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tv   ABC7 News 600AM  ABC  August 23, 2019 6:00am-7:00am PDT

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>> the humidity is much lower than this time yesterday. the humidity levels the 50s. and that's in the comfy range as you can see. let's talk about what's going on. you can see the lack of clouds out there. we have a lot of sunshine coming your way. temperatures in the 50s and 60s at 7:00. and then we'll stay in the 60s at the coast this afternoon. we'll be breezy with sunshine darting in and out of the cloud cover. 76 to 83. inland at 84 to near 90. it's going to be breezy this afternoon. that will drop us all into the 70s this evening. it's going to be pretty comfortable. >> here's a a look at the toll plaza. we had an earlier injury crash. we'll take you to a couple slow spots. a motorcycle injury crash in the center divide.
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traffic has been slow as you make your way out of san martin. the drive time on 880 is heavy as well 238 to the maize. an extra ten minutes pause of an earlier accident that has finally been cleared from the lanes. in the east bay, a shooting at a park with parents and children nearby. >> one person is injured. the shooter has not been arrested. this happened at sorensdaledalee park. >> reporter: good morning, a youth football team was practicing at the same time this gunfire started a player's mother captured visit owe of the moments following the shooting. and listen to her commentary in the video. >> there was a shooting at my son's football practice just now. i can't handle this it. there's shootings everywhere. >> reporter: witnesses tell abc 7 news a shooting happened in a
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parking lot near the restrooms at sorensdale park. the youth football team was the group practicing during the shooting. witnesses say they saw three eople running away from the male shooting victim. none of the youth football players were hurt, with us the whole thing rattled parents and children. but they did put out a statement last night saying their hearts go out to their victim. the victim is is expected to make a full recovery and in light of the shooting, football practice has been put on hold and cheerleading practice has been cancelled. reporting live, abc 7 news. >> thank you. it's 6:02. in the east bay, oakland mayor says she shares the frustration of a federal judge who is is overseeing reforms for the city's police department. judge william orr criticized police during a hearing on wednesday. the agency is has slowly implemented 51 reforms, mandated 16 years ago.
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the mayor says despite the concerns, she remains confident in the leadership of police chief who is headed police for two and half years now. you can hear directly from the mayor when she appears on midday live. you can watch midday live this morning and every weekday morning at 11:00 right after "the view." a symposium of police accountability begins today. they'll discuss best practices for civilian oversight for law enforcement agencieagencies. the ceo of overstock resigned after strange comments and an admitted relationship with a russian spy.resigned fro yesterday hours after the company stock took a hit following comments he made about the so-called deep state. he went on cnn and admitted he had a relationship with a convicted russian spy.
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>> i was involved in helping them in that period in what i thought was law enforcement. it turned out to be political espionage against hillary clinton, minor marco rubio and ted cruz, major donald trump. this isn't a theory of mine. i was in the room when it happened. i was part of it. >> the alleged espionage happened in 2015 and 20 16. a former campaign manager of trump is is calling for a senate investigation into the relationship. new details in the growing international outrage over the amazon rain forest fires. the french president is now calling the fires an international crisis. but he says should be on the agenda at the g7 summit that's happening this weekend in france. brazil's far right president is calling the offer sensationalist. dozens of fires, manynally eco
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the way for deforestation. a good education system can build a better bay area. >> schools are starting off the new year with a $10 million bosse. the money will be used for an important issue keeping our teachers in the city. more than 1,000 teachers in the city's bay view, mission and southeastern neighborhoods will be getting a stipend over a two-year period. >> we spent a week digging into the issues teachers face. you can find those stories on our website. some stars targeted by thieves. how a real estate agent pulled off multimillion dollar heists. if you need motivation to get on public transit, the bay area ranks in the top five worst cities for traffic in america. >> was that by captain obvious? >> yes, it was.
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58 in castro valley. everybody else around 60. we have upper 50s through san francisco. we hit the mid-60s in mountain
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view and san jose. low to upper 60s in the interior east bay. 58 in santa cruz. that's where most of the fog is now. they are grooming and mi noon through ou80gh 4:00. then a very nice 72 this evening. for san francisco we're stuck mainly in the 60s most of the day. our warmest hour. here's a look at the not light commute. >> we had a couple accidents through oakland. they finally cleared one but another popped up at high street. ere's a live camera and looking at the headlights moving northbound. traffic is heavy right now from the bay bridge toll plaza.
