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tv   ABC7 News 500PM  ABC  August 21, 2019 5:00pm-5:30pm PDT

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residence halls. two students have confessed to placing the racist fliers earlier this month. good evening. i'm dan ashley. >> i'm kristen sze. san jose stays firms say the students will be subject to the student conduct process. these cases are not criminal because the messages didn't target any specific people. >> that's right. turning words into action, lawmakers in the south bay unveil aid plan to address local hate krams and say the goal is to appropriate a change in community culture. abc news reporter chris nguyen has more on the initial steps they're taking now and how you can be a part of the solution. >> reporter: coming together to take a stand. >> there is a lot of fear in our communities of color and our immigrant communities and our lgbtq communities and all of our communities that know firsthand the trauma of hate. >> in the wake of mass shootings across the country, lawmakers in the south bay are proposing a regional task force to address hate crimes, racism and hate sp
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>> what hate speech does is create environments for people to act inappropriately and violently. >> supervisor cindy chavez joins san jose city council member maya esparza to call attention to the sniper how do we create the space for people to have these conversations so that we're not yelling fire in a crowded theater anymore. >> reporter: according to the southern poverty law center, the number of hate groups have grown year to year since 2016. fbi statistics indicate a similar trend in racially motivated hate crimes over the same time frame. the task force would focus on efforts to protect women, children and minorities especially members of the latino community. it would make recommendations on investments in law enforcement intelligence to combat the illegal gun trade and to monitor the proliferation of hate speech. organizations such as the council of american islamic relations were encouraged by the announcements. >> hate crimes are underreported because people might not know
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the proper authors to turn to or they might have fears about actually going to authorities. >> meaningful action with the goal of keeping residents safe. >> when we're unified we can gain political strength and then we vote and then we organize. and we make sure that our children are protected. and when there is something that's happened in our community, we speak up. >> in san jose, chris nguyen, abc7 news. >> meanwhile, the school board in petaluma last night officially denounced hate crimes after two incidents in which students in the district appeared in photos featuring a hand signal sometimes linked to white supremacists. >> ten people managed to escape unharmed from a fiery jet crash in oroville. you can see smoke rising from the field near the oroville airport. officials say the plane was taking off for portland, oregon when the pilot aborted takeoff. the plane slid off the runway and into the field. eight passengers and two pits
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escaped. >> we weren't here that long after it began to flame up. as you can see by in the background here, is that it burned the grass all the way around. so i am really shocked that people got out unharmed in this thing. >> they did. and the federal aviation administration and the national transportation safety board are now investigating the crash. >> a woman survived after her small plane crashed today in the east bay. police say she was taking off from the livermore airport when the plane rotated, veered to the left and crashed knows first into a field near the airport. the pilot was the only person on board the plane. she was rushed to the hospital alert and talking. the single engine cessna was seriously damaged and leaked fuel wit fire department was able to contain. >> deliberations in the ghost ship trial are now in recess till after the labor day holiday. it comes after three days after a shake-up in the jury deciding the fate of defendants max harris and derick almena.
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laura lone laura anthony is live with the story. >> for a time it seemed like something might happen. family members of the victims told us they received a phone call from a court liaison telling them they might want to come down here. by 4:00, it was clear this deliberation is over until after labor day. >> would you rather have a verdict at this point or a mistrial? >> a verdict. >> derick almena's lead attorney tony serra says he's still hopeful a newly configured jury in the trial can still reach a verdict. >> i have to infer there's going to be jurors that for and against. and therefore, the possibility/probability is that it will be a hung jury which is a mistrial.
