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tv   World News Now  ABC  August 23, 2019 2:42am-4:00am PDT

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ep. look at this dash cam video. this shows the start of what ended as a deadly wrong-way crash near columbus, ohio. this car heading north on a southbound road. it nearly hits a trooper's vehicle there saturday night. moments later that car hit two others. two 17-year-olds in one of the other vehicles were killed as well as that wrong-way driver. police don't know why the driver was on the wrong side of the road. the coast guard suspended the search for two firefighters who went missing off the florida coast. >> the search ended thursday at sundown. brian mccluney and justin walker never returned after launching from port canaveral on friday. searchers were unable to locate any additional evidence after
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finding mccluney's fishing bag and the boat was never killing a hotel worker but he says he was protecting his family, and he says he'd do it again. here is victor oquendo. >> reporter: the connecticut father fighting a manslaughter charge after a vacation in anguilla back on the island for a preliminary hearing. >> we all want the same thing. justice. for me that means proving my innocence. >> reporter: scott hapgood insisting he was acting in self-defense when handyman kenny mitchell came to the family's hotel room in uniform unannounced saying he needed to fix a sink before pulling a knife and trying to rob him. the two men fought. hapgood says he was stabbed and bitten. when it was over, mitchell was dead. the coroner says from asphyxiation and blunt force trauma. a bellman says he was called to the room as hapgood pinned mitchell down waiting for police. >> i keep insisting over and over, he needs to ease up off of him. >> and he wouldn't? >> and he would not.
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>> reporter: an unconfirmed toxicology report appears to show mitchell had high levels of alcohol and cocaine in his system. mitchell's family and friends say he was not a violent man. >> i can put my neck on the chopping block that kenny mitchell -- >> why? >> he has a goodsperate for mon >> reporter: this case that has galvanized the small island of anguilla is just getting started. victor oquendo, abc news, anguilla. >> a big thanks to victor. the public is getting its first look at images of a controversial encounter involving los angeles police. >> body cam video shows an officer and a woman in a physical confrontation. this is from january. she is seen cursing and refusing his commands. he eventually takes her to the ground with pepper spray and by grabbing her by the throat. the officer's actions are now under review. washington state authorities are trying to figure out how 75 pounds worth of cocaine wound up in boxes of bananas. they were shipped to three safestores in the
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seattle area. workers found the cocaine bricks at the bottom of the boxes last weekend. the street value is more than $1.5 million. >> what if you have a safeway card? then you can get it for 850k. after the break we're going to introduce you to an athlete who is changing the game and writing her own rules. >> she was born with spina bifida but that's not stopping her from overcoming obstacles. bifida but that's not stopping her from overcoming obstacles. it's the one inspired by dentists... with the round brush head. oral-b's gentle rounded brush head removes more plaque along the gumline... for cleaner teeth and healthier gums. oral-b. brush like a pro.
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♪ ♪ so we had the giggles teasing this story earlier but this is a really cool story. we're learning how deep within each of us true strength lies. >> born with spina bifida and having undergone 28 surgeries, missy diaz is showing us there is a way to reach the finish line no matter how many obstacles we face.
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here is making ghi maggie rulli. >> reporter: at 4'4", misty diaz can bench press more than 100 pounds. >> i'm just confident in myself in regards to my own strength. this is my strong. and everyone has their own strong. >> reporter: she dominates in both the gym and on the spartan field, completing more than 65 spartan races to date. >> these are some of my most recent obstacle course world championships. >> reporter: when she was born, doctors never thought she'd even be able to walk. >> i had most of my organs on the outside of my body. >> reporter: misty was born with spina bifida. >> it means "split spine." for my case, my spine was completely exposed at l-5. >> what did the doctors tell your parents when you were born? >> to let nature take its course. >> reporter: misty says her parents never focused on the things she couldn't do. they pushed her to find everything she could do. >> they did a really, really good job at making sure that i
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was independent, making sure that i didn't make any excuses. >> reporter: and misty says she's still figuring it out everdangays fund her races around the world. to date she has signed up and completed more than 200 endurance races in places like malaysia and japan. not long ago these medals seemed impossible. >> what was the turning point? >> no one was going to help me. i just was like, i'm too young for this. >> reporter: misty started off by just walking. quickly that walk went from a run to a full-on sprint. >> i thought i'd sign up for a 5k. i went online. i found one. i showed up in a purple tutu. and payless shoes. and that was it. i just kept showing up to races. and then i slowly got everything back. i got a job. i got a better job. i got a car. i got a better car. i got my dog back. i got my own apartment. i got a better apartment.
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>> reporter: the gym is now part of misty's life every day. >> i was just randomly watching the news. i saw a story on her. i messaged her, hey, you were on tv. we started talking. she was beautiful and i thought she had a really positive story. >> reporter: misty says now her goal is to show the world that spina bifida doesn't define who she is. >> i skateboard on crutches. people are like, you skateboard on crutches? people just don't like understand, like you can do anything. so look, just like regular nikes -- >> reporter: she's working with brands to help make their products adaptive. she's out with her own line of lipstick. >> it just brings confidence. it brings the strong out in me. and the warrior that i am. >> reporter: independent and beautiful, inside and out. it's why misty helped launch the movement #spinabeautiful, working to be a role model on instagram.
