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tv   ABC7 News 500PM  ABC  August 22, 2019 5:00pm-5:30pm PDT

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>> and that breaking news is on the bay bridge. you can see what's going on right there, police appearing to be putting someone into that chp vehicle right now. you can see it right there, taking someone into custody on bay bridge, right lane of westbound traffic because of there it's blocked on the upper deck and due to this police activity that's got the bay bridge tie up. >> now as we pull out, you can see the result of what's happened. and all of these people stuck in slow traffic. at one point, all lanes were blocked by police. you can expect delays if you're about to get on the bridge heading to san francisco. no estimated time to reopen the right lane. it's going to be a bit of a hassel for a while. i'm dan ashley. >> i'm kristen sze. thanks for joining us. our other top story today. >> that sounds like an earthquake but it's the sound of your tires going over bad roads and for the first time in a long time, there may be an end in
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sight to this problem in oakland. >> today's paving project began at harold and champion streets. this area will soon be expanded all over the city. >> so what started today near fruitdale and mcarthur will encompass 100 miles over the next three years, a very ambitious project as you can imagine. it's one of the issues we often cover as part ofour focus on building a better bay area. >> laura anthony is live in oakland with why the city is it finally tacking the one issue that iraq so many of us. laura? hi, crews just wrapped up their work for the day. as you can see behind me, harold street is open for business for the first time in a long time. it is a smooth street. it was one of the worst of the worst here in oakland. its new surface represents the start of this city's wave of paving.
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what a difference a pave makes. before the facelift, oakland's harold street was an anything but smooth. just ask residents like meghan laday. >> i one day went out and counted over 237 potholes small and large. >> reporter: but now, harold is among the first of many oakland streets to get a complete overhaul funded with $100 million from measure kk passed by voters in 2016. >> today, we launched the great pave. 100 miles of city streets are getting completely replaced and repaved over the next three years. >> reporter: the 100 miles and $100 million is a good start but still, well short of the $500 million in deferred street maintenance city-wide. oakland has over 800 miles of streets and roads. >> we're doing a lot more paving than we've ever done. under this three-year plan, in just the next year, we're going
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to triple our typical road repaving pace to 30 miles in one year. >> the money will be distributed throughout the city so virtually every neighborhood should see some kind of improvement. >> we as residents, neighbors, we need to make sure we continue to honor, protect, the streets we live on. >> no one is happier about the great pave than the people who live on harold street. >> i'm thrilled, overjoyed. it's taken a lot. the community's been writing letters for a long time to get our street fixed. we're really happy. >> reporter: and city officials acknowledge this paving blitz won't reach all the streets in need of repair. if you'd like to know if your street is on the list, you can find that information on our website abc7 tonight at 6:00, we'll tell you how to get your street on that list if it's not already on there. laura anthony, abc7 news. >> laura, thank you. meanwhile an even larger
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paving project is now under way in san jose. the city plans to spend $870 million over ten years time to repave a 1400 mile patch of roads. crews have already begun the first phase of the project that will repair more than 300 miles of road. san jose has not fully repaved local and residential streets since 2012 due to budget concerns. the work is being funded by three separate voter approved bond measures. >> a plane that flew out of oakland this morning had to make an emergency landing in hawaii a few hours ago. the hawaiian airlines flight landed in honolulu after reports of smoke in the cabin and cargo hold of the airbus. first responders met passengers who had to evacuate the plane using emergency slides. seven people were taken to the hospital for smoke inhalation issues. a department of transportation spokesman said the plane landed safely. the faa is investigating. >> crews attacking a wildfire burning out of control right now and threatening thousands of
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homes in shasta county. the mountain fire broke out around noon today and burned 600 acres. east of redding. this is video from a pg&e web camera. the blaze more than doubled in size in just one hour. fanned by strong winds and temperatures in the mid-90s. mandatory evacuations for nearly 4,000 people are in place. shastas community college has been evacuated. the cause of the fire is under investigation but of course, it's not the priority at this point. it is putting out the flames. >> just days after a homeless man caught on camera attacking a woman in front of her san francisco condo building, new video shows another attack in that same neighborhood neighborhood. police say there were two cases where a man was punched in the face on the street. dion lim joins us live from the neighborhood with more. >> reporter: kristen sze, it seems to be happening all too often. another day and another attack caught on camera, feet away from where i'm standing.
