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tv   Good Morning America Weekend Edition  ABC  August 24, 2019 7:00am-7:59am PDT

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good morning, america. president trump responds to the market plunge as he arrives in france for the g7 summit this morning. the president ready to meet world leaders over foreign policy. what's on the agenda as he ratchets up his fight with beijing increasing tariffs. >> we're having a little spat with china, and we'll win it. >> what he is ordering american companies to do. health concerns. supreme court justice ruth bader ginsburg revealing a new cancer battle, the second within a year. her treatment and what her doctors are saying about her health. brewing storms, the tropical disturbances already being felt in parts of the south. the severe weather hits the central plains with tornadoes and dangerous lightning. stand your ground verdict. jurors delivering their decision in a case involving this deadly
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shooting caught on camera that started with a fight over a parking spot. was it justifiable homicide? and new revelations from disney plus. disney's new streaming service. the headline making news at the d23 expo. the new obi-wan series. a sneak peek at "the mandalorian" and its droids and the great news for "lizzie mcguire" fans. >> it feels really great to be home. >> ginger zee live with all the latest. eva tells me "lizzie mcguire" was a huge thing for her growing up. >> little girls everywhere. still love "lizzie mcguire." >> got to boost my cultural literacy. good morning. we are very happy to have sam champion back with us. he's standing over there. we'll show you him in a minute and joining us for the first time terrell brown from our chicago station.
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welcome. >> glad to be invited to the party. i have no idea what i'm about to get myself into with you guys and sam. >> yeah, we'll take it easy on you. >> a lot. we'll feed you before the morning is over. that's the good thing. >> that's the good news. >> just watch out for eva. >> is that the only thing? >> i'm the least of your worries, i promise. we begin here though with news that is breaking as we come on the air. president trump arriving in france where he will meet with global leaders as part of the g7 summit. >> the president's arrival comes at the end of a volatile week. the markets took a dive in the middle of this escalating trade war with china. team coverage this morning. we start with abc's marcus moore on the ground in biarritz, france. marcus, good morning. >> reporter: good morning. we are seeing new images of president trump sitting down to lunch with emmanuel macron. these two will join in on a conversation that will no doubt include the fast developing trade war going on between the united states and china. and we've seen this tit for tat play out really in earnest over the last several months with moves just yesterday driving the stock market down and it is also
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worth noting that in many ways president trump comes into this summit as the odd man out. differing with allies on key issues such as climate change, pulling the u.s. out of the paris climate agreement and then that tension with germany on its defense spending in nato. and while there have been efforts to isolate russia over its aggression in crimea back in 2014, president trump has been vocal about wanting to bring russia back to this summit but there is no apparent support for that among the other leaders who are here for this summit. something else we'll watch, president trump will have his first face-to-face meeting with boris johnson since he became britain's new prime minister and so certainly over the next several days, there will be a lot to discuss here as these world leaders hope to make progress on a myriad of issues. eva. >> all right, marcus moore, thank you. before president trump left for the g7 summit, he ratcheted up his trade war with china increasing tariffs and ordering american companies to consider
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alternatives to doing business with the country. abc's rachel scott is at the white house with the latest on the escalation and how markets are reacting. rachel, good morning. >> reporter: eva, good morning to you. the u.s. and china going tit for tat back and forth here, each leader trying to come out on top but all of this trickles down to the consumer and the reality is consumers now will not only see higher tariffs, they're going to see more starting in just about a week. blow by blow the u.s. and china are becoming more entrenched in an ongoing trade war. >> our economy is doing great. we're having a little spat with china and we'll win it. >> reporter: before departing for france president trump still insisting the u.s. has the upper hand despite growing concern about a looming recession in part due to the conflict. >> no, i think our tariffs are very good for us. we're taking in tens of billions of dollars. china is paying for it. >> reporter: wall street though on edge.
