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tv   ABC7 News 600AM  ABC  August 20, 2019 6:00am-7:00am PDT

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this is "abc7 mornings." >>ood morning. welcome to tuesday, august 20th. >> right now at 6:00 a.m. and streaming on abc, a major shake-up in the ghost ship warehouse trial. if you are headed to the airport this morning, a big change at sfo. no more plastic bottles. we're live with what you need to know before your next flight. and why some teachers had no choice but to lock up the students' devices. we will start with live doppler 7, and show how gray it is this morning. we have drizzle in the east bay hills and santa cruz mountains and even in napa valley hills and mountains. this is what it looks like at the golden gate. look how clean the air is, it's
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not producing the lower clouds. upper 50s to low 60s, so cool this morning. we will go 63, 75 and 82, so a little spread, especially with more sunshine this afternoon. it's going to get quite breezy this afternoon and that will push temperatures back to 60 at the coast at 7:00, and low to mid-70s with high clouds and sunshine for our bay inland neighborhoods. there's an accident on southbound 880, there could be two accidents along the stretch. southbound 880 slow from 238 as you mur w through winton to san law we are seeing more crowding on westbound 80 through emeryville into berkeley.
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headlights moving westbound. eastbound has been fine despite a crash on the carquinez bridge. westbound 80, highway 4 to the maze, 24 minutes at this point. across the bay bridge, it's an 18-minute ride, but southbound 101 looking good towards sfo. we are tracking breaking news in brazil where there's a hostage situation involving a bus. 37 people are onboard. this is a live picture of part of the scene right now. police are saying six hostages have been released. the hostages said the man spilled gasoline and threatened to set the bus on fire and it appears the suspect has psychological problems. we will let you know when there are updates. a new thing not to forget when you pack for the sfo airport, your reuseable water
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bottle. >> abc7 news reporter, amy hollyfield, live at the airport. >> reporter: good morning. notice what is for sale here at the airport, or what isn't here? there's no plastic water bottles. the water is in glass containers. you see plastic, this does not apply to soda and flavored waters, and they are starting with water now, and you cannot buy water in plastic bottles here at sfo. their goal is to be the first airport in the world that has zero waste going to the landfill. officials say this should have a big impact. this morning we have only heard support for the plan. >> i mean, i have my hydro so it's not a problem for me and i think it's better for the environment. >> reporter: sfo says bring your
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reusable bottles. the bottles need to be empty when you go through security and you can refill them once you pass security. sfo will be a trend setter on this one, and other airports are curious about the idea and have called with questions. reporting live at sfo, amy hollyfield, abc news. developing news now, and it's back to the beginning for jurors deciding the fate of the two men charged with the fate 36 people in the ghost house fire. jury deliberations have to start all over again, even though the panel met for ten days following the four-month-long trial. both defendants face 36 counts of involuntary manslaughter for the 2016 fire in oakland. a legal analyst shared with abc7 that knowing what happened during the trial is nothing new
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for the three alternate jurors. >> they sat through the entire trial, and for the last few weeks they have gone about their lives normally under instructions from the judge to come in as an alternate if called. that has now happened. >> you can find more stories on our website, and then a victim stabbed was working as a consultant on campus, and investigators found him yesterday morning inside of a car bleeding from his head with multiple stab wounds on his problem. the suspect left a back an incendiary device under the car. due if court again this
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morning, vincent, he wore a gps monitor in court yesterday and he looked much different from the last mugshot. investigators think he may be connected with at least two other crimes. california's red flag law reduces the chances of mass shootings like what we saw in gilroy, el paso and dayton. a new study finds that's the case. uc davis researchers found retraining order cases, and they found that because of the red flag law, officials can remove guns from people considered to be high risk, reducing the chances of a mass shooting. transportation officials in san francisco will discuss plans to expand the bay area's ferry system. the water emergency transportation authority are looking to extend ferry routes and increase service, and they can do so with bridge tolls collected from measure 3 that
