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tv   ABC7 News 600AM  ABC  August 21, 2019 6:00am-7:00am PDT

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we want to get outside. mike is tracking more changes in our forecast including the return of the heat. mike? >> it's coming. that's absolutely right. hi, everybody. here's a look at what's going on. live doppler 7. no drizzle this morning. hardly any clouds. we're seeing the transition from stars to the early morning sunshine from our camera at pier 15. this is the way the fort breaks
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cooler this morning. we'll get to low 90s by 4:00. still, 7:00 away from the coast. mid 70s to mid 80s. let's find out about the commute. >> we're going to head over to napa. there is an injury and a crash. highway 29 near redwood road. not blocking any lanes. you can see traffic is slowing in both directions now of highway 29. folks try to drive past the scene. bay bridge toll plaza. backed up towards the 880 overcrossing. and we'll show you some drive times. seven minutes. you'll find the usual crowds developing on westbound 80 for head lights moving through emeryville. >> thank you. >> students are heading back to san jose state, the school is revealing the discovery of some disturbing flyers on campus.
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>> they contain racist and anti-immigrant content. abc 7 news reporter amy holyfield live in san jose. amy? >> i'm at san jose university. they didn't say what the flyers said. they said that the nature of the topic on the flyers with her statement. she said "let me be clear, even as we engage in dialogue and review our relevant policies and practices, san jose state university also will denounce the actions of white see premists and white nationalist hate groups. the president made this statement in a blog post and said the flyers were posted on this campus and other campuses across the country. she said they will not sups freedom of speech here at san jose state but said the flyers violated the campus' time, place, and manner regulations. so they have been taken down. students should not see them today as they arrive for classes. reporting live in san jose, amy
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holyfield, abc 7 news. new developments in southern california. students giving nazi salutes and engaging in other behavior that many people find offensive. you look at video taken on the campus of pacifica high school in garden grove. another clip showed a water polo players from the same school engagesi engaging in similar acts last year. parents just learned what happened and they expressed outrage during the school board meeting last night. >> we were completely blindsided and feel outraged. >> you should have let us know. you failed miserably. >> we're sorry that our investigation and transprency with the pacifica community fell short. developing news in the ghost ship trial. today is the last day of deliberations before jurors take a break until after labor day.
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and we're learning why a judge dismissed the three jurors. yesterday in court the judge eluded to misconduct involving a possible text message with a media link. jurors were told not to interact with each other or use the internet to look up the case. the judge says that she could criminally sanction two of the jurors for contempt of court. and then the third juror was dismissed because she knew of the illicit communication and didn't report it. >> it seems unlikely that the county is going to start prosecuting jurors. but this certainly puts a serious crimp in the trial. >> the trial may be in jeopardy because one alternative juror remains. deliberations restarted yesterday from square one with that new jury. >> you can get the latest news about the ghost ship trial sent to your smart phone or tablet. download the abc 7 news app and enable push alerts for the updates. harvey weinstein's attorney
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requesting that the former hollywood producer's trial be moved out of new york city. his legal team says it makes it impossible for him to get a fair trial. they say that his name haas has been mentioned online by page 6, "the new york post" gossip column more than 11,000 times. the largest visa fraud case in california involves three defendants including a bay area businessman. prosecutors say the san francisco regional center or sfrc exploited the eb 5 visa program. the program gives green cards to investors who contribute $500,000 to a u.s. business that creates at least ten full time jobs. the owner of sfrc, thomas henderson, is accused of lying to investors in china, india and vietnam. he used investor's money to buy communities. one way in which the scheme is being hidden is the diversion
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of money raised from later investors to cover over the losses that were being suffered by earlier investors. >> henderson pleaded not guilty yesterday. a third defendant lives in china and hasn't been arrested. >> someone broke into a popular store through sherman's warf in san francisco and cleaned out a case of replica guns. abc 7 news was at the international spy shop on beach street. an employee says the alarm went off yesterday morning. the burglars stole replica ars, pistols, and grenade launchers. no word yet on any arrest. >> all right. one of the bay area's newest schools is relying on generators to power the campus. that is because of a dispute. the electricity gets turned off at the elementary school at 6:00 every evening.
