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tv   Nightline  ABC  August 23, 2019 12:37am-1:07am PDT

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this is "nightline". >> tonight, taylor made. the superstar singer taking back control of her music, releasing "lover," her first album from her new record label. >> one thing about this album that's really special to me is that it's the first one that i will own. >> the pop star owning it on stage, and wowing the crowd who just won't calm down. plus, sign of the times. confronting the transgender bathroom controversy. >> you think you're a woman, right? you're really an imagine. you should go to the man's
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bathroom. >> who can "go" where? >> you can come with me. >> jazz jennings, the activist taking on bias.mae was just incredible to me. >> but what would you do? and, heartfelt play. the two players from different teams, coming together after one special letter. but first the "nightline" 5. number one in just sixty
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>> good evening. thank you for joining us. taylor swift has grown up before our eyes. her signature love ballads the backdrop of the teenage experience. now, the singer releasing a new album and turning a new chapter of her career where she says she will be in full control of her music. here's "abc's" maggie rulli. >> this is the new taylor. a lover, a creative force, a woman in charge. her newest video, with a retro feel, dropping just hours ago, burning up the internet. it's a fresh start for the pop princess. for the first time, she'll own her masters. this morn fans were anything but
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calm as she took the stage in central park. the crowd's energy palpable as they sang along to every lyric. ♪ promise that you'll never find another like me ♪ >> reporter: from "me" to "shake it >> swifties lined the streets of new york, camping out overnight. one tweeting, feels like one of those nights we won't be sleeping. >> as they waited, a surprise delivery. >> your dad was actually handing out pizza overnight. >> my dad was handing out pizza, yeah. for my parents, they're like that's my kid, people are waiting on the sidewalk to see her sing. it's really astonishing to us.
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>> for over a decade, swift has been music's it-girl, with 10 grammy's, 5 number one hits, and selling more than 50 million copies of her 6 studio albums. but this album, she says, is different. >> i mean, one thing about this album that's really special to that i will own, of my work. [ cheers ] >> which is a concept that they're very supportive of. >> right, right, you know i -- i was going to wait to ask you about that, but since you went there, this is something that is very important to you. and you've also said that you're planning on re-recording some of your music. is that true? are you going to do that? >> yeah, that's true and it's something that i'm very excited about doing because my contract says that starting november 2020, so next year, i can record albums 1 through 5 all over again,
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so -- >> and you'll do that? >> i'm very excited about it, because -- >> why is it so important to you? >> because i just think that -- i think that artists deserve to. >> last month, the singer made headlines when news broke that her masters had been sold. but it wasn't just the sale that had the 29-year-old upset, it was the buyer, scooter braun, the high-profile manager, who swift alleges publicly bullied her. calling it, "my worst case scenario." >> braun acquired big machine records, which owns so many of swift's deeply personal recordings, for 300 million dollars. in a passionate and unfiltered tumblr post, swift writing, "my musical legacy is about to lie in the hands of someone who tried to dismantle it." ♪ cause baby now we got bad blood ♪ >> but to really understand the bad blood, and the reason why she wants control of her music, you need to go back ten years, to this moment at the vmas just
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as taylor was basking in her big win. >> i'ma let you finish, but beyoncé had one of the best videos of all time! >> and with 15 words, a celebrity feud was born. in 2016, kanye releases the song "famous," calling her out. ♪ i feel like me and taylor might still have sex why i made that famous ♪ >> kanye's wife, kim, posts this video to snapchat, insinuating that taylor had agreed to the lyrics. >> "yeah, i mean, go with whatever line you think is better." >> swift fired back on instagram writing, "i was never given the full story, or played any part of the song." scooter braun was representing kanye at the time and then appeared with him in this picture, which taylor says was taunting her. swift, referring to this photo of braun, west and bieber that the "sorry" singer posted back in 2016 with the caption "taylor swift what up." >> bieber apologizing to swift for that post, writing in part, "it was my caption and post" and that braun "told me not to joke like that." sources close to braun say no
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bullying happened. swift's emotional message after the sale spotlighting the debate about whether or not artists should own the rights to their music. >> in a record deal it's actually standard for the record label to own the master recording because the company is the one putting up the money for that music to be recorded and promoted so it's actually the exception when the artist owns the recordings and then licenses them to the label. but legends like prince have argued that the business model is wrong. back in the '90s the "kiss" singer adamantly fought his label for control of his music. at times, even writing "slave" on the side of his face. telling "rolling stone," "if you don't own your masters, your master owns you." >> he got out of his deal with warner brothers. he fulfilled the contract and he went on to do a succession of one off deals every time he'd release an album. he licensed it to a record company. and you have literally probably 20, 25 different record companies putting out prince records at various times.
