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tv   ABC7 News 400PM  ABC  August 20, 2019 4:00pm-5:00pm PDT

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gone. live, learn enjoy. safe investments to set your family on the path to american citizenship. that's the first thing you see on the website for san francisco regional center. but according to this indictment, the people who used the company weren't safe. they were schemed. >> this case is the fraud ever charged criminally for the state of california. >> he prepared this indictment which alleges 70-year-old thomas henderson used his company, the san francisco regional center or sfrc, to exploit the eb-5 visa program. investors in china, india and vietnam each paid him $500,000 thinking they were funding one of seven sfrc businesses that qualified for the program. the federal progr gives green cards to investors who contribute $500,000 to a u.s. business that creates at least ten full-time jobs. instead, the indictment says
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henderson diverted the pone to buy the historic tribune tower in oakland. the i magnum building and other properties, businesses and restaurants. >> all of these representations all of these promises were made in the course of this scheme and those promises were not kept. >> according to the indictment, henderson liedo investors and the government for years. providing paperwork and business plans that seemed legit from 2011 to 2017. i asked the u.s. attorney how it was able to go on for so long. >> one of the ways in which this scheme was being hidden was the diversion of money raised from later investors. to cover over the losses that were being suffered by earlier investors. >> so now henderson is facing charges of conspiracy and wire fraud. he pleaded not guiltyoday in court and released on a $250,000 bond. his next court date is october 1st. kumasi aaron, abc7 news. >> we know about henderson.
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what about the other two defendants in the case? >> the other defendant cooper lee was arrested this morning in laguna beach. he's also facing conspiracy and wire fraud charges, as well. they haven't set a court date for him. the other peter hu lives in china and hasn't been arrested. >> thank you. the suspect in a viral video of an attack outside a san francisco condo building was back in court today for a separate case. austin james vincent also faces charges in a february case in which a woman says he attacked her along with her friends with a knife while they waited for a ride share. he faces charges of assault with a deadly weapon and criminal that's in that case. the judge today ordered him to remain in jail. investigators say he may be a suspect in at least two other crimes. reporter lyanne melendez is following the case and will have new developments tonight at 5:00. >> dr. thomas keller pleaded not guilty to the charges of second degree murder of four patients. the 72-year-old is accused of
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overprescribing dangerously high levels of addictive opioids and narcotics to those patients. he also pleaded not guilty to elder abuse of a fifth patient who also died. his attorney said the chargeses are an effort to second-guess a doctor. bail set today at $12 million. today was the first day back in court after three jurors were replaced for misconduct in the ghost ship trial. new injury has to start all over again. >> lesley brinkley has been following the story from the beginning live with the instructions that the judge gave to the jury. lesley? >> reporter: well, we expected a verdict this week. instead the ghost ship trial is quickly bookkeeping a hornet's nest of problems that gets worse by the day. a long laundry list from the day. the judge this morning in open court addressed the jury and lawyers implying she will be looking at cell phone records of the offending jurors, that is those she removed from the panel yesterday. she implied she would be looking
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at those as well as giving them a chance to consult with attorneys as she decides whether she's going to pursue criminal sanctions for contempt of court against them. three jurors were dismissed yesterday for misconduct. the judge replacing them with three alternates and ordering deliberations to begin all over again. today in court, the judge alluded to the misconduct incident happening late last thursday involving a possible text message with a media link of some kind. the jurors were add mmonished n to the use the internet to look up anything with the case. she will col criminally sanction two of them for contempt of court. the third was dismissed because she knew of the illicit communication and didn't report it. >> the seems unlikely that the county is going to start prosecuting jurors for who knows what. but this certainly puts a
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serious crimp in the trial. it's now in jeopardy. >> the only remaining alternate juror could soon be seated on the panel because of fourth juror who has a scheduling conflict. there are many work and vacation conflicts to sort through even though the judge told the jury the trial could extend into october. >> she's asking for proof of none refundable expenses. one juror delayed a medical procedure. the judge says she took out a calendar, she highlighted all the dates jurors had given her they are not available in september. and it basically blocks out most of the month to complicate that, starting thursday this week till labor day, the court is dark. that is they have a planned or scheduled vacation period and so it leaves very few days for deliberation. that's the question. how is this going to get scheduled and get done. that's what we're waiting for perhaps tomorrow to get more word from the judge on it. >> wow, sounds like a scheduling nightmare.
