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tv   ABC7 News 500AM  ABC  August 23, 2019 5:00am-6:00am PDT

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right now at 6:00, it's going to be a hot day today. temperatures still climbing into the 90s. and the heat we're in the wrong place. it's not 6:00 a.m. it's 5:00 a.m. >> we have a lot of news to get to. let's get over to the weather to sort it out. >> it's going to be one of those days i'm just going to read whatever is in front of me. >> stay classy. let's look at the weather. this is something you may be were waiting for. look at the dew points back in the comfortable levels. back in the 50s. no more muggy conditions. no more humid conditions. at least for about five or six days. could come back next week let's
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focus in on today and the weekend. looking from the peak camera. it's pretty clear out there. starting at 7:00, we're still around 57 to 64 degrees. near 80 to mid-80s. not as humid as noon. around the mid-80s to 90. temperatures at 4:00. enjoying comfortable 70s during the evening hours. >> we have a few hot spots early this morning and will head over to the first one. this is northbound 101 at morgan hill. there's a motorcycle crash with riders on the gruntd and injuries have been reported. so traffic is going to start to slow down from morgan hill. it hasn't backed up yet. and also a couple accidents in the south bay. they are out there, but not causing delays. so we have had a busy morning. and westbound 580 heavy now out of tracy with a couple accidents as well along the way.
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an earlier crash cleared. in the east bay, a shooting at a park during a youth football practice with parents and children nearby. one person is injured. the shooter has not been arrested. >> this all happened at sorensdale park. >> witnesses tell us that specifically the shooting happened in a parking lot near the restrooms at sorensdale park. there were plenty of parents and children right in the area. there's also a youth football team practicing the same time as the shooting. that team was called the hayward lancers. one of the players' mothers recorded video of the commotion. we're told three people were seen run wag from a male victim after the shooting. no one on the football team was hurt.
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>> we have high schoolers that practice football. we also have the cheerleaders practicing at the same time. it was full of people. it was a senseless shooting. >> reporter: the person that was shot is is expected to make a full recovery and out of precaution, football practice has been put on hold. and cheerleading practice has been cancelled for next yeek. >> thank you. federal prosecutors issued subpoenas to correctional officers who work at the jail where sex trafficker jeffrey epstein died by suicide. staffers found him hanging in his cell nearly two weeks ago. cnn also reports that epstein had not been checked on for hours before he was found unresponsive. and some officers refused to answer questions unless they were granted some form of immunity. police have arrested the man responsible for stabbing his cal state fullerton co-worker to
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death. he was arrested wednesday night at his home in huntington beach. he lived with his wife, mother-in-law and children. police accused him of stabbing the retired money strart in a campus parking lot monday morning. police have not revealed a motive. it's 5:04. she shares the frustration of a federal judge who is overseeing reforms for the police department. judge william criticized during a hearing on wednesday. the agency has slowly implemented 51 reforms, mandated 16 years ago. the mayor says that's despite the judge's concerns. she remains confident in the leadership of police chief who is headed the police for two and a half years now. you can hear from the mayor when she appears on midday live. a symposium begins in san
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francisco today. the san francisco sheriffs department and oakland police commission will attend as well as agencies from los angeles. they will discuss best practices for law enforcement agencies. the man who ran down a sflik police officer in a stolen car is is headed to prison. a judge sentenced the 51-year-old of san francisco to 12 years and 8 months, that's the maximum term allowed. flanagan was trying to get away from police when he hit the officer. that happened in 2017. he was on bicycle patrol. the 32-year-old is still recovering from severe injuries. flanagan pleaded guilty to multiple felonies including assault with a deadly weapon. overstock b's former ceo claims the fbi directed him to become romantically involved with a russian woman accused of seeking to gain influence inside republican circles. he made the claims last night on
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cnn just hours after resigning from overstock. >> i was involved in helping them in that period. it turned out to be political espionage against hillary clinton, marco rubio and ted cruz, major donald trump. this isn't a theory of mine. i was in the room when it happened. i was part of it. >> burn built a friendship with the woman in question. she's currently in federal pison after pleading guilty of charges of trying to gain influence in the u.s. for russia's government. new details in the growing international outrage of the amazon rain forest fires. the french president has now calling the fires an international crisis that should be on the agenda at the g7 summithis wkend in france. yesterday he tweeted members of the summit let's discuss this
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emergency first order in two days. the far right president called macron's offer sensationalistav the a.mazon rain forest paving the way for deforestation. it's been a hot topic on social media they are doing down there. 20% of the earth's oxygen is produced by the rain forest. it's on fire. let's take a look at what's going on. 50s for most of us on the peninsula. we have 62 in rapid city. a little warmer there. low to upper 60s in the east bay neig the north bay. it's going to feel significantly different when you step outside. the west wind at 14. no cloud cover here. i'm expecting this to get cloudier through the morning commute. there's a little mist along the coast. the breezes will kick up and in.
