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tv   ABC7 News 1100PM  ABC  August 17, 2019 11:00pm-12:00am PDT

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to go. is navigation center the answer to san francisco's homeless
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i'm lou this center to cash in recyclables. >> fog returning to keep us cool in the weekend. how long? accuweather forecast. >> lisa amin gulezian in san francisco, talk of another . abc7 news starts now. >> news to build a better bay area from abc7. >> more reaction from city leaders to this video of woman attacked. judge allowing the suspect to be
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on the streets. eric thomas. >> dion lim. focused on the stories because one of the top concerns in effort to build a better bay area is public safety. neighborhood group in san francisco will hold a rally tomorrow to support that woman. >> yesterday judge christine van aiken ordered suspect to wear ankle bracelet, only after seeing video of the attack not initially played in cord. mayor london breed. >> fact he was released without a plan to get him help he needs not to do what he did again, that's what i'm concerned about. >> supervisor matt haney weighed it, it is unacceptable for people with severe mental illness to be released without treatment and monitoring.
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safe embarcadero starts beale street, against navigation center for homeless in their neighborhood. >> there's a proposal to build one in bay view. met with opposition from business owners in the area. lisa amin gulezian joins us to explain. >> the property is industrial, surrounded by warehouses and supply companies, also a lot of homeless already in the area. >> because of the homeless problem, we're not going to do business in this area of san francisco. >> according business spe spearheading the campaign, homeless are bad for his bottom line. >> we've all had experience with crimes of all natures, arson, theft, drugabuse, prostitution, it runs rampant when the
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encampments are in a place. >> right now set up nearby, bayshore boulevard. they're sure same will happen at proposed site as well. >> give them $5, they ask for $10. >> signed petition. >> pee in front of you, we're a small business and police said not hurting anybody, cannot help. that's why i don't think this is good idea. >> mayor london breed told the examiner tlt we need more shelters in neighborhoods like bayview where there aren't currently enough resources to serve people who need them. one of them. >> i would benefit from the homeless center, opening a homeless center, i'm all for it. >> many at california auto glass don't mind the site across the
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street. >> streets are cleaner, lot more homeless people have bed to sleep in and roof. >> will be a community meeting monday to talk about the proposed site. lisa amin gulezian, abc7 news. >> thank you very much. hundreds rallied at san francisco city hall, urging congress to prevent gun violence. moms for gun sense gathered in response to the shootings in dayton, el paso and gilroy. called on the senate to pass a red flag bill. demanded background checks on all gun sales. water m ssalay. near sonoma boulevard, capped the leak around 7:00 tonight. customers who see discoloration should flush the line until it
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runs clear and can call the city water department. work on b.a.r.t. is delaying trains and backing up highway 94. >> no service between orinda and walnut creek. and lanes on the highway have been shut down. may be a headache for many it is part of effort to build a better bay area by improving b.a.r.t. >> shuttle busses are replacing the trains, expect delays up to 40 minutes. kshd has cornell barnard has a look. >> almost didn't go to san francisco because long time to get here. >> hassle today? >> yeah. >> thought about staying home, ended up taking b.a.r.t. >> turn right. thank riders the way, busses to trains. bus bridges running between walnut creek and orinda b.a.r.t.
