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tv   ABC7 News 500AM  ABC  August 15, 2019 5:00am-6:00am PDT

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now at 5:00, a shocking turn of events after cameras capture that man attacking a woman outside her apartment complex. why the homeless suspect is back on the street this morning. warm, hotter weather is on the way for so many of us today. i am just the messenger here.
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good morning on this thursday, august 15th. >> already sweating a little bit. you're never more than seven minutes away from my accuweather forecast. meteorologist mike nicco, we blame you. >> but i also thank you because you got our air conditioning back on in the studio. >> thank you. i tried. who doesn't have their air conditioninger on the they have one today? moderate to high heat. there's parts around brentwood and livermore, very high. the highest category of heat illness risk, 95 to 107, except for the bayshore. parts of the bayshore will be mid to upper 90s. not sure why the national weather service kept the bayshore out of this heat advisory. it should be in there, also. we've got lake county and solano county hotter, 100-plus until 10:00 tomorrow. records will fall once again. sue? looking at your roadways on this thursday morning. not too shabby if you're out and
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about at 5:01. here is a look at the golden gate bridge. you already have four lanes in the southbound direction, two in the northbound and very light conditions this morning. we've got slow and go over the altamont pass, not typical. we have lanes now reopened, those speeds are slightly off at this point because they just picked up the road work. it had been very, very slow. the transition down there, 238 to 880 is looking very slow as well. here is a look at your drive time. 41 minutes out of tracy. if you're making your way from antioch to concord, about 15 minutes. 101 into san francisco from san rafael, under 20 minutes across the golden gate. this video has shaken so many people in the bay area -- this isn't it. the one we want to show you is a man attacking a woman trying to get into her condo building. this morning that homeless suspect is back on the street after a judge saw the video and decided to release him. abc 7 news reporter jobina fortson is in san francisco at
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the police department. >> reporter: good morning, reggie and natasha. paneez kosarian says she started crying when she got the call from the district attorney saying the man who attacked her had been released. here is a photo of the man. police identified him as austin james vincent. he's believed to be homeless. surveillance video shows him grabbing kosarian and pulling her away from the door and to the ground outside her apartment building. kosarian was finally able to crawl inside. vincent was arrested and charged with battery, false imprisonment and second degree robbery. he appeared in court for the first time on tuesday. the judge has seen the video and ordered vincent to enroll in a program with assertive case management and to stay away from the victim. >> a criminal was released. he's free. i'm not. i'm imprisoned in my own house.
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>> reporter: vincent is scheduled to be back in court on september 12th for a pretrial hearing. all parties are hoping he shows up. life from sfpd headquarters, jobina fortson, abc 7 news. >> a lot of us struggling with that judge's decision this morning, thank you. is homelessness a medical condition and is housing a health care issue? >> hawaii declared a state of emergency because of a homeless crisis there. it's been suggested california should do the same. abc 7 news was at a commonwealth club event yesterday in san francisco. that's where a panel discussed ways to find permanent housing. darrell steinberg is a co-chair of governor knew some's homelessness commission. >> as much good work as we're doing in california, as many people are being helped, the numbers are growing. until we commit as a matter of public policy to bringing people indoors first and then providing them the services they need and permanent housing, the problem
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is going to get worse. >>xpts s for every one person housed, three more people will fall into homelessness. >> san francisco mayor london breed and oakland mayor libby schaaf withdrew from that commonwealth club event because of a keiser employee protest outside. >> ain't no power like the power of the people. >> health care workers were at the commonwealth club to push for a renegotiation of their contract with keiser. union workers want higher wages and say they oppose kaiser's recent spending policies. 23 people were hurt when this plane made an emergency landing outside of moscow. this is new video from the scene. the plane apparently collided with a clock of birds while taking off. officials say the engine malfunctioned and the plane had to land in a field about a half mile away. there were more than 200 people on board. we're told at least one person suffered serious injuries. and autopsy will be performed on a man whoho
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tacontt. he told people he had not eaten all day in preparation for that event. he said he was diabetic and had a couple of beers. he was leading the competition when he suddenly stopped eating. paramedics tried to clear food out of his airways. he died less than 30 minutes later. the grizzlies have canceled the professional taco eating championship scheduled for tomorrow. hundreds of people from across the country expected to attend a funeral for a woman killed in the el paso shooting. the funeral director says they are expected more than 1,000 people to show up. >> he shared that with me. i didn't think people really cared about me, about her, about anybody. he said i'm just overwhelmed with all the support, so overwhelmed with all of the
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well-wishers. >> el paso's mayor and other elected officials say they're attending. strangers as far away as california are said they're coming. >>fo congressman beto o'rourke is returning to the campaign trail after taking a break to support victims of the mass shooting. campaign officials say in today's speech, it will outline a path forward for the country's future. former krochlt governor john hickenlooper is expected to drop out of the presidential race he is expected to make the announcement this morning. this comes as democrats encourage him to run for the senate against rerepublican incumbent cory gardner. 16 teachers for the forestville union district began striking on monday.