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warm sunshine and a small craft advisory north of the bay bridge through the delta. 9:00 this morning to 9:00 this evening. let's talk temperatures. we're in the 50s at 7:00. and 60s at 9:00. 70s at 11:00. and 80s by 1:00. really nice 72 and sunshine during the evening hours. for the east bay, we'll jump from 60s to low to mid-80s this afternoon and a nice 71 at 7:00. in san francisco, more sunshine today. we'll push us to the low 70s for a couple hours this afternoon. most of the day will be in the mid- to upper 60s. take a look at the warmer weekend. we get back over to francis. >> we have had so many accidents. a new one just reported in oakland. northbound 880 at 29th. we'll keep you posted on that. in the meantime, we have a few hot spots out there northbound 101. this motorcycle crash is closer to tone opposed to the traffic
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is heavy on northbound 101. and a couple earlier accidents have cleared. but it is a slow ride early this morning out of tracy. as we check out that drive time for you, westbound 580 tracy to dublin is 34 minutes. >> thank you. traffic is runni inning smoothls morning. it came to a stop during rush hour. officers closed all five westbound lanes of the bridge for about 30 minutes. the coast guard spotted the man on a ledge. an officer persuaded that man to return to safety. the chp says this was the best possible outcome. >> i'm going to walk away with the only this incident in traffic and. >> officers say the man was a passenger in a car who got out. he was taken to the hospital for
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a medical evaluation. there are resources for you and the people you love who struggle with mental health issues. go to next, the seven things you need to know as you start your day. and you shausher, adam lambert some of the celebrities whose homes were burglarized and prosecutors say a real estate agent is behind that scheme. plus bringing a whole new meaning to rock and roll how nasa is honoring the rolling stones on mars. let's take you live outside right now. the the bay area glittering away. not as humid as
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it's 5:13. here are the seven things to know this morning. this hit-and-run crash sent a security guard to the hospital in san jose. witnesses say a driver ran from the scene after plowing into several other vehicles late last night. sacramento commuters will face delays after a light rail train derailed. last night's mishap injured 27 people and appears the trap hit a maintenance they are following a shooting at a park next door. the practices were going on near herb when the shooting happened
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yid. one man was wounded and the shooter not arrested. more than a dozen democratic presidential candidates are in san francisco attending the summer meeting. bernie sanders and tom stier are expected to speak today. cory booker and elizabeth warren spoke last night. you'll notice the difference this morning. the humidity is lower, but drier air and sunshine means warmer temperatures. look at the 80s and 90s. sunday is is not even the hottest day. we have very slow traffic in morgan hill on northbound 101. >> taylor swift dropped her seventh album last night along with a new video. this is the first project since signing with a new record label. three local internet titans
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suspended accounts of those trying to influence opinions in hong kong. they have 200 videos appeared to be part of an effort to spread misinformation about the protests. they follow similar efforts byc. twitter suspended more than 200,000 accounts it believes related to a chinese government influence campaign. hundreds of uber and lyft drivers are planning to launch a protest next week. it will be in the form of a caravan to demand better working conditions. organizers say on monday they plan to drive from southern california to uber headquarters and then to sacramento. that bill would tighten rules on the economy forcing companies to classify the workers as employees instead of independent contractors. it's 5:15. in the first look, a beverly hills realtor accused of using open houses to burglarize celebrity homes. among the victims, usher and
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adam lambert. >> reporter: in the first look, two men are facing dozens of charges this morning after allegedly burglarizing celebrity homes. the pair accused of stealing more than $500,000 from big name stars including usher and adam lambert. prosecutors say a beverly hills realtor was behind the southern california burglarieburglaries. from december 2016 to august 2018, they encouraged the accomplice to steal luxury items from 14 homes and sell them in order to repay credit cards. his attorney say they arrested the wrong person. >> mr. ackerman, i was to emphasize is not just presumed innocent, he's actually innocent. he didn't do it. >> it's coming up at 7:00 a.m.