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because of taylor's platform and her very heartfelt take on the situation, you know she's raising her hands and saying this is messed up. >> before taylor was taylor, the fresh faced teen met scott borchetta, who would sign her at just 14 as one of the first artists for his new label, big machine records. >> big machine records became a giant almost immediately, thanks to taylor. >> just starting out, she spoke to "abc" as a freshman in high school. >> when i go through something, i have to write something about it, i have to write a poem about it. ♪ he's the reason for the teardrops on my guitar ♪ >> it was "teardrops on my guitar" that made her a household name. subsequent hits like "love story," cemented her status and became the soundtrack of the teenage experience. songs which swift says she'll soon have the right to re-record as her own masters, something she's already accomplished with
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"lover." >> do you have one lyric that's special to your heart? >> every lyric on the song "lover," it's so close to me. >> "lover" is set to be the most romantic song yet. all these swifties have been poring over it trying to get some clues. can you tell us the meaning behind "lover?" >> "lover" is a song i'm so proud of, i wrote it alone. >> taylor swift's new album "lover" is out now. up next, confronting the transgender bathroom debate. wee.
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>> it's a contentious conversation in our country today. transgender americans wanting to use public bathrooms that match their gender identity. in the latest episode of "what would you do?" "abc's" john quinones takes us behind the scenes in this real life issue. >> sorry. where's the ladies' room? >> the ladies' room? the ladies' room is just right over there. >> ok, thank you so much. >> a seemingly ordinary question, igniting sparks from a nearby table. >> wait. i'm sorry, you asked for the women's bathroom? >> yeah, yeah. >> no, no, no. is that a joke or something? >> excuse me? >> well, you think you're a woman, right? you're really a man, so you should be using the men's bathroom.
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>> that question, whether transgender americans can use the bathroom of their gender identity, has roiled the nation. >> new outrage over north carolina's controversial bathroom bill. >> protests break out overnight after the white house rolls back transgender bathroom rights. >> boyerton school district, 45 miles from philadelphia, will continue to allow transgender students their own choice of which bathrooms. >> here, as the scene plays out, bystanders jump in. >> listen, you can go to the women's bathroom. don't even listen to them. she's being ridiculous. >> i'm sorry, what did you say? >> um, she can go to the women's bathroom. i don't see why it's an issue. >> meanwhile, his friend makes her way out of the booth to escort her to the women's bathroom. >> you can come with me. >> but what these compassionate customers don't know is they're actually talking to actors. and there are cameras all around them. >> hi, guys! how are you? >> hello! >> it's "what would you do?" >> it's all part of tomorrow night's episode of "what would
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you do?" -- a show examining how people behave when they don't think anyone is watching. >> you were very kind and gentle. you didn't condemn her. >> well, 'cause everyone has their thoughts and opinions, and even as wrong as they can be, they shouldn't be shut down for them. everyone needs to be accepted in some way. >> what makes you this way? >> well, i mean, i'm a christian. i just try to love people as much as i can. >> this time, with jazz jennings joining the set, watching behind the scenes. >> i think that's interesting because most people use christianity -- >> against them. >> -- against them. and she's saying no, christianity says you have to love everyone. >> jazz has been a vocal advocate for transgender kids, ever since she stepped into the public eye at age six in this interview with barbara walters. >> tell me about this picture. why is the little girl crying? >> because she wants to wear the dress to school. >> is the little girl you? >> "nightline" has documented her transition over the years,
12:55 am
from the use of blockers to medically pause male puberty. >> just so i don't look like a boy or even getting a deep voice also. >> to her gender confirmation surgery earlier this year. >> i just get to be myself, be in the body that i've always wanted, and then i can live my life as just jazz. >> do you know jazz jennings? >> i do! >> well, guess what? she's here! >> hello! nice to meet you all! so as you may know, i'm transgender myself, so seeing you stick up for this woman over here was just incredible to me. what you said, specifically that you just need to love everyone, and that's what that religion is all about. i really, really appreciated that, and i appreciate all of you, so. >> now after a dozen years, "what would you do?" has been surprising bystanders in nearly 700 scenarios. >> sir, sir, sir. i have two young american kids who are muslim and we are proud