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>> the bigger picture is that so many people who are adaptive, who have spina bifida, are crushing life. >> are you ever scared for the future? >> i'm starting to. yesterday i was like looking at chad and i was like, okay, i'm getting a little older. i'm like, i don't know how long i'm going to be running. like let's be real. but i'm having fun. you know, i want to look back, i want to be old. cute little old lady with red lipstick. and i'm going to be like, you guys! look at these medals! >> holy cow. >> yeah. >> all of those medals. >> that's wild. >> so inspiring. #spinabeautiful. >> yeah, that is amazing. told as a kid to let nature run its course. >> isn't that crazy? could you imagine being her parents and hearing that? >> yeah, good for them for fighting back, and her, unbelievable. super, super powerful. coming up, a somewhat reluctant athlete charging into the weekend box office. >> yeah, we've got all the fun
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♪ ♪ time now for our "insomniac theater" previewing two movies opening at the box office this weekend. >> this morning we're starting with an action thriller. gerard butler and morgan freeman starring in "angel has fallen." it follows butler's secret service agent mike banning who races against time to clear his name after being framed for an attack on the president. >> we've been getting death threats. >> there's somebody else behind it, it wasn't me. >> the president's not safe. i am not going to stop until i prove who did this. >> why did you find me? >> i need your help, dad.
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>> oh, what a twist. critics do apparently feel that "angel has fallen" needs some help up. it's scoring just 46%, a splat on rotten tomatoes. it operates on such a level of half-considered logic and improbable motivations that even moderately well-mounted action can't distract audiences from how dumb it is. >> yikes. >> it brings a mediocre series to a fittingly mediocre close. >> wow. >> which is how critics are also describing my final show here. >> hilarious. next to a millennial comedy for millennials, about a millennial. julian bell stars in her breakout role in "brittany runs a marathon" as a hot mess of a new yorker whose hard partying has caught up with her and a yelp-recommended doctor gives her a wakeup call. >> i had a friend. she was prescribed adderall. and now she's very alert. >> you know, some people abuse adderall. >> what? >> let's get you healthy.
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i want you to try losing 55 pounds. that's the weight of a siberian husky. you want me to pull a medium-sized working dog out of my body? >> "brittany runs a marathon" is apparently running in the right direction scoring a solid 87%, certified fresh on rotten tomatoes. one critic writes in the "new york post," "brittany" is a comedy so relatable for young new yorkers you might need to take a walk after watching it. peter travers calls it a fun ride spiked with touching gravity that's not a shabby way to end the movie summer. >> got some giggles out of you there. >> i think that looks pretty funny. if i were eight years younger i would be brittany. >> that's it for this half hour. >> stay with us, more news is next.
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this morning on "world news now," shooting threat arrests. >> as the man accused of plotting america's next massacre appeared in court, two students in separate schools were taken into custody for making dangerous threats of their own. what authorities are revealing this morning. deadly elevator drop. a young man was crushed to death when he stepped off his building's elevator. as investigators look into the tragedy, we're hearing from the victim's family. internet scam crackdown. federal authorities say they busted the largest online fraud scheme in u.s. history. how those suspects allegedly stole tens of millions of dollars. are you looking for a purr-fect pet? how about this cat that weighs a whopping 26 pounds? i'm not "kitting" you. this feline is up for adoption. we'll tell you where on this friday, august 23rd.