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the dow plunged more than 600 points friday. new retaliatory tariffs by china sent the president on a tweet storm earlier in the day announcing, i hereby order u.s. businesses to cut ties with china and move back to the u.s. a move he claims he has the power to do if he declares a national emergency. >> well, in 1977, we had an act passed, a national emergency act. i have the absolute right to do that. >> reporter: the president fired his next shot, announcing he's raising the rate of tariffs on about $550 billion worth of chinese goods. $250 billion of goods from china will now see a 30% tariff starting october 1st. and the remaining $300 billion in goods will be hit by a 15% tariff, some of that starting september 1st. for consumers here at home that means a higher price tag on things like electronics and clothes. meanwhile, farmers who sell pork and other products to china are caught in the cross fire. >> pig farmers are currently
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losing $25 to $30 per pig and the future of the next six months does not look very optimistic. >> rachel, this is a critical time for the president. as you mentioned, the economy is one of his signature issues and the stakes are high. that's ahead of the 2020 election. but yesterday we saw him push the blame of any uncertainty to the fed. >> reporter: that's right, eva. the president taking jabs at jerome powell, the man he hand picked for fed chair. the president now saying if powell wanted to step down and resign, he wouldn't stop him. the strategy from the white house has been to push any blame or any focus, any sign of weakness in the economy over to the fed for not lowering interest rates, but the fed dropped those rates last month for the first time in a decade and the president now saying they need to come down even lower, eva. >> rachel scott for us at the white house, thank you. this is getting a lot of talk. the health scare for ruth bader ginsburg. the supreme court justice revealed her second battle with cancer in a year. abc's white house correspondent tara palmeri is at the supreme court this morning. tara, good morning to you.
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>> reporter: good morning, terrell. it's her fourth cancer treatment in the past ten years and all eyes are on her health because she holds a critical liberal seat on the court, one that senate majority leader mitchell mcconnell said he would quickly fill if vacant giving conservatives control over the court for decades. supreme court justice ruth bader ginsburg is recovering at home this morning after revealing she completed a three-week outpatient radiation treatment for pancreatic cancer. according to a statement issued by the court, justice ginsburg was diagnosed late last month and as part of her treatment doctors inserted a stent in ginsburg's bile duct. the statement later describing the tumor as localized saying it was treated definitively and there was no evidence of disease elsewhere in the body. justice ginsburg, who is now 86 has been treated for various forms of cancer before. last december she underwent surgery for lung cancer. in 2009 a previous bout with pancreatic cancer required
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surgery. and in 1999 she was treated for colon cancer. ginsburg, who is a strong liberal voice on the court, has served for over a quarter of a century. the clinton administration appointed her in 1993 making her the second woman to ever serve. in her most recent interview last month, she said she plans to serve as long as she can. >> i am very much alive. >> reporter: ginsburg who is known for her dissents has had her health under watch by both conservatives and liberals. as president trump has already appointed two justices during his first term, leaving the court in favor of conservatives by 5-4. overnight, president trump wishing her well. >> i'm hoping she's going to be fine. she's pulled through a lot. she's strong. very tough. >> reporter: and here's a sign of how she's doing. on thursday the supreme court was seeing "mew lynn rouge" on brood. the new term for the supreme court starts in october, dan. >> i'm very much alive, she
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says. proof from last night. thank you very much. really appreciate it. let's bring in abc news chief medical correspondent dr. jennifer ashton to find out more about pancreatic cancer. when we hear the words pancreatic cancer, it sounds particularly aggressive. what do we need to know? >> to be clear, dan, first of all, any type of cancer potentially has the ability to e thing thatak pancreac cancer difficult is where it's located in the body, the anatomy of the pancreas, it sits up high in the abdominal cavity in a place that the tumors can actually grow quite large before they start producing symptoms and before they can be felt. the function of the pancreas, critically important for digestion, regulate sugar levels and unfortunately there is not yet a screening test for pancreatic cancer. >> so who is at risk here and what's the follow-up? >> when you look at the risk factors, and i want to be clear with this, some are under our control. some are not. if you take a look at this list, things like obesity, smoking, heavy alcohol use, ashkenazi jewish descent and certain gene mutations including the brca mutation that we usually think of with breast and
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ovarian cancer also increases the risk of pancreatic cancer. follow-up for this after treatment, serial blood tests to look at tumor markings and c.a.t. scans and i want to be clear, mind, body, spirit very important. >> always a great point to make, or ouwe app annortkoiso inhenews this mo a u. officiacoirms n korea fired two short-range ballistic missiles into the sea of japan. that is its seventh weapons launch in a month. president trump downplayed the latest launch in comments right before he left for france. new developments this morning involving the crisis in the amazon. the so-called lungs of the world on fire. the president of brazil, a man sometimes known as the trump of the tropics, now reversing course. at first he said his critics might have set the fires to embarrass him, but this morning he is sending in the army. abc's matt gutman is there in sao paulo with the latest. matt, good morning to you. >> reporter: hey, good morning, dan. this is a dramatic reversal from brazil's president.
