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tv   ABC7 News 1100PM  ABC  August 21, 2019 1:07am-1:42am PDT

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an amazing rescue off the coast of half moon bay. plane goes into the pacific ocean. >> we speak with the survivors. >> kate larsen in city hall, major controversy playing out whether to name subway after rose pac. >> alameda survived nazis, now w immigrated to united states and section 8 housing he riey be go. abc7 news starts now. oh, my god, can't believe that just happened. >> yeah, incredible survival story along the peninsula, two people unhurt after small plane plunked into the ocean. >> crashed into half moon bay just before 6:00, taken to u.s. coast guard at sfo. >> amanda del castillo is live with this video, amanda. >> reporter: dan, ama, u.s.
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coast guard station is just a few miles from where we're standing now, where we met pilot david laesch in down from denver, organized photo shoot to capture shots of his new plane. friends beside him captured more than anticipated. air-to-air photo shoot turned catastrophic for david and his friend kayla. >> going to fly over the golden gate bridge, whole bay tour, didn't make it there. >> reporter: captured hitting water outside half moon bay harbor, lost power and couldn't get engine back up and running. >> i would guess didn't have more than a minute or two from found something was wrong to over the water. >> reporter: watched the craft hit water. >> had been circling, couldn't
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see him anymore, david called me on the phone bobbing in the water. turned me around and guided me right to where he was. >>eporter: laesch rec the moment they climbed on the wing and took video of the >> there was another aircraft on scene that quickly responded, contacted air traffic control who knew to contact coast guard asset. >> reporter: returned safely to land. >> it was really a miracle. >> reporter: a miracle even by coast guard standards. now i did speak with the pair, besides a few jellyfish stings, they're doing all right. abc7 news. >> incredible. thank you amanda. new at 11:00, san francisco city hall was packed for
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spirited public debate over naming of new muni station. ended with divisive vote. >> muni board decided the stop will be called chinatown rose pak station. kate larsen was there. >> people were lined up for eight hours at city hall, after five hours of of of sfmta board named the station after rose pak. she died three years ago, still igniting controversy. lines of people waited to comment on whether her name and legacy should be enshrined in the subway station in chinatown. >> so many people don't love her. impose this on all of us, they have no right.
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>> reporter: storied character with be plenty of enemies. >> just goes and does it on her own. if she doesn't like what you're doing, ram it down your throat, threaten, bully you, demean you, extort you, polarize you. >> a force in city hall. >> willed this project into existence. persistence and yes her bullying got us to this >> now her namesake, jane kim and many others say without pak would be no station in chinatown. >> cared deeply. every curse word, zinger, call she threatened us was based on deep-rooted love. >> meeting itself was not without controversy. someone shared a string of messages with me written in chinese, we translatm. ses as if a company was
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telling employees to come to city hall and support the rose pak naming in exchange for snacks and $25 an hour. however i didn't speak to anyone admitting to be part of this scheme. new at 11:00, dramatic video of shooting on crowded market street in san francisco. man starts firing as he runs si? happened just after 5:30, see the chaos as people ran for safety. police sayne man was hit, injuries not life-threatening, he's not cooperating with the investigators. seconds before the burst, single gunshot heard with apparent gunman standing middle of the street. south bay students attending elementary school in mountain view with no power.
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relying on generator. jose antonio vargas elementary power shuts off every evening at 6:00 p.m. because school relies on generator. over the summer construction crews tried to install utility box on undeveloped property nearby. homeowner's association owns property and doesn't want equipment there. >> didn't mention not being bothered by electricity. >> but the school can't use the second floor because it can't use the elevator. some classes have been moved. no events after 6:00 p.m., refrigerators are without power overnight and people living next to school hear the hum. pg&e should have a plan to
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locate utility box. then need permits. >> hoping doesn't take whole semester to get solved, that kids don't have to suffer the consequence. >> the homeowner's didn't respond to our request for comment. san jose state university tweeted alert to remind people of increase in traffic near campus first weeks of school. finding parking, also more challenging. large part of effort of building a better bay area hous. 87-year-old man who survived nazi invasion into the soviet union is facing eviction over his apartment. lisa amin gulezian has the story. >> reporter: speaks little daughter translated. spent time remembering years in
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ukraine and uzbekistan before he immigrated to the united states. lived on alameda since 2002. >> house keeps memories of the people so dear to me, my wife and my son. >> reporter: now michael faces eviction. section viii status not protecting him and landlord is raising rent. >> not doing something illegal but something that's frankly outrageous and extremely unjust. >> translator: very close to depression, heaviest feeling i could ever experience. >> reporter: michael has filed with the state accusing the landlord of discrimination. landlord margaret tam declined after speak with attorney. daughter is worried.
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>> incredibly painful to see my father in this situation, does not deserve this. >> reporter: rally will take place. lisa amin gulezian, abc7 news. >> we dedicated a week of coverage to that topic, solutions, homeowners, future, all online at vacationers out thousands of dollars after hiring self-described virtual travel counselor to book their trips. bay area police department is also investigating. meteorologist sandhya patel, temperatures on the "jimmy kimm" >> up and running tonight. >> all used to drink but more like tweeting, whistling. >> do a little like that for us. >>
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department is investigating and will be referring to the santa clara district attorney's office this week. >> melanie woodrow with the story. >> wendy wang says her business has been family and friend referred for years. now sorry they met her. having a fabulous time in hawaii now but dream vacation almost didn't happen. >> devastating. >> hired wang in hawaii, came recommended by family friend. >> in contact with her around the end of may, solidifying all the dates around june 8th and june 14th the d phortly before brown checked her flight sand hotel bookings, discovered neither existed. >> i don't know how has the
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heart and soul to do this. >> had to get together what money she could and rebook the vacation. wong describes herself as virtual travel counselor. 13 reports from residents who paid but she didn't book trips. >> job is protect the community, person crime, theft of personal property or money for a planned vacation or event with loved ones that you'd hoped on taking. >> wong hasn't returned calls but emailed me saying clients have received information on the refund process. business was family and friend rereferral based only for last three years and doing fine until this mess but said nothing about what happened. several clients from northern to southern california tell me wong owes them thousands. resident says she lands in
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florida when messaged her. >> said entire trip was canceled when i switched my flight and had to rebuy everything over again. said she would refund me. never did. >> says wong owes her $7,353 and her sister. >> i hung up pretty much in shock, need to fix this. >> wong says she was in middle of this as we were trying to figure it out. says clients end of june on have been affected but no explanation as to why. i'm still here doing everything i can to fix this, she says, half the people have received funds back or are in process. already in florida she had no choice but pay for new hotel room and disney passes. >> what she's doing is not right.