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stations because of the construction work on the tracks near lafayette. >> replacing nearly 3 million pounds of rock ballast and whole lot more is going on. >> reporter: platform tiles getting replaced in lafayette. b.a.r.t. telling riders to expect about 40-minute delay. some folkser in g never got the message. what's your plan? >> text my boss, tell him i'll be late. >> reporter: drivers in pain, two left lanes in eastbound 94 are closed to make room for the construction train. created this traffic headache m miles. cal trans has had advice. >> would help for people to avoid highway eastbound, right now highway 4 is good for motorists. >> later in the day, cal trans opened additional lane to give
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traffic relief. some avoided the bus bridge and drove to the station, but parking spaces going fast. >> completely full almost. >> reporter: she planned ahead. >> know about the bus bridge, picking up friends who were out of town, know to come this way. >> reporter: work on schedule and should be done by monday morning commute. total track replacement not until october, expect more delays come labor day weekend. sustainability is also something we're focused on. tonight update to story about biggest chain of recycling centers closing locations. pressure on other centers. >> union center, more than 300 people waited to cash in
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recyclables but management here is worried they'll have to close as well. lou louise pena. >> last car allowed to cash in recyclables. barely made it. >> grateful to take the recycling in, get money for it. >> reporter: nancy with recyclables in back of her bike. >> two other places shut down. >> reporter: 12 days ago, biggest chain, replanet, closed nearly 300 centers statewide, including san francisco, alameda and san jose. smaller recycling centers are having to pick up slack and process new customers. >> we'll get about 320 customers. normally that's about 100 more than normally would get. >> reporter: more than 6,000 pounds of plastic were collected at this center today. question is where to sell it to
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make a profit. largest operation have been in business 30 years and concerned that trade war with china is going to put them out of business. >> all the ports in china have been closed to us. having to go as far as india, singapore, indonesia, vietnam, those countries are inundated with material and can't take any more. >> reporter: council members say they saw it coming and tried to help them stay open. >> asking for about $800,000 in compensation and we couldn't allow it, so only provided $403,000 i think. abc7 news. >> we do have resources to help you recycle and compost, head to
11:11 pm for the list. still ahead, students in paradise, going back to school a homecoming and new beginning. families explained what it means to them nearly a year after the camp fire. meteorologist drew tuma, it was a comfortable start to the weekend but we have a return of the heat from last week. numbers in accuweather forecast coming up. emotional reunion today in the east bay. parents thank the
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♪ now that's a win-win. switch to geico. it's a win-win. this week students in
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paradise return to school nearly one year after their town was f. >> tom gel nis has the story.
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>> reporter: first day of school, yearly ritual for parents with backpacks and some anxiety. looking like many others across the country. but elementary school, it's homecoming and new beginning. kids of paradise, california, town destroyed by raging fires last year, homes and lives going up in flames. >> grabbed animals, food and clothes, getting heck out of here. >> reporter: many residents still live miles away in makeshift housing but some are determined to return to paradise, starts with bringing kids to school here. >> our town, want to move back and support it any which way we can. >> reporter: more than 400 students now attending this elementary school. mom knows this is only place
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wants her kids to be. >> born and raised in paradise and committed to building it back up, build our home. where we want to live. >> reporter: children and parents back to school, hand in hand, starting over together. bay area rescue teams are searching for missing hiker. marin and contra costa county workers are assisting. went on a solo hike saturday, last heard from six days ago. experienced hiker expected to return home wednesday. search resumed today. east bay family members met men and women who cared for their children as infants. nurses and caregivers many families spend quality time
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with infants after birth but when there are complications, babies' first months are spent at hospital. make sure people are healthy and happy. >> made friends and family out of the doctors and nurses here. here eight or nine weeks and most incredible experience i've ever had inside a hospital. >> 1 in 8 babies born in united states is premature and require longer hospital stay. it's been hot last couple of days but got a break today. >> but not much going forward. drew tuma with more. >> relief from the heat, finally inland cities 20 degrees cooler compared to yesterday. tomorrow is shaping up to be nice as well. heat is coming back. live doppler 7 with satellite, showing fog footprint along the
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coastline. but exploratorium camera, saturday night, bright moon, clear skies facing east. that will be changing overnight. accuweather highlights, next couple of days, near term tonight, fog along the coast is going to spill in and around the bay shoreline, even first thing in the morning before the sun gets up, could have coastal drizzle as well. marine layer will keep the temperatures in check, comfortable sunday to end the weekend. then turns hot, triple digits in warmest spots. right now in 50s and 60s. 55 in novato. it's cool. scho 62 in san jose and brentwood, 64 degrees. overnight we'll track the cloud
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cover around the region. likely to have coastal drizzle again. on the cool side, nice sleeping weather next 12 hours. time out the cloud cover. sunday, 7:00 in the morning, notice widespread cloud cover. will break down quickly tomorrow around the bay shoreline, pull back to the coastline for afternoon sunshine. if plan was to head to the coast for the beach perhaps, not too sunny. temperatures in the upper 50s to lower 60s along the coastline with cloud cover. highs on the sunday, below average this time of year, 67 and breezy in san francisco. see morning cloud cover. 82 and sunny in san jose tomorrow. 76 in santa rosa, 79 in concord, antioch up to 84. fast forward to midweek, tuesday the numbers rise. especially away from the coast.
