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tv   ABC World News Tonight With David Muir  ABC  August 25, 2019 5:30pm-6:00pm PDT

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watched it. family at work that watched it. >> just like tonight, president trump's second thoughts on the trade war. hours before the american stock market reopens, president trump is asked if he has any regrets about his escalating trade war with china. why the white house is now clarifying his answer. trouble in the tropics. dorian gaining strength. a new update just in. possibly becoming a hurricane as it nears puerto rico. plus, deadly storms from the midwest to the south. in the fire zone. devastating wildfires burning across the amazon. our reporter on the front lines as a u.s. supertanker arrives to help battle this global crisis. city in chaos. riot police clashing with pro-democracy demonstrators. firing warning shots and tear gas. kicking protesters on the ground. >> that's tear gas. let's move, let's move, let's move. >> our ian pannell right in the
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middle of it all. the massive explosion. a shopping center blown apart hours before opening. the blast felt from miles away. handcuffed at home. >> i'm at home. >> the homeowner put in cuffs after his home security system was tripped by mistake. also tonight, the deputy now facing charges for allegedly faking reports of a sniper attack. why the sheriff says it was all a hoax. and leaving the game. star quarterback andrew luck's stunning decision. retiring at 29. fans booing him as he walks off the field. the reason why he's calling it quits. and good evening. thanks for joining us on this sunday. i'm tom llamas. and we begin tonight with president trump's surprising comments about his escalating trade war with china just hours before the stock markets open in the u.s. the president surrounded by leaders at the g-7 summit in france, insisting america's allies are not pressuring him
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over his tariff battles. reporters asking if he is having second thoughts about the trade war, his confusing answer and the white house clarification. millions of americans worried about the economy, a possible recession, and their 401(k)s following friday's market plunge. jonathan karl at the g-7 to lead us off. >> reporter: for a president who rarely, if ever expresses regret, today in france, president trump made what seemed to be a surprising admission. >> mr. president, any second thoughts on escalating the trade war with china? >> yeah, sure. why not? >> reporter: second thoughts? yes? >> might as well. might as well. >> do you have second thoughts about escalating the war with china? >> i have second thoughts about everything. >> reporter: at the same time, the president struck a decidedly more conciliatory tone towards the chinese. >> we're getting along very well with china right now. we're talking. i think they want to make a deal much more than i do. >> reporter: he said he was dropping, at least for now, his threat of declaring an economic emergency to force u.s. companies out of china.t to, if
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want, i have no plan right now. >> reporter: but just a few hours after the president acknowledged those, quote, second thoughts, white house press secretary stephanie grisham put an entirely different spin on the president's words. issuing this statement -- "his answer has been greatly misinterpreted. president trump responded in the affirmative because he regrets not raising the tariffs higher." >> reporter: those words from the press secretary would seem to signal a ratcheting up of the trade war with china, but shortly after that, the treasury secretary signaled the president had simply misheard the question. does he have second thoughts and believe tariffs should be higher, or did he not hear the question? >> again, he doesn't have second thoughts about what he's done. if anything, he wanted to clarify that if he had second thoughts, it would be to raise the tariffs. >> reporter: and is that something that's really on the table, raising tariffs? >> not at the moment, okay? but if china retaliates again, that's obviously an option the president would consider.
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>> jon, another surprise at the g-7 today. the iranian foreign minister tweeting this photo of his sidelines meeting. we see french president macron as well. some of the president's allies calling the invitation to iran disrespectful to the u.s. what are you hearing from the white house tonight? >> reporter: tom, it was quite a sight, to see an iranian jet in the south of france as the summit was getting under way. that said, stephanie grisham did not respond to inquiries. the treasury secretary was also asked about it. didn't directly respond. but did note that president trump has said that if the iranians want to meet with the united states, the president is willing to have those meetings without preconditions. and the president himself said earlier, you can't stop people from talking. if they want to talk, they can talk. >> jon, thank you.
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and back here at home, some dangerous weather tonight heading into monday. and an update on tropical storm dorian. thunderstorms and flash flooding possible from new orleans to the dakotas. police say a woman died when her car was swept away in arkansas. and news tonight on the six victims injured in a lightning strike at the pga tour championships, all six now recovering at home. and dorian possibly becoming a hurricane as it nears puerto rico later this week. we just learned it's gaining strength at this hour. let's get right to jeff smith. good evening. >> the tropics certainly getting active. but in the mainland, in the dakotas, some wind and hail. with any thunderstorms from pierre to fargo. and heavy rain from new orleans up to chicago. could be a messy morning commute tomorrow. and dorian gaining strength, with 50-mile-per-hour sustained winds. expected to be a strong tropical storm on tuesday.
