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tv   ABC7 News 600PM  ABC  August 21, 2019 6:00pm-7:00pm PDT

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form ersan fran public defender jeff adachi believe he died from a heart attack, not from a drug and alcohol overdose. >> it's a finding that contradicts the medical examiner's autopsy. vic lee is live in the newsroom with a story you'll see only on abc 7, vic? >> dan and ama, this autopsy says adachi's heart compromised by heart disease sustain the stress caused by drugs and alcohol and that was the cause of his death, an overdose. the adachi family says i wants to clear his name. acute mixed drug, cocaine and ethanol toxicity. a drug and alcohol overdose. manner of death, accident. it noted that adachi had heart disease. cause of death from dr. dillon miller a pathologist sudden cardiac arrhythmia, in late terms a heart attack.
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manner of death. natural. jeff adachi died february 22nd. so two different conclusions so different. how could that be? >> there were enough red flags in the autopsy report that it didn't real he reflects the truth. >> reporter: bob khan is the adachi family lawyer. he says the autopsy reveals the left artery was 80% clogged. his right artery 50% blocked. it also says that adachi had an abnormally enlarged heart and untreated cardiovascular disease. this chronology of the night he died. it says he and his female friend had dinner together at a restaurant. his friend says he started complaining of a stomach ache and began sweating profusely, classic symptoms of cardiac arrest. they took a ride share to a north beach apartment they borrowed from a friend for the week. his symptoms became worse, he
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became unresponsivunresponsive called 911. ada adachi was taken to the hospital where he died. his family is supposed of the findings. >> it said jeff died of alcohol and cocaine toxicity but levels detected were too low to be quantified. >> reporter: the families experts say that's what the autopsy shows. the so-called blood test for cocaine and alcohol. blood draws normally from the arms or lower extremities. the preferred more accurate test. adachi's blood-alcohol level was .01%. jim norris is one of two toxicologist hired the long-time director of the sfpd. >> that's the lowest reported level you can report in a man, an average sized man equivalent to drinking about half a beer. >> reporter: dr. nikolas lemos
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is the former medical examiner's chief toxicologist. lemos concludes adachi did not die from an overdose. the blood test shows no cocaine. a cardiac blood draw normally a secondary test showed only a trace of it. >> they detected cocaine but at a very low level. less than ten nanograms. >> reporter: so why would the medical examiner's conclusion show drug and alcohol overdose? the family has its suspicions. >> we were afraid that there was a conflict of interest in their handling of his case. >> reporter: he's referring to christopher. >> i'm christopher -- >> reporter: the medica examiner's director of operations personally took charge of the investigation into adachi's death and went to the apartment the evening he died. deputy public defender daniel harris says she's never seen an administrator from the office respond to death scenes.
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>> the fact that this man had personally responded seemingly outside of protocol was very surprising and very concerning. >> reporter: concerning because harris says he should have recused himself from the case. adachi complained able him saying he engaged in dishonest conduct. if true he should be terminatedn adachi said he lied about an accreditation. >> the office lost that accreditation and they were misrepresenting that they were still acredited. >> reporter: now the city administrators office invest getted thge -- investigated that complaint and cleared him. adachi concluded to pursue that issue until his death. the medical examiner's office said they routinely conduct autopsies, forensic -- excuse
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me, routinely conduct autopsies, forensic pathologists sign off on the cause and manner of death and their reports speak for themselves. vic lee, abc 7 news. >> vic, any idea if the family is trying to get any correction, anything official? >> well, the family would like to see a formal inquiry of the autopsy's findings to clear the air if you will about all of the questions and the contradictions their own reviews have raised. their point is if the autopsy said natural causes, this would have been a story but not as big but once they said it was drugs and l calcohol, it became headl news. >> vic lee, thank you. another part of the fallout from adachi's death is the on going legal battle between police and a journalist. there was a copy of a police report on his death to several outlets including abc 7. weeks later in may, sfpd
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investigators raided his home. they had warrants for the search. the warrants have shown police knew he was a journalist but california law bans police from compelling journalists to reveal confidential sources. you can read the reporting on the case on our website, moving on now within the last 24 hours, three northern california plane crashes in orvoille, livermore and half moon bay. a private jet crashed and burned around noon today shortly after take off from oroville municipal airport. the plane was carrying ten people with a destination of portland, oregon. the pilot aborted takeoff and the plane caught fire. eight passengers and two pilots were able to escape. firefighters put out the flames but it did burn around two acres of the grass field nearby. the cause of the crash is still under investigation.