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no, i was totally "kitting" you because that looks like a baby jaguar. >> yeah, that doesn't seem like -- i'm surprised only 26 pounds. >> right? i know. and shady as cats can be, i don't know if you want one that big in your house. >> you could keep track of it. >> that's true. >> you always know where it is because you were hear the rumbling of the footsteps like "jurassic park." >> sleep with one eye open. happy friday, you guys, we made it. trevor, you made it. >> it was up in the air at the start of the week. i know there was some questions. kenneth moton will be back on monday and i greatly appreciate everyone's tolerance. >> oh, that is so nice. we have tolerated him, we've had a good time doing it. we begin this half hour with president trump pressing congress to pass meaningful gun legislation. >> the president tweeting he had a very good meeting on preventing mass shootings and he's talking with both republicans and democrats but he offered no specifics. >> this as we learn new details about an alleged plot against a
3:02 am
southern california hotel. rodolfo montoya appeared in court thursday. he pleaded not guilty to allegations he threatened to carry out a mass shooting at the long beach marriott. >> investigators say they found meincludgh-powered firearms, ammunition >> reporter: the man accused by authorities of plotting america's next massacre appeared in court for the first time. 37-year-old rodolfo montoya behind that glass divider now charged with four felonies. police say they found a stash of weapons inside rodolfo montoya's home, including hundreds of rounds of ammunition, tactical gear, and an assault rifle and high-capacity magazines. both are illegal in california. authorities say on monday montoya, a hotel cook, told a co-worker about his plan to attack. >> he was going to shoot up fellow employees and people coming into the hotel. >> reporter: that co-worker told hotel management, who then called police. montoya was arrested at his home where authorities allegedly found that arsenal of weapons. employees at the marriott where
3:03 am
thatot managencaed police after learning about the alleged plot. >> so blessed that i'm alive and that i'm fine and everybody here is fine. because that's horrible. >> reporter: since the tragedies in dayton and el paso, there have been more than a dozen arrests for alleged threats of mass shootings across the country, including in ohio where this man, who police say wanted to shoot up a jewish community center, was arrested after posting this disturbing video online. in florida a mother pleads with police after her teenage son is arrested. >> he didn't do anything wrong, he's still a little boy, he's not one of the crazy people out there doing stuff. >> reporter: also in florida at least two students in separate schools arrested for alleged threats at the start of the school year. we know that ar-15 the suspect allegedly had was illegal here in california. now authorities want to know exactly where he got it. and across the country we've heard that saying, if you see something, say something. tonight authorities are
3:04 am
strengthening their language saying if you see, hear, or read something suspicious, they want you to report it. in los angeles, will carr, abc news. >> our thanks to will. as will mentioned, two students in florida were arrested for plotting attacks at separate schools. a 12-year-old girl was arrested for threatening a mass shooting at burns middle school in brandon. police say the seventh grader made the threat on snapchat. and in davey, a student at nova high school was arrested for allegedly posting a threat on a social media app. authorities say the student later claimed he was not serious about the threat and was simply expressing his emotions. now to a very emotional story here in new york city. a man is dead after an elevator accident in his luxury manhattan apartment building. >> that elevator suddenly dropped as he tried to exit into the lobby. 30-year-old samuel waysbrun was crushed between the car and the shaft. the building has a history of elevator trouble. back in may the owners were fined nearly $1,300 for unsafe elevator conditions.
3:05 am
the tragic news has left the man's father in milwaukee heartbroken. >> people know he was a fantastic boy, full of life. very, very sensitive, conscientious, fun-loving. just a million friends. everyone loved him. i'm heartbroken. yeah. he's not going to be able to father a child and have a family. and grow up. we're absolutely devastated. >> waysbrun came to new york to chase his dreams six years ago to work for a tech financial company. the fbi has broken up a global scam that duped victims out of $50 million. >> 80 people, most of them nigerian nationals, have been charged with targeting businesses, elderly and romance scams. a dozen suspects were arrested in los angeles. abc's matt gutman was there. >> reporter: this was a massive bust. an fbi source telling me this was an incredibly sophisticated ring. authorities say they targeted
3:06 am
big corporations and then posed as personnel or vendors, then they requested payment, and because they looked so real companies sent them millions. there were also romance schemes. some victims believing they were corresponding with military service members overseas. the defendants in this case are charged with money laundering and fraud, and if convicted, they could face dozens of years behind bars. authorities tell us that the victims in this case are unlikely to recoup any of their money. >> our thanks to matt gutman. this morning the search continues for a sniper who shot and injured a los angeles county sheriff's deputy. authorities are testing a pellet gun that was discovered near the lancaster station where the deputy came under fire. the 21-year-old rookie was not seriously injured because he was protected by a bulletproof vest. he was released from the hospital after being treated for a gunshot wound. also in california authorities are trying to determine what led a cal state fullerton employee to fatally stab his co-worker. authorities believe the suspect acted alone. he was arrested at his home wednesday night.
3:07 am
the alleged stabber had been on the run since monday. during their investigation, police say they found an incendiary device in a backpack under the victim's car that contained things like zip ties and wigs. president trump is heading to france this weekend for the g-7 summit alongside the leaders of the world's most industrialized nations. a session on the global economy was added at the last minute at the president's request. he's holding several meetings on the sidelines, including one with new british prime minister boris johnson, coming face-to-face for the first time since johnson took office. former white house press secretary sarah sanders has a new job, hired by fox news as a contributor.viit corynd analys acro moiefendinthent for she's set to make her debut early next month. an enormous cat with an enormous appetite is looking for a home in philadelphia.
3:08 am
>> so this, this big old thing, is bigi, known as mr. b. the 2-year-old domestic short hair weighs 26 pounds. that is the average weight of a 13-month-old human. skip giving birth, just go ahead and get this cat. mr. b. is described as a jumbo-size package of fluff and love. right now he's in an animal shelter. he's had so many potential suitors, the shelter's website has crashed. >> oh, okay. >> everybody out there looking for a fat cat, i guess. >> highly sought after. >> also described as genuinely big boned. >> genuinely big boned, that makes sense. >> cat lover in the back loved that one. >> the official twitter post by the shelter -- shelters are really evolved and plugged into the internet -- "omg, big boy mr. b. is a chonk of a chonk, he redefines the term." >> i think they hit the nail on the head there. yeah, he's huge.