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northbound 880 so from highway 238 is is 21 minutes. it's causing a bit of a what's really jammed is is northbound 101 to morgan hill and an earlier motorcycle accident has been cleared. >> pay attention to this one. this is in your category. there's a new ranking of the cities with the worst traffic. >> the good news is we're not number one. here it is. san francisco, second worst for traffic. >> we're number two. >> right behind l.a. washington, d.c., new york and boston rounding out the top five. so how much time are we wasting every year? the report from texas a&m shows we're losing 103 hours stuck in traffic every year. that's more than four days of your life you can never get back. drivers are using 45 gallons of
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extra fuel. so yeah. >> we're number two. just keep saying that. >> we're not number one. a new health alert this morning about how your dog could help your heart. plus another
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breaking news, another
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democrat is dropping out of the race for president. >> seth moul ton is ending his candidacy. he tells the times he believes at this point only joe biden b, elizabeth warren and bernie sanders can win the nomination. 21 democrats now remain in the race. this is such an awful story. both new york city police and building inspectors are trying to find out what went wrong with an elevator mall functifunction killed a man inside his apartment building. all firefighters could do is recover the body. the elevator began moving down yesterday when he was trying to step out of it. he was pinned inside the shaft.. >> his faher and neighbors are grieving. >> we're devastated. >> the elevators tend to have many problems. >> they always jump between floors. it's like that halloween horror when wrour in that scary
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elevator. >> the "new york times" reports the landlord was fined for safety problems with the elevators in may. in the knot way, sonoma county will hold its first evacuation drill to prepare for wildfires. it will be held from 8:00 to 10:00 tomorrow morning. residents who want to participate can sign up for an alert when the rill begins. you'll practice driving the evacuation route shownen the map in blue and red. to sign up, we have a link object our website. a theater chain will bring a new unlimited movie pass to san francisco. the chronicle reports that alamo draft house opened the waiting list for the season pass subscription for san francisco. it's currently only available in newark. pricing will vary between locations, but san francisco's pricing could be similar to newark's $26.99 a month. >> if you haven't been to the alamo draft house, it's a nice
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experience. >> i like anything where i can sit there and people bring you food. maybe something to do this weekend. 76 right now it's warmer up there than in the the valleys. about 20 degrees warmer. you can see the low clouds that are going to make today a little more comfortable than yesterday thanks to the lack of humidity and the temperatures that won't be quite as warm as yesterday. it's going to be cool tonight with limited cloud cover out there as the high pressure reestablishes some heat over the weekend and an increase in humidity next week. now for today, you can see the cloud cover pushing into the bay. a late push this morning. but a quick retreat back to the coast. it becomes breezy along the coast. may see that develop here.
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that's going to be locked in with cloud cover. then some sunshine from time to time, but not as much as along the northern coast. that would be your best bet for sunshine. mid- to upper 80s in the south bay withdyn santa cruz. we have low to mid-80s in most of the peninsula. you can see the mid-60s along the coast. 67 in the sunset. mid-70s in downtown. mid-60s with the sunshine in the north bay coast. and mid- to upper 80s through the valleys. along the east bay shore, we have union city and newark in the 80s. everybody else in the 70s. and how about the 90s continuing in our east bay interior neighborhoods. mid-50s to low 60s. about the same type of cloud cover as this morning. look at the temperatures jump a couple degrees sunday. monday is going to be the hottest day from 70 the at the coast from 100 inland. the temperature drops tuesday is and wednesday.
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but the humidity rises. friday morning starting with lots of accidents. but it's starting to look better. here's a live shot of interstate 80. it's a little crowded, but no major trouble on 80 from highway 4 to the maze it's 21 minutes. metering lights turned object early. and southbound 101 from san francisco an earlier crash has cleared. it's only a ten-minute ride right now. as we check out the maps, lots of green spots out there. we'll show you another live camera shot. this is heading to the richmond bridge. so traffic a little slow there as you approach the toll plaza. westbound 580 some brake lights because of earlier accidents. >> thank you. "good morning america" is coming up at 7:00. >> we have a look at what's ahead.