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>> milpitas police department is referring case to the d.a.'s office this week, would like to hear from other residents who are victims in this situation. email me at or contact me through social media, melanie woodrow, abc7 news. italian police showed off bottles of sand that french couple took from sardinia. it's against the law to take the sand from the island. could go to prison. couple said she wanted it for souvenir, no idea they were breaking law. can't imagine would lock them up six years but now they know. >> weather. >> it's lovely. going to warm up. sandhya patel is here. >> enjoy it while it lasts. it's going to be warming up. already started a little bit
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today. from east bay hills camera, gorgeous sunset. 7:56 sun went down, fiery one, high clouds passing through the bay area. stunning sp stunning view from sutro tower camera, san francisco tonight, layer has compressed. indicating we're in for a warmer day. check out highlights. then what's ahead. limited fog tomorrow morning. warming trend starts tomorrow. hot days inland through the weekend. a's/yankees game forecast for tomorrow night at the coliseum. low to mid-70s for tomorrow when you first arrive. then temperatures dropping down to mid-60s, little bit of fog out there. dress appropriately, enjoy the game. not only baseball time but
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back-to-school time. live view from emeryville camera, oakland has good visibility. some of the schools back. tamm tamalpais high, redwood shore, ralston middle, montgomery, santa cruz and john sweet. nice for the kids going back. live doppler 7 showing patches of fog around the coast and bay. one of the things i'm noticing is ocean temperatures. 57 at san francisco, monterey bay 60 degrees. may have been why it's muggy at night. tomorrow morning, fog is limited. morning commute, 5:00 a.m. to 8:00 a.m., fog dense in then pulls away only to return by tomorrow night. first thing tomorrow morning, temperature tz mid to
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85 in san jose, 90 in gilroy. 84 redwood city. san francisco 72. mild. north bay, 87 in san rafael. 79 in oakland, 83 castro valley. mid-90s, concord, pittsburg. rising temperatures in the accuweather seven-day forecast. hold you in mid-90s most of the seven days after that. 60s, coast side, not far for mild weather. >> not at all, sandhya, thanks. tomorrow on "good morning america,"
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good evening. yankees have the best record in the american league. 83-44. always fun when they come to town. the a's sluggers were waiting for them. c.c. sabathia, the a's donating to his charity. matt olson, i see your lead, i will double it. two-run shot off domingo german, next batter. mark canha, oppo taco, back-to-back jacks for the
1:36 am
lemahieu. double play in the eighth. shout-out to pride of the central valley. aaron judge, here comes the judge. not enough, a's win 6-2, tied with tampa bay for second wild card spot in a.l. giants and cubs at wrigley field. giants brought lumber and fans. austin slater, up up and away in the sonaloha. game tied 2-2. anthony rizzo, his second. his 25th. cubs up 3-2. tyler beede gave up four homers. kevin pillar's turn off cole hamels, all scored on the long ball, 3-3. jonathan lucroy in the fifth, gets through the grass and cubs win 5-3. kind of drama free day for the raiders, i'm serious.
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antonio brown took the field at him wear old helmet but on "hard knocks". >> too much noise right now. more work, less noise. feel like enemy of the state. a.b. is actually a good player, and handsome looking by the way. >> and humble. carli lloyd, u.s. women's soccer team, huge eagles fan, invited her in. that was from 55 yards out. right down the middle. carli lloyd, wow. abc7 sports sponsored by river rock casino. >> sign her up. >> wouldn't it be amazing if nfl team
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superior accuracy in the palm of your hand. new accuweather app from abc7 news, minute by minute forecasts, realtime radar and alerts, keeping you safe. search in app store, download now. that's our report. as always appreciate your time. dan ashley. >> ama daetz. for larry, sandhya, all of us, thanks for being here. >> see you tomorrow.
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tv's number one daily viral" >> he's surfing his way across the 50 states, like here -- >> inmaryland! >> wyoming. >> the sobering story behind ben's magnificent journey. >> yeah! >> a daughter shows up for a bit of a role reversal. >> look at that! >> i knew she would play that. >> the magic when the surprise catches the right eyes. a talented illustrator takes on a new project. >> a coming together. >> a work of art with a few familiar faces. and the last to leave this roller coaster wins --
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>> a $20,000 prize. >> why this long, crazy ride has a twist at the end.ydihe d! >> ben green is a professional su surf vlogger, in this case, he's surfing in maryland, wyoming. >> you don't need to have a beach to surf? >> clearly not. that's part of has ben is showing us here. after he's done wyoming, he heads over to the surf mecca of wisconsin, followed up by west virginia, washington, vermont. are you starting to see maybe a thread, a trend here? >> surfing all 50 states? >> right, oli. something a surf kid from new jersey set his sights on after he got sober back in 2015. he thought that's the perfect way for me to focus on what i love, surfing and give me a focus during my sobriety.
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>> ten nesse


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