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tv   ABC7 News 430AM  ABC  August 20, 2019 4:30am-4:59am PDT

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36 lives lost in the aisaday e . >> we dthetion w restarutst m going to get resolved. >> according to the "san francisco this long trial may come to the release of a fourth juror who has a strict schedule change. >> it has been such a long process. a civil lawsuit is still pending, and the landlord was not charged in the criminal trial. they claim the original lease was for commercial use.
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stick with abc7 news for continuing coverage of the jury deliberations. you can find more on the ghost ship case on our news app. it's 4:30. let's get a quick check of weather and traffic. >> let's take a look at what is going on with the winds. the wind bars, every one isat ig more sunshine because the breezes are faster today and will overturn the atmosphere and mix it out but it will keep pumping the air off the cooler ocean, so expect cooler temperatures once again. as we hit the low to mid-70s for the bay, mid-70s to
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inland. mike, we are checking out a couple accidents around the bay area, and one is eastbound on the carquinez bridge, and you can see there's a little slowing and westbound traffic looking good as you make your way in towards the bay area and san francisco. the other crash is in san mateo and it's eastbound 92 at hillsdale where a car hit the center divide but we are seeing slowing in the westbound direction right now. do r this iuelay bridge. and then publicly president trump says there's nothing to worry about. abc news reporter, serena rs looming, the president remains optimistic. >> we're doing tremendously well. our consumers are rich.
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i gave a tremendous tax cut and they are loaded up with money. >> but behind the scenes, the white house is pushing for additional tax cuts to counter any possible recession, but it's the first tax cuts along with the trade war with china that has 3 out of 4 economists expecting the country to slide into a recession by 2021. typically a warning sign for the markets, that inverted yield curve that historically predicts recessions, and the president is playing the blame game on the federal reserve. >> i could be helped out by the fed, but the fed doesn't like helping me too much. >> the vice president predicting if a democrat takes over. democrats argue it's the president and his policies that are the problem.
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>> i am very worried. we still have time to pull back but donald trump doesn't seem to understand how. >> the white house is dismissing reports they are considering a payroll tax cut. last used during the obama administration following the great recession. serena battlesreng drawn over proposed homeless navigation center in the bay view neighborhood. business owners packed a meeting with city leaders last night, and the plan is to open a parking lot and shopping center. supporters say the centers get people off the streets and provide them with resources. neighbors have the all clear this morning following a large salvage fire. firefighters were concerned hazardous materials might be
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burning so ordered people nearby to stay inside. investigators say a bus company that operates out of the property was making repairs when that fire started. nobody got hurt. police officers in california will soon have to follow tough new rules before they use deadly force, and a has officers des-escalating situations before shooting. the original measure would have created an impossible standard and would have had officers second guessing themselves in life-threatening situations. on august 11th, chp aircraft captured video of three of the side shows and investigators were able to identify some of the drivers. a vote will take place to
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decide if the munion be named after a political mover, and some claim she did . jussie smollett is back gives people a chance to rebuild their lives with the help of four-legged friends. and then an intruder breaks in and this turns into a wild rescue. >> all that is ahead, and first it's 4:36 in the morning. at 4:36, we have 61 at berkeley, and 64 in oakland. hayward, union city, 63 degrees. a lot of low to mid-60s along the east bay shore. and same thing in the south bay.
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peninsula, 56 in san carlos to 58 in pacifica. here's a look at san jose where it's 61 degrees rightthis breezy everywhere on the bay. let's take a look at the east bay valleys. 59 at 7:00, and then 60s at 9:00 and 70s at 11:00 and low to mid-80s from 1:00 to 6:00. 76 at 1:00. ought to be gorgeous. #atabcnow. we would love to see it. for the south bay we are pretty much in the 60s through 11:00 but we will break out the sunshine after 9:00 and then we have the mid-70s to upper 70s during the afternoon hours. as a promise, we will take a look at that heat wave next. here's francis. we are waiting for that heat wahe a lk tra s right there out
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of tracy, but what is really heavy right now is some and up towards the coliseum. only one lane open and that is causing delays. once you head towards the bay bridge toll plaza, there's a mine your wait in the cash-paying lanes, but then two right lanes are blocked for roadwork. westbound 4, highway 4 to the maze is 16 minutes. across the bay bridge, it's a 12-minute ride.
