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tv   ABC7 News 1100PM  ABC  August 20, 2019 1:07am-1:41am PDT

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i'm luz pena in the east, covering the ghost ship trial. day ten of the deliberations, judge decided something unexpected. dismiss three jurors. tom steyer made his case for president. hinges on climate change. amanda del castillo in m milpitas with pets and people experiencing homelessness. abc7 news starts right now. now news to build a better bay area from abc7. bombshell developments at the ghost ship trial today, three jurors were replaced with alternates and deliberations have to start from square one. >> luz pena is live with what this means for the case going forward. luz.
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>> reporter: tensions ran high inside the carom. started with six alternate jurors, down to one. four into deliberations and now the jury panel must start over. >> hope this new jury does a good job. can't comment on it because of what's happened. >> reporter: one of her friends died in the fire. troubled with today's change. unclear why the judge decided on the switch, replacement apparently because of misconduct. now five men and seven women are responsible for the fate ofndri. s ehinvont manslaughter. alameda county superior court judge thompson prohibited speaking to media. claimed in the past that defendants are not criminally liable. >> i still have confidence that
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the jury is going to do the right thing, get a not vote for them both. >> reporter: among the 36 victims who died in the inferno, her dad was in court today. >> we have no comment, there's no development really. >> reporter: do you think it's taking too long? >> i don't know, we're just going with the flow. >> reporter: said they got notes from six jurors, some with scheduling conflicts that will have impact how they move forward. now continue with deliberations tomorrow at 9:00 a.m., east bay, luz pena, abc7 news. >> as luz mentioned, makeup of the jury shifted. this morning nine women and three men. see the women indicated in turquoise and men in gold. then the judge dismissed three of the female jurors. now seven women and earli.
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said deliberations are at critical juncture. >> you're at point where people are saying i have other things going on. if you lose few more jurors and don't have alternates to come in, that's a mistrial. >> we have more on our website, and abc7 news app as well. in the north bay, people have been given all clear following a salvage yard fire in santa rosa. by 101 thick black smoke. residents were told to stay within their hessevel cars went. bus company that operates out of the property were making repairs when fire started. didn't go into details. no one was hurt. high end heist in union square before noon.
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three people walked into mcm store on geary street and grabbed several things. dashed out into waiting car for getaway. known for luxury leather goods, particularly purses and luggage. new developments involving man accused of this attack outside a san francisco condo building. jensen is back in jail, wore a monitor in connection with differentn february. looked different from his mug shot. police say victims from other assaults are coming forward, recognize him from pictures in the media, may be connected to at least two other crimes. san francisco billionaire tom steyer found himself on the defensive tonight about his run for the white house. kate larsen. >> last night tom steyer was 26th candidate to enter the 2020
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presidential race. months before shed would have a run, focus on impeaching trump. priorities seem unclear. >> we have a broken government. what can we do to unbreak it, particularly about climate? >> said if elected would declare climate emergency on day one of presidency. >> going to have healthier environment and economy. >> also took aim at president trump's foreign policy. >> we're part of the world whether you like it or not, you can't build a fence around the united states of america and think all the problems will stay outside, that's ridiculous. >> answered some of my questions. thing that differentiates you most, is that climate change? >> think it's that i'm outsider that's fought and beat corporations for ten years. >> but stat us to as political
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outsider and billionaire makes steyer similar to the president, though spent millions on ads for impeaching trump. >> leader of the impeach trump movement, but running. how do you want to beat him? not clear. >> still funding impeach movement, not putting my personal time into it. >> do you want to vote for tom? >> yet to be determined. >> i don't know who i'm voting for. wide open for me in the democratic race. >> steyer is getting closer to qualifying for next democratic debate. has the donors but needs 2% in 1 more early stage poll. kate larsen, abc7 news. stabbing in b.a.r.t. station. accused of stack and killing nia
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wilson will not face the death penalty, accused of killing her and stabbing her sister in attack. officers will focus on conviction of life without the possibility of parole. >> five years after the death of eric garner after choke hold, police officer blamed has been fired. >> he's fired but it's not over. two days before his suicide, jeffrey epstein signed his will. earmarked for trust, no word on the beneficiaries. >> steph curry's love of golf is well documented. >> and made a historic commitment and gift to howard university. >> announcing first division i golf program for howard university. >> sponsorship for six years. had division ii program but
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dropped it in the 1970s. another story making headlines at san mateo high school is going phone free this school year. largest public high school in country to require students to lock up devices for entire day. drop phones into a pouch that teachers seal. unlocking device in every classroom in event of emergency. amanda del castillo at humane society of silicon valley, new pilot program is giving people experiencing homelessness a chance to rebuild. rolling stones rocked the stadium. >> and tip that made the >meteorologist, sandhya patel, how long this pattern will last coming up. >> "jimmy kimmel live."