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so when you say what do you want, a want a verdict of not guilty. >> reporter: on monday, three jurors were dismissed for misconduct and three alternates took their place. the judge instructed the new panel to start deliberating from the beginning. the seven women and five men are deciding whether almena and max harris are guilty on 36 counts of involuntary manslaughter for the december 26 fire at the fruitdale warehouse. >> this process takes a lot of stamina emotional and physical stamina. obviously, mr. harris is facing 39 years in prison. he's scared of that but he's very optimistic and always felt very comfortable with his life in the hands of this jury. >> reporter: so now the deliberations won't resume till september 3rd. that is the day after labor day. at that point, the judge will you also have to deal with multiple requests from jurors who have vacations scheduled
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later in september. never oakland, laura anthony, abc7 news. >> thanks very much. there is a search at discovery bay for a women missing since last night. ching ping chen's husband flagged down a contra costa sheriff's deputy to say had he not seen his wife since she went outside to we're the plants two hour prior. the couple's home is on beaver lane. sky 7 flew over it this afternoon and saw a search boat daukd behind the house. officials say she was last seen wearing a light green tank top, green shortsen an pink an sandals. >> thefts caught on camera and two different hair sal plonz the victims believe it's the same woman striking twice. abc7 news reporter liz kreutz has more of the surveillance videos. >> reporter:ply when i go to a hair salon, i re-lach, put my purse down, start chatting with the stylist. this story might make you more
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cautious next time. two different hair salons one here in walnut creek that asked us not to say its name have been the target of thefts. both were caught on camera. it started earlier this month. a woman seen in this surveillance video walked into a hair salon in walnut creek, went straight into the employee break room and stole her purse. >> she walks in. she stands near the restroom for a minute, waits for me to walk my client up to the fronts and she runs in and out. >> reporter: inside her louis vuitton handbag, several hundreds of dollars in tips and credit cards. >> around 7:45, i got an alert from my bank saying there was a fraudulent charge. >> reporter: just five days later this. >> i noticed my purse was gone. lisa stewart is a hairstylist at luxe beauty bar in pleasanton. her purse was also stolen by a woman who snuck into the employee break room. >> she slid right in, super
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quiet. >> these pictures from security foot and appear to show a suspect leaving with lisa's purse. the police department says they don't know if it's the same woman but they believe it is. >> 100%. definitely. >> she has a lot of similarities. it looks like her. she knows all the stylists keep their purses in the break room and knows where to go. >> reporter: even though this time hairstylists are targeted clients should be cautious, too. >> because when is you go there, you're relaxing and don't think anything's going to happen. and this person knows where to go. >> reporter: and also that hairstylists do carry a lot of cash with them, as well. the big question is are these two incidents connected? pleasanton pd didn't even know about the walnut creek incident and say in their case, the suspect is a white woman in her 30s with long dark hair. they have no leads who that
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might be. liz kreutz, abc7 news. >> liz, thanks. in the south bay, firefighters are investigating eight grass fires that broke out this afternoon. right now a suspect has been detained for possibly starting them deliberately. firefighters first got calls about the fires about 2:45 this afternoon. this was near roumelard court. the fires are all out so crews are still keeping an eye on things. no one was hurt. >> police arrest aid young man in arson that destroyed a playground in alameda at the woodstock park july 13th. the replacement cost for the play structure is estimated over $200,000. a gofundme account raised more than $23,000 in donations so far. >> this week, we reported on san mateo high school going phone free. it's the largest public high school in the country to require studentston lock up their devices during the entire school day. >> you know the story has been
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drawing interest at all week. today reporter lyanne melendez has an origin story that begins in nightclubs. >> yeah, you know we first reported to yonder's cell phone lockup earlier thisweek. the special cases seem to be a solution for a problem a lot of schools face. so we went to yonder's founder today to find out what inspired this product ablearned that it was born far from the classroom in nightclubs. concert venues and theater where the people on stage deserve your individed attention. >> they're experiencing life through a camera. >> reporter: when he started speakeasy an immersive theater in san francisco's north beach district, customers were required to put away their cell phones. then he discover discovered the yonder case. once the phone is inside, it will automatically lock. you're always in possession of your phone. once outside, you tap the unlocking base, and you can
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retrieve your phone. graham dagoney founded yonder in 2014 with performers in mind. >> you can't document something and experience it at the same time. that's not how it works. i think people know that and maybe this is a small way to help them see it. >> reporter: well-known comedian dave chappelle uses the cases to create a phone-free zone. san francisco comedian margot gomez understands why. >> we're in this room. this is live. and when it's over, it's over. you were here for a special moment. when people start thinking they can record it, it's not fair. >> reporter: schools are using it to keep students more engaged and active in the playground instead of using their phones. the california academy after sciences can recently required that everyone attending a special night life event put their phones in one of these cases. >> our guests responded positively to it. they loved even ones who weren't expecting to not have their
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phone for the evening ended up having a great time. >> in the end people left with a sticker that read "i survived night life." in san francisco, lyanne melendez, abc7 news. >> coming up, a car recall that you should know about. >> and why president trump says apple ceo tim cook is great at what he does. >> also ahead, the plan for a bicycle super highway. the steps being take in santa clara county. >> and state after the art? a hayward school turns a blank canvas into a cultural touchstone. >> i'm meteorologist sandhya patel. shopping for backpacks... ...and mom also gets a back-to-school bag? that's yes for less. ross has the brands you want for back to school. and it feels even better when you find them for less. at ross. yes for less.
