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tv   ABC7 News 500AM  ABC  August 14, 2019 5:00am-6:00am PDT

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the community continues to cope. a live look outside. enjoy these cooler temperatures. more than two dozen districts are kicking off the new school year, shorts, skorts if you're bold, would be a good option for the first day back-to-school outfits. >> i'm going to wear my coolots. >> you're never more than seven minutes away from my accuweather forecast. mike, if this gives you any inside to what middle school was rocking on her first day. she was like look at this skort. >> or the jumper? >> you weren't doing jumpers? >> no a good romper was notd rot my vocabulary. >> in you work somewhere that doesn't have air conditioning, maybe it's take your parent to school day for the first day. hopefully the school your kids are heading to has air conditioning. look at the heat advisory, starts at 11:00 today, goes
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through 8:00 tomorrow. it does not include excessive heat warning. hotter for even longer. temperatures well over triple digits. starting about 11:00 this morning through about 10:00 friday. this is the way today breaks down. already about 63 in san jose. we're already seeking air conditioning at noon with 80s and 90s and it's alarmingly hot, 90s and 100s away from the coast at 4:00. let's talk about the commute. here is frances. >> we'll start off wh a live shot bay brie to plaz things are starting to back up for the fast track lanes as well. but only backed up to the end of the parking lot, although you see there's some cars stopped right there in some of those cash paying lanes. we'll find out if an accident has been reported. you can see it in the third lane from the left. so far no problems reported on many bay area freeways. we'll head to the north bay and
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show you a shot of 101 in san rafael. southbound traffic on the right. traffic light down to the golden gate bridge. drive time, santa rosa to petaluma, 13 minutes. new overnight, san jose police are at the scene of a horrific crash. it appears a vehicle went through a fence and smashed into a semi truck inside a construction yard. we don't have word yet from police about whether anybody was hurt there. right now officers are shut down tully road in both directions from monterey to south 7th street. >> it is back to school this morning for gilroy unified school district. it's only been about 2 1/2 weeks since a gunman opened fire at the garlic festival. >> the high school is right next to christmas hill park where three people including two children were shot and killed. l abc 7 news reporter jobina fortson is live. >> reporter: the district tells us there will be two extra counselors at each of their 15
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schools in the district and there will be extra police on hand as well today. staff members went back into the classrooms on monday to prepare for their students to return and specifically train on how to respond to children who may be upset by the garlic festival shooting. three people including a 13-year-old girl and 6-year-old boy were killed, and a least a dozen others were hurt in the shooting rampage. >> there's going to be questions. there's going to be tears. there's going to be a lot of expression of sorrow, and we're preparing our staff as much as we can for dealing with students while at the same time dealing with their own emotions. >> reporter: hundreds of people in the community have taken advantage of the counseling services offered. there's hope that there will be healing in numbers as they students return to school and get to some sense of normalcy with their teachers and friends here, and also these counselors will be available throughout the week, not just today. now live in gilroy, jobina fortson, abc 7 news.