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voters passed last year. pleasanton city council will vote to allow taller buildings in historic downtown. our media partner, the east bay times reports the current level is 40 feet, and the the the thee calling for a 46 foot limit. it's 6:07. high school students in southern california caught giving nazi salutes. what the school district is saying about the incident. facebook sued over alleged discrimination. the advertising policies may have caused them to be denied housing. you want more sunshine than yesterday? the tradeoff, the gusty winds from noon to 9:00. coming out of the west, 30
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6:10. let's look at neighborhood temperatures, and we'll start in the south bay where it's gray. cupertino, 58, and everybody else around 60 to 62 degrees. into the interior east bay
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neighborhoods, 58. stronger sunshine if you are going to be out exercising, so have sun screen and sunglasses and everything else. small craft advisory if you are going to be on the bay. it will be quite choppy. mid-70s this afternoon, and 68 at 7:00. we will be stuck in the 60s until 11:00 in the east bay. 67 at 7:00, and san francisco, a little more sunshine will help push us in the upper 60s from 1:00 to 5:00. we are starting to see delays on bart right now. trains on the fremont line are running about ten minutes late in all directions due to an equipment problem. also for ace train commuters, heads up, train number 1 is running 19 minutes late due to equipment problems, and train 3,
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only a few minutes late at this point. muni looking good for the subway service. and we had a couple accidents along the stretch on 880, and injuries have been reported in an accident so traffic is as slow on 238 connecting on to southbound 880. emergency crews are headed to that scene. westbound 80 at traffic, a crash reported so that could be blocking lanes. >> thank you. it's 6:12 now. new at 6:00, social networking giant, facebook is facing a lawsuit over alleged housing discrimination. a group of facebook users claim the company allowed housing providers to shield their ads from people based on their family status.
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it's 6:15 now. troubling video coming to light shows a group of students in orange county giving nazi salutes while singing a nazi marching song. it shows ten boys from a garden
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grove water polo team. the video did not come to the attention of the district until march. school administrators addressed the situation with all students and families involved but it's not clear if there was disciplinary action. they are seeing a difference at a high school on the peninsula that is becoming the largest in the country to have the students lock away devices all day long. >> every student gets one of these so-called yonder pouchs. students slide their phones in the pouch and it remains locked all day. students say they are less distracted during class. >> while sometimes it's difficult to not be able to text my friends and ask where they are or where to meet up after school, i think overall it benefits us. >> i have had students that i have never seen socialize with another student. i took a walk this morning and i saw one person by themselves, and he had a
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reading a book. >> if there's an emergency and need to use their phone they can unlock the pouch. >> very interesting. >> as you pointed out, one of the kids in the video at the end was wearing actual slippers to school. that should have been the headline. >> maybe i should have done that more when we still could, you know, i don't know. take advantage of the opportunities and make friends and wear bedroom slippers to school. >> slippers would help you make more friends? >> more comfortable. it was worth a try. >> i think the worst thing i wore was sweat pants. >> mike, you were really on the edge. >> wow, if i could only go back in time. it's 6:17, and if i could
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turn back time, technically, if you want to talk about cher. >> there are delays here. let's get to your accuweather highlights. it's going to be bright and breezy. drizzle, remains cool tonight and the heat remains in the inland and bay areas tonight. because of the breezes we will see more sunshine quicker today, especially at noon a lot more sunshine around the bay and inland. along the coast, pockets of sunshine this afternoon, but before it makes to the march to the east at 7:00, gilroy and los gatos, you are the warm spots, san jose, 79. low to mid-70s for most of the peninsula today. low to mid-60s along the coast, 62 to 64 degrees, and then 67 to 69 for downtown south san francisco, sausalito. san rafael and vallejo, 79 with
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cool breezes. and then mid to upper 80s north of that. the breezes keep us in the low the mid-70s, and 71 to 75. tonight you can see extensive cloud cover, mid-50s to 60 degrees. the free air-conditioning at the coast, and low to mid-80s around the bay and mid to upper 90s inland. air-conditioners humming once again. we have a couple accidents that will slow things down, a lane is blocked and it's heavy approaching the scene, and slow on westbound 80 past the junction. we have had three accidents in hayward, southbound 880, but now one at a street with injuries reportedly blocking the right