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residents in the neighborhood tell me the proposed navigation center and increased police patrols are not going to work. >> i don't live in the best neighborhood but i feel safer over there than i do here. >> reporter: sherry harrington walks her dogs across the street from where the video was taken showing a woman getting attacked by a homeless august 11th. >> you've seen people get assaulted and harassed in this area? >> yes, there's a girl over there right now. she's a dog walker. yesterday she got verbally assaulted. >> reporter: new video surfaced of another attack in the same area. police confirming a man was punched in the face august 20th. 12 hours later, just a few blocks away, another attack where the victim was also punched and knocked to the ground. we caught up with mayor london breed for comment. >> what was your reaction to the new video which is a man attacking someone else outside the water mark? >> i've not seen is the surveillance and can't comment
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right now. i will tell you every time i see something that where there's an attack, you know, of course, it's upsetting but that means we have to do more. >> after the august 11th attack, breed called for more police patrols around the area of rincon hills. >> they increased patrols for two days. have i not seen a single cop car since sunday. >> this man who doesn't want us using his name lived in water mark for ten years and is so fed up with the decline of his neighborhood has taken matters or shall we say trash into his own hands. >> i just felt like i've had enough. and i'm just going to go up there, put on gloves and clear things out. >> sfpd provided numbers showing violent crime down 18% in the area of rincon hill and the site of a proposed navigation center compared to a 14% decrease city-wide. little comfort to waterfront residents who rallied on sunday to stop the center from being built in their neighborhood. >> for sure we believe in navigation centers but this is
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an extraordinarily poor decision to build it right here. >> back out live, he should mention moments ago, i got a text message from the mayor's office, mayor breed has indeed seen that surveillance video and echoes the same sentiments she shared with me from earlier today and she mentioned not all homeless cases can be weighted equally and the mental health care system in san francisco and statewide must be overhauled. dion lim, abc7 news. >> thank you. the man who ran down and seriously injured a san francisco bicycle officer in a stolen car two years ago was headed to prison. a judge sentenced 51-year-old willie flanigan of san francisco to 12 years eight months. the maximum term allowed. he was trying to get away from police when he hit the officer on october 18th, 2017. the 32-year-old suffered severe injuries from which he is still recovering. flanigan pleaded guilty last
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month to the multiple felonies including assault with a deadly weapon, hit and run and evading an officer now headed to prison. >> police in the bay area's largest city announced a new initiative to help combat the rise in hate crimes. san jose is steaming up with businesses to create safe places where victims can go for help. news reporter chris nguyen is on that story. >> reporter: a pro active approach to reducing hate. police capital of silicon valley launching their new safe place initiative this afternoon. >> the city will not tolerate hate crimes. >> reporter: businesses and organizations in san jose can place a rainbow colored decal at the entrance to their location signaling any victim of a hate crime can assistance. >> some people now feel more comfortable reporting it because they're close to a business that's part of the program and number two, the message being sent by the police department we care very much. >> reporter: abc7 news was downtown as the wells fargo branch across from plaza de
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cesar chavez became the first local to post the decal. employees at all 25 branchs in san jose are ready who >> it provides structure for people that are the victim of hate crime, they have a safe place to stay and shelter while we call the police. >> reporter: 19 hate crimes reported in 2016. >> hate is hate however it manifests. >> starbucks is a founding partner of the program with 62 locations across san designated as a safe place for victims. sjpd is looking for more businesses and organizations who want to get involved. >> when you feel emboldened by your community who superiors you because you are a victim of hate, that is important. because that will enable you to come forward. >> reporter: this community and making it clear that hate doesn't belong here. chris nguyen, abc7 news.
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>> the issue of climate change became a huge lightning rod at the democratic national committee meeting in san francisco today. things turned chaotic, even physical when activists demanded a presidential primary debate be held with the spotlight solely on the environment. liz kreutz has more. inside the hilton in downtown san francisco, a chaotic start to the democratic national committee's summer meeting. > we are afraid for our lives. we are afraid of an uninhabitable planet. please, please, please, do something now. >> reporter: dozens of climate change activists pass into a meeting with top dnc members to demand the party deemed a an debate focused solely on climate, a request the committee voted down. muriel mcdonald and jackie are part of the sunrise movement, young people working to address climate change. their khans brought the meeting to a halt. >> seems like the base wants this, the candidates want this,
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but the dnc leadership saying noen an we're trying to figure out why. >> reporter: it's true nearly every single democratic presidential candidate said would support a climate change debate. several signed up for a climate forum next month but the dnc says sangening an official debate is a slippery slope. >> if you have a climate debate, you need a debate for every issue there are more than 12 issues that the democratic party believes are important and more than 12 issues that the american voter wants to hear from candidates about. >> the dnc planned 12 debates. climate change came up in the first two. still they and plan to ask the full dnc to vote again on sated. >> discussion among the dnc members here made it sound like climate change or a climate crisis is one of many issues that all have to be dealt with. i'm saying that without solving the climate crisis, all the other issues will become worse.
