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tv   ABC7 News 1100PM  ABC  August 22, 2019 11:00pm-11:35pm PDT

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>> first responders
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i'm lisa amin gulezian, in hayward, a shooting at youth football practice sends one person to the hospital. >> kate larsen in san francisco, democratic national committee meeting. elizabeth warren and cory booker make case for president. >> deep fried tenders. but what a bay area family says they took home. >> live breaking news. >> breaks news in sacramento. police and firefighters responding to crash about light rail train. multicasualtien incident, 20 people injured. >> northeast sacramento. >> guy in front of me hit the
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bench in front of him so hard and so bad tore lower leg open all the way across. but yeah that was it. then the train car was black and we smelled brakes. >> triage has been set up to treat the patients. more on the story on the app and >> also breaking now, gunfire erupted at busy park with parents and children >> sorensdale park. lisa amin gulezian is live with the latest. >> reporter: police are investigating a shooting that left one person in the hospital. >> t shooting at my son's football practice just now. i can't handle this [ bleep ]. shootings everywhere. >> one player's mom recorded a video soon after the shooting.
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witnesses tell abc7 it happened behind the tennyson high school football field, lancers were practicing when shooting happened. three people were seen running away from the male victim after the shooting. nobody on the team was hurt but a lot of kids in the park at the time. >> we have like the high school that's over there, they practice football. we have also the cheerleaders practicing at the same time, full of people at that time. it was senseless shooting. >> reporter: and the lancers football team put out this statement tonight, saying their hearts go out to the young man who was shot. he is expected to make a full recovery. seems out of abundance of caution practice is on hold and cheer practice is canceled next week. live in hayward, lisa amin gulezian, abc7 news. aleas o
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destroyed as fire in shasta county. steep terrain. assessment is ongoing. no injuries have been reported. cal fire says the fire east of redding is 20% contained, evacuation orders are still in place. meteorologist sandhya patel has a look at conditions there now. >> winds are cooperating for the firefighters now. 29% relative humidity. next 24 hours, winds will remain gusty at times. wee hours of the morning will drop off and switch direction. hopefully transport more humid air. temperature trend next seven days, it's going to be hot. hopefully they get this one under control. >> thanks. traffic came to a crawl on the bay bridge tonight during
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rush hour. >> just drivers called 911 saying someone was dangling before the bridge. >> shut down all five westbound lanes for about 30 minutes. couldn't find the man, brought boat underneath the bridge and spotted man on the ledge below. still up there. coast guard officer persuaded him to come down to safety. chp officers say this was best possible outcome. >> to walk away with only impact on this incident traffic, then it's a good day. >> officers say the man was a passenger in a car who got out for some reason. was taken to a hospital for medical evaluation. if you or someone you know or love is struggling with mental health issues, we have resources to turn to, to find them. more than a dozen
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presidential candidates in san francisco for the democratic summer meeting. live in nob hill. kate. >> reporter: that's right. senators elizabeth warren and cory booker spoke at fairmont to room full of dnc donors and members from around the country. >> we're going to take back our democracy in 439 days. >> reporter: no rest until election day, how chair kicked off the evening. senators elizabeth warren and cory booker were the headliners at the i will vote gala. >> when our nation is down low and trying to be dragged down by demagogues, bigots and hatemongers, we can make sure from that point we do rise. >> when i lead the democratic party, we will be a party of
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moral clarity, a party of courage. >> reporter: the presidential candidates both said that democrats need bigger aspirations than just beating donald trump. >> i have people on my block that work longer hours than my parents and still using food stamps to feed their family. >> we will break up big ag, big banks and big tech. >> reporter: you can imagine that last comment about breaking up big tech got mixed reactions from the crowd tonight. still 22 candidates left in the 2020 presidential race and 13 of them are here in the bay area for the convention which is happening at the san francisco union square hilton, that goes through saturday. live on nob hill, kate larsen, abc7 news. we're going to end once and for all the racism, sexism, homophobia,ph