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lane. it's heavy as you make your way towards the scene, and there were two accidents that have been cleared. you will find a slow ride westbound across the san mateo bridge, and you see brake lights across the toll plaza. there's gravel reported on the dumbarton idge, and that drive at this point westbound is ten minutes. we will see if that causes delays. >> thank you. "good morning america" coming up at 7:00 right here on abc7. >> is ginger zee back?back? >> she's back, from scotland. sing me a song of a land that is gone. >> hi, ginger. >> yeah, hi, and good morning. i have one regret from the trip, and that is richard, who plays roger on the show, he sang for us and i should have, right when he finished, i should have said let's do this together, sing me a song -- i should have gone for it. >> it's okay. >> regrets in life. >> you just did it for us, so
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that's worth it. >> yeah. great. you poor things. coming up here on "gma," we are tracking a new severe storm threat. fur traveli if you are traveling, you want to watch this from cincinnati to ohio. we are talking about phoenix approaching a record tomorrow, going to 115, and i will have all that. plus, this morning, have you seen the terrifying rhino chase? it was caught on camera, and tourists on a safari, and the driver kept them all safe and we will tell you how it went down. plus, how this 35-year-old took down $223,000 of debt all by herself and all in a purple spandex suit. her celebration video is going viral, and we have her simple tips on how you can do it, too. one question she asked her coworkers that made a big difference in what she got paid.
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they were all set to watch the took off. an afternoon storm blew in and sent the mattresses flying. i don't know if they were going to watch "aladdin," but i thought it was a cute story. our breezes, we have them out there. yellow, it's a small craft advisory, winds gusting up to possibly 35 miles per hour. it's going to be choppy, and that's why we will see more sunshine today and temperatures
6:26 am
a little below average. we will look at the heat wave coming our way, coming up in the accuweather 7-day forecast. first let's get you more news. we just got a list of the safest country to raise a child in, and one bay area city made that list. >> san ramon comes in at number seven, this is according to a home security company called safe wise. folsom in sacramento county made the list at 24. sunnyvale is 47. it comprised the list on graduation rates on sex offenders per capita and crime as well. president trump says the economy
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this is "abc7 mornings." >> right now at 6:30, fears of a recession. president trump and his own white house sending different signals about the economy. and then the opening bell ringing right now, and stocks up yesterday, and will the trend continue today? jury deliberations will
6:30 am
start over this morning in the ghost ship trial, and i will tell you why next. thievesot away with something in broad daylight. a massive rhino going after a group of tourists in south africa. that's why i just stay on the animal kingdom world. >> that was fast. >> 6:30. let's get to the weather. let's do that. here's a look at what is going on outside, it's gray and there's drizzle, and highl highl peak, 0.05 at the at the at thee is a sea breezeeeping us
6:31 am
cooler, and the marine layer is thinner and the breezes are going to overturn faster. 60s at the coast all day, and low to mid-70s at the bay, and then at 7:00, back down to a nice 70 degrees. let's talk about hot spots in traffic with francis. we have delays on bart. 20-minute delays on the warm springs line due to equipment lines on the tracks between san leandro and lake merritt, so that is out there causing delays on bart. ace train number 1 is running 23 minutes late due to an equipment problem, and no problems right now for muni. there's an injury crash on the san rafael bridge on the toll plaza, and it's off to the right-hand side but traffic is backed up on westbound 580, and we will check out the drive time for you across the bridge, 12 minutes. the dumbarton bridge had gravel
6:32 am
reported in the lanes. there's an accident involving a big rig here and traffic is backed up into the maze. big developments in the ghost ship trial. the jury had been deliberating for ten days and now they will have to start deliberating from the beginning. >> jobina fortson joins us with what this means going forward. >> good morning. we're back to square one. deliberations will start all over this morning and there were six alternate jurors and now they are down to one. the ghost ship trial has been going on for four months now. the jury was ten days into deliberations before the judge decided to make the switch. it's not clear why but apparently the change was made due to some sort of misconduct. the new jury panel consists of five men and seven women and they are responsible for the fate of the defendants. both men face 36 counts each of involuntary manslaughter for the 36 lives lost in the fire.