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>> good morning, great to be with you on this friday. lots of coming up. we lead with weather. a triple weather threat from coast to coast. pup the road from you, wildfires raging out there. we have 4,000 people evacuated. so we're talking about that wildfire threat in northern california. and severe storms here in the east toppling a building. and a tropical weather threat for your friends in florida and the carolinas i'm tracking it all. also this morning the fbi raid a massive 180 accused scammers trying to steal $46 million from everyday people and businesss. they use online romance schemes and hacking e-mails to do it. they have all the details. and today is the day experts say you should buy your plane tickets now to get the best deals. we have the secrets to get the best flight bargain. san francisco to new york, new york to san francisco, come on,
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the bay bridge series is back. a beverly hills real estate agent is and his accomplice, you want to emphasize is not just presumed innocent. he's actually innocent. he didn't do it. >> so there are two men.
6:24 am
they are accused of stealing more than $500,000 from stars like usher and adam lambert.lamr we're losing prompter and i don't have an ipad that works. one of the men is due in court today. gma will have more on the case. i'm sorry we couldn't bring you more information. hundreds of uber and lyft drivers are are planning to launch a protest in california next week. it will be in the form of a caravan to demand better working conditions. on monday they plan to driven so support of ab. you might be used to seeing automatic public reforms along san francisco streets and some city parks. l.a. residents are going to get their first automated out house. they are cutting toilet paper ribbon yesterday. the restroom features touchless
6:25 am
fixtures even for dispense iinge toilet paper. it cost more to build a standard restroom, but it does a lot more. official says they will save taxpayers money by hiring fewer workers to clean the reform. it cleans itself every 30 times it's used. >> we have talked so much about public bathrooms recently. >> that one that you saw talks to you. san francisco has 25 pit stop public bathrooms. these are not the talking ones. >> the city says they are self-cleaning, but staff are needed to maintain them. the city decided to keep three of them open 24 hours a day as a pilot program to keep waste off the streets. happening today music will fill the air in san francisco. can you remember some pianos nestled in the garden. people can go and play them. now you can find hidden pianos tucked away somewhere else. this time underneath the golden
6:26 am
gate bridge. the pianos will be open to the public to play for the whole weekend 10:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m. how much do you love your dog. >> it's not resip ro indicated. a new study finds having a dog will help your heart. the researchers published by the mayo clinic say people who have pets and dogs are more likely to have better heart health. they are talking about this on gma. >> with you think about it, if you have dogs you were out walking and that increase in physical activity is part of why dogs are so good for hafrt health, not only that, it shows that people who have dogs have a healthier diet. they have stabilization of their blood sugars and there's also an increase in the good cholesterol and decrease in triglyceridetri. >> dogs make you active. and happy. you watch a full report on the
6:27 am
heart's best friend. >> he's a good little dog. top democrats in san francisco for a summer meeting. the presidential candidate who will take the stage today. shasta county on fire again. the dangerous flames forcing families to leave their home. the debate raging online this morning. is this a bunny? or is
6:28 am
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right now at 6:30, this wild fire forciing families to evacuate their homes. >> a driver hits six cars and takes off. the trail of damage left behind. riders are tribing the moment of impact. >> the cattic party is hosting meeting in san francisco.
6:31 am
they will be hearing from candidates that want to be president. the story coming up. plus a deep fried surprise. the unexpected item a family found in their fast food >> good morning. seven minutes away from your forecast. it's less moist out this. >> we like less moist. humidly levels have dropped this morning. we're seeing clouds through the gap and across the bridge. that means temperatures won't be as warm as they were yesterday. 56 to 61 this morning.
6:32 am
>> a comfortable 7. weekend forecast getting warmer. >> a big rig, but traffic still blow floeing fairly well. we had a lot of early morning accidents but traffic is recovering. here's a live shot behind me. headlines move westbound. it's getting a little crowded there. that looks good towards highway 24. bart reporting no delays. and just a heads up with the golden gate tran sut. >> new this morning a huge mess left behind in san jose after a suspected hit-and-run driver slammed into all the cars. this happened alopg moore park
6:33 am
avenue. a man who lives inside that complex heard the series of crashes as he was getting ready to go to sleep. >> we just heard like a loud bang. it sounded like a car hitting a building. but instead we came out on the balcony and saw a bunch of % lights out. i guess the guy ended up getting out of the truck that flipped. and took off running. how, i us don't know. >> the hit and run driver hit a car blowing into a security guard and hurt the guard nuinsi. that guard is now at the hospital. police have not said if they found the driver who left the scene after the crash. in the east bay, authorities are investigating a deadly crash in hayward. it appears a pedestrian was killed in the collision with a car and another person was injured too. it happened just after 9:30 last night at princeton and a streets. we're awaiting more information from police. and breaking news, billionaire david koch has died.
