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tv   ABC7 News 430AM  ABC  August 15, 2019 4:30am-5:00am PDT

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the house, the battalion chief on the scene was also concerned about his crew working in this heat. >> we're watching to make sure our people are not having signs of heat stress and we'll pull them aside and have them sit down for a little while longer than we normally would or even send them back to the station. >> reporter: in pittsburg the ands elementary.ool was canceled they don't have air conditioning. new units are going in, but they haven't been completely installed yet, so they canceled classes until next week. in danville, thousands of customers lost power. pg&e says it was heat related. the weather is having an impact, leaving its mark. let's see what today brings. live in walnut creek, amy hollyfield, abc 7 news. in the south bay vta is providing free riders to cooling
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centers. several bay areas will have cooling centers open today. you can find the lowsest to you by going to our website, it is 4:30 on the dot f. you're just joining us, let's get a quick update on weather and traffic. these temperatures look a lot like yesterday because they're going to be the same, maybe a degree warmer or two in some areas. 56 to 66. a little cooling left. this is the 7:00 temperature. 70 to 74 along the coast. 84 to 92 from noon to four. still in the 80s and 90s at 7:00. don't forget, poor air quality is possible. all around, find comft. inn side if you can. taking a look at the bay bridge toll plaza at 4:31 on this thursday morning. minor delays with cars stacking up in the cash paying lanes.
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no metering lights yet. we have road work out there. slow and go on the nimitz freeway between 238 up towards san leandro. speeds up der ten miles an hour. once you get past that, you're at the limit as you make your way into oakland. this morning six philadelphia police officers are at home after a dramatic shootout and stand offer. >> television news helicopters captured the entire ordeal. let's start with new video of the man finally surrendering, his hands up after refusing to come out for several hours. he's ute fied as 34-year-old maurice hill. police say he has an extensive criminal history. a wounded officer running to safety, jumping into a patrol car after being shot. you can see the patrol car racing off. other officers were forced to take shelter behind cars as bullets ricocheted off the ground. this all started when investigators tried to serve a search warrant.
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that's when they were met with gunfire. again, those six wounded officers are okay this morning. all eyes on wall street when the stock market reopens in two hours following the worst day of the year for stocks. >> the dow plummeted more than 800 points over recession fears. investors are concerned about a warning sign for the bond market. abc's elizabeth hur is live in new york to explain. >> good morning to you. yes, investors are nervous bracing for another volatile day. president trump is tweeting we are winning and our economy is strong. this morning recession fears mounting on wall street and around the world following the worst day for stocks so far this year. the dow tanking 800 points, the tumble due to a number of factors includingt'lledanteelcu essentially happens when the
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yield, the treft rate lower tha. abc's chief business correspondent rebecca jarvis. >> think about it like this. what it's telling wall street is that a recession could be coming in the next six to 18 months. >> experts say investors are also nervous about the rising trade war with china. president trump has backed off his earlier threat to impose new tariffs on chinese goods. the president insisting unlike others, our economy is strong, adding china is not our problem. our problem is with the fed. so you may be wondering what does this mean if you have been saving for the long term. despite the major losses, experts say your 401(k), it should still be doing better than it was last year. live in new york, elizabeth hur,
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abc 7 news. happening today, san francisco governor gavin newsom will meet with teachers who struggle to live near their workplace. the governor says he has made housing affordability a top a $7 billion investment for new home construction. governor knew some's meeting is at 10:30 at francis scott key elementary on 43rd in the outer sunset neighborhood. b.a.r.t. is getting $1.7 more from washington to help with security issues on train. the grant from fema will help pay for continued police patrols on trains traveling through b.a.r.t.'s busiest stations including the underground ones in san francisco. b.a.r.t. received a $7 million grant from that program last fall. warning signs turn up in an oakland neighborhood. turns out the city has nothing to do with them. san francisco installs
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transit-only lanes. what authorities say caused this scary scene. let's get you over to a check of your forecast. mike, it's feeling warm and clammy in here already. >> kind of notified engineering already, can we turn the air down a little bit. that's the way it's going to be everywhere. air conditioners working much harder than normal if you have one. if not, i feel for you. find a place that does during the afternoon hours. here is a look. we're warmer this morning. our warmest morning out there, up to six degrees warmer than yesterday. low to mid 60s on the peninsula. closer to the motion we're more comfortable. half moon bay 52. san francisco, downtown still 61. a lot of the outlying areas are warmer than that right now. mid 60s along the east bay shore and 70s down in the south bay. upper 60s to mid 70s in the east bay.