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thank you. we talked to abc7 news legal analyst david lim. more about the scheduling conflicts that have come up. lim is a defense attorney and used to be involved in this case as a prosecutor before he entered private practice. >> with a jury deliberations going on as long as they have and this case going on as long as they have, i think it's natural that jurors are starting to come up with scheduling conflicts because they've been at this now for better part of four months. >> lim says it's impossible to speculate if there will be a verdict or a mistrial. and the jurors are going to try to do the best job they can to deliberate. we'll continue to follow the ghost ship case as the jury dlib rays. you can find more stories on as well as the abc7 news app. >> one of the more popular stores in san francisco's fisherman's wharf area was broken into overnight. we caught the aftermath at the international spy shop on beech street. a window was covered up but you could see all the shattered glass. since this is a spy shop, it's
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no surprise there is video. the owner needs to go through it beforehanding it over to police. an employee told us this afternoon whoever did it cleaned out an entire case of mrchandise of air soft guns. it looked pretty realistic. >> they took pistols, uzis, grenade launch areas all of them with orange tips so they're distinguishable they're air soft guns not real guns. >> the store has been hit several times in the past. no word of any suspects or arrests. >> let's turn to the weather. cooler again today. show you live pictures from mount tam and our roomtop tower cameras. >> looks nice. look at the blue sky. >> pretty outside for sure. >> get to spencer christian with a first look at the forecast. >> we have more blue sky coming our way and much warmer weather starting tomorrow. right now temperatures ranging from mid 60s at half moon bay and san francisco to mid-70s around the bay shoreline at fremont and palo alto to mid and
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upper 80s in the brentwood, fair feed and clear lake. on we go to the 24-hour temperature change. some inland locations quite a bit warmer right now than this hour yesterday especially places like concord, livermore, and fairfield rather and napa. this is why we have a warmup coming our way, this high pressure system centered over the four corners area is bringing hot desert air in our direction. 112 degrees at palm springs. needles and phoenix. that hot air is moving in our direction. as you see going into the overnight hours we're not going to have much of a cool down tonight. i'll give you a look at the numbers for tomorrow in a few minutes. >> happening now, the question whether to name a muni subway station after political activist rose pack is creating a pitched debate at city hall. muni's board of directors is considering a special order that's drawn a huge crowd wanting to weigh in.
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the central subway chinatown station would be named chinatown rose pack station, one of the fierce advocates for the construction of the central subway. opponents say she didn't always act in the best interests of the people. she died in 2016. oakland's $75 million plan to repave strew streets is under way. a crew will spend the rest of the week spreading a new layer of blacktop on harold street along 580 in the diamond district. the work is funded by an fluctuate bond approved by voters in 2016. it will repave more than 100 miles of city sfrooets streets. the process expected to take three years. >> recession fears growing concerns about the economy and why president trump says he is not worried. >> on the move, cal students return to campus. we'll take you there for move-in day and great chicken chag. fast food giants get snarky online. we will put their food to the test right
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sleep number 360 smart bed. you can adjust your comfort on both sides - your sleep number setting. can it help us fall asleep faster? yes, by gently warming your feet. but can it help keep us asleep? absolutely, it intelligently senses your movements and automatically adjusts to keep you both effortlessly comfortable. so you can really promise better sleep. not promise... prove. and now, all beds are on sale! save 50% on the sleep number 360 limited edition smart bed. plus 0% interest for 24 months and free home delivery. ends saturday >> firefighters in alaska are getting some help as they battle several major wildfires. 200 firings have been brought in from washington state.