12:56 am
of it. don't call us terrorists. >> ma'am. >> listen, sir. you want to talk to your daughter, don't judge muslims, catholic, jewish or anything. please. >> the show also explores some modern problems. watch what happens when this worker falls off a ladder, and a passerby just wants to take a selfie. >> oh come on man don't do that. >> this year, the show has a little more star powers inviting on some celebrity guests like actor and "dancing with the stars" champion nyle dimarco. >> these specials. this full menu. >> he needs something to write it down. >> dimarco, who is deaf, uses his acting chops to show how difficult dining out can be for the millions of others like him. >> i don't have time to play charades with you right now. >> you know what? why don't you get someone else to serve him? get someone else to serve him. >> i'm doing my job. >> you're being really rude. >> back in the restaurant, jazz decides she wants a front row seat to the action.
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>> i'm getting mic'd up and about to go into the scene myself. >> she'll play actress nadia, hunter's friend, getting ready to enjoy a nice lunch. where the mom, diana henry's question quickly captures these women's attention. >> i mean, you're obviously a man. why would you be going to the women's bathroom? >> she not a man, she's a woman. >> yeah, i just need to use the bathroom. if you want to go in first and go ahead of me that's fine, like -- >> i don't know if i even want my daughter in there. >> she doesn't agree with diana's approach. >> not to be rude but, you need to mind your business. but she seems to agree with diana's views. >> i agree with you, i do. but, i think that's very rude of you to do that. i really do. >> i'm just not comfortable with -- >> well, eat your food and just leave. >> i'm not comfortable with him. he's -- >> he's not bothering -- she's not bothering anybody. she's minding her business. >> i was really surprised today that people who -- even people who disagreed, um, they still stood up and were kind and that
12:58 am
really restored a lot faith for me, you know? seeing people today put aside their thoughts about trans people, thoughts about me, first initial reaction was so amazing. >> when we step in, we found out what motivated this good samaritan. >> tell us why you spoke up? >> i can tell you, i'm a minority so i know how it is. when i come in and i'm the only african american or black woman in a restaurant and they looking at me like i'm come up in here, steal something, you know. >> so you can relate? >> of course i can. definitely. >> it shouldn't make a difference. >> i don't think it should make a difference. i really don't, you know. 'cause i'm a christian and i know what i believe, but i would never hurt anybody. but, i would never hurt anybody's feeling 'cause i thought that was very rude. >> a common thread binding these women and their answer to the question "what would you do?" >> you can watch "what would you do?" friday evenings 9:00, 8:00 central, right here on "abc." next, the little boy with a big
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>> finally, the little boy striking the right note in one baseball player's heart. boston. he also has a big heart. >> i love baseball. it's my life. >> you're here because of the orioles. >> i am. >> reporter: because when he saw chris davis struggling through a slump, henry wrote a letter. >> dear mr. davis. first, the way you play baseball has absolutely nothing to do with how good a person you are. also. you are incredible. you play in the mlb. you've done it for a long time. and everyone goes through a slump. doesn't give up. >> and the day chris davis got
1:05 am
that letter. the slump was over. >> and for chris davis, it's over, baby. >> reporter: and chris would meet the boy who wrote to him. >> it was pretty cool. i'd be lying if i said i didn't get a little choked up. >> reporter: together in the locker room and on the dougout, reporter gary thorne. >> thank you for the best day of my life. >> all right, we'll do it again. >> what an awesome young imagine. it was the greek writer aesop who said, "no act of kindness, no matter how small, is ever wasted." that's "nightline." you can always catch our full episodes on hulu. thanks for the company, america. good night.
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