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sky 7 shows you a crumpled plane. the plane went down shortly after take off and airport managers say they are waiting to hear more from federal investigators. >> it's very rare we have something like this and obviously she was able to put it down into a grass area here. >> the single engine plane crashed nose first into a field near the airport as you heard the plane was the only pilot was the only person on board the plane. she was rushed to the hospital. alert and talking so she should be okay. the damage cessna leaked fuel which the fire department was able to contain. and tonight, we are learning more about the pilot whose plane lost power yesterday and went down in the ocean off half moon bay. the pilot and passenger survived and recorded what was happening as you'll see and today that pilot is headed back to denver on a commercial flight but not before telling his story to abc 7 news reporter wayne freedman live at oakland international
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airport tonight. wayne? >> reporter: good evening, dan. that pilot's name is david will be esh and he's a good pilot. he has 1,000 hours in the air and a couple airplanes, he's rated for flying a c plane, all the good stuff and comes from denver, colorado where we learn today he has a bit of a reputation for pulling stunts. what happened today he says was not a stunt but it will certainly add to that reputation. by now you may have seen in video from yesterday showing the last moments of a private plane in the pacific due to engine fi failure. we found the pilot today. >> it was all very surreal. >> reporter: it began as an air to air photo shoot but when lesh began rolling video while awaiting rescue with his female companion, it catapulted him into the news that fits the profile of a well-known professional skier and social media skier from denver with a reputation for provocative stunts and promoting his
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clothing company. >> so i took my drug money and made the best around the planet. >> reporter: in a cynical world looking for alter your motives, his video reputation led to inevitable questions. >> our videos are provocative and edgy but if you think i crashed my plane as a publicity stunt, you need your head examined. >> reporter: he had his own ideas. >> i wonder if there is something in the fuel. >> reporter: he filled up at reed view airport. he said fuel was not as clean as it should have been. >> the ntsb is looking into the fuel in the truck and the tanks at the airport. >> there she goes. >> reporter: that airplane is in deep water now essentially unrecoverable and because of that, we may never know for certain what p hahappened, onlyt lesh made a perfect landing under the most difficult of circumstances and flew home.
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he made headlines in a way he never imagined and you are survived. >> if i was someone that couldn't handle extreme, you know, stress and crazy situations, then i might not be here now to talk about it. >> buy another plane? >> absolutely. first thing i'm doing. >> reporter: lesh land that airplane as well as he did in the water was no accident. he does have a license for flying c planes. he knew how to do it, if only he had a c plane yesterday. at oakland airport, wayne freedman. >> thank you. new at 6:00 a gas station worker in san francisco alerted police about a man unconscious in a car. paramedics got to the chevron and discovered the man was dead. he was found just before 7:00 this morning in the driver's seat of a black nissan. investigators say they don't yet know how he died. deliberations of the ghost
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ship trial are at recess until after labor day. abc 7 news reporter laura anthony shares the story live from oakland, laura? >> reporter: it's clear the deliberations are going into september and while they want this to end with a verdict, when we asked about that he had to think about it. would you rather have a verdict at this point or mistrial? [ laughter ] >> a verdict. >> reporter: derick almena's lead attorney says he's still hopeful a newly configured jury can reach a victim still. >> when you say what do you want? i want a verdict of not guilty. that's what my client wants. i don't want a mistrial but if it's the best i can get, i'll grab it and run. >> reporter: on monday three jurors were dismissed for
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misconduct and three alternates took their place. the judge instructed the new panel to start deliberating from the beginning. the seven women and five men are deciding whether al mmena and m harris are guilty of manslaughter for the december 26th fire. >> this is case that's been unusual anyway so this point we expect the unexpected and glad that the jury is deliberating again. >> in the conscience of the community is and pressed by a verdict of 12 voices that come together and render the verdict and that's what i thin is going to happen. >> so now deliberations will resume on september 3rd. the judge is already having to deal with scheduling issues, no fewer than three jurors have notified her that they have scheduled vacations later in september. in oakland, laura manthony, abc7 news. >> you can get the latest news