6:33 am
lisa is a friend of one of the victims. >> i hope that this new jury does a good job. i can't comment on it because of what has happened. a lot of anxiety, and a lot of, yeah, not knowing, and we won't know. >> a civil lawsuit -- there has been information this could last a little longer due to a fourth juror having a conflict at this point. the shredeliberations will star 9:00 a.m. a civil lawsuit filed by the families of the ghost ship victims is still pending, and that says others are responsible for the deadly fire. the landlord was not charged in the criminal trial. they claim the original lease signed by almena was only for commercial use and he broke the
6:34 am
lease when he started renting spaces for people to live in. you can find a lot more on the ghost ship case on our abc7 news app. it's 6:34. as economists warn of an impending recession, the president is confident there's nothing to worry about, but the white house is pushing for tax cuts to counter a recession. it's partly his first tax cut along with the trade war with china that has exists worried we will slide into a recession in 2021. >> our consumers are rich. i gave a tremendous tax cut and they are loaded up with money. >> we are very worried. we still have time to pull back but donald trump doesn't seem to understand how. >> when it comes to those additional tax cuts, the white house is dismissing reports they are considering a payroll tax cut that was last used during the obama years after the great
6:35 am
recession. police officers in california will soon have to follow tough new rules before they use deadly force. a bill signed by governor newsom will allow deadly force wn depending somebody's life. if they open fire they will have to prove there was an imminent threat of death or serious injury. the bill is a compromise. law enforcement representatives worried the original bill would create an impossible standard that would make officers second guess themselves in life-threatening situations. and then california's attorney general claims dr. keller wrote prescriptions for opioid painkillers without legitimate reasons. the charges are in an effort to second guess a doctor. he was accused of sexually abusing ten female patients. and investigating a high-end
6:36 am
heist in union scare. three people walked into the mcm store and grabbed several items and dashed out the door and got into a waiting car. mcm is known for luxury leather goods, including purses and luggage. we are taking a live look at uc berkeley because it's move-in day for students that will spend the next year indoors. just one person arriving right now. we are certainly wishing all of them luck, and probably a lot of tears today as proud parents drop off kids and give them that hug. excitement as you unpack the ikea things. >> parents, give them a hug and turn around and don't look back. my parents did that and it was a big favor for me. i was about to lose it. >> it was just as hard for me as
6:37 am
my parents. yeah. >> welcome uc berkeley, unit if you think your favorite streaming service is slower on your phone, you are not alone. we are down 43 points and another update on how the markets are doing coming up next. a new plastic bottle ban is taking effect at sfo. amy hollyfield has found a big loophole. >> we will explain. let's take a look at nighborhood temperatures. we have right around 60 to 62 degrees for most of our interior east bay neighbors. antioc one othe cool spots at 59. elsewhere, low to mid-60s from novato, san francisco, oakland, hayward, san jose, mountain view, and then we have los gatos, pacifica in the mid to upper 50s. here's a look at the san mateo
6:38 am