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and realize you can get youeverything you need...oss oh, yeah. yep. yes! feel like a boss? that's yes for less. 20 to 60 percent off specialty store prices for every room and every budget. at ross. yes for less. president trump praised apple ceo today for one specific reason. take a listen. >> that's why he's a great executive. because he calls me and others don't. others go out and hire very expensive consultants and tim cook calls can donald trump
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directly. pretty good. >> mr. trump's praise comes just days after he met with apple's ceo tim cook at his new jersey golf club. the two reportedly talked how tariffs made on goods inside china could give samsung an advantage over apple. the president postponed the tariffs which would have levied a 10% duty on iphones. while the president praised cook he called out auto executives on twitter labeling them as foolish for considering bucking his administration's proposed role back of emission standards. his criticism followed reports that several automakers including honda, forward, volkswagen and bmw have signed on to stick with the stricter emissions sets by california. >> a car recall to tell you about. >> 7 on your side's michael finney will tell you more about it. >> >> toyota is recalling 14,2019 rav fours because of an issue with the rearview camera.
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the nhtsa says the camera may not work when the vehicle is put into reverse. backup cameras are federally mandated. it affects rav 4 and raab 4 hybrids suvs made this year. owners can contact toyota about replacing the camera free of charge. >> starting september 18th is, youtube users will no longer be able to private message friends on the platform. youtube isn't offering any explanation. the feature was launched in 2017. however, analysts speculate it was not that popular. and that users prefer using more familiar messaging apps like facebook's messenger, what's app and i chat. a possible data breach for users of movie pass. the movie subscription service announced today that a primary server was not password protected and that use irdata may have been exposed.
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that data included credit card information, e mails and some log-in details. movie pass has taken the server offline. users are encouraged to review bank statements and credit reports for any fraudulent activity. not password protected? >> i know, right? this day and age? >> i know. >> thanks, michael. >> picture this. booik bicycle super highway in the south bay, that's the plan officials will be studying beginning this fall. the eta made the announcement just today. the study is being funded by a federal grant. the proposed ten-mile off street bicycle super highway would connect the upcoming berryessa b.a.r.t. station with the el camino expressway in santa clara and several trails, as well. the publicing are l have plenty of opportunity to offer feedbacking. > art a way to build a better bay area. ♪
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>> abc7 news was at eldridge elementary school in hayward for the unveiling of this mural. congressman eric swalwell and mayor barbara halahdy attended the ceremony paying tribute to the latin heritage with each circle representing a different culture or latino country. >> we turned it into more a representation of how culture, music, art, dance all of those things are like a language that is shared amongst all cultures. >> this mural is one of 200 installations created as part after hayward's new art program. it starred in 2009 to address the growing issues of gra tee tee tee and val dalalism. 200 volunteers have taken part in the wonderful program. >> just a little warmer today but the hint of coolness in the morning makes you think about fall being around the corner. >> it's been so nice.
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we want to keep it that way. sandhya patel is here to tell us if we can keep it that way. >> you're going to be happy with the next seven days if you like today. it was warrer today. we felt the heat in the inland communities. as you take a look from the east bay hills camera, this is where it's baking. low to mid-90s in our hottest inland valleys. santa rosa airport managed to get up to 97 degrees so far. i want to show you those temperatures right now. it is sizzling in our inland areas. along the coastline, still comfortable. our microclimates. 94 in fairfield, 96 brentwood. 77 in oakland. san francisco nice, 74, 83 san jose and 88 in know votto. let's look at how this fares compared to 24 hours ago. up 13 degrees in santa rosa, 11 degrees warmer in livermore and concord. definitely noticeably warmer and for those of you who do not like the heat, just take a look.
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just look out west. all you have to do is enjoy the beach. i'm there anytime. blue skies right now. it's a pretty view. live doppler 7 watching the fog trying to advance near the coastline right now. a wider picture, here's what's happening. rain falling across the pacific northwest as a cold front is going through. a few showers developed in the far northern end of california. a sign things are beginning to change. we're just over a month away from fall. from our emeryville camera watching the fog as it comes in closer to the golden gate. hot again inland and mild at the coast tomorrow. t the. sun comes up at 6:31. 50s, 60s by noontime mostly sunny except near the immediate coast. i an warm to hot one for most areas with upper 60s to mid-90s before the temperatures come down by evening first thing in the morning, watch out for the fog. right around the
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locally over the bay. mid 50s to upper 60s. a few high clouds, as well. tomorrow afternoon, south bay 93, gilroy 88 and san jose 86. a warm one. mid 80s from mountain view to redwood city. downtown san francisco 74 degrees. nice mild day. and rafael, mid-90s around santa rosa. east bay sun shining. a little bit warmer, 81 in oakland. 84 castro valley. inland areas will be hot. 94 livermore. 95 concord, 94 in pittsburg. watching tropical storm ivo packing winds of 45 miles an hour, it's going to parallel the coastline here through the weekend into early next week. we're watching this carefully because some tropical moist may make its way up into the bay area the middle to latter part of next week. the reason why this storm doesn't survive, 84 degrees water. sea surface temperatures down south 59 the ocean temperature here in the san francisco bay.