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as far as your commute goes, clear conditions out there. we need the air conditioner running on mass transit early today and light breezes on the bay. san francisco, on our way to the mid 80s. record high temperatures possible once again today. here is a look at what's going on in the east bay. record high temperatures here as we're nearing 90 at noon and hanging out in the mid 90s for about three to four hours this afternoon. still in the 80s at 7:00. for the north bay, look at that. from 58 this morning to 90s at noon to near 100 at 3:00 and 4:00. still 86 at 7:00. just jaw-dropping numbers for the second day in a row. makes you want to -- yeah, go away and find somewhere else. >> go to the coast my friend if you can. >> yes. if you cannot, i'll tell you when the relief is coming, as quickly as tomorrow for some neighborhoods. first let's bring in sue and talk about the commute. so far, so good. knock on wood. we'll go to san rafael and take
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a look at 101 past the north gate mall. taillights headed in the southbound direction for about a 20-minute ride across the golden gate bridge. the richmond-san rafael bridge, pretty light conditions a couple of headlights. we have road work happening on your approach to the toll plaza, but as you can see, it's pretty light out there, not even a car heading through at this hour. we do have road work out on the roads, you might imagine overnight. we did have an earlier fire, this one on woodside road. they had all lanes blocked. from spring to middlefield. you'll see a few yellow sensors there, meaning slow, under 20
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in just an hour's time your car can warm nearly 45 degrees from the outside temperature. if it's 95, 140. if it's 100, 105, it will feel like 150. if you can, find some shade, park it there. same look at yesterday. more than 11 million people across the entire state dealing with heat advisories, watches and warnings as temperatures will top easily the central valley once again.
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comfortable in l.a. if you're heading the the high country, mid 80s to mid 90s today, tapering down to 80 by sunday. we've made a commitment to building a better bay area. part of that is tracking stories on safety. there's an anonymous effort to shed light on muggings in north oakland. signs that say warning, be alert, cautioning neighbors of police in that area saying oakland police cannot protect you. at the bottom the number to mayor libby schaaf's office. the warning signs aren't sitting well with some residents. >> most of the one i see, i took them down already. it's not a good message. >> in a statement the oakland police department says it shares the community concern regarding an increase in street robberies and says they've taken steps including increased patrol,
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security checks in that neighborhood. we want to hear your ideas about building a better bay area. in san francisco, so-called red carpet lanes are designated for taxis and public transit only. these lanes are the reason a group of small business owners has taken on the san francisco metropolitan transportation commission. >> reporter: it has been a good living, owning one of the few car washes in san francisco. for cory and his brother, syphons business at geary boulevard without major hassles for almost three decades. not so much. now, not so much. since the beginning of this year it restriped the right lane for taxis and buses only with plans to paint it red. merchants including joseph llama at royal ground coffee say the new lanes have hurt business by as much as 30%. no doubt you've seen the red
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zones which has 14 miles of them plus transit lanes all designed to ease traffic flow. 43 miles of lanes in all. after doing a public records search, cory and his brother found the city didn't follow federal protocols on geary and many others before painting them. >> they put in the red lanes, removed bus stops, reported two minutes faster. what they didn't say is they removed the bus stops to get the faster tran it signs. >> the sfmta acknowledges making mistake but not how merchants typify it. >> i don't have all the details in this case but it did happen. it's a misunderstanding, we apologize for that inconvenience. >> the city may pay for it, too, the merchants talking legal action to recover their losses. in san francisco, wayne freedman, abc 7 news. in the south bay part of san
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jose state's campus is getting a new name. provident just bought the naming eve naming' rights for the event center. the president and ceo is a graduate. the event center is used for commencement ceremonies, sporting events and concerts. more than 300 festival goers lost their ids last weekend in golden gate park. the lost and found contains all sorts of things, car key, handbags, clothes. this is what i didn't expect. a graphing calculator? is that the ti-84? outside lands posted a list of unclaimed items. your car keys? they posted this online. owners can file a claim. we'll include a link on our website, someone needs to do calculus today and will have to do it by
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hand. >> good luck graphing that cosign yourself. those calculators are expensive. if you didn't get that graphing calculator, stop by the lost and found. >> mamma couldn't afford one for me. i did it by hand. >> i saw you playing with an abacus earlier today. got calluses from that i bet. hard to calculate how hot it's going to be. it's still 79 degrees in the east bay hills. you can see the nearly full moon shining down on the pay, actually a very gorgeous picture. record heat today, poor air quality. the health risk starts tapering tomorrow. look at this. by sunday, just about everywhere, temperatures are back below average. for now, high pressure hasn't moved. it's just dropped anchor. the stagnant pattern means the same results today, maybe even warmer temperatures. look at this.
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96 in milpitas. that's as mild as it gets. that's as mild as it gets in the south bay. 100 in san jose, morgan hill. 84 in santa cruz. 93 to near 100 on the peninsula today. look at these mid 70s. that's where you need to go to the coast. mid to upper 80s downtown, south san francisco, sausalito. mid 70s north bay coast. i put asterisks on there, there's going to be more record highs. 101 in santa rosa, record high today. 94 in oakland, record high for today. we've got the possibility of record highs in concord and livermore with 106. let's see what happens tonight. you see more 50s starting to show up the closer you are to the coast. the rest of us in the 60s to near 70. this morning, our warmest morning except for inland tomorrow morning. we'll be even warmer. look at tomorrow afternoon, a little bit of a break.