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sent to your smart phone or tablet. download the app and enable push alerts for updates. not once but twice two similar crimes caught on camera. >> police have to figure out if it's the same woman who is stealing purses from hair salons in the east bay. i'm spencer christian, it is quite a bit warmer now than it was at this time yesterday and this warmup is going to be with us for awhile. i'll have the accuweather fo
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[ gunshots ]. >> yeah. that is amazing to see. this was all caught on camera but not caught by police. the search continues for the
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gunman who opened fire on busy market street by sixth street yesterday in san francisco. there are other people who appear to be running with that person and police are looking for all of them. thankfully nobody was hit by any of the bullets. another crime as been caught on camera and again, the suspect has yet to be caught. this time it's a woman stealing a purse out of the employee break room at a salon in the east bay and it may have not been her only target. liz has the video and the story. >> reporter: hi, ama, yeah, in just a week, two different hair salons here in the east bay, one here in walnut creek that asked us not to share its name have been the target of the purse thefts both caught on camera. the big question now is there any connection between the this is one of two purse thefts, you can see a woman going straight into the salon's employee break room and stealing a purse.
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>> she walks in, she stands by the restroom for a minute, waits for me to walk my client to the front and runs in and out. >> reporter: inside her louis vuitton handbag and her cards. she thought it could be a one-off theft but five days later, this. >> i noticed my purse was gone. >> reporter: lisa stewart is a hair stylist at lux beauty bar. on thursday morning her purse was also stolen by a woman who snuck into her salon's employee break room. >> she took it. she just slid right in super quiet. i didn't hear the front door. >> reporter: these pictures appear to show a suspect leaving the salon with her purse. pleasanton p.d. described her as a white woman in her 30s with long dark hair and don't know if it's the same woman from walnut creek. they both believe it is. >> 100%. definitely. >> reporter: she has a lot of
6:18 pm
similarities. it just looks like her. she knows all the stylists keep their purses in the break room so she knows where to go. >> reporter: this time hair stales stylists are targeted, clients should be cautious. >> carry your purse around because there are a lot of people that come in and out. you're not always aware if they are a client of taking a look around. >> reporter: i can speak for myself and say it's so easy to go to a salon and relax and let your guard down. it's important to remain vid lengt -- vigilant. pleasanton police are looking for a suspect. >> liz, thank you. we spent a week on ways to protect yourself and your property part of the efforts to build a better bay area. the stories are on our website. go to oakland police had a visible presence in more than a dozen schools today to make sure that
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students and drivers are being safe. this is the second week of school in oakland. officers set up outside 18 schools this morning and this aftenoon as part of a traffic enforcement campaign. police want to remind all of us to slow down in school zones. last week we did an experiment to see how big a difference just five miles per hour makes when it's time to hit the brakes. watch the video and share wit your friends. it's on and what we found out is eye opening. >> it really is. all right. let's find out how soon our temperature wills start going up. >> speaking of eye openers, spencer christian is here. >> the going up has begun. here is a look at live doppler 7. mainly sunny skies over the bay and inland but clouds developing along the coastline. i don't want to over play the warmup. it won't be unbarebly hot but hot in some inland locations and you can see on the 24-hour temperature change that most locations away from the coast are right now about seven
6:20 pm
degrees to 14 degrees higher than they were at this time yesterday. so warmup is underway for sure. this is the view looking westward across alcatraz from emeryville. you can see low clouds in the distance. 69 in san francisco right now oakland 76, low 80s at redwood city and san jose 88 gilroy. 64 half moon bay. we have blue sky which is often the case with a big warmup this time of the afternoon, this evening. this time of the year we have fog. 93 at santa rosa and napa 86 and 92 fairfield and 90 concord and 85 in livermore. one more live view looking eastward along the bay bridge. these are our forecast features, fog near the coast tonight we'll continue developing and we'll have hot conditions again inland tomorrow but it will be mild at the coast and this pattern will persist through the weekend and into next week. here is why we have the weather we have. big high pressure system in the desert southwest is dominant
6:21 pm