bridge, 63 on the hayward side. cool this morning and mild this afternoon and breezy on the bay water today. east bay valleys stuck in the 60s through 9:00, and then upper 70s by noon. on our way to the low and mid-80s this afternoon. down to 76 at 9:00. total sunshine and mid-70s this afternoon from about 1:00 to about 6:00, and then notice what is happening in the south bay. 69 at 11:00, and you will be in the upper 70s with sunshine. all of us will see high clouds as the sun sets, and enjoy the colors. if you post it, #abc7now. love to see it. mike, lots of injury accidents causing delays now. one near the bay bridge toll plaza. the big rig is off to the side near carpool lanes with emergency crews as well and that has slowed things down. traffic is backed up into the
6:39 am
maze right now if you are headed towards the bay bridge. keep that in mind. we have an injury crash that just was cleared heading towards the richmond san rafael bridge, and it's backed up on 580 to cutting. i would normally recommend mass transit, but not today. bart reporting 20-minute delays due to equipment problems between san leandro and lake merritt. and ace is 23 minutes headed into the south bay, and muni reporting no delays. and traffic on 880 approaching a street through awohayward backe up on 238. westbound 80 crash just cleared. hopefully we're recovering soon. we will have more news, weather and traffic after this break. stay with us. do you know why cheap insurance policies are so
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that's yes for less. 20 to 60 percent off specialty store prices for every room and every budget. at ross. yes for less. pretty impressive lightning you want to look as across the sky. that's so fascinating. heavy rains and gusting winds and the dangerous weather will continue all week there. it's dangerous, but to me, man, that is so beautiful. oh, that is cool. let's talk about what is going on. kids going back to school. maybe you can learn more about stuff like that. 61 this morning, sunshine by 11:00 and 68 and a breezy 78 at 3:00. we have alan rock union school
6:44 am
district, a sunny 78 at noon and sunny and warm 85 at 3:00. have fun. it's going to be a great year. 113 in palm springs. 92 in chico. low to mid-80s in the sierra, at least in the valleys, right now it's 45 in tahoe. look at the temperatures over the weekend, could they be more steady? 48 for passengers getting used to a big change at san francisco international airport. >> the big headline is plastic water bottles are out, and we are finding that's sort of true. amy hollyfield is live at sfo. you just found out about a big loophole in this ban. >> reporter: we did find an exception. we saw large plastic water bottles in the case, and it turns out this doesn't apply to the large bottles, anything
6:45 am
larger than a liter in a plastic bottle they still sell, and it's only the small plastic bottles of water that won't be sold here, so the big ones are still here. sfo rolled out a big push saying it wants to become the first airport in the world that has zero waste. the plastic ban does not apply to soda, teas and flavored flavd water, and then just the small bottles are banned. >> it's like good and bad. it's very handy, and at the same time, according to research, it's a little bad, so i think gradually we will pace it out slowly. >> reporter: the airport has about 100 filling stations, so you can get water for your
6:46 am
refusab refusable bottles, and they need to be empty when you go through security and you can fill them up on the other side. they think the ban can make a huge impact. look at this case. they have rearranged it. you can see the are glass, and the large plastic water bottles are still for sale. >> $5.49 for that water? >> yes. yes. there's a lot of exceptions to the rule, amy. >> she's on the case. >> yeah, i am on it. now to a frightening close call caught on camera. the raging 3-ton rhino chasing a group of tourist on a safari in south africa. the group was trying to photograph leopards.
