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tv   ABC7 News 600AM  ABC  August 15, 2019 6:00am-7:00am PDT

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coming up on 6:00 a.m., what's expected to be the hottest day of the week. >> dangerous record-breaking heat is possible across many parts of the bay area as thousands of bay area kids are returning to their first day of class today. good morning and welcome to this hot thursday, august 15th. >> let's get right to abc 7 news meteorologist mike nicco. you've been tracking the sweltering temperatures all weekend. this is the apex. >> it really is, guys. what's happening is up in the north bay, the biggest spread in temperatures, from the 50s this morning to the 100s this afternoon. that's why we need to be especially careful there. if it were me, i would have the bayshore line in this heat advisory, also. i'm forecasting highs in the low to upper 90s depending which side of the bayshore you're on. to me, i think you should be in that. this is from the national weather service. didn't put you in it technically. it's going to be hot today,
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record heat. san francisco's 85 is hot, but not in the 90s like anybody else. excessive heat warning for lake and solano counties. temperatures well over 100 again tomorrow, also. here is a look at your day planner, mid 50s to mid silkts as cool as it gets. mid 70s at the coast. mid 80s to mid nines at noon. low 90s to low 100s at 4:00. still conservative. still 80s and 90s at 7:00. maybe sue has some better news with the commute? >> i wish i did. well, certain spots are still fine this morning. but bay bridge toll plaza, metering lights were on at 5:34 this morning. you're stacked up into the macarthur maze. we have the accident leaving san francisco southbound 101. it's right there near the sierra parkway. it's blocking two lanes of traffic. five vehicles involved. look at northbound as you're slowing a little bit.
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six miles an hour as you're leaving san francisco towards candlestick causeway. give yourself extra time if you're heading over to sfo. you may want to take 680. it's going to be a few more minutes before they get this cleared at south 101. this video has shaken a lot of people in the bay area. showing a man attacking a woman as she's trying to get into her condo building in san francisco. this morning, that suspect in the video, back on the street. abc 7 reporter jobina fortson joining us from police department headquarters with how this happened. jobina. >> reporter: the assault victim in this case, paneez kosarian says she feels like a prison in her own home. police identified this man as james austin vincent. vincent who is believed to be homeless was arrested, charged with battery, false imprisonment and second degree robbery. he appeared in court on tuesday
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morning. the video of the attack that startled much of the bay area. you can see kosarian falling to the ground as she struggles with vincent. kosarian is finally able to crawl in. kosarian told abc 7 news that vincent told her during the attack that he was trying to save her from her security guard who was a robot. >> the judge has seen the video. she still thinks that this man is okay to be on the streets. >> reporter: the judge ordered vincent to enroll in a program with assertive case management which falls under the jurisdiction of the san francisco pretrial diversion project. also vincent is scheduled to be back in court on september 12th. all parties here are hoping he shows up. live from sfpd headquarters this morning, jobina fortson, abc 7 news. is homeless a medical condition? is housing a health care issue? governor of hawaii claims.
