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tv   ABC7 News 600PM  ABC  August 24, 2019 6:00pm-6:30pm PDT

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perez allowed a vote and called on members for comment. in the end, party members rejected the resolution, saying there were too many important issues to discuss. >> i don't need a specific focus climate debate at the expense of a debate that i would also want on immigration. >> well, activists protested the move on the street outside. east bay congresswoman barbara lee was among those that supported a debate dedicated to climate change, saying it has a serious impact on other big issues like gun violence and poverty. the republican national committee had this response to the dnc meeting. quote, it's only appropriate the democrats chose san francisco as the home to some of the most destructive progressive policies in the nation, including higher taxes and government over regulation. this is the perfect opportunity for voters to see what they would be getting into with a kamala harris, bernie sanders or elizabeth warren presidency. new details now on a mobile home fire in brentwood. investigators now say it appears
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to be suspicious. we also learned someone was injured in that fire. a man suffered burns to his legs and a firefighter was also evaluated for heat-related symptoms. the fire started yesterday afternoon and flames spread to a garage and property next door. firefighters say the mobile home along with vehicles, boats and other items were badly damaged. today marks the fifth anniversary of the napa earthquake that rocked wine country. the powerful 6.0 quake hit at about 3:20 in the morning and was the largest to strike the bay area since the loma prieta quake in 1989. one person was killed and about 200 others injured. the most visible damage was downtown napa.ed the historic crt th postal station however still needs to be fixed and some roads are just now getting cracks repaired. >> meantime, they are preparing for another disaster this weekend in the north bay
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wildfires. sonoma county held its first full-scale evacuation drill this morning. neighbors in santa rosa who signed up for an alert practiced evacuating their homes and driving through evacuation routes. the american red cross handed out information and also answered questions on disaster preparedness. sonoma county is identifying other high-priority areas and plans to work with those communities on more evacuation exercises. the mountain fire in shas au county is now 60% contained. it started thursday near redding and has destroyed 14 buildings, seven of them homes. it burned 600 acres and people that live along bear mountain road have been evacuated. two people have been injured, but their injuries are minor. the cause of that fire is under investigation. this wildfire is burning not from where the car fire burned last year. that fire scorched nearly 200,000 acres in shasta and trinity counties. animals are being sheltered at different locations.
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ranchers in the rural community had to move horses and other livestock. cats, dogs and other indoor pets had to find make-shift homes. veterinarian clinics and shelters have taken in some of the lower animals and the rodeo grounds took in livestock. >> we had three miniature horses, we had two gets, roughly 20 sheep. >> many of the animals have been able to return home with their owners as evacuations are lifted. california wildlife officials are asking people not to keep nutria as pets. the orange-toothed rodents may soon be added to the list of prohibited pets in the state. their burrowing causes damage to waterways and there can be up to 12 of the aquatic animals in a i.t. ler. they were imported from south america in the early 1900s for the fur trade before the market collapsed. and on the peninsula, a man accused of stealing a truck in june was arrested after police say he tried to sell it earlier
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this week. the san mateo county sheriff's office says 68-year-old jose barrenechea took a toyota tacoma for a test drive and never came back. deputies were called to la honda on thursday after someone spotted the suspect and stolen vehicle. they say the guy was trying to sell the truck to another person and was arrested. at least five inmates were hurt in a prison riot in san diego. it happened friday night in the yard of the donovan correctional facility. as many as 80 inmates were involved. no guards were hurt in the uprising. the department of corrections and rehabilitation says at least four weapons were found at the scene. the state prison opened in 1987 and houses about 3,800 inmates. in the east bay police spent the day teaching people about the dangers of drinking and driving. >> "abc 7 news" was in concord for the know your limit program. officers spent time at taco fest in the plaza showing people how little alcohol it takes to reach the legal limit. volunteers took breath lieser
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tests to see if they can guess their blood alcohol content. in california the limit is .08%. a persons limit varies based on weight, time and the type of drink. >> we are offering this so people can see if they consumed some alcohol where they would rate in that scale. >> the average cost of a dui is around $13,000. that accounts for impound fees, fines, attorney's fees and insurance hikes. walmart isn't the only major company that's apparently having problems with tesla's solar panels. amazon says a fire at one of its warehouses in southern california involved a solar panel system installed by solar city. tesla bought solar city in 2016. the company's founders are cousins of tesla ceo elon musk. amazon says it has no plans to install any more of the solar systems because earlier in the week walmart sued tesla over the solar panels, saying they sparked fires at seven stores. an update on a story we
