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tv   ABC7 News 430AM  ABC  August 19, 2019 4:30am-5:00am PDT

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grow after residents held a rally to stop the homeless center from being built in their neighborhood. >> if the city doesn't make major changes to the way it operates, the shelter next door will be home to other mr. vincents that pose a danger to the public. this is unacceptable. >> marilyn told us friday gps tracking is not enough for vincent. her office said there's no link between the creation of a navigation center and increase in crime. abc7 news. >> it is now 4:30. if you're just waking up, an update on traffic. >> you can see what we're dealing with are temperatures below average a little longer than normal, in the 60s and
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never leaves the coast especially places like emeryville and berkeley. if you're headed out right now, it's covering our neighborhood and breezy to the west. 29ier in fairfield. sue. >> we looking through emeryville and traffic moving well. no delays here. and the toll plaza, a couple cars backed up in the cash lane but fast trackers are getting by with no problem. meering lht are probably about an hour away. a spin-out at 13 northbound and connector ramp to westbound 24. the right lane is blocked there and not seeing a lot of slow traffic at this early hour.
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it is 4:31. barth wrapped up track work. a free bus shuttle was provided. they closed two lanes at highway 44 to accommodate construction equipment. one lane opens at 4:30 and the second at 7:30 a.m. there is another closure coming up, labor day weekend. starting this morning, you will no longer able to get paper tickets. they are trying to get commuters to switch from paper to clipper. you can still use your tickets to ride barth even though they will stop using them. beginning a tenth day in deliberations. >> the jury asked for a readback of carmen, from the ghost ship warehouse and asked to testify
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about sprinklers that came up at the house meeting. however, she said they did not have the $50,000 to get them installed.ach face 26 counts of manslaughter for the deadly fire in oakland. expected to enter a plea today, scheduled for earlier this month but was postponed. prosecutors wanted more time to go over the latest doctor's report about cowell. his attorney said he has a mental health history but last week, he was ruled competent to stand trial. he stab wilson in an unprovoked attack last year. the fbi is concerned of unprovoked copycat attacks. in dayton, officials arrested two people for separately making mass shootings and terror attacks. >> reporter: another mass shooting averted. >> you have any weapons we need
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to know about? >> police arresting 25-year-old tristan from daytona beach, florida, discovering a hunting rifle and 400 rounds of ammunition from his apartment. it came following a tip from his ex-girlfriend who he allegedly sent a series of disturbing messages like this one. a school is a weak target and likely to hit more than 300,000 people. >> when he dies he wants to kill people. >> reporter: police say this man placed this disturbing video on line with the caption, people identify the shooter as a local white nationalist. ammunition and gas mask and bullet-proof armor seized from his home. >> with the hate crimes we wanted to make sure we did our part. >> reporter: police sane an affidavit he attended a 2017
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charlottesville unite the right rally. the fbi has been seeking the public's help for white terrorism. >> what motivates this shooters is control. >> reporter: just last week, arrested, following the arrest of two men with alleged ties to white supremacy, one in las vegas accused of planning to blow up a synagogue or bar and one in south florida. >> they currently have 850 open investigations. serena marshall, "abc news," washington. san francisco's chase center will open up next month. the fears of many neighbors appear to be coming true. nearby traffic could delay emergency vehicles. san francisco held a drill last month to see how fast they could respond to an emergency. it took one ambulance 54 minutes
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to reach a home on the other side of the city. 24 minutes to reach a home on the other side of the city. students in the area largest school district are heading back to class. san francisco mayor will be on . students will have their own events this year. and the department is beefing up safety with 15 new crossing guards to address a new shortage. in diagnose, police will be patrolling schools and intersections considered most dangerous for pedestrians. a man and his family found dead. someone tipped off police at san francisco something was wrong. a construction job late and barth wants millions from the contractor. way past a concert curfew
