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tv   ABC7 News 500AM  ABC  August 26, 2019 5:00am-6:00am PDT

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an officer-involved shooting in el cerrito involving a police officer from san francisco. the new information that police just revealed. good morning on this monday, august 26th. >> thanks for joining us. you're never more than seven minutes away from my accuweather forecast. let's start with meteorologist mike nicco. >> we've got a spare-the-air today. inland east bay neighborhoods during the afternoon hours when the sunlight, the heat and the fossil fuel burning really all mixes into a soupy mess in that area. if you can, try to eliminate that. here is a look at live doppler 7. you see fog moving in through our coastal valleys, across the
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golden gate through the san bruno gap. as we look back towards downtown from our exploratorium camera at pier 15, temperatures this morning maybe a degree or two cooler than yesterday in your neighborhood. from mid 50s to mid 60s. mid to upper 60s at the coast. we'll go from upper 70s to upper 80s around the bay, upper 80s to upper 90s inland. still warm at 7:00. let's check the monday morning commute. good morning. we're finding lots of green out there. you will find the usual slowing right now as you make your way through tracy. that's where we see the heaviest traffic on westbound 205 continuing to the altamont pass. then it picks up after that. that drive time, tracy to castro valley is 56 minutes. that's our slow spot this morning. northbound 101 looking good. highway 85 to the san jose rportminutes. also fine on northbound 280 into san francisco. a live shot of the san mateo bridge travgs fl flo flo f
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well. el cerrito police are investigates a shooting involving an off duty san francisco police officer. >> abc 7 news reporter amy hollyfield is live there with the latest. good morning, amy. >> reporter: good morning, natasha. we asked police if the man who was shot, whether he was armed. he said he was. he didn't have a gun, wouldn't say what he was carrying. that is some of the new information we got from the scene. i also want you to see what's happening right now behind me. police investigators still here on the scene in el cerrito. the captain says they're doing a crime scene diagram which takes some time, he said. this happened at 10:00 last night. el cerrito police say the call came in around 10:00. when they got here, they realized that the shooter was an off duty san francisco police officer. they tell us the man who was
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shot is in his 40s. they have not released his name. it took some time for them to find the men involved. at first there were reports that the shooting maybe happened in front of the 24-hour fitness here. we're at mosier and kearny. but they found them outside a home right there at that intersection. >> the officer was at the scene still. the way i understand it, it was a little chaotic when they first got here, people called having heard shots, not knowing exactly from where they came. once they located the involved parties, nobody had fled or left the scene. >> reporter: police have not said what led up to the shooting. we asked if the off-duty police officer is facing the possibility of being arrested or if this appears to be a justified shooting, the captain would not answer, saying they are still interviewing him, still investigating what happened. they do expect the man who was shot to survive. live in el cerrito, amy hollyfield, abc 7 news. >> amy, thank you. this morning the suspects
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are still on the loose after a ro >> chaos erupted as shoppers thought there was an active shooter. the robbers were targeting a jewelry store. abc 7 news reporter jobina fortson is live in milpitas. >> reporter: reggie and natasha, the mall is nothing short of chaotic yesterday. shortly after the robbery, officers arrived to find people running from the mall. they thought there was an active shooter. that smash and grab robbery happened at the diamond jewelry store. investigators locked down the mall to search to make sure there was no shooter in the building. again, there was not. many witnesses thought they heard gunshots. >> i was in the middle of the mall when i heard what i thought was gunshots. it sounded like gunshots. maybe ten seconds later, i see this crowd of people just running for their lives.