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yesterday the principal sent a letter to parents. she says the district is prepared to hold classes today. all classrooms they say will be covered with qualified administrators and substitute teachers. let's take a look at these temperatures. just starting to cool off along the east bay shore, from 61 in richmond to el sobrante. it's 66. that's your spread. orinda, still 71 degrees. you can see all the yellow in the higher elevations. we're in the 70s and 80s above 1,000 feet. thankfully most of us live below that. we're in the 60s, even 50s in napa, santa rosa and pacifica. you are the exception. congratulations. 61 right now in san francisco. look at that. the flags are not moving on the ferry building. that means stagnant air once again. walking your dog, don't do it during the day. do it early in the morning or after the sun sets or if you can find grass, walk them there. out and about, unhealthy air is possible today.
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57 degrees is the water temperature around the bay and the ocean. peninsula, 6 at 7:00, 86 at 0. through at least 5:00. five hours of mid to upper 90s. for the south bay we're going to be 90 at noon. upper 90s to near 1:00 to about 6:00. for the east bay valleys, wow. you're already near 100 at 1:00. you'll be there from 2:00, 3:00, 4:00, 5:00 and possibly 6:00. air conditioning, if you have it, man, keep it running. here is a look at the traffic with sue. thanks, mike. good morning everyone. we take a look at emeryville. the freeway, south shore, east shore. take your pick, 101 and 880 looking great. there's 80 headed towards emeryville and not a delay at all at the bay bridge toll plaza. traffic is flowing nicely without metering lights.
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we'll check back on that in a couple minutes. as mike has been saying, it's a spare-the-air day. you may want to take mass transit. no delays with your golden gate transit. up next, the seven things you need to know as you start your day. a new public restroom is coming to one area in wine
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good morning. 7 things you need to know before you go. just not positive spin is not good. 18 to 23 degrees warmer than average. record high temperatures. as hot as yesterday if not a couple of degrees warmer this afternoon. be careful. number two, the man taken into custody after a terrifying incident in san francisco is back on the streets. surveillance video shows a woman trying to get through the front door of her condo building when she got attacked. thankfully she is okay. number three, six philadelphia police officers are at home after being injured in a shootout that turned into a long standoff. 34-year-old maurice hill surrendered after refusing to come out for eight hours. number four, investors are closely watching wall street after the dow plunged 800 points. the stock market will open in less than 90 minutes. number five. day nine of the ghost ship deliberations will take place today.