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hottest up to upper 90s. bay shoreline, 70s and 80s, warm in a lot of cities. even hotter on thursday. thursday hottest spots returning to 100 degrees, even beating that. even around the bay shoreline, 80s and 90s. good news, next heat spell not as long and cooler air on friday. accuweather seven-day forecast, cool tomorrow, coastal drizzle monday, warmer wednesday, warm up, thursday it's hot across the board, then eases friday and saturday in a lot of spots. nnetheless start out cool and finish on a warm note. >> cool. >> relatively speaking, exactly. >> relatively speaking, i feel so much better. >> sure. still ahead on abc7 news at 11:00, a great weekend to enjoy heart of one of
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smell of fresh food and sound of live music filled the air in san francisco's mission district today. ♪ >> several streets were shut down for the annual noise pop 20th street block party. pop-up art galleries and live demonstrations, an opportunity to write about what they love about the mission. offered classes on how to make flower gelatins. >> always makes me hungry this time of night. >> knew you were going to say that. >> no, i think about more things -- >> i'm hungry for sports right now. >> i will fill up your plate. a's have dreams of more than just wild card and giants break
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oakland a's most likely path to postseason berth is through the wild card. division leading astros, on notice, five more head-to-head games looming, and chance to challenge for the division. for the series would win today with a win. robby grossman, up the middle, rbi. matt chapman, that's a walk. another run. reaches bases five times today. next batter, matt olson, finds green grass in right center.
11:29 pm
3-2 oakland. mark canha caps off five reason inning with two rbi knock. blake treinen on the hill, going your way this day, off matt olson but look at corban joseph, what a play at second, a's win 8-4, 6 1/2 games back of the 'stros. >> baseball, one of those things if you try harder, doesn't always work. chalk it up to us being confident and playing well right now, our game, regardless of playing the astros or whoever, trying to do what we do and trust ourselves and believe in the work we put in. >> one through nine is a grind, so much was on the offense today. they allowed me to not worry about one run which is everything to this lineup. if you can put some runs up on this lineup, makes facing them a heck of a lot easier. >> green unis giants/d-backs, lg
11:30 pm
debut, already a fan club. brandon belt, grand slam, 4-2 giants. belt to the plate again, not as far. jam job, but that's going to fall, knocks home kevin pillar. 5 for 5 pillar in the game. giants 6-2, in the first all about webb, five innings, earned run, seven strikeouts. 4 1/2 back in the second wild card. >> just fun to be out there. i was excited. first couple of pitches a little nervous, once i got first strike it was fun afterorea earthquake sporting kc. perfect, 1-0 earthquakes. now scores the equalizer, 1-1. we go to the 76th minute, well
11:31 pm
played matchup, free kick off the bounce and graham smith is the game winner, heartbreaker, 2-1. abc7 sports report sponsored about river rock casino. tough night for san jose but 9ers playing. >> football is good. >> so prolific. >> thank you. tune in monday to watch the 49ers take on the denver broncos in nfl preseason game, 5:00 p.m. you guys are surprised? i'm a professional, i knew football was coming. more on abc7 news, showdown in portland, president trump weighing in on right-wing rally that led to more than a dozen people in
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good evening. thanks for joining us, eric thomas. >> dion lim. in tonight's headlines, neighborhood group in san francisco is holding rally tomorrow to support a woman attacked outside her condo. man who attacked her was arrested but later released. judge since ordered him to wear ankle monitor. rally by group save embarcadero near beale street. water main break causes a mess in vallejo, ruptured near sonoma boulevard. work on b.a.r.t. in east bay
11:36 pm
is delaying trains and backing up traffic on highway 24 this weekend. no service between orinda and walnut creek, affecting lafayette as well. lanes also shut down for construction equipment. dlo dloi delays up to 40 minutes. police arrested people at right-wing group rally and counterprotesters today. police separated the right-wingg group and antifa trump tweeted should call antifa terrorists. >> we love our country. that's okay. >> portland police confiscated bear spray, shields and metal and wooden poles.