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someone kept saying shots, shots, so i started running, too. >> reporter: police are looking for three suspects responsible for the robbery. they do not believe they were armed, but the group did get away with jewelry. reporting live from the great mall in milpitas, jobina fortson, abc 7 news. >> thank you jobina. two other mall robberies happened across the state within hours of that incident in milpitas. modesto police released this vance image showing two men robbing a jewelry store at the vintage fair mall yesterday afternoon. police say four men used a sledgehammer to break glass at the stofr, causing a loud noise and panic. they got away. in southern california, two suspects were arrested after reports of a possible shoopting at the topanga mall in canoga park. there was a smash and grab at the neiman marcus store. abc 7 sent out the push alert last night. you can find out about breaking news as it happens by
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downloading our free abc 7 news app. this morning hong kong lawmakers are blaming the other side for protests that escalated into violence. protesters clashed with police yesterday. protesters attacked officers were sticks, rods and water cannon trucks. police drew their guns and fired a warn shot. they also used teargas to gas t disburperse the crowd. pro democracy lawmakers say the government is responsible for introducing the extra decision legislation which sparked the protests to begin with. they also say police are selectively targeting government opponents. some san francisco business owners are frustrated and looking for answers after an increase in store break-ins. thieves have been targeting stores on union street. abc 7 news reporter cornell barnard has the story you'll see only on abc 7. >> it shouldn't happen. not in this city. enough. >> reporter: el door kafrpter says she's had it. a toy dog is good for a laugh
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outside her long-time union street store but she needs more protection from thieves. carpenter had her front door smashed and now has metal bars on the new ones. >> they got over there and ran at the front door and threw their bodies. the alarm went off and scared them. >> reporter: thieves made another at tell to break in through her front window, but only cracked it. >> frustrating? >> maddening, not frustrating. maddening. the city has to do something besides about the gar waj. >> reporter: merchants say there have been eight to nine break-ins in the last several months, all in the overnight hours. just last week someone stole cash and a few items. the pink bunny lingerie store was also hit. >> they came in and stole the cash from the register. >> it's gotten more incense the last couple months. >> this man believes transients could be the culprits. he showed us this surveillance
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video clip of a woman who throws a cup of coffee and knocks items off shelves. he then told her to leave. >> we're hoping the mayor can cleanp tet we're still waiting to see what happens. >> reporter: police telomere chants no suspects have been identified, but many want to see more patrols on union street overnight. >> we definitely do need more patrolling around here. >> reporter: so far no response from sfpd. her clants say police have told them they plan to increase patrols at night here on union street. we'll see what happens. in san francisco, cornell barnard, abc 7 news. let's talk about the weather. here are some of our coolest temperatures this morning. mid to upper 50s on the peninsula. we've got a string of 54s, half moon bay, pacifica, daly city. 56 in menlo park and san bruno are the cool spots on the other side. 54 at palo alto. 60 in fremont. san jose 61. in the hills of los gatos, 72. the warm air is lurking in the hills this in
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interior neighbooods, taking it to 73 in that. this is the way it looks for mt. tam, 73 right now. you can see a few patches of diffused light from the bulbs down there, the street lights if you will. that's some of the patchy fog that's out there. sunny spots at the coast today. calm conditions there. out and about, really too hot this afternoon to be walking the dogs. let's look at the neighborhood temperatures, 55 in the north bay, 75 at 11:00. upper 80s most of the afternoon hours. a nice 75 at 7:00. for the east bay we're stuck in the 60s through 9:00. about 80 at noon and mid 80s to upper 80s from 1:00 to 6:00. 78 at 7:0as weeadsc warmen ave from 56 this morning, 60s through noon and low to mid 70s from 1:00 to 5:00, down to a comfortable 65 by 7:00. hottest day of the year.
