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tv   ABC7 News 500PM  ABC  August 23, 2019 5:00pm-5:30pm PDT

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about the changes coming to southern marin county. good evening, i'm dan ashley. >> i'm kristen sze. a few hours from now, they will test the trains. one of six planned stations shown here with gold dots. the green dots show the ten stations that are currently open. >> abc 7 news reporter, cornell barnard is live from the smart station in san rafael. how this is all part of building a better transit system. cornell? >> reporter: yeah. dan, kristen, san rafael been the end of the line for smart train riders for some time now. not for long. after three years of construction, this rail extension in larkspur is done. test runs begin tonight. >> i've been waiting 20 years for them to get this train going, yeah. >> kathleen and others who depend on sonoma marin area rail transit or smart, never thought they'd see it. a train which travels beyond san
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rafael into larkspur. >> i grew up here. i kind of remember seeing the old railroad tracks. i never thought they'd make them into something. >> here they are. >> here they are. >> a two-mile $55 million extension to larkspur is now finished. new track, new crossings and a brand new larkspur station. a short walk to the golden gate ferry. >> provides the ferry connection opportunity and the expanse into san francisco. so getting the testing started today is a beginning of that next chapter. >> smart will start testing trains without passengers friday night. there are signs warning drivers, expect possible delays. >> we ask patience from the traveling public. >> we definitely need more public transportation. >> patty conway hopes the train service will get her out of traffic. >> i the train and take smart train to the ferry and take the ferry in, which depending on the time of day, that could be very valuable. >> restaurant owners hope more
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commuters stop for a bite at his cafe in san rafael instead of driving to work. >> whenever you're working, it's better for the environment. we got to save the planet anyhow. one fare at a time. >> reporter: yeah. one train at a time. the train testing will last for several weeks during overnight hours. smart says passenger service should begin by the end of the year. all a boards. live in san rafael, cornell barnard, abc 7 news. in the east bay, firefighters contained a mobile home fire in brentwood. take a look at this video of the height of the fire. you can see a lot of smoke and flames. the fire at the abandoned mobile home on anderson street started just after 3:30 this afternoon. east contra cost a firefighters say multiple out buildings and containers burned. they're currently mopping up hotspots. three people suspected of a kidnapping and hate crime have been arrested in san bruno. all three from the same family. 46-year-old wilfred owe a maya,
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49-year-old suarez and 46-year-old ar gel owe. san bruno police say the trio tied up and attacked an african american boy that had been visiting a girl at the family's home. he told investigators they threatened to kill him and they used racial slurs. antioch police arrested a man this afternoon after a triple shooting in south sacramento. it happened at a home leased by golden state warrior, willie cauley-stein who no longer lives there. the shooting happened around 5:30 this morning. one of the victims called police to say his roommate shot him and that he was wearing body armor and was probably armed with multiple firearms. deputies found three gunshot victims at the sacramento residence. one had life-threatening injuries. sky 7 was over antioch where the suspect was taken into custody. sheriff's deputies say the suspect is a 25-year-old. happening now, day two of the democratic national committee summer meeting going on in san francisco. now, a lot has happened from
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climate change protests to speeches from the candidates to one drong out of the race. dion lim is live in san francisco with more on what's happening today. dion? >> reporter: kristen, it's a lot of news to keep track of. as the field of candidates narrows oh, so slightly, the contenders are trying to get their voices heard. at the same time, they're sometimes met with opposition. >> we heard from senator bernie sanders who spoke about college affordability and student debt. later downtown, at a campaign event, he was met with a screaming, cursing protester. >> we're going to rise up. rise up. >> meantime, attendees on the second day of the dnc summer meeting were met by more than 200 demonstrators, making their presence and position on climate change known. >> they should vote for it! >> the environmental group sunrise movement call for an official dnc debate surrounding the issue of climate change. their demand louder than
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yesterday panned larger with a banner for all to see. >> i think that the economy, health care and climate are the three issues that i hear the most frequently. >> on the hotel grounds, a flurry of attendees and candidates who spent a great amount of time responding to tweets from the president. including this one. continuing trump's trade war with china calling for american companies to find alternative countries to work with. >> he's not king george iii. he's acting like crazy king george iii. he doesn't get to tweet out orders to american companies. that's not the way our democracy works. >> just as representative seth moulton announced his withdrawal from the race, the president tweeted this message. blaming the representative for massachusetts for the dow being down 573 points. >> well, look, i'm glad he thinks i have more influence over wall street than he does and that the dow is disappointed i'm out of the race. >> new york entrepreneur andrew yang respond today criticism
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that with a wide field of candidates, the democratic party needs to focus on unity. >> the voting is still months and months away. we're still just hitting the third debate. >> reporter: back out here live. day two wraps up at 9:00 tonight. we know that joe biden and beto o'rourke did not make appearances today. day 3 and the meetings wrap-up is tomorrow. in san francisco tonight, dion lim, abc 7 news. dion, thank you. google doesn't want employees debating politics at work. shifting away from the internet giant's famously open culture. employees are now actually barred from making statements that, quote, insult, demeanor humiliate other employees. the company's extended workforce, business partners or others. the rules also discourage google employees from engaging in a raging debate over politics or the latest news story. the policy says -- our primary responsibility is to do the work we've each been hired to do.