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construction crews tried to install a utility box during the summer. a homeowner's group rejected the equipment being located there. the school's elevator currently doesn't have any power and that means classes can't take place on the second floor. >> still disappointing. when, you know, it is ready to go. we're hoping everything is ready. i'm hoping this gets solved soon. >> pg & e hopes to have a plan wiin a few days for figuring out where it can put a utility box. first they were traumatized by wildfires and now a growing number of californians are being dropped by their insurance companies. the disturbing trend now being noted by state leaders. plus, a hoax sweeping instagram over the past 24 hours. everyone from megan rapinoe to rick perry being duped. the warning this morning. take a look at this vanltta bay from the east bay hills. it's clear and cooler this
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hayward, berkeley, oakland, castro valley, union city, free monlt, 57 to 59 there. hayward andal meeta right around
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60, 61 degrees. that's what you're seeing everywhere. get up into the north bay, 53 around napa and santa rosa. cool spots. this is the golden gate bridge. look at how light that breeze is. that's why the clouds are having a hard time developing. it could be brighter at our beaches today. if you're exercising, much warmer today. the pavement will get hot for the dogs and small craft advisory on the bay. temperatures to mid 70s at noon. low to mid 80s this afternoon. south bay 57 this morning. 80 at noon. mid 80s during the afternoon hours under total sunshine. and even hotter in the east bay valley. look what is back. the 90s for a couple of hours. get used to it. they're very dominant in the forecast. i'll see you in a few minutes with. that here's francis. >> we're starting with a live check of the bay bridge toll plaza. there was an earlier hit-and-run. you can see you got a little bit of a wait along that stretch. on westbound 80, highway 4 to the maze is almost a half hour. as you make the way ais kcross t
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bay bridge, 27 minutes. it's a ten-minute ride. heads up. h train number one is running ten minutes late. train number three on time. bart, a great way to go this morning. report nothing delays. thank you, francis. usher, julia roberts, bay area chefs and a bunch of stars got duped by an instagram hoax. >> according to business insiders, some of the stars shared this message that instagram is changing the rules. they want to revoke access to their images, all of the stuff. so many deleted the hoax after sharing it with millions of followers. the head of instagram debufrpging the viral message saying that if you're seeing a meme that says they'll change the rules and have access and own the content you share, thats not true. >> i see this all over my feed. >> you do. >> stop spreading it. iconic super hero could be
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leaving the marvel universe. >> and major headline for people that work too much. th
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the driver and passenger were injured and fully recovered. this crash happened last year. police are just releasing this video now because the driver was sentenced to two years in prison this week. so far this year wildfires have consumed less land than in the past. the number of acres burned is down 90% compared to the average in the past five years. alternating periods of hot and cooling temperatures kept fire season in check. however, the more active months are still to come. remember, last year was the worst fire year in california history. california's living in fire prone areas are finding it harder to get insurance. state officials say nonrenewals jumped nearly 10% last year in zip codes affected by wildfires between 2015 and 2017. insurance companies dropped about 340,000 homeowners in the past four years. the state's insurance commissioner had noticed that trend and should serve as wakeup call.
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>> spiderman may be leaving the marvel universe after negotiations for future movies broke down between disney and sony pictures. >> here's what's going on. the internet freaking out about this. sony controlled the rights to spiderman since 1999. sony and disney shared spiderman across several films. usa today is reporting that sony says the risk developed because disney decided against the marvel president is not going to be the producer of spiderman. keanu reeves is returning as the matrix. the fourth installment of the sci-fi series is in the works with reeves reprising the role as nio and the co-creator has s. returning as director and co-writer. the first matrix hit theaters 20 years ago. the second installment matrix reloaded was filmed in part in oakland. >> i just learned today that you've never seen any of the matrix movies.