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all of us back to average saturday. and then below average for one day before it gets hot again next week. sue? let's take a look outside. he'll head over to san jose where the 87 freeway is moving nicely. taillights toward san jose mineta airport. you can see the runway lights on the left of your screen there. no delays on the roadways at this hour. we'll pop over the other side. 280 towards 17. eight minutes from downtown san jose to cupertino if that's your ride this morning. road work on 880. solid stretch of red with speeds under ten miles an hour. they should be picking that up weren't within the next 20 minutes. subway service overnight, bus rails and light rails between the embarcadero and west portal. that will be happening again starting at 9:30 tonight. macy's is getting help from
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google to make warehouses more efficient. a teenagers smart fridge to tweet. hee is tech bites. >> in today's tech bites, macy's teaming up with google. >> relying on google technology to power a new distribution center opening in ohio today. macy's says the google cloud platform will increase efficiency and speed. it will start being used in other distribution centers next year. at least three owners say their june smart ovens have turned on overnight. >> the ovens are believed to have turned on because of errors in how they received commands from connected devices. a software update will be issued. a kentucky team named dorothy is trying her best to tweet despite her mom confiscating her phone. >> when she lost privileges, she started tweeting through her
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smart fridge prompting the #freedorothy. >> why does the refrigerator even have the ability to tweet? >> that's a very good question. humans evolved to lose their tails. now a research team creates a new version with a very special purpose in mind. also a furry thief gets caught red-handed in a vending in the human brain, billions of nefor people with parkinson's, some neurons change their tune, causing uncontrollable tremors. now, abbott technology can target those exact neurons. restoring control and harmony,
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a live look at walnut creek where it's still 70 degrees right now. here is a good thing. your air quality is fine for now. it's our interior east bay neighborhoods and the south bay that have the most likelihood of developing poor air quality this afternoon with temperatures reaching 100 under all that sunshine. it's a spare-the-air day. limit the use of gas-powered engines if you can. take a look at this. a sandstone cliff falling just 50 feet away from a group of kayakers. this happened at lake superior. the group was with a tour group from michigan. the cliff gave way just as a photographer was overhead. that's how we have these pictures. experts say the bottom of the slope had been pounded by waves making it too steep. gravity finally took over and it collapsed. i guess they were just far enough away because nobody got hurt. salesforce is going to tone down its references to hawaiian
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culture. ceo says just before founding the company he took a vacation to hawaii. he liked the m h incorporated it into the company. the top floor of the tower is calls the ohana floor. salesforce is removing hawaiian terminology. it comes after focus groups talked about cultural appropriation. on the peninsula getting to school is getting easier thanks to san trams, giving out free bus passes at canada, collecanac san mateo and skyline college. multiple bus routes serve each of those three colleges. the a's return back to their side of the bay and they welcome the astros in town. 80 degrees at 7:07. that's after a high in the mid 90s today in oakland, down to a very comfortable 68 by the time
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the game is over. let's take a look. you can see tomorrow. look at some of the breaking of the heat. no more 80s in san francisco. no more 70s at the coast. 70s and 60s respectively. look at antioch, 102. clear lake and cloverdale still in the 100s. by saturday, 60s and 70s around the bay, just a few 90s inland. look at the temperatures, below average, 60s and 70s for most of us. sunday, wow, is that going to feel great. sue? we'll take a look outside for your drive through walnut creek. taillights headed in the southbound direction on 680 past north main. solid stream of headlights on the eastshore freeway. that's coming up from golden gate fields through emeryville and on into the macarthur mazr bridge. where it's not so good is
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through san leandro, 880 northbound, down to one lane due to construction that is supposed to be picked up in another five minutes. once you're past that, things pick up into oakland. in fact, here is a look at your drive times. 580, not too bad, a little slow from tracy to dublin. highway 4 and your drive into san francisco from san rafael, less than 20 minutes. jap nieces researchers have built a robotic tail to help deal with muscle and balance disorders. >> it's called the arc. >> wow. >> it attaches at the waist with a harness. researchers say it acts like a pendulum. when a person tilts one way, it will tilt in the other direction. it mimics animals -- i'm distracted by the video. they also think it can help
4:57 am
warehouse workers who have to balance when carrying something very heavy. i have to say the movement of it and the way it looks is much more disturbing than i was anticipating. it could do something amazing apparently. >> if it helps people, great. i don't like looking at this. it reminds me of something out of "avatar." speaking of tails, a raccoon managed to get inside a vending machine at a high school in central florida. the local sheriff's office sent a deputy over who called animal control and the sheriff posted this video. crews took the hole vending machine outside. opened the door and the raccoon could run free. what do you think he would grab? >> a welch's fruit snack. maybe cool ranch dorito. >> i see that. next at 5:00 a.m., a new
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school begins with a teachers strike in one local district. narrowing the field, the democrat expected to end his
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now at 5:00, a shocking turn of events after cameras capture that man attacking a woman outside her apartment complex. why the homeless suspect is back on the street this morning. warm, hotter weather is on the way for so many of us today. i am just the messenger here. good morning on this thursday, august


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