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tv   Good Morning America  ABC  August 26, 2019 7:00am-8:58am PDT

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good morning, america. welcome to a new week. we are tracking severe weather threats. flash floods, wildfires and a tropical storm on the move. the midwest bracing for severe storms while out west fires force new evacuations. this as tropical storm dorian gains strength. ginger with the latest track and timing. breaking news, president trump this morning claiming a breakthrough could be coming on his trade war with china. battle against the blaze. 44,000 troops and this u.s. supertanker racing to contain the record fires raging in the amazon. world leaders and the pope now weighing in. our reporters there in the sky and on the ground live from the fire zone this morning. asleep at the wheel? the scary video of a driver apparently dozing in his tesla
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on autopilot hitting speeds topping 70 miles an hour. the search right now for these suspects caught on camera holding up a famous manhattan store in broad daylight stealing up to $4 million worth of jewels. sudden exit, the announcement from colts quarterback andrew luck retiring at 29 years old and at the top of his game, stunning the nfl and angering his fans. >> almost sounds like some of these fans are booing. >> what we're learning about his reason this morning. ♪ and secrets from "star wars." the brand-new first look for the highly anticipated "rise of skywalker" about to be revealed. is this ray of light going to the dark side? see it here only on "gma." good morning, america. hope you're well this monday morning. is this ray of light going to >> "star wars" fans are going
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crazy. that's what's happening. it's not just "star wars" though, a lot of big n "frozen 2," "gma" was there for it all. if that's not a tease, i don't know what is. >> we have a lot more of that coming up later in our show. but we're going to begin with that wicked summer weather as we watched that tropical storm in the atlantic. we're also tracking severe thunderstorms hitting the plains and heading east. there's heavy rain making for a messy commute in the midwest this morning and ginger will start us off with the latest, good morning, ginger. >> good morning, michael. i see people outside with jackets on. that cool and midland, texas, record high of 108. you know you'll get storms between like this, the flash flood emergency in northern alabama. >> reporter: more than 9 inches of rain in northern alabama. flooding the streets of florence. in north carolina, crews cleaning up after four mudslides shut down this highway and left
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trapped for hours. >> all of a sudden you heard a big crack and it looks like black lava coming off the top of the hill. it was very scary. i thought we were all going to die. >> people driving by said you could hear trees cracking as debris slid down the mountainside. all of this after that lightning strike injured six people at the pga tour championship in atlanta. >> people were struck by lightning. i don't know if they're alert, conscious or breathing. >> reporter: play was suspended due to storms. so people took cover under a tree. the tree split when lightning hit. debris causing all those injuries. six people sent to the hospital. one of them a 12-year-old girl. >> there were screams. it seemed like everybody else saw the tree was falling and i was just going based off that and trying to run away from it as quickly as possible. >> not only do you have lightning possibility today but severe storm, 70 plus-mile-per-hour winds in northern missouri through oklahoma and kansas.
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you're going to want to watch for that. then we promised to show you the tropics, watching this area but that should stay out in the ocean. the one here, tropical storm dorian has 60 plus-mile-per-hour wind, the max sustained. barbados under a tropical storm warning, 2 to 4 inches of rain possible, up to a half foot. puerto rico looks like it will see the right side of that storm. thankfully it does appear it is moving quickly. we'll track it through the midweek and beyond. >> we know you will, ginger. thank you. now to president trump closing out the g7 summit in france this morning and sending confusing signals about the escalating trade war with china has rattled global markets and threatens american consumers. jon karl traveling with the president in biarritz. good morning, jon. >> reporter: good morning, george. after a dizzying back and fort on the issue of china trade, this morning the president is backing off talk of an all out trade war with china. at least for now. >> very big things are happenin la dment oin idenhas ttled markets
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now says a deal could be at hand. >> china called last night, our top trade people, and said let's get back to the table so we'll be getting back to the table and they've been hurt very badly but they understand this is the right gatespect for it. >> reporter: this after a chaotic weekend of mixed messages on china. >> mr. president, any second thoughts on escalating the trade war on china? >> yeah. sure. why not? might as well. >> you have second thoughts about escalating -- >> i have second thoughts about everything. >> reporter: president trump also dropped for now his threat of declaring an economic emergency to force u.s. companies out of china. >> we're getting along very well with china. we're talking. i think they want to make a deal much more than i do. >> reporter: his administration put a hawkish response on whether he has second thoughts about his approach. white house press secretary stephanie grisham issued a statement saying his answer has been greatly misinterpreted and the president only regrets not raising the tariffs higher. does he have second thoughts and believe tariffs should be higher
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or did not hear the question? >> again, he doesn't have second thoughts about what he's done. if anything, he wanted to clarify if he had second thoughts, it would be to raise the tariffs. >> reporter: in another surprising development, the foreign minister of iran made an unexpected visit to the g7 summit at the invitation of the president of france. trump said today he knew all about the plan. >> some of your allies are saying it was disrespect for macron to invite zarif, disrespectful to the u.s. >> just the opposite. >> you don't feel that way? >> no. he has my approval. >> reporter: he talked about a new nuclear deal with iran. >> we're looking to make iran rich again. let's let them be rich. let's let them do well if they want or they can be poor as can be. >> reporter: the president was asked if he would meet with iranian foreign minister zarif while here in france. he said it would be too early to do that but when he was asked if he had passed on a message for the french to give to the
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iranian leadership, he said he could not and would not answer that question. >> before you go, the president is commenting on this strange but well sourced report out of axios he had considered hitting hurricanes with nuclear bombs to stop them from coming to the u.s.? >> reporter: the president responded to that via twitter. it was a tweet sent out while he was meeting with german leader ange angela merkel. he said the story was ridiculous and never said anything about blowing up hurricanes. george. >> jon karl, thanks very much. the president is also this morning facing a new changer for the white house in the race for 2020. this one from within his own party, former illinois congressman joe walsh telling george on "this week" he will take on president trump for the gop nomination. walsh called the president a child, that's a quote, saying he is unfit for office. walsh swept into congress as a member of the tea party in 2010 but only served one term
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before become a conservative radio host. >> thank you, cecilia. now to the calls for action growing as those catastrophic fires burn in the amazon. world leaders and the pope are weighing in as we see new images of the devastation and more help arrives to fight the massive flames and matt gutman is on the front lines in brazil this morning. matt gutman is on the ground in brazil. >> reporter: good morning, michael. this is one of the 80,000 fires that have burned. yesterday i flew over this area and in years covering wildfires in the u.s. i've never seen anything on this scale. fires covering what we are told are hundreds of square miles. this morning, brazilian firefighters continue to pound those record fires from the ground and from the sky. the brazilian air force c-130s are dropping those streams of water and an american
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747 super tan tanker enlisted hit remote fires. those curtains of fire ringing brazil. a record 80,000 fires this year chewing up vast swaths of forest. the fire is spread over an area two-thirds the size of the u.s. charred earth as far as the eye can see. we flew over fires stretching dozens of miles. here near the world's biggest wetlands, the smoke blotting out the sun. they're creating so much smoke they are forming their own weather patterns, which is why it's so bumpy and there's so much turbulence. brazil has deployed 44,000 troops but most fires go unfought here. there are thousands of fires burning across brazil right now but what makes this unlike so many others, there isn't a single firefighter in sight. this squad of 30 firefighters with no fire trucks and no hoses responsible for an area twice the size of new jersey. they're using that foam spray to you can see them slapping the flames over there. it's not easy work.
