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tv   ABC World News Tonight with David Muir  ABC  August 24, 2019 5:30pm-6:00pm PDT

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>> i've been around a little too long for wrestling. sorry to say. >> that's it for a tonight several breaking stories as we come on. the surprise lightning strike disrupting a pga tournament. six people injured. many rushed to the hospital. plus the tropical threats, a reported tornado up toing down and the storm being tracked that could turn into a hurricane. sam champion standing by. also tonight, economic war games. president trump on the world stage at a major meeting of global leaders doubling down on a serious threat demanding all american businesses to leave china, escalating the trade war. tonight the president saying he has the power to do it. royal regret. prince andrew personally acknowledging his friendship with accused sex trafficker jeffrey epstein. what he's saying tonight about his visits to epstein's many residences. the verdict is in.
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the deadly confrontation in the parking lot. the shooter claiming self-defense now facing up to 30 years behind bars. the moment caught on surveillance jurors say helped them make up their minds. violent turn. high tensions in hong kong. the dangerous escalation between protesters and police. >> they've given warnings to the crowd. they're now going ahead. >> our correspondent on the ground, right in the middle of those clashes. plus, time to buy? with fears of economic turmoil, and stock market whiplash, why some say now is a great time to purchase or sell a home. good evening. thanks for joining us on this saturday. i'm tom llamas. with begin with breaking news. it's just come in. a dangerous lightning strike at a major pga event, the tour championship at east lake golf course in georgia. that massive lightning strike caught on camera.
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this is east of atlanta. at least six people reported injured. many rushed to the hospital. sam champion joins us in studio. sam? >> as the pga is saying, these injuries don't appear to be life-threatening. these lightning strikes, two of them, happened outside the heavy rain shield of the storm. they called for lightning. they were asking for people to leave the area. this is our big concern about big summer storms. people are out and about during these storms. that's when they're likely to get injured. >> took so many by surprise. those people being treated now in hospitals. sam, another big weather story we're following. we're watching the tropics. >> we have a large area of storms going into kansas and oklahoma. there's a tornado watch in kansas and oklahoma. we'll watch that overnight. there could be heavy rain into alabama and the gulf coast. the two areas in the tropics, florida off the coast. florida, carolinas and even
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georgia watch for heavy rain and beach erosion because of that developing system. it's likely to pass off shore. this named dorian could be a hurricane by the time we get into wednesday into thursday. it could be a category 1. it's not favorable for development. it will encounter a lot of shear here. the big headline here puerto rico. remember maria two years ago. they don't need a cat one. we'll be watching. >> all right, sam. thank you. now to the major meeting of world leaders overseas, against a backdrop of rising global tensions. president trump and his wife melania in france for that g-7 summit, as economic and political turbulence intensify the president today reinforcing his threat to force american business fuelling worries of sending the global economy into recessi recession. abc news chief white house correspondent jonathan karl,
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with the president in france. >> reporter: the president has arrived in france for a summit with america's most important economic allies amidst turmoil in the markets and worries about a global recession. but as he left washington, he insisted he's not concerned. >> our economy is doing great. we're having a little spat with china and we'll win it. we've put a lot of tariffs on china. >> reporter: it was the president who spooked the markets by threatening to impose even more tariffs on china and issuing a bizarre order to american companies to stop doing business there. then overnight on his way to france he threatened new tariffs on the french too. >> i don't want france going out and taxing our companies. very unfair. and if they do that, we'll be taxing their wine or doing something else. >> reporter: that set the tone for what is expected to be a tense meeting in the coastal resort of biarritz, france. in his first meeting with the french president, president trump signalled optimism. >> everybody is getting along, and we can accomplish a lot this weekend. >> reporter: but even before the
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president landed, the european union's top official criticized president trump on several fronts, including iran, russia, and tariffs, threatening to hit back at the u.s. >> the last thing we need and want is confrontation with our best ally, the united states. >> reporter: the trade war with china alone is already hitting u.s. consumers. even before the new tariffs were announced yesterday, j.p. morgan estimated american families will pay an average of $1,000 a year because of the higher tariffs on china. after the president tweeted friday that he had, quote, hereby ordered american companies to stop dealing with china, the stock market tumbled more than 600 points. he said he wasn't concerned about that either. >> not at all. not at all. we're at 25,000. so don't tell me about 600 points. >> jonathan karl traveling with the president in france. he joins us now from france. jon, we heard the president ordered u.s. companies to stop dealing with china.
