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tv   ABC7 News 600AM  ABC  August 18, 2019 6:00am-6:58am PDT

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news to build a better bay area. this is abc 7 mornings. >> good morning. it is sunday, august 18th. we're starting with a quick hook at the weather. >> good morning to you. we do have some low clouds and fog. it is being kept out of the bay, though. a clear start in some areas. here is live doppler 7 where you can see all of the gray out there. it is 63 in oakland. clear sky by the golden gate bridge. 61 in santa rosa. two to four degrees cooler inland right now. and that trend continues throughout the day as we look at wall nnut creek. that sun coming up in another 27 minutes. by the afternoon we're partly cloudy. full sunshine ahead except at
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the coast. upper 70s inland. notice the absence of 80s and just 60s at the coast. today the coolest day of the next seven. we'll talk about the heat returning inland in a few minutes. >> today a group in san francisco is holding a rally to support a woman attacked outside of her condo complex. the judge allowed the suspect to be out on the street. we have been focussing on this story because one of the public concerns is public safety. on friday the judge ordered the suspect to wear an ankle monitor. that's only after she saw video of the attack, which wasn't initially presented in court. the mayor was we spoke with her friday evening. >> the fact he was released without a real plan about how he needs to not do what he did again, that's what i'm concerned about. >> supervisor matt heyny weighed
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in saying in a new statement it is unacceptable for people with severe mental illness to be released to our streets without effective treatment, services and monitoring. today's rally starts at 10:00 this morning. the group is against a new proposed navigation center for the homeless in their neighborhood. homeless navigation centers could also be coming to other parts of san francisco. there is a proposal to build one in the city's bay view district. the 200 bed facility is being met with serious opposition, though, especially from business owners in that area. lisa explains. >> because of the homeless problem, we are not going to do business in this area of san francisco. >> reporter: according to ray who is spearheading the inst the latest navigation center, the homeless are bad for his bottom line. >> we have all had experience with crimes of all natures, arson, theft, drug abuse, prostitution, just -- it just
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runs ramped. >> reporter: right nw a navigation center is set up nearby. outside are tents and rv. he and many others who signed a petition to stop the center are sure it will happen at the proposed sight as well. >> he signed leon's petition. >> they peeed in front of us right here. what can you do? we are a small business. and police said it's not help anybody. i cannot help. that's why i do not think it is a good idea. >> reporter: the mayor said we need more shelters like the bay view where there aren't currently enough resources to serve the people who need them. brandy gantz is one of them. >> i would really benefit from the homeless center, you know, from them opening a homeless center, so i'm all for it. auto glass don't mind the sight being right across the street.
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>> the streets are cleaner. a bed to sleep in and a roof. >> reporter: there will be a community meeting on monday to talk about a proposed sight. in the news room, abc 7 news. hundreds rallied on the steps of san francisco city hall, urging congress to act and prevent gun violence. yesterday the group moms demand action gathered in the response to shootings. members said enough is enough, calling on lawmakers to prevent gun control. >> it is heart-breaking. no young person deserves to lose their life, you know, at any age, especially out doing every day things. >> participants are calling for a senate red flag bill to keep some people from owning guns. they also demanded background checks on all gun sales. jury deliberations in the
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ghost ship trial resume tomorrow morning. this will be the tenth day of deliberations. on thursday jurors asked for a redback testimony from someone who lived at the ghost ship warehouse. she testified the need for fire sprinklers came up at house meetings but said she didn't have the $50,000 needed to get them installed. service restored after two main water breaks. a 14 inch cast iron main ruptured early yesterday morning. crews managed to cap that leak around 7:00 last night. then a second leak happened on fresno street. the city says customers who see discoloration in their water should flush the line until that water turns clear. call the city water department. bart delaying trains this weekend. there is no service which affects the lafayette station,
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too. to accom cstctn equipment, lanes on the highway have been shut down. this might be a headache for a lot of people, it is actually a part of an effort to build a better bay area by improving bart service. riders should expect delays up to 40 minutes. there are shuttle busses that run to replace those trains. a look at how that's all working out. >> i said we almost didn't even go to sawagoch a long time to get here, yeah. >> kind of a hassle today or what? >> yeah. >> jane from antioch thought about staying home, but ended up taking bart. bart workers were telling workers the way. from busses to trains. bus bridges are running this weekend because of all this construction work happening at the tracks near the lafayette station. >> we're replacing 5,000 feet of rail, three million pounds of