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at's going to affect some tre t residents. coventry road at valley road will be closed for the next 45 days or so. plan on extra delays if you live through that area. elsewhere, we have lots of green traffic out there. a live shot of interstate 80 for headlights moving westbound through emeryville, berkeley, to the bay bridge toll plaza which is now backed up behind the end of the parking lot. you can see the fastrak lanes also slow. as we check out the drive time, that middle bar, westbound 80, highway 4 to the maze still only 17 minutes. new overnight, the ntsb investigating the cause of this plane crash at the santa barbara airport. all seven people got out safety. the aircraft was a c-130, typically used in disaster relief, coming from santa maria
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after departing from hilo, hawaii. fuel was spilling from the aira a part of the wing broke off. coming up, 7 thi 7 thi to know. president trump has a new republican challenger. the form
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it's 5:13. if you're just joining us, here are the 7 things you need to know before you go. in off duty officer shot a man during a confrontation on mosier lane near kearny street. no word on what led to the shooting. the man shot by the officer is expected to survive. a police lockdown at the great mall in milpitas has been lifted after a robbery inside a jewelry store. in the chaos, some shoppers thought there was an active shooting. the three suspects are still on the loose. harvey weinstein is scheduled to return to court to face a new indictment. prosecutors say it involved sopranos actress anabela she ora. president trump wrapping up the g7 sunl mitt in france. he says trade talks are back on after he reached out. he's hopeful a deal will be made. live from the exploratorium camera, 56 right now, it will be 76 in san francisco which is about eight degrees above
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average. when you look at san rafael and concord into the mid to upper 90s, 12 and 13 degrees warmer than average. it's gtoday. number six, a dead animal reported westbound 80 at the cummings sky way. here is a live look of headlights moving through emeryville. the fog is moving in as well. number seven, in case you missed it, here is your first look at emma stone playing clue ella de vil. you'll have to wait a mitt. it doesn't hit theaters until may of 2021. disney is the parent company of abc 7. president trump now has two republican challenger. former illinois congressman joe walsh is going after the republican nomination in 2020. >> i'm running because he's unfit. somebody needs to step up, and there needs to be an alternative. the country is sick of this guy's tantrum. he's a child. >> walsh made that announcement in an exclusive interview on
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this week with george stephanopoulos. he was once a supporter of mr. trump but has become a fierce critic. walsh joins former massachusetts governor bill weld. the public is invited to talk about climate change and the environment. congressman mark deson yea will host a town hall tonight in moraga. he wants to discussion how trump administration policies are affecting the environment. taxi drivers in san francisco are struggling to make a living. about half of them want to sell their permits which allows them to run their own cabs. the permits which are called medallions cost $250,000 each. many drivers are in debt trying to pay them off. some cab drivers tell the chronicle they received foreclosure notices on their medallion loans. ride share services like uber and lyft have cut into their taxi business. time to flood social media with your cutest dog pictures. today is national dog day.
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>> shout-out to our adorable dogs. look at woodstock's happy face. that's my little tchaikovsky to the right. both of them are senior dogs. mine is eight, just across the senior dog threshold. yours is 4. >> just turned 14. >> also, recent pic. he's not trying to scam anyone. this is what 14 looks like. >> right. 14 is the new 2. >> 2, sure. >> there many ways to help. you can volunteer to walk your neighbor's dog or help out an an animal shel if w do more, consider adopting or fostering a dog. >> i almost adopted one this weekend. still thinking about it. >> please do. woodstock would love a brother or sister. an insta famous dog is coming to san francisco. he has more than 13,000 followers.
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she's on a road trip to bring joy to fans across the country and will be in sf today and tomorrow. the exact locations posted on her instagram story. you're never more than seven minutes away from my accuweather forecast. here is cat lover mike nicco. he also loves dog. >> i do. i love my friend's golden retriever. those are amazing dogs. so friendly, so loving. so soft, too. 62 degrees in san jose under mostly clear conditions. hottest day this week with the possibility of unhealthy air. the rest of the week, after tomorrow, pretty much close to average. we'll have really nice weather for the holiday weekend as much of the country says goodbye to summer. not us. it still gets warm in september and october. here is a look at the fog this morning. very prevalent along the coast. some of those areas of fog are trying to break off from the pack and move into the bay. so expect to find some foggy spots around the bay in the valley coast. by 7:00 this afternoon, it's mainly back to the coast. here is what the sunshine does
5:19 am
to the south bay. into the mid 90s in most neighborhoods. 82 in santa cruz. 82 in millbrae.ting with near 7 temperatures along the coast. that's what that extra warm sea water does to you, helps you stay above average, even if you don't see a ton of sunshine. mid to upper 60s downtown, south san francisco and sausalito. mid to upper 90s through the north bay. cloverdale northward, we jump into the 100s. upper 70s richmond and berkeley. oakland, 82, 89 in fremont. eastbound neighborhoods, upper 90s to low 100s. air conditioning running again. the mugginess wednesday and thursday may have you running the air conditioner even though temperatures will be back to average by then. frances. get ready for the hot day. traffic looking great. metering lights are on at the bay bridge toll plaza.