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one blaze has burned more than 100,000 acres another threatening 50 struck furnz so far this year in california, acreage burned by fire is down 90%. compared to the average over the past five years. this is for fires responded to by cal fire and does not include fires on federal lands. last year, it was the worst fire year in state history. the latest drought monitor map shows only a small portion of the state is listed as abnormally dry. a year ago, almost the entire state as abnormally dry or extreme drought. >> a big day. uc bketudes began moving into their dorms. some of them were welcomed personally by the chancellor. here's reporter. >> you bin na fortson. >> reporter: oh, college move-in day. your family, lugging all your junk. the administrators with the advice. >> this is the place like a big city and so just like in a big city, it responds to city skills and finding your neighborhood.
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>> reporter: the overly exciting welcoming committee -- and parents on the vernal of tears. >> i'm proud but i'm going to miss her. >> reporter: welcome class of 2023 to uc berkeley. >> it's been a warm welcome. there's a lot of academics. at the end of the day, we're all family. >> reporter: had he just met his new friend muhammad yesterday. they'll both be studying computer scientist. >> me and him are in the african-american theme program. it's really just, it, helps welcome us as black students. there's 1.9% of us over here. >> i'm going to miss our parents >> he said the right words there. >> but i'm looking forward to just everything that comes with college and stuff. >> reporter: patel's parents have been through the process before but bow nit tote justas her t.j. >> he's my only son. >> i'm looking forward to learning chemical engineering.
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>> reporter: we know the students are serious about academician mechanics and enjoying new experiences. >> i get to be away from family. >> exactly. it would be awesome. >> reporter: they said it, not me. >> it's been such a welcoming environment here and definitely has me missing college. but congratulations to all of the students that are beginning their year and we wish them all the best. reporting in berkeley, jobina fortson, abc7 news. >> the kids are all excited and the parents moving in the freshmen are emotional wrecks. a bay area city made the top ten in a list of safest cities in the country. to raise a child. san ramon, safest city in the state came in at number 7. this is according to a home security and safety company called safe wise. folsom in sacramento county made the list number 24 pless santon in at 30, sunnyvale 47, safe wise comprised its list based on graduation rates and the number of sex offenders per capita,
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crime as well as other factors. safe is good. >> definitely. and our weather is good too for now. >> yeah. for now. you turn to me. i'll try to keep it good. >> how about that? it's going to get warmer. that's pretty good. a look at live doppler 7. mainly sunny skies for now. a few clouds offshore. we expect a little bit of a marine layer to develop tonight. but for right now, mainly blue sky. this is the view from the east bay hills camera. currently of 5 in san francisc oakland 2, 74 redwood city. 1 gilroy. 64 half moon bay. even at the golden gate, lots of blue skies. other temperature readings right now, 80 santa rosa, upper 70s at napa and pet dooum lum ma. 78 livermore. the roof from our rooftop camera looking over a breezy embarcadero. fog will spread overnight with
4:17 pm
the possibility of spotty morning drizzle. much warmer tomorrow and hot days inland starting tomorrow continuing through the weekend. overnight as the fog and low clouds push over the bay locally inland with a chance of spotty coastal drizzle, lows drop into the mid to upper 50s for the most part and then the forecast animation shows that spreading of the low clouds and fog pushing well across the bay late tonight and sort of lingering there for the early morning hours. commuters will be, morning commuters will be encountering some fog as they drive about. by midmorning, mainly sunny skies over the bay inland and along some coastal locations tomorrow. so this is our comparison of highs we've had so far today with our projected highs for tomorrow. notice how much warmer it's going to be. 7 degrees whammer tomorrow san francisco and oakland. 9 degrees warmer in san jose and redwood city. and 13 degrees warmer in
4:18 pm
livermore. so you can see what's many coming in our direction. south bay, look for highs of 85 san jose. 91 morgan hill. peninsula mainly low to mid 80s and upper 60s on the coast. downtown san francisco will top out at 2 degrees tomorrow. north bay highs of 88 novato, 90 pet lunl ma and napa. 9 sonoma. oakland 79, 82 hayward and newark, and inland east bay low to mid-90s. thursday it, even warmer in many inland locations. a few upper 90ss in fairfield, antioch, north of clear lake and maybe 100 at cloverdale. friday not much change. probably a couple degrees lower on friday. but they'll bounce back up saturday to mid and upper 90s. a look at the accuweather seven-day forecast. fairly steady pattern with very little variation from day to day except temperatures going up a couple degrees one day and down a couple the next day.