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rock ballast, and a whole lot more is going on. >> bart haput the word o t riders telling them to expect a 40 minute delay, but some folks never got the message. >> what's your plan here? >> text my boss. tell him i'm going to be late. >> but drivers are also feeling the pain. two left lanes of eastbound highway 24 are closed to make room for this giant 200 ton construction crane that created this traffic headache stretching for more than three miles. caltrans has this advice. >> it would help a lot if people could avoid highway 24. highway 4 is a good option for motorist. >> later in the day, caltrans opened an additional lane on 24. some riders avoided the bus altogether and drove to the bart station, but parking spaces were
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banishing fast. jerry mayo from walnut creek planned ahead. >> we knew about the bridge and all that.inup some friends who were out of town. they know to come this way. >> bart says work is on schedule and should be done on time for the monday morniplng cacemenwon done until october, so expect more delays come labor day weekend. in the south bay the rolling stones returned to the bay area today for the band's first concert here in six years. the concert was scheduled for may 18th was postponed because mick jagger underwent heart surgery. tickets sold for that original date will be honored and those that can't make it will get a refund. cal train is adding extra service after today's concert. it starts at 7:30, is expected to go on past the 10:00 p.m. sunday curfew. hopefully, the neighbors, nobody
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will mind. >> yeah. should be a great night. in fact, a little bit on the cool side. here is the east bay from walnut creek where you can see partly cloudy skies. didn't have any 90s yesterday. barely any 80s today. and then we'll go back in the other direction. i'll explain next. >> also coming up next, long lines to get rebated in the east bay now having only a single recycling center. and an emotional reunion in the east bay, parents thanking the people who helped
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this morning bay area rescue teams will be back out looking for a missing hiker. crews are assisting in the effort in the trinity daniel went on a solo hike eight days ago. he was last heard from last sunday. he is an experienced hiker expected to return home last sends. sustainability is also something we are focussed on to build a better bay ar is morning an update to a story we brought you last week about california's biggest recycling centers closing. in union city, more than 300 people waited to cash in their recycleables, but management said they are worried they will have to close soon as well. >> once the clock hit 4:30 p.m.,
6:13 am
this pollster marked the last car allowed to cash in their recycleables. >> i'm grateful to take in my recycling and get the money for it. >> two other places closed down. we used to go there off of industrial park way. >> closed nearly 300 centers statewide, including in san francisco, alameda and san jose. smaller recycling centers are having to pick up the slack. e'll 320st's abo 104mers that we normally would6,0s plas center. now their question is where to sell it to make a profit. california's largest nonprofit recycling operation that's been in business for 40 years and now
6:14 am
they're concerned that the trade war with china is going to put them out of business. >> now all of those ports in china have been closed to us, so we're having to go as far as india, singapore, indonesia, vietn vietnam. those countries are inundated with material and can't take any more. >> they're asking for about 800,0$800,000 in compensation, e dn allrovided $403,000, i think. >> abc 7 news. we have resources to help you recycle. go to for a complete rsoto men and women that cared for
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their infants. a graduation ceremony at this walnut creek medical center. many families spent quality time with their infants after they're born. but when there are complications, the baby's first few weeks or even months are spent at the hospital. yesterday families brought along their toddlers to the people who made sure they were healthy and happy. >> we made friends and family out of the nurses and the doctors. we were here for eight and nine weeks and it was the most incredible experience that i have ever had inside of a hospital. >> one in eight babies born in the united states is premature and require a longer hospital stay. it's great to see that. time check now to 6:15 and lisa is anding by with our forecast. >> good morning to you. interesting pattern this morning. fog all around the bay, but not quite inside it. waking up to some nice pictures this morning.
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you can see a bit of cloud cover here and not very much wind this morning. but we will get into a breeze this afternoon. it is 57 downtown, 63 in oakland. 61 san jose with upper 50s. from walnut creek, you can see the clouds trying to move in to parts of concord here. looking at numbers anywhere from the mid-50s. it's cool. upper 50s, 62 in concord and livermoore. look at the clear sky here. the wind is flat. look at the flag pole there. in wind at all. that southerly flow kept the clouds out of the bay, but we will see that on shore flow. we are expecting clouds to reform at the coast. continued cooling. a little change as we go through your monday. and then looking at numbers heating up inland throughout ends. thursday looks to be the hottest day of the week and holding on
6:17 am
to some of those 90s by the end of the week. here is a look at what should be the fog as we continue to see it move through the bay, parts of the bay. you can see inland but not around hayward, not at the golden gate. it is up towards napa. some clearing, mostly sunny throughout the inland east bay. but look at the push throughout the evening tonight. all the way through the delta against the sacramento valley here, the santa cruz mountains. then it retreats with that ridge of high pressure down to the south of us beginning to build back into the bay. that will allow for the heat to return. here is wednesday as we're barely in the 80s today. look at what happens. another 72 hours or so as we climb into the upper 90s. remember, this is wednesday into thursday even hotter. the pinks come into play, the triple digit heat allowing for fairfield, antioch and concord to be flirting with 100.