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not to spend working time on debates about nonwork topics. the dramatic video of the amazon rain forest fires is adding fuel to the climate debate. local environmentalists and others are saying the fires are likely to impact us here in california. here's reporter leslie brinkley to explain. >> reporter: so far this year, there's an 84% surge in amazon rain forest fires. 70,000 so far. all sparked by human activity. some blame brazil's far right president for expanding ranching and mining and increasing deforestati deforestation. >> amazon may be reaching a tipping point. it has been degraded or deforested so much that the ecosystem can no longer sustain itself. it will no longer be a r fo forest, it will be asa vanna. >> amazon watch says it doesn't -- it feeds moisture
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into the gulf stream that could reduce the rainfall we get in california as soon as this winter. >> there seems to be pretty clear correlation between the moisture that is produced in these dense rain forests in the amazon and the rainfall that we see here in california. >> as for the fires -- >> here's the commonality. it can happen here. >> fire officials say our fires are also triggered by human activity and could explode this year as we get into the peak fire season. >> standing here today, we have 150 to 2000% of the -- 200% of the fuel load, the things that can burn out there that can feed a grassfire. >> more than the last couple of years? >> 150 to 200% more than last year. >> french president iman annual macron tweeted. our house is burning, literally. the lungs which produces 20% of our planet's oxygen is on fire.
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>> this global climate crisis is expected to zoom to the top of the agenda at the weekend g7 summit. i'm leslie brinkley, abc 7 news. cal fire says it's making progress in the battle against a wildfire in shasta county. the mountain fire is now 40% contained. the fire has destroyed seven structures, nearly 600 firefighters working the blaze it's charred around 600 acres since it broke out yesterday afternoon. evacuations are still in effect for residents near the small town of bella vista, about nine miles northeast of redding and not far from lake shasta. in the north bay, sonoma county will hold its first full-scale evacuation drill as part of a larger effort to prepare for wildfires. it will be held from 8:00 to 10:00 tomorrow morning in the cavedale, trinity neighborhood. residents who want to participate can sign up for an alert when the drill begins. you will practice driving the evacuation routes shown on this map in blue and red. to sign up for the alert, we
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have a link on our website. well, it was a bad day for drivers trying to get to half moon bay from the peninsula. sky 7 was over highway 92 where a big rig overturned just west of crystal springs reservoir. the chp shut down westbound traffic for most of the afternoon. drivers heading to half moon bay had to go north to pacifica to get around the closure. that's a 45-mile detour. some of you may have felt the strong jolt just after 7:00 this morning. a 3.5 earthquake rattled lake county near hidden valley lake. no damage reported. we wouldn't expect any from a quake that size. starting next school year, principals and administrators may be banned from suspending students for willful defiance. abc 7 news reporter le tisch i can't juarez explains what it means and how it's dividing the community. >> they plan to ban school suspensions at all california public and charter schools for
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unruly behavior has some parents and grandparents like margaret fazio concerned. >> if the kids are doing something wrong, it's going to increase the behavior for bad because nothing is going to happen. >> they would ban suspending students for willful defiance. >> it's something that can be handled at school with in-class detention or lunch detention like sometimes they do, i would be for that. >> lawmakers backing the bill say suspensions disproportion e disproportionately affect students of color. he would like to see disruptive students given an alternative to staying home. >> right here in school, it's easy and simple. they send you home. they come right back to school again. if they had a close to show them you violate this law, these are your consequences. >> the law already prohibits schools from suspending children in grades k through third. the bill would expand the ban to include grades 4 through 12 and would ask superintendents and school principals to come up with alternative measures to addressing disruptive behavior. >> you're going to get rid of
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something that doesn't work, you have to have a better thing in mind, i feel. >> if the bill is passed, it will go to governor gavin newsom's desk to be signed. abc 7 news. okay. have you been to disneyland lately? if you have a teenager with measles may have exposed thousands of people at the theme park. that's next. also, a new round in the trade war with china, stocks sink dram atticly and california businesses brace for the worst. filled with smoke. new reaction from the passengers -- there you have the video there. the passengers who thought they would not live to see another day. and the point of pride now flying in one bay area city. i'm meteorologist sandhya . ...and mom also gets a back-to-school bag? that's yes for less. ross has the brands you want for back to school. and it feels even better when you find them for less.