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now president trump's doubling down saying there's a presidential powers act on the book that gives him that authority. >> reporter: he said that today. he cited the 1977 law called the international emergency economic powers act. tom, this law has never been used for anything remotely like what the president is talking about. if he tried to do it, congress could stop him. the bottom line is i see no indication that the administration is doing anything to prepare for such a move. as you know, this is a president who likes to make big threats as a negotiating tactic. >> jonathan karl from france tonight. thank you. now to the growing scrutiny into theo the relationship betw prince andrew and jeffrey epstein. the duke of york said to be seen here on video as a woman departed. prince andrew speaking about his long-time friendship with the accused sex trafficker. the prince expressing regret.
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here's julia macfarlane. >> reporter: tonight, the concerted effort by buckingham palace to limit the fallout surrounding prince andrew, plunging ever deeper into the jeffrey epstein scandal. the palace releasing a lengthy statement directly from the duke, admitting new details of their friendship. "i met mr. epstein in 1999. during the time i knew him, i saw him infrequently and probably no more than only once or twice a year. i have stayed in a number of his residences. at no stage during the limited time i spent with him did i see, witness or suspect any behavior of the sort that subsequently led to his arrest and conviction." it was only six days ago that the palace issued denials that andrew knew of epstein's crimes, following the release of this video obtained by "the mail" on sunday appearing to show andrew inside epstein's manhattan home in 2010, after the financier had been released from prison. in today's statement, the duke calls his later association with epstein "a mistake" and "an error." the queen, spotted with the duke on the way to church, possibly
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another attempt at damage control. these efforts all coming as the epstein scandal grows further internationally. the french prosecutors now opening preliminary investigations into child rape charges. more lurid allegations against epstein dragging the british royal family into a pr nightmare they are now trying hard to contain. tom? >> julia, thank you. now to a major court case makes liheadlines tonight. the man caught on camera in a florida parking lot claiming self-defense now heading for jail. what the jury saw on that video that appears to have brought them to the verdict. the latest from abc's stephanie ramos. >> reporter: tonight, the family of an unarmed man shot dead in a florida parking lot, says justice has been served hours after a jury convicted the killer of manslaughter, after claiming self-defense. >> i went home last night, and i woke up little markeis and said, "baby, we got justice for daddy." >> the defendant is guilty of manslaughter as charged. >> reporter: that verdict coming one year after this argument outside a convenience store in
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clearwater last summer. in this surveillance footage you can see michael drejka approach a car parked in a handicap spot. markeis mcglockton is inside the store at the time, with his son, while his girlfriend and two small children are waiting in that car. according to police, drejka confronts the girlfriend about parking in the space without a handicap permit. when mcglockton walks outside and sees the argument, you can see him shove drejka away from the car and to the ground. drejka then pulls out a gun. mcglockton pauses and even takes a few steps back, but drejka opens fire shooting him in the chest. that pause was the moment one juror says sealed drejka's fate. >> i think there was a pause between the point where he realized he hit the ground and pulled his weapon, between that and when he fired, and i think that gave him a chance to not kill him. >> reporter: in this interrogation video played during the trial drjeka explains what led up to the deadly encounter. >> every day there's somebody
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pulled in the handicapped spot there. i have a pet peeve about that. >> reporter: initially, police said drejka was protected by florida's stand your ground law. but the state prosecutor disagreed, charging him weeks later with manslaughter. drejka is facing up to 30 years in prison when he's sentenced in october. tom? >> stephanie ramos for us tonight. stephanie, thank you. next to the stunning images coming in from overseas. those protests taking a turn tonight. the tear gas clashes spilling through the streets. abc's foreign correspondent ian pannell and his crew right in the middle of it. >> reporter: tonight, violence returning to the streets of hong kong as the fight for this city's future grows. in the last few moments one of the riot police has come forward aiming his gun as if he were going to fire some tear gas, we see rocks coming in from the crowds. just moments later, the police charge, thousands of protestors fleeing.
