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tv   ABC7 News 1100PM  ABC  August 21, 2019 11:00pm-11:35pm PDT

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and add 4 donut holes for just a buck. only at jack in the box. san jose. grass fires burned just outside downtown. spoke with neighbors who say they fear it could be arson. >> i'm cornell barnard in oakland. disturbing sight at elementary school, rope hanging from a sign. car thieves breaking in without breaking glass, kate larsen with abc7 news, starts right now. news to build a better bay area. >> developing news now. woenin anxiety f neighbors already on edge. >> eight other fires broke out. firefighters think could be arson.
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amanda del castillo has the details. >> reporter: we spent much of the afternoon just north of downtown san jose are eight small fires burned after 2:45 this afternoon. tonight around 8:15, fire crews back at exact location dealing with another fire. smell of smoke and sight of scorched debris routine for residents. abc7 news was there as firefighters were cleaning up small brush fire. then back in the exact area to fight another fire. >> it's concerning. just five in our little neighborhood. >> reporter: agnes lives in the area, says the park is filled with visitors. any fire has the potential to harm many. >> we hear the choppers, alarms and sirens, definitely scary. >> reporter: sjfd says a suspect
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was detained for starting a fire on purpose. previously suffered at hands of serial arsonist. shows man making multiple efforts. >> one of the victims of the san jose arsonist in 2015, along with 15 other people. >> reporter: crime mapping shows dozens of areas of suspected arson downtown, late february to wednesday. >> coincidence, fireworks, homeless encampments? arsonist? we don't know the cause but repeated clusters of fires in the same areas. >> reporter: reached out to san jose fire but not commented back. neighbors want to be sure something is done to combat the destruction. >> thank you. tonight a disturbing find on the campus of oakland elementary
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school. >> rope hanging from fence which some parents believed resembled a noose. >> cornell barnard is live in the east bay with details. >> reporter: ama, dan, some parents are outraged. school district is trying to find out if it was accident or intentional act. >> it was a rope but in form of noose, period. >> reporter: what parent courtney jones saw in this picture, rope hanging on a fence at elementary school. >> triggering, hurtful, i was nervous and scared. >> reporter: school removed the rope before students arrived. don't know what the motivation was but made people uncomfortable. >> whoever did it, it's a shame. >> reporter: principal emailed parents about the incident, said in part could have been a coincidence or indicative of something more disturbing. easy to see the rope as message that harkens back to some of our
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nation's darkest history. oakland unified school district contacted police. >> whether intentional or accident, we'll be there to show united front to the world. >> reporter: having conversation with kids. >> 2019 i have to have conversation with my children about a noose. that's hurtful. >> reporter: planning to discuss with parents at meeting at school next week. east bay, abc7 news. abc7 news was at san jose state university where students spotted racist and anti-immigrant flyers on the campus in first day of school. sjsu took down white nationalist flyers because against the school's. >> my first day. >> glad the school doesn't
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tolerate it. >> i feel a little more unsafe now. >> university president wrote a blog post saying the school community won't tolerate bigotry, hatred or discrimination. new news about the pilot who crashed and recorded whole thing. well-known skier and social media poster, known for provocative stunts and promoting his company. >> if you think i crashed brand new airplane in the pacific as publicity stunt, you need your head examined. >> filled up the plane with fuel that wasn't as clean as should have been. he speculates that led to the crash. ntsb is investigating. private jet crashed and burned after taking off from
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orville municipal airport, headed to portland, oregon, nobody was hurt. slid off the runway. around the same time, livermore airport, plane down shortly after takeoff. pilot was alert and talking when she was rushed to the hospital. grass fire in alameda county is contained tonight. winds with warm, dry conditions helped advance the flames. no word yet on the cause. in the north bay, a number of small brush fires shut down a southbound lane of windsor. once crews got the fires under control around 7:00, there was car accident in the area adding to the traffic jam. inspiring visit today to paradise, a city slowly and steadily returning from the flames of the devastating camp
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fire. governor gavin newsom met children returning to school first time since the fire. >> good morning, what's going on? >> cheerful welcome for governor newsom. >> happy to be back in school? >> visiting to check in on students back to class nine months after camp fire destroyed their town. >> want to see the progress and make sure we're following through on our promises. proud of the work they've done. >> half the schools survived the fire and reopening after smoke damage cleared and filters installed. >> expecting 1,000 kids, now at 1,600, had tearful moments and we're having to hire, great problem to have. >> says the district was able to reopen the schools thanks in large part to funding from the state. >> really can't afford to make cuts, especially in the