5:20 am
a backup for even the e o the parking lot. a lot of green out there, but there are a couple of slow spots in addition to the bay bridge toll plaza. one is westbound 4 through pittsburg. traffic is under the limit, moving at 24 miles, 39 miles per hour in some spots. westbound 580 ride also very heavy from 205. then it picks up after you get past altamont pass road. the drive time, these are the slowest, westbound 580 tracy to dublin is 54 minutes. westbound 4 ride antioch to concord, 19 minutes. southbound 101 looking good out of san rafael into san francisco. reggie, natasha. in today's "gma first look," nasa investigating its very first crime in space. >> an astronaut is accused of accessing her estranged wife's bank account with the two blocked in a bitter divorce and custody battle. here is kenneth mouton. >> reporter: in this morning's g plnchtsa first look, did astronaut anne mcclain commit the first crime from space?
5:21 am
the acquisition comes from lieutenant colonel summer worden who says the astronaut unlawfully accessed her bank account from the international space station. >> it's another method she uses to basically talk me, spy on me, know my every move and tries to use that against me. >> reporter: mcclaine responding in a tweet, there's unequivocally no truth to these claims. we've been going through a painful, personal situation that is now unfortunately in the media. this morning anne mcclain's soon-to-be ex-mother-in-law speaking out. >> i felt there was nothing we could do. the only thing i had an opportunity to do was write the letter. >> reporter: that's coming up at 7:00 a.m., kenneth moton, abc news new york. >> i didn't know they had wi-fi up there. i'm learning all kinds of things.
5:22 am
it was a stunning retirement announcement from former stanford star andrew luck. will the colts try
5:23 am
5:24 am
5:24 on a monday. i want to talk about our interior east bay neighborhoods really quick. then i'll get to the rest of us. this is an an yar that most likely will have the poorist air quality this afternoon. those most sensitive could have issues with the air quality. that's why it's a spare-the-air. 67 in walnut creek. high is about 100 today. everybody can do their part by trying not to burn fossil fuel and keep the air clean everywhere. this will likely be our only spare-the-air this week. i have cooler weather coming up in the accuweather seven-day forecast. >> rory mcilroy is a two-time fedex cup champion. >> that is rory mcilroy knocking in a birdie putt to win the feks
5:25 am
ex-cup. won $15 million. the biggest payout in golf history. he joins tiger woods as the only player to win the tournament twice since it started in 2007. former colts quarterback andrew luck will get to get more than $24 mill bun in bonuses. the team reached a deal with him before he publicly announced his retirement over the weekend. according to espnthe colts' rig money back. they're letting the 29-year-old keep it. he's battled a number of serious injuries. the team owner estimated by retiring now he may be losing out on $500 million in possible nfl wages. there's a lot of criticism of him saying him retiring at 29 is the most millennial move ever. >> let him do what he wants. mind your business. thousands of people hit the pavement in san francisco for an event organizers call america's most beautiful run.
5:26 am
this is the annual bridge-to-bridge run. both the 5k and 12k started in front of the ferry building. runners made their way to crissy amic view of the golden gate bridge and looped back. the race benefits special olympics. steph curry made a surprise appearance at a block party in oakland. he played in a pickup game. the annual event is part of the rapper's back to school event. curry will soon be playing at chase center in san francisco which opens next friday, we'll bengneakeeasnter later to we're coming back with another full 90 minutes of news including new funding to help amazon country's wildfire fight. an off duty san francisco police officer was involved in a shooting in el cerrito. the story coming up. a new way to scan carry-on
5:27 am
bags at the airport. where 3d testing is happening right now. a live look out
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osteo bi-flex - now in triple strength plus magnesium. a san francisco police officer involved in a shooting in the east bay. investigators trying to sort out what happened. >> a shooting scare at one of the bay area's largest malls turns into a different investigation. what led up to the lockdown. president trump says trade talks with china are back on. his words aren't enough to ease nervous financial markets. >> also the big headlines out the d 20 expo in anaheim, the largest disney fan event in the world. >> i was all about this yeed. i was looking at my twitter feed, all the announcements. i was filling you in on my favorite things coming up.
