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tv   ABC7 News 1100PM  ABC  August 16, 2019 11:00pm-11:35pm PDT

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>> the her reaction now
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the homeless man who attacked a welcome outside her home now has to wear an average monitor. is that enough? we're asking the mayor. >> i'm luz pena at sfo where hundreds of international travelers had to wait for hours to go through customs. >> i'm in san jose. it's a bit warm out, but there is a storm here at the silicon valley comic-con. she and 70,000 others are expected over the weekend. abc7 news starts right now. >> now news to build a better bay area from abc7. >> a mistake was made that allowed someone who unfortunately is clearly a danger to the public to be released. >> there is growing fallout tonight over a judge's decision to release the suspect in a violent attack in san francisco.
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today, the judge in the case ruled the suspect must wear an ankle monitor. >> news reporter liz kreutz caught up with san francisco mayor breed who says that's not enough. >> reporter: this video has been widely shared but dayslarity the story is getting messier. today we learned the judge hadn't even seen the video. we asked the mayor about this. she was critical about the judge and says mistakes have been made. >> regardless of who made the mistake, a mistake was made that allowed someone who unfortunately is clearly a danger to the public to be released. >> reporter: this is mayor london breed reacting to a bombshell revelation that the judge who ordered a homeless man released hadn't seen this dramatic surveillance video of the attack. >> when i saw the video today, i was frankly alarmed. >> in the video you see same
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austin vincent attacking paneez cosaran. judge christine van aken says the first time she saw the video was on tv while she was out at dinner because of what i saw on the video, i do have additional concerns now. >> the judge has since ordered him to wear an ankle monitor but because of mental illness remain free at temporary housing for those in the criminal justice system. still there's concern. >> it doesn't make it better he went on without anything for a day and a half. like this decision should have been the decision she made and as a judge, you don't get a second chance. this was her second chance to make it better. >> do you think wearing aan monitor is enough tore this man? >> i don't think so. i think this is someone who needs help. we're t he was released without going to get him the help he needs to not do what he did
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again, that's what i'm concerned about. >> we should point out both the judge and d.a.'s office says videos are not usually viewed during arraignments. where is he now? all we're told is he is in a program under supervision. they would not say where or with whom. >> thank you. tonight, we are finally getting some relief from the heat. here is a live look at the golden gate bridge where the fog rolled in. abc7 news meteorologist sandhya patel joins us live with a look at the weekend ahead. >> car, the fog is being opened with open arms. the breeze is back and the combination of the two dropped our temperatures today anywhere from 5 degrees inland to about 15 degrees around the bay. it was still hot inland but not like yesterday. 101 livermore, 104 vaccaville, 72 san francisco, 95 santa rosa, kent field, san jose. good news is all the heat
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advisories and warnings have been dropped. look at live doppler 7. the coast is socked in and we are seeing the fog. a let you how much more the temperatures will drop with the combination of the fog and the breeze coming up. ama. >> a good combo. don't forget you can download the abc 6 news app to get alerts about weather where you live. you can allow push alert pores weather and news updates sent directly. >> happening right now, a b.a.r.t. track construction project is getting under way. >> the work between the orinda and walnut creek stations could lead to delays this weekend. there will be no train service between the orinda and walnut creek stations saturday and and sunday. >> for drivers two lanes of eastbo4eahegh mondayorni fotruction replaeqpm it is decades old dating back to
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the start of service for b.a.r.t. in the 1972. >> this is going to be the first of what will be six upcoming weekends through october in which a full shut down will be in effect. on other weekends trains may single track through the work zone. >> the board of directors says it's on track to bring train service for the first time since december 31st if the transportation valley authority work out operational issues. vta is building the extension to the berryessa station and handing over control to b.a.r.t. in the next few months. we devoted a week to covering b.a.r.t. you can see all of those reports on our website,, building a better b.a.r.t. pa of better bay area. >> improvements coming to treasure island. the working will cause temporary power expect the outtages 2w450e7b:00
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and 5:00 saturday morning. and midnight to the 1:00 a.m. sunday. the port of oakland is doing work near a transmission cable that needs to be dee energized. >> new details about a customs computer outage that impacted airports nationwide including the bay area. thousands of travelers had to wait in long lines to be processed. news reporter luz pena is live at san francisco international airport with the latest on the frustration. luz? >> reporter: dan and ama, the system out and has been fixed. it is business as usual. many family members are now having to wait for long periods of time for those people come internationally. but this was not the case several hours ago. i spoke to a family traveling for more than 11 hours and landed at sfo and told to wait some more. >> the international arrivals hall is at capacity. >> this was a complete and major airports across the nation. >> the biggest line i've seen.