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>> hawaii has declared a state of emergency because of the homeless crisis there. it's been suggested california should do the same. abc 7 news was at a commonwealth club event in san francisco. sacramento mayor darrell steinberg is a co-chair of governor knew sonewsom's homele condition. >> as much good work as we're doing in california, as many people are being helped, the numbers are growing. until we commit as a matter of public policy to bringing people indoors first and then providing them the services they need and permanent housing, the problem is going to get worse. >> experts say for every one person housed, three more people will fall into homelessness. >> san francisco mayor london breed and oakland mayor libby schaaf withdrew from that commonwealth club event because of a keiser employee protest outside. >> ain't no power like the power of the people. >> apparently the mayors didn't want to be seen as crossing over
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the picket line. health care workers were at the commonwealth club to push for a renegotiation of their contract with keiser. union workers want higher wages and say they oppose kaiser's recent spending policies. 23 people were hurt when this plane made an emergency landing outside of moscow. officials say the plane hit a flock of birds and caused the engine to malfunction. the jet landed in a field nearby. there were more than 200 people on board. we're told at least one person suffered serious injuries. an autopsy will be performed on a man who apparently choked and died in a taco eating contest. it happened during the fresno grizzly's baseball game. dana hutchings. he was leading the competition when he suddenly stopped eating. paramedics tried to clear food out of his airways. he died less than 30 minutes later. the grizzlies have canceled the professional taco eating championship scheduled for tomorrow. tomorrow hundreds of people
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are expected to attend the funeral for margerie reykard's funeral. the funeral director says they are expected more than 1,000 people to show up. >> he shared that with me. i didn't think people really cared about me, about her, about anybody. he said i'm just overwhelmed with all the support, so overwhelmed with all of the well-wishers. >> the funeral home says it's taking care of all expenses. el paso's mayor and other officials are attending. the funeral director said strangers as far away as california say they're going to come. 16 teachers in the forestville union school district, a small district. they began striking on monday. they teach at the forestville school and acted me which serves kindergarten through sixth
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grade. the principal says they're prepared to hold classes, all classes covered with qualified administrators and substitute teachers. a possible change coming to san francisco's famed cliff house. why it could have new operators for the first time in 20 years. the new alert this morning about air pollution and how bad it is for our health. speaking of air pollution, san jose at 87. 69 degrees just south of the airport and east of the shark tank. air quality is good to moderate right now. it will be moderate to poor late it's on. get to the ross shoe event for even more brands at 20 to 60 percent off department store prices. yes! yep! oh, yeah! seriously, save on fall styles for women, men, boys and girls. at the ross shoe event. on now.
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you...and mom also gets aoss shoppiback-to-school bag? that's yes for less. ross has the brands you want for back to school. and it feels even better when you find them for less. at ross. yes for less. if you're waking up or heading to crissy field park presidio, you have some of the coolest temperatures, 58 this morning, of anywhere in the bay area. low to mid 60s for the rest of us in san francisco. down both bayshore lines and into the south bay, 70s around pittsburg and tracy. here is a look at the roof camera. flags not moving. the air is stagnant once again. do not take the dogs out walking after about 10:00 this morning. the ground is going to be way too hot, unless you can find some grass. air quality, we've got that, too. 57 degrees. that's the water temperature if
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you're heading to the bay or ocean. peninsula 63 this morning. near 90 at noon. mid to upper 90s for about four hours this afternoon. as far as the south bay goes, we go from 69 this morning to 90 at noon to upper 90s to 100 from noon all the way through 6:00. are you kidding me? no. the east bay valleys will be even worse. near 100 from 1:00 through 6:00 today. sue? >> take a look at our traffic maps. a couple of new problems. first let's go to 237 in sunnyvale. we have our first motorcycle accident of the morning. it's west 237 before matilda blocking a couple lanes of traffic. give yourself plenty of extra time. you may want to take the dumbarton instead. leaving san francisco, southbound 101 near sierra point parkway, five vehicles involved here blocking two lanes of traffic. just past that we have a stalled charter bus that's blocking the
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slow lanes. very slow leaving san francisco towards sfo. you may want to consider 280 at this hour. we'll check back on both of these in our next report. new at 6:00, a new warning about air pollution. >> long-term exposure to pollution is like smoking a pack of cigarettes a day. the study spanned ten years and looked at more than 7,000 adults in six cities across the u.s. researchers linked several pollutants found in air pollution including ozone and black carbon to the development of emphysema, a disease typically found in smokers. paying your rent or your cell phone bill on time could soon count when you're applying for a loan. if you're a fan of "friends," here is your chance
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♪ try my $4.99 barbeque bacon double cheeseburger combo. welcome back. it's 6:15. your voice, your vote. former congressman beto o'rourke will address veterans in his hometown of el paso. he's returning to the campaign trail after taking a break to support the victims of the mass shooting. campaign officials say in today's speech he will outline a path forward for the country's future. former colorado governor john hickenlooper is expected to drop out of the presidential race today. campaign sources confirmed his intentions to abc news. he's expected to make that announcement in a campaign video some time this morning.