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the defense blooechselieves a v could be announced as early as this afternoon. yesterday the jury was read testimony from two prosecution witnesses, but not defendant derick almena. pretty typical out there this morning. red over the altamont pass. here is a look at drive times if you're heading out across the bridges. number seven, google doodle is honoring the man who gave us nachos. check it out. ignacio an nya garcia created the tasty dish. he's being portrayed in a -- >> like hey arnold. >> super flattering light. abc 7 news is committed to building a better bay area. part of that is looking for solutions to homelessness. to hs we're learning the big question isn't how, but rather where. two locations are on the table right now, fremont city hall and
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a lot along da koto road. as abc 7 news reporter amanda del castillo tells us, it's clear that community is divided. >> hundreds met for the first of three community workshops. the city's goal, get the facility up and running by mid 2020 as the homeless population continues to grow. >> we never had homelessness in the suburbs. it's increasing and increased 27% in the past two years. >> reporter: two locations are being considered, this lot at fremont city hall and unleased property on dakota road. hundreds spoke openly about their opposition or support during the comment period. colors made it clear where residents stand. those in red say no to city hall. those in blue say no to >> -- dramatic growth on their growth, their later life. that's the concern.
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>> reporter: regardless of location, they say the 608 homeless people in fremont need comprehensive services nearby. >> da koto, city hall, they need resources. i don't care where they are, as long as they're here. >> reporter: those 18 years and older will be able to stay on site for six months get job training, behavioral health support and have access to hygiene resources. the city has to decide on where it will go. >> we want everybody to be taken care of. >> reporter: site selection is expect bld by september of this year. the next community workshops are scheduled for august 24th and 26th. we have those details on just click on the story. in fremont, amanda del castillo, abc 7 news. >> didn't expect to be saying this, but i'm about to. you may not be alone the next
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time you use the restroom in saint helena. the restroom will feature a welcoming voice and soothing music. it will automatic flush, activate sinks, soap dispensers and hand dryers. if you're there too long, you'll get a warning. after ten minutes the talking toilet will remind you that time is passing, life is short. and then the door will soon slide open. the restroom will be installed in the public parking lot near money way. um -- the after ten minutes. >> regardless of what is happening. >> she goes, thanks for coming regina reginald, the door will be opening now. >> get out. >> mike, it's 2019 and we're living in wild times. >> i didn't know we had toilet
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traffic congestion. i need to tell you about this. i you love the iconic sitcom "friends," listen up. >> a company is offering to pay one super fan $1,000 to watch 25 hours of the show. just $1,000? >> you'll also be required to live tweet your experience. it's to commemorate the 25th anniversary this year. frontier communications is offering that $1,000 prize along with some swag, like a towel. i don't know if this is worth it to you. but okay. >> after you drink that coffee, the toilet door automatic opens. mike, there's so much happening today. >> that's going to be the most bizarre story -- i think that's going to get a lot of clicks on social media. congratulations. oh, my goodness. 5:18. look at the temperature on top of mt. tam. 82 degrees right now. we can almost see all the way down to the san mateo bridge.
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it's going to be quite hazy this afternoon with poor air quality and record heat again today. now, the heat risk will start to taper tomorrow, and for all of us it's gone this weekend. look at sunday, temperatures below average. talk about a pendulum swing there. let's go down. everywhere you see an asterisk, that's a record high. gilroy and san jose, two official reporting stations in the south bay. both have record highs today. same thing for redwood city. i put millbrae as a record high. it's sfo where it would be a record high at 93. you're pretty close. mid 70s along the coast today. 87 is the record high in san francisco. you're going to be two degrees short. there will be parts of san francisco that will definitely hit 87, just not officially. napa and santa rosa record highs. san rafael, the record high is 98, 97. oakland 94, hayward 96. all record high temperatures. same thing with the 106 in concord and livermore. notice tonight, though, some 50s
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out there. the marine layer is going to establish itself tonight. it's going to cool parts of the bay and definitely the coast tomorrow. inland by saturday. there you go, sunday below average. look how hot it gets, near 100 again next week. sue? going to walnut creek with a look at southbound 680. you're moving nicely all the way from concord to 24, looking at about an eight-minute drive. over towards the san mateo bridge, 15 minutes is the key time to get from 880 towards 101. across on 92, not bad at all. slowing up and over the altamont pass for about a 40-minute drive. here is a look at some of your other drive times. your 80 corridor from highway 4 into san francisco, just about 31 minutes. if you're traveling to sfo, just a hair slow with about a 12-minute drive once you get to san francisco. in today's "gma first look," we're hearing from disney actor
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am ron boyce. >> talking forst time following his death last month. >> reporter: in this morning's "gma first look," an emotional abc news exclusive. cameron boyce's parents opening up to robin roberts. >> what kind of child was he growing up? what kind of kid was cameron? >> he was amazing. he was always extremely wise, extremely thoughtful, incredibly athletic. a dancer from the minute he was born and just the kindest, sweetest human you could possibly meet ever. he used to say to me, share your wisdom, mom. share your wisdom with me. >> who says that? >> who says that as a kid. >> i would and he would listen. >> reporter: coming up at 7:00 a.m., they open up about their son's epilepsy and the legacy he'd want to leave behind. with your "gma first look," janai norman, abc news new york.