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not only is he authorizing the military to fight the fires, but also to prevent new ones by stopping farmers from clearing brush. but already critics are arguing that this is a mostly symbolic move because of the relatively small size of brazil's military. and this comes amid an international outcry that he's not taken these fires seriously enough. the scale of the fires is almost incomprehensible. in the united states, it would cover an area from detroit to los angeles. about 85% more forest has burned this year than last year. the government says a new fire is started -- get this -- every minute. the area of smoke is so large it's visible from space. now, the amazon produces about 20% of the world's oxygen, helps regulate its temperature but what is so troubling is that we're just at the start of the dry season here which lasts through november and forecasters are saying these fires are only going to intensify. dan.
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>> as you said, matt, it's a problem for the entire world. matt gutman on the ground of brazil, thank you very much. in the meantime, we go to hong kong, police and pro-democracy protesters are facing off this morning. hundreds of riot officers charged at crowds of thousands. they barricaded a main highway and a police station. the protesters worry that their freedoms will erode as the communist ruled central government flexes its power in hong kong. now to the breaking news overnight, a verdict in a stand your ground case in florida. abc's zachary kiesch reports on why the jury's decision could be especially significant. >> we, the jury, find as follows as to the defendant in this case, the defendant is guilty of manslaughter as charged. >> reporter: michael drejka stood without emotion as a jury convicted him of killing markeis mcglockton in a dispute over a parking space at a convenience store. the week long trial in clearwater, florida, ended friday night after jurors spent just six hours deliberating. >> my family can rest now.
7:13 am
now we can start putting the pieces back together and move on. >> reporter: watch as mcglockton who was black shoves drejka who was white to the ground. seconds later drejka opens fire as mcglockton backs away. mcglockton then runs inside the store where he collapses and dies in front of his son. drejka claiming self-defense and citing florida's controversial stand your ground law. an alternative juror says the surveillance video sealed his fate. >> i think there was a pause between the point where he realized he had hit the ground and pulled his weapon, between that and when he fired, and i think that gave him a chance to not kill him. >> reporter: in a statement mcglockton's mother saying this conviction doesn't bring our son back but it does give us some sense of justice because far too often the criminal justice system fails us by allowing people who take the lives of unarmed black people to walk free as though their lives meant nothing. you can see in that video
7:14 am
mcglockton moving away when he's shot. now, after the shooting happened, the local sheriff said it was justified under florida's stand your ground laws. later the state's attorney brought manslaughter charges. drejka face up to 30 years in prison. >> all over a parking spot. zachary kiesch, thank you. in new york the mother of a 3-year-old boy is facing charges including reckless endangerment after police say she left him inside a parked car while she stopped. it was an 80-degree day and a window was slightly open but a passing family heard the boy crying and called 911. the boy was taken to the hospital for evaluation. it happened outside the same store where another child was rescued from a hot car two weeks before. more and more concerns about e-cigarettes and vaping this morning. a patient died from a severe respiratory illness and it could be the country's first vaping-related death. this morning, health officials sending an urgent warning about the dangers of vaping. an illinois resident dying of a
7:15 am
respiratory illness, the state's department of public health saying that person had recently vaped. >> when there's inflammation in the lung sacs of the alveoli, they don't oxygenate. when we don't get oxygen, we can't live. >> reporter: the cdc currently investigating 193 severe pulmonary illnesses in people who use e-cigarettes. the cases spread out over 22 states. health officials have not identified a particular device or liquid as being associated with those cases. among those hospitalized, 17-year-old tryston zohfeld rushed to a texas hospital with a blockage in his lungs. his doctors say because of vaping. >> i woke up just throwing up everywhere and my heart was just pounding out of my chest going 100 miles an hour. >> reporter: in late july he was in a medically induced coma. his parents then learning tryston had been vaping without their knowledge since the eighth grade. >> he is a very sick otherwise
7:16 am
healthy-looking child, and we don't see previously healthy 17-year-olds that sick that quickly. >> that video hard to watch. the cdc has confirmed all cases were using e-cigarettes or vaping in the months leading up to developing pulmonary complications, however, details regarding how many people were using thc, cbd, nicotine or other products in these cases has yet to be confirmed. but a reminder that we still don't know a lot about vaping. this is a relatively new thing. >> yeah, something that a lot of people are keeping an eye on. >> yep. >> let's chat weather. sam is here. welcome. >> i should welcome you. >> hey, it's good to meet and see you. >> thank you. it's nice to be here. hi, everybody. >> hello. >> now that you got a lot to talk about and are watching. >> this has been a tough summer for storms really around the country. we never got into a quiet summer pattern and don't have one today. let's get to the board. we got two pieces of video to share with you.
