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tv   America This Morning  ABC  August 21, 2019 4:00am-4:30am PDT

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happening now in america this morning, mixed messages. president trump backtracks on gun background checks. what prompted the change? plus, his statement on tax cuts contradicting his own staff. and the developing story this morning, trump abruptly cancels his upcoming trip to denmark after the prime minister refuses to discuss selling greenland. we're live in d.c. with the new details. breaking overnight, held at the border. a new push by the white house to detain migrant families for a longer period of time. what we've learned this morning. the emergency declaration outside area 51. how authorities are now humans, not aliens, in rural nevada. we hear from the man organizing the big event.
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plus, the video just in showing a small plane crashing into the water near san francisco. what happened next. spotting the winner, can you figure out which horse won this race? the decision this morning. and the woman sued for binge-watching "friends" at work. just how many episodes she allegedly watched in one day. good wednesday morning, everyone. thanks for joining us. we begin with president trump sending mixed messages this morning on three big issues. first guns. >> yeah, so abc news has now confirmed the president is backing away from his call for gun background checks after speaking with the head of the nra and meanwhile on the issue of taxes he's now contradicting his own staff and confirming that he is considering a payroll tax cut. >> then there's the big issue of buying greenland.
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the president abruptly canceled his upcoming trip to denmark which owns greenland after a danish official called trump's discussion of a sale absurd. serena mgood morning. >> reporter: janai, trevor, good morning to both of you. it's been hard to pin down exactly where the president stands on these issues as he's contradicted not just his aides but himself. it was a day of he said/he said. the president versus himself on guns, taxes and greenland. backing off any new background checks push again calling mental health the actual problem. >> we have very, very strong background checks right now. you know, they call it the slippery slope, and all of a sudden everything gets taken away. we're not going to let that happen. >> the position change comes after a lengthy conversation with the head of the nra, the president telling him he does not support universal background checks. following the recent mass shootings he had tweeted both sides needed to come together and get strong background checks. but it's the same type of flip
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we saw from him after the parkland shooting where he first told republicans -- >> you know what, because you're afraid of the nra. >> reporter: before later backing away from some of the bipartisan talks. the about-face comes the same day aides insisted a payroll tax was not on the table. >> is a payroll tax cut being considered? >> it's not being considered at this time. >> reporter: just hours later. >> a payroll tax is something we think about. >> reporter: telling denmark no thanks when it comes to a planned meeting because greenland isn't for sale even though the u.s. officials downplayed the seriousness of any purchase. just sunday the president said when it comes to the purpose of nen thsit, that purcse -- burner, i can tell you that. >> reporter: now, when it comes to that denmark visit and canceling, the president also canceled on the country's queen. when it comes guns background conversations on background checks continue within the administration and members on
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capitol hill. but his re-election campaign committee remains concerned about how any legislation could impact his base. trevor, janai. >> thanks to serena marshall there in washington. sticking with the white house, some jewish leaders are voicing outrage at a statement from president trump tuesday. he said democrats' support of michigan congresswoman rashida tlaib who has fiercely criticized israel shows the party is out of touch. then he said this about jewish voters. >> and i think any jewish people that vote for a democrat, i think it shows either a total lack of knowledge or great disloyalty. >> most jewish-american organizations were quick to criticize that statement. the head of the anti-defamation league tweeted, it's unclear who the president is claiming jews would be disloyal to, but charges of disloyalty have long been used to attack jews. as we've said before, it's possible to engage in the democratic process without these claims. it's long overdue to stop using jews as a political football.