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abc news, new york. this was not the shipment that safeway was expecting. >> more than a million dollars worth of cocaine found in boxes of bananas. the drugs were delivered to three safeway stores in washington state. the sheriffs office says produce workers were stocking the baa a bananas on sunday when they came across the cocaine packed into bricks. investigators are working to trace where it originated. that's bananas. >> true. it's 5:17 now. there's now a rolling stones rock on mars and it's giving mick and the boys some serious satisfaction. nasa named the little stone for the legendary rockers after the insight captured it rolling across the surface of mars. the jet propulsion laboratory which manages insight shared ut video last night. mick said nasa has given us something we have always dreamed of. our very own rock on mars.
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that's very gracious of him. it's pretty cool. >> blue collar roots in england. >> they can say they finally made it. >> some day we're going to get that rock on mars. that's a neat n san jose. you can see it's pretty clear as we look northbound on 8 7. right behind me there's shark tank to give you an idea of where we are. warmer than average. not quite as warm as yesterday. it's going to be cool with limited clouds tonight. that's going to help a heat wave develop over the weekend that will peak monday and then humidly will be around tuesday and wednesday of next week. a repeat of yesterday. here's a look at the cloud cover leaking into the bay. and into the north bay. especially some of the lower coastal valleys. we're clear everywhere except for the coast. we'll see some sunshine this
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afternoon. but there's a little curl in the atmosphere. it's in the 90s. we have a lot of 80s on the peninsula from 80 in san mateo. 77 and a little more refreshing. you can see 64 to 67 today. mid-70s for downtown. a little more sunshine around the bay. a little less. you can see we have the mid- to upper 80s to the north bay valleys. we have richmond and oakland and hayward in the 70s. everybody else in the 80s. as you head inbland, how about low to mid-90s.
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a few accidents on the roads that are going to slow you dune. northbound 880 just before 29th. there's some slowing right at the scene. and hopefully no injuries in that one because that will clear quickly. northbound 101 through morgan hill recovering from an earlier motorcycle injury crash. you can see traffic still heavy and has backed up at this point. and we had a couple accidents at westbound 580 slowing things down through the pass this morning. so heavy traffic out of tracy and then again into livermore. but here's where things are going well. no problems right now across the san may ta owe bridge. it looks good into foster city. you might be used to seeing automated public reforms in some parks. now los angeles residents can use the first automated out
5:21 am
house. dignitaries cut a toilet paper ribbon at a park yesterday. the reform features touchless features even for dispensing toilet paper. it costs more than a standard reform, but officials say they will save money by hiring fewer workers to clean it every 30 times it's used. this, i believe is, is the same reform as the one we have been talking about in the north bay. >> look at this. >> i'm sure that's fine. >> san francisco has 25 pit stop public bathrooms. >> they are self-cleaning, but public work staff will be needed to maintain them. they decded to keep three of the public bathrooms open 24 hours a day as a pilot program to keep waste off the streets. a rare creature, the lengths divers had to go through to get the fish. another movie theater chain
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can released its own
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let's talk more about the small craft advisory. 9:00 this morning to 9:00 this evening. it's going to be breezy on the golden gate bridge. if you're trying to cross those any time today between that time frame. >> thanks, mike. good education system could build a better bay area. san francisco schools are starting off the new year with a $10 million boost. the money will be used to keep teachers in the city. more than 1,000 teachers in the city's bay view mission and southeastern neighborhoods will get the stipend over a two-year period. nearly a third of teachers are just starting or entering their
5:25 am
