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tv   ABC7 News 600PM  ABC  August 20, 2019 6:00pm-6:58pm PDT

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>> we are joined live from the newsroom to explain this. >> dan and e 2, jobs but the u.s. attorney said they took $110 million from 2 million people, most from china and thought they were making an investment here in the u.s. now their money and their dreams of citizen ship are gone. live, learn, enjoy, safe investments t set your family on the path to silt ship. the people that used to company were victims of a scheme. >> this case is the largest eb 5 ever charged criminally in the state of california. >> david anderson, u.s. attorney for the northern district of california prepared this indictment that alleges thomas hunter son used his company, the san francisco regional center to
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exploit the eb 5 visa program. investors in china, india and vietnam each paid henderson $500,000 thinking they were funding one of seven businesses that qualified for the program. the federal program gives green cards to investors that contribute to a u.s. business that creates at least ten full-time jobs. henderson diverted the money to buy the historic tower in oakland. the building and other properties, businesses and restaurants. >> all of these representations, all of these promises were made in the course of this scheme and those promises were not kept. >> according to the indictment, henderson lied to investors and the government for years providing paper work and business plans that seem legit from 2011 to 2017. i asked the u.s. attorney how it was able to go on for so long. >> one of the ways the scheme was going is the diversion of
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money raised from later investors to cover over the losses that were being suffered by earlier ged wit conspiracy and wire fraud charges. henderson pleaded not guilty today in court and released on $250,000 bond. the other defendant cooper lee arrested this morning in laguna beach. they haven't set a court date for him yet and peter hue lives in china and hasn't been arrested. >> you mentioned tribune tower and other buildings, what else did the indictment say henderson spent the money on? >> it says he diverted $2 million for restaurants in oakland and used money to buy the house he lived in and make the interest payments on the mortgage according to that indictment, guys. >> all right, kumasi aaron, thank you. firefighters in the north bay made work ofru this hescen
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airwsro wer onhes while homes were threatened and no injuries. at least three acres were burned. new at 6:00, hundreds gathered to remember the chp officer killed. 34-year-old andre was praised. the driver was killed in an ensuing shootout. he joined the chp in 2017 but it had been his dream job since he was a teenager. >> we're so proud of his dream of becoming a chp officer. i know we'll continue to honor him. we will follow his example of kindness and to serve others. >> officials say the suspect had a history of violent crime. the two chp officers injured are expected to make full
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recoveries. cleaned out a case of replica guns. abc 7 news was at the international spy shop. the window is covered up now but you can see the shattered glass on the sidewalk and inside the business. an employee says the alarm went off at 4:30 in the morning and there is surveillance video. the owner needs to go through it and turn it over to police. >> they took pistols and oozies and grenade launchers with orange tips so it's distingible they are not real. >> tony says the store has been hit a couple other times. no word on a suspect or arrest. santa rosa doctor thomas keller pleaded not guilty to charges of second-degree murder of four patients. the 72-year-old is accused of over prescribing dangerously high levels of addictive opioids
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and narcotics. he pleaded guilty to elder abuse of a fifth patient. his attorneys say the charges are an effort to second guess a doctor. bail was set at $12 million. we are learning more about why a judge dismissed three jurors on the ghost ship trial. today in court the judge eluded that the misconduct involved a possible text message with a media link of some kind. those jurors wered ed admonish to interact. the judge said she could criminally sanction two of them for contempt of court. a third was dismissed because she knew of the elicit communication and didn't report it. >> it seems unlikely that the county is going to start prosecuting jurors, but this certainly puts a serious crimp in the trial, it's now in jeopardy. >> in jeopardy because there is only one alternate juror
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remaining. deliberations restarted with this new jury today. you can get the latest news sent to you. download the abc 7 news app. your safety is an important part of building a better bay yar a area and why we continue to follow up on this attack that's gotten so much attention. the man accused of attacking a woman outside of her apartment building in san francisco will not remain in jail. that decision was made in court by the same judge who originally released him. this time the judge took into consideration allegations of yet another attack. abc 7 news reporter lyanne melendez is live with the full story tonight. >> reporter: dan, that's exactly what made her change her mind. she read the police report. she also reviewed the new information and decided jail time with no bail. these are still pictures of today's arraignment in court where austin james vincent was