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we turn now to several newn connection with alleged mass shooting plots across the country. one involves a teenager taken into custody in front of his mother pleading with officers not to arrest her son. >> i'm telling you right now this is not my son. >> reporter: this morning a new crackdown in the wake of those mass shootings in el paso and dayton, this time in florida. police body cam video showing a 15-year-old being arrested in front of his mother after allegedly threatening to shoot up his school. >> i, dalton barnhart, vow to bring my father's m-15 to school and kill seven people. >> reporter: his words reported to the fbi would alerted local police. his mother pleading with officers as they arrive to arrest him. >> he didn't do anything wrong. yes, he's 15. but he's still a little boy and he's not one of the crazy people out there doing stuff. >> reporter: a written threat is a second degree felony in florida. as the fbi warns of a rise in domestic terrorism and possible copycat crimes after the attacks in texas and ohio, a string of
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new arrests have been reported. in indianapolis, this truck driver's under arrest accused of planning to attack a church in memphis allegedly writing, i was thinking about shooting a church up, but i'm afraid how it will affect my family in the flesh after i'm gone. in seattle, 35-year-old eric lin is accused of threatening a woman on facebook and writing that he would kill all hispanics in miami and other places. and in new jersey, after police say a 57-year-old man crashed his van, they say they found weapons and ammunition and later found an arsenal of other weapons in his home including a grenade launcher and neo-nazi paraphernalia. he now faces weapons and drug charges. no word what, if any, plot was more people calling police about concerning behavior. hearing from the pilot who crashed into the waters off
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northern california. it went down near half moon bay airp to be scared. he and his passenger floated, as you see there, for about 45 minutes before finally being rescued. that crash is being blamed on fuel problems. disgraced movie mogul harvey weinstein wants his criminal trial moved out of new york city. weinstein's lawyers claim it's impossible for them to find an impartial jury in the city. the trial is scheduled to begin next month. weinstein is charged with multiple sex crimes pleading not guilty and denies all allegations of nonconsensual sex. three new lawsuits have been filed against the estate of accused sex trafficker jeffrey epstein. one claims that epstein abused girls while he was on work release from jail. he also allegedly forced a victim to marry one of his associates who recruited girls for him. turning now to the weather, strong storms are possible today in new england and in parts of the midwest. video here shows those dark clouds looming over northern missouri tuesday as a storm moved in packing winds up to 60 miles per hour. meanwhile, this was the scene in
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washington, d.c. people struggling to hold on to their umbrellas as a storm brought fierce rain and wind. now, let's take a closer look at your wednesday forecast. good morning. thunderstorms moving into the northeast with a cold front. some of those stormsthafrnn evening around philly and new york, northward into new england. we need to watch for damaging wind gusts, hail and flooding downpours. across the southeast somepopping up with lots of mugginess in the atmosphere. we're used to this routine but some could lead to flooding downpours. we've got some storms across the four corners with monsoonal moisture working in and talking about record-breaking heat across parts of the desert southwest as well. i'm accuweather meteorologist adam del rosso. coming up, a shocking find by the tsa. the reptile they found in the airport security line. also ahead, how youtube
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is reportedly making a change when it comes to ads that target children. but first
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police department. hello. >> we're back with this body cam showing firefighters and police responding to a house fire near cleveland, ohio. that fire, you could see it right there, raging between two somebody trying to burn away weeds. the white house expected to announce a new plan when it comes to detaining migrant families at the border. under current rules migrant families with children can be held no longer than 20 days. the white house is expected to announce a plan to make that time period longer. any new policy is likely to be challenged in court. the president has blamed the 20-day limit for encouraging
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migrants to travel with children so they can be released earlier. there are new clues in the search for a killer on a college campus in southern california. police say this video shows the man who fatally stabbed a retired administrator at cal state fullerton. the suspect was running from the parking lot where the victim was found. police say the suspect drove away in a bmw and was likely injured during the attack. and in florida, families and friends of two missing firefighters came together to pray last night as the search for the men enters day five. brian mccluney and justin walker went fishing off port canaveral last week. hundreds of volunteers are searching an area the size of condition cut. boaters have covered nearly 70,000 square miles and found a fishing tackle bag and part of a cooler that belongs to the men but no other sign of them so far. youtube is reportedly finalizing plans to stop running ads that target children. the targeted ads rely on collecting information about viewers and federal law prohibits collecting such data about children under age 13.
