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tv   ABC7 News 600PM  ABC  August 17, 2019 6:00pm-6:30pm PDT

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lanes on highway 24 have been shut down as well. drivers are feeling those effects. >> yes, they are. while there's no train service between orinda and walnut creek, it is part of an effort to build a better bay area by improving b.a.r.t service. >> there are shuttle buses running to replace the trains, so riders should expect delays up to 40 minutes. >> "abc 7 news" reporter cornell barnard joins us live from the orinda b.a.r.t station with a look at how people are dealing with all of this. cornell. >> reporter: yes, eric, dion, buses have been rolling all day here in orinda between this station and walnut creek because lafayette station, b.a.r.t station, is closed. riders have been getting where they need to go for the most part, but drivers hitting the brakes, impacted by b.a.r.t's major construction project. >> i said we almost didn't even go to san francisco because it was going to be such a long time to get here, yeah. >> kind of a hassle today or what? >> yes. >> reporter: jane from antioch thought about staying home today but ended up taking b.a.r.t.
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>> san francisco to your right. thank you. >> reporter: b.a.r.t workers were telling riders the way, uses to trains. bus bridges are running this weekend between the walnut creek and/or independe creek and orinda station because of this work happening on the tracks near the lafayette station. >> we are replacing 5,000 feet of rail with this project, 3,000 rock ballast and more is going on. >> reporter: platform tiles are being replaced in lafayette. b.a.r.t put out the word to tell riders to expect about a 40-minute delay but some folks never got the message. >> what is your plan here? >> to text my boss, tell him i'm probably going to be late. >> reporter: drivers are also feeling the pain. two left lanes of east bay bound highway 24 are closed to make room for the giant 200-ton construction crane. it created this traffic headache, stretching more than three miles. caltrans has this advice. >> it would help a lot if people
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could avoid highway 24 going eastbound. right now the way traffic is moving in the region, highway 4 is a good option for motorists. >> reporter: later in the day, caltrans opened an additional lane on 24 to give traffic some relief. some riders avoided the bus bridge all together and drove to the orinda b.a.r.t station, but parking spaces were vanishing fast. >> it is completely full almost. >> reporter: jerry mayo from walnut creek planned ahead. >> we knew about the bus bridge and all of that. we are picking up friends who were out of town. they know to come this way. >> reporter: back live with the shot of riders heading to san francisco. b.a.r.t says work is on schedule this weekend. this phase should be done in time for the monday morning commute. the total track replacement project will be done in october. expect more delays labor day weekend. live in orinda, cornell barnard, "abc 7 news." >> thank you very much, cornell. he mentioned the impact on highway 24, and this is a live look at traffic in the area on
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our map. speeds are now down to 8 miles per hour on eastbound 24, just to the east of orinda and going up to oneida ranch road. it is slow again from looked like the ranch all the way up towards mount diablo boulevard. keep it in mind heading eastbound on 24 today. here is another change for commuters, especially those who ride b.a.r.t. starting on monday, paper tickets will no longer be available for sale at the embarcadero station in san francisco. it is part of a program b.a.r.t is using to transition riders to clipper cards. more stations will phase out the tickets next month. b.a.r.t says paper cards eliminate paper waste and make it easier to pay for parking and shorter lines at fare gates. a san francisco neighborhood group will hold a rally in support of a woman attacked in front of her south beach apartment complex. the incident was caught on
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camera. yesterday judge christine van aken ordered the suspect to wear an ankle monitor, only after she saw the video of the attack which wasn't initially presented in court. mayor london breed was critical with what happened when we spoke to her friday evening. >> the fact is it wasn't just about the video. it was about the recommendation. it was about the whole process. regardless of who made the mistake, a mistake was made that allowed someone who unfortunately is clearly a danger to the public to be released. >> tomorrow's rally by the embarcadero starts at 10:00 a.m. in front of the water mark building on beil street. the group is against a new proposed center for the homeless in their neighborhood. turning to the weather now, relief has arrived. those triple digits temperatures we have been experiencing? >> yes, you were out there in the thick of it but, drew, the relief is not lasting forever? >> yes, it is here temporarily, but what a relief it is. finally, widespread cooling. look at the 24-hour temperature