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>> we wish them luck today. in the east bay there was a show of support for the victims of our nation's recent mass shootings along with a call to action. it mobilized people to stand up against white supremacy and gun violence. lee said when it comes to gun control, congress needs to do more than pass a bill for stronger background checks. >> we must demand congress support legislation to ban assault weapons and get these weapons of war off the streets of america. >> the rally was also an opportunity for people to stand in solidarity with gilroy, el paso and dayton. flights resumed in hong kong today following two days of chaos. >> you can see the protesters crashing with police dressed in riot gear. that violence forced the
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cancellation of hou flights. a live look at sfo at 5:05 this morning. flights from san francisco to hong kong have departed on time so far today. president trump says he hopes the conflict in hong kong is resolved peacefully but remains focused on trade talks with china. the president is delaying new tariffs on chinese goods. a 10% import tax was supposed to take effect next month. that has been postponed until december. a terrifying situation for a woman in san francisco. she was attacked as she was trying to get in her home. look at the video. you can see her trying to get through the front door of her building when a man, believed to be homeless, grabs her, pulls her away from the door and onto the ground. she struggles to get away. but eventually gets inside. >> this should never happen to anyone. i was trying to get into my own
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house. >> she says it took officers 30 minutes from the time of the first call. sfpd tells us it was a lower priority because it was reported at first as a man standing outside. when things escalated they got an officer to her house in three minutes and the suspect was arrested. her building is right next to the site of the embarcadero safe navigation center. she's concerned things might be worse if that is built. police say when the navigation center opens, there will be additional security measures in place. the group safe embarcadero for all is suing the city of san francisco to stop that proposed homeless center. so scary. vallejo police are asking for your help identifying a man suspected of having inappropriate contact with three young girls. this is surveillance foet of the suspect. the victims in the cases are between 8 and 14 years old. on two occasions police say the suspect was chased away by the
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girls' guardians. they believe there may be additional unreported cases. in the north bay, petaluma police are trying to identify this man who robbed prescription medication from the cvs pharmacy on north mcdowell boulevard. last night investigators say this man presented a note demanding the medication, warning nobody would be hurt if the clerk complied. the clerk gave the man the medication and he left. he's described as a white male between 30 and 40, about six feet tall, weighing about 300 pounds and has a goatee. the jury is still out on the ghost ship trial. they sent a note to the judge yesterday asking that a portion of testimony be read back to them. the request includes hearing derick almena's testimony word for word. the attorney for co-defendant max harris says this may be good news for his client. >> it's no surprise to us that a majority of the questions have been focused on mr. almena. we've been saying that max harris is innocent, should never have been prosecuted.
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we're seeing clib rations that reflect more attention on mr. almena. >> almena and harris face 36 counts of manslaughter for the deadly fire in 2016. we're sending out updates in our abc 7 news app. all evac orders and warnings have been lifted for a wildfire in mendocino county. the moose fire is burning near hob lynn about 35 miles north of santa rosa. at last check it's burned 225 acres. it's at 35% containment. that cause still under investigation. >> we saw that smoke yesterday. maybe the same today as we have a light northerly wind. we'll keep an eye on that for you. the spare-the-air today is more for the heat and gas powered engines that put off toxins that mix with the sunlight and create ground-based ozone. look at pittsburg and antioch,
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78, 76. no relief from the heat. hopefully everybody there has air conditioning. low to mid 60s in our interior east bay neighborhoods. san jose at 68, los gatos 74. near 60 in san francisco. mid to upper 50s, always coolest in the north bay. no fog at the golden gate bridge. yard work today, don't do it. wait until the weekend when it's much cooler. out and about, caution, we have the spare-the-air. the pool is a great place to be if you can today. san francisco, 61 this morning. still in the 60s at 9:00. say goodbye to those as quick lays 10:00 and low to 80s this afternoon. as far as the east bay, 63 at 7:00, jump into the 70s at 9:00. yeah, there's a possibility of 90s, especially down around fremont, union city in those areas. in the north bay, our biggest spread today from 56 there morning, mid to upper 90s from about noon all the way through about 5:00 and 6:00.