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>> i haven't. nope. >> i think it holds up well, actually. it's really -- at the time, right? it came out waits so innovative. >> yes. >> so creative and such very cutting edge. i think you should see it. >> okay. >> i did see toy story 4. and she is having a moment. >> between that and john wick, right? he's having a moment. >> is he on pt third installment of john wick. >> he is doing great. >> yeah. >> i heard he's a great guy. from what we see on social media, he really looks like it. >> he doesn't know what john wick is. >> reggie, what are you doing? >> john wick is not a good -- well -- we can't really talk about it on morning television. the movie is pretty brutal. . all rig all right. let's talk about what is going on with the weather. 60 degrees. we look at a calm bay. it is a little turbulent. we have another small craft advisory. brighter. it is cooler this morning to warmer this afternoon because of the clouds. milder tonight. away from the coast and throughout the seven day
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forecast. you see few of the clouds along the east bay shoreline here. and also along the coast. but look at that. they pretty much disappear everywhere except for they hold on around half moon bay and a little longer than anywhere else today. we will see sunshine in the coast. and some high clouds over the north bay as the sun sets. make for a gorgeous, gorgeous sunset. you get deeper into the santa clara bay. 79 today in santa cruz. check out the sunshine along the coast. we have mid to upper 60s there and mid 70s downtown. near the bay, sonoma, san rafael. everybody else in the mid to low 90s through the north bay. 70s arn 70s around berkeley. and pretty much low to mid 90s in our interior east bay neighborhoods. today search different than this
6:20 am
morning. the only 50s in san francisco. the rest of us in loet to upper 60s. the summer spread is out there. we keep the mid 60s at the coast. so we have low to mid 80s around the bay. it is quite a stagnant summer pattern. francis? >> mike, we have a hot spot developing in fremont now with an injury accident. it's on southbound 880. it's been reported in a couple spots. somewhere along that stretch. the middle lanes are blocked at this point. they'll send emergency crews to the scene and that could cause things to slow down even further. also, we had an earlier injury crash on highway 29 northbound near redwood road. want blocking any lanes. although, it was causing slowing in both directions because the car is on the side. it has improved. traffic moving at 45 miles per hour. you will find a very crowded ride now westbound across the san mateo bridge on right hand side. and southbound 880 has its share
6:21 am
of brake lights. you make yourway from 238 down through hayward and approaching the kratcrash in free monlt. >> "good morning america" here on abc 7. >> there is so much we need to talk about. i know she has other things to talk b "dancing with the stars" is the only thing we're really focused on. >> yeah. whatever it is you need to say. >> i mean, hello. >> thank you. i want a little extra because it's dancing day. you know, got to go all out. i will say that today usually i'm freezing. but to day it was so hot physically and the show because we had that dancing with the stars reveal. i've been sweating all morning. anyway, yeah. it's a big one. i'll say a little more about that. first coming up, we have an larming new study about e-cigarettes saying that just using it once could harm your blood flow. so the whole details on. that also ahead, a new report on laurie laughlin's legal
6:22 am
strategy. she is facing charges in the college admission channel. she is panicking behind closed doors. and, yes, get ready. the names are out. we're going to show you the whole reveal of the "dancing with the stars" cast. we say every year this is a great cast. this is seriously one of the best in probably a decade. en that includes when i was on it. it doesn't even come close. it's that good. some new pros, so much to reveal here coming up on "gma." we do a big surprise for some giant dancing with the stars fans. you're going to want to see it. >> okay. so we're not going to spoil it. we have our opinions because we've seen the list of who i think i know who won. just like looking into the future. >> who won? >> james van der beek. i looked into my crystal ball and he's the winner. >> he might just be. what do you think? any early favorites? >> i mean, dawson right away when i saw him on the list. i was previewing this morning. i said no way! james van der beek.
6:23 am
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working long hours could lead to a stroke. people who reported working more than ten hours per day at least 50 days per year were more likely to suffer a stroke. here's the reason. long hours leads to unhealthy diets, increased stress and high blood pressure. what do you do? the best way to combat the risk is watch your diet. exercise more and make sure you are doing what so many of aren't, taking vacat >> southwest airlines is going to discontinue none stap flights to three destinations. the chronicle reporting on january 6th, southwest will no longer fly direct from sfo to
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austin. the fruit oakland to columbus, ohio, will be dropped. be warned. >> next, apple makes another big expansion in silicon valley. >> can you believe this? a shooting in broad daylight in san francisco's market street. people sent running for safety. the terrifying moments caught on video. >> plus that, plane crash off the coast of half moon bay. the pilot and his friend surviving the landing and then resc
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roxana: our students don't have part-time needs. so they absolutely cannot have part-time solutions. angelia: one of changes that we need is smaller class sizes. rosanne: we need a lot more school nurses, a lot more school counselors. rodney: counselors provide that social, emotional core that's needed. marisa: schools need to be safe places for our children to learn. ever: every student has the right to quality education. no matter what neighborhood you live in.