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>> so sorry for them. >> horrible. the u.s. women's soccer team isn't giving up their fight for equal pay. amazon hatches a new plan
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these type of temperatures, the fan won't drink plenty of fluids before you're thirsty. seek air conditioning if you can and shade. we've gone over these tips, we go over them quite frequently. just to remind yourself, if your body starts going, i don't feel right today, that's the heat getting to you. remember, we've already lost more than 30 kids due to heat in cars where they've been accidentally left. so look before you lock today. >> you. >>rts o ano
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point naval shipyard. a watch dog tells the chronicle the u.s. navy is simply covering up the radioactive soil with new dirt instead of removing the waste. it's been a year and a half since the navy admitted its contractor falsified data shows the site was clean. that scandal delayed the housing project at the shipyard. plastic contamination is a real problem around the world. now scientists say it's even raining plastic. u.s. department of interior and u.s. geological survey took a good look at rain unfortunately and jien tifts used a binocular microscope to examine the rain samples. they found plastic in 90% of them. scientists say it's still not clear where exactly the plastic came from or what the health effects of living with all the plastic will be. the national park service is looking for a new partner to lease the cliff house in san
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francisco. the current lease with the cliff house restaurant and lands end cafe was extended but it will soon expire. that means the restaurants may get new names and menus. the new lease will last 20 years. submissions by applicants must be received by october 16th with the new lessee selected by next summer. amazon planning to give away unsold merchandise instead of throwing it away. the company is rolling out a company called fulfillment by amazon donations. they'll have the option to donate. >> seems like a no-brainer. it does. full 90 minutes of news. lost and found. at least one very unusual thing was left behind at outside lands. the intense heat is leaving its mark in the east bay. that story coming up. an autopsy reveals new details about the sex of accused
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sex trafficker jeffrey epstein. we're heating up
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investors brace for another wild day on wall street after the dow plunged 800 points. what to know if you're worried about your long-term savings. the brutal heat pushes temperatures to new records. mike saying there's even hotter weather on the way today. fire is a major concern as the bay area swelters. firefighters are ready for more of this today. good morning on this thursday, august 15th. also want to give a special shout-out to everyone going back to school today including healdsburg unified. >> harmony union, sevastopol union. welcome back to school. i'm sorry it's so hot. >> up in healdsburg, at least
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the temperatures there are in the 50s and low 60s. cooler conditions in the north bay valleys. we still have issues with our heat. i want to say, if you're looking around the bayshore line, wait a minute, temperatures here are going to be 95 or higher. why aren't we in this heat advisory. that's a good question. it's a question i'll pose to the national weather service because they're the ones that issue these heat advisories. you should be in one. everybody else until 8:00 this evening, you can see the red there until 10:00, solano and lake counties. 60s in san rafael. 50s to mid 60s by 7:00. look at that. 80s and 90s by noon. and 90s and 100s away from the coast by 1:00. 70 degree temperature according to my car when i left san rafael at 3:00 a.m. believe it or not. metering lights on at the bay bridge toll plaza stacking up past the overcrossings.