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that's six hours of obnoxious heat. with careful there also. here is frances. we'll head to the south bay. as reggie mentioned, there was an investigation of a horrible crash. right nou tully road is closed between monterey and south 7th street as the investigation continues. south bay freeways looking good. what is slow is traffic heading out of livermore on westbound 84 at vargas. there's a crash on the right-hand side. so traffic is heavy on old ball seat toes road. a crash at mountain house on the right-hand side. the drive time on westbound 580 tracy to castro valley is now 52 minutes. a kwarng for dog owners about toxic algae. it's recently killed three dogs in north carolina. the blue-green algae is found in local waterways, the ones on the map are off limits right now because of the algae. other lake in san jose and the east bay have warnings posted as well. the algae can be green, blue,
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red or brown and it can look like foam or scum on the water's surface. the epa says the algae can bloom in fresh and marine waters and even in pools. up next, the 7 things you need to know as you start your day. the adrenaline kicked in and off i went. >> that man chases a thief down in the street trying to get his stolen phones back. what he kept yelling over and over before the thief did something very unexpected. twisted intentions. th
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good morning. seven things to know, first is it's a spare-the-air day. a cooling and refreshing and cleaner sea breeze. temperatures today in the 80s, 90s and 100s. 12 to 18 degrees above average. >> all right, mike. thank you. number two, san jose police investigating this crash on tully road. it appears the vehicle went through a fence and smashed into a semi truck in a construction yard. no word on injuries. number three, because of that accident, tully road is closed in san jose between monterey and south seventh street. detours in place as the investigation continues. number four, it's the first day of school for thousands of
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gilroy students. counseling services will be available to students and extra police will be on hand as a safety precaution. number five, a terrifying situation for a woman in san francisco. you can see this surveillance footage of her being attacked as she was trying to get into her home. she is okay. it took place 30 minutes to get there. number six, "the new york times" report two guards who were supposed to be watching jeffrey epstein fell asleep and falsified records to cover up their mistake. epstein died by suicide on saturday. number seven, shake shack coming to oakland's up town station at broadway and 20th street. that chain has been expanding across the bay area. restaurants recently opened in palo alto and larks spur. sunday morning around 11:00 at south main and olympic
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boulevard, police say thieves went into the store, grabbed 16 phones and ran out to a car waiting outside. a man visiting san francisco for business did something police do not suggest. >> he chased down the thief trying to steal his phones. abc 7 news reporter gulezian. >> reporter: the man was ordering coffee when his phones were swiped. the man chased the thief up fourth street and across howard to a delivery ramp where the phones were recovered next to the intercontinental hotel. >> i did two stupid things. number one, i left these unattended. number two, i chased the person who took them. >> reporter: mike huckman is in san francisco for business he was grabbing a cup of coffee when someone snatched his phones and took off with them. >> the adrenaline kicked in and weekly spin class whichas he ch
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blocks. >> i just yelled dude, they're mock, they won't work. put them down. then he turned left here and crossed the street. >> reporter: for a second mike thought he lost the suspect, but he kept running until he spotted him again and, yes, he was still yelling. >> dude, they're locked. >> reporter: something must have registered because the thief did something very unexpected. >> i see him dart off that way. i can't see him anymore. i peek around the bend and find the phones just like that, that's exactly how i found them. >> reporter: san francisco police meantime say it's never a good idea to confront a suspect as things could escalate fast. >> i created the opportunity. i did a stupid thing. >> reporter: in san francisco, lisa amin gulezian, abc 7 news. >> wow. also those glasses on that man. >> very put together especially for after a spin class. >> he really is.
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>> i'm glad it ended okay. texas authorities are on the lookout for a serial wedding crasher. >> they san jose a woman has been sneaking in uninvited and stealing the gifts. they say she made purchases with the wedding gift cards. abc news spoke with the couple who says that woman crashed their wedding. >> we never actually saw her. she came in and left like three seconds later. from what we saw, she was wearing heels and a dress -- >> there's a $4,000 reward for information leading to this woman's arrest. more on this story coming up on gma. that starts at 7:00 after abc 7 mornings. >> this is why i'm afraid of having a large wedding, not that anyone has asked. let's clarify rumors right now. >> hello. >> i don't want to be like, who is that? >> and now is the time for me to tell my story. i had a very small wedding, only
5:19 am
50 people and we had a wedding crasher, mike. >> you did? >> we sure did. i never saw her. it wasn't until a few days later, people were asking who is that redhead with all the tattoos? >> did she take anything, just there for the cake? >> she didn't take anything. we found out who it was. >> your cousin, third cousin? >> nope, not related. >> are you going to let us know who it was or leave us hang? >> she wasn't invited but showed up anyway. >> good luck with that, natasha, some day it happens mt. tamalpais, only a 9-mile-per-hour wind. the air is sinking, stagnant, building heat and building unhealthy amounts of pollution. that's all possible today, tomorrow and friday. it's going to be harder to sleep the next couple nights after our hottest days. the heat will finally break saturday. a look at the high pressure.