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this comes as democrats encourage him to run for the senate against republican incumbent cory gardner. the national park service is looking for a new partner to lease historic restaurant complex at the cliff house in san francisco. the nps says its current lease was extended but will soon expire. that means the restaurants may get new names and newen menus. submissions have to be received by october 16th. they'll select someone by next summer. if you really love the iconic sitcom "friends," listen up. the company is offering to pay you $1,000 to watch 25 hours of the show. you'll also be required to live tweet throughout your experience. it's to commemorate the show's 25th anniversary this year. "friends" aired the first episode in 1994. frontier communications is offering the $1,000 prize along with some friends swag. >> my son does that almost every
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day. >> he watches "friends?" >> yeah. >> he should enter. >> i don't understand why these young people like "friends." what is it? >> they do and they don't. they're very critical of it because it's not as politically correct -- >> some of it hasn't held up well. >> right. they watch it, yet they're still going, i'm not sure i agree with that. not quite the same as when we watched it back then. >> i didn't watch it. >> they find it entertaining but also find it kind of -- let's talk about the forecast today. uh. in the east bay hills, 78 degrees. it is very warm in our hills and mountains this morning. all that is coming our way. let's talk about it. accuweather highlights, dangerous air and heat day two. cooler near the coast. and the extended, we've gotten to 25 degrees cooler by sunday.
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highs today, 96 to 104 down in the south bay. asterisk means record high temperature. 84 today in santa cruz. 93 in millbrae. 99 in redwood city, 96 in mountain view. you should be in the heat advisory even though technically you're not. temperatures in the mid 70s along the coast today. 87 is the record high in downtown san francisco. 85 today. so pretty close. 101 in santa rosa. record high in san rafael, our other reporting station, 90. darn close right there. 96 in hayward, all record high temperatures. 100 in orinda. keep heading into our interior neighborhoods, concord and livermore, 106 degrees. record tieing record. cloverdale, unified school district, a lot of school districts going back. very comfortable this morning. jacket weather, 60, by 93 by noon. 102 by 3:00.
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places like guerneville in the hills and mountains about five degrees cooler. still obnoxiously hot. the chill coming to the coast, there's the big temperature drop by sunday. let's jump ahead to wednesday. nearing 100 again. sue? problems on the road for your thursday morning commute. specifically to sunnyvale, west 237, motorcycle down blocking two lanes of traffic before mathilda. you're jammed back behind this accident. let's zoom out. you can see about halfway across 237 over towards 101 you start to slow. give yourself plenty of extra time. this accident that's been out there for a while. they've got some lanes flared off. it's south 101 near sierra point parkway with five vehicles involved, center lanes. once you get past that, a stalled bus in the right lane or slow lane. that's not causing too much o of a delay because everybody is backed up behind this accident at sierra park parkway.
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"good morning america" coming up at 7:00 on abc 7. >> rob marciano has a look at what's ahead. >> reporter: good morning reginald and natasha, great to be with you on this thursday. a lot coming up on gma. we're live on the scene of the deadly shootout in philadelphia, a seven-hour standoff. a gunman with an assault rifle battling with police officers. six of them injured. the moment the gunman finally surrend surrendered. we've fwot the latest from philly. also this morning, the country on edge with the growing recession fears. the stock market taking a big hit. we're live at the new york stock exchange with the latest and what it means for your wallet. also this morning, our exclusive with the parents of disney star cameron boyce speaking for the first time since his sudden death last month. their last conversation and how they plan to keep his legacy alive. we are taking gma on the road. this morning we're live in
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chicago. deals and steals with torrey plus a hometown hero that will have you soaring to new heights. on the shores of beautiful lake michigan. would love to be in the bay area, but this morning in chicago. join us, reginald and natasha, we'll see you a little bit. >> he's always surrounded by bugs on the trip. >> new accusations about the cleanup at hunter's point. why some say the navy isn't doing its job.