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>> announcer: you're never more than seven minute away from your accuweather 7-day forecast. >> an excessive heat warning beginning today with highs possibly hitting 121 degrees. you can see some of the heat leaking into fresno, 96. not quite to sacramento, 88, or chico, 91. once these temperatures start to rise that's the warm air coming our way. 67 in monterey today. 82 in l.a. low to mid-80s in the sierra and they will stay. look at that, 84 and 98, and that's how consistent the weather is going to be this weekend. the jussie smollett case will be back in federal court this morning. the "empire" actor wants a judge to dismiss a lawsuit filed by the city of chicago. the city wants him to pay
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$130,000. the judge look io why the state's attorney dropped al story. a trial date has been set for a suspect accused of ransacking a woman's house and leaving drugs behind. he is charged with burglary and grand theft from last month's incident. he had just been released after pleading no contest to a burglary in june. >> the justice system, we have to be tough on criminals and can't be soft anymore and we have to hold people accountable. >> miranda has pleaded not guilty to the charges. it's 4:42. in our effort to build a better bay area, we are tracking issues like homelessness, and in the south bay a success story. we are introduced to a new pilot program and one man that says he found new purpose.
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>> happiness in ago i was in a motel trying to drink myself to death. >> he battles alcohol addiction and later faced homelessness in san jose because of it. >> instead of wanting it to end it, i want to live and give. >> he got the opportunity to volunteer for a new pilot program launched in april, a collaboration between the humane society and the downtown streets team, and he supported three other volunteers and each received case management and other assistance in return. >> we offered them positions much sooner than we anticipated doing. >> he was hired as an animal care technician. >> when you get to see somebody who was experiencing homelessness and learn a new skill and have contributions
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where they save an animal's life. >> the pilot program, building a better bay area by helping the homeless rebuild. >> i phenever had been homeless before, and if i kept doing what i was doing i was taking whatever god offered me, if i did it i would have been back in aoon, and now i am back in a place. >> he has been sober for 22 months. >> good for him. wat a great program. a break-in at a northern california home has a terrifying twist. >> a sheriff's deputy is credited with saving two teenagers after a bear got into their home in truckee. one of the boys called for help while the other tried to close a bathroom door that the bear repeatedly tried to open. the deputy got the bear out the front door and fired a warning shot, and apparently the bear got the hint. >> we wanted to hug the sheriff.
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it was the most relieving moment of our life, and we were so great follow for the sheriff because she saved her lives. >> the bear got into the house through an unlocked >> what about just hanging out in the sitting area, and opening the fridge, and at the sink. can you imagine holding that bathroom door closed while the bear tries to get inside? no thank you. >> surprised he didn't sit down and watch a movie on netflix while he was there eating his ice cream. >> what would you have done? >> screamed, run for my life, panicked and run into a wall. >> they were smart. text the mom upstairs that called the police, from what i heard. >> they did everything right.
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one called police and one barricaded the >> next time lock the garage door. 4:46. your forecast here at walnut creek, 680 traveling through the east bay hills, there's drizzle. watch out there. brighter this afternoon, but not that much warmer than yesterday. great sleeping weather tonight and the building heat begins tomorrow. you can't help notice the curl of clouds off to the west, and that's an area of low pressure inducing the faster sea breeze, and it will keep our temperatures below average once again today. we will have 80s in the south bay, los gatos, morgan hill and gilroy, and everybody else in the upper 70s, santa cruz, 74. lower 70s on the peninsula today. millbrae, 69 ford-60s along the
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more sunshine today. upper 60s in downtown, south san francisco and towards sausalito, the low 80s to the northne at bay valleys. hercules, one of the warmer spots. we will have temperatures in the ru upper 70s to mid-80s in the east bay. cloud cover tonight and pemid t upper 50s. four to eight degrees warmer around the bay and inland areas. we climb on thursday and hold in the low to mid-80s for the bay and mid to upper 90s. you want the free air-conditioning, the 60s stay at the coast. >> we'll tell you about a couple accidents, and one is on east bay 80, carquinez bridge, an earlier crash that could still block a laneing well in both di.