3:09 am
>> i think that that says it all. >> there it is. coming up, the travel nightmare for nearly 200 delta airline passengers. >> hear why an airline did not provide hotel vouchers to people who got on and off a flight multiple times and they ultimately got delayed for 18 hours. plus the painful lesson one man learned when he walked outside a home without shoes. we'll give you a closer look at the danger that was lurking by the door. i'm alex trebek, here to tell you about the colonial penn program. if you're age 50 to 85, and looking to buy life insurance on a fixed budget, remember the three p's. what are the three p's? the three p's of life insurance on a fixed budget are price, price, and price. a price you can afford, a price that can't increase, and a price that fits your budget.
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very strong winds in clemson, south carolina -- very strong winds in clemson, south carolina -- >> whoa. >> yeah whoa, lifted the tent off the ground along with two restaurant workers who were holding on to it. one employee was dragged before going airborne right there, oh my goodness. the other was thrown into the side of the restaurant. both are recovering from minor injuries. the restaurant suffered minimal damage, but my goodness that wind. >> mary poppins makes it look so easy. they only had minori, that'se' e that je. hundreds of delta pa
3:13 am
>> that is because they had to endure a flight delay nightmare, including numerous boardings and reboardings. it stretched into 18 hours. here's abc's david kerley. >> reporter: those groaning complaints from nearly 200 passengers heading from new york to l.a. their 3:30 afternoon flight had already been out to the tarmac and back three times. this was 2:20 a.m. when they heard this. >> we're actually going to leave at 9:00 a.m. >> reporter: then more news, the flight wasn't canceled so the airline would not be offering hotel vouchers. >> there's no vouchers to hotels. we give food and we give taxis -- [ shouting and screaming ] >> reporter: passengers were offered pillows and blankets for an 18-hour delay. delta did have waivers in effect which would allow passengers to make a one-time flight change without charge. delta tells us they've offered miles, gift cards as a show of
3:14 am
goodwill on top of the airline's apology. david kerley, abc news, washington. >> those apologies don't mean too much. >> what's the value of an apology? how many miles is that worth? >> 18 hours? >> yeah. >> 2:20 in the morning, told at 9:00 a.m. you'll get out? those poor passengers. a young man in southern california learned the hard way, you need to pay attention when you live in rattlesnake country. >> take a look at this video. he's stepping out of his home in norco, steps into a snake bite. the 19-year-old says he was texting a friend, he was not wearing shoes, got him right on the foot, and he never saw it coming. >> i stepped out on the front porch and i hear it rattle. and it bites me. sure enough, it was a rattlesnake. it didn't really hurt to get bit, just a prick. but i definitely felt a sense of dread. you can see the venom start to enflame my foot and work its way up. >> oh! >> yeah, watching that process as it unfolds? luckily this guy's mother and one of his sisters are nurses so
3:15 am
they were able to help him until the paramedics got there. the sister also killed the snake. that sister, talented, good for her. that man received 24 vials of antivenom. >> i was going to say, what happened to the snake? glad that the sister came to the rescue, because women run the world. 24 vials of antivenom? >> yeah, i mean, i don't -- >> so it was just a little bite but a whole bunch of venom? >> apparently you need as much as you can get. on the foot too. >> even his tongue and lips were tingling and it got him on the foot. be careful out there. coming up next half hour, another parent facing charges for leaving her baby in a hot car. >> this time she's not the only one who forgot about the 5-month-old. we'll show you the newly released body cam video. first the new taylor swift, her new music, her latest concert, and her new fight for creative rights. concert, and her new fight for creative rights.
3:16 am
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so nobody was calming down in central park in the heart of new york city.
3:18 am
>> taylor swift promoting her new album, a mix of new songs and throwback hits on "gma." she had quite a few things to say to our own robin roberts as well. here is maggie rulli. >> reporter: this is the new taylor. a lover. a creative force. a woman in charge. ♪ lover >> reporter: her newest video with a retro feel dropping just hours ago is burning up the internet. "lover" is the first album under her new record label universal music group. it's a fresh start for the pop princess. for the first time she'll own her masters. ♪ ♪ you need to calm down >> reporter: fans were anything but calm as she took the stage in central park performing live on "gma." ♪ you need to just stop >> reporter: the crowd's energy was palpable. close to 5,000 admirers sang along to every lyric. ♪ i promise that you'll never
3:19 am
find another like me ♪ >> reporter: over a decade, swift has been music's "it" girl with ten grammys, five number one hits, selling more than 50 million copies of her six studio albums. she told abc's robin roberts this album is different. >> one thing about this album that's really special to me is it's the first one that i will own of my work. which is a concept that they're very supportive of. >> i was going to wait to ask you about that, but since you went there, this is something that is very important to you. and you also said that you're planning on rerecording some of your music, is that true? are you going to do that? >> yeah, that's true, and it's something that i'm very excited about doing. because my contract says that starting november 2020, so next year, i can record albums one through five all over again. >> reporter: last month the singer made headlines when news broke that her masters had been sold.