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charged with assaulting a woman and some of her friends while waiting for a ride sharing vehicle. the district attorney's office says that was back in february. >> the charges include both assault with a deadly weapon and criminal threats and there are numerous victims in this case. >> reporter: the case was never resolved until the victim saw this mug shot of vincent following an alleged attack on another woman outside her apartment on august 11th, which was caught on surveillance video. today the district attorney said other calls have come in. >> some of those calls have not been substantiated but we have to review every incident that comes in and some of them we're still reviewing. >> today the judge ordered vincent to remain in jail after he turned himself in yesterday following the february allegations. last week judge christine van aiken was criticized for ordering his release mending the outcome of the alleged attack caught on camera. vincent was ordered to wear an
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ankle monitor only after where the judge saw the surveillance video. >> i was frankly alarmed. >> reporter: van aiken a public. his attorney says while in jail, vincent will no longer get the medical and psychiatric help he was receiving. >> austin's, you know, of usually upset about the situation. my focus is remain on austin and helping austin and i'll keep helping him navigate through this complex system. >> reporter: the d.a. wants to consolidate both cases so again, the august 11th and the february cases so he would be tried again only once but again, that would be decided during a hearing upcoming hearing on september 3rd. i'm live in san francisco, lyanne melendez, abc 7 news. thank you, leithe struggles housing were on display as
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dozens of cents were evicted. they were camped out in union point park near alameda. the city said the dwelling got too big and presented hazardous conditions around it. luz pena spoke to people that called that park home. >> reporter: this morning nicole burns and her neighbors woke up to this sound and a hard reality. >> they are getting closer. you know, getting closer. we got to go. >> reporter: a week ago dozens of people living in this parking lot at union point in oakland were handed eviction notices by the city at least six of the people who lived here are children. >> we're on the streets before. >> yeah, unfortunately i've been homeless for probably about two years now. >> reporter: what happened. >> quite honestly, a bad divorce and a loss of job because it was non-profit. >> reporter: in april a group of these residents who the city of oakland for violation of what they say are the city's
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evictions procedures. according to the city of oakland before deciding to clear an e encampment they check for health, location, city and size and the union point location in a negative way. the rvs that can't be driven out will be toed and placed in an inpound. everything outside this area will be thrown out. so they are just migratin, is that the solution? >> it's not the long-term solution. it's not. but if you have one of two of rvs in a particular location and after a certain short period of time, they moved to a different location, city wide that's a lot better than having 20 rvs in one spot. >> reporter: meanwhile as adults try to figure out where to sleep tonight, 6-year-old benjamin plays and dreams that maybe tomorrow he'll have a forever home. do you wish you had a different type of home? >> yeah. >> reporter: like what? >> a home that's a house and
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have water and fish. >> reporter: you wan ke? red. red pena, abcne. the bay area's housing crisis does affect us all. it's why we dedicated a week of coverage to the topic from issues from renters to homeowners to solutions for the future. find the stories online at bay area. well, earthquakes of course are a fact of life when you live in california. >> one of the most valuable pieces of information is knowing when one will hit. now advances in research could help scientists answer that question. a sustained warmup is coming our way without triple digits but hot nonetheless. i'll have the forecast coming up. i'm liz. why pilots are asking the city not to turn a local airport
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a large part of our effort to build a better bay area is housing. in san jose there is a proposal that could allow for near lllly acres of housing. abc 7 news reporter liz live in san jose. >> reporter: dan, this has been an issue for years. should the airport stay open or close? it wasn't until last year when the county vote against renewing funding for the faa, faa funding
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for this airport that this became a very real possibility, this city counsel meeting here today is the next step in that process. today pilot after pilot took to the podium at san jose city counsel meeting to speak out against the plan that could shout down the reed hill view airport and replace it with housing. >> i believe the closure of the airport would be a big mistake. >> reporter: among the group wallet who owns a flight training business at the airport. >> reestablish my business somewhere else. >> reporter: santa clara county owns the general aviation airport that offers pilot training, storage and emergency relief for san jose international. a report shown to the city counsel said rising costs, declining revenue and maintenance problems contribute to the need to shut the airport down. if it does close, 180 acres of land could be used to create public parks. the mayor said there is health reasons. >> excessive exhaust and fumes, we know the air quality has impacts on children.
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>> reporter: is t-- at the city counsel meeting, people said around the airport they want it se. >> it's immoral for 200 acres to sit for an airport. >> reporter: in addition to hurting businesses and critical pilot training programs, the closure would be a loss to the community, as well. >> the airport is an asset for emergency services. if something is going to happen, there is a staging ground for emergency services, cal fire and so forth. >> reporter: still, the mayor says he supports long as they plan to move it somewhere else. >> you have a large swath of land that is under utilized. >> reporter: and he mentioned san martine airport. it's too small and too far. we mentioned faa funding. we should point out current funding for the airport goes until 2031 so nothing is likely to happen until then.