11:37 pm
>> 63 people dead and 182 others injured after suicide bomber detonated explosives at wedding in afghanistan, witnesses say it happened near the stage where children were gathered. taliban and local affiliate of the islamic state are carried out attacks in city but taliban condemned attack, denying involvement. protesters for 11th straight week of rallies in hong kong. >> solidarity protests took place worldwide, including in san francisco. >> reporter: tonight, tensions mounting in hong kong, streets of this global financial center, dangerous game of cat and mouse between police and protesters, showing no sign of breaking down. protesters surrounded a police
11:38 pm
station earlier, riot police out ince >> clayton sandal is on the scene. >> police running towards the protesters, charging forward, headed for the crowds. >> reporter: no serious clashes but a growing fear where this all goes. and just outside the city, chinese paramilitary troops by the thousands in this stadium. tanks ready and drills conducted on the hong kong border, a thinly veiled threat. semiautonomous chinese territory is bracing for what could be biggest demonstration yet in few hours time. protesting and against china. >> we are not chinese. >> reporter: taking to the streets earlier. >> not scared? >> i'm scared of course. but i think this is worth it to find our democracy and freedom. >> reporter: chinese leaders warning they have power to quell
11:39 pm
unrest. 11 weeks of clashes with protesters successfully delaying extradition bill with china. coming to altercation in one of the world's busiest airports, tonight fears it will only get worse. new york city police department says they've arrested person of interest suspected of causing panic abandoning rice cookers in a busy subway station. taken into custody after officers responded to drug overdose call in the bronx. him in wheelchair, being interviewed. not sure what the motivation was. >> i don't know what the deliberate act is, whether it was to create fear and alarm on the part of the public or whether he was discarding items he was no longer interested in. >> abc news has learned that
11:40 pm
griffin has a criminal record. family member told media he's a good person, known to pick up random objects and leave them in different spots. about to see attempted robbery go wrong in santa monica. man runs into the store. smashes a display case with a sledgehammer. owner pushes him out of the store. second masked suspect hits him with another sledgehammer. police say the pair jumped into getaway car. store manager says they didn't take anything. >> there was guide outside in the tesla who is a customer of ours, saw them running up the street. followed their car on the phone with the police entire time. >> all three were arrested. fourth suspect who police say missed the getaway car also caught. three of them under the age of 18, store owner not seriously hurt. thousands of pounds of
11:41 pm
illegal marijuana found in in in jalapeno shipment. truck crossing near otay mesa, despite legalized in 2016, sale of illegal, unregulated marijuana is still rampant in california. also 10,000 pounds of cannabis found on tuesday. number of cases of mysterious lung illness linked to vaping and ecigarette use may be up to 120 nationwide. reported so far in 14 states. some people in intensive care, on ventilators. 31 cases confirmed as of friday, dozens more under investigation. doctors say unclear if will fully recover. symptoms include difficulty breathing, shortness of breath and chest pain. under investigation in
11:42 pm
california. still ahead. >> a cruise ship passenger in wheelchair accidentally falls off dock into the water. ca
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there is video of a terrifying rescue when a carnival cruise ship passenger in wheelchair accidentally fell off the dock into the water. in st. thomas in the virgin islands, two men, stilt dancer and deejay, residents working for tourism department, jumped into the water to save the girl. brought up to the dock unharmed, given new wheelchair to use for rest of the cruise. popular serving nearly 40 years is closing near end of the month, prolific oven
11:46 pm
bakery in palo alto say it's cost of doing business and staff shortage. last day in santa clara is saturday, sunnyvale and palo alto, 31st. if you see folks on the streets don't be alarmed. >> silicon valley comicicicici e rubbed shoulders with cool characters. >> whoa. >> reporter: whoa is right, mos jose for the silicon valley comic con. >> we're note ve an outlet to express grateful for what we grew up with. >> reporter: behind the
11:47 pm