6:47 am
>> we were stopped and were having a look at the rhino and as we went past it the rhino started to charge the vehicle, and he was determined to get to us, and he just kept on coming. >> more on "good morning america" at 7:00, including how the guide was able to get that group to safety. >> how was that person shooting that video and not freaking out? >> there was more than one. he said, this is steady. target launching a new line of food products. >> it's called good and gather and launches in target stores on september 15th. and the german airline is offering sustainable aviation fuel used on their flights. it runs $414 on a flight from
6:48 am
frankfurt to new york, and it's on top of the price of your ticket. >> what? >> yeah. researchers found wireless companies slow down video streaming more aggressively than they led us to believe. all of the major u.s. carriers say they reserve the right to do this to manage congestion on their networks. a live look at the new york stock exchange right now, we are down about 70 points. yesterday stocks did rally after reports of stimulus efforts in china and germany and that calms fears about a global look. and a sheriff is credited with saving two teenagers after a bear got into their home in truckee. the bear repeatedly tried to open the bathroom door. the sheriff got the bear out the
6:49 am
door and fired a warning shot and the bear ran away. >> i wanted to hug the sheriff. it was the most relieving moment of our life. we were so grateful for alison, the sheriff, because she saved our lives. >> we were so excited we didn't die. >> so happy to be alive. >> yeah. >> the bear got into the house through an unlocked garage door. it ate taco meat and ice cream for dessert and then got scared off -- >> it tried to rip into the bathroom to get to the boys. >> because it had to use the bathroom. >> yeah, maybe it was not the boys. >> taco meat and ice cream -- >> yeah, and especially if it's lactose intolerant. >> he was looking for the finer foods. >> he was trying to be polite. >> yes. >> so just reggie and i are
6:50 am
going down the road together. that's fine. let's move on. it's 6:50 on this tuesday. >> i hope he has a picnic basket -- >> hey, boo-boo -- >> that's what i was trying to trigger. >> welcome to walnut creek. a little sunshine showing up, and it means you will need the sunglasses, but it's going to be breezy. drizzle, remains cool tonight and the heat returns for the bay and inland areas starting tomorrow. unlike yesterday, it's going away for most of us, there will be pockets of sunshine developing by noon. by 7:00, clouds will roll in and the sun sets about 7:56. gilroy in the low to mid-80s. 70 to 79 for the rest of the south bay. low to mid-70s on the peninsula.
6:51 am
millbrae at 79. breezes will keep us cool on the coast. we will have low to mid-80s through most of the north bay. 71 at oakland. we have low to mid-70s elsewhere, excuse me, san pablo. going to the game tonight? the yankees are in town to take on the a's. 67, 7:07, down to 63. going to be a cool one there. low to mid-80s around the bay, and mid to upper 90s inland and only mid-60s at the coast through next wednesday. a crash on the peninsula, the shoreline, blocked lanes. bart, the delay is down to ten minutes. train number 3 on ace train,
6:52 am
only four minutes late. train 1 was quite a bit delayed. southbound 880 heavy because of earlier accidents through hayward. coming up next, the seven things you need to know before you go. >> first, if you have not yet, follow us
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it's 6:54. here are the seven things to know before you go. we start with number one, jurors will restart their deliberations in the ghost ship trial this ing, a that follows the judge dismissing three jurors from the panel yesterday. a live look at san francisco international airport where a ban on plastic water bottles takes effect today, although we are seeing plastic water bottles there. it does not apply to bottles larger than a liter. number three, in san francisco, commissioners will vote on naming a line rose. she died in 2016. number four, the white house are in discussions to push for
6:56 am
tax cuts to counter a recession. number five, breezy and brighter today with temperatures near average in san francisco and oakland. the rest of us a little cooler than we should be. 70s and 80s. number six, lots of slow traffic. here's a live shot at the richmond san rafael toll plaza with a injury crash to the right-hand side. we have big backups including mass transit. and john travolta will be here live in the studio on "midday live." reggie will be talking with him starting in the 11:00. he passed on at least three roles that ended up going to richard gere, including "officer and a gentleman." >> yeah, he basically made
6:57 am
richard gere a star. >> i think they will both be okay, right? >> they have done
6:58 am
6:59 am
7:00 am
good morning, america. we appreciate you joining us on this tuesday morning. we're tracking dangerous heat and severe storms moving in for millions. summer storm threat. the midwest to northeast on alert for another round of severe weather after getting hit by pounding rain and heavy winds. this as a major scorcher settles in for millions. president trump's new economic plan. what will the white house do to boost the economy and calm fears of a recession? will he propose tax cuts? what could it mean for your wallet? fired, officer daniel pantaleo now fighting to get his job back after the chokehold death of eric garner. >> i can't breathe. >> the nypd union outraged as garner's family says this
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