4:19 pm
we're talking about mid-90s as the highs inland through next tuesday. low to mid 80s around the bay shoreline and upper 60s maybe even up to 70 in some locations along the coast over the next seven days. a warm spell but not exactly a heat wave. >> you thanks, spencer. >> do you recognize this actor? take a look. that's actually legendary actor john travolta. what he's saying about his new movie "the fanatic temperature just ahead. >> plus we take the chicken challenge. three fast food restaurants facing off. we will put them to the test. right here. >> and let's take a live look at our traffic on this tuesday. 419, walnut creek. your slower traffic is northbound 680. your better traffic is on the right-hand side. that is your southbound traffic.
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actor john tra volt at that time is the nearly unrecognizable in his latest film. >> "the fanatic" tells the story of a man who takes his obsession with a movie star way too for. he was talking about the film today and more. >> this is a guy who is a huge fan of an action movie series dude. sees him, lines up, waits a long time and feels like he gets dismissed by this actor. >> yes. >> that sets your character off.
4:23 pm
>> exactly because there guy is like a man child. he's also a bit on the spectrum. and he can't imagine that his favorite movie star wore ever not love him. because he's been picked on and bull aud his whole life and he thinks the one time i'll get relief from this is from my favorite movie star. instead he gets tormented and picked on by the star and he doesn't understand it. it's a very different movie and very unique and i think has a lot of heart, too. it's a mix of a lot of things. but you know, the movie star is a good person but a bad celebrity. and the fan is also a good person but gets discombobulated and confused when he doesn't get the reaction from the movie star that he wants. >> you know, that relationship was interesting and it touched me so much because i couldn't figure out even at the end who is supposed to be the good guy ands who the bad guy. i wonder if that's the point that in each of us, there's that
4:24 pm
complexity and it's not so black and white. >> that's a good point. there is complexity in both characters. the fan which i play and the movie star which devin plays and both of them are complex like we all are. but i did this because i understand the fan. i mean, i've been a fan my whole life of people. i feel like unless you can be that, you almost can't expect others to be a fan of you. >> great conversation and chris also asked him about his many other films like "grease" and "saturday night fever" which led to a little dancing. > to the right one, two the left two, then go back and back. one, two, and three, and four. one, two, and three. >> how am i doing? >> let me see. yeah. >> yeah. >> my god. >> do it. >> this is like -- >> oh, hell yeah.
4:25 pm
>> whoa. >> you did it better than i did. look at you. >> he's been practicing. > like weeks of rehearsal. he busted that out on john travol travolta. >> that's hysterical. i don't think i can come back and do the show anymore, this guy is outdancing me. >> the fanatic looks like a pretty good movie in the theater august 30th. >> we should stream reggie dancing. > make a meme out of it. that could go places. >> it's probably been done. >> by him. >> we're learning more about the newest james bond film, ama. >> i'm excited. >> 25th james bond movie was announced today on twitter. it will be called "no time to die." good one, right? daniel craig. >> who? >> daniel craig will once again star as bond. get this rami mallek who started as freddie mercury will play the
4:26 pm
villain. it's set to open in the u.s. next april. >> one of us is a huge daniel craig fan. >> who could that be. >> keanu reeves returning to the world of the matrix. warner brothers announcing a fourth installment of the series is in the works. reeves is repricing his role asner row. and lan nan wakowssk i returns as writer and codirect berpt first version hit the theaters 20 years ago. we're getting old. second installment "matrix reloaded" was filmed in part in oakland. >> it was so cool when he would do the -- >> reggie, he could do that right now. no effects needed. >> still to come, an airport on the move? the plans to close a south bay airport. the talk isn't anything new but this time there's something a little different. >> and are we on the road to recession? president trump defending the economy but not everyb
4:27 pm