6:18 am
it doesn't look like this heat will make it into the bay, allowing for friday to be comfortable. we still have those 90s. today upper 70s. 79 in freemont. up in the north bay, a cooler day for you at 76. richmond just 68. in the city upper 60s partly cloudy skies tonight. low clouds, fog, even some drizzle. with that slow clearing, highs still in the 60s and 70s around the bay. but a few degrees of warming. by tuesday around average. download our app. it looks like that typical summer spread as we get into next weekend. so pretty nice out there today. although, some neighborhoods are actually kind of cool. i was in my down coat yesterday. >> were you?
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>> it was cold. >> all right. we'll heat up soon. abc is sharing inspiring stories in a weekly digital series called more in common. they were born to be together in the same remote hospital. now he flies the world's most dangerous air space. >> the best way to get around alaska, which doesn't have a whole lot of roads, is by plane. i feel like james bond about to take off from the water. you feel that power. >> they keep this whole area nice and groomed and smooth. every summer they come over for dinner all the time. we'd hang out and play. my wife just finally lowered her standards enough where after 24 years she finally decided to go out with me once and finally get together after all this time. it ended up working out for me and more. this is what i have always wanted to do and i'm doing it, so it's a dream job. >> just landed here in the
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what's coming up at 7:00 on good morning america. >> coming up here on gma, severe
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storms slamming parts of the country with heavy rain and rail. while hot and dry conditions increase the threat or wild fires out west. plus, a nine-year-old attacked by a shark in what some are calling the shark bite capital of the world. what she's saying about the attack days later. finally, one couple remembers how woodstock brought them together. and now 50 years later, how they finally uncovered an incredible momento of that weekend. registering your car should be a pretty simple thing. but a bay area man ran into a buzz saw for bureaucracy. it took him more than four months just to renew his registration, and he needed help from seven on your side. >> it all began with a simple trip across the golden gate bridge and grew into a quagmire of bureaucracy. it kept eric tangled up for
6:24 am
months. how did a bridge crossing turn into such a big problem? since there are no toll takers, fast track mailed eric an invice. but it went to his old address in santa clara and the post office didn't forward it, so eric forgot about it until he got his dmv renewal notice. >> to my surprise, there was an $81 penalty. >> that $7 bridge toll had grown to $81. >> i was kind of shocked so, i called fast track. >> eric wrote this long essay appealing the fine. fast track didn't respond. >> and i asked them why. they said, well, because i didn't put a fast track account number. >> but he has no fast track account. it took two months to clear it up. and then another delay. >> you have to do it through the mail. >> the dmv won't let you renew online if you had to clear a penalty, so he mailed in all the paperwork. >> i didn't hear anything for four weeks, so at four weeks
6:25 am
out, i called them. and in eight weeks i called them and they said, well, it's taking eight weeks. >> by then it was too late. >> technically my registration is expired. >> what if he got pulled over? they said that's up to the police officer's discretion if they want to give you a ticket. >> the dmv did charge him a late see. $172. >> at that point i was fed up. >> eric contacted 7 on your side. we contacted the dmv. it said most renewals are handled quickly. and customers receive their stickers within a few weeks. some transactions require special processing. this was the case with this renewal and we apologize for the delay. the dmv sent his new tags and waived that late fee. >> i hope that we're done with it. >> the dmv says it receives 50,000 mail-in renewals every single day, which can create a backlog. however, the dmv says state law allows you to drive your car while you are waiting for your renewal. and generally police won't pull you over if you are just two
6:26 am
months expired. the smell of fresh food and the sound of live music fill the air in san francisco's mission district. yesterday several streets were shut down for the annual noise pop street party. besides the music and food, there was art galleries and demonstrations. it gave people on aunt to write what they love most about the mission and there were classes about how to make flower gel tin. still to come, for fa explain to them what it meant a year after the campfire. a showdown, how president trump is weighin oh thaphenomenal!, that's unfair. that's so unfair. c'mon jay-bo. let's go. let's go. woahh!y my99 .