7:17 am
one coming out of casper, wyoming. you will see a perfectly formed tornado here. one of two reported in the area. now, the good news with this storm if there is good news with any tornado is it didn't do a lot of damage out in the middle of someplace where people aren't really terribly affected by this storm. the next shot out of birmingham, alabama, some flooded roads. half inch of rain in five minutes. 4.8 inches near birmingham as well. the system sitting here in the or y got right now, you'll have for a good part of the weekend. there's some flood alerts there for nebraska and kansas as well. notice this low does eventually start to move toward the east. we'll get some more rain in alabama and more rain near the chicagoland area. this is where the tough storms could be developing during the day today so it's a slight risk from goodland to wichita to oklahoma city. but, again, that rain does continue in the middle of the good saturday morning. waking up to low clouz and fog. it should be another nice day today with temperatures in that range where we should be for late august. cloudy skies to start, mild to warm. by tomorrow we are going to
7:18 am
shrink the low cloud deck. it will be weill cover for middle of next week. 83 in fremont. 85, vallejo. 92 in livermore. complaint department is open and we're getting a lot of complaints about the cool air moving in in august and have some tropics to talk about as well. >> we're not complaining about how bright white your sneakers are. >> did you clean them with a toothbrush? >> yeah, hit them with a tire wire. buffing them, making them shine. >> i think the deal is when you're sam champion, you wear new sneakers every day. >> ah. >> fancy. >> i need that. >> yeah. >> looking fly there. >> thanks, sam. an emotional return to the field in a town called paradise several months after it was devastated by that deadly wildfire and diane macedo is here with the story. nice to have you back on the set. >> good morning, everybody. good to be back. the town of paradise came together for their first high school football game since that deadly wildfire forced them to
7:19 am
cut last season short. the cover of the program read "new beginnings," and the bobcats made sure this one was one to remember. emotions were running high as ms deadest and stesucti crowchacked adm supporting their team against l town of paradise. the fire destroyed over 150,000 acres. 90% of the high school students lost their homes. 86 people lost their lives, and nearly the entire community was forced to evacuate. >> please, god, just let us out. >> let us get out safe. >> reporter: at the time the team was in the middle of a successful season heading to the playoffs but the decision was made to end its run. in the days following the wildfire, the nation showed solidarity. even the san francisco 49ers offered support. [ crowd chanting ]
7:20 am
kicking off the new season friday night, thousands turned out to attend the first home game since those fires. >> for the first really like big event in paradise since the fire like nothing's really happened up here since the fire, and now this is the first home football >> reporter: and the paradise valley bobcats did not disappoint giving fans a 42-0 victory to celebrate. [ crowd chanting ] >> i think they're a bit excited. 42-0. many people watching this team in hopes they can make it all the way to the state championship. this was really about so much more than football. for many this was the first time they went back to paradise since the fires took their homes so you're looking at a community torn apart finally back together again. >> and a little sense of normalcy. >> yes. >> friday night football. >> and joy which i'm sure they all need. >> i always feel a little bad for the other team in games like these. >> yes. they'll be okay. they'll be okay. >> yes, nothing compared to what they went through in paradise so great night for them. thank you very much.