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change, inland especially. livermore, 20 degrees cooler right now compared to yesterday this time. 16, concord. 11 degrees cooler in novato. it is a nice evening out there on our saturday. 70 in oakland. 76, san jose. 63 in the city, and concord checking in at 76 degrees. we have changes coming our way. look at the temperature trend over the next five days. we start out nice over the weekend and we will find warmer weather returning next week. we will let you know how hot we get with the next round of heat and how long it will last in the accuweather forecast in a few minutes. >> appreciate the update, drew. thanks. new developments now. one of the 86 people killed in ai68oldjuth seifer of paradise identified today, but the butte county sheriff's office says keep in mind the following numbers. the total number of named deaths in the campfire is now up to 81. three others are informally identified but have not been officially named and two of the
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victims are unknown. just last week the fire claimed another life when a burn survivor died from health complications. it was a very important first day of school in paradise. the city, ravaged by a deadly wildfire as we mentioned, students streamed into paradise ridge elementary school this week. the town was destroyed by a raging fire, and many residents still live miles away in temporary housing. families though say they're intent on rebuilding the city and want their kids to go to local schools here. >> we were born and raised here in paradise, and we are committed to building paradise back up. we are going to rebuild our home and this is where we want to live. >> the paradise unified school district says this year's student body from kindergarten to 12th grade is at 1,700. many campuses destroyed by fire welcomed students at new sites this year. developing news now. a person of interest in a case involving suspicious devices left in a new york subway station is now in police --
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zachary kiesch with what we know and how police tracked him down. >> reporter: the person of interest in the case of rice cookers abandoned in a new york city subway station is in custody. sources say police found 26-year-old larry griffin early saturday morning in the bronx after responding to a 911 call about a possible drug overdose. cellphone video appears to show grich gri griffin in a wheelchair as he was transported to a hospital. during a friday morning rush hour a subway passenger noticed two suspicious items and alerted police. a third device then found in another area of new york city. the bomb squad responding to both locations, determining the items were rice cookers. >> i don't know what the deliberate act is, whether it was to create fear and alarm on the part of the public or whether he was discarding items he was no longer interested in. >> reporter: police then releasing this surveillance image of griffin friday
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afternoon, sources telling abc news griffin had been in contact with his family, reportedly telling them he found three rice cookers outside of a restaurant. the logan county sheriff's office in west virginia assisting in the investigation, releasing a statement saying in part that grichen had beffin ha arrested in logan county at least three times over the last eight years and an active warrant was out for his arrest for failing to report for drug screens as part of his pretile bond supervision. in 2016 a pressure cooker outfitted with explosives injured nearly three dozen people in the chelsea area of new york city, that attacker was later caught and convicted. zachary kiesch, abc news, new york. you already know this, but the bay area has some of the highest rents in the country, but could relief be on the way for renters? signs the market is cooling off. and at first sight you might think this bald eagle is injured, but this actually is a
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real battle going on in nature. why the raptor was trying to catch his dinner. are you looking for a little weekend entertainment? we will take you to a celebration o
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well, the east bay's red hot housing market may be cooling off. home values -- let's see here. home values went down in san jose and san francisco according to a report put out today by
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zillow. san jose's drop was 10.5% compared to july of last year. the average price comes in a little over $1.1 million. san francisco slipped by 1.1%, average price $938,000. in the meantime the bay area's red hot housing market may be cooling off. home values went down in san jose and san francisco. that's according to a report put out by the website zillow. now, san jose's drop, that was 10.5% compared to july of last year. the average price comes in a little over $1.1 million. san francisco slipped by 1.1%. san francisco slipped by 1.1%. its average >>ech giant google now owns 56 separate downtown san jose properties after buying out its real estate partner. according to "the mercury news" sale price $191 million.