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this is all part of long-term planning. >> liz, thanks. we want to hear your ideas about building a better bay area. join them on facebook. >> in the east bay, welcome cross of 2023 to u.c. berkeley. abc 7 news was there as move in day got started. plenty of excited students, anxious parents and emotions running high. >> i'm proud but i'm going to miss her. >> he's my only son. >> i'm going to miss my parents, but -- >> good thing. he said the right words there. [ laughter ] >> but i'm looking forward to just everything that comes with college and stuff. >> at least he admits he'll miss his parents. the first day of class at cal is next wednesday, august 28th. a week from tomorrow. >> that's always an exciting time. nervous if you're a parent, excited if you're a kid. let's talk about the weather forecast. nice day to be moving into dorms. >> perfect. it will warm up, right, spencer?
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>> better to move in today if you're carrying you'll be sweating. here is a look at live doppler 7. a few clouds in the sky right now but it's basically bright outside as you can see inls cam. it's 63 here in san francisco, oakland 69, 73 redwood city and san jose 72 and gilroy 79 and 63 at half moon bay and the view from mount tam looking down onto the bay and san francisco is a beautiful one, as well. it's 79 right now in santa rosa and napa 75 and petaluma 71 and 78 livermore and santa cruz beach, doesn't look like much activity right now. there might be the next few days, though, because it's going to be warming up. forecast, fog spreads rather far inland during the overnight hours. much warmer pattern begins tomorrow and it's going to continue for about a week. we have hot days coming our way in the inland areas and here is why. this big area of high pressure centered over the four corners area of the south west with it's
6:19 pm
clock-wise flow is bringing hot desert air into our direction. 112, 109 palm springs and arizona and it will warm up to a sustained warmup. let's deal with the overnight conditions and fog spreading across the bay. overnight lows mid to upper 50s and a chance of spotty drizzle as you follow the forecast animation. you can see the surge of fog 11:30 tonight into the overnight hours. morning commuters will encounter areas of fog in the morning but that fog will burn back quickly to the coastline and even away from the coastline in some spots giving us a mainly sunny day tomorrow and here is the look at the temperatures, the high temperatures today compared with the highs projected for tomorrow. notice how significant a warmup is coming our way. san francisco and oakland will be seven degrees warmer tomorrow than today and nine degrees
6:20 pm
warmer in san jose. so here say closer look or at least a wider look at projected highs for tomorrow. 93 at santa napa and low to mid-90s down to the south bay 91 morgan hill and 85 san jose and right around the bay shoreline, 79 at oakland, 81 san mateo dfron on thursday itareas. lots of upper 90s likely. clover dale high of 100. temperatures will drop just a few degrees on friday but then bounce back up again to mid and upper 90s inland on saturday. here is the accuweather seven-day forecast. and as i mentioned earlier, it's a sustained warmup. looks like thursday could be the hottest day inland in the seven-day period but notice each of the days we expect high temperatures inland to be in the mid-90s, low to mid 80s around the bay shoreline and mid to upper 60s around the coast. steady pattern and it may last even longer than seven days. >> all right. thanks, spencer. >> okay. >> how much is privacy worth to
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and realize you can get youeverything you need...oss oh, yeah. yep. yes! feel like a boss? that's yes for less. 20 to 60 percent off specialty store prices for every room and every budget. at ross. yes for less. another down day for the stock market. the dow lost 17 three points today closing below 26,000. the nasdaq dropped more than 50 points, the s&p snapped a three-day winning streak.
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in tonight's business watch a new tool for facebook and testing ground for waymo. users are able to block the company from gathering information about you from outside websites and apps. the feature will allow users to turn off the tracking similar to clear history button on many cell phones and provide a section where those who keep the tracking on can view the activity that facebook is watching. the feature is available starting today in south korea, ireland and spain. there is no word though on when it will be available in the u.s. the weather here is apparently too good for google self-driving company waymo. it will test cars in florida. the test vehicles will be driven testing in san francisco, fee in additioph and seattle. >> san francisco international airport's ban on plastic water bottles took effect but there are exceptions. you can't buy water in a plastic
6:25 pm
bottle at the airport anymore. you can buy water in glass, aluminum or compostable packaging and bring your own bottle. you can buy soda, tea and lem lemonade in plastic bottles. >> our retailers make it successful and we need to set them up for success. that's why we're doing this in phases. >> he says still still aren't good recyclable packaging options for flavored drinks or large water bottles over a liter in size, that's why you can still buy them in plastic bottles. at oakland international airport, meet the new version of a phone booth. two of the pods called jabber box were installed today in terminal two. you'll discover a desk, chair, charging ports and one of the hardest amenities. privacy for 30 minutes, these are the first jabber boxes on the west coast. clever idea. >> i like the jabber box.