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accuweather seven-day forecast mild to hot next few days. a minor dip on friday though as the sea breeze strengthens a bit. temperatures come right back up again for the weekend and it will be sizzling for a couple of days flirting with 100 degrees inland. sunday and monday. not expecting a repeat of the record heat or the widespread hot weather we did last week though. >> good. thank you. >> can deal with this. >> snake fright. a young man encounters a rattler and '80s it's his sister who has the solution. >> look at that face. at 5:30 on world news with david muir". >> coming up tonight, breaking news the fiery jet crash. images coming in right now. also breaking the arrest at a playeriot. threats against employees multiple firearms, hundreds of rounds of ammunitio
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a dramatic rescue of an injured
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horse named powe otis in oregon. otis was on a trail when he got hurt. there was no way in or out other than walking. his owner contacted a helicopter pilot who provided a sling to carry off this airlift. quite a few people pitched in to help once otis was on ground. fortunately he's expected to make a full recovery. >> a southern california taken ser recovering from a an rattlesnake bite right outside his front door. >> all caught on a surveillance camera. >> our reporter from our abc sister station in los angeles has the story. >> reporter: caught on surveillance video, a rattlesnake lurking by the family's front doorstep, out goes mom laura, one of her daughters then son bryce barefoot. >> i stepped down on the front porch and i hear it rattle. it bites me sure enough, it was a rattlesnake. >> the 19-year-old had been going in and out of his home looking for car keys when the rattler slithered its way to the door mat.
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bryce testing a friend said he never saw it coming. > it didn't hurt to get bit, just a prick. i felt dread because you could see the venom inflame my foot. >> good things his mom and sister are both nurses. the older sister stepping in to kill the snake as paramedics arrived minutes later. >> my face and tongue and lips were kind of tingling. that's an effect of the venom. >> bryce spent two days at corona regional medical center after receiving 24 vials of anti-venom. his foot spill swollen but improving. despite the close call, he's pretty relaxed about the whole thing. >> it wasn't fun and i wouldn't want to experience again. if it happens, just remain calm and call 911 and let the professionals take care of it. you'll be okay. >> i guess he was well taken care of. >> the snake was beheaded and the family save add the head. his sister plans to make a belt out of it. >> he wants the reminder?
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all right. >> turn about is fair play. >> a rescue dog becomes a movie star. >> first, we want to thank john for the colors of sunrise. look at this from brace bane. share your pictures with us with the
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the new accuweather app from abc7 news. minute by minute forecasts plus realtime radar and alerts. keeping you safe. search accuweather in your app store and download now. >> coming up on abc7 news at 6:00, an independent report contradicts the official cause of death for san francisco public defender jeff adanchi. what his family thinks is lined the conflicting reports. also. >> if you think that i crashed my brand-new airplane into the pacific as a publicity stunt, you need your head examined. thilothosewent down off half mo
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than 24 hours ago. plus much more in a half an hour on abc news at 6:00. >> we're getting our first side by side look at dogs who will star notice remake of the disney classicish lady and the tramp." >> here had he are. that's rose a cocker spaniel who play lady and tramp by a terrier mix named monty. >> he was a rescue dog spotted at a shelter in phoenix just star power right away. staffers said they loved him because of his good behavior and sloppy wet kisses. >> the remake prep years on the disney plus streaming service when it launches november 12th. we we'll see if it include the memorable kigs scene created by san francisco native willie ito. >> probably disney is the parent company of abc7. a hollywood story. some casting person, that's the dog. >> i want to know if they auditioned trying to do that
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spaghetti scene. >> maybe. world news tonig "world news tonight with david muir" is tonight, breaking news as we come on the air in the west. the fiery jet crash in california. the images coming in now. the jet aborting takeoff and then bursting into flames. multiple people onboard. and the miracle escape, just days after a similar plane carrying dale earnhardt jr. burst into flames after landing. severe weather slamming the east coast at this hour. severe thunderstorm watches in effect tonight in new york city, philadelphia and washington. and ginger zee is standing by with the track. also breaking as we come on tonight, the arrest at a marriott, alleged threats against employees and the discovery. multiple firearms, hundreds of rounds of ammunition. we do have late reporting. president trump abruptly canceling his trip to denmark, saying he did not like how the prime minister responded when he wanted to buy greenland, saying


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