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♪ try my $4.99 barbeque bacon double cheeseburger combo. area. from abc7. >> a large part of our effort to build a better bay area includes exploring issues surrounding house ag. >> in san jose there's a proposal by the county that could allow for nearly 200 acres of new housing. the problem is that land is currently the site of the reid-hill view airport. >> liz kreutz is in the san jose today where the city council heard from people on both sides
4:30 pm
of this proposal. liz? >> reporter: yeah, you know, this has been an issue for years, right? should the reid-hill airport stay open or close so that the land can be used for other things. well, after a big decision by the county last year, it seems closer to potentially closing. this city council meeting here today was the next step in that process. 20 years ago, walt geiger move his flight training business from mineta san jose international to the read hill airport. but he had to move his business once again. >> i can't re-establish my business someplace else without starting from scratch. >> reporter: he showed up to the city council meeting to speak out against a plan that could close the airport all together. >> i believe the closure of the airport would be a bad mistake. >> reporter: santa clara owns the airport which offers
4:31 pm
training and emergency relief. a report shown to the city council says rising cost, declining revenue and maintenance problems contribute to the need to shut it down. the city says if it does close, the land could be used to create public parks and mixed income housing. the mayor says there are also health reasons. >> residents are exposed to excessive exhaust and fumes. we know the air quality has impacts on children. >> reporter: at the city council meeting, people who live around the airport said they want it to close. >> it's crazy, crazy, immoral for 200 acres to sit for an airport. it's time it needs to be closes. >> reporter: but pilots like geiger say in addition to hurting businesses and critical pilot training programs it would be a loss to the community, as well. >> the airport is an asset for emergency services. if something is going to happen, there's a staging ground for emergency services, cal fire and so forth.
4:32 pm
>> reporter: and mayor liccardo said he does support the county's plan to close the airport so long as the county has a plan to seamlessly transition the pilots and the emergency services to another airport. he mentioned san tar teen near gilroy. the pilots we spoke to said that san martin is too small and doesn't have the capacity and it's too far away. live in san jose, liz kreutz, abc7 news. >> you mentioned at the top of the report they've been talking about chloing this airport possibly for years now. how is this time any different? >> yeah, it seems like this time it might be different and this is why last year the county decided not to renew faa funding for this airport if they had renewed it,ed require the airport to stay open an additional 20 years past when the current funding ends. that's going to leave open the ability for it to close. and we should point out, as well that the current funding from the faa doesn't end till 20131. nothing is going to change most
4:33 pm
likely till then. it is a long process still ahead. >> thank you. we want to hear your ideas about building a better bay area. join our better bay area facebook group. >> now to washington and growing concerns about the economy. abc news has learned the white house may be taking steps to help bolster the economy an effort to prevent recession. this on the heels of a study that says many economists believe a recession could start as early as this year. here's abc news reporter tara palmeri. >> reporter: as the president down plays any took of looming recession, abc news learned that the white house is quietly scrambling to come up with a tax plan that might stimulate the economy. >> our economy is incredible. our jobs you look at the jobs market. but you have to be proactive. >> reporter: during the midterm elections trump promised a 10% tax cut for the middle class. >> but after the election, the idea was dropped. with the 2020 election looming and economic experts predicting
4:34 pm
more downturn, white house officials tell abc news they're considering additional tax cuts. >> we're looking at various tax reductions. i'm looking at that all the time anyway. that's one of the reasons we're in such a strong economic position. we're right now the number one country anywhere in the world by far. >> the u.s. bureau of economic analysis predicts that the g tp-3 will drop from 3.1% in quarter one to 2.1%s in quarter two. trump touted the strong stock market as a sign of the success of his presidency. just last week, the dow tumbled 800 points in one day and rallied the next. >> i think the volatility is a function of differing views about where the economy is headed. >> still, the white house claimed the conditions could be worse under a democratic president. >> taxes would skyrocket. the stock market would be tank. jobs would varnish and we would get that recession these naysayers keep talking about. >> even though he nominated jerome powell to the federal