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bloomberg reports youtube is likely to be fined millions of dollars for violating the law which may be prompting the company to make changes. well, here's some news to make samuel l. jackson happy. a snake did not make it onto a plane in new jersey. tsa agents found this snake at newark airport. it's believed to be a pet. one official said typically people leave items such as keys, sunglasses and hats but this is the first time someone left a snake behind. >> absolutely better. a snake at the airport than a snake on the plane, right? >> we'll take it. coming up, the big news from keanu reeves. but first the emergency declared near area 51 in nevada ahead of next month's big gathering. and the new report claiming actress lori loughlin is, quote, panicking about her leoubles. ♪ corey is living with metastatic breast cancer,
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is ready to go down the rabbit hole again for a fourth "matrix" movie. >> warner brothers says the film's original writer and director will also be returning for the fourth installment. production is expected to begin early next year. >> they got everybody back. we turn now to area 51 in nevada and the new emergency declared amid the fears of an invasion next month. >> it's not aliens but people that have authorities worried after a man called for believers to gather at the site on a fact-finding mission. here's abc's will reeve. >> reporter: nevada officials are bracing for an invasion at area 51 by humans. e liry80 mm las vegas has become infamous for conspiracy theories about little green men. >> and the coup de grace, area 51. >> reporter: home to an alien prisoner in "independence day." >> welcome to earth. >> reporter: and countless encounters with "the x files"
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agent mulder. >> we've never been able to hold in our hands, that proof is here. >> reporter: crowds are all but guaranteed to arrive around area 51 next month spooking local authorities. in fact, so many are expected to descend upon rural lincoln county, nevada, that officials voted to presign a state of emergency declaration guaranteeing funds for more medical and law enforcement resources. this all ahead of the event called storm area 51, they can't stop us all. the event's creator who says it all started as a facebook joke even was visited recently by the fbi. >> they were super cool. they really just wanted to make sure i wasn't some kind of actual terrorist that's making >>heine bs. has now spi io within-endlong alien enthusiast festival. >> it's insane. i just created a joke while i was playing video games, man, and it's taken off to this wild monster. >> reporter: now his wild monster has morphed into a
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vision for a different invasion. up to 50,000 festivalgoers on the other worldly tourism hot spot of rachel, nevada. will reeve, abc news, new york. >> our thanks to will. a connecticut father has a court date in the caribbean tomorrow after a deadly vacation nightmare. scott hapgood says a hotel worker came into his family's room in anguilla claiming he needed to fix a sink, but moments later hapgood says that man pulled a knife and stabbed him in front of his terrified daughters. the attacker was killed during a struggle and hapgood was arrested. he says he would not change what he did because he needed to protect his girls. >> it's been a living nightmare. we're hanging on by a thread to be honest with you. it's been -- it was a terrifying incident. it was a terrifying experience on the island post the arrest having spent multiple nights incarcerated, being threatened on the island and since. >> reporter: hapgood says he reacted in self-defense. a toxicology report found the attacker had high levels of alcohol and cocaine in his system.
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actress lori loughlin and her husband head back to court next week in the college miions. eople" maze reports loughlin is, quote, panicking behind closed doors as she faces fraud and money laundering charges that could carry a lengthy prison sentence if she's convicted. loughlin is accused of paying $500,000 to get her daughters into usc. she maintains her innocence. reportedly saying that she doesn't believe she did anything different than donating money to the school. in medical news an eye opening new study about the dangers of e-cigarettes. researchers found that vaping just once even without nicotine can temporarily damage your blood vessels restricting the flow of blood. in some cases the effects can last for minutes. doctors are now calling for research into the long-term effects. in sports, new jersey beat rhode island at the little league world series and overseas a controversial horse race. so look at this. it appeared that the number 8 horse in the back beat the number 2 horse by just a nose at this race in the uk, but take a closer look. look at that.
4:20 am
race officials had to change their call after realizing it was, indeed, the horse in front that actually won. well, u.s. women's soccer star carli lloyd may have a future in football, american football. she took her talents to the philadelphia eagles training camp, lined up this 55-yard field goal and she nailed it right down the middle. that is impressive. >> of course she nailed it. >> yeah, carli lloyd, everybody. up next in "the pulse," the news about cheez balls. also ahead, a major airport tries to ban plastic water bottles. and the employee in big trouble accused of binge watching "friends" at work. you won't believe how many episodes she allegedly watched in one day. underwear are those? they're breathable underwear from fruit of the loom. [gasp] what are those? guys... they're breathable underwear from fruit of the loom. yes, they have these tiny holes to let the air through, can you help me? wa wa weewoo look at those. can you feel this? [blowing] turn around for me.