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another stock selloff. tariffs by beijing and president trump's order for u.s. companies to look for an alternative to china. in california, experts say this trade dispute will impact tesla vehicles, apple phones and even wine. abc 7 news anchor eric thomas has local reaction to what's going on. >> companies that make cars, grow rice, sell crude oil and distill whiskey are likely to feel the pinch from the tariffs that china put on goods. the latest salvo firend n. a trade war. >> tariffs are much like taxes. >> a 5 to 10% charge will be added to goods shipped from america to china. one batch in september, another in december. >> in economics, there's a principle that taxes are always paid by both sides. by the producers and the consumers. >> president trump has been using tariffs on chinese goods
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sold in the u.s. to pressure china into ending what he's called unfair trade practices dating back decades. in retaliation, well, china slapped tariffs on california's agriculture industry, especially farmers who grow pistachios worth $663 million in sales in 2017. almonds accounting for more than $500 million in sale and california wines with more than $185 million in sales. >> whatever the product, grains, spirits or automobiles, chances are they'll have to go through the port of oakland to get to china. >> this can't go on indefinitely. how do you run a business? >> shipments to china may slow but exports to other asian countries like south korea and japan have more than made up the slack for now. >> that's why the port of oakland and leading industries in the u.s. are calling for an end to this trade war. >> instead, just the opposite is happening. president trump this afternoon announced the u.s. will raise tariffs on another $250 billion
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in chinese goods. in oakland, eric thomas, abc 7 news. people who visited disneyland earlier this month may have been exposed to measles. a teenage girl from new zealand who was infected stayed at the desert palms hotel in anaheim from august 11th through the 15th. she visited disneyland and the california adventure park on the 12th. the orange county health department is trying to find people who may have come in close contact with the teen. there are new details this evening on that flight from oakland that had to make an emergency landing as smoke filled the cabin. we know two children were among the seven passengers who suffered minor smoke inhalation injuries. here's reporter david kerley explains, passengers were terrified. >> just 20 minutes before landing in hawaii this jet suddenly fills with smoke. >> was very, very terrifying moments and i thought i was going to die. >> nearly 200 passengers on board the flight from oakland. >> they came by with wet cloths
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for everyone to breathe through with the smoke. because it was really getting thick. >> the initial warning, smoke in the cargo hold. the pilots declare an emergency. >> hawaiian 47, visuals four right emergency. aircraft. >> emergency personnel are standing by. >> everybody on board was very, very nervous. babies and children were crying and screaming. >> as soon as the jet stops, the pilots deployed the slides to quickly evacuate the airbus a-321. five adults and two children taken to the hospital because of smoke inhalation. a lient airlines says an engine seal failed. >> david kerley, abc news. washington. san jose's police department has become one of the first in the nation to fly the pride flag. abc 7 news was at police headquarters this morning for the ceremony. the police chief says it's not only to show solidarity with the lgbtq community but his rank and file. he adds actions often speak louder than words. >> this is long overdue.
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flag represents what you stand for. in many ways, a simple act of flying this flag and celebrating, showing pride for who you are and who you love, the simple act is just as important as all the efforts we've done. >> the flag is goig to fly for three days for san jose's pride weekend. a parade will be sunday morning downtown. let's turn our attention to the weekend forecast. we're not out of the muggy woods just yet. >> that's right. how does it look, meteorologist sandhya patel? >> it's going to be beautiful for the pride celebration in san jose this weekend, dan and kristen. the mugginess that faded today will be back the middle of next week. we still have time. let me show you live doppler 7. i want to show you what happened here. fog is pretty much hugging the entire coastline. we had a southerly surge. so the fog came back up the coast and as it did, we definitely noticed a change in the air. take a look at your temperatures.
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19-degree temperature drop in santa rosa because of that wind direction. 13 degrees cooler in concord and san jose, you're down 7 degrees. so definitely feeling the difference. the dew points are down. so the humidity is not in the same range as it was yesterday where it was too sticky for us. now if you're stepping outside, taking your dog out for a walk around the bay, temperatures in the comfort zone. low to mid-70s this evening. dropping down to the 60s later on with an increase in the marine layer around the bay. take a look. it's starting to advance as you will notice from our emeryville camera. from the coastline. that is going to continue. it is a deeper marine layer. from our exploratorium camera, we're looking out towards the bay and you're starting to see low clouds there. low 60s in san francisco. it's currently 83 degrees in gilroy and 79 in san jose. from our santa cruz camera, a nice day to be out. i think that was the ride at the boardwalk there. nice day to be out there. 72 degrees in santa rosa.