4:35 pm
reserve board, the president blamed the chairman for the dip in the economy. as for pall, he says he wants to continue to be out his four-year term. tara palmeri, abc news, washington. >> former obama housing and urban development secretary julian cas toe has become the tenth candidate to qualify for the fall debates. he'll be joined by biden, pete buttigieg, am ca ma harris, beta o'rourke, bernie sanders, elizabeth warren and andrew yang. to qualify candidates must get at least 2% in four polls and donations from 130,000 unique donors. additional candidates have only eight days to qualify for the september 12th debate which will be hosted by abc news and you know i vision. >> new developments today in the city of chicago's lawsuit against actor jussie smollett. the federal judge says she will rule on his request to dismiss the lawsuit in october. her announcement came during a ten-minute status hearing today
4:36 pm
but the former actor did not attend. the city is suing to force him to pay $130,000 in police overtime and other expenses related to his claim kefs the victim of a racist and anti-gay attack in january. the city claims the actor staged the whole thing. for the first time, colin kaepernick is revealing the incident that inspired his quest for social justice and civil rights. in an article in the latest edition of paper magazine, he says the shooting death of mario woods in san francisco was the cat at that time list for his activism. the former 49er quarterback told the magazine he was deeply affected by that incident in which woods was shot 21 times. he began his silent protest nine months later by taking a knee during the anthem. >> just ahead, the chicken challenge heats up on twitter. >> it's going to heat up in the studio. plus, what are all these dogs doing? they're at the movies? >>oing to show you coming up. >> i'm spencer christian.
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that person must then pass the card along to someone else. the cards will be valid through friday night. >> now to the fast food chicken challenge. >> yes. >> the war is on. >> serious. >> between popeyes chick-fil-a and wendys. the three are going head to head on twitter. we have spared no expense. >> we have not. >> this all started when popeye's introduced its first chickesawi last week ancic filet called theirs the original and popeyes responded with a y'all good. wendys couldn't resist and jumped into the mix with y'all out here fighting about which of these fools have has the second best chicken sandwich. >> reminds me of larry bird during the three-point shoot-out. we thought we would leave the trash talking online, put the food to the test. who has the best chicken sandwich. we have noted chicken expert spencer christian here. >> i'm the only one here who
4:41 pm
grew up in the south. >> you may be leaning towards popeyes. but you can vote, as well. so we've got these three restaurants. start with the popeyes right here. >> start with the one right in the front there. >> i took a bite of wendy's. >> what do you think so far? >> not bad. good flavor. >> okay. >> these are the nonspicy version. >> we should point out that. >> what do you think of popeye's so far? >> crumbly. >> rinse my palate. chick-fil-a. i tend to not like things that are heavy on the salt. i felt like the wendy's had a good amount of sodium. try this one. >> i just bit my lip. >> that tasted pretty good. >> that was the chick-fil-a. >> uh-huh. i couldn't tell much difference between those two, popeyes and chick-fil-a. >> the third one, wendy's. >> okay. >> gosh, i couldn't tell much
4:42 pm
difference either. >> i don't know how joey does this. i'm trying to go fast. >> i go with the popeyes. >> you guys east much faster than i do. >> this is not a commercial. my least favorite is wendy's. the other two taste about the same to me. >> okay. but they're all cold. you know? i don't think they would taste like this if we just ordered them at the window. >> i'm going to have to go chick-fil-a. >> if i have to pick one, i'm going to go with popeye's. >> but i must say. >> any reason why. >> i like the crunch in the popeye's. so it wasn't so much a flavor thing as a texture thing into wow. >> but i must say i rarely introduce food items like this to the temple. >> of his body in case you're not aware. see what the audience is thinking. >> cheick failly is the most popular. >> okay.