3:20 am
but it wasn't just the sale that had the 29-year-old upset. it was the buyer. scooter braun, the high-profile manager who swift alleges publicly bullied her, calling it my worst-case scenario. braun acquired big machine records which owns so many of swift's deeply personal recordings for $300 million. in a passionate and unfiltered tumblr post swift writes, my musical legacy is about to lie in the hands of someone who tried to dismantle it. sources close to braun say no bullying happened. swift's emotional message spotlighting the debate whether or not artists should own the rights to their music. >> in a record deal, it's actually standard for the record label to own the master recordings. it is actually the exception when the artist owns the recordings and then licenses them to the label. >> reporter: but legends like prince have argued that the business model is wrong. back in the '90s the "kiss" singer adamantly fought his label for control of his music,
3:21 am
at times even writing "slave" on the side of his face, telling "rolling stone," if you don't own your masters, your master owns you. >> i think every lyric on the song "lover," i'm really proud of that song. that sg [ cheers and applause ] ♪ >> "lover" the single is said to be your most romantic song yet. [ cheers and applause ] all these swifties have been poring over it, trying to get some clues. can you tell us the meaning behind "lover"? >> well, "lover" is a song i'm so proud of. i wrote it alone. like just being here on this release week, it's going to be a really fun week, and i'm just -- it's so cool to be able to celebrate with everyone. ♪ >> swifties are jazzed up. "lover" is released today. taylor opening the vmas monday, which happens to be the 10th anniversary of that kanye west moment.
3:22 am
>> how far we've come. >> how far we've come. come, 10 years.
3:23 am
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♪ let's mix it up today. >> okay, let's. >> it's time for "the mix." we begin with what i suppose you could say is a re-enactment of "west side story." we have a couple of dogs and a couple of bears in a standoff caught on video. it actually was a scary thing. marking their territory here. >> yeah. >> two dogs, three grizzly bears. this is in canada. >> oh, they were outnumbered. >> yes. marjorie whitehead was watering her plants, she sees those bears the same time the dogs start barking. marjorie was too scared to move at first, came to her senses, went inside the house. >> came to her senses. >> i wouldn't hang out and watch that. >> were the bears stealing dog food? >> i wouldn't put it past them. >> greedy grizzly bears. one of them stands up, whoa, that's a big old bear. >> stay in your lane, bears.
3:26 am
>> from that kind of terrifying video with dogs to this very cute one that even made trevor go, oh, puppy! >> i said it just like that too. >> yeah, it was that high of a note. this little boy in brazil chased by these adorable golden retrievers and then they're going to get him, they're going to get him. >> dog pile. >> they're going to get him! so stinking cute! polka! ♪ ♪ politics and foreign wars all the weather all the scores ♪ ♪ that's the "world news" polka ♪ ♪ scraps and filler from the day long as we don't have to pay ♪ ♪ that's the "world news" polka ♪ ♪ it's late at night you're wide awake and you're not wearing pants ♪ ♪ so turn on "world news now" and let's everybody dance ♪ ♪ have some fun be a pal every
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anchor guy and gal ♪ ♪ do the "world news" polka everybody! ♪ ♪ that's the "world news" polka ♪ >> basic cable customers only! ♪ ♪ that's the world news polka ♪ it's no viral video that people play and play ♪ ♪ it's more like an infection that you can't make go away ♪ ♪ listen once to this refrain and it's burned into your brain ♪ ♪ that's the "world news" polka ♪ ♪ they give us no budget no respect or camera crews ♪ ♪ we're the ugly betty of this high-class network's news ♪ ♪ but it's true at any cost we'd be desperate we'd be lost ♪ ♪ without the "world news" polka ♪ ♪ it's the world news da da da da polka ♪
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this morning on "world news now," a deadly elevator drop. a man crushed to death when the elevator he was stepping out of suddenly malfunctioned and plummeted. what we're learning about the building's history with their elevators. $46 million. that's how much money 80 suspects are accused of scamming out of people around the world. details on how authorities busted a major online fraud scheme straight ahead. new this half hour the emotional arrest of a mother. >> she left her 5-month-old in the back seat of a hot car while she went shopping and she's not the only one who forgot the baby. and the search is on to find this little guy. a bear bandit stealing a package right off someone's front porch. can you guess what was inside the box? >> forage. >> it's friday, august 22nd.