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storm tracker well to the north. this is where the relief is. it's not even close to us. let's talk temperatures. morgan hill and gilroy stick out. 103, 104, but we still have 91 in milpitas, 98 in ten-degree spread on the peninsula today. look at the wealth of 70s. low to mid 70s along the coast. 80s in downtown, south san francisco and sausalito. mid 90s to 100 through the north bay valleys. along the east bay shore, 86 in richmond. that's about as cool as it gets. oakland 87. 90s around castro valley, union city, fremont. look at all the 100s in our interior east bay neighborhoods. that's the first day. we'll have them again thursday, possibly friday. 90 will hold on saturday. 60s, 70s, 80s, back to average for sunday. >> a stall reported on the dumbarton bridge westbound 84 midspan. it looks like it's going to be
5:21 am
clearing quickly, no major problems there. here is a live shot at the san mateo bridge. that looks good westbound on the right-hand side. i also want to show you traffic heading to the richmond-san rafael bridge delay-free at this point. drive times looking good for those bridges. richmond-san rafael bridge, six minutes, san mateo bridge 12 minutes. dumbarton bridge is nine minutes. you may want to consider mass transit. b.a.r.t. reporting no delays. ace train 1 also looking good. the san francisco opera canceled an upcoming concert against placido domingo. a report details claims from numerous women accusing the opera legend of inappropriate behavior spanning decades. domingo las been the general director of the l.a. opera since 2003. he calls the allegations, quote, inaccurate and says he believed all his interactions were always welcomed and consensual. in today's "gma first look," a terrifying alligator attack in
5:22 am
south carolina. >> it left a woman seriously injured after he stride to protect her dog. >> reporter: in this morning's "gma first look," this was the emergency at this retirement community near hilton head, north carolina. police say out of the blue a woman walking her dog in our own back yard about 25 yards from a pond was attacked around 10:00 p.m. monday night by an alligator. >> we do not know where the thee alligator is. >> they feed sunrise, sunset and nighttime. those are the most dangerous times. >> her dog survived, but she had to be rushed to the hospital where she remains this morning. >> i hate to hear that this has happened again. it's a terrible thing that thats has happened. >> coming up at 7:00 a.m., we'll have more on why the state needed to remove more than one alligator from this same pond. if your "gma first look."look",
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forget swiping the student id cards. >> the new w
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>> -- 96 at 3:00. some areas of san jose will be warmer, especially the farther south you go. speaking of warmer, look at santa rosa. we need a jacket this morning. 56, but already by noon we're at 90. temperatures in the upper 90s, a 40-degree swing today. make sure you have the kids dressed properly. natasha. finding an affordable place to live is a major challenge in an effort to build a better bay
5:26 am
area. yesterday the santa clara county board of supervisors named mercy housing as the developer on 231 grand road. it calls from building 60 to 120 units for santa clara county public school teachers on that county owned land. apple wants to make it easier for students to badge into the dorms. apple says more than 100,000 college units will be able to scary their ids on their iphone and apple watch. this includes students at the university of san francisco, university of vermont, georgetown university and several other colleges. they'll be able to use their student id and apple wallet to get into the dorms to buy lunch. it will have more functionality than that. i would have loved that. >> absolutely. i lost mine a couple times. >> you know you're not going to lose that phone. still ahead, why facebook says he was tribing audio
5:27 am
conversations between some users. >> reporter: back to school on one of the hottest days of the year. i'm amy hollyfield. that story coming up. >> she lays it out for me and i don't have to worry about a thing. >> this man understands the meaning of happy wife, happy life. the sweet thing this couple has shared every day for more than half a century. a l
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now at 5:30, reversing course. the san francisco school board buckles under pressure, changing the fate of a controversial mural. mike tracking the heat wave. with that comes high fire daer where this grass fire has already forced people out of their homes. it's going to be a hot start to the school year as kids in more than two dozen districts head back to class today. good morning on this wednesday, august 14th.