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>> that's liz kreutz reporting. did you feel the mugginess this morning? a lot of people did, not like the humidity some say. it the extra moisture created widespread fog. but we've only one question for meteorologist sandhya patel, how long will this last? it was really sticky today. >> it was not much longer. it is still sticky right now. i'll let you know when the muggies will leave us coming up. >> thanks, sandhya. >> also ahead, that fiery plane crash north of sacramento. we'll talk with one man who helped make sure ten people walked away unhurt. >> the plane
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we're learning new details about the private jet that went off in oroville runway and caught fire. a group of linemen doing emergency training at oroville municipal airport jumped into action when it crashed yesterday. ten passengers on board the twin engine cessna they saw the plane bouncing. they called 911 and split up to direct emergency vehicles and check on the people boaaboard t plane. >> they were all in i wouldn't shea shock but pretty shook up at that point. looked them over to see if there were any injuries. nobody knew what to do. >> the passengers included the ceo and executive staff for the company graphic packaging international. none were seriously hurt. crash is under investigation by the faa and ntsb. >> we're hearing from the coast guard crew that helped rescue a pilot and friend who crashed off
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half moon bay. this is video provided by the u.s. coast guard. the pilot is professional skier and stuntman david lesh. he and a friend crashed five miles off pillar point tuesday evening. he recorded the rescue and posted on social media. the coast guard says conditions made the rescue a success. >> to have it turn out the way it did was awesome. i was really stoked. they were in great spirits. it felt really great. >> good outcome. lesh is known for promoting his clothing line with videos like this one but debs the crash was a stunt. the ntsb is investigating. a major step forward for what will be fremont's third b.a.r.t. station. today b.a.r.t.'s board of directors approved new station in the city's irvington neighborhood. officials say the plan calls for a smaller more cost effective station which would open in 20124 at the earliest. the station has long been part of the warm
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project and will be located near the intersection of osgood road and washington boulevard. >> a black bear got too close for comfort near homes in clear lake. a bear in a tree during the day yesterday. police video shows the bear stayed put well into the night. child life officials tell us the bear was tranquilize moved and released. is he apparently a healthy male bear weighing close to 300 pounds. a rare creature from the deep made it to the surface at the california academy of sciences in golden gate no need to hide the kids. the peppermint angel fish is alarm harmless. it's habitat is 380 feet below the ocean's surface in the south pacific. so deep divers had t special to these tiny fish to the surface. >> first we have to get there, then catch the fish and in order to bring them to the surface, we
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put them inside a portable submersible fish decompression chamber we developed here. that lets us bring them straight to the surface and then we can hook them up to a pump and dee compress them over a period of two to three days. >> remarkable work and process. >> they believe it's the only one of its kind currently on display anywhere in the world and some collectors paid up to $30,000 can see one at the california academy of science. >> for the price of admission. it was definitely a little unusually muggy today. almost like hawaii weather. >> absolutely. sandhya patel is here with the forecast. >> the only time i like it muggy is when i'm in hawaii. what's not have it here. dan and kristen sze, we can get rid of the humidity. it's uncomfortable. 64 degree dewpoint in mountain view in san jose. 62 nap, 60 fiairfield.
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why you're feeling the humidity, there was a cold front that came through during the overnight hours and into this morning. you can see it that just crossed across the northern portion of the state and when it did, it brought with it a tropical air mass as it originated around hawaii. that's why we were feeling that mugginess and we're still feeling it now. live doppler 7 showing mainly clear skies. plenty of sun to show you. and it was definitely hot inland. cooler at the coast. 69 san francisco, 76 oakland. mid 80s right now in san jose. half moon bay was a cooler spot at 63. from you're tam cam, a little hazy out there. a look at temperatures, low 90s for petaluma, santa rosa, 99 fairfield. definitely baking in the heat inland. 92 in livermore. you're wondering where we're going with the temperatures? and the weather? let's talk about the humidity first because it has been hard for some of us to cope
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especially here in the bay area. so the humidity decreases late tonight. the heat eases inland tomorrow making it feel more comfortable. our typical summer pattern is expected this upcoming weekend. a look at the temperatures right now. you will notice they're anywhere from the 60s to the 90s. we're going to shave those numbers off as we led into tomorrow. so a live look from our roof camera and then we'll take a look at the forecast. here's 5:00. dewpoints are still up there. we go into later on tonight by 8:00 p.m., these dewpoints start to decrease. that trend continues as we head towards late tonight. by 11:00 p.m., it's going to be more comfortable. compared to where we are right now. first thing tomorrow morning, those temperatures anywhere from the mid 50s to the mid 60s. it's certainly not going to be as warm or as muggy as it was this morning. so i think better sleeping weather for you tomorrow afternoon. a warm day in the south bay. not as hot as today. 86 san jose, 84 cupertino.