3:31 am
those bears can do so much. >> yeah, not to be trusted. >> not at all. >> they're evolving. >> yeah, they certainly are. >> this is how it starts. >> before they take over. we will get to all of that later this half hour. thank you for joining us this friday. we do start on a very somber note, a tragedy in new york city. >> a young man who came from the midwest to make his fortune has died in an elevator accident in a city with 70,000 elevators. these kinds of deaths are really rare. >> complaints about this building's elevators were frequent. the landlord even has an unpaid fine from last may. abc's linsey davis has more. >> reporter: an investigation into how a simple elevator ride turned into a deadly tragedy. >> report of an elevator drop, a person possibly trapped. >> reporter: investigators say six people were on board an
3:32 am
elevator inside this 22-story manhattan apartment building. two people got off at the lobby. when 30-year-old samuel waysburn tried to exit the elevator malfunctioned and dropped, crushing him to death. the victim's heartbroken father is speaking out. >> he'd been in new york five, six years. we sent him out there to find fame and fortune, which he did, and he loved new york. i'm heartbroken. he's not going to be able to father a child and have a family. and grow up, you know. we're devastated. >> reporter: firefighters also rescued three more people trapped inside that elevator who witnessed the horror. >> super scary. they always jump between floors. it's like that halloween horror nights thing when you're in that scary elevator that hops up and down. it's really bad. >> reporter: the building had been fined nearly $1,300 in may for unsafe elevator conditions. just last year the cables of an elevator snapped in chicago, sending six people, including a pregnant woman, plunging 84 stories. no one was hurt. investigators say the elevator the victim was riding in was not
3:33 am
the elevator that had recently been fined, but we do know just last month, a work permit had been issued to fix the wiring in both elevators. linsey davis, abc news, new york. >> our thanks to linsey. federal authorities have busted a massive internet crime ring believed to be one of the largest fraud cases in u.s. history. >> 80 people, mostly from nigeria, have been charged with stealing nearly $50 million through a variety of online scams, fooling businesses as well as people in every state and several other countries. over a dozen were arrested in los angeles. some of the suspects are accused of orchestrating romance schemes by posing as members of the military. the fbi says it is unlikely the victims will ever get their money back. industry and government are going on the offensive to prevent robocalls. 12 of the country's latest phone companies and every state attorney general has signed on. the telecom companies will provide customers with free call blocking and a system that can label a call as real or fake. it will also monitor their networks for robocall traffic.
3:34 am
last year we received more than 25 billion robocalls. president trump continues to dispute economic indicators that seem to show a downturn. >> this week the federal government reported the budget deficit will reach $1 trillion next year, much sooner than previously expected. and job growth earlier this year wasn't as good as first thought. but the president says the economy is still strong. >> mr. president, are you concerned about the jobs numbers, the revision, 500,000 fewer jobs -- >> the job numbers have been really good. we have unemployment at a level that it hasn't been at for many, many years. fantastic numbers. the economy has been really fantastic. >> the chief white house economic adviser says the administration is not considering any short-term actions to jolt the economy but it may propose more tax cuts during the 2020 presidential campaign. meanwhile former trump campaign aide rick gates has testified against former obama
3:35 am
white house counsel greg craig. he pleaded guilty to lying to federal prosecutors about his work in ukraine. he also testified against former campaign chairman paul manafort, his longtime business partner. craig is accused of illegally concealing information about his lobbying work in ukraine. a beverly hills realtor and alleged accomplice have been charged with burglarizing celebrity homes. usher, adam lambert, and retired nfl player sean phillips are among the victims. charges against these two include 32 counts of money laundering, 12 counts of first degree residential burglary, and identity theft. now to a double murder/suicide that has stunned much of the atlanta community. dr. marcia edwards is suspected of shooting and killing her two adult children before turning the gun on herself. their bodies were discovered in her home in an upscale atlanta neighborhood. edwards is the former wife of the prominent surgeon christopher edwards. more fallout in the death of accused child sex trafficker jeffrey epstein.
3:36 am
they have subpoenaed as many as 20 staff members at the new york jail where epstein took his own life. the jail was understaffed and guards were working overtime when they reportedly failed to check on epstein every 30 minutes as required. earlier this week attorney general william barr said the investigation has slowed because some witnesses have been uncooperative. this close call for passengers aboard a hawaiian airlines flight. the cargo hold in the cabin filled with smoke about 20 minutes away from honolulu. pilots were forced to make an emergency landing and deploy slides to evacuate the plane. five adults and two children were taken to the hospital with smoke-related symptoms. hawaiian airlines says a seal failed in the aircraft's left engine, causing oil to leak onto hot parts of that engine, and that's what led to that smoke. regular nonstop flights between australia and new york may soon be available. qantas has announced three test flights to see how the human body reacts to 19 hours of air travel.
3:37 am
the test flights are slated for october, november, and december. the airline plans to use the findings to set sleep schedules for pilots and design the most comfortable settings for passengers. >> okay, wait, so -- >> 19 hours? >> right, so it's like what if the body reacts like really adversely? >> do you get to fly -- do you get the science cash, like when you sign up to test the medical devices? >> where is 19 hours from new york city? are you still looking for participants? >> you'd like to try it out? >> can i take off work for this? yeah, totally, where are we going, like bali? i'm in. >> i would assume australia. >> oh, it already said that? no, trevor, i promise i was listening, i was listening to you. >> you never pay attention, unbelievable. >> it was the first line, i was still thinking about other things. yes, sign me up, sign me up. meanwhile, think your commute is a waste of time? a new study is telling us just how much. >> researchers in texas say traffic has us spending an extra 54 hours per year in our cars, and in the most congested
3:38 am
cities, drivers are losing more than 80 hours each year to traffic. the worst numbers are in los angeles. 119 hours. that's about five days. san francisco and washington, d.c. also over the century mark. >> the good thing for this d.c.-based guy, you don't have your car. >> no, i sold my car in 2016. and i have not looked back. >> doing your part to help the environment. and so what do you do, walk? >> yeah. >> get in one of those rideshares that are also clogging streets? >> i walk whenever i can. in portland i lived across the street from work, which i don't necessarily recommend. have a little more distance than that. but no, i'm walking it. >> good for you. >> i'm walking here, as i love to say here, here in new york, right? >> i've never heard it. >> you don't watch movies. it's dustin hoffman. let's move on. this morning president trump is weighing in on "dancing with the stars." >> sean spicer, better known as spicy, is headed to the ballroom floor on "dancing with the what his former boss in the oval office is now saying about it.