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then coming close to puerto rico, in the cone of uncertainty. could be peaking out as a minimal hurricane, before weakening. and another system developing off of florida, that will stay clear of the u.s. east coast. but it will increase the risk of rip currents and rough surf. with an 80% chance of development as it heads to sea. >> jeff, thank you. we move to the global crisis, the amazon in flames as the world watches. massive wildfires sweeping across the rain forest, covering an area the equivalent of detroit to los angeles. the u.s. sending its supertanker to fight the fires. and 44,000 members of the brazilian military called in as reinforcements. here's matt gutman, in the fire zone. >> reporter: those images tonight, apocalyptic. the amazon on fire. brazil's air force deploying c-130 tankers streaming out 3,000 gallons per drop. and the bolivian government contracting this u.s.-based
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747 supertanker, capable of carrying 19,000 gallons. those assets, including 44,000 brazilian troops sent to the fire line. miniscule, given the scale of fires erupting across this region. in brazil alone, about 80,000 fires have burned, many caused by farmers leveling a record amount of forest. the amazon producing 20% of the world's oxygen. we saw it from the air. i've been covering fires for years now. i've never seen burn scars like this. and on the ground. joining members of the corumba fire brigade, 30 men covering an area twice the size of new jersey. the tools they have are pretty rudimentary. you can see they have these -- they look like floor mats in cars and they are using sticks to slap down the fire. no fire trucks, no hoses. sometimes just kicking the fire. and then through a curtain of fire, this man appeared.
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he said his name is jefferson and that he first reported the fire. at first, attacking it by himself. he is showing us how he was putting out the fires. the fire burning the shirt off his back. but he stayed, as did those weary firefighters. they were out there for 29 consecutive hours. no radios, no fire trucks, no help. the u.s. and other governments have offered assistance, but so far, the brazilian president says he doesn't need any. tom? >> matt, thank you. now to the violence chaos erupting on the streets of hong kong. police in riot gear clashing with pro-democracy demonstrators. often officer firing a warning shot. the situation on the brink of spiraling out of control. here's ian pannell, in the thick of it all. >> reporter: tonight, anarchy on the streets of hong kong. protesters charging at police with sticks and umbrellas.
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and then listen. that's the sound of live ammunition, used for the first time since the three-month fight for the future of this city erupted. police firing that warning shot, then pointing their weapons directly at demonstrators. one officer losing control with an unarmed protester. water cannons deployed onto the streets. this weekend has seen a sharp escalation in violence. they have given warnings to the crowd, they are now going ahead. bringing an end to almost two weeks of calm here. today, police launching a relentless barrage of tear gas. there's more tear gas canisters being brought forward as some of the protesters are literally picking them up and trying to throw them back. forcing us to take cover. move, move, move. the air thick with smoke. and anger on both sides. 15 officers injured, 56 protesters arrested. this is certainly the worst situation we've seen, the most
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violence, the most tear gas, and the most resistance from the protesters. the question now is how long will china tolerate these scenes? and just across the border, chinese troops, some dressed in civilian clothes. appearing to role play protesters. staging drills, armored trucks by the stadium. a dark reminder, they're able to move into this chinese territory if hong kong police lose control. >> ian, you were showing how the situation there is escalating further? >> reporter: that's right. the chinese have warned if hong kong can't control the situation, they certainly will. and it seems that something changed this weekend. if the violence continues or even escalates, the chances of seeing chinese troops crossing over the border will only grow. >> ian, thank you. here in the u.s., we move on to the surprising twist in the search for a possible sniper in los angeles county. the sheriff revealing it was all a hoax. a deputy claiming he was shot in
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the shoulder and saved by his bulletproof vest. he's now accused of making it all up. the sheriff not mincing words. here's will carr. >> reporter: tonight, this is the call when a deputy claimed a sniper shot him in the shoulder. >> i have taken shots from the north of the lancaster helipad. heard two shots go off. my shirt's ripped to the right. >> reporter: but now, authorities say that deputy made the story up. >> we are incredibly disappointed to have to report to you that the reported sniper assault was fabricated by our deputy. >> reporter: on wednesday, officials believed a sniper shot 21-year-old angel reinosa, a los angeles county sheriff's deputy. >> and the only reason that deputy is alive is because he had his vest on. >> reporter: the claim setting off a massive manhunt. the s.w.a.t. team storming a nearby apartment complex, even raiding people's homes. but authorities say there was no evidence a shooting even took place. and now they say the deputy made a stunning admission. >> he also told investigators that he had caused the holes in his uniform shirt by cutting it with a knife.