6:34 am
david and charles have been influential forces in american politics since the 1980s dona donating to conservative causes. his net worth is $50 billion making him the 11th richest person in the world. he was 7 yea79 years old. it's day two of the summer meeting in san francisco. bernie sanders and tom stier are among the democratic presidential candidates getting in front of the party faithful today. and meanwhile in the last few minutes, we learned one of the democratic candidates will be dropping out. amy hollyfield is live for us downto downtown. >> reporter: good morning, the meeting hasn't started for today's session, but already news being made. we're finding out that one candidate has decided he will announce here at this meting he's going to end the campaign for president. and that's going to be
6:35 am
representative seth moulton of massachusetts. he will tell the crowd teed he's ending his campaign. he does plan to run for reelection for congress. he represents the northern suburbs. so he is out. but those who are in will be trying to convince this crowd they should be the nominee. last night two of them spoke at the fairmont for a fundraiser for the party. senators elizabeth warren and cory booker. the presidential candidates told the crowd this election needs to be about more than just beating president trump. >> stripping the dignityrk. i have proeople on my block working longer hours and i see them using food stamps to feed their family. >> we will break up big ag, big reaction from this local crowd. so we had 22 presidential
6:36 am
candidates running in the race. we had one dropping out. 13 of those candidates are here in the bay area for this meeting. all of them will be speaking. the hilton is where this is happening. they will be here through saturday. a couple of top names missing though from the list. front runner joe biden is not going to be here. pete buttigieg missing this event with a scheduling conflict. amy hollyfield, abc 7 news. developing news in sacramento, 27 people are recovering after a light rain derailed. >> the accident happened in northeast zach msacramento. you can see where on the map at roseville road. investigators believe the train packed with commuters went off the tracks after it hit a maintenance train. one passenger describes what happened on board. >> ufs sitting there on the train listening to music and boom, just the guy in front of
6:37 am
me hit the bench in front of him so hard and so badly he tore the whole leg open all the way across. >> 13 of the injured people went to the hospital for more treatment. fortunately, all are expected to survive. about 4,000 people remain evacuated this morning because of a fast moving wildfire in shasta county. the mountain fire burned 500 acres. it's destroyed one structure and threatening more than a thousand homes. windy conditions and steep terrain are making it a difficult fire fight. the fire east of reading is 20% contained and no one so far has been hurt. new details on the scary situation. a flight forced to make an emergency landing in honolulu. 184 passengers and 7 crew members were on board this flight when smoke started filling the cabin. the plane landed in honolulu and passenger hs to use the evacuation slides to escape. seven people had to be taken to
6:38 am
the hospital for smoke inhalati inhalation. the youngest patient was nine months old. >> we were on the final approach coming in. the cabin filled up in smoke. we had to go like this to breathe. we had our heads and everything down like that. >> the airline is saying an engine seal may have ruptured. t the. the number of teens trying vaping is growing. a new survey reveals how serious a problem it is. >> a live look at the new york stock exchange. the big board showing we are 110 points down. we have another update on how the markets are doing coming up next. bird or bunny. oh, my gosh. now this is really freaking me out. tell us right now and this does appear to be the new the dress.