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>> docti presidential candidate bernie sanders is making the rounds in northern california, rally in sacramento, tomorrow in san francisco for the dnc and town hall on the cost of college. new details on the flight out of oakland forced to make emergency landing today in honolulu. 184 passengers and seven crew members on board when smoke filled the cabin. landed in honolulu and passengers used evacuation slides to escape. seven taken to the hospital for smoke inhalation, youngest nine months old. passengers were terrified, kept calm. >> on the final approach and cabin filled up this smoke. had to go like this to breathe as we prepared for emergency landing. had heads down and everything like that. >> no visible flames, source of the smoke isdsbre in embarcader
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concerned after more attacks are reported near their homes. that story and others. >> just days after homeless man is caught on camera attacking a woman in front of her condo building, new video shows another attack. >> confirm this incident and tell us 12 hours later a few streets away a third attack, victim also punched and knocked to the ground. >> increased patrols for two days. not seen a single cop car since sunday. suspected golden state killer is in court, tied by dna evidence to 12 murders, 45 rapes and more than 125 across california. two in sacramento where he was in court. proceeding pushed to january
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because of large amount of evidence discovered. we're learning new details about the private jet that went off orville runway and caught fire. linemen doing training at airport jumped into action. >> when the plane caught on fire to when it exploded, less than 30 seconds. some of the headlines making news. more stories on and our app as well. san francisco schools are starting off the new year with $10 million boost, used to help keep good teachers in the city. education is major part of build a better bay area. more than a thousand teachers in the bay view, mission and southeastern neighborhoods will get the stipend over two-year period. nearly third just starting or entering second year. we spent a week digging into issues teachers face.
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all on the amanda del castillo in colema, local family ordered chicken strips from this location and instead took home something you have to see to believe. next. making roads smoother and mass transit more efficient. >> will you cough up higher sales tax to pay for it? hot and humid today. "jimmy kimmel live." >> this is why i called you here tonight. ♪ fill your purse with costco samples, watch the m
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we've move now to a story you'll see only on abc7. one bay area family not rushing to pop eye's soon. say deep fried paper and they have the pictures to prove it. amanda del castillo met with the family. >> reporter: three-year-old max is big fan of popeyes chicken tenders. took a box home to enjoy. >> almost half of the meal, are towards end, extremely long, odd piece of tender. >> break apart, could see the folds of the wax paper or parchment paper. >> only one to swallow it. took the box back to popeyes but reeling with concern thinking
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what could have happened if max had eaten that. >> don't know what health hazards that could have caused. she could have ate it, choked, what bacteria is on it. >> reporter: reached out to health department who reported back, confirming that parchment paper is used to separate the poultry seasoned at location. >> said likely fallen in and they didn't catch it. >> reporter: all they're looking for is acknowledgment and apology. >> reporter: we'll let you know when we hear back. bay area voters could be voting on another sales tax to fund transportation one cent sales tax had been prose poeded. presented at meeting today.
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would be disbursed to big projects. one is bay area council. >> gas tax we passed was fixing potholes on local streets and roads and making freeways better. doesn't help us with public transit. >> many hurdles before the tax could end up on the ballot. want to hear your ideas about build a better bay area. join our facebook group. goats loose in muni bus yard in san francisco, just doing their job. abc7 news viewer shared this video today. hired insatiable weed whackers to clear brush at lot on and masonic ae. i should have them. >> doing good job. but probably wishing the weather was less muggy. >> meteorology sandhya patel is here with the forecast. hope this eases.
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>> it's already starting to ease. stickiness factor is going away, hopefully feel more comfortable. talk about mt. tam cam right now. sunset at 7:53, absolutely beautiful sunset as you will notice there. didn't have much in the way of fog as matter of fact, most from the morning burned off, only a few patches. tonight on live doppler 7 it is limited but where it is sitting near the coast we'll continue to see reduced visibility. dew points, very important here. low to mid-60s earlier this afternoon, most now in the 50s. still muggy but not as humid as earlier today. temperatures. from the upper 50s to the 70s. and it's never too late to look ahead to already counting down. take a look at saturday and sunday. little cooler tomorrow. saturday will be nice looking.