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the fan just wasn't cutting it. we went out and purchased a wall unit. in all seriousness, today is the day you'll really start to feel the heat. drink before you're thirsty. find ac as much as you can or shade outside. remember the lightweight clothing and look before you lock the back door and don't walk the pets in the middle of the day unless it's on grass. plastic contamination is a real problem around the world. now scientists say it is even raining plastic in the u.s. the u.s. department of interior
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recently studied rain in parts of colorado and found plastic in 90% of the samples. scientists say it's still not cl is coming from or the health effects of living with all this plastic. a health alert involving e-cigarettes. the minnesota department of health say vaping may be linked to cases of severe lung injury in young adults. patients experienced shortness of breath, fever, coughing, vomiting. in some cases the symptoms were so severe, patients were admitted to intensive care. similar injuries have been reported in wisconsin and illinois. reports of possibly another botched cleanup job at hunter's point naval shipyard in san francisco. a watch dog group tells the chronicle the u.s. navy is covering up radioactive soil with new dirt instead of removing the waste. it's been a year and a half since the navy admitted its contractor tetra tech falsified soil testing data to show the
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site was clean. it's delayed housing projects at the shipyard. lawmakers in washington are working on several bills to overhaul how we get loans. the "wall street journal" reporting they're focusing on alternative data for credit instead of relying on loan payment history, rent payments, cell phone bill payments and education could be considered. amazon planning to start giving away some of the unsold merchandise next month instead of throwing it away. the company is rolling out a program called fulfillment by amazon donations. until now third party sellers could choose whether to have unsold items returned or trashed. now they also have the option to donate the items. next at 6:30, how college students are getting free rides to school this year. economy on edge. the dow plunging more than 800 points. it could go lower when the markets open in 20 minutes. we're tracking the impact on your finances. >> reporter: are you ready for more heat? people in the east bay are telling us
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right now at 6:30, stock markets in turmoil after the biggest sell off of 2019. the dow plunging 800 points.
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very hot. i had to take this off. >> if you thought yesterday was hot, the temperature creeps even higher today. >> there's parts around brentwood and livermore very high, the highest category of heat illness risk. >> the dangerous conditions and another spare-the-air alert. mike is tracking when we could see some relief. >> i would not mind jumping into a pool. >> that looked good. >> that would be good times. good morning on this thursday, august 15th. welcome back to school for so many students. more than a dozen school districts in the north bay back today. >> a lot in sonoma where it will be well over 100 today. but in the 50s this morning. a huge spread of confusing temperatures. let's jump in and talk about -- some of you have been asking, why isn't the bayshore line in this heat advisory, well into
6:31 am
the mid to upper 90s yesterday. forecasting it again today. this comes from the national weather service. their forecasting temperatures maybe not quite as warm as i am. they've left you out. here is a look at what happens for the excessive heat warning. that continues for tomorrow for solano and lake county. this is as cool as it gets today. you can see the sun just about to crest. treasure island, 61 right now from the exploratorium camera at pier 15. mid 70s at the coast. we go from the mid 80s to low 90s. noon to 4:00 around the bay. more record highs today. sue? >> we are tracking a couple of problem spots this morning. let's go first back to sunnyvale. it is westbound 237, motorcycle down blocking some rains of traffic right by mathilda. you can see slow speeds across almost the entire stretch, at least half the stretch on 237. to make matters worse in the east bay direction, we have
6:32 am
reports of a le aot o slowing there. down to south san francisco where we've got the accident involving five vehicles, south 101 near sierra parkway. flares in the roadway. you are stacked up now almost towards 280. give yourself extra time. happening now, cal fire crews near brentwood are mopping up and monitoring hot spots after a vegetation fire. they bu firefighters contained the tt was the good news. triple digit temperatures makes it awfully hot to work fires or anything else in the bay hi the >> reporter: good
6:33 am
to the weatherer to day. they say this is too hot. yesterday left its mark. they're worried about what today is going to bring. people in danville area didn't have air conditioning. pg&e blamed the power outage on the weather. they said it was heat related. being outside, uncomfortable for anyone. imagine wearing a firefighter's suit and going into a burning home. that was the case in concord. the fire started in the kitchen of a home. no one was hurt. the battalion chief said he kept a very close eye on his crews. he was worried they were going to get too making sure they wer feeling all right. this is tough on people who have to work out in this heat. >> me personally, it's going to impact me pretty bad because i work outside. stay hydrated. that's the best i can say for people. >> reporter: how was yesterday? >> hot. it was hot. seems to just be getting worse
6:34 am
as the years go on. >> reporter: the heat has even forced the cancellation of school in pitszburg. highlands elementary school won't have classes today or the rest of this beak. that school doesn't have air conditioning. they're getting new units. they'll put off the first day of school until next week. today the best plan may be to head to the beach. it will feel like an oven in the east bay. live in walnut creek, amy hollyfield, abc 7 news. in the south bay, vta is providing free rides to cooling centers. >> riders have to tell the driver where they're going. several bay area cities will have cooling centers open today. you can find the closest one to you by going to our website, tracking this story from philadelphia where police officers are at home trying to recover after being shot in a draw malt tick standoff.