6:26 pm
a new travel option that is safe skper and avoids traffic. >> in this case people are only part of the equation. the real benefit is for wildlife. we'll be able to predict when and where earthquakes will hit but
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earthquakes in california not a question of if but when the biggest challenge for scientists is answering that question, and a new advancement brings us closer to finding that answer. >> still, there is no guarantee of course. here is a brks krrbc 7 news rep wayne freedman with the story. >> reporter: welcome to the land or not if but when also known as earthquake country along the hayward fault. >> we never know when the next earthquake will occur. >> reporter: maybe we're closer. dr. angela answer aid lot of questions today following research by her colleague dr. daniel. >> a long history of seismologist earque usually wro.
6:30 pm
>> reporter: his findings indicate that a flurry of small quakes or forshocks precede moderate or large quakes like the ones this summer but there is a catch. >> nobody knew the 6.4 was the for shock, that was the main shock. >> you're only sure it's a forshock until afterwards. >> reporter: now to complicate matters, there are hundreds of small quakes every day however. >> every time it is there doesn't mean there will be a larger one. >> reporter: if this sounds like a case of hindsight being 2020, earthquake scientists already knew that. they have been looking to find a way to predict earthquakes, the when and the where for 100 years, they may be at it for 100 more. in emeryville, wade freed man, abc 7 news. last year was the worst fire year in california history. so far this year wildfires have consumed less la
6:31 pm
acreage is for fires responded o by alternating periods of hot and cooler temperatures kept fire season in check but the most active months are still to come. there is a spike in the number of californians finding it harder to get insurance if they live in areas prone to wildfires. data from zip codes hit by devastating wildfires between 2015 and 2017 shows a 10% increase in non-renewals by insurance companies. the number could rise because of the numerous fires last year including the campfire, which is the deadliest and most destructive in state history. the insurance commissioner says he's noticed the trend and it should serve as a wakeup call. keeping tahoe blue and green two of the mayor issues tackled today during an annual lake tahoe summit. here is a live look from the lake tahoe camera.
6:32 pm
a local state and federaloday efforts, they discousdiscus discussed the wildfire threat with leaders saying a sense of cooperation is helping them make progress. >> it's changed up at this lake and i've have been coming here for a long time. people are now working together. they are not fighting each other, and in the past decades, there were big fights up here, no more. >> a new force action plan to prevent wildfires was released. it's recommendations include prescribed burns and artificial intelligence to map wildfire risk. you guys check this out, a red tailed hawk eap unscathed after a frightening incident in half moon bay. >> it's still alive. gosh. >> look at that. a passer by reacted to the sight of the hawk flailing about
6:33 pm
moments after it crashed through a second story window and got trapped. nobody was home. bird strikes are common but never seen anything like this before. they say it's a miracle that hawk wasn't hurt. >> that is so crazy. while we're talking about wildlife, california is set to build the largest wildlife crossing on earth allowing animals like mountain lions, deer and coyotes a safe route from one side to the other. there is only one like it in this state now. jane hernandez. >> reporter: once surrounded by nature has a human path. the need for change. >> what you see on the 101 is a barrier. it's creating an island of the santa monica mountains. >> reporter: pratt with the national wildlife federation has been the chief fundraiser to build this.