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east bay 92 at hillsdale, a car swerved at a deer and hit the center divide, and now here's a live shot at the san mateo bridge, delay free westbound. bay bridge toll plaza, a bit of a wait for the cash-paying lanes. looks like something is going on right here and there could be a stall, and the lowest spot, always westbound 580, tracy to dublin right now, 34 minutes at this point. westbound 4 looking good as well as southbound 101 from marin into san francisco. >> thank you. there's new privacy concerns. amazon facial recognition program that can reportedly ct . >>
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facial recognition program that could detect emotions. the aclu wants the program's use delays because they claim it produces too many false matches. >> researchers found at&t throttled netflix. >> apple is spending big bucks to roll out its new streaming service. the tech giant is reportedly spending $6 billion on new shows and movies. >> that service is expected to be available for $9.99 aot m li spotted roaming in a popular south bay parking spot. what is one thing a tourist shouldn't miss
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the best attended games of the year, whenever the yankees or red sox come to the a's, and this time the yankees are at the coliseum. cooling down to 63 degrees under a mostly sunny to partly cloudy and breezy sky. >> thank you, mike. a jet skier has the coast guard to thank him for pulling him to safety in the dark.
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a friend called for help when the man did not return, and a solano county sheriff's office found him sunday night. he was hunkered down suffering from hype therma. the governor of texas said he invited google and twitter and facebook to battling hate speech. 22 people were killed at walmart and 24 were hurt, and abbott said he wants immediate action plans from several social media companies. video caught one cub darting out from bushes and joining the other. they have been spotted in the rancho san antonio preserve. park rangers closed five trails for a precaution.
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hikers spotted them out and about during the day. ast bay thousands of new students will move into their dorms at uc berkeley. more than 70 of them graduated from high schools across california. tomorrow the new students will take part in the exercises at memorial stadium. welcome to class. welcome to college. >> good luck, kids. an exciting time. let's talk about what is going over there. upper 60s and low 70s and breezy all afternoon. tomorrow the temperatures are rebounding above average, like the 80 in oakland. 83 in san jose is close to average, but then 95 in santa rosa, and mid-90s in concord and antioch. we can see the same around the bay, maybe a touch warmer in inland areas. same thing as we head towards friday, maybe a little breeze will keep us a little cooler in the north bay, but for sure we will be warmer than average. this is the first three days,
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is warming trend will be longer than the last one but not going to be quite as intense. i don't see the chance of 100s this go around. let's get back to traffic and find out what francis is watching. >> we are tracking ace train delays. there are equipment issues right now and so ace train number one is running 12 minutes late at this point and they are expecting delays on other trains as well throughout the day. keep this in mind if you are taking ace train this morning or afternoon. we have been keeping an eye on a couple accidents, one on eastbound 80 across the carquinez bridge. here's a live shot of 101 in lo good. 680 also delay free right now, and so it's looking pretty good
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despite the accidents we have around the bay area. san francisco's buena vista cafe is getting a boost from mick jaggar. between songs at the concert, he told the crowd to stop in for an irish coffee. the crowd roared. the bar keepers have been pouring the irish coffee.>>what. they are incredible. >> a toast to you, leeann. it sold 2,000 irish coffees, which is not bad for a monday afternoon. >> 2,000? you really think that many? >> good for them. the safest cities to raise
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kids in the u.s., and one bay area city made the top ten. sfo is stopping bottled water. reducing a risk of mass shootings, and one law already in effect in california is doing the job. first, a live look outside at 4:47 as we get the day started. another check of your weather and traffic when we so that early retirement we planned. it's going ok? great. now i'm spending more time with the kids. i'm introducing them to crab.
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>> announcer: news to build a better bay area. this is7 "abc7 mornings." now at 5:00, three jurors are out and now replaced by alternates. >> sfo going green with a ban on bottled water.
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we will explain what is available to thirsty travelers. no cell phones until the final bell. how one bay area high school is enforcing its phone-free policy. >> good morning on this tuesday, august 20th. >> you are never more than seven minutes away from your accuweather forecast. >> once again outside, cool, temperatures in the mid-50s to low 60s. a little drizzle out there also. temperatures by 7:00 in the upper 50s to low 60s. we will hangout in the low to mid-60s from 4:00 to 7:00 at the coast. breezy around the bay today, low to mid-70s and back to low 75 at noon and 82 at


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