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they've given warnings to the crowd, and now going ahead with tear gas, batons, with riot shields. have a look over there, you can see them going over the wall, all the protestors running. the crowds fighting back throwing anything they can, sticks, bottles, bags, a homemade bomb exploding into flames at the feet of police. this protestor dragged and beaten with a baton, taken away bloodied and in handcuffs. this sharp escalation following relatively peaceful demonstrations for almost the last two weeks. across the border, the chinese military continues staging exercises, a thinly-veiled threat. tonight hong kong's leaders strongly condemning the protests. more are expected sunday. the question, will the violence return too? tom? >> ian pannell right at the center of the violent confrontation. thank you. next to turbulent economy
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back home. the dropping dow and other indicators giving some cause for concern. but some consumers are cashing in. upgrading from renting their home, to buying one. why some experts say now may be a great time. here's abc's clayton sandell. >> reporter: a new recession may be coming, but right now may just be the right time to buy a home. laura maloney is hoping to go from renter to first-time home owner. >> we love denver. we love the walkability of denver. we love being able to walk to restaurants, bars, all of that kind of stuff. >> reporter: her realtor dave christie says plummeting mortgage rates are helping convince potential buyers to finally jump into the market. >> if someone bought a house today at the average price of any house in denver as opposed to six or seven months ago they're saving $250 to $300 a month. >> reporter: average mortgage rates are down. 3.5% on a 30-year fixed, but it's still a seller's market.
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>> prices are high in denver. >> reporter: because high demand from like maloney means more competition for the lower supply of homes currently for sale. >> there's still a huge demand for housing that's in that what we would call affordable, 300, 400,000. >> reporter: christie's advice is research what you can afford and get pre-approved for a loan. when locking in the right mortgage rate, timing is everything. if there is a recession, there's also a silver lining. a downturn in the economy can mean more homes for sale, that can help turn it into a buyer's market. tom? >> clayton, thank you. next, this weekend marking 400 years since slavery first began in this country. one family now learning of their own personal connection to the first slaves and the push to make sure that legacy is never forgotten. abc's zachary kiesch with that story. >> reporter: this cemetery part of our country's history that you won't find in most textbooks. these three words african american female etched on a tombstone. a reflection of the indignity of
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being forgotten. but tonight the push to make sure their names are remembered goes on. it's believed members of the first african families, brought to america as slaves 400 years ago this month, are buried here in in virginia. >> the first africans arrived here and would have walked up this road behind us. >> slaves? >> yeah. >> reporter: records show the first slave, a woman known as angelo was brought from angola to jamestown island in 1619. wanda tucker and her family believe william tucker, the first african baby to be baptized in america, is their ancestor. >> 400 years later we're telling these stories. and we need to be acknowledged for our contributions in the building of america. >> reporter: in recent years the family used ground censoring technology to scan the tucker family cemetery. in the process discovering the remains of over 100 african americans. many hope this work will bring
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healing. >> what do you pull from from knowing your history? >> i can trace my lineage back that far. it gives me a sense of feeling like i am somebody. >> tom, the tucker family knows their history in a way that many african american families do not. they draw real strength from that. what's happening in virginia is an important chapter in understanding who we are as a country and who we are as a people. >> zachary, what was it like to be on that coast where those first slaves took their first steps in this country? >> it's hard to articulate. there is something there. many call that sacred ground. there's a story there yet to be told. >> zach kiesch, with a powerful report. thank you for that. >> there's much more tonight on "world news tonight." that video of a man dragged outside a mcdonald's. how the company is responding? nasa investigating what could be the first crime ever committed in space.
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use caution driving or operating machinery. tell your doctor if you've had mental health problems. the most common side effect is nausea. quit smoking slow turkey. talk to your doctor about chantix. back now with what could be the first crime committed in space. back now with allegations of a crime committed in space. an astronaut accused of illegally accessing her estranged wife's bank records while aboard the international space station. here's abc's adrienne bankert. >> very excited to be back on earth. >> reporter: tonight, nasa investigating the first allegation of a crime committed in space. astronaut anne mcclain now accused by her estranged wife summer warden of unlawfully accessing their bank account records as part of a messy custody battle. warden, a former air force intelligence officer, says it's part of a calculated plan by mcclain to gain shared parental rights over warden's son briggs, whom she had before the two were in a relationship.