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>> longer than i've ever seen it anywhere. ridiculously long. >> international travelers landing at jfk, l.a.x., o'hare and others were welcomed with the news a systemwide computer outage. the gordon family had just landed after an 11 who your flight. >> there was a bunch of flights getting off at the same time. so it was down. >> faced with this, the u.s. customs and border protection agency resorted to alternative procedures. in other words, they had no other option but to process these travelers manually. according to sf o's on duty manager, the outage lasted more than four hours approximately 20 different airlines were affected. around 30 flights landed during the system backup. travelers were coming in from sing more, paris, amsterdam and others. family members and travel agents at the international terminal also waited. >> 11:00 in the morning, 11:30,
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we had to wait for them almost five hours. >> cbp announced it will continue to monitor the situation and said there is no inciartedy indication the disruption was malicious at this time. this is not the first computer system out and. in 2017, a similar incident took place. the cbp is investigating the incident. >> the valet haute police department released video of an officer involved shooting it's in the process of investigating. that story and more in tonight's headlines. >> drop it right now. >> police were responding to a call for a man trespassing edward gonzales was armed with an knife. >> drop it right now. drop it right now the. >> he only drops the knife after he shot, he was treated and survived. he's facing charges including assault with a deadly weapon on a police officer. >> victims of the tub fire that tore through santa rosa will get their day in court. a judge decided their cases
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against pg&e can go to trial. >> school back in session, safe driving is more important than ever. >> we asked john knox from the san franciscom ta to help us out with a realtime driving test and measured out a 30-foot braking distance, increased our speed to 30, not a safe speed for any school crosswalk. >> stop. >> whoa. >> i thought i could stop in time. >> people don't understand is the difference between 20 and 30 miles an hour is big and that you're twice as likely to kill somebody. >> also making headlines tonight on, hundreds of strangers attended the funeral for one of the victims of the mass shooting in el paso. people lined up inside and outside a chapel to hug antonio basco. his wife margie was an employee of the walmart store where 22 people were killed august 3rd. he says they very no other
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family so he asked the funeral director to invite the public to the services. >> even though we didn't know w el pasoian so we're family. >> the funeral director who is footing the bill says 420 flower arrangements were sent from around the world including japp japan. one won flew from los angeles to be there. the public is also invited to tomorrow's burial. >> a shocking surprise fur a man walking to his car. >> see the moment he was nearly struck by lightning. >> i'm amanda del castillo in san jose for comic-con. 70,000 characters are expected over the weekend including as you see catwoman. more of a dog person. that story up next. >> first here's a look what's coming up right after abc news at 11:00. >> jimmy. >> i'd love to you see this. >> i'm the bomb ticking me off. say anything to get a response. >> they're aware of her talent
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in the east bay, thousands of dollars have been raised to help artists to lost all their supplies in this recent warehouse fire in oakland. as many as ten local businesses were destroyed when the fire burned a large portion of the community art space moxie. dustin fighter whose company builds custom play structures lost nearly $100,000 worth of tools and materials. >> it was my tool collection. everything from stationary woodworking tools, metal working tools, power tools, and a collection i've been putting together since 2006 when i started the company. >> so far nearly $18,000 has
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been donated to help his business and several art centers around the area have offered short term place for the artists. >> in the south bay, if you see storm troopers or aliens on the streets of san jose don't be an alarmed, it's day one of comic-con. amanda del kiss teeio rubbed shoulders with pretty cool characters. >> reporter: whoa is right, the world's most recognizable heros and comic book characters are here for the fourth annual silicon valley comic-con. >> we're not nerds. we're creative types. we have an outlet. we want to come and express our gratitude for what we grew up with. matthew o'connor could have fooled us. behind the costumes are regular people with a passion for pop culture. >> you know you want to go as something and you start working on it four or five months ahead of time and hopefully it comes together. >> reporter: for others it's incredible the impact they can
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have. >> women hugging me telling me how much they hated me, green makeup all over the house. >> reporter: alexander felipe says he's fundamentally a fan. >> i'm a geek. i totally identify with this. it's like being around my people. >> reporter: the downtown event doesn't discount the science in science fiction offering an opportunity for people to connect with real life nasa researchers. >> we can talk about the real science and engineering we do and reality that to things they're excited about. >> reporter: a comic book convention at its core. there's something special about silicon valley. >> the technology that you get and the science that you get coupled with the pop culture that you get is a recipe that doesn't exist anywhere else. >> reporter: in the next few days, 07,000 people okay, 70,000 characters are expected here the an comic-con. in san jose, amanda del castillo, abc7 news. >> those costumes are something else. >> a south carolina man says he
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is super thankful after nearly being hit by lightning during a storm on thursday. >> the encounter was caught on security cameras. romulus mcneil walking through a school campus in conway when lightning strikes nearby. >> he drops his umbrella, jumps and runs away. he was not hurt. he was trying to get home and get a bite to eat. close call. >> lucky. >> well, finally we are getting some relief. >> sandhya patel has the weekend forecast. >> we're going to continue to see the cooling trend that started today. i want to show you a time lapse from our east bay hills camera. the marine layer has been ramping up as the day has gone on. you can see it rolling in. it is now 1800 feet deep. it went from nothing to 1800 feet deep. live doppler 7 showing you where the fog is sitting near the coast. it was around the monterey bay and we saw the southerly surge with that fog creeping up along the coastline.