5:30 am
>> triple digits greeting some of our students. >> the fact that some of those areas are in the 50s this morning going to make it worse during the afternoon hours. let's talk about what's going on. if you live along the peninsula, interior east bay, the north bay, heat advisory starts at 11:00. that's for temperatures 95 to 105. excessive heat warning for solano and lake counties for at least 100 to possibly 110 degrees. the heat advisory goes through 8:00 tomorrow eevg. the excessive heat warning goes through 10:00 friday. here is the way your daybreaks down. starting off in the 50s and 60s, but already 80s and 90s at noon. 90s and 100s away from the coast where we'll be in the mid 70s. frances. >> mike, luckily no hot spots, but finding a normal backup at the bay bridge toll plaza. metering lights are on, backed up to the 880 overcrossing. out to the east bay, traffic is
5:31 am
slow westbound 84 because of an earlier crash. heavy on livermore on old vallecitos road. westbound 580 looks like it's off to the shoulder, but traffic is slow out of westbound 205. tracy to castro valley just increased to 57 minutes. >> frances, thank you. the heat is raising concerns we'll see more wildfires like this one last night in vallejo. the flames damaged two homes on creek view drive. people were forced from their homes for about an hour. firefighters contained the fire to four acres. dozens of local school districts are back to school this morning. many students will be greeted with triple digit heat. abc 7's amy hollyfield live in the east bay. >> good morning. foothill middle school in walnut creek, one of many schools in the east bay going back today. fill those water bottles today. it's going to be so hot. try to score a ride if you can.
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not a great day to be walking or biking home. it will be in the triple digits this afternoon. teachers may have to rethink recess later today as the heat bears down. it will be a tough day -- even for speaking apparently. the night wasn't too easy either for those with no air conditioning. look at the overnight is one o providing cooling centers today. if you need air conditioning today, you can visit a senior citizens center or community center in your area. cities are encouraging people to use them as cooling centers. they're also saying think about libraries and malls as a good place to get some relief, maybe a good day for a movie. back to school, when it comes to the first day of school outfit, today you may have to think hard about shorts and a tank top. live in walnut creek, amy hollyfield, abc 7 news. >> thank you, amy.
5:33 am
several bay area cities are offering cooling centers. you can find the closest one to you by going to new developments, the san francisco board of education reversed course on this controversial mural at washington high school. >> last night the school narrowly voted in favor of covering the mural with panels rather than painting over it. the compromise left both sides disappointed. >> it's being covered, but when is the next time that they're going to uncover it? >> if they're that upset about images, about names and sounds, why don't they consider changing the name of the school. >> the 13 frescoes painted in the '30s were meant to show george washington as a slave owner and the leader of a nation that killed native americans. a umt s. bankruptcy judge ll a civil trial against pg&e for the 2017 tubbs fire.
5:34 am
lawsuits filed by survivors in sonoma county were put on hold after pg&e filed for bankruptcy protection in january. now the press democrat reports people in the county want to contest the findings that private power equipment tubbs fr grid. we have developing news in the death of jeffrey epstein. "the new york times" reports the two guards who were supposed to be checking in on him fell asleep and falsified records to cover up their mistake. he was found hanging in his jail cell on saturday morning. the jail reassigned the warden and suspended the two guards. the guards did not check on him for about three hours according to surveillance video. they were supposed to do it every 30 minutes. new details in the mass shooting in dayton. surveillance video shows the gunman leaving the bar. he goes to his car and changes clothes. you see him carrying a backpack as he ducks into an alley and puts on body armor. moments later he's merges and
5:35 am
opens fire. investigators say the video shows he acted alone. 26 people were shot in 32 seconds. his sister was among the nine who died. investigators say it's not clear if he intentionally shot her. in the east bay, hayward police say a man shot by officers was carrying a replica weapon. officers responded to calls of a man waving a gun on mission boulevard yesterday morning. two officers confronted the man in his 20s and opened fire. police haven't said if he threatened the officers. the investigation closed the intersection of mission boulevard and val vista for several hours. the man is expected to survive his injuries. in the north bay, the napa county sheriff's office has released this mugshot of a man suspected of multiple sex crimes. ryan sales is charged with five felonies including rape and sexual battery. they urge anyone with information about sayles to give them a call. in the south bay, santa clara county getting a new voting system for the 2020
5:36 am
elections. this is the first update to the voting technology since 2003. the new system includes high-speed scanners and a device to speed up ballot counting. right now all ballots have to be returned to the registrar's office. it could mean we learn the outcome of races much earlier. a couple is shocked at the conditions they find in a south bay cemetery. the immediate reaction following their complaint. a heads-up for facebook messenger app users. your conversations may not be as private as you thought. right now, a live look outside. it's 5:36. there is the golden gate bridge. we can actually see it this morning. so that's some good news. i guess the other side of that, mike, is it's going to be really hot. >> that's the reason why we're able to see it. there's absolutely nothing holding the heat back. a limited sea breeze will keep our coast in the 70s and san francisco in the 80s. everybody else 90s and 100s. let's look at the temperatures right now. 59 in berkeley, san leandro 58.