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there are hundreds of fires in this area but they chose this one because it's near a village where locals helped out passing buckets, even using branches to put out flames. now to give you a sense of how overwhelmed firefighters are in this country, there's a single firefighter in this area for every thousand square miles. they don't have radios, fire trucks or hoses. the u.s. and other nations have offered support and assistance. brazil's president said they don't need any. guys? >> just devastating. >> absolutely. we'll go to hong kong where we're seeing some of the most intense clashes yet. officers fired water cannons and tear gas and warning shots. ian pannell is on the scene, good morning, ian. >> reporter: yeah, good morning, george. that's right. this is a city shaken to its core by a weekend of violence. overnight the police releasing a statement condemning the protesters for the battles that raged across the city for hours and hours over the weekend and
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taking a dangerous new turn. anarchy on the streets of hong kong. police firing a warning shot even pointing their guns directly at demonstrators using live ammunition for the first time since this three-month fight for the future of hong kong erupted. one officer losing control with an unarmed protester. water cannons deployed onto the streets. protesters charging police with sticks, bricks and umbrellas. police firing a relentless barrage of tear gas. there's more tear gas canisters being brought forward as some of the protesters are literally picking them up trying to throw. it's forcing us to take cover. the air thick with smoke and anger on both sides. this is certainly the worst situation we've seen, the most violence, the most tear gas and the most resistance from the protesters. the question now is how long
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will china tolerate these scenes? police say 21 officers were injured over the weekend and had no choice but to draw weapons because they were facing a life-threatening situation. in all 86 protesters arrested, the youngest just 12 years old. and the reminder that china has said that it'll move across the border if the hong kong police can't control the situation and there were brief moments over the weekend where it started to look like that. george? >> okay, ian, thanks very much. cecelia? says
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still a trainee, confessed he was not actually shot as he had claimed and he told investigators he had caused the holes in his uniform by cutting them. there was no sniper, no shots fired and no gunshot injury. the county sheriff's department said that he will be fired. michael? >> not surprised by that. now we turn to new developments in the harvey weinstein case. the disgraced hollywood executive is due in court this morning facing new sexual assault allegations. eva pilgrim is outside the courthouse in lower manhattan with the story. good morning, eva. >> reporter: good morning, michael. harvey weinstein here today, a grand jury returning a new indictment of the movie mogul. once one of the most powerful men in hollywood, harvey weinstein is facing charges for sex crimes including rape involving two women in 2006 and 2013. this new indictment isn't expected to include any new charges. prosecutors re-presented the case for strategic purposes to include the testimony of
7:14 am
"sopranos" actress annabella sciorra. she claims weinstein raped her in the early '90s. while that's outside the statute of limitations to bring charges, prosecutors say her testimony is important at trial to show weinstein is a predator. cecelia? >> okay, eva. thank you. michael? now we'll go to the stunning retirement announcement that rocked the nfl this morning. indianapolis colts star quarterback andrew luck called it quits at 29 years old. t.j. is here and, t.j., the fans were caught off guard. the nfl was caught off guard. >> were you? >> the reactions were different. >> were you caught off guard? >> absolutely. >> this will go down as one of the most shocking retirements in pro sports history. this guy is 29. one of the best in football in the prime of his career and has hundreds of millions of dollars of potential career earnings still on the table, says i'm done. at 29. in doing so he's making the statement there's more to life than football. >> now you're starting to hear the reaction of some of the fans almost -- >> reporter: bombshell nfl news leaked and started to spread in the middle of a preseason game. >> look at this reaction. there are people -- that guy is
7:15 am
wearing an andrew luck jersey. >> reporter: indianapolis colts star andrew luck was on the sideline with his team when word got out that he'd be retiring from the nfl at the age of 29 and with three years left on his $140 million contract. >> this is not an easy decision. honestly it's the hardest decision of my life but it is the right decision for me. >> reporter: the 2018 comeback player of the year opened up about his surprise decision in an emotional post game press conference saying years of battling constant injuries had taken a physical and mental toll. >> i felt stuck in it and the only way i see out is to no longer play football. it's taken my joy of this game away. the only way forward for me is to remove myself from football. >> reporter: drafted first overall by the colts in 2012 to fill the legendary cleats of peyton manning, luck was a four-time pro bowler in his seven seasons. >> my teammates, i feel so conflicted because of my love for these men but it's clear to me that's what's best for the team.
7:16 am
>> reporter: this year after an ankle injury left him struggling to heal in time for the regular season he decided to hang it up during the prime of hiunof ionsf dollars in potential career earnings. >> you heard jim irsay say he passed up billion dollars in earnings by retiring this early. >> reporter: luck's team and many across the nfl stand by their colleague's courageous decision. >> he's had a great career and done a lot for the city of indianapolis so proud of him and, you know, wish him the best. >> i think it takes an immense amount of courage, a lot of guts to do what he's doing. >> the colts could have gone after $24 million in a signing bonus that he'll let him keep for putting his, torn abdomen, he has played through all this. a concussion, he has been through a lot in just seven months of a career but he is saying there's more to life. i want to live a happy life and football ain't making me happy. >> i saw the fans' reaction, all
7:17 am
the booing. this guy has given so much to the city, to the team and it's always -- it's easy to be tough hid ows what he needs ody. to do and he's doing the right thing. it takes a lot of courage as j.j. watt said. >> it was a cool statement. seeing some guys in football saying, i got more life to live so i'm done with this. >> yep. i'm the first to tell you you do. >> how is post-football life working for you? >> it's working out all right. another sports headline. a huge congratulations to the new little league world series champs, louisiana beating curacao 8-0 to win their first title. louisiana pitcher egan prather sent his team into a complete frenzy leading to a huge pile on. ouch. it looks like he was in pain. saints quarterback drew brees sharing in the excitement for his state's team. he posed this video of his
7:18 am
own sons going wild the moment of this win, brees writing on instagram, congratulations to the river ridge little league team for being world series champs. what an incredible accomplishment. so proud of you. this is a tough go for louisiana, though, they lost their first game. then they had to win six games -- six gapes in eight days to win this title but they did it. >> they did it. we have a lot more coming up including this driver appearing to be asleep in his tesla which is on autopilot going down a busy freeway. we'll talk about those concerns this morning. the urgent new warning that could -- what could be the first death linked to vaping. but first let's go back over to ginger. >> let's get straight to the fire in glendale. one of the brush fires that broke out. warm, windy, now it's excessive heat warnings for las vegas. the select cities brought to you by werther's original candy.