7:21 am
appreciate it. coming up, dramatic video showing a tesla driver appearing to be asleep at the wheel. >> what? >> yeah. crazy. what the driver who was traveling next to this car is saying about that frightening encounter which happened to be on the freeway. >> pretty wild. plus, actress selma blair sharing how she's doing in her battle with ms. the cutting-edge treatment she says is helping her to walk better. ginger zee is in anaheim at the big d23 expo with some superfans. hey, ginger. >> hey, these superfans from all over the world, we are all pumped, right? [ cheers ] this is a great event where we are all getting answers to our burning disney questions like i did to tony hale when i asked him, why is forky not a fork? yes, he has a whole new series coming out on disney plus and jeff goldblum has a new series. i got to dance with him. "the world according to jeff goldblum," just one of the things you'll see at d23. so much more coming up. please don't go anywhere
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>> good morning, i'm kumasi aaron. sonoma county is about to hold its first full-scale evacuation drill as part of the effort to prepare for wildfires. it will be held from 8:00 to 10:00 in the cavedale trinity neighborhood. residents who signed up to receive an alert can participate when the drill starts.
7:28 am
they will start practicing evacuating their homes and drive through evacuation routes to the na hanna boys center on arnold drive. lisa is here with a look at the weather. >> it is cloudy here in santa cruz, but 75 and sunshine on the weigh. 63, san jose. 63, redwood city. clouds on the peninsula, in the city, but it all burns back to the shoreline today. 62 in concord. it will be a nice day today with a hotter day reserved for your sunday. 92 in livermore. 65, half moon bay. hot through the week. all right. thanks, lisa. thank you for joining us.
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♪ welcome back to "gma." well, that will wake you up. this is a little more colorful. right? some of the competitors at the 23rd annual air guitar world championship in finland overnight. we'll tell you who won in just a little bit. >> actually really good. that is not how i look when i air guitar. >> i'm still a little jet-lagged. i just flew back from finland where i was -- no. >> yeah. >> but dan does drum sometimes here on the set. >> yes, i am an air drummer. let's talk about some actual news this morning. a few headlines right now inud involving president trump who just arrived in france to meet with world leaders as he ratchets up his trade war with china raising tariffs and telling u.s. businesses to get out of china. in connecticut a new development in the case of missing mother of five jennifer dulos.
7:31 am
"the stanford advocate" is reporting that police have picked up active searches for here how. dulos was reported missing on may 24th in the middle of a custody battle with her estranged husband. and this from the d23 expo. we are thrilled to tell you that our own robin roberts and diane sawyer were honored by being named disney legends. they were joining ten other entertainment greats in the disney legends class of 2019. definitely legends. we love them both. >> richly deserved for both of them. >> yes. >> they've both been here for a long time and they have done extraordinary work for a long time. >> yes, for a long time and helped so many of us as we've come through. >> yes, congratulations to diane and robin. but we're going to start here this half hour with some disturbing new video taken on a busy freeway in l.a. and appears to show, as you can see right here, a driver asleep at the wheel. this is crazy. asleep at the wheel of his tesla. it's raising more safety concerns about the vehicle, and abc's trevor ault joins us with more. trevor, good morning to you.
7:32 am
>> reporter: dan, good morning. this is scary and bizarre. this was recorded by a california couple on one of the busiest highways in the country and in the lane next to them, that driver seeming peacefully asleep at the wheel. a shocking sight just one lane over in southern california. >> oh, my god. he's totally asleep. this is crazy. >> reporter: clint olivier and his wife catching that man taking an apparent catnap arms crossed as his vehicle drives down i-5 at 70 miles an hour. >> it was scary to see. to think that, okay, so the guy 18 inches on my passenger side is sound asleep. >> wake up. >> after more than half a minute the driver seems to wake up grabbing the wheel in a jolt. abc news has not spoken to that driver and tesla declining to comment on the video. the company has said drivers are supposed to keep their hands on the wheel at all times, but incidents like this continue to occur. while we aren't sure what the driver was doing in this latest incident, it's raised
7:33 am
renewed questions about the safety of automation in vehicles. of course, more research is needed but even clint despite his shock sees the direction american transportation could be headed. but also, hey, this is 2019 and that's the future. >> clint does make an interesting point. if the autopilot was on, the technology works. that car maintained its speed. it never swerved or drifted, but it is still a dangerous incident, and also it is illegal to fall asleep at the wheel even if your car can drive itself. >> yeah. >> but at some point it may be safe to fall asleep. >> yeah, and it could be a monumental health accomplishment when the car works, but we're just not quite there yet. >> but safe and smart are two very different things, you know what i mean? i feel like you should be awake if you're in a moving car in the driving seat. >> that feels like a simple rule to follow. >> life lessons from eva on a saturday morning, ladies and gentlemen. >> it might be okay. >> trevor, appreciate it. thank you so much. weather here and, sam, what's going on? >> i was just taking notes about