second year. we spent a week digging into the issues that teachers face all over the bay area. you can find the stories on our website. a theater chain will bring a new unlimited movie pass to san francisco. the chronicle reports the draft houses season pass is is currently only available right now in newark. the subscription service is slowly opening for other locations right now. the new mission theater was its latest edition. pricing will vary between locations, but san francisco's pricing could be similar to the $26.99 a month. >> a rare fish in the deep sea. >> the peppermint angel fish is now on display at the academy of sciences. its native happen tat is known as the twilight zone. 380 feet below the ocean surface. divers from the academy had to use special high-tech equipment
5:26 am
to bring the tiny creatures to the surface. >> first, we have to get there and catch the fish. then in order to bring them up to the surface, we put them in a fish decompression chamber that we developed here the at the academy. that brings them straight up to the surface and then we can hook them up to the pump to decompress them over two to three days. >> that's a lot of work. they believe it's the only one of its kind currently on display anywhere in the world. some collectors have paid up to $30,000 just to get one. >> i'm imagining that in their own decompression tank. >> kind of fight the sickness from going so deep so high. they are cute. >> are they lonely? >> probably. >> are they wondering where their friends are? we're coming back with another full 90 minutes of news including fbi taking down suspects in a global scam. the democrats are having a bg meeting in san francisco this weekend. we'll tell you who is speaking
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headlines at 5:30, first responders rushed to the scene of a train derailment. more than two dozen people are hurt. >> an accident involving seven vehicles in san jose. six of them were parked. a democratic presidential candidates in san francisco helping to get the dnc's attention. on this friday, august 23rd. you're never more than seven minutes away from your forecast. >> we'll get your attention is the lack of humidity out there. it was really refreshing when you stepped outside this
5:30 am
morning. here's a look at the dew points. they are bam in the come pit if i range. that's the amount of moisture in the air. it makes our body work a little harder to stay cool. but not today. 59 on the roof. you can see the flags on building. that sea breeze is taking over. it's bringing in the drier air and slightly cooler weather today i still think we'll be above average starting in it the upper 50s and low 60s at 7:00 you can see mid-60s to low to mid-80s at noon away from the coast. we'll stay in the 60s in the coast with sunshine. mid- to upper 80s elsewhere at 4:00. then look at this. it's going to be a great friday evening. hope you can get out and enjoy it. >> traffic has been really busy this early morning. we have metering lights turned on because of the injury crash that has been cleared. but you can see it has backed up towards the 880 overcrossing. a few slow spots for you near 29th avenue. there's a solo car crash slowing things down.
5:31 am
drive time is is slow tracy to dublin is now 37 minutes. new this morning, take a look at this. a huge mess left behind in san jose after a suspected hut and run driver slammed into several cars. it happened outside an apartment complex along moorpark avenue. a man who lives inside heard the series of crashes as he was getting ready to go to sleep around 10:45. >> it sounded like a car us hiting a building. we saw a bunch of lights out. i guess the guy ended up getting out of the truck that flipped and took off running. how, i don't know. >> the scene is crazy. that hit-and-run driver ended up
5:32 am
hitting a car belonging to a security guard and did injury the guard inside. that guard now at the hospital. san jose police have not said if they have found the driver who left that scene after the crash. in the east bay, authorities are investigate inging a deadlyh in hayward. it appears a pedestrian was killed in a collision with a car. another person was hurt. this happened after 9:30 last night at princeton and a streets. we're still waiting for more information from police. bernie sanders and tom stier are among the presidential candidates getting in front of the party faithful today in the city. >> it's day two of the democratic national committee. amy holyfield is live for us downtown. >> reporter: good morning, 13 of the 22 democratic candidates are going to be here in san francisco with a couple big names missing including joe biden. he will not be here. pete buttigieg also skipping the event saying he had a scheduling conflict.