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state farm. good morning, east bay. let's get up and get going. >> thibs is abc 7 mornings. >> i'm natasha zouves. >> police are investigating a shooting. they say an off-duty officer shot a man overnight. it happened on mosur lane near kearney street. the man who was shot is expected to survive. police are interviewing the off-duty officer to find out what led up to the confrontation. a police lockdown at the great mall in mill pepitas has lifted. it happened around 7:30 last night. no one was hurt. they're still looking for three robbers who are on the run. let's get a look at traffic. >> the bay bridgeol -- or heading in the
7:24 am
caldecot tunnel. it's really a slow ride westbound for antioch to concord. 45 minutes. and that's because of glass in the lanes at railroad that they're having a really hard time cleaning up. >> thank you. it's the hottest
7:25 am
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now your accuweather forecast with mike nicco. >> here's a look at walnut creek. it's 67 degrees. the air looks healthy. later on today, this is the area that could have some of our poorest air quality on this spare the air day. let's talk aboutavorutcoe. cool to hot. mass transit. it's going to be relatively calm on the bay. today is our hottest day. still pretty hot temperature. then temperatures back to average. just kind of muggy wednesday and thursday. natasha? >> mike, thank you. coming up on "gma,"
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♪ snakes and stones never broke my bones ♪ welcome back to "gma." that is taylor swift rocking our party in central park on thursday with her hit "you need to calm down." but fans are anything but calm because, get this, her new album, "lover," just released on friday is already the top selling album of 2019. >> wow. >> she has the formula. you can see much more from taylor tonight. she is opening up mtv's video music awards. >> she is not stopping. we'll have much more on that ahead, but first we've got top headlines we're following right now. tropical storm dorian is strengthening in the atlantic moving northwest. a tropical storm warning has been issued for barbados, st. vincent and the grenadines.
7:31 am
it is expected to become a hurricane as it passes to the south of puerto rico bringing gusty winds and heavy rain to that island. ruth bader ginsburg is recovering this morning from radiation treatment for pancreatic cancer. it's the latest ailment for the supreme court justice. the treatment is not slowing her down, though. the court says she kept a busy schedule including attending shows right here on broadway. and the u.s. open kicks off this morning right here in new york, and it is a marquee match-up on day one. serena williams takes on maria sharapova tonight. williams is seeded eighth. sharapova is not seeded because she missed most of the season because of injuries. it's the first time they have faced off in this tournament. that will be a good match. >> quite a kickoff. we're going to turn now to some alarming video. it shows a tesla driver asleep at the wheel on a california highway at speeds topping 70 miles an hour and will reeve has the story. thank goodness the autopilot
7:32 am
appeared to be working >> absolutely, george. it might be the feature of the future, but the future looks pretty disconcerting if you're the california couple driving down the freeway and you notice a car driving itself with the man behind the wheel seemingly asleep. >> reporter: it's a jarring sight in the next lane. >> this is crazy. >> reporter: a man, arms folded, head nodded seemingly asleep at full speed in a tesla. clint olivier and his wife capturing this video from the next lane over on i-5 in southern california. >> i said, hey, you got the phone. i think the guy next to us in the tesla is fast asleep. >> reporter: for nearly 30 seconds the car appearing to drive itself straight down the freeway before the man appears to wake up. >> i mean, obviously your first thought is for safety. the guy 18 inches from the passenger door of my car was sound asleep. >> reporter: teslas have an autopilot feature that helps guide the vehicle but the company insists it is not a self-driving car and is intended for use by a fully attentive driver who has their hands on the wheel.
7:33 am
still, drivers have been seen appearing to push those limits before. look at this clip of a seemingly dozing driver on the road back in june. and this new video comes amid growing questions about the safety of automated driving features. they're increasingly popular with tesla touting more than 1 billion miles driven using its autopilot system but have also recently been at the center of several alarming incidents. earlier this month a tesla in russia bursting into flames after crashing into a parked truck. the driver insisting his hands were on the wheel while using the car's driver assistance system and in march a 50-year-old man killed after his car crashed into an off-ramp divider at nearly 70 miles an hour. the ntsb saying autopilot had been turned on ten seconds before the crash. his family is now suing tesla. >> people really shouldn't be thinking that the vehicle drives itself or will stop for them if they are not paying attention because it won't. >> abc news has not spoken to the driver in this video to
7:34 am
determine if he was in fact asleep. we reached out to tesla overnight. they referred us to their website, the language saying aendrerd the eeupsed to be dri. pay attention, people. now going to go to that brazen jewelry heist caught on camera. gunmen holding up a manhattan store in broad daylight stealing what could be millions of dollars worth of jewels. abc's janai norman is here with the story. good morning, janai. >> reporter: michael, good morning. this happened right after noon right in the middle of the day and just a couple blocks from times square. you can imagine how busy that area was when police say the suspects zip tied and duct taped employees as they robbed a jewelry store. >> reporter: new video shows a brazen jewelry heist in broad daylight in the middle of new york city. three men, one wearing what appears to be a cowboy hat walk into the store pretending to be customers. suddenly they pull handguns on four employees tying them up with duct tape, raiding the safe
7:35 am
and numerous display case. >> made the boss open up the safe. >> reporter: the men they flee on foot with at least one large duffle bag believed to hold $4 million worth of jewels. the store avianne is known to be a jeweler to the stars with customers including lil wayne. ♪ and nicki minaj. ♪ witnesses say it's fortunate no one was hurt. >> thank god nobody got injured. happy to be alive. >> so police are hoping those images from the surveillance video captured of the suspects may help give leads and anything identifiable like that cowboy hat could break the case. in the middle of the day, a couple blocks from here. >> brazen is right. >> absolutely. >> thanks, janai. an urgent new warning in what may be the first death linked to vaping in this country. linked to vaping in this country. that's why there's o.