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give yourself extra time. if you can car pool, that's a great option. slow and go over the altamont. we have a stalled bus partially blocking the slow lane as you're leaving san francisco for south city. they're calling for a tow truck. you will find slow traffic until then. cal fire crews near brentwood are mopping up and monitoring hot spots after this vegetation fire flared up. it burned in the area of vasco and marsh creek roads. firefighters contained the flames. no homes were threatened. firefighters say a lack of wind limited the spread. abc 7 news reporter amy hollyfield is tracking the temperatures. she's live in walnut creek with how folks are coping. good morning, amy. >> reporter: good morning. it's rough dealing with this hot weather. it is leaving a mark here in the east bay. take a look.
5:32 am
first i want to take you over to pittsburg where the first day of school was canceled yesterday at highlands elementary school. they don't have air conditioning. the new yubts aunits are going haven't been completely installed yet. in danville, thousands of customers lost power. imagine not having air conditioning for all of those people. pg&e says this was heat-related. then there are those caring for four-legged friends who must be very uncomfortable in this heat. >> i have to give a shout-out so for letting me buy a cup of ice. otherwise this guy is out here panting. i feel sorry for all the animals in this heat. >> reporter: now imagine fighting a fire in this heat. it happened in concord yesterday. there was a house fire. it started in the kitchen. everyone was okay. no one was hurt. the battalion chief was very concerned about his crews,
5:33 am
keeping a close eye on them, making sure everyone was doing okay in this heat. here we go again, today is supposed to be even worse. it will be interesting to see the impact it has here in the east bay. live in walnut creek, amy hollyfield, abc 7 news. >> amy, thank you. in the south bay, vta is providing free rides to kwoolg centers. >> just indicate to the driver where you're heading when you bus a bus or light rail train. several bay area cities will have cooling centers open today. you can find the closest one to you on our website, six philadelphia police officers are home after being shot in a dramatic standoff. >> this is horrible to watch. we'll show you the video of the man surrendering with his hands up last night. he refused to come out for so many hours. he's identified as 34-year-old maurice hill. police say he does have an extensive criminal history. here is the dramatic helicopter video. you're watching a police officer running to safety and jumping into a patrol car after he was
5:34 am
shot. the patrol car then racing off. other officers were forced to dive behind cars as bullets ricochets off the ground. investigators san jose this all started when officers tried to serve a search warrant and were met with gunfire. those six wounded officers are okay this morning. we're learning gruesome details in jeffrey epstein's death. the accused sex trafficker suffered broken bones in his neck. he was found hanging in his jail cell on saturday. forensics experts say the people who hang themselves can break bones in their neck. jury deliberations stretch into a ninth day in the ghost ship trial. there may be signs a verdict could come as soon as this afternoon. yesterday the jury heard testimony read back by the court reporter. after hearing the two witnesses, the jury abruptly said they didn't need almena's testimony
5:35 am
re-read after all. >> it suggests to me they're poised to make a decision without consideration of my client's testimony which anguishes me. >> the jury reconvenes at 10:00 a.m. today. one juror requested being able to take their child to the first day of school. all eyes on wall street when the stock market reopens in about an hour following the worst day of the year for stocks. we were down about 800 points. this is all over recession fears. investors are concerned about a warning sign from the bond market. abc 7 reporter elizabeth hur in new york. >> investors may be nervous bracing for another turbulent day. president trump is tweeting we are winning and our economy is strong. this morning recession fears mounting on wall street and around the world following the worst day for stocks so far this year. the dow tanking 800 points.