4:43 pm
>> 50%. >> then popeye's then wendys. >> wendys came in third so far. right? >> they're all good. >> good flavor. >> remarkably similar. >> i think they are. >> i wouldn't be able to pick them out of a lineup. >> it would be hard. i would go a tie between chick-fil-a and popeyes. >> there is consensus wendys is out for us. >> a lot of trash talking. go to the weather. >> sorry, wendi. you all good? >> we good. >> i'm like i'm going to finish mine. >> overnight conditions, we're going to see expanding low clouds an fog from the coast across the bay. overnight lows in the mid to upper 50s. tomorrow here's your 12-hour planner. we'll start the day with lots of lingering low clouds near the coast and bay. bright sunny skies just about everywhere by noon. going into the afternoon, the big warmup begives. mid-90s inland. in the mid to late afternoon hours. projected highs for tomorrow
4:44 pm
about 94 concord, antioch, 93 fairfield. down in the south bay, high of 85 at san jose. 90 at napa and here is the accuweather seven-day forecast. pretty much going to see that same range of highs that we'll experience tomorrow for just about all of the seven-day period. mainly mid or mid to upper 90s inland through next tuesday. low to mid 80s around the bay shoreline and mid to upper 60s, maybe a few low 70s on the coast. a steady warm at that time tern but i wouldn't call that a heat wave. certainly warm, toasty inland. late summer warmth. >> i'm glad you could talk. >> you're still cleansing your palate. >> so sfo becomes the first airport in the nation to ban plastic water bottles. there's the video. not all water bots. we will explain. >> i'm michael finney.
4:45 pm
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break news from the nap nah pal sonoma county line. a fire burn asking southwest of calistoga near sharp road. you see is the smoke right there. air crews have been dropping retardant and water. no homes threatened as of this moment. cal fire says that fire is spreading is slowly so good news there. at least three acres have burned so far. we will keep an eye on this. >> you can't buy water bottles at sfo anymore. that's what they told us and it's almost true. >> turns out there is one very big exception to the rule that just went into effect today. here's news reporter amy hollyfield. >> reporter: fo employees started the morning by putting new glass containers of water on their shelves to comply with an airport ban that went into place today. plastic bottles of water are no longer allowed. but look at the bottom shelf. there are still large plastic bottles of water. shopper mark fong found that be confusing. > i think there kaut ought to be a total ban. it's inconsistent to do one
4:49 pm
sides and not the other. plastic's plasti >> reporter: you can still get soda, tea and lemonade in plastic bots. it all has shoppers scratching their heads. >> tea and lemonade? and sodas but not the water? come on, guys. this is really a starting point for us. >> reporter: airport spokesperson doug yakal says they would love to ban all plastic but still need their stores to make money. >> our retailers are the ones that making it successful. we need to set them up for success. that's why we're doing this in phases. >> he says there's still aren't good recyclable or compostable packages for this size water or flavored drinks. but he says the packaging industry is improving. >> our hope is it can include the larger bottles and things like sodas, teas and juices. >> till then, passengers tell us they're okay with banning some plastic here at the airport and bringing their reusable bottles.