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we are back with what could be the first death linked to vaping. doctors in illinois announced the death of a person due to severe lung illness and said the person had recently vaped. diane macedo has more on this. good morning, diane. >> good morning, cecelia. so this illinois patient appears to be the first in the u.s. to die of an illness linked to vaping. now health professionals are looking at nearly 200 cases of vaping-related respiratory illnesses across the country trying to uncover what exactly is making these people sick. this morning, an urgent warning about e-cigarettes after what appears to be the first death from a respiratory illness
7:40 am
linked to vaping. the illinois department of public health says the patient had recently vaped. >> we've had the 22 cases in illinois and unfortunately one of those 22 cases resulted in a death. >> reporter: the cdc is currently investigating nearly ates pulmona illness pplwho use. fenar ivangn gera among those hospitalized 20-year-old alexander mitchell from utah, the once avid hiker woke up earlier this summer with what he thought was the flu but family and doctors were in shock when his health took a devastating turn. he was kept alive by two advanced life support machines. >> it was taking my blood from my body, removing the carbon dioxide, oxygenating it and then putting it back into my body. the doctors said that at any given moment i had a third of my
7:41 am
blood out of my body. >> reporter: doctors linked his respiratory distress syndrome to his e-cigarette use. now mitchell who left the hospital on july 7th only has 25% lung capacity and is having short-term memory issues. >> i don't have the stamina that i used to. i don't have the strength that i used to. they're hopeful i'll recover. >> reporter: other cases include 17-year-old tryston zohfeld placed into a medically induced coma because of a blockage in his lungs. his doctors say because of vaping. >> woke up just throwing up everywhere and my heart was just pounding out of my chest going 100 miles an hour. >> reporter: his parents say they didn't know tryston had been vaping since the eighth grade, sometimes as much as two to three vape pods per week. >> we don't see healthy 17-year-olds that sick that quickly. >> reporter: earlier this month teenager chance amarato was rushed to the hospital in severe pain. >> felt like i was having a heart attack and was insanely
7:42 am
scary because i'm 18. >> reporter: chance says he underwent several tests. the doctors treating him said he had a lung condition made worse by vaping. so many questions still remain here. the director of the illinois public of health tells us they're working with the cdc and other states to identify specific products in vaping in hopes of giving answers on how people can protect their health. cecelia. >> diane, thank you. let's bring in dr. ashton here. jen, so many questions about this this morning. one of the biggest ones is can vaping lead to a severe lung illness? do we know that? >> we don't know yet and i want to be crystal clear here, right now all of these observations are the exact example of association, not causation yet, but here's what we do know. if you take a look at the list, we know that there are numerous chemical compounds contained in e-cigs from nicotine to ultra
7:43 am
fine particles, diacetyl, which is the flavoring in some many of these, vocs, heavy metals. we don't know how they'll affect the lung tissue, upper respiratory tree and don't know long term. >> in the case of this illinois patient who passed away, i know we don't know much. what do we know? >> the key thing because the awareness is up on a national level, doctors and health care professionals are now asking patients have you had exposure because then we do our medical detective work. it's called a differential diagnosis. we go down a list. what's most likely in this age group, where have you been? what have you done? what have you been exposed to and the rare things. when you see something rare you have to consider all those things and now the awareness is up to ask about e-cig exposure. >> i know your own children both talk a lot about friends and people their age, peers their age using these devices. what do you tell kids? what do you tell their parents when it comes to advice on vaping? >> i think right now because we don't have 10, 20, 30 years of long-term data on this like we did with nicotine cigarettes,
7:44 am
you can't assume that what we don't know won't hurt us and so you always have to err on the side of caution both in medicine and life. >> why take the risk? >> exactly. >> seems like every day we have a new story about the warning. >> we'll stay on it and it's a big public health issue. >> dr. ashton, thanks so much. >> thank you, doc. coming up, we have "play of the -- >> "day." got it. but her tireless efforts to speak up for people created aarp. and we've still got that fighting spirit. aarp is taking on the drug companies to bring down prices for millions of americans. because people shouldn't have to choose between buying food and buying medicine. we were founded to fight for people. and we're not done yet. join us.
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♪ sweet caroline >> we all know that song. we're back now with our "play of the day." and anyone who has ever been to a boston red sox game knows that song right there is a staple at fenway park. "sweet caroline" by neil diamond is played at every home game and even neil diamond taking to the diamond to perform it live. but red sox fans aren't just in boston but all over the country and this weekend they were in san diego facing off against the padres. the padres, they decided to play a little prank on the sox and their fans. take a look. ♪ touching me touching you ♪ >> that's right, red sox fans, they got rickrolled, everybody. they were good sports about it well played by the padres there. rickrolled is when you trick someone into hearing rick
7:49 am
ashley's "never gonna give you up"? that's good. >> the ultimate. >> ultimate. a little captive audience. got them all. coming up, a consumer alert. amazon accused selling thousands of unsafe and banned products. what you need to know about that. also, only right here on "gma," that special look at the brand-new "star wars" movie and what daisy ridley is saying about the one scene that has fans going totally crazy. >> i can't wait to see that. >> uh-huh. sometimes, bipolar i disorder makes you feel like you can do it all. but mania, such as unusual changes in your mood, activity or energy levels, can leave you on shaky ground. ask your healthcare provider about vraylar. vraylar treats acute mania of bipolar i disorder... and was proven in adults with mixed episodes who have both mania and depression. elderly patients with dementia-related psychosis have an increased risk of death or stroke.
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7:53 am
heat advisories. midland, texas, had their all-time record high, 108. it will stay hot again, 101. excessive heat warnings are out there from oklahoma down through texas. coming up here on "gma," a consumer alert. amazon accused of selling banned and unsafe products. what you need to know before you shop. also this morning, a special look at the brand-new "star wars" movie "the rise of skywalker." i sat down with the cast. it's unbelievable what we learned. and you better get ready your local
7:54 am
7:55 am
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meteorologist mike nicco has a hot girl forecast. >> it's going to be a warm one out there. fog along the coast. spots of sunshine will develop there. afternoon is going to be too hot for walking our animals. and light breezes on the bay. we have near 70 at the coast. mid-70s around san francisco and low to upper 80s around the bay. nooin 90s, even a few 100s. when temperatures cool wednesday, it gets muggy. >> a new motorcycle crash reported on the peninsula. traffic has been slow in the south bay, north 101 with a stalled bus and it's very heavy past the scene. also westbound 4 past railroad, debris and an accident. it's just been a mess through that whole stretch. that drive time westbound 4 antioch to hercules is an hour. >> thank you. coming up on "gma," a special look at the new "star
7:57 am
wars" movie and what the star daisy riddley is saying about it. we'll have another abc 7 news update in about 30 minutes and on join us for abc 7 m (sigh) (crunch) babybel: that snack just sounded boring.
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good morning, america. it's 8:00 a.m. weather threats. flash floods, wildfires and a tropical storm on the move. ginger here with the latest track and timing. and breaking this morning, is there a trade war turnaround? what the president says could be changing in the standoff with china. it's having a direct effect on so many american consumers. also this morning, amazon under fire. accused of selling thousands of unsafe and banned products. what you need to know before you click buy. ♪ i'm on top of the world "lizzie mcguire" is back. jon snow is an avenger. "black panther" is returning with a sequel and look at this photo, emma stone as cruella de vil. the exclusive interviews and footage from the biggest weekend of the summer. and are you ready to go back to the galaxy?