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first brought to you earlier in the week. the rally in the east bay today to help an 87-year-old man who escaped the holocaust keep the apartment he has lived in for over 15 years. and building a better bay area takes all kinds of solutions. see how some kids are using games to try to fix some of the biggest problems. and is this the end of the road for the panda? the significant injury that's going to sideline the giant's infielder for the rest of the season. and i'm meteorologist drew tuma. a bright start to the weekend saturday, but even warmer weather moves in tomorrow. we will have the details in the accuwe
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now from abc 7, live breaking news. and that breaking news is in san francisco where a police officer has been involved in a collision. >> "abc 7 news" reporter cornell barnard is not far -- actually has just arrived at the scene at geary and webster. cornell, give us an idea of what you have learned. >> reporter: yeah, dion and eric, i got good news about the officer. we are told that he is going to be okay, but this is as far as we can get right now here on geary. we are about a block away from where this incident occurred you are looking down at webster and geary street. we are told initially that an accident involving an officer with a possible auto burglary suspect, which, like i said,
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happened on webster street. it is unclear if there was a chase earlier this afternoon th it did end with a crash or a collision. we have been told the suspect was injured and taken to the hospital. the condition of that person is unknown, but i was just told by an officer here on scene that the police officer that was involved in this incident is going to be okay. need to talk to you about the traffic in this area. it is really, really bad. if you are in the area or planning to come here to the japan town area, you might want to avoid it all together. geary is closed between golf and fillmore. a lot of people are taking alternate routes. there are a lot of detours, a lot of confused drivers trying to get around this area. again, this is all that we know. auto burglary suspect taken to the hospital. officer involved in this crash, collision or chase, is going to be okay. that's the initial report now. we'll have more tonight at
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11:00. i'm cornell barnard reporting live in san francisco, "abc 7 news." >> thank you very much. well, "abc 7 news" is committed to building a better bay area, and that means not only identifying problems but also searching for solutions for everything from the homeless to traffic to the classroom. it is a collective effort as we look to improve the quality of life for everyone. >> now, today we are introducing you to an innovative oakland-based tech training program that's getting east bay students involved in designing and producing their very own video games. >> "abc 7 news" reporter luz pena is live in oakland with more on the story. tell us about it, luz. >> reporter: eric and dion, i have to confess i'm not much of a gamer, but what is happening inside of this place is more than students creating and designing video games. it is truly inspirational. i spoke to several students who love video games, but they got a chance to finally be able to come up with their own video game. i spoke to one student who said they created a video game based on their experience with their mom. this was beautiful.
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i spoke to other students who also came up with the idea of creating a video game based on what they've seen here in the streets of oakland, side shows. we spoke also to the ceo of game test and this is what he had to say. >> we work with low income students of color in the east bay. we teach them game design and development from the ground up. we train for about 1,092 hours per year. so from january to june we train them up. >> reporter: like going to a side show, is it the same feel, the same look? what would you say? >> well, our game is a take on, you know, what if, you know, oakland was allowed side shows or the bay area legalized side shows. so, you know, we wanted to take that approach. >> reporter: now, around 60 students developed 11 games in total based on issues that matter most to them including i goto s also jumped into excepl
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some of the games here and played a little bit. they taught me a little bit of i'll show you what i got to do tonight at 11:00. back to you guys. >> i was just about to ask you if you're going to play some games for 11:00. luz pena live. >> reporter: i knew it. >> thanks so much. appreciate it. we want to hear your ideas about building a better bay area. you can share them by joining our better bay area group on facebook. a rally took place today for an 87-year-old alameda man who is facing a rent hike that he is not able to afford and facing eviction because of it. "abc 7 news" was in alameda where michael rishan held the hands of supporters and neighbors at the rally in front of the dune apartments on shoreline drive. he has lived there since 2002. he said his section 8 status is not protecting him from the rising cost of living and the landlord wants to hike the rent by $700 a month. housing advocates plan to fight the rent hike on his behalf. >> he's in the process of going through the different court steps to try to be able to stay.