6:35 am
>> we'll start with new video of the man surrendering with his hands up last night after refusing to come out for several hours. he's been identified as 34-year-old maurice hill. poxtensive criminal history. now let's take a look at the dramatic helicopter video. you're seeing a wounded officer running to a squad car so he can get out of there and get medical attention. other officers were forced to dive behind cars. investigators say this all started when police officers tried to serve a search warrant and were met with gunfire. those six wounded officers miraculously doing all right this morning. learning gruesome details in jeffrey epstein's death. he suffered broken bones in his neck. he was found hanging in his jail cell saturday. forensics experts say people who hang themselves can break their necks. but broken bones are more common in victims of homicide by
6:36 am
strangulation. this morning jury deliberations stretch into a ninth day in the ghost ship trial. that may be signs that a verdict could come as early as this afternoon. yesterday the jury heard testimony read back by the court reporter. they requested hearing the testimony from two pro cues precn es to me that they're poised to make a decision without considering of my client's testimony which anguishes me. >> the jury reconvenes at 10:00 a.m. today. one juror requested being able to take their child to the first day of school. governor newsom will meet with teachers and professionals who struggle to live near work. $1.75 billion investment in new
6:37 am
housing and created incentives for cities to approve new home construction. governor newsom's meeting is at 10:30 at francis scott key elementary in the outer sunset. a shocking turn of events after cameras capture a man attacking a woman outside her condo complex. why the suspect is back on the street this morning. we're closely monitoring what is happening on wall street. as you can see, after yesterday's huge selloff, we are now up 33 points. what's causing the market turmoil next? outside lands lost and found. the surprising items people miss policed during the three-day event. first here is meteorologist mike nicco. >> welcome to the warmest morning this week except for in our inland east bay neighborhoods. i think even tomorrow could be warmer. temperatures up to three degrees. a higher start means a higher ending. mid to upper 60s until you get to pleasanton at 62.
6:38 am
78 in pittsburg. 71 in antioch. low to mid 60s from san francisco and valet hoe all the way down to mountain view. pacifica 56. in the north bay, upper 50s for you. we've got a little breeze at the golden gate bridge. notice absolutely no marine layer clouds. the clouds will start gathering at the coast tomorrow, signifying the beginning of the end of this heat wave. mass transit i hope they have the ac on already. here is a look at san francisco from 62 this morning, already nearing the 80s at noon. low to mid 80s throughout the afternoon hours, just shy of record warmth today. for the east bay, 65 at 7:00, by noon nearing 90. hanging out in the low to mid 90s through 4:00. 82 at 7:00. sue lives in the north bay. is it okay if i say that? >> yeah. >> she doesn't have air conditioning. >> right. >> i'm trying to feel very
6:39 am
sympathetic right now as we look at those temperatures. >> find some shade and get the fan blowing. >> don't work in the garden today. >> not today. >> you have a lovely garden. >> thank you. not today. wait until the sun goes down. >> getting busy on the roads this morning. let's head back to sunnyvale where chp issued a sig alert for this motorcycle accident. it's blocking the two left lanes of traffic, westbound 237 before mathilda, stacking up all the way across 237 as you make your way towards 101. you may want to take the dumbarton bridge if you can. southbound 101 near sierra point parkway, they have cones and flares out due to this five-vehicle accident still blocking lanes of traffic here. you can see it's stacking up towards 280. now we have reports of not one, maybe two separate accidents northbound 17 near clarkea gato.