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social/emotional area. >> governor says he's listening and knows rebuilding process will be long and difficult, visiting today left him optimistic. >> get a sense quickly how community is doing throug the eyes of children. feel inspired by this. >> also addressed the issue of rebuilding homes. says the state is looking into solutions for insurance but didn't give specifics today. think your car is safe when you lock it? think again. marin county, the way auto burglars are breaking in. what you can do. meteorologist sandhya patel, hot enough to sweat inland, how long coming up. "jimmy kimmel live" zblp strongly urge you to watch tv all night tonight. quite an ensemble, method actor i guess
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large sections of the amazon rain forest are currently burning. brazil's national institute for space research says more than 74,000 fires have burned since january. 85% increase from last year. satellite imagery shows major plumes of smoke blanketing sao paulo, amazon sucks up about a quarter of the earth's carbon, deforestation like that can threaten climate change and kill species in the area. witnesses have come forward on man arrested again on 20 counts of various sexual assault
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charges. some from the accusations of the six new alleged victims. from 1987 to 2015, boys ages 6 to 16. assaults all took place at home in menlo park. east bay jurors are getting a break until after labor day. deliberations had to restart after three jurors were dismissed and replaced with alternates. after the break the judge has to decide how to handle jurors with vacations booked in september. ghost ship founder almena and creative director davis face 16 counts in the fire. jay inslee has dropped out of the presidential race. signature issue was kbagt climate change, reached the donor threshold for the democratic debate but not yet
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hit the polling threshold. 22 democrats now in the race for the white house. your safety is very important part of our effort to build a better bay area. car thefts happen all the time. one caught auto burglar who has stealthy way of breaking in without breaking windows. kate larsen has the story. >> reporter: on tuesday a vallejo interrupted this signal jammer, likes of which the department has never recovered before. >> portable device you can keep on your person and will block the electrical signal from key to be to vehicle, prevent vehicle from lock. >> reporter: forget broken windows, no damage but valuables missing. undercover vallejo police investigator.
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>> second guessing whether or not to lock the vehicles or if they may have left items stolen at home. causes a delay in the reporting. >> just shut the door normally and walked away. >> reporter: demonstrating what lots of people do, despite frequent car break-ins near where he worked, no idea that signal jammers were available to thieves. >> think your car is safe. >> reporter: signal jammers block any noise from the key to be. when you lock, double check with the handle it's locked, and automatic key to be listen for the beep or actual locking mechanism. if you hear nothing, try again. kate larsen, abc7 news. we spent a week on ways to protect yourself, your family, property and neighborhood in safety week, part of our effort to build a better bay area.
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all reports on the website,, scroll building a area. santa rosa residents played on different kind of seesaw day one of three interactive art displays. held competition for designs and these won. >> i like those. clever. nice day to be out on rocking chair like that. >> sandhya patel with what's coming. >> more good look weather. time landscape of just how pretty it was tonight when the sun went down from our golden gate bridge camera. look at colors. high level clouds coming in, added to there. pretty evening. one thing we've been watching is high clouds adding to the mugginess factor. also fog down below. pretty socked in along the coastline. our visibility has been fluctuating and low at times in
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half moon bay. one thing i've noticed, dew points are up. not what we're comfortable, 60s, muggy. 65 in oakland, mountain view, 66 in novato, san jose oppressive from bay area standpoint, 71 degree dew point, hopefully you sleep well. low 60s to low 80s right now on temps. still retaining heat from earlier today. upper 60s to upper 90s this % afternoon. considerably warmer across the bay area. san jose 72 tomorrow morning at 9:00 a.m. concord 75. by lunchtime it's in the 80s and afternoon hours, upper 80s san jose, concord in mid-90s. stay hydrated and cool. live look from our san jose camera, showing the clouds coming in, adding to humidity. from sfo camera, we have
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layer. something we'll keep eye on, may be delays out tomorrow. hot inland but cooler at beaches because of the fog. summer pattern will persist through the week. back to school for campbell, mill valley back, fog and clouds in morning, mid-60s rising to upper 80s. dress your kids accordingly. first thing in the morning, upper 50s to upper 60s, mild and muggy as you head out the door. leave your jackets behind. south bay, los gatos 89, gilroy. warm. upper 60s near the coast. not as warm as it has been. 73 in downtown san francisco. 68 in sunset district. 86 in san rafael. low 90s, santa rosa. 78 berkeley.