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but not in danger of getting a fine. more from the accuweather forecast. >> can't wait to hear that story. good morning. here's a look at our monday morning start in our east bay neighborhood. upper 50s to near 61. a very homogenized air mass because clouds are blanketing just about all our neighborhood. w 60s, and everybody else in the low 50s. how about that sleeping weather. wasn't that nice? south beach is 58 degrees, as we watch the traffic come into san francisco. a little misty near the coast otherwise comfortable for driving. a few breezy spots but no problems. at 9:00 and 11:00, we jump from 58 to mid and upper 70s this
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afternoon and 68 by 9:00. we're still in this 60s and low to mid 70s with sunshine this afternoon. 67 at 7:00. for san francisco, never completely getting rid of the cloud cover nor the 60s. we start off in the low 60s and end up in mid-60s at the coast and upper 60s across the bay. hope everybody had a great weekend. the countdown is on for the next heat wave. sue found a little bit of mist this morning. >> had windshield wipers on. >> that much? >> it's refreshing, actually. keeps us cool. >> yes. >> san rafael, some fog there but not affecting your visibility. southbound 101 to civic center to central san rafael. no problems with the san rafael
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bridge at this hour at 4:39. traffic moving smoothly at the toll plaza. we have an accident at of the lanes at the ramp there. not seeing a lot of traffic in the early morning hours. we have fremont on the parkway, a vehicle versus a
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heat wave was dealt a knockout blow by the marketplace layer. -- the marine layer. it dealt a southeast blow. it will be as much as 121 degrees before it starts going back towards us. 0.1 in palm springs. 86 in sacramento. 96 in fresno. 69 in monterey. 83 in tahoe. i should sayo simmiety and tahoe, temperatures warm into the mid-80s, a little bit above average friday, saturday and sunday. thank you. san francisco police are investigating how a couple supposed to arrive over the weekend ended up dead. family members notified police when the couple never showed up. homicide detectives say the
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to be disturbed and neighbors say it was safe and quiet. >> we have a dog with a doggy door and she wasn't barking last ni might at all. i hope this is not a 2020 story. i'd hate to see that in my neighborhood. protest leaders are trying to restore peace after weeks of violence. thousands of people return to the streets yesterday. pro democracy advocates are calling on world leaders to stop beijing from launching a military intervention to stop the unrest. >> reporter: beijing brought the troops to the border. people are worried about the the tiananmen square massacre might be back home. >> they're calling for carrie to resign and investigation into force used against protesters.
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congressman omar and tlaib and talking about travel restrictions after benjamin netanyahu's decision to prevent them from entering. he had allowed it but denied after president trump tweeted it would show great weakness. opening a year behind schedule, bart wants the up. they want a fine and bart is proposing a fine of $30,000 for each day. they blame bart saying it is the transit agency's fault for it opening so late. stephen curry helping finance creation of a competitive golf program at the university. he is planning to cover the cost for six years.
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the two time mvp is holding a c black university to make that announcement. he is an avid golfer and launched a mini series you can watch thursday nights at 8:00 p.m. rolling stones played to a packed stadium an hour past the concert's curfew. ♪ i was out in the city i was out in the rain ♪ >> you may remember this concert was originally scheduled for may but the band took their no filtered tour on hold until mick jagger could recover. they asked for an extension and they ended the set at 11:00 p.m. with the classic "satisfaction." >> all right. he still has those moves. mike nicco still has the moves. >> not like that. not at his age, too.
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he just came off surgery, didn't he? >> he's looking great. >> great. fantastic. shows what you can do if you just keep moving. 59 degrees at walnut correct at 680. average the closer you get to san francisco, below average the farther inland you go. how about that for a reversal. cloudy, still sleeping well at night, the heat wave maybe not quite as intense as the last one. everybody covered in clouds this morning. look for mist and drizzle the closer you are to the coast. by noon plenty of cover to the coast still shooting across the golden gate bridge. more the most part you hold onto the clouds more than the rest of them and already starting to push inland. notice how fast it's getting dark out. our sunset is 7:57, breaking below the 8:00 threshold.
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we break up to mid to upper 70s, 70 in millbrae. mid-70s near sausalito. mid to upper 70s and the shore, mid to upper 70s. east bay valley. 79 at san ramon. and warmer 87 here. mid-60s to 50s. we're warming to average and above average wednesdy, thursday, friday, saturday, sunday. sue. those headlights coming at you. san jose, everybody moving nicely here, the flow at the limit. we pop over across town at 280 to the 17 crossing, headlights upwards towards cupertino for an 8 minute drive. overall, slowing towards 580 westbound.