6:30 am
angelia: we are cta. rosanne: we are cta. marisa: we are cta. narrator: because we know quality public schools make a better california for all of us. right now at 6:30. this shooting caught on camera. people run weigh in downtown san francisco to find safety. >> i'm tracking the latest of a small plane crash off the coast of half moon bay. this rescue is a miracle. we're hearing from the pilot also, the president versus himself. the mixed message that's president trump is sending on guns, tachs, and greenland. >> and the big change coming to youtube. what your kids may no longer see on the site. good morning. welcome to wednesday, august 21st. >> a little cool to start but prepare for the warmup. >> it may confuse you when you step outside.
6:31 am
it is cooler this morning. a lack of clouds out there give you a clue that it will be warmer this afternoon. in fact, here's a look at the clouds trying to climb over twin peeks. that's about as far east as they're going to get. there are some clouds lining up along the east bay shore. can you see over the bay water, it is clear this morning. so temperatures mid up toto upp 50s. noon, 4:00, 7:00, then 74 to 83 back down to 76 for the bay. here's where it really gets warm. 82 inland at noon to 92 at 4:00 to 82 at 7:00. this is the first of many. we'll talk more about it coming up first. francis tells me she has a new accident. >> this one just reported to the chp. it's a motorcycle rider. injuries reported as well. and another new accident on the peninsula. this is on 101 near san antonio. apparently the middle lanes are blocked. so i expect to see traffic to slow down in the area. we have a slow ride through
6:32 am
fremont right now because of another accident. as you approach the parkway and they're clearing this one from the lanes. and also, we check the slow ride right now, the middle bar right there. southbound 880 to fremont is growing to 25 minutes because of that crash. >> we're floating around now in the pacific ocean. >> you're not going to believe what just happened to these people in the video. they just survived a plane crash. a pilot and his passenger ended up in the pacific after their plane plunged into the water southwest of half moon bay. >> amazingly the pair were not hurt even managing to laugh about it as they were waiting to be rescued by the coast guard. abc 7 news reporter is here with their story. >> good morning. 34-year-old david lesh and his friend were in the middle of an air-to-air photo shoot over the california coast when things went wrong. the plane hit the water about five miles outside half moon bay
6:33 am
harbor. lesh purchased the beechcraft just a few weeks ago and now it's under water. lesh says he was waving and he lost all power and he couldn't get the engine back up and running. overhead, his friend was pie the log the lead plane and watched as the beechcraft hit the water. a friend checked in with lesh to make sure everything was okay and then called for help. what may surprise some people is that lesh managed to record everything after the plane crashed. the video shows him with his passenger on the wing and then bobbing in the water and rounds out with rescue with the coast guard. >> i would guess he probably didn't have much more than maybe a minute or two from the time, you know, i figured something was wrong until we hit the water. >> pretty incredible. aside from a few jelly fish stings, lesh says he and kayla are doing just fine. >> reporting live in the studio this morning, abc 7 news. >> you can see more of that incredible video of the plane crash and rescue on our website
6:34 am
abc7 6:33. police are searching for the man who opened fire on market street in san francisco and that gunfire all caught on video. this happened just after 5:30 p.m. yesterday. you can see the chaos. people running for safety. police say one man was hit. his injuries are not life threatening and he is not cooperating with investigators. that gunman got away. a new subway station in san francisco will honor long time powerbroker rose pak following a heated debate. pak decide in 2016 and pushed for years to get the central subway built. last night people waited hours to speak to the board. their opinions flekted just how polarizing she remains. >> any time she wants to get things done, she doesn't ask us. she just goes and does it on her own. and if she doesn't like what you're doing, she will just ram it down your throat or threaten you or bully you or demean you or extort you or terrorize you.