6:40 am
certainly slow from kensington hills towards los gatos in the northbound direction give yourself plenty of extra time. if you take the golden get ferry, the 7:00 ferry is experiencing medical problems. it's going to be about ten minutes late. >> reporter: do you know the top three things you should be thinking about buying right now? i'm michael finney. this is a "7 on your side" quick tip. it's still six weeks away from autumn. already the fall sales have started. how do you cash in? buy a bicycle number one. they're going from 25% to 50% off because stores want them off the floor. next up, homes. homes go for sale generally in spring and summer. so now some owners are panicking. they've got to get the house sold. you can cash in. you can get up to 10% off by buying now. the exception to that is san francisco and some other locations in the bay area that are not affected by the time of year.
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talking about the kids, getting them ready for school.
6:44 am
mt. diablo unified school district, 69 this morning, mid 90s at noon. 103 this afternoon. seems like the entire northern part of sonoma county is going back to school today. this is some of our hottest temperatures. in the valley, 60 at 7:00, 93 at noon. 102 at 3:00. as you get towards guerneville and up in the hills, five to six degrees cooler but still talking upper nienlts. triple digits through the central valley. 78 in monterey. 117 in palm springs. 96 in yosemite to mid 80s in tahoe through tomorrow and saturday. you're watching those numbers. i'm watching these numbers. the markets opening after the dow plummeting more than 800 points yesterday. trading under way for about 15 minutes. it's a very confusing picture. we're seeing this number go up and down and back up again. now we're in positive territory.
6:45 am
abc reporter elizabeth hur explains. >> reporter: this morning recession fears mounting on wall street and around the world following the worst day for stocks so far this year. the dow tanking 800 points, the tumble due to a number of factors including what's called an inverted yield curve which happens when the -- >> what it's telling wall street is that a recess could be coming in the next six to 18 months. >> the last time this happened, back in 2007 right before the great recession. experts say investors are also nervous about the rising trade war with china. president trump has backed off his earlier threat to impose new tariffs on chinese goods. now in a series of tweets, the
6:46 am
president insisting, unlike others, our economy is strong. adding, of course china wants to make a deal and blaming the federal reserve chairman saying china is not our problem. our problem is with the fed. despite the major losses, experts say your 401(k) should still be doing better than it was last year. elizabeth hur, abc news, new york. showing you this shocking video that has shaken so many people in the bay area. you or watching as a man attacks a woman outside her san francisco condo building. now that man has been released from jail. >> abc 7 news reporter jobina fortson is live at police headquarters with why he's already back on the streets this morning. >> reporter: the victim in this case, paneez kosarian says with this man back on the street, it threatens not only her safety but the public as well. it comes in the middle of proposed discussions about a
6:47 am
proposed navigation center being built off the embarcadero. here is the photo of the man involved in this case. he's been identified by police as austin james vincent. vincent who is believed to be homeless was arrested and charged with battery, false imprisonment and second degree robbery. surveillance video shows him grabbing kosarian and pulling her away from the door and to the ground. kosarian was finally able to crawl inside her building. she and the person at the front desk held the door together to keep vincent out. >> i will not leave my house alone. a criminal was released. he's free. i'm not. i'm imprisoned in my own house. >> reporter: the judge ordered vincent to enroll in a program with assertive case management. vincent is scheduled to be back in court on september 12th for a pretrial hearing. everyone involved here hopes he shows up.