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that's pretty typical. we handcuffve a fatal accident fremont, northbound between the parkway northbound and capital. they haven't shut down there and use fremont instead to get around it and hope to have the lanes open by 9:00 a.m. here's a look this monday morning. mcdonald's is giving us a look at its restaurant of the future. a 400 temple in japan is putting its face in a robotic priest. mcdonald's is looking to make fast-food even faster with a new takeout only restaurant. >> mcdonald's to go in london with no chairs and cashiers. touchscreen with scrolldown window. saying the food did not arrive quicker than normal. allowing owners to rent this rooftop panel for as little as $50 a month.
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installation and support are free. >> but removing the panels costs $1500. so far only good in six states. a robot priest to help raise interest in buddhism. >> based on the deity, mercy, they believe it could one day acquire unlimited ai wisdom. >> that's your tech wisdom. >> why is it not all covered. >> they chose it. it doesn't end well for humans. >> it never does, for humans. the bay area is home to the world's oldest webcam. not for long. remember nap time in kindergarten. it's not just for youngsters that could benefit. taking on broncos
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hi. welcome back. not finding much in the way of fog even though the marine layer is very thick. marine drizzle near the coast and santa cruz mountains. we had about .04 of an inch. traveling there you will run into slick spots especially near the summit. >> thank you. many children returning to school and days of sleeping late
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are over for a while. new research suggests naps aren't just for babies and toddlers. children between 6 and 12 need between 9 and 12 hours of sleep a day. a lot of people are falling short of that. a 10 to 12-year-old benefitted from taking 10-30 minute afternoon naps and had higher iqs and fewer behavioral problems and were happier. amen to that. >> if you are traveling through sfo, a reminder single use plastic water bottles begins tomorrow. it amies to restaurants and cafes and vending machines in the airport. anyone who wants to travel with water has to use a clear bottle or bring your own. and the ban includes flavored water setting zero waste going to a landfill.
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fog-0-cam has been offering views since 1994. what a view it is. the creator says it will go dark by the end of the month. he and his classmates were creating it going to school and said they know longer have a good view or place to put up a camera. >> he's a realist. ho look at this parking lot. that street lamp. memories. >> going down that road. >> a reference to that. >> reasonable. a look at temperatures wednesday above average, 73 in san francisco, better than the mid 80s they had. better than average. see the mid-90s developing in the north bay valleys and upper 80s in the south bay continues
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as 90s start to get near 100 in antioch and cloverdale and san francisco thursday. we're still a little bit above average in san francisco and oakland and near 90s in santa rosa and low to mid 90s. last time, it was a three-day heat wave and this one will continue. first, let's get sue in here for the monday morning commute. >> here we go to walnut creek and taillights headed southbound right past north main for an 8 minute drive towards the interchange. this is highway 7 in san jose. both directions moving at the limit at this hour. mostly green with the exception of east bay commuters coming in from the central valley and an accident partially blocking a lane on the transition ramp to westbound 24. you can get by there. not seeing a lot of slow
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traffic. they're waiting for a tow truck. >> thank you. a company opens its doors to show off strange and stunning creations. the company has been making custom statutes since 1979 and home to a large collection of muffler men, huge fiberglass statutes used as roadside attractions in the 1960s and '70s. bell plastics still makes those giant creations. >> it's still going but with laws against advertising signs now, not as many as you used to. we still sell a few in the boonies and work real good. >> you might recognize the doggy guy inner heads, another -- doggy diner heads, another classic. that's exciting. exciting. excie
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♪ try my $4.99 barbeque bacon double cheeseburger combo. now at 5:00, no more sleeping in. thousands of students go back to school today. >> we have much more ahead on the changes parents at san francisco may notice dropping off their kids this morning. august 19th.
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>> let's talk about the unified school district. 60 and drizzle possible this morning. you hate that with new clothes and a new hairstyle but it won't be long at all. 67 at 3:00 so a cool day. we open up the weather window, you can definitely see it in san francisco from the exploratory. 57-62 at 3:00. low to mid 70s around the bay and inland neighborhoods. below average at 4:00 but definitely comfortable. check out the temperatures at 7:00. right around 70 degrees. enjoy the comfortable day. sue. we have four lanes in the southbound direction and two lanes in the northbound democracy and -- direction and a little bit wet


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