6:35 am
>> rose willed this project into existence. and it was her tenaciousness, persistence and, yes, her bullying that got us to this place. >> the station will be called china town rose pak station and they hope to open that subway next year. a survivor of the nazi invasion during world war ii is facing eviction from his home because he can't afford the high rent that the landlord wants to charge. he immigrated to the u.s. after the nazis grove him and his family from the soviet union in 1941. he has lived in the dunes apartment on shoreline drive since 2002. he speaks limited english and his daughter translated for us. >> translator: it was very close to depression. it was the heaviest feeling i could ever experience. it is so painful and so upsetting. >> he filed a complaint with the state accusing his landlord of discrimination. landlord margaret tam declined
6:36 am
an interview after speaking with her attorney. we want to hear your ideas about building a better bay area where you live. share them by joining our better bay area group on facebook. the suspect in a viral video of an attack outside a san francisco condo building is in jail this morning. austin james vincent appeared in court yesterday. that was related to a separate case. he's accused of attacking a woman and her friends as they waited for a ride share in soma. that incident happened in february. the judge released vincent last week in the condo attack. the new allegations led her to change her mind and keep him in jail. the oakland fire department contained a fuel spill from a boat that sank in the oakland estuary. they tweeted out the photos. they placed 300 feet of boom around that sunken vessel yesterday. because of the leaking fuel.cted >> they're putting down pads
6:37 am
that is soaking up the gasoline that is on top of the water. the gasoline will float to the surface. >> it appears no wildlife is affected. flyers found on the san jose state campus as classes are about to get under way. the message the university is sending to students this morning. >> and you're watching as we're up this morning at the new york stock exchange. another update on how the markets are doing when we come back. plus, john travolta visits the abc 7 studios. he dances with our own reginald hakim and the incredible thing he said about reggie's dance moves. >> he was very generous. i can't believe i did that. first, you never more than seven minutes away from your forecast. here is dancing fool. >> i can't wait to see that mashup of you doing boogie nights and saturday night fever. that was so much fun to watch. mid to upper 50s in the south bay. and pretty much everywhere else.
6:38 am
fairfield and brentwood at 60. half moon bay the cool spot at 52 degrees. here's a look at your commute across the bridge. we go from hayward at 61. over to about 59 degrees in foster city. it is much drier out there. no drizzle to speak of. cool to hot though. morning to afternoon on mass transit. on the bay, we have breezes developing around noon to 9:00. small craft advisory. go to the north bay. another huge temperature swing today from 56 this morning to low 80s at noon to few low 90s from 3:00, 4:00, and 5:00. now for the east bay, not quite as warm. you can see we start 59 with clouds. and then total sunshine by 10:00. we'll be around 70 then. and then we hang out in the low 80s this afternoon before dropping into the mid 70s during the evening. san francisco's going to be warmer than average with a whole lot of sunshine. by 1:00. we're nearing 70. all right. this is the first of many days that it is warmer than average temperatures. the seven day forecast coming up soon and schools heading back.
6:39 am
i'll have that. first i want to bring francis in here. >> getting busy. three hot spots you need to know about this morning. we start with an injury motorcycle crash west bound 4 at willow pass. the left lane is blocked. traffic quickly backing up. it's been slow anyway on westbound 4 out of pittsburgh. and also on the peninsula. traffic is starting to slow in the area. they're on the shoulder. they're heavy. and westbound 4 stretch right now, antioch to concord. it is backed up into the maze right now. a l
6:40 am
6:41 am
6:42 am
we have more students going back to school today. 57 this morning. 30 degrees warmer. so make sure they bring that coat or hoodie home and dress them in short sleeves under. that liberty school district, 52, dho5 52, cool this morning. we also got 56 this morning to about 81. all right. here's a look at what's going on around the state today. we've got some mid 90s through the central valley.