6:48 am
reporting live from sfpd headquarters, jobina fortson, abc 7 news. >> it boggles the mind. on the peninsula, getting to school is getting easier thanks to samtrance, giving out free bus passes for two weeks for students at canada college, college of san mateo and skyline college. samtrance wants to encourage more people in san mateo county to take public transit. multiple bus routes serve each of those three colleges. people clearly were partying hard at outside lands. >> more than 300 festival goers lost their id cards last week d weekend. the lost and found contained hundreds of items, phones, car keys, handbags, clothing, and this, a graphing calculator. outside lands posted a list of the unclaimed items online. we'll include a link on our website,
6:49 am
that's an expensive graphing calculator. >> i want to know the journey that person took that day. what was it? >> just came in summer school? >> maybe. >> i'm going to have my backpack, i'll just take it. >> see childish gambino and go back and set the limit of x. >> as it approaches zero. >> but they didn't. a tragedy. >> over 300 id cards? >> distracted, distracted. >> get it together, people. pay attention today though, especially to your body, the car thermometer, whatever tells you how hot it is where you are. the sun is up. this is it, folks. this is as cool as it gets today. it's 63 degrees right now as we look from the exploratorium at pier 15. welcome today two of dangerous air and heat. now, tonight we're going to get
6:50 am
some cooling near the coast. that's going to start the cooling trend. it will see us 25 to 30 degrees cooler by sunday with temperatures below average. tas ter r mid 90s to 104 in the south bay. san jose, 100. mid to upper 90s on the peninsula again today. all three reporting stations, all three setting records. here you go. at the coast we find the comfort. it is a spare-the-air day. take mass transit if you use gas powered engines. that's what puts the pollution out there. we're making records in voes, napa as we reach triple digits. mid to upper 90s for most of the east bay. 90 at richmond. record high 92 at berkeley. triple digits all over the place in the east bay valleys. just 30 minutes your car can warm nearly 35 degrees. in 40 minutes it can warm 40 to
6:51 am
tonight. notice 50s showing up in the north bay valleys, san francisco and half moon bay. that's the difference. that's going to take the heat away from the coast and san francisco tomorrow. the rest of us in the 80s, 90s and 100s. sunday, below average. look at wednesday. almost 100 again. a traffic alert in sunnyvale. west 237, motorcycle down, two lanes blocked here all the way across the entire 237 stretch from milpitas over towards sunnyvale. give yourself plenty of extra time as we back up there. also the better news is southbound 101 leaving sierra point parkway. lanes are cleared. it's recovered nicely. coming up next, the 7 things you need to know before you go. you can watch the raiders take on the arizona cardinals in
6:52 am
an nfl pre pre-season game right here on abc
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good morning. if you're just joining us at 6:55, here are the 7 things you need to know before you go. since i'm the first one, it's got to be the weather. dangerously hot once again.
6:55 am
poor air quality. whatever you experienced yesterday, expect it today, maybe even a degree or two hotter! number two, these numbers are going up, and it's a bit surprising. the stock market up 76 points. we're watching it closely after the dow dropped 800 points yesterday. number three, this man taken into custody after a terrifying incident in san francisco is back on the street this morning. surveillance video shows the woman trying to get through the front door of her condo building when she was attacked by that man. thankfully she's okay. number four, six philadelphia police officers are home recovering after being shot in this terrible confrontation. a long standoff, 34-year-old mauer region hill surrendered. day nine of the ghost ship deliberations will take place today. the defense believes a verdict could be announced as early as this afternoon. yesterday jurors were reread testimony from two prosecution
6:56 am
witnesses but said they didn't need to hear the defendant, derick almena. number six, two separate sig alerts. this in sunnyvale involving a motorcycle. this is west 237 near three accidents in the santa cruz mountains, northbound 17 involving a motorcycle. two overturns. two sig alerts. number seven, japanese researchers want to eventually put this on people, a robotic tail that will help you balance better. it acts like a pendulum, meaning when a person tilts their body one way, the tail moves in a direction. similar to how animals balance themselves. >> does it need to look so scary though? >> not for me. >> evolution did this for us. now we're trying to force it back? wh
6:57 am
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we begin this thursday with breaking new developments. a seven-hour standoff between police and a gunman now finally over. dramatic shootout. >> give me s.w.a.t. asap. long guns asap. i got officers shot. >> a gunman with an assault rifle opening fire on police officers, injuring six, taking two hostage. the neighborhood on lockdown. the moment the gunman finally surrenders. also this morning, the economy on edge. the rare indicator, the warning sign on wall street that has predicted recessions before. what's happened now that sent wall street sliding. the dow facing its biggest drop of the year. is a recession coming? we're live on wall street with the latest. breaking n d


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