5:36 am
the tumble due to a number of factors, including what's called an inverted yield curve which essentially happens when the yield, the interest rate the government pays to borrow money on the ten-year treasury is lower than the two-year, a move that rattled investors according to abc's chief business correspondent rebecca jarvis. >> think about it like this. what it's telling wall street is that a recession could be coming in the next six to 18 months. >> reporter: experts say investors are also nervous about the rising trade war with china. president trump has backed off his earlier threat to impose new tariffs on chinese goods. now in a series of tweets, the president insisting, unlike others, our economy is strong, adding china is not our problem. our problem is with the fed. >> so what does this mean if you have been saving for the long term. despite major losses, experts
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say your 401(k) should still be doing better than it was last year. elizabeth hur, abc news, new york. happening today in san francisco. governor gavin newsom will meet with teachers and public safety ve near work. >> the governor says he's mading housing affordability a top priority. governor newsom's meeting is at 10:30 on 43rd avenue at francis scott key elementary. warning signs pop up in an oakland neighborhood, but the city has nothing to do with them. the outside land's lost and found. our big story today is the weather and the heat. meteorologist mike nicco taking a look at the temperatures. we'll start with how much warmer it is this morning than yesterday morning. for most of us, it's about one to five degrees. so this is the warmest morning
5:38 am
for most of us this week. 71 still in san jose. santa teresa 70. los altos hills 75. everybody else in the mid to upper 60s until you get to morgan hill, 58 degrees. low to mid 60s around the bayshore. up to the north bay and napa, 50s in novato and sebastopol. only 50 at half moon bay. san mateo bridge, we're on the hayward side, 66 degrees right now. last clear day as the marine layer develops tonight. we'll have clouds gathering at the coast tomorrow morning. our first sign things will start changing tomorrow. ac early on the mass transit, make sure it's working well. in san francisco, mid 60s this morning to mid 80s this afternoon under total sunshine. east bay 66 this morning, 74 at 9:00, nearing the 90-degree mark at noon. look at those mid 90s for about three hours this afternoon. still 83 at 7:00, and for the
5:39 am
north bay, our biggest desert-like spread of temperatures from 58 this morning to the mid and upper 90s from noon all the way through 6:00. six hours of just beat-down heat in the north bay. >> thanks for that. >> i can't even look at you right now. i'm so sorry. >> i don't have air conditioning either. >> you want do come over? >> one of the ten days of the year that we actually need it in marin. >> usually ten days. those days seem to be getting more and more as we get hotter and hotter. >> and intense. out to the roads right now, not so intense. a couple of hot spots as always. let's go to san rafael where your flow is looking good from know votto all the way to the golden gate bridge. about a 21-minute drive. this is past north gate mall and headed towards north san pedro
5:40 am
road. looking good on the richmond-san rafael bridge side of things. so far no backup there. that will probably change. we'll check back in a few minutes. we have a problem spot leaving san francisco at southbound 101. first reports of a five-car accident with some on the shoulder, some in the center divide and some blocking the middle lane. that's the reason for slow and go. we have a stalled bus in the area as well blocking the slow lanes. just a couple of things to bother you as you head southbound on 101 towards san francisco airport. give yourself extra time. >> reporter: do you know the top three things you should be thinking about buying right now? i'm michael finney. this is a "7 on your side" quick fipp. it's still six weeks away from autumn. already the fall sales have started. how do you cash in? buy a bicycle number one. they're going from 25% to 50% off because stores want them off
5:41 am
the floor. next up, homes. homes go for sale generally in spring and summer. so now some owners are panicking. they've got to get the house sold. you can cash in. you can get up to 10% off by buying now. the exception to that is san francisco and some other locations in the bay area that are not affected by the time of year. finally, the best deals right now are on airline tickets. already there is massive sales going on. if you want to travel between now and the december holidays and then in january and february, you can get