elaborate customs, regular people with passion for pop culture. >> you want to go, start working ahead of time, hopefully comes together. >> reporter: incredible impact they can make without being made up. >> coming here, they're crying and hugging me, mothers telling me how much they hated me because children broke tvs, green makeup all over the house. >> reporter: says fundamentally a fan. >> i'm a geek, i identify, it's being around my people. >> reporter: doesn't discount the science in science fiction, opportunity to connect with nasa researchers. >> can come and talk about the science and engineering we do and relate it to things they're excited about. >> reporter: organizers say there is something special about silicon valley. >> technology and science coupled with the pop culture you get is recipe that doesn't exist
11:48 pm
anywhere else. >> in smjz, amanda del castillo. >> interviewing alien, where is his mouth? >> i want that job are last year. >> at least we know now. >> that's right. weather? >> comfortable start, tomorrow temperatures below average for time of year. tonight the cloud cover moving in, coastal drizzle, mid to upper 50s, highs, south bay, low 80s. 82 in san jose. 73 redwood city. 79 mountain view. cooler in daly city. north bay,petaluma, 76. 72 in oakland, 79 in fremont. inland, comfortable, no intense heat. 78 for walnut creek and san ramon, 83 high in brentwood,
11:49 pm
accuweather seven-day forecast. warmer on tuesday with the fog, break midweek, turns heat up. thursday we'll exceed 100 in hottest spots, then cool off relatively speaking next weekend. >> what did you say you encountered seniors playing pickle ball in heat this week? >> high noon in walnut creek this thursday. bravest folks i've ever seen. >> no thank you. >> i was dying in the heat but they looked graeat. sports. >> 9ers, abc7. why is derek carr
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sleep number 360 smart sale of the year on the can it help keep us asleep? yes, it senses your movements and automatically adjusts to keep you both comfortable. save 50% on the sleep number 360 limited edition smart bed. plus 0% interest for 24 months on all beds. only for a limited time. the raiders are going to put passports to use, head north of the border to take on the packers in winnipeg this coming
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thursday. antonio brown yet to take the field but looked good in warm-ups and head coach jon gruden said he looked good in walk mic'd up on "hard knocks." >> i just love football, have a lot of passion and get way carried away sometimes. >> less mistakes, not getting yelled at as much, fun for me. sit back and watch him on tv, saying he needs to stop cussing, all that, good luck man. o the broncos in denver. held them to nine points in preseason opener. richard sherman and company like what they see. >> light years ahead of last
11:54 pm
year. young guys being veterans. guys playing downs last year gave them experience and confidence to take next step. twos and threes are way ahead of last year. >> like the team and players, how they're playing aggressive. things like that. want to be not just high defense but the best, you need to be detailed also. fights in anaheim. ufc 241, daniel cormier in rematch, he fights out of san jose, beat him with first round knockout last dominant in the first, two of the best in this division but wh tko, he's the new champion. aaron boone, brett gardner,
11:55 pm
got getting along with umpires. boone ejected by arguing. gardner is banging bat on the roof. you're out of there. yankees are hot, 16-19. fedexcup playoffs. brandt snedeker. 14th hole, par 3. saves with a fantastic chip shot. par 3 17th, tee shot in the bunker, no problem, chips it out, rolls in for another bird, tied for 12 under, nine back of justin thomas running away with it, 10 under par. second on 16, holes it for eagle. racing in bristol, bass pro shop's nra night race.
11:56 pm
d.j. clips denny hamlin, two laps down but thankfully nascar's shortest track, hamlin hangs on, fourth win of the season after winless last year. >> come on. >> oh! >> mom is tough, playing football like her son, finishes mom's night in illinois, proving you don't mess with mom. mt. kilimanjaro is now sharks' territory, parents of our sports producer scott, reached the summit of the mountain. 19,341 feet high. bring that sharks' territory sign. climbed to sharks territory in africa. dion, you came from there. >> did you climb anything?
11:57 pm
>> i went to tanzania, didn't bring swag with me. >> got to fly back. this is what you have to do now. >> i will bring a life-sized eric thomas face with me. >> please don't. nobody wants to see that. >> i want one. >> my goodness. okay. we'll take our break next time she goes. >> quite a break. >> tell the sharks organization. >> but we can't, this show is over. we'll see you l
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