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this is abc 7 mornings. >> we are starting this half hour with a look at the good morning, lisa. >> good morning to you. starting out in san jose, what a cool picture here. you see some of the low clouds above. but also some of that fog settling into the valleys there. so we're looking at partly cloudy start for some of you. clear for others. it is 57 in san francisco. in the 60s over in oakland. upper 50s on the coast. half-moon bay checking in at 61 and 55 in redwood city. walnut creek interesting here with some clouds and also a clear start for you over in livermore. 62 in concord. once again that south wind working to not only cool us down. it is also keeping some of the fog out of the bay. but transporting that cooler marine air into our inland valleys. by the noon or 2:00 hour, we're in the 70s. those 80s far out towards the
6:30 am
delta and antioch. we have a wild day today. temperatures below average. the fog is inching ever so closely back into san francisco by dinner time. and pushes all the way inland. >> thanks, lisa. one of the 86 people killed in the wild fire has been identified. the remains were identified by the county sheriffs off. so this brings the total number to 81. three others with informally identified, but they haven't been officially named and two of the victims are unknown. earlier this month, a fire claimed another life. tomorrow students in paradise will begin their first full week of school. after going back to class last week, nearly one year after their town was ravaged by ramp fire. >> reporter: first day of school
6:31 am
with smiles, backpacks, even some anxiety. the students here looking like so many others across the country. but at paradise ridge, it is a homecoming and new beginning. >> she's a little nervous today. >> reporter: these are the k of. their homes and their lives going up in flames. >> we grabbed or animals and food and we're gettin the heck out of here. >> reporter: many residents still live miles away. but parents like the springsteens who lost their home are determined to return to paradise. >> because this is our town. we're planning on moving back, and we want to support every way we can. >> reporter: by school bus and by car, more than 400 students now attending this school. this mom knows this is the only place she wants her kids
6:32 am
>> we were born and raised here. we're going to rebuild our home, to schl h starting over together. abc news, new york. 63 people are dead and 182 others injured after a more than 1,000 guests had been invited to attend this wedding. it happened near the stage where many children were gathered. the islamic group affiliate claimed responsibility for this attack. the group claims that after the suicide bombing, a car bomb was also detonated. police have arrested 13 andy right wing counter
6:33 am
yesterday people separated grou groups. president trump tweeted that antifa should be labeled a terror group, but didn't mention the other groups. >> they're white nazis. they're dangerous. they're violent. it's not true, you know. we love our country, and that's okay. >> portland police confiscated bear spray, shields and metal and wooden poles. now to the war of wards from president trump urging israel to bar two congresswomen from visiting. the swipes are getting personal. here is abc news reporter rachel scott. >> an emotional congresswoman telling her constituents why she rejected israel's offer to visit her elderly grandmother in the west bank. >> thank you for allowing me not just to be your congress member but also a granddaughter of a grandmother living in
6:34 am
occupation. thank you. >> she applied to visit on humanitarian grounds after being denied entry for her political views. she is granted that offer on the condition she did not speak out against israel. initially accepting and then saying with her family support, she changed her mind. >> my family, my uncle, was like there will be a dark cloud if you come with them forcing you to bow down. >> president trump tweeting it would show great weakness. >> i think it would be a terrible thing, frankly, for israel to let these two people who speak so badly about israel to come in. >> he listened, canceling the visit over their support of the boycott israel movement. she was also planning to see her family, including her grandmother. president trump quickly turned his political play into a personal attack, tweeting the only real winner here is her
6:35 am
grandmother. she doesn't have to see her now, questioning if the whole thing was a complete set-up. nancy pelosi using the president's own words against him. >> we cannot let their weaknesses stand in the way of our ongoing relationships. >> another democrats have come out and said this is more than just a political attack by the president. they say politics like this weaken our global relationship. they only hurt the u.s.-israeli relationship. abc news, new jersey. coming up, democratic presidential candidate kirs ten gillibrand will discuss her latest campaign moves. you can watch at 8:00 right here on abc 7. >> thousands of pounds of illegal marijuana found hidden in a jalapeño pepper shipment. customs and border officials discovered more than 7,500 pounds of pot in a truck
6:36 am
crossing near to tie mesa. acting commissioner mark morgan tweeted this picture showing the hall despite being legalized in 2006, sale of legal unregulated marijuana is still rampid. 10,000 pounds of cannabis hidden in a plastic parts truck tuesday. still ahead, a taste of history in the south bay. the restaurant that went from burgers to falafels and has been serving people for more than 50 years. we are taking a live look outside getting a view. little bit of a bridge there. looks like a great start to our morning. lisa will have our full forecast in