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mt. diablo unified school district going back, first day of school. man, is it going to be a tough one, 68 at 7:00, 94 at noon and 104 at 3:00. same math as yesterday morning. 11 million californians under some type of heat advisory with triple digits through the central valley. 117 in palm springs. 77 in san diego, 84 in l.a. up in the mountains up around 106. now, for tahoe, 84 friday, but 80, a little milder by sunday. >> all right, mike. thank you. we've made a commitment to
5:45 am
building a better bay area. part of that is tracking safety. there's an anonymous effort to shed light on the muggings in north oakland. signs saying "warning, be alert," saying oakland police can't protect you. it has the number to mayor libby schaaf's office. these warning signs are >> there was one here, one on the next pole there. there's still some over there. most of the ones i see, i took them down already. it's not a good message. in a statement the oakland police department said it shares the neighborhood and community concern regarding an increase in street robberies and say they've taken several steps including increased patrols, security checks and report reviews in and near the neighborhood. we want to hear your ideas about building a better bay area. you can share them by joining our better bay area on facebook. some of your clearly partied
5:46 am
hard at outside lands. sunglasses, phones, car key, handbag, that's pretty normal. but why is a graphing calculator among the items in the lost and found. outside lands posted a list of unclaimed items online where owners can file a claim. we'll include a link on our website,, if you have to find the limit of -- what did we find the limit of? the limit of pi? cosign x? i have no idea. you'll never use that information. for all of you goingoo th rng, t of you will use that information. >> that's true. that's accurate. a kentucky teenager outsmarted her mom with a smart fridge. >> a twitter user named dorothy said her mom took away her electronics. where there's a will, there's a way. she turned to her family's lg smart refrigerator and sent this
5:47 am
post, i don't know if this is going to tweet. i am talking to my fridge. what the heck. my mom confiscated all my electronics again. there is speculation online this may be fake, but it's a great story if it's real. >> that's a picture of ariana grande. >> it is. she's a fan. >> i would be pretty mad if i were arianna. need a more flattering picture. >> absolutely, make it worth it. here is a look at our winds on the golden gate bridge, west-northwest 13. record heat again today. poor air quality possible, so another reason to stay inse toy vehicles if you can. health risk, it starts to taper tomorrow, but not for all of us. that doesn't come until the weekend when temperatures could be up to 25 degrees cooler by sunday. it's going to be because this
5:48 am
stagnant area of high pressure is going to be moving away. but for today, look at this. most of our neighborhoods calm this morning. look at how the heat builds through the south bay. look for the asterisk, 100 in san jose, 104 in gilroy. same thing for redwood city and mountain view. mid to upper 90s there. sfo, 93 would be a record high. mid 70s along the coast. 87 is the record high in downtown san francisco. you'll be so close at 85. 86 in sausalito. record highs in santa rosa and napa. 100 to 101. 98 is the record high in san rafael. low to mid 90s along the east bayshore. even when we reach 106 in concord and livermore, record highs today. temperatures near the 50s near the coast. that's a sign that things are changing. temperatures will drop about eight degrees near the coast and four degrees inland. back to average saturday. below average on sunday.
5:49 am
look at wednesday next week. looking at yourrive on the eastshore freeway through golden gate fields and past into emeryville, solid stream of headlights. here is what's waiting for you at the bay bridge toll plaza. 15-minute delay. metering lights have been turned on. you are stacked up there into slow and go over the altamont, fairly typical. we have this five-car accident south 101 just after sierra point, blocking middle lanes. past that there's a stalled bus blocking the slow lanes. give yourself plenty of time if you're heading to sfo. you might want to take 280 instead of 101 at this point. we'll check back in a couple minutes. >> sue, thank you. you find the limit of a function, reggie as it approaches zero. >> also cursive, we don't use. on the peninsula getting to school is getting easier this year thanks to sam trams.