5:33 am
a fundraiser at the fairmont on knob hill. senators elizabeth warren and cory booker. senator warren called this election the fight of their lives. senatorbooker encouraged participation calling inaction just as bad as injustice. there's more to just beating president trump. >> you can make sure from that point, we do rise. >> there's a party of courage. >> this party meeting lasts through saturday. they will be taking care of party business, but the feature, the headlines are hearing from those candidates who are trying
5:34 am
to convince them they should be the nominee and today the featured speakers bernie sanders and kamala harris. they will be here at thehi hilt later today. developing into sacramento, 27 people are recovering after a light rail train derailed. >> it happened in northeast sacramento. >> they are listening to the music on the train and boom,s that fast. it got in front of me. he hit the bench so hard. he tore the whole lower leg open all the way across. >> 13 of the injured people went to the hospital for more
5:35 am
treatment. all of them fortunately expected to survive. about 4,000 people evacuated this morning because of the fast-moving wildfire. it's the mountain fire. it's burned 500 acres. it's destroyed one structure and threatening more than a thousand homes. windy conditions are making this a tough fire fight. cal fire says the fire east no injuries have been reported. new detail this is morning on a flight out of oakland forced to make an emergency landing in honolulu. 184 passengers and 7 crew members were on board this flight when smoke started fill ing the cabin. the plane landed in honolulu and passengers had to use the evacuation slides to escape. seven people were taken to the hospital for smoke inhalation. the youngest patient was nine months old. >> we were on the final approach coming in and the cabin filled with smoke. you prepare for an emergency landing.
5:36 am
>> we're learning new details a bt the private jet that went off a runway and caught fire. workers helped ten passenger on board the engine cessna. he was doing emergency train in with other linemen at the airport when the plane crashed. students called 911 and split up the emergency vehicles and check on the pilot and passengers. >> it was bouncing along extr e extremely fast. and kudos to the pilot for getting everybody off the plane. we hope it comes out like it did here where everybody walks away at the end of the day. >> the passengers included the ceo and executive staff for the packaging international. it's 5:36. in the east bay, bart has taken a major step forward towards the
5:37 am
third station. a board of directors has approved an updated plan in the irvington neighborhood. officials say it calls for a smaller, more cost effective station. the aim is to open it in the station will be located near the intersection of osgood road and washington boulevard. that would put it in between the existing fremont station. the number of teens trying vaping is growing. a new survey reveals how serious a problem it is in one bay area county. this was not on the menu. a local family finds something ub expenexpected in their fast dinner. right now we go over to meteorologist mike nicco to check on the forecast. >> let's go down to the south bay. we'll start temperatures here with 65 in san jose. morgan hill the cool spot at 59. 56 in nevada. 57 in half-moon bay.
5:38 am
we have low 60s. you'll notice when we step outside, there was a humidity or lack of it that gets your attention. we look at the east or west from east to west. hayward over towards foster city. 62 on the san mateo bridge. it's clear until you get to the coast. hot this afternoon. and on the bay, it's going to be breezy north of the bay bridge. 12 hours of gusty conditions. we're stuck in the 60s through 9:00. low to mid-80s this afternoon with total sunshine. 74 and very nice at 7:00. for the south bay, we jump from mid-60s at 7:00 to low 70s at 9:00 to near the low 80s at noon. we'll hang out in the upper 80s from 1:00 through 4:00. then down to 79 degrees at 7:00. then the east bay is the warmest once again. the superior neighborhoods
5:39 am
jumping to 90s from about 1:00 to 4:00. she'll cool off nicely by 7:00. the lack of humidity allows the temperature to cool faster than yesterday. we have building warmth. that update is coming at you. if you have plans to head out, let's get the traffic. >> it has been so busy. we have had so many accidents. and here's one of them. past 29th there's an accident blocking lanes. so thanks to tammie and ryan for getting this live caltrans camera up so you can see how it's backed up approachng. it's really slowing traffic down laack up t's blocking one lane. this morning following an earlier injury accident. you'll find the delay from the 880 overcrossing. but if you're heading to the san
5:40 am
mateo bridge, it's been looking good and nice and quiet. eastbound very light. and also there's the northbound 880 stretch. i wanted to show you that's heavy approaching 29. we also have another hot spot in morgan hill. northbound 101, a motorcycle injury crash in the center divide. still causing big delays right now backed up into san martin. it's $38 because of a couple accidents burks southbound looking good through the grade down to