5:37 am
everybody else in the low to mid 60s in the east bay. as you head into the interior, 59-plus. that's definitely the exception. mid 60s to low 70s. antioch 72 right now. 68 in san jose. mountain view 66. mid to upper 50s. you've got to like those deep valleys in the north bay this time of year. you are the coolest. a look in south beach. you can see 61 degrees and starting to see signs of the sunshine. warming will begin about 7:30 this morning. it's as cool as it's going to get now until then. cloudy at the coast. mass transit mild to hot. air quality concerns if you're out and about. peninsula, 64 at 7:00. already in the low 80s at noon. upper 80s to low 90s from noon through at least 6:00. 7:00 we're 81 on the peninsula. south bay, 67 and shine this horng to low 90s at noon, all the way through 7:00 in the mid to upper 90s. we're talking five hours of mid to upper 90s in the south bay. east bay is even worse.
5:38 am
65 this morning, but we're already 90 at noon. we'll hang out in the 100s from about 2:00 through 6:00. so four hours of temperatures higher than 100 degrees. still at 7:00, 97 degrees. i think my air condition ran all day, for about 10, 11 hours. my electric bill is going to be ginormous. you have to do it if you have it. i have a black car. i can't cover it enough in that kind of sunshine. you get in and touch things, instant burn. think about that. >> a lot of sfoeks will be heading to the beaches later today. right now luckily it's been pretty good. we haven't had any major accidents. here is a look at interstate 80, westbound traffic moving well towards the bay bridge, getting a little crowded right now. the bay bridge is backed up towards the foot of the maze. a live shot of highway 87.
5:39 am
that's northbound traffic on the right-hand side. not too far away from highway 87 in san jose, there's an investigation of an accident and tully road right now is closed between monterey road and south 7th street. detours are in place at this time. also, b.a.r.t. reporting no delays. that's a great way to go with free air conditioning. a.c.e. train 1 is running nine minutes late. stay with us. we'll ha let's get down to business. the business of road trips... ...adventure... ...and reconnecting. modernized comfort inn's and suites have been refreshed because our business is you. get the lowest price guaranteed on all choice hotels when you book direct at
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waking up in walnut creek, 66 degrees right now. the possibility of poor air quality in our interior east bay neighborhoods and sclera valley. under spare-the-air. limit the use of gas-powered engines. i know that's easy to say when you see all those cause going down 680. nearly 11 million californians under a heat advisory, watch or warning. triple digits through the central valley. low to upper 80s, we'll we'll the 80s in tahoe friday, saturday and sunday. developing news. in the last few minutes a swedish court ruled rapper a$ap rocky was found guilty of assault. the artist was handed a suspended sentence.