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he is charging discrimination. she has openly said that she is evicting him because he's on section 8. you are not allowed to do that. >> he recently lost his son to cancer. margaret tam owns the building and declined to talk with "abc 7 news". just ahead, it is not just a boat. the story behind this racing yacht docked in the bay area, and how it helped break down barriers. and meteorologist drew tuma is up next with the accuweather forecast. >> jimmy g. and the 49ers preseason action, highlights ahead. how the
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visit, to learn more. san francisco welcomed an historic yacht with an all-woman crew to its ports today. >> how cool. the yacht named "the maiden" is traveling around the world to raise money and awareness for girls' education. they stopped at the st. francis yacht club this morning to share their message. the first team was first formed in 1989 and faced a lot of resistance from other sailors. this crew just came back from travels abroad in egypt, sri lanka, australia and hawaii. the voyage will take three years to complete. all right. the question is was it foggy or
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sunny as they sailed into san francisco? >> i saw an image outside that looked a little bit of both, drew. >> yes, you have a little bit of fog working through the golden gate bridge, but for many of us a lot of sunshine on our saturday. that fog is not going to be too widespread overnight tonight as the marine layer is kind of compressed as we warm up. live doppler 7 along with the satellite showing you the fog footprint along our coastline. the tam cam on this saturday evening, just a thin layer of fog working through the bay right now. some coastal clouds, and it will be pretty foggy along the coast but it will be a pretty clear start to the day for a lot of us tomorrow morning. tomorrow will be a warmer day than today. look at temperatures earlier in the morning at 9:00 in oakland and napa, starting in the 60s. that sun really efficient at warming us up. so by the afternoon look at the east bay, oakland, very close though 80 degrees tomorrow afternoon. it is about five degrees warmer than you were today. napa even warmer than that, getting close to 90 degrees. it will be very warm in the north bay and even warmer air moves in here on monday. so the warming trend is underway.
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right now we have our microclimate in full effect. 91, brentwood. 81, fremont. 82, napa. san jose coming in at 76 degrees. overnight tonight, really limited fog around the bay. it is cloudy along the coast, but that's about it. mainly clear skies away from the coast, and temperatures will bottom out in the mid 50s to mid 60s overnight tonight. the reason why we're warming up? live doppler 7 along with satellite, this ridge of high pressure is going to strengthen in the next 24 hours and it will bring in the warmer weather, also compress our marine layer as well. we will time out the fog for you first thing on your sunday. we will stop the clock at 7:00 in the morning. some patchy fog over san francisco and parts of the east bay, cloudy along the coastline and that's about it. that fog quickly pulls back to the coast. a lot of sunshine for us tomorrow and, again, a warmer afternoon on the way. take a look at the high tomorrow. starting in the south bay, 90 the high in san jose. a lot of sunshine in the south bay tomorrow. 89 in santa clara. 93, morgan hill. 88, couper tina.