8:01 am
the brand-new first look at "the rise of skywalker." luke, leia and more. is rey exploring the dark side? it's just moments away and look who is saying -- >> all: good morning, america. they said it best and i'll say it again, good morning, america. thank you all for being with us on this monday morning. we have a lot of excitement about the new look at the "star wars" trailer. i cannot wait to see this movie. will reeve will be back with a story of a young doctor who contracted a rare disease then set out to find his own cure. he wrote a book about what he's learned along the way. >> looking forward to that. first the latest on that wild summer weather. severe thunderstorms hitting the plains and making their way east as we watch that tropical storm brewing in the atlantic. ginger has been tracking it all morning. good morning, ginger. >> good morning, cecelia. i don't know if you saw this video over the weekend. this is the pga tour championship in atlanta, georgia, that lightning strikes a tree, injures six people with
8:02 am
debris. it was actually concussions for most of them. one a 12-year-old girl. we also had storms, a flash flood emergency in northern alabama. more than 9 inches of rain fell there. lightning, flash flooding and damaging winds, all threats that i think we could watch today from missouri, kansas city back through northwest arkansas. we are also watching the tropics. we've got that tropical wave and 80% chance this develops but should stay out in the ocean. tropical storm dorian, max sustained winds of 60 miles per hour moving west at about 14 miles per hour. barbados, st. lucia all in tropical storm warnings. could see 4 to upwards of 6 inches of rain with it. wednesday into thursday, puerto rico and the dominican republic could feel the impacts. this cone could change through the week so we will be covering it, guys. >> we know you will, thanks very much. the latest on president trump over at the g7 summit in france and raising lots of questions about what he's going to do over the trade war with china as he closes out that summit. back to our chief white house correspondent jon karl traveling with the president. good morning, jon. >> reporter: good morning,
8:03 am
george. on the issue of china trade, the president has been all over the place over the last several days going back and forth between threatening an all-out economic war and ordering u.s. companies to stop dealing with china to striking a much more conciliatory tone. listen to what he's saying this morning. >> china called last night and said let's get back to the table so we'll be getting back to the table and i think they want to do something. they've been hurt very badly but understand this is the right thing to do and i have great respect for them. i have great respect for them. this is a very positive development for the world. >> reporter: just yesterday the white house press secretary said the only second thoughts the president had onhiiswa not making tariffs e on chinabunow as you hear he says he is optimistic about getting a deal. his top economic advisers say negotiations with the chinese are ongoing. george? >> we'll be watching for the next development. jon karl, thanks very much. coming up here new alert for
8:04 am
consumers, amazon has been called out for selling banned and unsafe products. we'll tell you what you need to know this morning. plus we'll have that very special look at the brand-new "star wars" movie. you'll only see it on "gma" this morning and what star daisy ready is saying about it all. we'll be right back. about it all. we'll be right back. ♪
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welcome back to "gma." lara, i know you have something you want to share about a segment in last week's "pop news". >> i do. i do. i screwed up. i did. the comment i made about dance was insensitive, it was stupid and i am deeply sorry. i've spoken with several members of the dance community over the past few days, i have listened, i have learned about the bravery it takes for a young boy to
8:09 am
pursue a career in dance and last night i sat down with three influential dancers who have lived it firsthand. >> i am -- i'll never forget being in middle school and some of t gunouth the dance studio is pretty close to school. and they were like, oh, i want to see this cute girl i have a crush on dancing. so they come to the studio one day after school and they see me in a ballet class with them and it wasn't about the girls. it was them pointing and laughing through the window. i can't tell you how -- how much that hurts. >> reporter: they are three of ballet's most celebrated dancers, robbie fairchild, a former principal with the new york city ballet, then broadway star and now about to dance onto the big screen in the film version of "cats." he is two-time emmy winning choreographer travis wall from
8:10 am
"so you think you can dance" and fabrice calmels from the joffrey ballet in chicago. all of them coming together for one reason to turn a negative into a positive. >> thank you guys for being here. it has been a true education for me and an opportunity, i hope. i know you that you guys all agreed to come because that's what we all want here. >> the fact that all of us are sitting here with you and you are brave enough to open up about something that may have come out not intentionally how you meant it but it came out. the fact that you were able to be here and talk to us is really important because we are a community of love. and in order for us to move forward, we have to move forward together. >> travis, you've been nominated for how many emmys now? >> nine. >> for your work on "so you think you can dance." >> yes. >> is that show changing the perception for boys in dance? >> absolutely. how many boys have started to dance because of that show makes me so proud to represent that
8:11 am
show and i think that the message that i was just trying to get across was that i want more boys to dance. we make such beautiful art and create such beautiful moments this this world and i wish the world would dance more. >> what do you hope that everybody watching this learns from this moment? >> i just wish people would be open-minded and understand what others are doing. more empathy would be lovely. i teach young kids and boys just drop because of the stigma, the social stigma around it. children should be entitled to experience things without being bullied. >> just let people follow their dream, whether it's dance, whatever it is. >> uh-huh. >> what would you like to say to any little boy who loves dancing and might be afraid to dive in? >> i think you have to avoid the
8:12 am
noise. use that as inspiration. look at us. like look at anybody that's like who's been through all of it and it's like it always gets better and boys dancing are the coolest. it is, we're awesome. >> but as a guy to have a male role model, mine was gene kelly and i wouldn't be where i'm at without "singing in the rain" and watching him on tv. that was a pivotal moment. it was like he's doing what i'm -- that i want to do and he's making it so cool. >> robbie, you're about to star in "cats." >> yeah. >> do you hope that people will go see that movie and understand even more the beauty of your passion of dance? >> dance has the ability to tell amazing stories and there's nothing more feline than ballet and so getting to be on set with th, i was right next to dame
8:13 am
judi dench, holding her hand crawling like a cat with her. it was just the most crazy experience and here i am thinking, who's going to see this and have that moment, that moment that -- >> you could be the next gene kelly. >> hey, that's the dream. >> some little boy is going to watch "cats" and hopefully have that moment and say i'm doing this because i watched robbie fairchild. >> that would be the dream and it's important for us to take this as a lesson to learn that there are things i don't understand that maybe i should in order to appreciate it more for what it is. >> for me the lesson is that words hurt and it was not my intention, but it was insensitive. and i thank you all for giving me the opportunity to apologize personally to you and for you guys coming in here to sit and talk to me and educate me and, again, i'm really sorry. >> apology accepted. >> absolutely.
8:14 am
>> 100%. >> so grateful for a very positive conversation and that opportunity to turn a negative into a teachable moment. >> yeah, we learned a lot right now. so gracious and travis and robbie are out in times square this morning teaching some boys how to dance. >> really nice. >> thank you, lara. >> thank you. let's go to ginger. >> let's check in because we didn't get to share with you, there are some brush fires burning out in the west. i thought this was stunning to see. this is glendale, california, so it's warm, it's windy and it's only going to get hotter. this is a warning for everybody out there from medford through eugene up to portland, heat advisories if not excessive heat warnings that include las vegas. we're talking about numbers like 108. medford could go to 107. the bulk of the heat is tuesday into wednesday. all right.