6:37 am
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francisco sunday street soar to continues in sonoma. today's activities include a dog fashion show, live music, a petting zoo and of course all kinds of games. runs from 11:00 to 4:00 this afternoon on fulsome. it should be pretty nice if you decide to hang out there. really anywhere. that's right. temperatures are continuing to come down. only in the 60s here with
6:40 am
partial clearing in the mid-50s. but fog is all up and down the coast. not totally inside the bay, though, so we'll talk about that fog pattern for today, which cools us down and then when and how it retreats for the warmup in store ahead. also coming up, the giants bats stay hot in the deserith brandon belt matching a career high for rbis. the highlights coming up in
6:41 am
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in sports this afternoon, stanford is holding an open house for fans and an open practice at 3:00 p.m. with clinics and autographs were kids afterwards. the cardinal kicked off the season at home against northwestern. tomorrow night the 49ers take on the broncos in denver, the second preseason game for both teams. kickoff is at 5:00 p.m. this afternoon, both the a's and giants will be trying to sweep their weekend. oakland plays the astros. the first pitch is at 1:07. and the giants battle at 1:10. the a's picked up another game yesterday. chris alvarez has the highlights in this morning's sports. >> the a's path to the postseason is a wild card birth. five more games head to head looming. the green and gold could challenge for the division
6:44 am
title. they will take the series with a win on saturday. we pick things up bottom three. a's down 2-0 until robbie grossman bases loaded single. and then matt chapman walks. bases loaded. that's an rbi. tied at two. he reached the base five times in total. matt olson single to right center. 3-2 green and gold. mark canha caps off a five run inning with a two rbi knock, 5-2 a's. seventh inning, blake trienen on the hill. off olson. look at corbin joseph. a's win 8-4, six and a half games back from the astros. >> baseball is one of those things where if you try harder it doesn't always work. i'm going to chalk it up to us being confident and playing well right now. regardless of if we're playing the astros or whoever we're playing, just trying to do whatever we do and just trust ourselves and believe in the work we put in. >> one through nine is a grind.
6:45 am
again, it's -- so much was on the offense today because they allowed me to not really worry about one run, which, i mean, is everything to this lineup. if you can place some runs up on this lineup, it makes facing it a whole lot easier. >> love those green jerseys as well. giants/d backs in arizona. logan web has his own fan club. his major league debut. plenty of run support here. brandon belt, that is a grand slam. 14th homer of this season. 4-2 giants just like that. third inning belt not as far, but plenty effective. part of a six rbi night for brandon. knocks home kevin pillar. he was 5 for 5 in the game. giants 6-2 and web gave up two runs in the first. seven strikeouts. everyone in that family is happy. first career major league win. giants win 11-6. giants are two and a half back of the second wild card. >> just fun to be out there. i was just excited, especially those first couple pictures a little nervous.
6:46 am
once i got that first strike, it was fun. >> major league soccer, earthquake visiting kc. 25th minute in, san jose corner strike and chris heads it home. that set up just perfectly for san jose 1-0. and 50th minute now, scores the equalizer. look at benny, tieing at one. what a shock that was. 76th minute now. free kick for kansas city. goes off the post. perfect. graham smith is there, the eventual game winner. hey, did you see this? >> oh! >> well, this mom showing she can play football just like her son, finishing mom's night at washington high in peoria, illinois. we love the teammates there sound, proving you never ever mess with mom. that is a wrap on morning sports. have a great sunday.
6:47 am
>> time is now 6:47. lisa is standing by with a look at our forecast. >> temperatures 20 degrees cooler. here is a view of the golden gate bridge. we have a little bit of fog inside the bay. mainly it is banked up along the coast and up in the north bay. we will be looking at the changes once again today at our inland valleys as we look at more numbers coming down to below average readings. some will be around where they should be. but with the low clouds, the fog, some drizzle along the coast and numbers anywhere from 4 to 5 degrees cooler than yesterday's readings inland. by the middle of the week heat returns and we're looking at hot numbers wednesday and particularly thursday and last seen into friday. 58 in san francisco. 60 in san matao. a view outside here where you
6:48 am
can see that compressed marine layer where looking at sunshine here in the city and in the upper 60s later on. low clouds and fog look likeot n the over cast. the highs today in the south bay, look at numbers in the 80s. 81 in sunnyvale. a cool day at the coast. mid-70s with 79 in mountain view, san francisco about where you should be for mid-august. 66 in daily city, partial clearing there. nevada checking in in the low 80s, but low to mid-80s for those of you in sonoma. east day a comfortable day today with low 70s over coliseum. 74, 75 in castro valley. these yellows continue.