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there was no sniper, no shots fired, and no gunshot injury. >> reporter: in a strongly worded facebook post, reinosa's fellow deputies say they're angry, embarrassed, furious, and ashamed. authorities say they're not sure why the deputy lied, but say he's expected to be fired and will likely be charged for reporting a false crime. >> will, thank you. next, i.c.e. facing new backlash. shutting down a hotline helping detained immigrants to receive legal help. i.c.e. taking action less than two weeks after the hotline was featured on a popular show. here's rachel scott. >> reporter: it was a scenario immigration advocates hoped would only play out on screen. >> you have to be careful, though. okay? apparently, if they figure out that you're using the hotline, big brother shuts it down. >> reporter: but that free hotline for detained immigrants depicted in the latest season of "orange is the new black" was real. >> i found this group online. it's called freedom for
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immigrants and they want to help people in here. >> reporter: and freedom for immigrants says after that episode aired, that featured their four-digit hotline for detainees, it was silenced. >> since our involvement in "orange is the new black," i.c.e. has completely shut down the hotline. >> reporter: in this letter to i.c.e., producers and actors with the show demanding the hotline be restored. in a statement, i.c.e. said organizations found to be violating the rules may be removed, adding detainees can still call the group directly. an i.c.e. official tells abc news the group was taken off for three-way calling and call forwarding, which are strictly prohibited, adding this group had been removed before for prohibited conduct. the group saying if the hotline is not restored, they'll see i.c.e. in court. tom? >> rachel, thank you. now to the 2020 election, the new challenger entering the race. joe walsh announcing his primary campaign against president trump on "this week." walsh calling him unfit and a child. recent polls showing the
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president's approval rating among republicans above 80%. and next to andrew luck retiring at the age of 29. luck has battled a number of serious injuries over the years. fans booing him as he walked off the field, learning of his decision during a preseason game. here's stephanie ramos. >> reporter: tonight, veteran quarterback andrew luck is officially leaving the nfl after seven seasons. >> i'm going to retire, this is not an easy decision. honestly it's the hardest decision of my life. >> reporter: luck, at just 29 years old, was at the top of his game, but now calling it quits just before the start of the nfl regular season. that decision stunning fans and his teammates at last night's preseason game between the colts and the bears. the quarterback suffering years of debilitating injuries. >> i've been stuck in this process. i haven't been able to live the life i want to live. >> reporter: luck was sidelined the entire 2017 season. but he roared back last year, leading the colts to the
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playoffs, winning the comeback player of the year award. some fans learning the news in the stands. luck, walking off the field to boos. >> sounds like some of these fans are booing. >> i'd be lying if i said i didn't hear the reaction. yeah, it hurt. >> reporter: luck is giving up a $122 million contract. but the league says the colts will not try to recover any of his millions. >> a lot of emotion in the news conference. stephanie, thank you. "america strong," louisiana beating curacao, 8-0, to win the little league world series in williamsport, pennsylvania. the state's first appearance in the championship game. there's much more ahead on "world news tonight" this sunday. what one homeowner is calling a humiliating encounter with police. handcuffed in his own home in his underwear. what happened here? plus, the deadly highway crash. at least ten people raced to the hospital. and the explosion at a shopping center. how a worker putting in extra time at the office may have
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back now with the mixup a north carolina homeowner is calling humiliating. police putting him in handcuffs inside his own home. here's zachary kiesch. >> put your hands behind your back. >> tell me for what. >> reporter: a black businessman handcuffed in in his own house by police, speaking out tonight. >> this was one of the most humiliating experiences of my life. >> reporter: it started when 31-year-old kazeem oyeneyin, wearing only boxer shorts, is confronted by an officer at his front door, gun drawn. >> okay, all right, just come on out. you have a firearm in your hand? drop the gun. drop the gun. >> reporter: he states he's the homeowner but apparently only after the officer handcuffs him. >> do you live here? >> yup. >> okay. >> reporter: oyeneyin says he was sleeping when a friend triggered the alarm system. but he'd already spoken with the alarm company before officers arrived. but that didn't de-escalate the
5:49 pm