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mid-60s to mid-90s, mild to warm. those who like hot weather, temperatures are rising sunday. 98 inland, 68 along the coast. live look from the south beach -- exploratorium camera, excuse me. sales force tower. not as warm or humid overnight. cooler and breezier tomorrow and temperatures rebound this weekend. dew point midnight tonight to tomorrow morning, humidity level continues to come down. will be more along the lines of what we're used to for this time of year. when you start off morning, it's not as warm, as humid. going to be actually what we're used to around this time of year, nice, mid-50s to mid-60s, may need a jacket on the coastline. gilroy is 91. 86 san jose, peninsula warm.
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downtown san francisco, 72 degrees. mid-80s, petaluma, napa. 80 in newark. inland, 92 concord, 93 in livermore. tropical storm ivo in the pacific. no threat to land but remnants will head our direction and bump up humidity middle of the next week. accuweather seven-day forecast, mid-60s to mid-90s and repeat similar saturday before heats up sunday and monday. summer sizzle is coming in, will bring on the humidity. not looking forward to the tuesday/wednesday mugginess. solving the puzzle of where pat sajak and vanna white went
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well, we'd like to solve the puzzle of where pat sajak and vanna white went to dine in san francisco, two were in town shooting promotions for series of shows based on american cities and said they wanted to visit ayesha curry's restaurant international smoke. looks like it happened, posted to "wheel of fortune" facebook page today. on to sports. >> no steph curry in the picture but still fun event. raiders looking to stay unbeaten in preseason, packers not only
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raiders are putting the passports to use this season, playing in london in regular season. tonight hosting green bay up in canada. field was damaged when the goalposts were moved back to play nfl regulationsen80-yd fie. weirs weirder. nathan peterm, ps tanose state. former spartan, pay dirt. that was pretty. -yd score. raiders down ach missed
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two-point conversion. peterson, 210 yards there, 25 on the completion. moved the chains. 12 seconds to go. daniel carlson drains field goal. 3-0 on the season. >> not has many distractions as you think, nick thinks. antonio brown is doing fine, good football team, might have five undrafted players make the team. that's the story people are missing. going to talk about that not distractions. oakland athletics with a chance to sweep the bronx bombers at home tonight while improving wild card status this year. fan with a green beard. bottom one, a's up 1-0. mark canha, base hit up the ddle grossman is going scor sdes in n, what a pick, gi
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marcus semien, and he tags out gary sanchez. a's adding on. matt chapman. rbi knock to left. a's own the top wild card spot in american league by half game. bruce bochy retirement tour continues. jeff samardzija retires. kevin pillar can't find it in the sun. base hit. later in the inning the cubs make them pay. anthony rizzo, 1-0. giants had a chance in the eighth. brandon crawford just misses a home run. deep to right. a triple, and then anthony slater strikes out looking. 1-0 swept out of town, six games behind the second wild card. football fashion for you, canadian tuxedo, that's aaron
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rodgers, bolo tie as well. san mateo's tom brady rocking a hat too for the patriots abc7 sports report sponsored by runner in scori river rock casino. >> aaron rodgers. that was bizarre. never seen that in a game. >> 80 yards.
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abc7, thanks for joining us. "jimmy kimmel live," ben >> dicky: from hollywood, it's "jimmy kimmel live"! tonight, ben stiller, from "a black lady sketch show", robin thede, brad paisley, and music from max featuring quinn xcii. and now, without further ado, jimmy kimmel! ♪ [cheers and applause] >> jimmy: hi, everyone. that's very nice. i'm jimmy. i'm the host of the show. thank you for watching. thank you for coming, we have a lot going on tonight, starting with, you'll never guess who, the president who created quite a covfefe on twitter. did you know he has a twitter account? he gets a lot wrong but he outdid himself today. he became the first president of the united states to misspell his own name.


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