6:34 pm
last month a million dollars wildlife crossing, 80% of funds come from private sources trying to raise more and allocated for conversation projects. an engineer describes what he is doing as unusual. >> this will be an inspirational project for future. >> reporter: completion is expected in 2023 but why build a wildlife bridges? for years mountain lions, snakes and deer were cut off from food and mates like this fella p 22. he's lonely and a diehard. pratt knows him better than most. >> p 22 the fou park.ives in griffh i of the animal world.o to show a
6:35 pm
commitment to him. >> reporter: he's the poster cat for the campaign to build this bridge yet use since he's confined to th relatives away but relatives. >> that's cool 300,000 people a day will drive under this crossing wildlife will walk over and to me that's the perfect way that wildlife and people can co-exist. >> reporter: and maybe find cougars a date, a potential life-long mate ensuring longevity in the wild. >> amazing. housing or the environment? >> the battle over plans to develop the salt ponds. what is at stake next. a bay area man is mugged in paris. his iphone is
6:36 pm
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a jewel of san francisco bay is a battle. >> at issue the salt bonds in redwood city and as abc 7 news vic lee explains, it could put wet land restoration against
6:39 pm
housing. >> reporter: standing along the salt ponds could be like looking at a blank sheet of paper. you can imagine drawing whatever you want on it, acres of thriving wetlands like these or maybe the past propels, thousands of new homes in a single development. >> the cargo salt ponds are a poster child for exactly where we should not build. >> reporter: today a coalition of environmental groups and local lawmakers came out to oppose development on the salt ponds. they became concerned after the trump administration's epa recently cleared away clean water act protections for the area, which cargill has fought to develop for decades. >> with the trump administration taking power, they had a much more receptive audience. >> reporter: environmental groups say the salt ponds are a key asset forther title marshes, they say restoring them to wetlands would help fight
6:40 pm
rising tides from climate change and provide critical habitat. david lewis of save the bay says even recent restorations are already paying dividends. >> they are full of fish and birds. the title marsh is coming back. >> they have developments as many as 12,000 homes in the past but a statement released today titled reimagined salt works says nothing has been proposed for the site and we look forward to engaging with all stake holders about the future of this property. david lewis believes the public will support restoration. >> the public is already answered this question. we want the bay restored, we want more housing near transit. this is not the place for housing. this is thewetland restoration. >> for now, possibly a battle ground for the future of the bay. vic lee, abc 7 news. >> opponents of the development argue the bay area -- the area rather would be vulnerable to
6:41 pm
potential flooding if the tides rise as a result of climate change. >> we have warmer weather coming up.
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6:44 pm
we have breaking news on the peninsula. a plane crashed. we have sky seven on the way. search crews are stationed. two people were aboard that plane now in the ocean. this happened at 5:50 this evening so almost an hour ago. sky 7 again is headed to the scene. we'll bring you updates as soon as we get any more information. f most of human history, we didn't have cell phones of course and now traveling without one seems inconceivable. >> they do everything from taking pictures to checking into the airport so when a bay area man lost his phone in france he took unusual measures to it. >> here is michael finney. >> he could have bought a cheap temporary phone but he wanted another iphone so he bought one in france to find out later, not all iphones are created equal.
6:45 pm
>> my trip to paris was to visit museums. >> reporter: bill was having a fine time in paris. that is until he ran into a problem. >> someone stopped me to ask for directions. >> reporter: bill pulled out his phone. >> that's all it took. i let my guard down and he grabbed the phone. >> reporter: his phone was gone in a flash. >> angry with myself, angry at him. >> reporter: bill's insurance would replace the phone but he needed one now while in france. >> they have several apple stores in paris. >> reporter: bill decided to get another iphone temporarily. >> apple throughout the world has a 14-day return policy. >> reporter: it's true, this policy says you can return an iphone within 14 days for any reason, so bill went to this very eloquent apple store in paris. very clear i'm not no prob bought anho10, to francisco, he went to the apple
6:46 pm
store to return it. >> that's when they said oh, no, you had to return this in paris. >> reporter: to his shock, the apple store here would not accept the iphone in paris. he had to take it back to france. >> i said i'm not going back to paris. they said it's required. i said nobody told me that. >> reporter: bill was out $1300 for that french iphone. he contacted 7 on your side. we checked out the return policy on his receipt. it not only has a lot of fine print, it's in french. >> it doesn't say you have to bring it back to paris. >> reporter: or does it? we found this clause and plugged it into google translate. it means products can be returned at your expense any store in the country in which they were originally purchased. here is why. french iphones are different than american iphones. they use band frequencies assigned to french cell phone carriers, not u.s. carriers and the power adapt toer works on european voltage. still, nobody in france told
6:47 pm
bill that so we contacted apple and it declined to comment for this story but did refund bill's money after all. >> i want to thank you for the intervention. it really helped. >> reporter: i really want to thank happen apple. they didn't have to do that. thank you guys. when you're overseas, go to a local cell phone carrier, buy a prepaid phone for not much money at all. may be a better option than carrying your own phone and paying for an international plan. i want to hear from you, my 7 on your side hot line is on monday through friday 10:00 to 2:00. 415-954-8151 and you can reach me through my facebook page. can you ill mmagine holding you phone and having a guy snatch it? >> no. >> one last check on the weather on this nice, cool day. >> nice for a break and that's changing. >> it is changing, indeed. not overnight. here say look at what is happening. fog of course extending from the coast and local inland. overnight lows in the mid to
6:48 pm
upper 50s. tomorrow we're going to feel the warmup compare the high temperatures for tomorrow with today's highs and look at the change. most locations will be seven to 12 degrees warmer tomorrow than they were today. so here is a look at the highs for tomorrow. 93 at santa rosa and 94 antioch and concord and 85 san jose and 79 oakland and 72 san francisco. here is the accuweather seven-day forecast. looks like thursday might end up being the hottest day inland with highs in the upper 9 oc0s we expect mid-90s or mid to upper 90s inland. mid to upper 60s on the coast and maybe even some of the days there will be 70 degree readings or above on the coast. it will be warm for about a week before it toookay. big developments today with helmet gate. >> larry beil is here. >> pop quiz. are you ready? guess whooday and wore an appro
6:49 pm
helmet? >> what? >> anybody want to guess? >> the earth didn't stop turning. >> could it be antonio brown? all in with the raiders?