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in the south bay, one arrest led to three more in mountain view. police do ied na xiong after neighbors say he tried to take catalytic converter. but identified the car and suspicious activity at hotel. u.s. coast guard hoisted man to safety in the dark. had been missing 20 hours over the weekend. 66-year-old had gone jet skiing on grizzly bay south of fairfield. didn't return, friend called for help. solano county sheriffs boat found him hunkered down in cabin with mild hypothermia, in stable condition tonight. part of building better bay area is accepting help when needed. success story in south bay,
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pilot program for people experienced homelessness is helping find new purpose. >> reporter: happiness in silicon valley. >> 22 months ago i was in a motel, trying to drink myself to death. >> reporter: battled alcohol addiction and faced homelessness in san jose because of it. says programs helped turn his life around. >> i want to live, and i want to give. >> reporter: got the opportunity to volunteer for a pilot program in april. took team lead, supporting three other volunteers. each with basic needs stipend, case management and other assistance in return. >> enjoyed working with them so much, offered them positions much sooner than anticipated. >> hired as animal care technician. >> when you see someone who has experienced homelessness learn
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about their contributions in saving an animal's life or partnering with another human, makes your heart sing. >> reporter: building a better area by helping the homeless rebuild. >> never been homeless before, if i kept doing what i was doing, taking whatever god offered me, if i did it, would be back into a place. and i am. >> reporter: manages and lives in sober living environment in south bay. been sober for months. abc7 news. new at 11:00, business owners in concerns about city program. navigation center in the bay br. near avenue 280, owned by cal
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trans. supporters of navigations centers including the mayor say they get people off the streets and provide them with resources. want to hear your ideas. join our group on facebook. break-in had a wild twist. >> sure did. suspect is a bear. sheriffs deputy is credited with saving two teenagers after the bear got into their home in truckee. >> one called for help while other held closed door. got the bear out the front door and fired a warning shot. got the hint. >> wanted to hug the sheriff. most relieving moment of our life. so grateful for the sheriff, she saved our lives. >> we were so excited that we didn't die. >> i bet they were. bear got in through open garage door, munched on taco meat and
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ben & jerry's ice cream. >> why wouldn't you? >> that's so true. weather. >> meteorologist sandhya patel is here. ste. hingrier feet.t what is in this is what you'll start off the morning with, gray skies and little bit of drizzle. morning commute planner, watch out for slick spots driving, light chop on the ferry across the bay and walking, bundle up. live doppler 7, marine layer all the way down towards monterey bay. 50s to 60s. first thing tomorrow morning, you see the overcast skies and spotty morningri cooler than average tomorrow,
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warmer pattern midweek. back to school for benicia unified school district. kids need to be bundled up, but then sun will be shining and 82 degrees. back to school for alum rock union, 58 degrees, brightens up in the afternoon, low to eventually upper 70s. this is the most widespread low cloudiness and fog and drizzle. then afternoon it pulls back to the coast. just like today, temperatures below average. this is a good thing from fire danger perspective to have cooler than average conditions. great sleeping weather, tomorrow afternoon. 67 in sanis, 64 half moon bay.