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79 in san mateo. 84 the high in mountain view. half moon bay about 65 degrees. downtown san francisco, a lot of sunshine in the afternoon tomorrow, 72 in the city. 74, south san francisco. cooler along the coast, 66 degrees. 95, cloverdale. 90, napa. same in sonoma. sausalito, nice along the water tomorrow. the east bay, a lot of sunshine after patchy morning fog. 79, bergkley tomorrow. 83 in fremont. inland hot tomorrow afternoon. 96 the high in antioch and the same in brentwood. 94 in walnut creek. the accuweather seven-day forecast, warmer finish to the weekend tomorrow and then it turns hot for a lot of us on monday. the good news is temperatures begin to cool after that, but humidity will be on the rise and by midweek it is muggy and a little bit cloudier. now sports from "abc 7 news". head coach kyle shanahan said he would like to play jimmy garoppolo about half in the
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third preseason game at kansas city. so here we go. goodwin, high fives for the kids first quarter. last year's mvp patrick mahomes flips it to damion williams and he is gone. shakes a tackle. 62 yards to the house and like that k.c. up 7-0. garoppolo and company answer, third and -- third shot here. jimmy g. down the field, and that was nice. 33-yard play. the 20, next play. garoppolo goes the other way to matt breeda and a nice catch in the end zone. the score there. 10-10 as we were approaching halftime. pablo sandoval has not played since august 9. unfortunately, it is the last game of his 2019 season. the giants announcing he will undergo tommy johns surgery in september, effectively ending the year. he was initially placed on the injured list on august 14th with right elbow inflammation but today revealed he needs tommy johns. >> it is tough for me because i want to keep playing. i want to help this team,
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especially right now. we in this race and, you know, i don't want to get out, but, you know, at the same time things happen for a reason. >> highlights at 11:00. dodgers host the yankees, potential world series preview in l.a. l.a. strikes first. turner, lift off to left. two-run shot off vallejo c.c. sabathia. 2-0. the pride of fresno state, aaron judge, all rise to center field. his second homer in as many days. top nine, dodgers, 2-1. jensen, he shut the door. 2-1, dodgers. on abc 7 little league world series, louisiana taking on hawaii. fifth anyoniinning scoreless. 3-0 there. five run for them and they keep on adding on. reese russell, two rbi knock.
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he set a little league world series record. louisiana wins 9-5. they will play the winner of this game in the championship tomorrow. curacao faces japan. his brother plays for curacao. in the sixth inning, japan, bases loaded. they get a wild pitch. a two-run score. 5-4 all of a sudden. next batter, liner to left center. it is caught. curacao wins 5-4. they will play louisiana championship game tomorrow on abc 7. most of the superstars not playing for team usa team up for the fifa basketball world cup instead. team usa had one 78 straight international tournaments or exhibition games but third quarter, usa up eight. jason tatum of the celtics slams it home. usa up ten, but later in the third, a st. mary's star for andrew, three ball is good.
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just two. popovich not liking that fourth quarter. mills, the bank is open. four-point game and they continue to roll. mills scored 30 point for australia and they snapped that winning streak, 98-84-78 game streak is snapped. hey, did you see this? earlier this week warriors' ambassador donald foil fed his swing in for kids. chris mullin and many more were there to help raise money for a foundation that helps kids with educational and athletic opportunities. great time in alamo earlier this week. >> he is a great guy. thank you, chris. just ahead, coming soon, lots of new disney movies including a "frozen" sequel. we will give you a sampling of oh thaphenomenal!, that's unfair. that's so unfair.
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♪ try my $4.99 barbeque bacon double cheeseburger combo. tonight on "abc 7 news" at 11:00, lightning strikes during the pga tour championship injuring several spectators. witnesses describe the moment it happened. plus, caught on camera. how a pet cat is managing to scare off coyotes in one california homeowner's backyard. disney is dropping all kind of teasers for upcoming movies at its d23 convention this weekend. >> nearly 7,000 people jammed the convention hall today and got a peek at the upcoming "star wars" film and "frozen 2" and
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other works. "black panther 2" is coming but all that was revealed on may 26, 2022. you need to find me there. that's where i will be. disney is the parent company for "abc 7 news." if you need to find me for next year's d23 maybe i will be there. >> she will need the time off. >> too early? >> never too early. >> that's it for "abc 7 news" at 6:00. see you back here tonight at 11:00. ♪
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