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visibility right now dropped to four miles in half moon bay. if you have early morning plans something to keep an eye on might be mist and drizzle. temperatures, it's much better than nights past. 50s to 70s. hopefully you'll sleep better because the numbers heading in the right direction. down 12 degrees in san jose and fairfield. i want to show you what's ahead as we head into the weekend. we have the fog layer continuing to expand as we go into the weekend during the overnight hours. much cooler weather this weekend and heat returns inland next week for those of you who like the hot weather. it's not going to be a repeat of what we experienced the last couple days. live look from our exploratorium camera. the fog socked in san francisco. 11:30 tonight, as we head into tomorrow 8:00 a.m., the fog expands a little bit more over the east bay shoreline and then the afternoon and evening, it will hang around near the coastline. temperatures tomorrow morning
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anywhere from the mid 50s to the mid 60s so it is a cooler start although places like morgan hilo 50s. hopefully you'll sleep well tonight. tomorrow afternoon, it will be a lot more comfortable than it has been. 84 in south bay. 86 gilroy. cooler than today even on the peninsula, 78 in palo alto, 65 pacifica. fog lingers in daly city. 62 degrees. 6 in downtown san francisco. north bay temperatures 80 in san rafael, 85 santa rosa, 83 vallejo. nice breeze in the east bay, 69 in berkeley, 674 oakland. inland and you're out of the triple digits even the 90s are in the low 90s range. it's called warm as opposed to hot. 91 in antioch, 86 pleasanton. noticeably cooler tomorrow. below average for your sunday only. mid 80s. we'll turn it around next week. heat returns but only inland. wednesday, thursday and friday.
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one avid pokemon player was caught trying to catch them all on the side of the freeway. washington state troopers tweeted this photo. you see a sergeant approach the car stopped on the shoulder. this is what was next to the driver. eight phones playing poke eamon go. he's got it rigged up in styrofoam. he wasn't cited because the sergeant didn't see the him driving. he was told to put the phones in the seat. >> it could have been 12. >> i like his dedication.
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rock casino. >> good evening. after combining for ten home runs last night, runs were really hard to come by tonight. a's and astros copying their series in oakland. artwork at the park. and artistry on the mound. justin verlander hasn't lost to the a's since 2013. 11 strikeouts in seven innings. the no decision. mark canha solo in the fifth.
11:29 pm
his 18th. my house. 1-0 a's. houston would score twice in the sixth. marcus semien his 20th. 2-2, they go to extras, to the 13th. robbie grossman with a base hit, a two-out knock score and corbin joseph is, drive home safely, a's win in walk off fashion, 3-2 is your final in 13. giants and diamondbacks meet inflatable bruce bochy? he's jacked. seventh inning. mikia tremski makes it 6-2. 15 on the season. giants were up7-2 in e eighth. what could go wrong? three home in other words the inning. escobar, flores both off tony watson and adam jones a three-run bomb. we're suddenly tied at seven. tenth inning it, kevin pillar, aloha. his second. a two-run shot. it's 9-7. what could go wrong? will smith gives can up two
11:30 pm
homers. flores. now it's 9-9. they play on. top 11. yastrzemski, whatever he's eat ig want some. his third of the game. 12 homers total in this contest. and the giants survive a crazy game. 10-9. nfl niners in denver getting ready for monday night preseason action here on abc7. conducting joint practices the niner offense being tested by denver's d led by defensive coordinator nick fangio, the broncos head coach these days. >> it makes it hard on us. it's good to go against that every day.ra yourself against t and get used to it and everything seems easier after that. >> team usa versus spain. tuning up for the upcoming world championships. jaylen brown will nine points. with authority. anyway, jayson tatum with 11. also strong to the rack. kemba walker with 11 points and
11:31 pm
eight assists. he's going to hit the fadeaway jumper right here. after crossing over in the lane. soft touch. team usa wins 90-81. let's hug. abc7 sports sponsored by river rock casino. it's friday. >> tender moment. >> it's nice. on the court. the a's and giants games both absolutely insane and the home -- well, the bay area teams win in extras in both situations. awesome night of baseball. >> let's hug. >> we'll hug it out. still nervous about buying uh-oh, la new house.meone's is it that obvious? yes it is. you know, maybe you'd worry less if you got geico to help with
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that's our report. we appreciate your time. i'm dan ashley. >> i'm ama daetz.
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thanks for being here. right now on "jimmy kimmel >> dicky: from hollywood -- it's "jimmy kimmel live!" tonight -- senator kamala harris. comedian lenny clarke. and music from offset featuring cardi b. and now, for the time being, jimmy kimmel! [cheers and applause] ♪ >> jimmy: hi, i'm jimmy. i'm the host of the show. thank you for watching. thank you for coming. thank you for joining us. i don't know if you know, this is the biggest week of the year for nerds in southern california. as of tonight, just down the interstate, about 120 miles which would take you, i don't know, maybe nine hours from here, down the 405, comic-con is under way, the 50th annual comic-con. hard to believe this has been going on for 50 years. you know, some of the original


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