4:50 pm
>> i that's smart. i think the plastic is invading the ocean and that has negative impact on the ecology. >> i always carry my plastic water bottle, refill it and wash it every few days. >> the power is with consume pirnz if you don't want these on the shelves, don't buy them. amy hollyfield, abc7 news. >> stop me if you heard this before. facebook is rolling out a new plan to help you control your data. as we know, they're really good at this. >> is this going to be the one? 7 on your side's michael finney has the details. >> this is a good one. it's not quite here yet. listen to this. it's good. facebook is launching a set of new privacy tools users can turn offtracking where facebook follows you around the internet. well, those who is keep the tracking on can view exactly what facebook is keeping track of. the new features rolled
4:51 pm
today in south korea, ireland and spain. no word if it will be available here in the united states. >> a new report found the four largest wireless carriers throttle at least some video content even when the networks aren't experiencing high track. research by northeastern university and the university of massachusetts amherst shows at&t, sprint, t-mobile, and verizon limited quality by capping their connection speeds throttling based on content types was absolutely forbidden under obama era fcc rules but the current administration abandoned those rules backing in 2017. spotify is adding a knew feature allowing firnts control content. previously, users were able to turn on content filters within their own account. now parents will be able to filter content on their kids' accounts. turning the filters off would require a parent's password, therefore preventing kids from
4:52 pm
dee activating it or at least that's what they think at this point. >> thank you, mike. >> you had kids. >> yes. one, two, three, four, five, six, seven, they figured out the password. >> a picture of pups has gone viral all for the show. check it out. this picture take in canada during a performance of billy elliott, the musical. they were there as part of training to become service animals. other theater goers said the dogs sat calmly during the performance and exited during intermigz and returned for the rest of the show. the theater says is the dogs are welcome to come back anytime. >> how cute is this. >> best thing ever. >> and they were all just very calm and cool and enjoying the show. >> yeah. >> housing or the environment? the battle brewing over plans to develop salt ponds near redwood city. what is at stake next. >> and dan's here. dan? >> do those dogs instead of
4:53 pm
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coming up tonight on abc7, at 8:00, catch "bachelor in paradise" followed at 10-by bless in mess and blackish. >> a jewel of san francisco bay is once again the center of a battle between environmentalists and potential development. >> at issue the cargill salt ponds in redwood city as vic lee reports it could pit wetlands restoration against increased
4:57 pm
housing. >> reporter: staring across the bleach white cargill salt ponds near redwood city can be like looking at a blank sheet of paper. you can imagine drawing whatever you want on it, maybe acres of diverse wetlands like these or maybe as in the case of past proposals thousands of new homes in a single development. >> the cargill salt ponds are a poster child for exactly where we should not build. %-p law makers came out to oppose development on the salt ponds. they became concerned after the trump administration's epa recently cleared a way clean water act protections for the away which cargill has fought to develop for decades. >> with the trump administration taking power, they had a much more receptive audience. >> reporter: environmental groups say the salt ponds are a key asset for the bay sitting between two other tidal marshes. they say we storing them to
4:58 pm
wetlands won help he fight rising tideses from climate change and provide critical habitat. david lewis of save the bay says even recent restorations are already paying dividends. >> they're full of fish and birds. it's coming back. >> cargill proposed as many as 12,000 homes in the past but a statement released today titled "reimagine salt works" says nothing has been proposed for the site and we look forward to engaging with all stakeholders about the future of this property." david lewis believes the public will support restoration. >> the public has already answered this question. we want the bay restored. we want more housing near transit. this is not the place for housing. this is the place for retland restoration. >> for now possibly a battleground for the future of the bay. vic lee, abc7 news. >> now, opponents of development also argue that the area would be vulnerable to be potential flooding if tides begin rising
4:59 pm
as a result of climate change. >> thanks for joining us for abc 6 news at 4. >> abc7 "news at 5:00" starts now. for me right now, i can't think straight because pd said get out. >> the that applies to him and his son. why oakland says it has every right to evict people living in this encampment. >> a judge says a man accused of attacking a woman outside her home is a public safety risk. what happens to a man who has become the symbol in the fight over a homeless shelter. >> another twist in the ghost ship trial. talk of holding two jurors in the contempt as the judge suddenly says her vacation plans may be a problem. >> trying to predict an earthquake. new signs scientists are getting closer to this holy grail. >> now news to build a better bay area from abc 7. >> it was one belonging after another that was dumped into a garbage truck.
5:00 pm
what teams like trashtom was something to be treasured for people living in this encampment. i'm dan ashley. >> i'm kristen sze. thanks for joining us. today symbolized how complicated the homeless situation can be as we try to build a better bay area. dozens of residents of a makeshift rv park were evicted. >> the city says the encampment at union point park got too big and a hazard for the cniarnd it. luz pena is on the story. >> when you're a kid, playing with trucks is one thing. having a truck back up to your house to take your belongings is another. >> used to race each other on our bikes. >> show me how. >> 6-year-old benjamin woke up to city workers evicting him and his family from this parking lot. today he was supposed to go to first grade instead he stayed back because


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