6:43 am
85 in l.a. mid 90s in the sierra. that's going to continue through the weekend. >> mike, thank you. the first day of classes at san jose state comes a day after the school revealed a disturbing discovery. >> flyers on campus contain racist and anti-immigrant content. abc 7 news reporter amy holyfield live with the school's response. >> hi there. reggie. yeah. the president says, the president of the university says that flyers have been taken down. she says that they were racist and anti-immigration content. she said all of this if a blog post. she said that they violated the campus' time, place, and manner regulations. that's why they were taken down. she says they were posted here and on other college campuses. our community will not tolerate bigotry, hatred, discrimination, and other forms of social
6:44 am
violence against individuals or groups on the basis of their race, ethnicity, immigrant status, religion, or other identities. she didn't say what was written on the flyers. only that they were gone. students will not see them as they head into class. reporting live from san jose, amy holyfield, abc 7 news. >> thank you, amy. happening today, you're going to see more police officers near campuses in the oakland unified school district. they will conduct back to school traffic enforcement campaign near schools today. it is happening around 7:30 this morning and again at 1:00 p.m. to encourage drivers to slow down and be extra aware of students on the roads. this morning president trump is sending multiple mixed messages on guns, payroll taxes and greenland. >> it's a bit confusing. the president is backing off any new background checks. again, calling mental health the actual problem. the position change came after a lengthy conversation with the head of the nra. the president's telling him he
6:45 am
does not support universal background checks. the other flip, a payroll tax cut. >> it's not being considered at this time. >> payroll tax is something that we think about and a lot of people would like to see that. >> also, trump canceled a planned trip to denmark after the country said greenland isn't for sale. white house officials had down played the seriousness of any greenland purchase but it sounds like the president is taking this to heart. lori laughlin is heading to court next week. "people" magazine reports that she is panicking behind closed doors. she pleaded not guilty to charges in the nationwide college admissions bribery scam and turned down a plea deal because it included jail time. laughlin and her husband are accused of paying $500,000 to get their two daughters into usc. they face up to 40 years in prison if convicted. gun sellers using a simple
6:46 am
trick to sell weapons on facebook's marketplace even though the site officially banned selling firearms. marketplace enabled more than 2 billion facebook users to buy and sell just about anything despite clicking a button on your page. "wall street journal" reports gun sellers list gun cases or gun boxes at inflated prices and all that is a code for actual guns. buyers and sellers then share more details and make their deals via private messages. and now the morning money report. apple expanding. >> according to our news partner, apple bought two buildings at stephens creek boulevard and torres avenue. that is about a mile from apple's headquarters. pricetag on that, $290 million. and youtube had may soon stop targetted ads to your kids. the service has been criticized because targeted ads require collecting data on children. it's also against the law. one analyst tells bloomberg the change could cost youtube $50 million a year.
6:47 am
the weather here is too good for google self driving car company. it's going to start testing cars in florida to get more practice in the rain. the florida test vehicles will be driven by humans. they're already testing in san francisco, phoenix, detroit, an seattle. seattle should get plenty of rain. >> tig a live look at the stoj sto new york stock exchange. 6:47. john travolta was in the house. >> yeah. >> he stopped by midday live yesterday. he danced with you. >> he did. >> and talked about the new movie called the fanatic. >> but he danced with you. >> right. so who knew that was going to happen? i didn't. i really didn't. just in case i actually did look -- >> your hips don't lie. >> i looked to saturday night fever right before we did the interview just in case i would need it. and it turns out -- >> glad you did. >> i needed it. it led to this. >> and you go to the right. one -- to the left, too.
6:48 am
and then go back. and back. one, two and three and four. >> you do it good. >> okay. >> oh, hell yeah. >> you did it better than i did. look at you. you go, boy. >> boy, he said you go, boy. i just about died. >> you go, boy. >> you go, boy! yeah. >> that was your moment. >> i asked him if i got the john travolta seal of approval and he gave it to me. >> doesn't it look like i'm sped up? >> reggie. >> i really thought when i saw this video that it was sped up. >> you danced right out of your microphone pack too. you moved your hips so well. >> i know. just flying off me. mike, sometimes the electronics can't handle the heat. >> i'm telling you what. bye-bye. >> he was good. >> he was really nice.