feature and bringing us this big warmup and it will continue to dominate our weather although this frontal system up at the pacific northwest triggering showers. it will take a little bite out of the ridge of high pressure that will cause temperatures to drop maybe two or three degrees on friday but temperatures will bounce back up again over the weekend. overnight look for more fog developing at the coast, maybe a few high clouds overnight lows will be quite mild mainly low to mid 60s and tomorrow look for highs of 70 in half moon bay, 74 san francisco, low to mid 80s around the bay shoreline and most inland locations will top out in the low to mid-90s except down in the south bay where san jose will top out at 88 degrees. looking ahead to friday, notice inland temperatures may drop a couple degrees from mid-90s down to low 90s in some locations but on saturday will bounce back up from mid to upper 90s and will be hotter on sunday with highs moving into the upper 90s inland
6:22 pm
and mid to upper 80s around the bay shoreline. here is the accuweather seven-day forecast. it's a fairly steady pattern. a little spike in the heat inland on sunday and monday will occur but again alreahilly mid around the bay and 70 on the coast. that's what i call warm and toasty. >> yeah. >> maybe even uncomfortable. >> yeah. >> thanks, spencer. >> student loan debt forgiven. >> those magical words became a reality today for some students thanks to pr
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veterans with disabilities have one less financial problem to worry about. student loans, president trump signed an executive action today at the conference in louisville. it should help more than 20,000 veterans and cancel an average of $30,000 in debt per person... president trump praised the apple ceo for one reason. >> that's a great executive, others go out and hire very expensive consultants and tim cook calls donald trump directly. >> president trump's praise comes days after he met with the ceo at his new jersey and talked about tariff goods made that
6:26 pm
could give samsung an advantage. it could have leveed a 10% duty on iphones. >> if you have an iphone 6 or newer, you can apply for an apple card in the u.s. this month a limited number of customers were invited to apply early but yesterday apple opened applications for all u.s. customers. the apple credit card is a partnership with goldman sachs. to apply you have to have a recent model iphone that's required to check statements and pay balances. all right. we have made a real commitment to building a better bay area and part of that is building a better bart. >> next, the noticeable improvements made to the area's most wide spread transit agency. >> addressing the rise in hate crimes, i'm chris nguyen and helping keep people safe. >> a dirty job, the project used gets under way in san francisco.
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all for just $6.99. the $6.99 super slam™ is back! see you at denny's! that breaking news is in the north bay. fires and winds we're told no
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homes are threatened and no evacuation orders at this time. the chp and sheriff are providing conflicting information how many lanes of 10 oc 1 are closed. they say 101 is closed completely in both directions. chp says one southbound lane is closed. we know for sure traffic is backed up and visibility is low because of smoke. well, lawmakers in the south bay have unveiled a plan to address local hate crimes. they say the goal is to promote a change in community culture. >> chris nguyen has more on the initial steps they are taking and how you can be part of the solution. >> reporter: in the wake of mass shootings across the country. >> there is a lot of fear in our communities of color, in our immigrant communities and our lgbtq communities and all of our communities that know firsthand the trama of hate. >> reporter: lawmakers are proposal a regional task force
6:31 pm
to address hate crimes and violence. >> when we're unified, we can gain political strength and vote and organize and we make sure that our children are protected. and when there is something that's happened in our community, we speak up. >> reporter: according to the southern poverty law center, the number of hate groups have grown year to year. fbi statistics indicate a similar trend over the same time frame. santa clara county supervisor cindy chavez joined multiple members this afternoon to call attention to the issue. >> how at a local level do we create the space for people to get to know each other to have these conservations so that we're not yelling fire in a crowded theater anymore. >> reporter: the task force would focus on efforts to protect women, children and minorities especially members of the la teeino community and mak recommendations on investments on law enforcement to combat the illegal gun trade and monitor
6:32 pm
hate speech. organizations such as the counsel of american islamic relations were encouraged. >> hate crimes are being under reported because people might know the proper resources to turn to or fears about going to authorities. >> reporter: this community coming together to take meaningful action. >> what hate speech does is create environments for people to act inappropriately and violently. >> reporter: the goal of keeping residents safe more important than ever. chris nguyen, abc 7 news. >> our efforts to build a better bay area mean look for improvements for issues day to day. bart says it made improvements and they have been noticed. riders gave bart a higher score when it coals to cleanliness. the biggest improvement was seen in elevators. 60% of people rank it as good or excellent. two downtown san francisco stations will double to two more. over the next six months, bart plans to hire 15 more cleaners,