5:43 am
that means he's not going to serve any jail time. a$ap rocky pleaded self-defense saying he tried to f a void a confrontation with two men who were following his entourage. he was not required to be present for the judgment hearing. in the north bay, authorities are trying to determine what caused a boat to go up in flames. this happened last night off mcnears beach near san rafael. firefighters had the flames out and no one was injured. keiser personal men they workers voted to authorize a strike in october which would be the largest in the entire country in 20 years. 98% of union members who voted approved the strike. the employees have been working under an expired contract since last september now. they want higher wages, preserti staffing increases to cover current inadequacies. keer calls the union's actions counterproductive and a bullying
5:44 am
tactic. part of building a better bay area involves properly maintaining public spaces. a couple visiting a family member in sclera say they found grass and weeds taking over mission city memorial park. they say the area where war veterans are buried is the worst kept part of the property. >> i knew the general area where my grandparents were. literally you couldn't see any of the headstones. we got down on our hands and knees, spent two hours out here on saturday, literally clearing grass away. >> the city pulled resources from other park's maintenance staff to get things in order after the couple's visit. officials say it's been difficult to maintain the cemetery since they stopped used roundup. we want to hear your ideas about building a better bay area. share them by joining our better bay area group on facebook. what is true love if this isn't it? ayoub ba county couple has been wearing matching outfits for seven decades straight and sing
5:45 am
together ♪ soon they say romances break up ♪ ♪ how i hope and how i pray we will always be together long after graduation day ♪ >> that's francis and rosemary, they met in junior high, started dating in high school and got married at 19. >> my mom bought us matching t-shirts when we were in high school. we match ever since. >> she lays it out for me and i don't have to worry about a thing. >> celebrating their 68th anniversary next month. i want to know what is their secret to happiness. >> a plum lip. >> clearly, fall lip vibes already. >> matched her glasses and her shirt. >> i think they're adorable. >> no doubt. envious. 68 years. >> you and barbara are on your
5:46 am
way, kind of. >> we're at 25. >> keep going. >> a long way to go. >> barbara is wearing the same outfit at home right now watching the news. >> we do. we dress each other before we head out, absolutely. how did you guys know? is it time for weather? >> it's time. >> let's talk about it. i saw facebook up there. i guess that's the next story. san jose, 280 at 17, 67 degrees right now. let's talk about what to expect today and beyond. dangerous air and heat. spare-the-air, all the advisories we talked about at 5:30. harder to sleep. you thought it was hard last night. wait until tonight and tomorrow night after our hottest days. heat breaks everywhere saturday. for today in the 100s in morgan hill and gilroy. there will be parts that will be much warmer as you head towards los gatos at 98. the water temperature at santa
5:47 am
cruz is -- 94 in redwood red low to mid 70s along the peninsula coast with afternoon n sunshine. 80s downtown, south san francisco, sausalito. mid 70s north bay beaches. 20 to 25 degrees warmer with mid 90s to 100s in your valleys. along your east bayshore, find something comfortable. it's just not here, 86 to 92. the most dangerous heat all in our interior east bay neighborhoods. lows tonight will fall back into the 50s. upper 50s. in the north bay most likely. rest of us in the lid 60s. a few low 70s interior east bay. my accuweather seven-day forecast tomorrow just as hot as today. the heat, it drops by four to six degrees. still warmer than average friday. it's saturday and sunday will be our coolest. >> mike, luckily it's been pretty good on the freeways this morning. we're seeing a lot of the typical slowdowns especially in the east bay. a live shot at 680 in walnut
5:48 am
creek. southbound slow right now, no major problems as you make your way towards highway 24. right across the san mateo bridge, fine this morning. an earlier stall across the dumbarton bridge westbound that has been cleared. here traffic looking great in both directions. the bay bridge toll plaza is back up towards the foot of the maze right now. we'll also take you to the maps. it is pretty slow though on westbound 84 because of an earlier crash at vargas. traffic heavy on old vallecitos road. the westbound 580 drive tracy to dublin 49 minutes. thank you, frances. facebook may have transcribed some of your conversations sources tell bloomberg facebook paid contractors to tribe the audio between users on its messenger app. facebook stopped the practice about a week ago. the company says it was using the transcriptions to improve voice recognition software. the faa is banning recalled macbook pros from all flights.
5:49 am
in june apple announced a voluntary recall for the 15-inch macbook macbook. apple says they contain a battery that may overheat. barbie meet star wars. >> new dolls from a galaxy far, far away. these are pretty cool. the barbie is based on the original 1977 star wars film. they honor princess leia, darth vader and r2d2. they'll sell this fall for about $100. disney owns the star wars brand and is the parent company of abc 7. >> it's darth vader, give me also amanda priestly. i want to see that movie. can that movie come out? i would like to ride that ride, buy the merchandise.
5:50 am
>> florals spore spring. there's definitely a line there. >> ser rule i don't know in this climate. the reason san francisco's iconic bag maker timbuktu could be leaving the bay area. shake shack expanding, where the popular chain is planning its new location. learning ins it's on. get to the ross shoe event for even more brands at 20 to 60 percent off department store prices. yes! yep! oh, yeah! seriously, save on fall styles for women, men, boys and girls. at the ross shoe event. on now.