3:39 am
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so call now for free information. and you'll also get this free beneficiary planner. and it's yours just for calling. so call now. look at this spectacular
3:42 am
rollover crash that shut d look at this spectacular rollover crash that shut down a highway in biloxi, mississippi. the driver crossed a lane, slammed into that light pole. somehow he survived. witnesses say he'd been driving erratically before this crash. there's no word yet on any charges. police in arizona have released dramatic new video of a mother arrested after allegedly accidentally leaving her 5-month-old daughter in a hot car. >> that mother along with her sister and her other child then went shopping for nearly an hour. here's abc's gio benitez. >> reporter: newly released video shows the terrifying moment after a mother returned to her hot car to discover she had left her baby inside. first responders taking the child to the hospital. >> i just -- i -- i don't know. i honestly don't know how it happened. i -- i don't. >> reporter: body cams rolling as 37-year-old stacy holly tells rescuers that she accidentally left her 5-month-old in the back seat.
3:43 am
>> we're lucky that this isn't, you know, something else. >> no, i totally -- no i know -- i'm not -- i'm not a bad mom. >> reporter: the mother says she was distracted, talking to her sister, and took her 6-year-old out of the car but left the baby in the back while all three went shopping. surveillance video released by police shows them entering the store and leaving nearly 50 minutes later. >> i'm sorry, i know, i know, i'm sorry. >> reporter: the high that june day, over 100 degrees. 130 degrees inside that car. the baby was okay. holly later telling police she never thought she'd make that mistake. >> i think that these people who do it, who you see on tv, oh my god, how stupid are they to leave their kids in the car? then it happened. >> reporter: that mother was charged with child abuse and child endangerment. she has pleaded not guilty. gio benitez, abc news, new york. >> thanks to gio. every time you see those stories it's horrifying. >> absolutely. the good news is that child is okay.
3:44 am
an 8-year-old attacked by a mountain lion in colorado is said to be doing well, quote, in light of the circumstances. >> so the child was bitten on the head wednesday night in bailey while playing with his brother. yesterday two lions were caught in the area, both were euthanized. it's believed one of the animals was involved in the attack. look at these frightening moments at yellowstone national park. this is video showing a bison stampede. this herd was crossing a road filled with tourists in their cars last week, and one bison rammed one of those vehicles, shattered a window. the family is okay. in pennsylvania cameras caught a four-legged thief. look at that bear. >> methodical. >> dragging a package away. that package had been sitting on a porch near scranton. the owner says the delivery wasy obously tht,is my luh. >> that's cold-blood. >>y' been told they'll
3:45 am
receive a replacement. >> i don't like what bears are developing. >> i know, and what's the bear do, have a box opener somewhere behind those bushes? >> they all have jobs, it's a systematic bear heist. >> there's someone else back there waiting like, i got it, buddy, lunch for everybody. >> a wheelman bear ready to get it home. >> there you go. when we come back, the new music from missy elliott. and president trump gets sweet on spicy. "the skinny" is next.
3:46 am
3:47 am
♪ music mak ♪ music make you lose control music make you lose control ♪ my goodness, oh my goodness, we are losing control over brand-new music from the one and only missy elliott. >> it has been 14 years since the rapper released her last album "the cookbook," truly a seminal album. >> absolutely. at midnight she just released a brand-new collection of songs titled "iconic" plus a video for her new song "throw it back." take a listen. ♪ i don't need rehearsing the
3:48 am
way i throw it back ♪ ♪ i show the whole world how it working ♪ ♪ throw it back throw it back throw it back throw it back ♪ ♪ watch me throw it back watch me throw it back watch me throw it'sctlly ch me throw it back , "iconology." it wasn't a word i immediately recognized. we're going to know iconology from missy elliot. quote, this year has been a tremendous year for me, i am humbled and grateful, let's throw it back to a time when music made us feel good and make us dance. >> who doesn't love to put their thang down, flip it, and reverse it, you know? >> guys, i mean -- >> yeah. it's a classic. >> that -- trevor. trevor just comes to play. >> yes, left and right. >> i don't even know what to say, you're right, you're right.