6:33 pm
it's part of the new general manager's plan to improve the customer experience. abc 7 news devoted a week to covering bart as part of our commitment to building a better ba bay area. we rode trains and talked to riders and people in charge of making bart better to see the changes coming. you can see the reports on, building a better bart is part of building a better bay area. a landmark is taking shape in san francisco but for the time being, you might be forgiven if you miss took it for massive mountain of dirt. it's kind of what it looks like. what it will become is a world class experience. crews were moving mountains in san francisco's today 50,000 cubic yards of soil that will be the foothold for one of most unique destinations anywhere in the bay area. half park, half freeway and 100% jaw dropping. >> you'll be able to walk out of
6:34 pm
our visitor center out on to this incredible new park, pan ram ma views of the skyline and bring your family for picnics. >> reporter: michael is the director. she showed the planned path of the wildlife watershed that will run under doyle drive. but that was only the bottom half of the plan. the top part 14 acres of park perched on top of the doyle drive tunnels, the same tunnels that thousands of commuters pass through every day from marin county and western san francisco. >> for 75 years doyle drive broke it in two. it cut it off from the main post and when doyle was rebuilt, it created an opportunity to build new park. >> reporter: architect's drawings show what the park will look like when finished. open space surrounded by trees. it will include barbecue circles a four-acre youth campus and
6:35 pm
environmental learning center for kids and families. now, all that's required for the dream to become reality is hard work. and tons and tons of dirt. >> because we want to make sure this is a park for the ages so the soil has to be deep enough for plants to grow and be healthy forever. >> isn't that cool? the tunnel top park is expected to be completed in about two years. is san francisco a great american city? >> we know the answer is yes. we caught up with "wheel of fortune's" pat and vanna white when they rolled into the city for a special game show shoot. >> beginning tomorrow, san francisco is
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the countdown is on. 26 days away from the premiere of "dancing with the stars" season 28. the cast was revealed today on good morning >> ray lewis. straight from the briefing room, it's john and lastly secret
6:39 pm
super model and uptown girl christie brinkley my friends. >> you know those names. for the full list go to in a new twist this year, the official partners won't be announced until the season premiere and that kicks off monday, september 16th at 8:00 p.m. here on abc 7. speaking of fun, how about a whole week of ""wheel of fortune" shows with a san francisco bay area theme that will air in the spring as part of the great american cities showcase. abc 7 news anchor kumasi gkumasg look. >> no one has been as happy. >> reporter: we've seen them on "wheel of fortune" but today i got to see host pat and vanna white here. >> we're celebrating the san francisco bay area. >> as we solute america's greatest cities. >> reporter: they were filming p promotions highlighting the san
6:40 pm
francisco bay area set to air in the spring of 2020. they visited several locations including the palace of fine arts where i got to ask them few questions. what do you think makes the san francisco bay area great? >> it's funny. there are a lot of cities that takes you awhile to figure out where you are, downtowns look alike. you know the moment you're in san francisco, it's one of the most unique cities in the world the moment you step foot in it. >> beautiful, too. everything. the scenery. it's so different. here we are standing in front of this beautiful palace and you can be on the hills in another area. just so much. >> reporter: if you had a whole day to spend here in the bay area, what would you guys do? >> eat. and then eat some more and possibly eat after that. >> maybe. >> take a nap and eat some more. >> reporter: all next week right here on abc 7 if your dream is to see them as a contestant on
6:41 pm
"wheel of fortune", you can audition next month. >> if you come out to a wheel mobility mobile event, have a good time. if you know the show and understand how it works, you don't have to psychiatscrew on e show contestant face. there is a natural excitement. go with that. you don't have to perform. be yourself as corny as that sounds. >> how great to have them in town? >> yeah. >> the san francisco episodes will air in the spring but you can watch "wheel of fortune" every weeknight until then. it's after jeopardy that area after abc 7 news at 6:00. >> the bay area's great weather was on display for the cast and crew today. >> spencer will show you what more there is to look forward to in his seven-day forecast. that's next.