8:15 am
now to a "gma" consumer alert and when you buy from amazon you expect they are safe. a new report from "the wall street journal" says they're struggling to stay on top of recalled items. becky worley joins us from san francisco with the latest. good morning, becky. >> good morning, michael. when you click buy on amazon site you might assume you're purchasing directly from the online giant but well over half the items on the site are actually being sold by third party retailers and this morning questions are mounting about how safe some of those products
8:16 am
really are. when you buy from amazon it feels like buying from a big box retailer, a brand you trust but now an investigation from "the wall street journal" found 4,000 items federal agencies have found unsafe, labeled deceptively or banned by regulators. things you wouldn't find on big store shelves. >> compared to a traditional retail store there's very little vetting that goes on. >> reporter: for example, the fda warned this infant sleeping mat could suffocate babies. but the journal found it on amazon. and they found items like motorcycle helmets that failed federal safety tests. cosmetic items falsely labeled as fda approved like eyelash serum that was never tested. electronics that claim safety certifications that the journal said were false or lacked documentation and particularly troubling dangerous children's toys. >> one in particular a children's musical set came back and it had illegal levels of lead paint in one of the
8:17 am
xylophones. the listing claims all kinds of certifications and said it was fda approved. there is no fda approval for children's toys. >> reporter: we reached out to amazon for comment. they told us they have reviewed and addressed all the items brought to our attention by "the wall street journal" adding they use artificial intelligence to scan the changes and analyze the tens of millions of customer e vi reviews submitted weekly. last year alone they invested over $400 million to assure products offered are safe, compliant and authentic, something its customers depend on. amazon also saying if a customer ever has a concern about a product to contact the site's support team and they will investigate. but, guys, this is a really tough issue for online shoppers. >> it really is, becky. when it comes to things that are really vital like a child or infant product or medicine, how are you supposed to know you're getting something that's safe? >> well, here's the new golden
8:18 am
rule for buying from amazon. anything baby related as you mentioned, safety related, anything you put on your skin, i'm talking about makeup or over your mouth like a snorkel mask, make sure you are buying directly from amazon. not just fulfilled by amazon. that can come from any third party seller. sold by amazon, fulfilled by amazon. those are the magic words to look for. those products we see more scrutiny and for those types of purchases another idea, what a great reason to go to a brick and mortar store. >> good point. all right, becky, thank you so much. great advice right there and, yeah, go to the store. >> she always has good advice. we turn to the big d23 expo full of surprises. ginger will take us behind the scenes. first the moment so many of you have been waiting for.teer for "star wars" from director j.j. abrams. >> hi, it's j.j. abrams, we got together a piece for "the rise of skywalker" for this expo that was only for this room here until now and we're going to show it to you now on "good morning america." hope you enjoy it.
8:19 am
♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ >> we've passed down all we know. a thousand generations live in you now. this is your fight.
8:20 am
♪ ♪ >> your journey ♪ ♪
8:21 am
[ cheers and applause ] >> whoo! >> we'll have to wait till christmas. >> yes. >> the audience is captivated. >> that got everybody's heart rate up. good morning. that's right. but you know it was a weekend that was full of big announcements including an incredible honor for our robin roberts and diane sawyer. yes. [ cheers and applause ] those two were named disney legends along with ten others with disney ceo bob iger calling it the highest honor we can bestow describing it as a recognition of talent, celebration of achievement and expression of profound gratitude. so well deserved by all 12 who received that honor. you know, robin, she was dressed for it. robin always a master of fashion. take a look at her shirt. that's a lot of mickey mouses right there. >> oh, my gosh. [ applause ] when you work for the company,
8:22 am
you get a shirt like that. >> i want to know where she got that fabric. i want to do a whole suit. >> be careful what you wish for, michael. >> hey, i'm making you one too. we'll be twins. [ applause ] >> lots of surprises at the d23 expo. ginger, you were there for all of them. >> i was. i saw that shirt in person. it is hot, by the way. at d23, we did 45 interviews in two days including 85 people, two droids, two dogs and a frog. yeah, it was kermit. anyway, some of the people that walked through the doors were surprises to us like hilary duff, lizzie mcguire is back, everybody. [ cheers and applause ] >> reporter: it was a huge weekend in entertainment, the d23 expo. the most exclusive reveals for disney like "lizzie mcguire" coming back. >> it feels really great to be home. there are big hurdles to climb over when you're 30 and if she can be there for women going through what she's going through, i'm so happy to step into her shoes again. >> reporter: and that cute little animated lizzie. >> i am a good girl. good girls don't get detention. >> reporter: is back too. >> she has her dream job.
8:23 am
an apprentice to an interior designer, pretty big deal. she has a gorgeous fiance, a cute little apartment in brooklyn and everything is going her way and she's celebrating her 30th birthday with all of her friends. that's really all i can say. obviously nothing is going to go right. >> ewan? >> yes. >> are you going to play obi-wan kenobi again? >> yes. >> whoo! >> reporter: and speculation daisy ridley is exploring the dark side. and in that moment i think the immediate feel is rey has gone to the dark side. has she? >> i guess that is the immediate feel. >> uh-huh. >> i thought, oh, does she? did i? >> did i? >> we all have a little bit of that tension of dark and light in us emotionally. >> reporter: and the surprises kept coming from "black panther"
8:24 am
getting a release date to emma stone playing the newest cruella de vil. >> we're all going to die. i know it. >> we starks are hard to kill. >> reporter: to kit harington hanging up his "game of thrones" armor and reuniting with richard madden in the newest marvel comic "the eternals." >> we just heard harrington added. >> yes. he's a really amazing actor. this came up in "the eternals" we're doing and so happy when he agreed to join. it could grow into something else in the future. >> the rest of "the eternals," the most diverse marvel cast including an openly gay character. >> he's married. has a family and that is just part of who he is. >> as a woman you're told you're not going to survive in this business after 30. i'm a superhero in my 50s. >> you're also -- the character is deaf and you are the first deaf marvel ch a gre it's so cool to play a character that is traditionally a man, a blond haired man and so -- how
8:25 am
different could you get from myself? >> reporter: and the fun never stopped. the new cast of the animated movie "soul" belling it out. ♪ i got soul i got soul >> i won't let anything happen. >> reporter: finally, major news from arendelle about "frozen 2." >> there's darkness, loss, heartache but magic and beauty and change. >> reporter: and kristoff gets his own song. >> basically kristoff wants to take things to the next level with kristen bell. i mean anna. >> i'm in. i'm in. >> it was so good and one recurring theme in that interview with the "frozen 2" was that josh gad was trying to m thisee wkendo a lot going on this weekend. thank you, ginger. >> great job, ginger, coming up the very funny, talented niecy nash is here live. we'll be right back.
8:26 am
>> announcer: friday marsh mellow and cain brown in the live concert event from central park only on g"gma" presented b king's hawaiian.
