in the east bay, hayward police say a man shot by officers were carrying a replica weapon. officers responded to calls of a man waving a gun on mission boulevard. two officers confronted a man in his 20s and opened fire. the investigation closed the intersection of mission boulevard and bell vista for several hours. the man is expected to survive his wounds. a couple's complaint gets immediate action. a heads up for facebook messenger app users, your
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conversations aren't as private as you thought. a plan to revitalize a historic building in oakland is getting a tasty addition. >> that's all ahead. first, it's 4:37. here is mike nicco. >> let's take a look at temperatures. ocean beach is the cool spot at 57. mission and castro 59. everybody else 60 to 64 degrees. a little uncomfortable to sleep last night. probably a little more uncomfortable tonight as today will be even hotter. temperatures in the low to mid 60s up and down the bayshore, out to the koefrtment 73 in bits purg right now, 69 in tracy. we have mid to upper 50s. east bay hills it's 79 degrees. still, it should be about 25 degrees cooler than that with the marine layer blowing across. that's not happening today. cloudy at the coast this morning.
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mass transit mild and hot. air quality concerns if you're going to be out and about anywhere including the bay. 64 at 7:00 on the peninsula. near 90 all through out the afternoon hours. a few times will spike above 90. between 2:00 and 3:00. 67 in the south bay. already 90 at noon. upper 90s this afternoon. still 91 at 7:00 and this out to make you melt. 65 in the east bay valleys. already in the low 90s at noon on the way to at least three or four hours of temperatures above 100 degrees. air conditioners running all day today. thankfully haven't heard anything from pg&e about rolling brownouts or anything like that. fingers crossed that doesn't happen. the entire state will be hot today. >> that looks unbearable mike. >> it is at times. so we stay inside. we hunker down. if we have to head outside, what are we running into? >> so far on freeways, we or
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looking good. there is a problem on san jose, not too far from this highway 87 live shot in san jose as you make your way northbound on the right-hand side. there was a fatal accident near tully road. right now tully road is closed between monterey and south 7 as the investigation continues. but on bay area freeways it's looking good at this point. there's 87 in san jose. here is a live shot also in san jose of 280. headlights move northbound underneath highway 17 and 880. right now traffic is live. but folks, if they're out of school, will probably be headed to the beaches. expect
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let's talk about our air. interior east bay in the santa clara valley will have the worst air quality. walnut creek is 67 degrees. limit the use of gas-powered engines if you can. that produces the most toxins that mix with the shine and create the unhealthy air. look at this. at least half the state under some type of heat warning or heat advisory, 100s in the central valley. low to mid 80s around san diego and los angeles. 70 to 77 along the coast today and up in tahoe in the low 80s today. mid 80s friday, back into the low 80s saturday and sunday.
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>> thanks, mike. rapper a$ap rocky is expected to learn any minute his fate in the crawl in sweden. the artist whose real name is rack keep mayors earlier pleade avoid a confrontation with two men following his entourage. the 30-year-old faces years in prison if convicted. it's 4:43. part of building a better bay area involving properly maintaining public spaces. a couple visiting a cemetery say they found unkempt and overgrown conditions at mission hill memorial park. there's now a big push to clean it up. >> reporter: mission city memorial park is one of two city cemeteries maintained by the city of santa clara. on saturday, a gut feeling guided them to visit family there. >> we could see the raised
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tombstones. the ones on the ground, it was all grass and weeds. >> reporter: no luck with locating dave's grandparents grave on saturday. the couple returned to the 25-acre park sunday morning. >> we came determined with a string trimmer and leaf blower to make sure we weren't going to leave here until we found the grave. >> reporter: hours later, the grave stone they had been searching for. dave spent some time clearing overgrowth. the city says it pulled resources from maintenance staff to get things in order before the pereira's visit. >> this area is the war veteran area. it's the worst kept in the entire property. >> reporter: they say the amount of labor required to accomplish the more detailed grounds maintenance has recently increased with the discontinued use of roundup. the toxic chemical was used to control weeds and grasses around headstones and elsewhere.