6:39 am
>> this is freaking me out. i can't look at this anymore. seven minutes away from your forecast. >> i don't like how the person is touching that animal whatever it is. >> it looks so soft. >> that bird bunny. >> yeah, no. let's talk about temperatures. we'll move on from that image. 60 in san ramone. the cool spots to antioch at 68. we have low 60s. richmond side of the bridge, remember all the mist and haze we had hanging in the air. not the case today. so that's mainly at the coast. we have cool to hot conditions. and we have breezy conditions north of the bay bridge this morning into the evening hours. peninsula in the 60s through 9:00. 70s through 1:00. we'll hang out in the 80s from
6:40 am
2:00 to 6:00. 75 with sunshine this evening. here's a look at south bay. 60s this morning. 80s by 11:00. upper 80s from 1:00 to 5:00. 79 in sunshine at k if you're heading out this evening. and we'll jump from the upper 60s to low 90s in the east bay value lease. a pretty comfortable 79 by the time 7:00 rolls around with that sunshine. we have warmer days ahead of us and the humidity could make a return to the forecast. i'll show you that coming up. first we want to talk to francis. >> we had so many accidents, but it's better now. it's better at 6:40 than at 4:40 this morning. except the toll plaza because we have the typical delay here backed up into the maize. we had an accident there early this morning that's been cleared. we'll show you the bridges and check out san mateo. this is westbound traffic. this is a little more crowded as it slows down as you make your
6:41 am
way to foster city. but the golden gate bridge has been problem free and delay free all morning. here's a live at the drive times. 13 minutes. san mateo bridge the drive time is 17 minutes. if you want to avoid all that, they are reporting no delays. the train number 3 is is also no
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let's see what's happening across the state today. triple digits, same thing in palm springs. afternoon sunshine in san diego and l.a. monterey, 68, with a little more cloud cover. 67 and sunshine. low to upper 80s in the sierra. we have the mountain fire. notice on the smoke forecast here, everything is blue. as we head from 11:00 this evening through saturday and into sunday, it looks like the smoke is only going to be an issue for right around the fire itself and nowhere else. so fact if you're heading to tahoe, enjoy temperatures in the 80s with mostly sunny conditions. >> thank you, mike. developing news in hayward, gunfire erupted as a youth football practice was going on nearby. >> it happened at sorensdale park. morning.
6:45 am
>> reporter: witnesses tell us that the shooting happened in a parking lot near the restrooms at sorensdale park which is behind the football field. there were several parents and children in the area. it startled so many families and this morning we're learning that the youth football team was practicing when the shooting happened. one of the player's mothers recorded video of the commotion right after the gunfire. three people were seen running away from a male victim after the shooting no one on the football team was hurt. >> we have like high school that's over there they practice football. we had cheerleaders practicing at the same time. it was full of people here at that time. so it was a senseless shooting. >> reporter: the person shot is expected to make a full recovery. and also we're learning that the football team out practice on h cheerleading practice has been cancel issed for next week.
6:46 am
reporting live, abc 7 news. it's a quarter to 7:00. there's more evidence this morning that a growing number of high school students are trying vaping and e-cigarettes in the south bay. a newly revees leasted survey found a third of santa clara county high school students have triped vaping. about 13% of students are using e-cigarettes. the latest numbers show a huge number from four years ago. 2015 19% of teens had tried vaping. only 6% smoked e-cigarettes regularly. public health experts are blaming flavored products for that surge. we are taking a live look at the new york stock exchange right now as trading is underway. we're in the red down 105 point this is morning. this morning investors are reacting to a new development in the trade war. china announcing overnight it would raise retaliatory tariffs on on 75 billion projects.
6:47 am
a family hopes to get an apology from popeyes after finding paper in their chicken. they discovered it inside a chicken tender. michael and his fiance immediately took their food back to popeye's and received a full refund. michael was the only woone that swallowed the paper. >> a that the moment we found out, i felt sick to my stomach. i just ate something that was not supposed to be food. it was not supposed to be in the box. >> health officials investigated and they believe the paper fell in after the chicken was covered in batter and that popeye's workers never noticed. go to abc 7 to weigh in on the latest debate taking over the internet. >> it's a viral video of an animal and a lot of people are asking this morning, is this a bird or a bunny? take a look. cast your vote. we have the results going on the
6:48 am
bottom of your screen yiegt right now. a scientist posted this video along with the caption "rabbits love getting stroked on their nose." it went viral getting more than 9 million views and a lot of reactions. so it looks fluffy and that's why it's so misleading. >> should we explain. can you see this could be a bunny. >> just now finally. >> the beak could be the ears. >> that person is oddly stroking this animal, that could be where the nose and mouth is is would be the bunny. >> the shoulders where the wings are. >> it's not a bunny. it's a famous 18-year-old raven. >> the video was taken by page davis. >> i was wondering if you were thinking that too.