8:27 am
good morning, north bay. let's get up and get going. >> this is abc 7 mornings. >> good morning. i'm reggie aqui from abc 7 mornings. police are investigating a shooting in el cerrito. an off-duty officer with the san francisco police department shot a man overnight. this happened on mosur lane near kearney street. the man who was shot is expected to survive. they're interviewing the off-duty officer to find out what led up to this confrontations. to frances who is tracking a bad crash. >> it's a very serious motorcycle injury accident. four lanes are blocked. only one lane getting by. it's crawling out of antioch. even affecti etbou traffic approaching the scene. there's another motorcycle injury crash westbound 580 at poolidge slowing things down. northbound 880 not a great alternative. westbound 4 antioch to hercules is almost an hour.
8:28 am
also slow westbound 80 heading to the
8:29 am
now your accuweather forecast with mike nicco. >> here's a look at walnut creek. 67 with clean air right now. all of us have clean air on this spare the air day. it's our inland east bay neighborhoods that could have poor air quality for those of us most sensitive. still patchy fog at the golden gate bridge. that's going to be around another hour or so. cool to hot for mass transit.
8:30 am
♪ welcome back to "gma," everybody and we're going to give you a little monday motivation right now. so if you're heading to work soon, you're dreading the commute, you're going to love our next guest. he found a unique way to cut miss commute from an hour and a half down to just 15 minutes and you're going to ask how. instead of going through manhattan in a car he goes around it on a jet ski. yes, joining us from the water in jersey city, new jersey, please welcome david pike, everybody. hey, david. [ applause ] >> hi, guys. >> david, we have to say this takes commuting to a new extreme so how did you come up with this idea? >> sure, so i l myompany is in brooklyn and every day it would take me 90 minutes. i'd have to take a bus to the
8:31 am
path to a subway to another bus and looking across the harbor and i'm like i just need to go there so i went on ebay and bought a jet ski recently upgraded to a seadoo and now it takes me 15 minutes. i cut straight across the harbor. >> smart man. [ applause ] >> we see you're all alone on the water right now. what's it like commuting solo every day? >> you know, it's awesome. it's so much fun. but you know i don't feel alone out there. you know, the harbor is really a hive of activity, cruise ships, badleboards, tourist boat, seagulls so i feel like i'm in good company. >> seagulls. >> you're convincing me in the sales pitch. it's nice today but what are you going to do when it gets cold outside? >> that's what i'm going to start swimming. no, but a wetui s i'm planning
8:32 am
to go straight through november. >> wow. >> okay. [ applause ] >> and when you finally get to work where do you park the jet ski? >> i park over at brooklyn cruise terminal. there is a little kayak dock there. i've made friends with the people so it's great. >> i tell you what, you better get going or you'll be late for work. we'll let you go. appreciate you joining us. thank you so much. you're inspiring us with monday morning motivation getting around that traffic on a jet ski, very smart man there. there he goes. >> bye. >> all right. [ applause ] >> not a bad -- >> smile on his face. >> others will be lined up talking about give me a ride too. we got a great guest. you got this there. >> three time emmy nominated actressment you know her from
8:33 am
"claws" and "reno 911" hosting the "black girls rock" awards. please welcome niecy nash. ♪ [ cheers and applause ] ♪ blame it on the goose >> how are you? hello. >> hello. [ applause ] >> here we go. i got you. >> thank you. good morning, america. [ applause ] >> thank you, thank you, thank you. you always make us happy when you come here. >> thank you. >> we're going to start off by congratulating you. you have been nominated for your third emmy, congratulations. >> thank you. [ applause ] you said emmy winner. i'll take that. good luck. >> george can see the future. you didn't know that. bo s is for the limited series
8:34 am
1989 central park jogger case. ava duvernay directed it and you are starred and played one of the -- >> mothers. >> how did you get the role? did she call you, did you call ava? >> well, full disclosure, guys, i found out about it and i said i have to reach out to ava so i sent her a tweet, i sent her a text. i slid in her dms and took two cans and tied them together with a string. i said i have to be a part of this somehow and she's my friend but she doesn't have a voice mail so i had to do what i had to do. >> made it happen, though. >> oh, yeah, for sure. >> when all else fails you slide intoheowerful series. congratulations on it. it was really so well done. you're also starring in an upcoming movie with our own -- produced by our own robin roberts. >> i am. [ applause ]
8:35 am
i am. oh, there we are. hey, robin. it's called "the kamiyah mobley story" and it's about a woman who is desperate for a child and kidnaps a baby and the girl doesn't find out until she turns 18 so -- i play the mother who took the baby. t nute. don't judge me. [ laughter ] >> it's a story we did here on "gma." >> yes, you did. yes, you did and robin through her production company made it a movie and i got cast to play in it and it was a good time. i mean not a good time. everybody, relax. >> you have three kids of your own but they're all out of the house. what is that like? >> you know i'm an empty nester. >> yeah. >> you know what, first of all, i love it. i don't know why people grieve it. i don't know why they are like, oh, my god, i don't know what i'm going to do. everything starting with walking around the house naked every
8:36 am
day. [ applause ] that's the only time you can legitimately have chardonnay for breakfast. [ laughter ] i love it. >> well, we know you just hosted the 2019 "black girls rock" awards. that was just last night. >> it was just last night. >> so a lot of people out there may not know what they're missing which i know what this show is about but fill us in. >> we celebrate -- there's some clips from last night. we celebrate amazing black women, african-american women doing all sorts of thing, some in entertainment, some in everyday life, angela bassett received the icon award last night. india arie -- [ applause ] yes. india ie performance. regina king was honored last night. [ applause ]
8:37 am
also mothers of the movement who are mothers who have had their sons die in a violent death like eric garner and trayvon martin, mike brown, their mothers were honored last night so it was a beautiful event. >> so powerful. you mentioned a couple of the names, angela bassett, regina king, ciara. >> yeah, she got the rock star. i ran into her in the elevator. first of all i've only had an hour's worth of sleep. [ laughter ] i ran into her in the elevator and i didn't look like this. so thank you. >> we don't get to see it for a couple of weeks. can you give us more of a sneak preview. what else wil e? >> me. >> yeah. yeah. [ >> yeah, i do a lot of changes, a lot of looks, have a lot of fun. you'll like it. >> we're congratulati t third emmy -- and this one is special because it's for a dramatic role
8:38 am
and that's special. >> thank you so much. i was nominated in a comedy category twice and people said drama is not your lane. you are a comedian so to be nominated in a dramatic comedy. don't let anybody tell you what you can do. you can do anything you want to do. >> you can do anything you want to do and one thing we think you should do, "black girls rock," you should watch it airing sunday, september 8th on b.e.t. niecy nash, everybody. we'll be right back.