6:49 am
that means the wilder air, the orange is a little bit warmer into the 80s here. 79 in concord with 78 in san ramon. with those low 80s today. little bit below average. by wednesday mid-90s. hooks like that heat isoing ho on for next weekend inland. closer to the bay, once again with the astros upper 60s 1:00. a mild afternoon. staying that way to the afternoon into t afternoon. by wednesday or tuesday, highs near 90. everyone coming up a few more degrees. by the afternoon looking like that onshore flow will be at the coast. that means we're heating up inland and without a sea breeze into thursday, we're in the triple digit territory. high pressure building in from that same source.
6:50 am
that's to the south of us, and it will not quite reach around the bay or the y comfortablethere. tegere. >> sa. barestaurawing in customers for more than 50 years. a look at falafels drive-in..... >> my mother and father opened up this restaurant in 1966. we took this place over for my brother and it was a burger place. it was just like a little snow white drive-in. and he started selling falafel balls. he actually started frying them up and giving them to customers as samples. it was just burgers back then. they never even heard of a falafel. literally nobody in this area knew what a falafel was. they opened it, dissected it and didn't know what to think of it, but they loved it. now everybody loves falafels. it is just like a burg here.
6:51 am
>> it is my turn now. never had a falafel before. let's try this thing out. oh, my goodness. so many great flavors. a little bit of mess. excuse me. flavor in every single part of this delicious dish. it always tastes the exact same. >> it is just amazing. they are. it is a great recipe and everybody loves it. >> and you have never changed it? >> never changed it. >> we have it fresh every day, every single day it's fresh. we don't have preservatives. we make them all fresh every day. it's delicious. >> i've been coming here for about, wow, 10, 15 years. it's still just as good as i remember it. >> it's actually really good. brings back memories from my past history.
6:52 am
but definitely a great experience. this food is really awesome. >> all of us, brothers and sisters, one of us is always here. that makes a big difference, i think. we have all been here, too, our whole lives. we grew up here. it was very important to my father. and it is a great place. it is a lot of work and it's amazing. amazing little restaurant. it's like home. >> coming up next, you want to get up close to some iconic statues from the past. today is your chance. the unique display going on in the east bay.
6:53 am
and she's about 10 minutes from a hotel by wyndham. jeff is flying to... oh never mind. but hey, 10 minutes from a wyndham. with over 6,000 hotels across the country, a great hotel by wyndham is closer than you think. visit
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in the east bay, you can check out giant classic characters made famous by bell plastics in hayward. the company owned art officiifil ambassadors from old businesses. once a year, they open up the building and they let the public in to get an upclose look. live demos about how they make their creations today on national avenue. it is free to get in, and there will also be free food. that is a win-win. also winning day, re i r d wee coupleo. anhe fm tpetures s wneo w loo
6:56 am
ato m ltletorr,ng our inland valleys heat up quickly with that ridge of high pressure building in. 67 downtown, 72 in oakland. 81 in livermoore. 82 in concord. 69 santa cruz. we go up a few degrees tomorrow. low clouds and fog. some mist and drizzle. and look at the heat building inland. the coast looks very comfortable. you download our app and you can keep track of those temperatures. >> hopefully it won't be everywhere like it was this past week. thanks for joining us. abc 7 news continues at 9:00, but good morning america is coming up next.
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i have it within me to lower my a1c. ask your doctor about trulicity. good morning, america. wild weather hitting many parts of the country. lightning sprawling across the sky in a dazzling display as storms rip across the plains. high winds and heavy rain downing trees on cars and homes and dangerous road conditions causing this massive 50-car pileup. what to watch out for in the week ahead. deadly plane crash. a massive response when a twin-engine cessna slams into a home, setting it on fire. at least two people killed here. the investigation this morning. armed to the teeth. a man arrested for allegedly threatening a jewish community center. the arsenal police say they
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