5:49 pm
>> i've been living a nightmare. i was also placed under a restraining order from anne that i could not leave harris county with my son without anne's written permission. >> reporter: mcclain tweeting this statement tonight saying, there's unequivocally no truth to these claims. the west point grad has not denied accessing the bank records. however through her attorney she says she used passwords that were never changed, doing what she had done for years while helping raise briggs make sure the finances for the household were in order. nasa, releasing a statement, calling mcclain "one of nasa's top astronauts." tonight an attorney for mcclain says she is fully cooperating with the investigation. tom? >> adrienne, thank you. when we come back a gator on the green. the animal walking on a golf course coming dangerously close to a golfer. you won't believe what that golfer did next. stay with us. golfer. you won't believe what that golfer did next. stay with us. oh delicious. or delicious... or fun. ♪
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this is mia's pulse, and now it's more stable than ever. this is what medicare from blue cross blue shield does for mia. and with over 80 years of healthcare expertise, imagine what we can do for you. this is the benefit of blue. time now for the index and a growing outrage after a man was dragged out of a mcdonald's in philadelphia. cell phone video shows employees pulling the man across the floor by his hands and feet. eye witnesses say the man was refusing to leave the restaurant. mcdonald's says it is investigating the incident. the employees involved have been
5:53 pm
temporarily suspended. now to the search for the driver behind a violent road rage incident in new york city. dash cam video capturing the moment a man begins repeatedly punching the driver while a passenger was inside. the suspect jumping into the cab following a minor crash. two women are then seen pulling the man off the driver. police are hoping someone recognizes the suspect. a professional wakeboarder proving nothing can break his golf game. look at this. steel lafferty was playing a round in florida when a seven-foot alligator strolled across the green. lafferty then tees up, hitting the ball right over the gator's head. he even made par on the hole, posting on social media, "golfing in florida, is just different." when we come back, america strong. a man with nowhere to turn, down on his luck, trying to find his family runs into the one man that can help. it's an amazing story. stay with us. family runs into the one man that can help. it's an amazing story. it's an amazing story. stay with us. and the industry's first true zero expense ratio index funds offered directly to investors.
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finally tonight, a man who had lost touch with his family on a mission to find them but losing his way. that is until a police officer heard his story and decided to help. it's america strong. >> reporter: when police ran into jose lopez, he had been wandering the streets for nearly two weeks, but it had been a lifetime since he saw his daughters. offerer shawn pfeiffer an out reach specialist went to work making dozens of phone calls able to track down one of jose's daughters. >> we got a really weird voice mail about someone looking for us for dad. i was shaken. i didn't know what to think. >> reporter: that wasn't the end for officer pfeiffer. he wanted to give this family a reunion to remember. with the help of out reach organizations he gave jose a new hair cut, a shave, a new set of clothes. this is the moment father and daughters reunited after 25 years. >> my babies!
5:58 pm
>> reporter: the 61-year-old father divorced from their mother when they were younger. he travelled to florida for work and unknown to his daughters suffered a series of strokes losing contact with his family completely. earlier this month with an old address he made the 1,000-mile journey from florida to find his daughters eventually landing at a new jersey train station. >> he landed on the streets of newark just walking around, not knowing what to do. >> reporter: for angela the emotion was too much. >> i was that little girl. >> as soon as i saw him, seeing the condition he was in broke my heart. everything just melted away. it was like there's my dad. >> reporter: the family back together. there's a lot of catching up. jose now has 14 grandchildren and tonight he told us life couldn't be more perfect. >> best feeling in the world. >> big congrats
5:59 pm
tonight on "abc 7 news" at 6:00, protests over climate change at the democratic national committee meeting. what happened today when it came up for a vote. and getting ready for wildfires. the bay area community that went through a drill just to make sure they're ready. more solar panel problems for tesla. the major retailer that says they were involved in a fire. "abc 7 news" at 6:00 starts now. hello, i'm eric thomas. >> i'm die on-lim. right away the final day of the dnc summer meeting in san % francisco took a dramatic turn. >> today they rejected a move to allow the party's presidential candidates to hold aeb clusively about climate change. >> party chairman tom perez initially shot down the idea, arguing the move would only allow other single-issue debates. under pressure from activists, perez allowed a vote and called
6:00 pm
on members for comment. in the end, party members rejected the resolution, saying there were too many important issues to discuss. >> i don't need a specific focus climate debate at the expense of a debate that i would also want on immigration. >> well, activists protested the move on the street outside. east bay congresswoman barbara lee was among those that supported a debate dedicated to climate change, saying it has a serious impact on other big issues like gun violence and poverty. the republican national committee had this response to the dnc meeting. quote, it's only appropriate the democrats chose san francisco as the home to some of the most destructive progressive policies in the nation, including higher taxes and government over regulation. this is the perfect opportunity for voters to see what they would be getting into with a kamala harris, bernie sanders or elizabeth warren presidency. new details now on a mobile home fire in brtw


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