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biggest airports. >> san francisco's airport has now banned plastic water bottles. they're trying to go greener after selling about 10,000 bottles of water every day. >> wow. >> other drinks will not be affected by the bottle ban. 46 >> okay, so the loopholes have prompted critics to speak out. one person tweeting, so can i still get a lipton's ice tea, an iced coffee at starbucks in a plastic cup. seriously why is water getting picked on. another critic tweeted, sfo going all joan crawford on us. no more plastic water bottles ever. >> love the commitment. outstanding. next to the employee in big trouble for binge-watching "friends" at work. no low level employee. according to a new lawsuit, the former vice president at robert de niro's production company misused company money and spent, quote, astronomic ohat allegedly included watching 32 episodes of "friends" in one day.
4:24 am
this executive did not immediately respond to the claims. s to click yes when asked are you still watching?rking. next, the woman who may have the fastest hands in the midwest. >> twista was once named the fastest rapper. now his sign language interpreter is getting attention for speed. this is amber gallego. it caught attention from officials at the guinness book of world records. >> they say amber should apply to break the record for fastest interpreter. >> i think she's got it. >> finally, exciting news for people who love cheez balls, especially their neon orange coating. >> okay, so planters discontinued the iconic snack in 2006 but brought it back after fans petitioned for 12 nours. >> now they're holding a contest to give away a special shaker containing that neon cheese dust. 350 will be given away. >> so you can give your grilled cheese a boost or pop up your popcorn game.
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making news right now, 4:27. this small plane goes down in the ocean near half moon bay. two people float in the water waiting tore rescued. we'll have the new video. >> he survived the nazi invasion during world war ii. now an 87-year-old man is fighting to stay in his bay area home. >> and the new china town station will be named for controversial activist. opponents are vowing to keep fighting that. good morning. 4:30. good morning. >> it's going to warm up as the week goes on. how we doing today? >> yeah. it will be noticeable today. even this morning, it's noticeable in the other direction. a little cooler when you step outside. 52 degrees right now in athens. we have a few 60s out there. hayward and mountain view, san
4:28 am
jose, 60. concord, 63. everybody else in the mid to upper 50s. take you to half moon bay at 50 degrees. here's where we end up this afternoon. 68 half moon bay. 73 in san francisco. 80 in oakland. mid 80s in san jose. near 90 in napa. low to mid 90s in the east bay. we'll take a look at how long this lasts. how is the commute starting? >> it's starting off well at this point. we're not seeing too many slow spots or even some accidents at this point in the morning. however, high wind advisory has been issued for the pass. both hands on the wheel. you'll find some of the sluggish traffic out of tracy on westbound 205. as we check out that drive time right now, it's still green. westbound 580. tracy to dublin, 30 minutes. west bound 4, looking good at 13 minutes. and southbound 101 san rafael to san francisco, 15 minutes. >> thank you. incredible story of survival after a plane went down in the
4:29 am
pacific off half moon bay. >> two people onboard with fine. they were even laughing about the situation as they recorded themselves waiting to be rescued. we're here with amazing video. good morning. >> good morning. the pilot and his passenger were taken to the u.s. coast ats miracle. david and his friend were in the middle of an air-to-air photo shoot flying over the coast of california when things went wrong. the brand new beach craft lost all power and he couldn't get the engine back up and running. overhead, his friend was piloting the lne wad a the water and then he called for help after calling lesh. they recorded the moment. they hung on to the wing and then were bobbing in the ocean once the plane sank. >> i would guess we didn't have much more than maybe a minute or two from the time, you know, i figured something was wrong and
4:30 am
until we hit the water. >> aside from a few jelly fish stings, they're doing just fine. pretty incredible story there. reporting live in the newsroom. >> wow. >> i saw that plane went down, that is not the outcome i expected. >> not at all. and to record yourself zbloochlt th . >> that too. no thank you. if you're joining us, 4:30. let's get a quick update on your weather and traffic. >> take a look at the winds and see what they're doing. they're back again this afternoon. now they're pretty light. look at that calm in many areas. 10 at 12 in concord. that is the warming trend that is going to take over. look at the lack of cloud cover. you can see back to the tower d. what we're dealing with in our 12


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