7:34 am
how i should stay awake in the car. hey, everybody, the complaint department is open so if you don't like this september in august, let us know but there's some cool air. look at midland coming in, michigan, some numbers in the 40s, western new york state, some numbers in the 40s this morning. new york at 65, philly at 63. those high temperatures will be below normal as well. take a look at these. 75, saturday, 75 on sunday. monday as well. normal temperature in new york is about 82 degrees. tropics are developing a little bit. we've got a little system that we think has a 90% chance for development off the coast of florida. has been hanging in the bahamas. the water is nice and warm there. but this is where that cold air is going to work for us in a good part of the country because it's going to keep this system from coming onshore. carolinas, regardless, south carolina, north carolina, i want you paying attention to anything that could develop offshore but most of this will be pushed offshore by that push of colder than normal temperatures. that's the way around the hi, i'm lisa argen. from our east bay hills camera, a good dose of low clouds and fog this morning. it will be a sunny and warm day
7:35 am
inland with temperatures climbing through the 80s to the low 90s inland with upper 60s at the coast. >> hi. i'm getting in the chair. all that weather was brought to you by, and the question was, how long is it going to be colder than normal around the new york area? we start to warm up midweek toward the end of the week. >> midweek by the -- okay. >> dan with his -- >> i only ask questions that affect my city. >> how does the upper west side look? that's what he really wants to know. >> i ask that question off air. >> no, it's true. coming up on "good morning america," actress selma blair shares a candid update on her battle with ms. what she's saying about her latest treatment. and then fans speculating about taylor swift's possible messages in her new album. is she dropping hints? is she the walrus? that's a beatles joke, guys. that's coming up in "pop news."
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♪ ♪ well, selma blair has been very open about her battle with ms. the actress now revealing how her latest treatments plus a fair amount of humor are helping her get through her struggles and abc's adrienne bankert joins us from los angeles this morning with more on what she's saying. good morning, adrienne. >> reporter: good morning to you, too, eva. good to see you. selma blair recently posted it gets darkest before the dawn. now, when we all go through our biggest battles sometimes without warning, we receive the greatest joy. that's the latest chapter for selma blair. actress selma blair courageous and transparent not allowing this battle with multiple sclerosis to stop her. just over a year ago the star was diagnosed with ms, a degenerative disease that affects the central nervous system. not long after starring in some of hollywood's most memorable roles -- >> you're famous at our club. >> reporter: -- she's been sharing on social media what her world has been like off screen
7:41 am
with the life-changing norit abu posts, she describes how she's walking better due to cutting-edge immunotherapy, still in recovery from her recent stem cell transplant. she states, i am swollen and joints are in pain, my eyes still don't know cuss. chemo and other high dose drugs come at a price. earlier this summer selma was beaming on the cover of "people" magazine with grace and optimism. >> i have to say i have more joy now than i ever have. >> reporter: back in february selma sat down with our own robin roberts. >> you're not running and hiding. you're sharing. why do you want to do that? >> i have over the years always realized i feel more comfortable in my own comfortable skin being honest. it's the only way i can be to protect myself and my child. >> reporter: and she's keeping that sense of humor even from
7:42 am
her hospital bed jokingly calling herself a contour queen after experimenting with makeup reminding us all it will feel better. the beginning is hard. and she's been shouting out her doctors and northwestern memorial hospital where she's been receiving treatment saying she needs to start physical therapy and get moving more. we certainly wish her continued improvement and healing. guys. >> we do. i mean i have to say, thank you, adrienne. i have long had mixed feelings about social media and its impact on the psyche but the way she's using it is a master class in helping people learn how to deal with difficulties. incredible. >> so glad she's doing better. when we come back on "gma," ginger zee's live at the d23 expo, the largest disney fan event in the world. at's t d riodo hearouterrell. etr. dney us like "high school right? ♪ we're all in this together
7:43 am
>> yes, not just the crowd here seriang thyoedu all shows, especially the marvel ones coming up. so don't go anywhere. "gma" is making dreams come true here this morning. u all the shows, especially the marvel ones coming up. "gma" is making dreams come true here this morning. put back toge. this is also hal's heart. and this is hal's relief, knowing he's covered. this is hal's heart. and it's beating better than ever. this is what medicare from blue cross blue shield does for hal. and with easy access to quality healthcare, imagine what we can do for you. this is the benefit of blue. would shakespeare have chosen just "some pens?"