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all of the properties near the train station. google has been swallowing up properties in the area in its quest to build its vision of a mixed use transit-oriented community. well, a great weekend to get out and enjoy everything the region has to offer. we'll take you into the heart of one of san francisco's most popular neighborhoods for a unique and colorful celebration. and meteorologist drew tuma is up next with the accuweather forecast. do you notice a difference from the past couple of days? yes, the fog is back. coming up in sports, postseason push continues for the giants and a's. why the green and cold have their sights set on more than a
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well, the smell of fresh food and the sound of live music filled the air in san francisco's mission district. ♪ >> several streets were shut down for the annual noise pop 20th street block party. besides music and food there were pop-up art galleries and live demonstration. 826 valencia gave people an opportunity to write about what
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they love most about the division. >> a nice day to do whatever you want to do. >> a nice day to eat and cooler out there which makes it better. >> starting out the weekend, guys, with comfortable temperatures compared to what we were dealing with last week, the intense heat. it is out of here, and tonight we are in store for nice sleeping weather overnight. live doppler 7 along with satellite showing the fog bumped up along the coastline, and it will become widespread overnight tonight. sutro tower right now, it is a foggy look as the cloud cover begins to descend over the city and the marine layer will grow overnight tonight. we could have coastal drizzle. a look at accuweather highlights, what to expect over the next couple of days. starting tonight with the widespread fog, coastal drizzle likely before dawn. temperatures for the second half of the weekend remain comfortable. they remain in check, a little bit below average for this time of the year. by late next week, that heat will come back, especially wednesday and thursday.
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we are talking temperatures surging above average once again for this time of the year. right now though it is a nice evening to be out and about later on. 79, novato. 62 in the city as the fog moves in. 66 in san mateo. livermore checking in with a comfortable temperature of 73 degrees. so overnight tonight we will track the marine layer. it is growing. coastal drizzles. numbers overnight tonight will settle in the mid and upper 50s for starting temperatures tomorrow morning. so let's track the fog for you. first thing sunday morning we'll stop the clock shortly after midnight tonight, and you can see the cloud cover is pretty widespread across the region, just an indication of the cool weather pattern that we are currently under. first thing in the morning as sun gets up here at 7:00 in the morning, we could have a little bit of coastal drizzle but that's about it in terms of any wet weather. that cloud cover will break down throughout the morning and it will pull back to the coast, but, again, the coast will stay stuck in thes. t the greatest beach day along the coastline tomorrow. a high on sunday, 67 in the city. it is breezy again tomorrow.
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72, oakland. 82 and sunny in san jose. breezy and cooler in half moon bay at 61 degrees. 76, the high in santa rosa. 79, concord and antioch up to 83 degrees. let's show you the heat that will start to arrive midweek. if you look ingland again, we are in the mid to upper 90s. in the city, around the 70s on the bay shoreline. even warmer on thursday as we advance the clock into thursday afternoon, there you go again. we are seeing triple digit heat in the hottest spots, and even around the bay shoreline 80s to low 90s. but it looks like the next heat spell will not be long lived. it looks like friday, cooler weather will start to move in. here is the accuweather seven-day forecast to show you what is going on. it is cool for august on your sunday. we will have coastal drizzle first thing in the morning on monday. then we will begin to turn warmer on tuesday, low 90s make a comeback, and the fog will take a break midweek around here. that means everybody warms up from the coast to the bay and
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inland. there's the hot day on thursday as triple digit heat returns, and then the fog returns by next weekend and temperatures start to moderate, back to the 80s and 90s. >> now sports from "abc 7 news". well, the a's most likely path to the postseason is a wild card berth, but the division lead astros should be on notice. five more head-to-head games after today and there's an outside chance the green and gold could challenge, guess what, important the al west actually. they will win the series today if they win the game. bases loaded. robbie grossman. rbiing is will. next batter, chapman. walk this way. reached base five times today. tied at 2-2. next batter. matt olson ripping one, finding space in right center. 3-2, green and cold. mark cana caps off a five-run inning with a rbi knock. 5-2, oakland. brantley to the right side. corbin joseph, a great play at