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the pereiras are upset. questioning how can grave sites go untouched for so long. >> these people won't pay money to the city to be laid to rest here and have these areas maintained by the city. >> the city is reachth out to the community to keep things in order. volunteers work mcmp october 5th. in sclera, amanda del castillo, nbc 7 news. we want to hear your ideas about building a better bay area. share them on facebook. a popular burger chain opening its first location. talking about shake shack. it's coming to the up town station at broadway and 20th. the chain has been expanding across the bay area. restaurants recently open in palo alto and larks burg. shake shack will be part of the renovation of up town station, formerly a sears store. coke is introducing two new flavors. one of them with the holidays in mind. you can pick up a
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cinnamon-flavored version starting next month -- we should mention the version the company sold in the uk los angeles year did really well. coach is launching a spiced cranberry version of sprite. it will be around next year. >> eh. >> are you against all pumpkin spice latte? >> i think if i want that flavor, i'll add it. >> take a spoon of cinnamon and add it to your coke. >> which i've never wanted to do. >> i'm thinking more shh naps. dangerous air and heat today. harder to sleep tonight if you don't have air conditioning. it's not going to be as cool as it is this morning. the heat finally breaks
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everywhere. we have to wait until saturday. let's take a look at the numbers. we have to face it. it's going to happen. 91 in milpitas, the cool spot. 95 in san jose. more than 100 in morgan hill and gilroy. water temperature, 57 degrees. 84 in millbra. the cool spot on the peninsula, 94 in redwood city the hot spot. look at the mid 70s along the coast today. daly city only 72. 80 downtown, south san francisco, sausalito. mid 70s north bay coast. look at these mid 90s in the north bay valleys and then santa rosa and cloverdale, 100 and 103. along the east bay shore mid to upper 80s most neighborhoods, castro valley, union city, fremont, 90 to 92 degrees. then you brek into the hottest temperatures.everybodov inur remember, that's in the shade. if you're out in the sun, it feels 10 to 15 degrees warmer
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than that. so listen to your body today. near 60 to near 70 for lows tonight. my accuweather seven-day forecast, just as hot tomorrow. four to six degrees cooler friday. it's still hot. saturday we're back to average. same thing sunday. frances? >> mike, luckily no hot spots on the roetsds right now. we'll start off with a live shot of 680 in walnut creek. traffic here is moving well southbound as you make your way on the right-hand side towards 24. also delay-free across the san mateo bridge. right-hand side is westbound out of hayward and san mateo. east bay traffic very light at this point. mike was talking about the hot weather. no fog, no traffic right now across the golden gate bridge. drive times look good as well on all other bridges. delay-free across the richmond-san rafael bridge. 11 minutes across the san mateo bridge, and only eight minutes across the dumbarton bridge. >> frances, thank you. facebook under fire after revealing it paid contractors to transcribe users' audio chats.
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faa is bank macbook pros from flights. here is tech bites. >> in today's tech bites, facebook may have transcribed your conversations. >> sources tell bloomberg the social network transcribed audio from its messenger app. >> facebook said it stopped doing it about a week ago and says it was using transportations to improve voice recognition soft bear. in june al announced a voluntary recall for the 15 inch macbook pro units sold between september 2015 and february 2017. apple says the laptops batteries that may overheat and pose a fire risk. barbie meets star wars. mattel has introduced new dolls combining the two iconic brands. >> they're based on the original 1977 film with a stylish look. they'll sell this fall for about 100 bucks. >> they look cool. >> those are your tech bites. >> have a great day.