6:49 am
>> i he's a great sport. >> he stayed around for a while. took pictures with everybody in the building. >> yeah. >> he was great. and i bet you made him jealous. >> can you imagine the audacity? he was definitely done with the dance movers. but wait. wait. i've been waiting. >> the choreography he and the full 100 pounds of choreography was beautiful. well done. >> stop it. so fun. thank you, john, for being nice. >> absolutely. that was great. i had so much fun yesterday. talk about what is going on today. we're up against that seven minutes. never that far away from your forecast. here's something you want to pay attention. to look at the golden gate bridge. man it is stunning and soft in the morning light. only 6 miles per hour. all right. so noticeably different not only this morning where it is cooler but much warmer this afternoon. milder tonight. skinneded. we're going to be above average this afternoon away from the coast. >> the crash down on us and
6:50 am
bring us cooler weather at least maybe even a chance of drizzle. the high pressure put up a huge roadblock and said i'm going to spread out the next couple of days and bring some warmth back. it won't be nearly as bad as last time. 90s in morgue an hill and gilroy. 86 san jose. head up the peninsula. get used to low to mid 80s in most neighborhoods. more sunshine. still a little breezy along the coast. mid 70s downtown. south san francisco. near the waters. sonoma and va nevada -- in nevada -- navado. berkeley influenced by the breeze. low to mid 80s elsewhere. and interior parts of the east bay, check out all the 60s tonight. only 50s along the coast. my seven day forecast, look at this steady forecast. mid 60s at the coast. low to mid 80s around the bay and mid up toer 90s inland. i hope you like it. it will be around for several days.
6:51 am
>> starting to get busy on the roads with injury accidents. slowing things down. especially as you make your way on westbound 4 through bay point. you can see how heavy traffic is and you make your way out of pittsburgh. there is also an injury accident in mountain view northbound 101. and it looks like it is blocking the middle lanes. traffic is backing up towards highway 237 at this point. you'll also find a slow ride on southbound 680 through walnut creek. that is the right hand side because of a stall near highway 24 on south bound 680. that is slowing things down there as well. and then we also had another accident at the bay bridge toll plaza. so that is two this morning. things are backed up into the maze. you'll find a slow ride across the bay bridge. 18 minutes. you'll also find some slow and go traffic across the san mateo bridge. 22 minutes at this time. francis? >> thank you. >> we note number of young people vaping is skyrocketing. there is a new study though that found trying it just one time, even without nicotine, can
6:52 am
change your cardiovascular system. researchers recruited 31 nonsmoking people in their 20s and had them smoke for the first time. it temporarily damaged the blood vessels. special equipment detected the changes. >> i think it's clear that there is a short term risk that if you extrapolate this, it only makes sense to think that there is a long term risk. certainly the decreased circulation to the heart muscle is going to result in heart damage. >> so vaping influencers on social media are
6:53 am
6:54 am
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whether you're just joining us or about to go out the door, here are seven things you need to know. two people escaped injury after their small plane plunged into the ocean near half moon bay. the 34-year-old pilot and friend were rescued shortly after the plane went down. we have dramatic video of a man firing a gun as he runs down the sidewalk along market street in san francisco. police say one man was hit and the search for the gunman continues. three, a live picture from san jose state university where an investigation is under way after officials say racist and anti-immigrant flyers were found posted throughout campus. the flyers have been taken down so students should not see them today on their first day of
6:56 am
class. four, rose pak's name will be part of san francisco's newest subway line despite lots of opposition. the commissioners voted to name the northern terminal as chinatown rose pak station. cooler this morning with earlier sunshine. warmer temperatures this afternoon. 08's and 90s away from the coast and stuck in the 60s. >> and number five, getting busy on bay area freeways. we have an injury crash westbound 4 willow pass and northbound 101 slowing things down. >> from sean spicer to christie brinkley, "good morning america" reveals the new celebrity cast of "dancing with the stars." you can watch the new season of dancing september 16th at can p.m. right here on abc 7 and here is our morning's audition dance. >> okay. and eight. >> we're doing it once. >> how do we look? >> only one on this desk danced
6:57 am
with john travolta. how did it go? >> i switched to geico and saved hundreds.
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good morning, america. as we join you this wednesday morning, we're tracking dangerous storms on the move, and heat alerts stretching from the south to the northeast. multiple twisters tearing through the midwest. destroying homes, flipping semis, heavy wind and rain hitting d.c. now, philadelphia, new york and boston bracing for flash flooding as a major summer scorcher settles in coast to coast. breaking overnight, four students shot at a block party in atlanta. this as authorities investigate a new mass shooting threat, the 15-year-old under arrest accused of plotting an attack on his school. his mother right there when police take him into custody. president trump backtracks on gun control after a phone call with the nra chief. this as he contradicts hea


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