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second. a's are now 6 1/2 games back of the astros. >> baseball is one of the things where if you try harder it doesn't always work. i would kind of chalk it up to, you know, us just being confident and play wing and playing our game. regardless if we are playing the astros or whoever we are playing, trying to do what we do and, you know, just trust ourselves and believe in the work we put in. >> one through nine is a grind. so, i mean, again, it is so much was on the offense today because they allowed me to not really worry about one run, which, i mean, it is everything to this line-up. if you can put some runs up on this line-up, it makes facing them a heck of a lot easier. >> shaeds des of the swinging a. logan webb making his major league debut. has a fan club but would give up two runs in the first inning. to third. evan long or jacksonviloria and. giants get it back in a hurry. thats what belted, grand slam,
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14th of the year. at last check, 5-2 giants in the third. raiders put their passports to use when they head north of the border to take on the packers in winnipeg on thursday. antonio brown looked good in warm-ups before thursday's preseason game in arizona. derek carr and jon gruden said a.b. is looking good. coach gruden celebrating his birthday today. when you see him miked up on hard knocks, it is not always him. >> it is like every time i swear it makes the show. i just love football. i really have a lot of passion for this and i get -- i get way carried away sometimes. >> obviously on the offense less mistakes. i'm not getting yesterday at as much so it is more fun for me. funny for me to sit back and watch it on tv and he says he needs to stop cussing and those kind of things. good luck, man. >> you'll see the niners here on abc 7 monday night. they travel to denver to take on
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the broncos. san francisco kept the cowboys out of the end zone in their preseason opener. richard sherman and coach shanahan are liking that. >> it is light years ahead of last year. i think it is just, you know, young guys being veterans this year. i think a lot of guys playing a lot of downs last year gave them the experience and confidence they needed to take the next steps. that's why you see the twos and threes ahead of where they were last year. >> i like the team and love how the players are playing aggressive and things like that. if you want to be not just a high defense, you want to be one of the best, you have to be very detailed in what you do also. >> oh! >> hey, did you see this? this mom showing she can play football like her son, finishing at mom's night at washington high in peoria, illinois. no shoes, no problem. she just took it to her son, number 35, and maybe the raiders and niners are looking for someone. look no further than illinois for your next linebacker
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prospect. >> i'm sorry. who out there is surprised that mom can knock the kid? >> be careful who you bring home, right? the son should be very concerned over friends, over dates. >> yes. >> mom is watching. >> watch out. >> just be glad that head slaps and cut blocks are no longer allowed. thank you, chris. >> you got it. >> just ahead -- >> a live fish. >> camera, a bald eagle trying to snag a fish. s to causing a lack of sharpness, or even trouble with recall. thankfully, the breakthrough in prevagen helps your brain
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and actually improves memory. the secret is an ingredient originally discovered... in jellyfish. in clinical trials, prevagen has been shown to improve short-term memory. prevagen. healthier brain. better life.
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tonight on "abc 7 news" at 11:00, thabs in another san francisco neighborhood are worried about a plan for homeless navigation center. why bay view residents say they have a reason to think a center won't keep people off the streets. plus, part of the east bay now has only one recycling center. today people were lining up around the block to get rebates. the center's reaction to this tonight at 11:00. all right. this is one of those encounters with nature a minnesota couple will never forget. >> they thought they spotted an injured bald eagle while voting on the st. croix river near minneapolis but then the raptor was hanging on to a large fish not going down without a fight, and it wasn't just any fish the predator snagged. >> it is a musky. it is a musky. >> good job, buddy.
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>> it is a live musky. >> they're strong fish. the thing was ten pounds or more. >> very impressive. now, eventually the bald eagle won and dragged its catch ashore. the fish tried to escape one nor time. the eagle though was not having it. the boaters came back an hour later to find the bird dining on its lunch. >> yeah. hope the eagle took a picture, but that way nobody will argue with it when he says, it was this big, i dragged it out of the water. >> we have the video. it happened. >> that's right. that's it for "abc 7 news" at family is all togetherect... and we switched to geico; saved money on our boat insurance. how could it get any better than this? dad, i just caught a goldfish!
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