5:50 am
it's giving out free rights for canada college, college of san mateo and skyline. they want to encourage people to take public transit. multiple bus routes serve each of those three colleges. at least three owners say their smart ovens have turned on overnight on their own. the ovens can be operated through an app. it's believe they turned on because of errors in how the ovens receive commands from connected devices. macy's is teaming up with google to power a new distribution center opening in ohio today. macy's says the google cloud platform will increase its efficiency and speed. it will start being used in macy's other distribution centers next year. new at 6:00, a new warning this morning about air pollution and just how bad it can be for your health. first, the u.s. women's soccer team's fight for equal pay. why it could end up with a jury trial. researchers create a robotic
5:51 am
tail and it could end up helping some specific people. >> it is certainly compelling video. coming up tonight on abc 7, you can watch the raiders take on the arizona cardinals in an nfl preseason game. coverage starts at 5:00. that follows abc 7 news at 4:00. after the game catch a special edition of abc 7 newsment then at 9:00 it's
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15 minutes could save you 15% or more. here is a look at the a's
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who return home to take on the astros. time to make up some ground. temperature at 7:07, 80 in the coliseum, down to 6 degrees by 10:07. let's talk more about the comfort on the way in breaking this dangerous heat cycle. it starts tomorrow. the 80s are gone. even the 70s are gone at the coast. we're still in the 90s to 100 inland. by saturday, temperatures are back to average. 60s along the coast and san francisco. 70s around the bay, a few 90s inland. look at this. this is the 25-degree temperature difference i was talking about. maybe even more. if it's 106 in livermore today and 74 by sunday, quick math. that's 32 degrees cooler. that is an amazing turnabout. it's going to feel great sunday. can't wait to get there. sue. good morning.
5:55 am
no delays past the north gate mall, civic center into central san rafael. looking great. a beautiful picture off the golden gate bridge on the san francisco side of things. smooth sailing across the bridge. no fog as mike has been say, at least not yet. a big problem spot this morning is on the peninsula leaving san francisco. south 101 after sierra point, five-car accident there. just past that, a stalled bus blocking the slow lane, even slowing in the northbound direction. give yourself extra time. >> thank you, sue. take a look at this. a sandstone cliff falling just 50 feet from a group of kayakers. a group of 18 kayakers was with a tour group from michigan. the cliff gave way as the photographer was overhead. experts say the bottom of the slope had been pounded by waves. gravity finally took over and it collapsed. somehow nobody got hurt.
5:56 am
a setback for the u.s. women's soccer team in their fight for equal pay. mediation talks with the u.s. soccer federation have broken down. that means a showdown in federal court is likely. the team filed a gender discrimination lawsuit before winning the world cup. the soccer federation issued a statement accusing the women of misleading information for months. they say they're undaunted in their fight for equal pay. japanese researchers have built a robotic tail. you'll never be the same after seeing this video. it's supposed to help people with balance and muscle disorders. >> apparently held the elderly as well. it's kind of crazy looking. this is it. the arc attaches at the waist with a harness. researchers say it acts like a pendulum, so when you bend one way the tail moves in the opposite direction. it mimics the sails of animals who use tails while running and climbing. rehouseke wny needd hp
5:57 am
to balann cing it's reall nightmarish.ish. >> yeah. you know what this could be used -- i thought a good use for this. you go to disney land and tigger's tail is moving independently. >> you can cover it with cloth or something so it doesn't look like -- >> i don't like the way it's bending over. i don't like the exercises, the orange tube. >> red flag, red flag. >> lots of red flags. next at 6:00, a new school year begins with a teacher's strike in one local district. the letter the parents sent to parents. >> reporter: a man believed to be homeless is back on the streets this morning after being released from jail. he was arrested for allegedly attacking a woman in front of her apartment building. i'm jobina fortson with more from the victim. plus, getting a loan may soon be easier for
5:58 am
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coming up on 6:00 a.m., what's expected to be the hottest day of the week. >> dangerous record-breaking heat is possible across many parts of the bay area as thousands of bay area kids are returning to their first day of class today. good morning and welcome to this hot thursday, august 15th. >> let's get right to abc 7 news meteorologist mike nicco. you've been tracking the sweltering temperatures all weekend. this is the apex. >> it really is, guys. what's happening is up in the north bay, the biggest spread in temperatures, from the 50s this morning to the 100s this afternoon. that's why we need to be especially careful there. if it were me, i would have the bayshore line in this heat advisory, also. i'm forecasting highs in the low to upper 90s depending which side of the bayshore you're on. to me, i think you should be in that. this is from the national
6:01 am
weather service. didn't put you in it technically. it's going to be hot today,


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