5:30 am
>> reggie knows everything about disney. >> i bore everyone with my disney knowledge. >> all the inside tips are great. >> welcome to monday, august 26th. >> i heard at one point they took people's phones and stuff and took them away because if you attended to you got to learn some of the secrets. did some of those get out? >> i mean, it seemed like it. i was seeing them on twitter. someone was on their phone. >> someone got their phone back really quick. i'm going to be the first. let's talk about what's going on weatherwise. we're not going to keep any secrets here. high pressure taking over, squashing the marine layer, pushing that moisture down closer to the ground. you can see one-mile visibility at half moon bay. we're getting a little bit around gilroy, going to watch that and up around santa rosa. most of it emee adeees. upper 80s around 6 the
5:31 am
the bay. upper 80s to upper 90s, hottest afternoon inland. 70s and 80s away from the coast at 7:00. it's a spare-the-air day. let's talk about the commute. here is frances. >> looking good on the roads right now. not too many accidents or incidents or stalls reported on bay area freeways. we'll show you live camera shots. this is northbound 87 on the right-hand side for taillights moving from san jose towards the airport. nice and light right now. mike mentioned the fog on westbound 80 through emeryville. so far looking good from the carquinez bridge down to the bay bridge toll plaza. metering lights have been turned on. i see flashing lights here. to anything has been reported. traffic is backed up towards the 880 over crossing right now. if you're heading across the san mateo bridge, that's been fine this morning. that right-hand side leaves hayward, moves into foster city
5:32 am
and san mateo. our slow spot has been out of tracy, westbound 580 tracy to dublin is a very slow 53 mi developing news in the ea bay, a shooting involving an off duty officer. >> this happens in el cerrito. they say it was a san francisco police officer that fired the shots. abc 7 news reporter amy hollyfield is there live. good morning, amy. >> reporter: good morning. police just released information about the man who was shot. they say he is in his 40s and is expected to survive. take a look behind me where this happened. police are on the scene outside an apartment building at kearny and mosier. they're still gathering evidence, al throw it does look like they eye starting to pack up. maybe they're starting to finish up here. it happened at 10:00 last night. this is mosier and kearny right across the street from a strip mall. police have not said what led up to the shooting. they're still interviewing the shooter who they say is an
5:33 am
off-duty san francisco police officer. this is right across the street from a shopping area which around who 4-hour fitness. heard the shots which made it a little tough for police to find the men involved when they got here. >> at first the calls were coming from the residential area and as well as a report that somebody had been shot in the gym which was right across the street, at least outside of it. officers circulated and found someone who had been shot behind me in the residential area. >> reporter: the captain says the man who was shot was armed, not with a gun but with another type of weapon. he would not describe it. he also would not say whether this appears to be justified or if the officer faces the possibility of arrest saying they are still investigating. they are calling this a possible criminal investigation. we also asked if the officer lives in this area. he said he did not want to
5:34 am
comment on that at this time. reporting live in el cerrito, amy hollyfield, abc 7 news. overnight a police lockdown at the great mall in milpitas was lifted after a robbery inside a jewelry store. >> the chaos led some shoppers to think there was an active shooter. it happened at a diamond chainry store. when officers got there they saw customers running because they thought they heard gunshots. police say there is no evidence of a shooting. the mall was locked down for three hours while officers cleared the mall. no one was hurt. now the search continues for the three robbers. now to the peninsula, 18-year-old deandre gantt is charged with attempted murder for the july 2nd shooting in san francisco. two teens were hurt. police arrested gantt after a chase involving a stolen vehicle. two other suspects, a 16-year-old and 14-year-old have been arrested.
5:35 am
a san francisco woman says her car was broken into but not in the way she would have ever expected. >> marjorie kaplan parked her prius a block from her home on friday. when she returned, she said she hardly recognized the car. it had been disassembled and somebody has stolen the battery. >> you go look at your car and it didn't look like my car. it looked like a jalopy car. they took the seat out, cut all the wires and removed the battery which i understand weighs 180 pounds. >> kaplan reported the incident to police. she says she doesn't think that any of the security cameras on that street captured the break-in. happening today, harvey weinstein is scheduled to return to court to face a new indictment. prosecutors say it involves actress annabella sciorra who says he raped her.