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napa. 91 degrees in fairfield. it's kind of a cool effect. will 7 in livermore. let's advance the graphic here. we'll take a look at the travel forecast. if you're leaving tomorrow, heading out of the bay area airports, mainly sunny in the afternoon. southwest wind 10 to 20. mid-70s to the mid-80s. as far as honolulu is concerned, 90 degrees with showers. new york city 78. chicago 75. sunny for both locations. typical fog leading to sunshine in the afternoon in los angeles. 85 degrees. i want to show you a view from the mt. tam cam. you can see the marine layer coming right back in. coastal fog pushes over the bay tonight. mild to warm saturday. heats up inland sunday. we are looking at higher humidity the middle of next week. hour-by-hour forecast. 7:00 tonight, heading into midnight and even into tomorrow morning. a pretty good push across the bay of the marine layer. it pulls back and hangs around near the coast tomorrow afternoon and evening. temperatures first thing in the morning, starting offer in the
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mi mid-50s to the low 60s. a nice day. 86 in san jose. 83 in milpitas. 91 in morgan hill. low 80s. 65 half moon bay. breezy downtown san francisco. 71 degrees. some fog will hang around near the coastline in the north bay. 83 in san rafael. 84 in napa. nice day in the east bay. inland areas warm. 90 concord, pleasanton. 92 in livermore. accuweather seven-day forecast. temperatures in the comfort zone tomorrow. warming trend sunday pushing the numbers up into the upper 90s. triple digits by monday. as the heat fades, the humidity rises tuesday, wednesday. get ready for the muggies to return. >> enjoy. >> okay. we've been through it once. we can do it again. >>sahy t you vy it's time t f the comedy cl >> i so that early retirement we planned. it's going ok? great. now i'm spending more time with the kids. i'm introducing them to crab.
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it is time to get out and
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enjoy life. >> yes. we have a plan to help you do just that. at least michael finney does. >> he's here with finney's friday free stuff. >> you have my number. >> do you need a reason to go to monterey? >> no. >> beautiful down there. >> just in case. free tickets to the monterey county fair. it is kicking off here on august 29th through september 2nd. i love their logo. high tides and carnival rides. >> that is good. >> pretty good. the monterey county fair and event center is 22 acres in the heart of monterey, california. the two outdoor performance stages sprawling lawns. it's something else. built back in 1936. so you might as well -- by the way, that's where the monterey pop festival was held in 1967 where all the famous people go. >> classic. >> did you give this away last year? i went. i don't know if it was --
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>> i don't remember. i think so. >> okay. it was amazing. >> excellent. you get four tickets. >> okay. >> and then we've got punch line. as long as we can savor the punch line. it's pretty funny. they're calling this the host battle. cayman versus cannon. it's tony cayman and gary cannon. a whole bunch of others. they're going to love me saying plus a whole bunch of others rather than give their names. $25 value. you can get up to four tickets. sorry. the monterey county fair tickets are -- what do we do -- go to our website, look for the finney's friday's free stuff page and we'll hook you up. >> good job. thanks, michael. law enforcement never knows what they will encounter. that includes the turtles and tortoises. the story behind the reptile rescue next. but first, we want to thank
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matt for this cool picture of the bay bridge. share your pictures with the #abc 7 now. you may see it on air or online at
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i'm ama daetz, coming up at 6:00, the eye team has new information on a self-described virtual travel consultant with a slew of unhappy clients. meet a couple who claims their destination wedding plans were ruined. also, a 7 on your side buyers guide on the services
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that help you speed through airport security. finney finds out if any stand out. and we'll check in with students at a peninsula high school one week now without their phone. how are they and their teachers adjusting? all coming up at 6:00. kristen and dan. finally a little tortoise has a new home thanks to alameda county sheriff's deputies. >> the deputies were on patrol in castro valley when they spotted this guy in a cage. he was almost out of food. a deputy scooped him up and took him to bay area turtle and tortoise rescue. >> brought him here. h he's a boy. he's got girls to visit. >> all right. he's been identified as a russian tortoise from afghanistan. he hasn't been given a name. whom offer wants to adopt him. assad i, means one strong like a lion. that turtle to survive.
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>> that fits. good one. >> world news with david muir is next. we appreciate your time. tonight, breaking news as we come on the air. a friday dow free-fall triggered by president trump's tweet on his trade war. the president saying he, quote, hereby orders american companies not to do business with china. and now he's calling the fed chair an enemy. also developing, supreme court justice ruth bader ginsburg and her new cancer battle revealed. undergoing radiation for a tumor on her pancreas. what it could mean for the future of the court. the triple weather threat tonight from coast to coast. powerful thunderstorms in the east. a swimmer struck by lightning. in the west, urgent wildfire evacuations. and now a tropical system moving near florida. rob marciano standing by. crisis in the cabin. a passenger plane filling up with smoke over the pacific. the pilot declaring an emergency landing.


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