3:49 am
>> that's all right because we've got much more. we want to move to a brand-new revelation about beyonce. it has to do with that now-infamous incident at the 2009 vmas 10 years ago. kanye west interrupting taylor swift's acceptance speech. >> remember that? just when we thought we knew everything there is to know about the incident -- >> there it is. oh, my. still shocking. >> it will never not be funny. brand-new information, "billboard" is reporting that van popular, former president of icon media networks, told the magazine after he walked backstage and saw beyonce and her father crying. >> he reportedly said beyonce was threatening to leave so he made the unprecedented move to tell her she was going to win video of the year, and later that night, wouldn't it be nice to invite taylor back on stage to finish her acceptance speech and let her have her moment. >> and the rest is history.
3:50 am
>> that really changed music that night. >> oh my gosh, it really did, and it gave us that really iconic moment that really did a lot for taylor swift. >> did it? did it launch her? >> some would argue that it did. >> it led to the spiraling of kanye west and creating "my beautiful dark twisted fantasy," best album of the decade. >> i completely almost agree. almost agree. it's a really good album. we also haven't heard much about beyonce's dad since then. next to a guy who is about to make his own history on the ballroom floor. >> one day after it was announced former press secretary sean spicer is going to be competing in the upcoming "dancing with the stars," spicy got a world-class endorsement from his former boss. >> president trump took to twitter praising spicer saying, quote, he will do a great -- he'll do great, a terrific person who loves our country dearly. >> do you think he will? >> we'll see. >> we will see. finally, a major riddle that has been vexing the world has finally been revealed. >> no, it has nothing to do with how the pyramids were built or what exactly the sphinx is.
3:51 am
the whole thing started yesterday when robert downey jr. tweeted, what do the rolling stones, nasa, and the rose bowl all have in common? >> truly a question. thankfully we did not have to wait long for the answer. downey crashed the rolling stones rose bowl concert in los angeles last night to announce a rock found on the surface of mars was being officially named in honor of the rolling stones. >> i like how he tied all those together. so the rolling stones rock, about the size of a golf ball, rolled about three feet last november when nasa's "insight" touched down on the red planet. >> is it called the rolling stone? yes, it is called the rolling stone. >> singular, okay. so the rolling stone. >> yeah, and that makes sense. because mick jagger is about as old as mars. >> and he's still shaking it, though. >> no, he's got moves. >> he's still got the moves.
3:52 am
>> he's got moves for sure. coming up, our weekly "friday rewind."
3:53 am
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for an amazing clean, try mr. clean magic eraser, and now, new mr. clean magic eraser sheets. ♪ good times these are called good times ♪ ♪ leave your cares behind we do love to kick it old school around here. topping the starts this week in 1979, "good times" by chic. >> and we're closing out really good times this week. we usually take a look back at the week's major headlines with our "friday rewind." today we're celebrating the bad boy of local news being promoted aulthe wise guy of network news >> hi, i'm trevor ault. i'm a very tall man. i'm 6'4". i played tennis in college. >> so trevor just told us that
3:56 am
he's a big man with strong arms. >> don't talk to me like i'm a child, i'm a professional. >> we've got all the "t." >> do we? i think you do, and i'm here. >> trevor's being judgy. >> yep, what's new? if this is your first time with me, judgy is kind of my default. >> talk show host larry king has filed for divorce from his seventh wife. >> you can't blame a guy for trying. >> when you track sand inside from the beach? >> the worst. all over in the sheets. >> you don't shower before getting into bed? >> i've never been pregnant but i'd like to think i would pick up on it. that's my vocal warmups for the show before wewent on-air, i didn't know i was miked up when i did that. >> although we've come to the end of the road, it's a voice to remember. >> i knew that. >> to the end of the road -- ♪ >> did you know what song i was talking about? okay, good, yeah. >> i'm not going to sing it. >> go ahead and sing it.
3:57 am
♪ it's the end of the road >> is brian mcknight in boyz ii men? >> all right, twitter. there it is, your moment of the day, have at him. >> take that, scooter. use an adult name. i'm realizing my whole life is a mom-cation. i have a minor in accounting. >> a minor in accounting. >> if it was a major i could have done it mentally, yeah. there's a reason that i switched to communications. >> show your work. >> i'm legally ordained in indiana only. so if you're in indiana, yes i will get you married. deal. >> is there anything else you need? >> you know, i had thought this week went really well. now i'm not so sure. >> yeah, now you see just how awful it was. >> yeah. >> so many amazing moments, trevor. you were on fire all week long. >> i had forgotten most of those. >> it's just too bad that your missy elliott moment came today and we couldn't get that in. in.
3:58 am
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4:00 am
happening now in america this morning, a massive internet fraud case busted. the suspects accused of hacking emails using fake bank accounts and dating profiles to steal millions of dollars from people across america. >> some of the victims in this case lost hundreds of thousands of dollars. >> this morning the manhunt for those still on the run and how the victims were duped. a new school shooting threat foiled. this morning the 12-year-old under arrest and the new statement from president trump. what he says he's doing now to prevent more mass shootings in america. the deadly tragedy on the elevator. a young man killed. >> report of an elevator drop with a person possibly trapped. >> the victim crushed to death.


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