5:41 am
5:42 am
5:43 am
we have 96 in sacramento. everybody else reaching the 100 degree mark in the central valley. a sunny afternoon in san diego and los angeles. monterey a little sunshine. we're looking at the mountain fire. wanted to show you the smoke forecast pap you can see the blue at 11:00 this evening is light as we head throughout the day. the smoke is going to be loigt and that will continue through at least sunday. no need to worry about increasing health concerns. if you're heading to tahoe, we'll have a little haze in the
5:44 am
air. a few high clouds with temperatures in the 80s above that average high of 79. we have breaking news now. billionaire david kohk has died. he and his brother have been influential forces in politics since the 80s donating to the republican party. no word on where or how he died his net worth is $42 billion making him the 11th richest person in the world. he was 79 years old. there's more evidence this morning that a growing number of high school students are trying vaping and e-cigarettes in the south bay. a newly released survey found a third of high school students have tried vaping. our media partner also reports about 13% of students use e-cigarettes. just 19% of teens had tried mod
5:45 am
e-cigarettes regularly. they blame flavored products for that surge. nancy pelosi announced she's against the ballot measure to overturn the vaping ban in san francisco. on wednesday pelosi spoke to the democracy at the party's annual dunner telling the crowd to say no to ju, l. she says we need to thwart the special interest attempt to addict our children to cigarettes. prop c would repooel the e-cigarette ban. the fbi is charging 80 people with stealing $46 million in a global internet scam. the scammers targeted the elderly and vulnerable after an investigation the fbi charged those scammers with money laundering, fraud and identity theft. and in a new scam, authorities say they also targeted big corporations posing as personnel
5:46 am
they requested payment because it looks so real. companies sent them millions. >> the corporation scam where they are pretending to be a a ceo and getting someone lower on the company to send money is actually sort of a new sophistication for them. they know the more people they target, this is a percentage of them that will bite. >> victims lost tens of thousands of dollars. more than a dozen of the the suspects were arrested here in the u.s. those based abroad could face extradition. president trump and the l d leaders of sings other nations will begin the g7 summit in france tomorrow. heavy security is already in place along francis atlantic coast. president trump has shaken up the weekend schedule. lad twawi settinthe ob econo. apoly om popeyes after finding parchment paper inside a piece of chicken.
5:47 am
they discovered the paper inside a chicken tender they brought home. michael and his fiance took their food back to popeye's. they did get a full refund. he happened to be the only one that swallowed a piece of the paper. >> at that moment when we found out, us just felt sick to my stomach. i just ate something that was not supposed to be food. it's not supposed to be in the box. >> health officials investigated and believe the paper fell in after the chicken was covered in batter and popeye's workers never saw it. >> when you order chicken, you just want chickenthere. >> yeah, some people say you can fry anything and it will taste good. sn happe aretie but you neverknow. it's clear. and finger cross ed nothing on
5:48 am
this friday. highs not quite as warm as yesterday expe. we'll have building warmth through the weekend and into monday. average temperatures, but the trade off may be more humidity this week. how much mischour is in the air, the brighter the white to the green is is the higher humidity. the stronger the orange, the drier it is. you can see the orange taking over. that's why we're back where we should be. so that's going to help push places like morgan hill to the 90s. the rest of us in the 80s. we'll start in the 80s and drop down to the 70s. mid-60s along the coast where you'll seehe least amoun of sunshine today. mid- 0s downtown. a little breezy all day today. a little more sunshine across the north bay coast. mid-60s here. through the valleys, we have mid- to upper 80s to northward.
5:49 am
so we've got low to mid-80s most places.but we'll get the sea br keep you in the mid- to upper 70s. into the valleys, we have low to mid-90s. good sleeping weather. we could reach 100 inland for our hottest day monday. 70 at the coast. the temperatures will drop as the humidity rises tuesday and wednesday. we're going to head over to south san francisco where a new problem reported on southbound 101. they are running a traffic break right now to clear the accident from the lanes and so far it's light enough that it's getting a little yellow there. so hopefully that will clear quickly as they run the traffic break. it's been a a slow ride this morning because of a motorcycle injury accident. jammed from san martin up to dunn avenue. we're checking out the drive time from 238 to the maize.