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6:44 pm
we have an update to the breaking news in the north bay. the sonoma county sheriff's office confirms one southbound lane of 101 is closed. there was conflicting information earlier. this smoke was reported. no homes are threatened and no evacuation orders at this time.
6:45 pm
southbound traffic is backed up. >> the san francisco board of supervisors pulled the blug. >> most brick and mortar stores must take cash. >> we have the latest on it. >> the law was passed three months ago but everyone said they needed time so businesses were given time to come up with a way to take cash. time is running out. amazon go is one of the first major cashless players in san francisco. today you can still walk in, swipe your phone app, get food and never stand in line. but you don't have to do it that way if you don't want to. amazon go declined an interview but issued this statement. our amazon go stores throughout san francisco and new york city accept cash. we plan to accept cash at all of our amazon go stores over over now i check oddeed on that toda
6:46 pm
i wasn't always told that at the store level. i went to 757 market street and was told cash was not accepted. my next stop was the amazon go store at 300 california street. this amazon go store does accept cash and here is your proof. i bought this sandwich. you go in, there are no signs saying they accept cash, but if you tell them then they go get a cell phone, they have an app on it and let you into the store and you shop at your leisure then when you got your items and you go to pay, they have a tiny area to the left and that's where you pay. it is easy, staff friendly but i saw no signs saying cash is accepted. supervisor valley brown introduced the legislation and keeping track of how it's implemented. >> i would love for them to do some kind of marketing campaign saying we take cash now and maybe we need to reach out to them and let them know that. >> reporter: another big cashless player is sweet green.
6:47 pm
in san francisco on second street, the sweet green posted the cashless policy for months. today i went back and found the same sign. i went inside and asked at the counter if cash was accepted and i was told no. i have reached out to sweet green but have not yet spoken to anyone at the headquarters. starting tomorrow, stores and restaurants in san francisco can be fined for not accepting cash. fines start at $100 and go up to 1,000. >> so it could cost you quite a bit of money not just to do something so simple and so humane as take cash. >> so starting tomorrow, every time you find a store not accepting cash, i want where you to contact me. i need to know. next week supervisor brown and i are talking about taking a walk around the city and talk to those not in compliance. there are a couple exceptions to the new rules, food trucks, pop-ups and professional services do not have to take cash. by the way, i've been in
6:48 pm
communication with amazon despite the original statement and by the way, they said in effect until tomorrow. now i want to hear from you like i just said. you can contact me through the 7 on your side hot line monday through friday from 10:00 to 2:00. that number is 410-954-8151. you can also reach me on my facebook page and by this way, this isn't a state law, only the city of san francisco. so if you see it here, let me know. >> cash isn't king but it's got a roll. thanks. >> we want one last check on our weather. >> spencer christian tracking a warmup for us. >> quite a warmup. michael talked about it. it will be less hot than inland. overnight we'll see a little fog at the coast and high clouds and overnight lows in the mid 60s. so pretty mild overnight. then tomorrow notice how warm to hot it will be from the bay where highs will be in the mid 80s to inland. here is the accuweather seven-day forecast. we'll be in a rather steady
6:49 pm
pattern with the exception of sunday and monday where it gets hotter with highs in the upper 90s and mid to upper 80s around the bay shoreline and highs above 70 and coastal locations. but then temperatures settle back into a more typical summertime pattern mid-90s inland and mid 60s on the coast. nice weather. a little warm but nice. >> still summer. thanks. giants on the road. >> yeah, larry beil is here. >> trying to keep their wild card hopes alive in chicago. trying to catch the cubs in the standings and beating them tonight at wiggley will help. sports next.