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inland hot, 95 concord and antioch, 94 in livermore. tropical depression ivo became tropical storm. intensifies into hurricane over the weekend and some of the moisture made head our direction, adding to humidity. accuweather seven-day forecast, hot tomorrow, cooler at coast, heat returns for weekend and beyond. humidity goes down as we head to the weekend but back up with ivo next week. wasn't the scare they were expecting. what happened on this ride seconds before it launched. tomorrow on "good morning america" superstar taylor swift performs some of her
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this slingshot ride at adventure park in florida is supposed to be scary but not like this for nick patel and his friend. bracing to be launched 100 miles an hour, didn't get far, one of the cables snapped and shredded seconds before the launch. men incredibly av hd thisway, they launched ort story. why i stay off those things. >> policy not to be flung 100 miles an hour by anything. >> general policy. giants and a'
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nothing beats getting the latest trends at 20 to 60 percent off specialty store prices. at ross. yes for less. good evening, a's may not have big budget or mystique of the yankees but capable of hanging with best team. going for the sweep tomorrow. a's fans loving the smack talk, take a seat judge. crush davis, first homer this month, snaps 0 for 17 slump, 2-1 athletics, marcus semien, his 22nd. a.j. puk, major league debut following tommy johns surgery, jurickson profar robbing maybin.
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and liam hendriks out for save, aaron judge, struck him out. won 6 of last 7 and tied for second wild card spot in the a.l. giants in chicago, fans bringing orange to wrigley. this game was insane. 7-4 cubs in the sixth, stephen vogt taking yu darvish deep. giants getting back in. kevin pillar, back-to-back jacks. 7-7. giants get four homers and lose! still in the sixth, austin slater doubles in brandons. giants up 9-7, seven lead changes. vogt ties it up again. evan longoria scores.
11:30 pm
cubbies, final turn, kris bryant, downtown chicago off reyes moronta, the bullpen collapsed again, cubs calling it season defining win, 12-11. don't anticipate seeing antonio brown on the field with raiders in canada, playing the packers in winnipeg, home of the blue bombers, ay. pregame work. feet are healing, helmet still issue but on "hard knocks," appreciates the coach's support. >> thanks coach. people laughing at me. you've been constant supporter. >> any problems, anything bothering you, i've got problems. >> all in this together. >> i know you've got a lot of people in your ear because you're like a corporation that's gone global. but end of the day, football comes first.
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anytime we can show nature boy ric flair on tv, doing it. throwing out first pitch in astros game to former a josh reddick, a huge wrestling fan. abc7
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that's all, appreciate your time. dan ashley. >> ama daetz. for lar >> dicky: from hollywood, it's "jimmy kimmel live"! tonight, donald glover, from "the good place", d'arcy carden, and comedian beth stelling. and now, jimmy kimmel! ♪ >> jimmy: i'm jimmy, i'm the host of the show. thank you for watching. thank you for coming. thank you for joining us here in sunny los angeles where a, anyone still feeling nervous about the earthquakes? we had two big earthquakes, as you likely know, over the weekend. god tried the bottle cap challenge this weekend with all the bottles in california. and now, now, as the aftershocks die down, we're just sitting here waiting for the next one. guillerm


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