5:50 am
so the drive time stretch up towards the maize is is 20 minutes. near 29th you can see the live camera at northbound 80 still very heavy from high street. >> thank you. it's been a long time coming, but now the city is getting a big makeover from the ground up. the city has launch ed the grea pave to help with the pothole problem fixing streets one by one. it's funded with $100 million from measure kk passed by voters in 2016. the 100 miles and $100 million is definitely a good start, but still well short of the $500 million in deferred street maintenance city wide. oakland has 800 miles of streets and roads. better roads are just one part of building a better bay area. we want to hear your ideas. so share them by join iing the
5:51 am
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bay bridge series over in oakland tomorrow and sunday. i'll see you there tomorrow at 6:37. dropping down to 66 degrees. let's take a look at what's going to happen. temperatures maybe a degree or two warmer on saturday. then you add more on sunday and you see upper 90s unland.
5:54 am
mid-90s in the north bay and the south bay. and 70s and 80s around the bay. it's definitely getting warmest by monday. we're keeping an eye on the tropical storm. it's causing some showers and thunderstorms and even some dangerous surf along the southwest coast of mexico. and also the baja. it's going to fall apart, but the remnants of the low will come up right to the west of san francisco breaking our heat wave. this is why we may have more humidity next week. we're going to show you live cameras with the toll plaza. it's backed up over the crossing. we had an early morning accident. it's been busy on bay area freeways this friday morning. numerous accidents out there including one on northbound 880 in oakland. so traffic is heavy. as you can see with the live caltrans camera, brake lights near the scene.
5:55 am
we're seeing the normal traffic. headlights move nbc past 880. but it's jammed before you get here through morgan hill because of an earlier motorcycle crash. >> thank you. bay area voters could be voting in 2020 on another sales tax. this one to fund transportation projects. it's being proposed by a coalition of advocacy groups. they presented their plan at the board of directors meeting yesterday. that money would be dispersed to transit districts to big projects. >> it was about fixing the potholes on local streets and roads and making the freeways better. that doesn't help with public transit. >> the transit tax would pay for a proposed second crossing, but also fund the infrastructure projects. good news for iphone users. cracked screens may soon be a thing of the past.
5:56 am
apple is expected to unveil the iphone 11 and rumored to be sturdier with shatter resistant glass. more resistant to drops.uld be taylor swift's new album is out. it's called "lover." it's already on track to break records. ♪ >> there's a lot of new music from taylor swift to listen to. the music video came hours after her live appearance on good morning america. the 29-year-old pop star says that lover will be the first album she will own. she says she also plans to rerecord all her previous albums when her contract is up saying artists deserve to own their own work. no one wants to talk about that. >> new at 6:00, a health alert,
5:57 am
why a dog could be good part your heart. police are investigating a shooting at sorensdale park. it went off the same time a youth football team were in the area. plus the ceo of resigning after his relationship with his russian spy came
5:58 am
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right now at 6:00 a.m., you made it to friday. and it's going to be another hot one. >> temperatures will climb into the 90ss today for a lot of you. and the heat is sticking around for the weekend and into next weeks. good morning on this friday, august 23rd.
6:00 am
>> the humidity is much lower than this time yesterday. the humidity levels the 50s. and that's in the comfy range as you can see. let's talk about what's going on. you can see the lack of clouds out there. we have a lot of sunshine coming your way. temperatures in the 50s and 60s at 7:00. and then we'll stay in the 60s at the coast this afternoon. we'll be breezy with sunshine darting in and out of the cloud cover. 76 to 83. inland at 84 to near 90. it's going to be breezy this afternoon. that will drop us all into the 70s this evening. it's going to be pretty comfortable. >> here's a a look at the toll plaza. we had an earlier injury crash. we'll take you to a couple slow spots. a motorcycle injury crash in the center divide.


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