5:36 am
weinstein's attorney is requesting that the trial be moved out of new york city. the legal team argues that the intense media scrutiny will make it impossible for jurors to give him a fair trial. weinstein is denying all accusations of non-consensual sex. president trump remains in france to wrap up the g7 summit. he's announced that next year's summit will take place in miami, possibly at his golf resort. global stock markets are falling as the trade war with china escalates. president trump says negotiations are back on after china reached out last night about resuming talks. he is helpful a deal will be made. >> i think they want to do something. they've been hurt very badly. they understand this is the right thing to do. i have great respect for it. this is a very positive development for the world. >> also at the summit, mr. trump ander shinzo abe announced both
5:37 am
reached an agreement on agriculture. the president is dismissing a report he suggested using nuclear bombs to stop hurricanes from hitting the u.s. axios cites sources saying he's floated the idea in talks with national security officials. one source says mr. trump asked why a bomb couldn't be dropped into the eye of a hurricane to disrupt it as it moves across the atlantic. the president is calling this report fake news. it is 5:37. on to your voice, your voice. new york senator kirsten gillibrand will try to boost her numbers in san francisco. she's one of 21 candidates vying for the democratic presidential nomination still. tonight she'll be at manny's on 16th street at valencia for a meet the 2020 candidate' haven't. she eel answer questions and give an update on her campaign. tickets to the event are sold . in the east bay, hundreds of people spend the day at a park
5:38 am
for a very good cause. how they're helping send children to camp. first a live look outside at 5:38. mike says this will be the hottest day of the week? >> poor air quality, also. mid 50s to near 60 around san francisco. kags, mission, bayview, we've got mid to upper 50s along the east bay shore down into the south bay. as we round the bend and come up the peninsula and also daly city, mid 50s in the north bay. low to mid 60s in the east bay, interior neighborhoods. and 70 right now in tracy. this is the way the commute looks at the san mateo bridge. we're looking westbound from a 59 degree temperature in hayward. a little hazy out there. there is a little moisture in the air and patchy fog for the morning commute, especially the closer you are to the coast and coastal valleys. cool to hot. morning to afternoon on mass transit. calmer if you're out on the bay.
5:39 am
12-hour planner, peninsula. 60s through 9:00. mid 70s at 11:00 and 80s from noon to 6:00. speaking in the mid to upper 80s around 3:00. how about the south bay. 60s at 7:00, 70s at 9:00. we've got 80s at 11:00. 4:00 touching 90 in many neighborhoods, down to 82 by 7:00. hottest temperatures will be in the interior east bay neighborhoods where we have the 60s. that's this morning, but also near 90 at noon and upper 90s for about four hours this afternoon. if you thought yesterday was hot, this afternoon will be even hotter. we do get a break, but there's humidity coming back into the forecast. i'll let you use my hairspray. coming up in the the the the the >> you've got to heat to deal with. at least no hot spots for traffic right now. san mateo bridge westbound traffic on the right-hand side. looks good right now.
5:40 am
a little more crowded than the east bay direction. dealing with fog as mike mentioned on the eastshore freeway, headlights westbound through 80, down to the bay bridge toll plaza. you'll also find fog across the golden gate bridge, but traffic has been delay-free out of the north bay, marin county into san francisco. you'll find a delay unfortunately at the bay bridge toll plaza. traffic is backed up past the 880 overcrossing. about a 10 to 15-minute wait right now. b.a.r.t. reporting no delays. a.c.e. train 1 running alright, so this is how you are gonna say:wn. you'll get the best deal of the year on xfinity tv and internet! and you even get this. mike, you're on balloons.
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at 5:43, let's take a look at what's going on around the state in case you have to travel. 1 o 0s in the central valley and palm springs. 74 in monterey. we've got 85 in tahoe. 91 in yosemite. you'll see the cloud cover. that's what's left of the tropical storm. i'll talk about that coming up. let's give you the weekend. we'll usually do friday, saturday and sunday for tahoe. notice we'll be a little above average in the low 80s with cool nights in the mid 40s and a bit breezy for labor day. it looks like a great weekend.
5:44 am
hope you have fun and be safe. in the east bay, the highway patrol is investigating a deadly head-on collision near brentwood. the driver of a silce a slammed into a white van yesterday morning. according to the driver of the mini cooper, the nissan was speeding and tried to pass him before swerving into the white van. the driver of the nissan died. the driver of the van is in the possible with serious injuries. the alameda county sheriff's department says the deputy who claimed a sniper shot him made up the story. angel reinosa said he was shot on wednesday. s.w.a.t. teams responded and evacuated nearby apartment buildings. investigators thought rahis bulletproof vest saved him. investigators say the story started not to add up. >> he also told investigators he had caused the holes in his uniform shirt by cutting it with a knife.