6:49 am
>> wow. >> i think they met on broadway doing beauty and the beast. am i right? she was the feather duster. >> we are well matched in our knowledge. >> how did we take you on that journey? >> now we're back with francis and mike. >> things you didn't know you needed to know. >> that's a new segment title. >> we'll see you at 11:00. let's talk about what's going on at 6:49. we have 58 degrees. beautiful shot showing the marine layer. reinserting itself into our lives and bringing us normal humidity and temperatures not as warm as they were yesterday. a little warmer than arch. we'll be warmer than average through monday when the heat peaks with 100 degree high. and then average highs and a little humidity is possible next
6:50 am
week. here's a look at the cloud cover. the thing you'll notice it's late arriving. it's pretty quick to pull back to the coast. if you look around the curl on the atmosphere. this could develop and keep the breezes going along the beaches and keeps the cloud deck with a little more sunshine. santa cruz will have sunshine. you go inland with morgan hill at 90. everybody else in the 80s. a few upper 80s like san jose at 87. 86 in redwood on the peninsula. mid-60s along the coast. mid-70s in downtown. even a little more sunshine in the mid-60s in the north bay coast. is and mid-70s in richmon berkel berkeley. and we have low to mid-90s in the east bay valleys. temperatures tonight in the
6:51 am
mid-50s to low 60s. the same cloud cover as this morning. and temperatures tomorrow afternoon about the same. look at sunday and monday. the hottest days. you look at the rest of the week and it getting cooler. that's when it gets humid too. >> a new crash just reported in the south bay. north 101. we'll keep you posted on that. chp is en route. here's a live shot of 101 and 880 through that interchange in san jose. northbound 101 was really slow through morgan hill earlier this morning because of a motorcycle crash. that one has been cleared. we're still seeing a lot of slow traffic. there we go at the northbound 101. still moving at around 21 miles per hour approaching dunn. and lots of slow traffic on southbound 880 through hayward and fremont. no major problems. just a lot of slowing along that stretch. as we check out the drive time, westbound antioch to hercules is slow at 44 minutes. so a few brake lights there.
6:52 am
pat sajak and vana white went to eat while they were in san francisco. they told abc 7 news anchor they wanted to visit international smoke. and look, they wished it into sbexistence. it was posted to the wheel of fortune twitter page. >> very well lit and composed.
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6:55 am
it's 6:55. here are the seven things to know before yo go. a hit-and-run crash sent a security guard to the hospital in san jose. a driver ran from the scene after plowi plowi plowi vehicles late last night. commuters will face delays this morning after a light rail train derailed. last night's mishap injured 27 people. it appears the train hit a maintenance train before going off the rails. one of the koch brothers has died. he was 79 years old. he and his brother have been influential forces in american politics donating to the gop. democratic presidential candidate seth moulton is out of the race. the representative from massachusetts is expected to make the official announcement today at the dnc summer meeting in san francisco. number five, the humidity is
6:56 am
gone. the sea breeze, back. so are seasonal temperatures with 60s at the coast. 70s and 80s around the bay. and number six, you'll find delays at the toll plaza. it's backed up into the amaze. no major accidents. number seven, taylor swift dropped her seventh album last night along with a visit row of "lover." this is her first project since signing with her new record label. >> we wish her well. >> you posted the cutest photo on instagram the other day. what did you tell the barista? >> i said i'm a mariah carey fan living in a taylor swift world. then he wrote hi name as mimi on the cup. >> that's very sweet. >> yeah. that's the life we're living now. >> we'll be back here in 25
6:57 am
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for every room and every budget. at ross. yes for less. good morning, america. thanks for joining us this friday as we track a coast-to-coast weather threat. wildfires forced thousands of families to evacuate in northern california as destructive flames close in. here in the east heavy winds toppled this building and now a new tropical threat brewing in the atlantic. rob has it all. breaking overnight. dangerous train derailment. dozens of people injured when this car goes off the rails in sacramento. we're live on the scene. major crackdown. the fbi raids 80 accused scammers charged with trying to steal $46 million from everyday people and businesses hacking into e-mails and using online romance schemes. elevator horror. a 30-year-old killed in manhattan when the elevator in his apartment building suddenly plunges.


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