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chase. make more of what's yours®. good evening. it will be an uphill climb and not easy. they have to leap frog five teams including the cubs that own the second wild card spot. bringing the orange to wrigley tonight. no score in the first. that's about to change. evan longoria off darvish. giants up 2-0. that lead would not last. there it comes, there it goes. two-run shot off derrick rodriguez. went deep yesterday and rodriguez only lasted four innings. again this time an rbi single to center to make it 4- csco in the third, rodriguez against kyle swo
6:53 pm
kyle. he went down. that's another two-run homer. mike just homered for the giants. battle along ball here. 6-4 cubs in the fifth. the a's are in the hunt for the second wild card birth hosting the yankees tonight, only 21,000 on hand in the coliseum. usually the bronx bombers draw close to a sellout. yankees one of the glamor teams in baseball even though they haven't won the world series in a decade. cc sabathia and ramon watched the yankees on tv as a kid growing up in the dominican republic just loved the yankees. the good news for the a's is that his shin injury is almost healed. >> we have to find something to occupy his time right now but no, it's good. he's on the field running around. he feels great. and, you know, of usually we have to be careful with him because we don't need a setback as far as this goes. >> such a dynamic player. this is really cool. spending free time watching his brother play in the little
6:54 pm
league world series. his brother plays. they defeated venezuela 9-2 yesterday. they won the world series title in 2004. baseball today, mariners and a's looking for a seattle win in the wild card quest. smith triples to the right field corner two run scores. the m's take the lead 6-5 and strikes the pose. kevin high, deep, the mariners intentionally walk the basis and this is not what you're looking for. wild pitch. rays with a walk off win 7-6. half a game ahead of the a's and the race for the wild card. the raiders play the packers in the third preseason tomorrow in winnipeg, canada of all destinations. look for the raiders to be conservative because they are
6:55 pm
playing on field turf instead of grass. unclear when we'll see antonio brown on the field and playing but in last night's episode of "hard knocks" a.b. expressed his appreciation for coach gruden who had to deal with brown's absence in camp because of the foot and helmet issues. >> thanks for supporting me coach. the head, the feet, people after me. you've been the constant supporter. thank you. >> i've been there. you have any problems, i got problems. >> we all in this together. >> you know what i'm saying? i know you got a lot of people in your ear because you're like a corporation that's gone global but at the end of the day, football comes first. >> yes, it does. yesterday we showed you the hilarious video of the wild he returned. he's back. he ran into the white sox dugout. look at the stride. >> wow. >> extension. speed. >> yeah. >> that interrupted the game. >> slide, slide. [ laughter ] >> little critters out on the
6:56 pm
field. >> whoa. >> i mean, he's like the bolt of squirrels. >> head first. >> traditional way into home. >> we will see that tomorrow. [ laughter ] >> that's cool. all right. thanks, larry. the latest from the north bay, the smoke and fires in windsor are nearly under control but guess what? now there is a crash on southbound highway 101 that's blocking lanes. >> earlier one lane was a string of eight glass fires ignited near the downtown area. they feel it could be arson. that story at 11:00. >> that's coming up at 11: the square care of they've live. that will do it for this edition of abc 7 news. we thank you for joining us and you can get the breaking news any time like we were talking about on 101 on the abc 7 news
6:57 pm
app. >> absolutely. make sure you download that. we appreciate your time for spencer christian, larry beil, all of us. have a good night and we'll see you at 11:00. maybe we'll see more of the squirrel. >> let's hope so. >> the answer is tail first. >> oak. >> more extension. >> yes. >> i think he's nuts. >> ha ha. >> of course.
6:58 pm
6:59 pm
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