5:45 am
there was no sniper, no shots fired and no gunshot injuries sustained to his shoulder, completely fabricated. >> he had been with the department for about a year. he has been fired now and may face criminal charges. new this morning, g7 countries agreed to a $20 million fund to help amazon countries fight wildfires. now a found dapgs started by leonardo dicaprio is pledging $5 million. pope francis urged people to pray for an end to the fires yesterday. he called the amazon the lungs for the planet. brazil's military has sent 44,000 troops to help. kanye west, kim kardashian and dave chappelle joined forces to support the victims and survivors of the mass shooting in dayton. that is west bringing his weekly worship and gospel sunday service today ton on sunday morning. kim kardashian west and two of the couple's four kids were
5:46 am
there and so was chappelle who grew up just 30 miles away from dayton. >> today we're going to show the world that nothing will get us down. dayton, ohio, no matter what's going on, no matter how tough these towns get, we hold our heads up high because we know where we're from. >> nine people died and 27 other hurts when a gunman opened fire on august 4th. the gunman was shot and killed by police. it is 5:46. hundreds of people raised a whole lot of money in livermore to send some kids to camp. >> abc 7 is a proud partner of the taylor family foundation. this is their 29th annual day in the park. i was there along with other members of our abc 7 news family including dan ashley, mike nicco and sue hall. the charity event raises money for kids dealing with life-threatening and chronic illnesses. every year thousands of children are given the opportunity to attend the foundation's camp arroyo and meet other kids like them and they get to go to the camp for free. it offers a space for kids and counselors to connect.
5:47 am
>> i love it. it means so much to me, especially for kids who have chronic and terminal illnesses who can't necessarily go to a normal summer camp. >> the camp has changed molly's life. it's helped her so much. i love coming here myself. oh, my gosh, i'm so grateful. >> more than -- i should say a lot more than that. they raise usually about $1.5 million for the kids at camp. abc 7 has been a part of it since the begin. it's pretty amazing to see how long this has gone on. next year is the 30th anniversary. >> spent about three hours yesterday interviewing people behind the scenes. that will go into their 30th anniversary promo and on coronacast on facebook. it's amazing. there's third generations of families that are helping raise this $1.5 million. that's what it takes to send 3,000 kids to camp for free. >> no cost to the family. >> no cost to the family at all. >> always proud to be a part of
5:48 am
it. a great weekend. gives me goose bumps when i think about it. your heart meants. take all my money, please. here is my wallet. do whatever you want. 5:48 this morning. you're never more than seven minutes away from my accuweather forecast. you can see a few fingers of fog starting to show up as we look down to the south. that's the way it's going to be. we've got a little fog out there this morning for the morning commute. otherwise, the high pressure is squashing it making it really shallow and easy to get rid of. today will end up being our hottest day with unhealthy air. maybe tomorrow there's a slight chance in the east bay of another spare-the-air day. milder for a night. then the humidity comes in as temperatures will return to seasonal levels. the humidity is going to make it feel a little warmer than it really is. here is a look at the cloud forecast. you can see along the coast. breaks in the clouds as we head into the afternoon hours. whatever clouds break away from that main pack this morning will quickly dissolve after the morning commute.
5:49 am
let's go down to the south bay. wide range from upper 80s in sunnyvale and milpitas to 90 at san jose, mid and upper 90s around morgan hill and gilroy. 82 in santa cruz. 82 in millbrae to 90 in redwood city. temperatures hovering right around 70 at the coast with that extra warm ocean water. your temperatures will be a little above average, also. temperatures in the mid to upper 70s, downtown, south san francisco and sausalito. low to mid 90s through the north bay valleys. clear lake, ukiah, all around 100 degrees. most comfortable neighborhoods, richmond and berkeley in the 70s. everybody else in the 80s along the east bayshore. nothing comfortable unless you can stay inside and get the air conditioning in our east bay valleys, upper 90s to low 100s. tonight will be fairly mild. humidity is not going to be quite here yet. mid 50s to low 60s. tomorrow afternoon you'll start to notice the humidity. it's wednesday and thursday morning in the afternoon when the humidity will be most
5:50 am
prevalent. notice the temperatures will be close to average. it will feel dryer and more comfortable with the same temperatures friday, saturday and sunday. frances. traffic is looking good on many bay area freeways. but traffic is slow approaching railroad. it starts to slow down out of antioch and a crawl to the scene. also just a heads up. starting tonight, northbound highway 1 there's road work between fassler avenue and reyna delmar. the same thing should happen tomorrow night. a.c.e. train 1 is now running about six minutes late. train 3 is on time. if you want to avoid other delays heading to the bay blige, b.a.r.t. reporting no delays. the bay bridge toll plaza is backed up past the 880 overcrossing with metering lights on. new at 6:00, a paddle boarding adventure that started in san francisco has ended thousands of miles away. itcould be a record-breaking
5:51 am
trip. first, a different way to check what people are bringing on to planes.