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breezy. low 80s from napa to santa 85 c degrees in san jose, 85 in morgan hill. accuweather seven-day forecast, morning gray and drizzle. mid80s for the warmest spots. but sharp warm-up wednesday. sizzling inland by thursday. good thing is we're not expecting record heat or widespread hot weather, just inland heat event for most of the workweek beginning wednesday heading into early next week. mid-60s coast side, all about pleasing everyone. absolutely. shouldn' ms in san has a recommendation. >> got to hear
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bueña vista cafe got a shout-out from mick jagger last night. >> in between songs at concert at levy stadium to stop in for coffee. the crowd roared in response. >> known for introducing irish coffee to the united states, pouring since 1952. stones fans made the trip. >> mick is the bomb, whatever he says to do, we'll do, go to buena vista for coffees, they're incredible. >> selling 2,000 irish coffees at lunch, managers say pretty good day for monday afternoon. mick gives you the plug, right? did he say anything about abc7 news? >> i was hoping for shout-out. age 76 for him to run up and down the stage for two hours? blown away.
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49ers played their second preseason game but first for jimmy garoppolo since tearing his acl last september. didn't go well for jimmy g. on hot night, nfl record for hottest kickoff ever. garoppolo melted under denver's pressure. had a couple of balls batted down, one pass picked off, another should have been a pick six. numbers were ugly three drives, 1 for 6 passing for 0 yards. quarterback rating of zero, looked rushed, off-balance, uncertain like a guy who hasn't played most of a year. mostert, run. samuel, top speed, 45-yard pick-up down to the one for wilson to punch in. but after the game, lot of questions about jimmy g. >> had a year after football
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before, that played about eight games total. more he can play the better. wish we could have kept him out longer today. >> got to knock the rust off everything. thankfully a short week, can bounce back quickly. but it's the first step of getting back into it. >> all over him. antonio brown reported to raiders count but filed second grievance asking him to wear favorite helmet, not safer ones that league is insisting on. a.b. saga apparently will continue. steph curry was at howard university, funding school's golf program for next six years, hasn'tiegr for funding. swinging for kids golf tournament. our own adonno hosting. hosti proceeds going to support the
1:37 am
foundation to help youth in need of support. >> giving kids backpack, going back to school, stuffed with all the essentials they need, seems like simple thing but so much we do is empower next generation of young people. >> always supported throughout careers, if you're in position to give back, it's important you do so. >> awesome. one of the most impressive homers, paul dejong knocked out the m in the sign. 3-0 st. louis win. statcast said 398 feet. i thought it was way longer. abc7 sports sponsored by river rock casino. >> like the basketball stuck in the rim. >> lot of people will be stressed out by jimmy garoppolo not looking great, it's
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>> tv's number one daily viral video show tersrn eagle is hurt after it starts to do the breaststroke. the shocker when they see it's the eagle putting on the hurt. a cool kid gets a package from a producer. >> what movie? >> the sweet gift that will have him glued to the screen. >> i did not know they made that many of those movies. he combines wide open spaces with a wide open prop. all the angles this base jumper bradley o'neal strikes again. and somebody could have told this selfie seeker, but they didn't. how he's catching a wave and not just on camera. >> that's not supposed to happen. >> but i'm glad it did.
1:42 am
we got a bird down in this video and people on this boat at first were concerned. but you can see this eagle just floating along in the that's a ? i'll let you have that. >> oh, my gosh. >>s huge. >> look at the screen. >> oh! >> it was available, it's hungry, it's a eagle eats fish world so he's going after it and he got it. >> gets the warm. >> the big fish. >> that bird got that fish on to the shore, but wait, the fish is like wait, i think i need to go back and the bird is like no, not today. >> that's crazy. that eagle is going to need a few more hearse cars to power that up into his nest.


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