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peninsula low 80s from redwood city to menlo park. pacifica breezy. downtown san francisco, 2. 64 daly city. north bay 87 vallejo, petaluma 85, 89 in santa rosa. 80 in newark. head inland and it's going to be hot but not as hot as today. low 100s inland. 93 livermore. i want to show you tropical storm ivo. it will strengthen to a category 1 hurricane. it parallels the coast. weakened by monday and leftovers head in our direction. that's going to drive humidity back up again but not till next week. seven-day forecast, slowly the temperatures coming down. humidity, too. and then weekend numbers go up, sunday, monday. mugginess comes back tuesday into wednesday. >> bad for the hair, good for the skin. >> that's what i hear. >> all right. >> what about good for the
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dishes? your next
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on to some consumer news and the search for a good dish washer. >> michael finney has more on that. >> let's talk about cleanliness. get this, hand washing your dishes costs you 9 1/2 days and $400 a year. dish washers especially new ones on the market can give you back some of that money and even save a little energy. before you start shopping, measure space. while conventional dish washers do have some height adjustability, they're designed for spaces 24 inches wide by 24 inches deep. >> if you change your flooring after you've installed your cabinets that could affect the space that your dishwasher can fit into. new counter tops can also affect that space. >> another factor to consider, cycle times. >> dishwashers can run from 90 minutes up to 200 minutes.
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that's like three hours long to finish a cycle. >> this recommended bosch may fit the bill offering one of the shorter cycle times, 95 minutes. plus, it earns excellent ratings for reliability owner satisfaction and washing performance. it costs about $645. consumer reports says prices vary widely, too. the dishwashers and its tests cost between $30 all the way up to more than $2,000. if a quiet dish wash ser important, you'll probably have to spend more than $800. however, consider their bosch series for $550. it earned very good for noise and washing performance plus an excellent for predicted reliability and owner satisfaction. and with all appliances it's a good idea to check the filter. visually check it every week. clean when necessary. one final thing, with new dishwashers you're not supposed to rinse them off.
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put the dishes right in the washer because the so is made to eat that stuff. >> yea. >> if it doesn't eat that stuff, it eats your dishes. >> feel like you have to clean it. >> not me. >> yeah. oh, yeah. not anymore. >> it's a habit. thanks, michael. >> an ordinary moment in a baseball game turns into something extraordinary for a young man. that's next. >> first thank you, dan, for this picture of the golden hour at ocean beach in san francisco. wow. it is gorgeous. share your pictures with us with the #abc7 now. >> different dan. i didn't take the picture. you may
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that's why we take a totalaking approach to health and wellness,
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so you can age actively. and we simplify medicare by connecting you to the right coverage, resources and care. so you can keep pursuing the life you love. aetna medicare solutions. i'm ama daetz. coming unat 6:00. >> all i wanted to do was share a message with the students coming on campus. >> a local principal gets an earful for flying the rainbow flag on the first day of school. critics say it doesn't belong on campus. >> also, b.a.r.t. wants to take
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a stand against performers and panhandlers on trains but a face-off looms if they do. a growing problem, hackers are seizing instagram accounts. why the company is slow to help those ached. coming up at 6:00. >> we'll see you then. >> we want to show ow how a simple moment can turn into the memory of a lifetime. >> a foul ball at last night's game between the royals and orioles. collect this out. >> and he'll tag it long and foul. >> young man racing but he's the only one in the race. i can't believe it. oh. oh. oh, my gosh. >> priceless right there. >> that's sweet. >> nothing like snagging a foul ball at a baseball game. especially for this at his fac >> i'm so -- so happy for him. one time one landed in my hand and bounced out. i was so sad.
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so i can feel his joy right there. good for him. >> tonight, several developing stories as we come on the air. the alleged plot to shoot up a hotel. guests and coworkers the reported targets. the suspect in court just moments ago. the image just in. and new details tonight on the arsenal discovered. we are watching a major line of storms moving into the northeast tonight. what's behind it? rob marciano standing by. the horror in new york city today. the young man crushed to death in an elevator. authorities say two others had just gotten off. three people still in the elevator, witnessing it all. the jet engulfed in flames. how did the passengers get out alive just seconds before those first flames turned into a fireball? the mother arrested after accidentally leaving her 5-month-old baby in her hot car. she said she was distracted gets her other child out of the


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