5:52 am
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giants over to oakland and stealing two. 67 degrees at first pitch. dropping down to 61. 90s and 100s inland. sill will be hot there. 60s, 70s and 80s returning back
5:54 am
to the bay. you can see just 90s showing up in our neighborhoods wednesday. even those are few and far between by thursday. remember wednesday and thursday most likely our most humid days as we've watching this humidity roll on up. it will build tomorrow and you'll notice it most wednesday morning and wednesday afternoon. by thursday it starts to taper. the blue is the drier air taking over. i wouldn't say it's going to feel like hawaii, but it will be humid starting tuesday and into wednesday and leaving us finally thursday. back to frances. we're hearing delays on muni on the k and m line due to signal issues at st. francis circle. on flee way, it hasn't been that bad. we're dealing with fog across the golden gate bridge, traffic light out of marin county. you'll find a little fog on the westbound 80 stretch through berkeley. so far, so good for headlights moving westbound towards the bay bridge toll plaza where metering lights are on and traffic is backed up towards the 880
5:55 am
overcrossing. the heaviest traffic is westbound 580 tracy to dublin, almost an hour now and westbound 4 the ride antioch at concord, slow with debris at railroad. that's 27 minu >> it's 5:55. one step closer to visiting mars. tesla planning attest launch and landing today. it's scheduled for 2:00 this afternoon. eventually star hopper is supposed to take people to the red planet. this is interesting. police warning neighbors near the launch site that there is a risk a malfunction could break their home windows. airports in britain are testing a new way to scan carry-on bags in security. officials say 3d screening of equipment improves security and doesn't require people to put liquids in plastic bags. the machines are in use at heathrow. officials say they plan to expand to other airports in the uk. no word on whether u.s. airports will use the 3d screening. >> a lot of exciting
5:56 am
announcements from disney at the d 23 conference. >> some that even surprised you which is a big deal. you track this stuff really closely. >> i'm a fan. >> we're learning more about the shows coming to the new streaming service, disney plus set to launch in november. ♪ hey now, hey now remember this? >> i never watched that. >> you can enjoy the reboot of lizzy mcguire are hillary duff in the title role. >> the designer has a gorgeous fiancee, a cute little apartment in brooklyn and everything is going her way. she's celebrating her 30th birthday with all her friends. that's all i can say. >> that's what lizzy is up to. 'want mcgregor ever charming. >> i forgot.
5:57 am
>> he's dreamy. returning as observe by juan kin nobody by. emma stone starring in cruella in 2021. disney is the parent company on abc 7. all kinds of news, "black panther 2." huge. >> also we didn't mention the new mary poppins ride coming to epcot and the muppets coming to disney plus. new at 6:00, fran police team up with glide memorial church. the message the agency is sending to the lgbtq community. chaos inside
5:58 am
5:59 am
at 6:00 this morning, we're starting with a live look air perhaps this is the day to turn it back on.
6:00 am
>> not only is this going to be the hottest day of the week, we also have another spare-the-air alert. you've been warned. good morning and welcome to this monday, august 26th. >> thankfully you're never more than seven minutes away from my accuweather forecast. here it is with meteorologist mike nicco. >> thanks a lot. welcome to monday morning. as you guys mentioned, the warmest day of the week, so it's only going to get more comfortable from here. a touch of humidity in the forecast. we'll talk about it. walnut creek, 67 right now. the interior east bay could have the poor air quality. we're all under the umbrella. so we can all do what we can to not burn fossil fuel to i da. that's what cranks it up. a look at a few fingers of fog that will keep cooler weather around the bay and especially the coast. you can see inland we go from 62, upper 80s to upper 90s


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