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5:53 am
at this san francisco zoo. these are penguins from the strait of magellan and the coastal areas of argentina and chile. their natural habitat is cold. they're used to san francisco, but today, they might be a little uncomfortable, just like the rest of us. that's cute. we've got the a's and giants at a very warm oracle park -- 3:45, it will be near 79. ten to 15 degrees warmer if you're out in the sun. make sure you're shaded from that. heat exhaustion, you're still sweaty. it's curable by finding ac and drinking water. heat stroke, you stop sweating. you're hot and your body temperature spikes. it becomes an emergency situation.
5:54 am
not only today, but tomorrow exactly the same, oppressively dangerous heat. it starts to break friday, at least around the bay and the coast, still inland. by saturday, 60s, 70s and mainly 80s. today, tomorrow and friday, three days of dangerous heat and poor air quality. mike, a couple of problems on the bridges right now. a new crash reported on the upper deck at the bay bridge. we took our emeryville camera, swung it around. looking at the incline section. as you make your way towards treasure island, and traffic is backed up right now to the foot of the maze. the drive time across the bay bridge is 14 minutes. westbound 4 highway 4 to the maze still 21 minutes. also a new crash just reported westbound 92 at the san mateo bridge toll plaza. eel keep you posted on this. we could see slowing for folks heading westbound out of hayward. a popular new york-based burger chain is opening its first location in the east bay. people always go nuts when we
5:55 am
talk about shake shack. the chronicle says the chain is coming to oakland's up town station at broadwy and 20th street. the chain has been expanding across the bay area. right now they have one at palo alto and larks burg. it will be part of the up town station. coke is introducing two new flavors with the holidays in mind. you can pick up a cinnamon flavored version of the classic soda starting next month. coke also launching a winter spice cranberry version of sprite. both flavors will be around until the start of next year. dominos will soon start using electric bikes to deliver pete va. >> the chain is trying out the new delivery method to try to stay competitive. the custom e bikes are designed to hold pizzas, drinks and side items. they can reach up to 20 miles an hour. they don't have to deal with the traffic and parking issues faced
5:56 am
by cars. domino's is bo . you can definitely learn something inside san francisco's main library, but how about out front? >> a new middle ground exhibit installed on the library's front sidewalk. it includes more than a dozen interactive and multimedia installations. mayor london breed says it's part of a larger effort to reimagine the public spaces. >> with the sunshine today, with all the folks here today, with the kids playing in the playground and the buy right cafe, we or trying to do everything we can to transform this public space so everyone is welcome. >> the middle ground exhibit is a result of a partnership between the city and the exploratorium. rising prices of housing, a new report shows you need more than ever. an alarming attack caught on
5:57 am
camera. a homeless man grabbing a woman and dragging her to the ground outside her condo building. >> reporter: i'm jobina fortson in gilroy where students are returning back to class today. i'll have more on how the district plans to help those grieving in light of the garlic festival shooting. we'll leave you with a live look at side at 5:57.
5:58 am
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with huge savings of $600 over 2 years. plus a speed upgrade to 400 megs, free for 2 years. and ask about even more savings with xfinity mobile. click, call or visit a store today. back to school. students in gilroy returning to class for the first time since the deadly garlic festival shooting. nearly two dozen schools across the bay area are going back to class today. many of those students will want to maybe wear some shorts, maybe something cool. >> there's a heat advisory and spare-the-air alert. abc 7 meteorologist mike nicco
6:00 am
tracking it all. that hot summer doesn't want to go away. >> it's getting hotter. normally it would be a good thing. in this case, not so much. hopefully people bought new clothes that are summerish. mother nature saying you may be going back to school, but i'm keeping summer around. heat risk, the orange is the bayshore, the coast and san francisco. that's where we have a heat advisory, starts at 11:00 and goes through 8:00 tomorrow evening. temperatures 95 to 105. solano and lake counties. that's an excessive heat warning that goes all the way, starts at te same time but goes through 10:00 friday. 100 to 110 degree temperatures possible. the sun has started to come up. 76 in the east bay hills. if you live in the valley, that's where it's coolest. mid 50s to mid 60s. in the hills, in the 70s already. noon we're already looking for ac. 82 to 94 away from the coast.


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