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elderly patients with dementia-related psychosis have an increased risk of death or stroke. call your doctor about unusual changes in behavior or suicidal thoughts. antidepressants can increase these in children and young adults. report fever, stiff muscles, or confusion, which may mean a life-threatening reaction or uncontrollable muscle movements, which may be permanent. side effects may not appear for several weeks. high cholesterol; weight gain; high blood sugar and decreased white blood cells, both of which can be serious or fatal; dizziness upon standing; falls; seizures; impaired judgment; heat sensitivity; and trouble swallowing may occur. ask if vraylar can help you get on track. lots of excitement this morning over the new shows coming to disney plus. that's the new streaming service. big reveals at the d23 expo in anaheim, california. that's the annual gathering of rabid disney fans, high level of disney nerdery, and abc's ginger zee is leading the charge from
7:47 am
anaheim where she's got the head gear and everything. >> tss t le o nerds are claiming it. i'm here with some "star wars" fans. "star wars" is one of those ultimate passions, daisy ridley. i'm going to talk to her today. she's pumped but also we thought we thought we'd use a little bit of the force to get secrets out of the producers. that happened yesterday with the whole series from disney plus. everything from a "monsters, inc." spin-off all the way to knowing that ewan mcgregor is coming back as obi-wan kenobi. several bombshells dropping at the d23 expo. the long rumored obi-wan series finally confirmed getting a home on disney plus. >> i do have to ask you, ewan mcgregor announced, right, so can we -- >> finally, oh, my god, it is so exciting that we'll be doing this and we've got great scripts and we'll start shooting next year.
7:48 am
>> reporter: same streaming platform, different part of the galaxy. we finally got to see the lo aian >> i feel like it might be in the running for one of the coolest droids in all of "star wars." >> i just remember looking at joca >> reporter: we also got a chance to catch up with some of the stars. >> "the mandalorian" was there before but now you get to sort of -- before you had a bird's-eye view. now you get a lot closer. >> reporter: and the first marvel cinematic universe series set to take flight on disney plus called "the falcon and the winter soldier." >> assemble. >> reporter: it offers a continuation of the events that took place after the epic conclusion in "avengers: endgame." you're dead, aren't you? the cast was super tight-lipped on what's in store for bucky barnes and sam wilson as the new captain america. >> we're all undead. >> yeah. >> there's that. >> or are we? >> reporter: and now what dreams
7:49 am
are made of. the newly announced reboot that set the internet ablaze. >> i know what you're thinking. >> wow. we saw your name on the list and our jaws dropped because that was the only indication. it said hilary duff, parentheses, "lizzie mcguire." what? you're back? >> i am back, and it feels really great to be home and to get to play her again in such an important moment of her life in her 30s, you know, she is everyone's best friend. >> everyone's best friend. "lizzie mcguire" is back, everybody. [ cheers and applause ] i'm telling you. that's all you have to do going around these halls and say but as rabid and wonderfully passionate as disney fans can be, there's new stuff on disney plus like "noel: the movie" that stars anna kendrick and billy eichner.