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a man dumps trash in an east bay park. two persistent park rangers don't let him get away with it. a scandal of two pilots accused of being drunk before a flight. learning inside and
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tracking an unusual event in oracle park. not only the a's and giants
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playing, but look at the temperature for the day game. 12:45 start. 74 degrees, warming to 79. we're not used to that at oracle. there's going to be no breeze to speak of. if you're sitting in the seats that have total sunshine, it's going to feel like at least 90. make sure you have a hat, sunscreen, sunglasses, anything you can. may even have to find some shade inside and watch the game where there's air conditioning from time to time. have fun, just know it's going to be pretty warm at oracle today. >> all right. thank you. united airlines challenging the bottle-to-throttle rule, that's how long pilots have to go without drinking before flying. the new rule is 12 hours. the old rule was eight. two pilots were arrested in scotland on suspicion of being under the influence. the faa prohibits pilots from flying with a blood alcohol level of .04 or higher. that's half the legal limit for driving a car. trying to catch people who
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dump trash illegally isn't easy. two officers investigated an illegal garbage dump. they were able to figure out who did it. they had that offender come back and clean up the mess. the park district posted this picture of the cleanup yesterday. penguins keeping their cool. a time lanced video, these are from the strait of magellan and the coastal areas of argentina and chile. their natural habitat is cold. they're used to the san francisco weather. today they may be a little uncomfortable like the rest of us. >> i think it's funny they sped it up. why? >> they may have some company. some other people may be trying to join them today. it's no joke. let's talk about heat exhaustion versus heat stroke. heat exhaustion is when you're
4:55 am
still sweating profusely. you can just move into the ac and drink cool water. heat stroke is when you stop sweating, your body starting to shut down because of the heat. once you stop sweating, you need to call 911. you need emergency attention immediately. this is going to be more likely as we head through not only today, but tomorrow, temperatures don't change much. 110 in fairfield. upper 70s near 80 around san francisco. a little cooling start to hit the coast in parts of the bay friday. by saturday, we're taking the 100s and most of the 90s. it will be ten to 20 degrees cooler then. great weekend on the way. several days of dangerous heat until then. here is frances. >> we'll head to the south bay where there was an early morning accident. it's not on the freeways. tully road is closed between monterey and south 7th street. detours in place until that time it's reopened. also, there's an accident westbound 84, old ball seat tas at vargas.
4:56 am
it's off to the shoulder and causing delays in the westbound direction out of livermore. of course, the usual brake lights out of tracy, westbound 205 heavy and slow into the altamont pass where it picks up into livermore. live shot at 680 in walnut creek, no problems all the way through the sunol grade down to the south bay. we'll also check out a live shot, san mateo bridge also looking good at this point. in fact, it's delay-free on bay area bridges right now. frances, thank you. you can definitely learn something from inside san francisco's main library. how about out in front of it? >> take a look. a new middle ground exhibit installed on the library's front sidewalk. it includes more than a dozen interactive and multimedia installations. mayor london breed says it's part of reimagining the public spaces. >> with the sunshine today, all the folks here today, with the kids playing in the playground, we're trying to do everything we can to transform this public
4:57 am
space so that everyone is welcome. >> the middle ground exhibit is a result of a partnership between the city and the san francisco exploratorium. a warning for dog owners about tox ig algae. the local lakes where you want to be cautious. alarming attack caught on camera. a homeless man grabbing a woman trying to get into her condo building. a wedding ibigger, tastier strips spicy chof juicy chickenbo. with crunchy batter. spice them up with hot sauce or cool them down with buttermilk ranch. try my 100% all-white meat spicy chicken strips combo today. only at jack in the box.
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♪ try my $4.99 barbeque bacon double cheeseburger combo. now at 5:00, students in gilroy begin a new school year today. the extra resources available as
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the community continues to cope. a live look outside. enjoy these cooler temperatures. more than two dozen districts are kicking off the new school year, shorts, skorts if you're bold, would be a good option for the first day back-to-school outfits. >> i'm going to wear my coolots. >> you're never more than seven minutes away from my accuweather forecast. mike, if this gives you any inside to what middle school was rocking on her first day. she was like look at this skort. >> or the jumper? >> you weren't doing jumpers? >> no a good romper was notd rot my vocabulary. >> in you work somewhere that doesn't have air conditioning, maybe it's take your parent to school day for the first day. hopefully the school your kids are heading to has air conditioning. look at the heat advisory, starts at 11:00


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