6:50 pm
6:51 pm
good evening. don't want to jump to any conlungco conclusions here but this was almost a normal day for raids dowbrn. he tk thee wi leaeertiedno bro
6:52 pm
grievance will be held on friday but a.b.'s don't appear to be bothering hi it's a certified helmet. he's all in ready to go. that's my understanding. and really happy to have him out here. he's a great player. >> too much noise right now. less noise. feel like i was to stay because a.b. is a good player, a really good player and a hand some looking player by the way. [ laughter ] >> i'm going to start referring to myself in third person, as well. larry beil is a good sports caster. jimmy ga rroppolo threw six
6:53 pm
os we lite tty.ratingf aslo to be theeg sn com up inhree weeks. kyle shanahan is not worried and neither is jimmy. >> it doesn't take a brain surgeon to realize that that's hard on people. i don't ever sense it from jimmy. he's the same guy every day great in the meetings and works and listens and that doesn't change much. i know any time that you get all that publicity for things that you're not happy with, that's going to affect a lot of people and you got to go out there and play and get your confidence back by playing. >> bright spot from last night's game, mitch right here highlighted he's the punter. formerau foo jackn.ecret
6:54 pm
attitude. we like that. giants are three and a half games out of the second wild card spot. the spot that occupies that spot. the cubs whom the giants are playing the next three days at wiggley field. noise place to spend a few days. doing a lot of renovations. cubs in the first. giants fans representing anthony rizzo going deep off tyler and just like that a 2-0 lead. the second homer allowed in this game. second inning. austin slateras it. his fourth of the year two-run tied at two. to the third, remember rizzo. here he is again golfing this out. 25th on the year. the cubs retake the lead 3-2 to the fourth we go here it comes, there it goes, kevin pillar off coal h cole hallmels. solo homer and right now it's a 3-3 game and they are in the fifth inning and the a's are
6:55 pm
hosting the yankees. one game out of the second wild card spot in the american league. reinforcements are on the way. they called the number two prospect was expected to be a big factor than he had tommy john surgery. he's available to pitch out of the bullpen tonight. the a's captured his arrival this morning. >> that was tough. >> missing time. missing game. >> that's great to make the debut and be able to plan and support me through my tommy genre has been and i'm just really looking forward to it. >> and you want to see a bunch of big, strong tough pro at loo -- athletes scramble around, find a squirrel. look out. it could be an attack squirrel.
6:56 pm
everybody cleared out in a hurry. a little furry thremember, we he attack squirrel a few weeks ago in santa cruz. so -- i think that whelp. you could tell by his little tail. >> right, thanks, larry. >> join us tonight at 11:00. a small plane crashed into the ocean south of half moon bay airport. >> two people were rescued from the water and are being transported by coast guard helicopter to the hospital. also at 11:00. >> i'm kate larson at san francisco city hall where hundreds of people have been waiting for hours to speak about a controversial woman rose. they are voting tonight on whether to name the central subway system after her and a lot of these people aren't happy. we'll have the latest at 11:00. tonight on abc 7 at 8:00 catch "bachelor in paradise" followed by "bless this
6:57 pm
and "balackish". >> and stick around, jimmy kimmel live comes on after us. look for breaking news whenever you'd like. we appreciate your time. i'm dan ashley. >> i'm ama daetz. for the entire abc 7 news team. we hope you have a great evening. blatche
6:58 pm
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