7:50 am
i got to sit down with them. i'm guessing it will be funny. from the interview just to give you a preview. it starts november 12th when the streaming beginsn ai i amul dney impass right now. it's running through my veins. >> we love it. thank you, ginger. appreciate it, november 12th. disney plus. and keep it here. we'll be right back here with "pop news" with -- >> who are you again? >> -- diane macedo. e restless. those who need to... move. and roar. and ride. up, down, over... ...powering through. this seat is for those that get down in it. into the fray. the arena. this seat is not for spectators. ♪
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♪ "good morning america" is sponsored by sherwin-williams. ask sherwin-williams how to bring color to life with the very best paint. time for "pop news." we've got forks so we're going to eat something. but that's not what -- >> you'll have to wait. we'll start off with taylor swift. fans are going nuts over her new album called "lover" particularly some perceived hints about her relationship with british actor j a taisten. ♪ i take this magnetic voice of a man to be mine ♪ >> wow. ♪ lover >> uh-huh.ngs her vows to her ln
7:55 am
mentions things borrowed and blue which have some fans convinced she might be engaged or even married. in other songs she expresses how she wants to spend the rest of her life with him and mentions church bells, said she'd even marry with paper rings. we cannot confirm or deny those rumors. no comment from taylor but she was spotted in a jersey city target so creating a registry perhaps? i'll just leave that there for you. >> you think she's creating her registry at -- >> perhaps. >> it's possible, dan. >> she's taylor swift. i love her. >> this one is for you, dan, with your air drumming skills. it was all about fake it till you make it at the air guitar championships. the event took place overnight in finland with competitors battling it out aiming to shred the competition with their best moves. check those out. ♪ big congrats to the winner ron messel from the u.s. who goes by the name marquis, his third attempt at the title so three times is a charm for
7:56 am
rob. and get out the syrup and the whipped cream because we are celebrating national waffle day. dan stole my fork. i'll eat this with my hand. waffles have been around since 14th century. the waffle iron was invented hence we all get to enjoy these all the time. >> industrialization. we'll be back here tomorrow morning. sam, thanks for joining us. the waffle iron was invented hence we all get to enjoy these all the time. >> industrialization. we'll be back here tomorrow morning. sam, thanks for joining us. "abc 7 news", all morning. >> i'm kumasi aaron. in the east bay a rally in support of an 87-year-old holocaust survivor facing eviction over a jump in his rent. it will be held in front of the dunes apartment on shoreline drive at 3:00 this afternoon where he has lived for more than 20 years. he survived the nazi invasion into the soviet union.
7:57 am
his section 8 status is not protecting him from the rising cost of living and the landlord wants to raise the rent by $700 a meant. discrimination.omplaint with d happening today, a trans and friends rally will kick off the 44th annual silicon valley pride weekend at 4:00 p.m. at plaza d cesar chavez park. yesterday the san jose police department became one of the first to fly the pride flag. "abc 7 news" was at headquarters as the flag was raised yesterday morning to celebrate pride week end. the police chief says it is a way to show solidarity with the lgbtq community and rank and file. pride weekend runs through tomorrow including a festival and parade downtown. the parade starts at 10:00 a.m. lisa is standing by to let us know what to expect with the forecast this morning. good the morning. >> good morning, kumasi. we have widespread low clouds keeping temperatures pretty
7:58 am
mild. a live look outside from the east bay hills camera, you can see the fog there. it is going to clear rather quickly by the next hour or two. it is 63, oakland. redwood city, 65 in san jose. you can see the flag flowing from the roof camera there. visibility is reduced to one mile at the coast. so we are already getting some of the dense fog at the shoreline. there's the golden gate bridge. so the clouds clear. we are warm today. we are hot tomorrow. a look at your temperatures over the weekend and the week ahead in a few minute. hugh causy. >> thanks, lisa. also coming up, friday night lights are back in paradise. lights are back in paradise. the managingaudrey's on it.s? eating right and staying active? on it! audrey thinks she's doing all she can to manage her type 2 diabetes and heart disease, but is her treatment doing enough to lower her heart risk? maybe not. jardiance can reduce the risk of cardiovascular death for adults who also have known heart disease. so it could help save your life from a heart attack or stroke.
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8:00 am
news to build a better bay area. this is "abc7 mornings." good morning. i' kumasi aaron.august 24. let's start with a quick look at the weather. here is meteorologist lisa argen. good morning. >> good morning, kumasi. we have low clouds and fog, live doppler 7 confirming that. it is already clearing in the east bay. the south bay, we have clear sky, but in the city here the clouds and temperatures are in the upper 50s from san francisco. 65 in san jose with that sun. at the airport, we will have a sunny afternoon with 70s in san mateo. 80, redwood city. right now it is 64 in livermore, and it will be a typically warm day for you. here is the airport in san jose. today temperatures will be seasonal for late august ad


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