situation when a supervisor showed up. >> have a seat. 'cause we're gonna clear the rest of the house. >> reporter: while the officers searched the house, the situation wasn't resolved until a second supervising officer, who knew him, came and verified it was his house. raleigh police say they're looking into the incident and the officers' actions. they also say they have tried to reach out to the homeowner but have been unable to reach him. >> zachary, thank you. when we come back, the deadly midair disaster at a popular vacation spot. a helicopter and small plane colliding in the air. the details coming in. ly to severely active crohn's disease, stelara® works differently. studies showed relief and remission, with dosing every 8 weeks. stelara® may lower your ability to fight infections and may increase your risk of infections and cancer. some serious infections require hospitalization. before treatment, get tested for tb. tell your doctor if you have an infection or flu-like symptoms or sores,
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or dental procedures. what's around the corner could be surprising. ask your doctor about eliquis. time now for our "index." and the massive blast destroying a shopping center near baltimore. the building's owner says a social security employee catching up on paperwork early this morning reported a possible gas leak. emergency teams evacuating the area just a half hour before that building blew up. the explosion heard miles away. no injuries reported. and the tragic highway accident in north carolina. a van carrying 14 passengers crashing on i-95, killing at least 2 people and sending 10 others to the hospital. that vehicle heading to the new york metropolitan area. no official word on what caused the wreck. state highway patrol investigating tonight. and the midair collision overseas, over a popular vation. poceay a helicopter and a small plane collided in the skies over mallorca in spain, killing at least seven people. two children among the fatalities. an investigation now under way.
5:53 pm
and you may recall 14-year-old tim bannon of illinois, born without arms. the determination of his incredible box jump going viral. tonight, a new triumph for tim, navigating a chicago triathlon in under an hour. even as those choppy waters forced a course change. tim's message to kids everywhere, you can do it. what an amazing guy. right after this break, call it a time machine. how this one woman went back to 1957. it's an incredible story. stay with us.
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and treasures. an act of kindness taking one woman back to 1957. >> they found the purse back in this corner. >> reporter: in downtown detroit, construction workers just found a time capsule with one incredible treasure. this simple black purse. and inside, so many clues. photos, keys, a sailor's commission certificate, and a first aid card dated 1956 with the name margaret friedlander. >> it was so old, the purse was dusty, but everything inside the purse was amazing, that you just knew these were awesome things that someone would want back. >> reporter: the wife of the construction worker who found it posted what happened on facebook, showing the items in the purse. even googling margaret friedlander's wedding announcement to help in the search. >> and i found the names of margie's kids. >> reporter: eventually tracking down margaret's son, sending him the purse. >> when i looked through, right away it was clear this was my mom's stuff.
5:58 pm
>> reporter: and this is the moment margaret freidlander sees the purse she lost in 1957. >> do you remember it? >> yes. >> reporter: opening her purse and going back in time. >> it's just amazing that they're still intact. >> reporter: a photo of her father, who had died two years earlier. her prom picture. a social security card. a handkerchief given to her by her mother. the key to her office. lipstick and a compact with powder still in it. 62 years ago, this purse, these memories, were stolen from her. now back where they belong. >> it means a great deal to me. and now i'm crying again. but it does, it's things that i don't have anymore. >> what a find. thanks so much for watching tonight. i'm tom llamas in new york. have a great evening. good night.
5:59 pm
caught on camera, the incident at a bar that ended with two transgender people and gay man being tossed abc7 news at 6:00 starts now. >> now news to build a better bay area, from aibz. >> by day, it's one of the most popular and trendy neighborhoods for shopping in san francisco. but when night falls, businesses say it's a much different story, and they want police to do something about what's going on. good evening. thanks for joinings. an increase in store break-ins
6:00 pm
is leaving them beyond frustrated and looking for answers. >> cornell bernard is live for us on union street with a story you'll see only on abc7 news. cornell? >> dion, eric, it's been a tough summer for business owners on union street who fear break-ins are only getting worse here. >> it shouldn't happen. not in city. enough. eleanor carpenter says she has had it. a toy dog is good for a laugh outside her long-time union street store just jewels because needs more protection from steeves. >> it's out of control. >> she now has metal bars on the new ones. >> they got over there and they ran at the front door and threw their bodies and the alarm went off and scared them. >> thieves made another attempt to break in through her front window, but only cracked it. frustrating? >> maddening. not frustrating. maddening. the city has to do something besides:00 the garbage. >> merchants say there has


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