8:39 am
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♪ pump up the jam we are here now with celebrity fitness guru billy blanks. he created the famous tae bo program and pumping up the jam with boom boxing. welcome to billy blanks. good to see you, man. >> thank you, thank you. >> now you're currently on this billy's celebrity sweat and fitness tour. >> we've been on the air for six years. our goal get people inspired and get them off the couch and along with that we do breast and ovarian cancer -- we give back to them. so awesome to be doing what i'm doing. >> free classes. get people off the couch. get them healthy. we're going to rig now do some boom boxing. i love this. got the gloves on, the boom box back there. have you these moves, these
8:42 am
moves pay respect to some boxing greats and we're going to start off with george foreman. >> yeah. peekaboo defense. >> peekaboo defense? show us what it is. >> it's going to be like this. open your legs up, place your hands up here and you're going to actually do this. go across the body. you're going to start moving your legs, go like this, one, two, three and four, okay, five, six, seven and eight. okay. y'all ready? we'll try it again, ready. hands up, going to your left, five, six, seven, go, one, count, it, go, three, go, go, go. one more time, go, go, go. go, go, go. good. >> all right, i like that, billy. [ cheers and applause ] all right. >> deltoid, stomach, biceps. >> and i might need a new suit jacket when i rip this one out in the back. next move, mike tyson. >> everybody know mike tyson. work your waistline. so put your hands to your chin andny of punches coming at your
8:43 am
face and you go to your left and back to the right. when you bend bend in the middle of your body so it'll be like this, one, two, three, four, five, six, seven, eight, one, two, three, four, five, six, seven, eight. now a little faster. five, six, seven. go, one, two, three, four, five, six, seven, eight, one, two, three, four, five, six, seven, eight. that, right there. [ cheers and applause ] >> okay. oh, i could feel it. i can feel it, trust me. the next one, butterfly. muhammad ali. float like a butterfly, sting like a bee. >> full work of your bicep so put your left leg out, twice to the left, one, two them to the right. three four then five, six, seven, and eight, go, one and two, three and four, five and six, one more time, guys. one, two, three and four, five and six, seven and eight. now -- [ cheers and applause ]
8:44 am
>> billy. good for your quads and everything, man. i'm so proud to see you doing this, giving back and inspiring so many to get off the couch and be better and doing it in a fun way. >> in a fun way. >> thank you for boom boxing with us this morning. everybody, make sure you check out billy blanks. i want no more of that. we'll thank you and go to ginger. ginger. >> i got that mike tyson, i'm doing that mike tyson, how about i share with you one of my favorite moments over the weekend. it was this. i got to interview kermit the frog, guys. i feel like i should just retire now. he spilled tea >> all right.
8:45 am
we're dodging you, ginger. you know, coming up this afternoon we have "strahan & sara," of course, it's going to be an entire hour. >> yep. >> of big surprises that you don't want to mi girl keke palm birthday. she has no idea what we've been planning. >> you must have planned it because i didn't do nothing. i'm joking. >> that's what we are. i play that role in this relationship. i play everything. >> we'll invite you all to the party. just watch us this afternoon, all right and ahead, on "gma" we have grammy nominated duo sofi tukker. they'll perform live. so stay right there.
8:46 am
8:47 am
we are back with the story of a young doctor diagnosed with a rare disease and with little hope for a cure in his lifetime he set out to find one himself. dr. david faganbaum tells the story in "chasing my cure" and will reeve sat down to talk to him about it. >> david fajgenbaum is an
8:48 am
achiever and fighter. as a college football star and ivy league doctor with a business degree to spare but the fight of his life has knocked him to the brick of death five times. >> the first one is healthy david then there's sick david. but pretty soon there of app became another -- maybe a third iteration of me and that was the one fighting back. >> what were you thinking when you woke up. >> i woke up in the middle of the night. my sheets were drenched. i remember going over to the bathroom and feeling my neck and noticing that i had these enlarged lymph nodes. >> he was in his third year at the university of pennsylvania school of medicine. he knew something was wrong and went to the hospital. >> they said, david, your liver, your kidneys and bone marrow are shutting down. we'll need to hospitalize you right away. >> reporter: he was ultimately diagnosed with castleman disease. a condition as mon as als but much less known. >> it is a mix between an
8:49 am
autoimmune disease and cancer. castleman disease, a third of us will die witness diagnosis. i was so sick i had my last rites read to me because the doctors didn't think i would survive. >> reporter: david survived then and through five relapses. within and throughout his college sweetheart, katelyn. >> why did you pursue this relationship? >> i didn't care that he was sick and i just wanted to be with him and no matter how much time we had. >> reporter: david and caitlin together in sickness and health had a daughter amelia. their journey's duration, unknowable but david's commitment to hope and finding a cure himself is unwavering. >> i realize i can't just hope that someone somewhere would take care of finding a drug for me or push forward the science. i needed to make that into a reality. >> reporter: he discovered a new drug and it's working. each day a gift.
8:50 am
>> i try to live with this concept of overtime that we have a limited amount of time. we need to make the most of every second so we can really live life at the fullest. >> david has been in remission for 5 1/2 years or as he says, 67.68 months because no day is guaranteed, george. his book comes out september 10th "chasing my cure." >> love that concept of overtime. inspiring story. thank you. coming
8:51 am
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"good morning america" is sponsored by safelite autoglass. >> all right, guys, we are sending you off into this monday with a grammy nominated duo, sofi tukker. their new ep "dancing on the people" comes out september 20th. here's the first single from it. "fantasy." ♪ i've given you no reason ♪ just the silent treatment ♪ while i've given myself the benefit of my own doubt ♪ ♪ for it's far too way from crying living and slowly dying ♪ ♪ despite all our efforts to shut it down ♪ seen someone lik
8:54 am
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8:55 am
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let's get up and mornings. >> good morning. 8:59. i'm reggie aqui. mike nicco has a look at your day ahead. >> hi, reggie. hi, everybody. a look at the golden gate brimg. you can see the fog starting to thin. that's going to be the case at the coast today. a little calmer. a little too hot to be walking the dogs and light breezes on the bay. a look at the temperatures. wealth of 90s and 100th north bay, east bay. 90s in the south bay. 70s and 80s around the bay including san francisco. this is our hottest day in. unhealthy air, too. >> and a lot of slow traffic all around the bay area. see it here on the maps. lots of reds and yellows. the hot spot is a sigalert westbound 4. a motorcycle accident leaves only one lane open causing about hour-long delays out of antioch. avoid that stretch and take buchanan road or tenth street. time for "live with ryan and kelly" or "kelly and ryan." back at
9:00 am
>> announcer: it's "live with kelly and ryan." today, from the series "my life is murder," lucy lawless. and he's one of the stars of "grey's anatomy." james pickens, jr. plus designer vern yip shows us how to have a vacation at home. also, get ready for your first chance to win a sensational getaway to cabo san lucas. all next on "live." [jonas brothers' "sucker"] and now, here are kelly ripa and ryan seacrest. >> ♪ about you, about you [cheers and applause] ♪ break my typical rules ♪ it's true >> ryan: i'm a sucker for you. ♪ >> ♪ don't complicate it ♪ 'cause i know you and you ♪ know everything about me ♪ i can't remember >> ryan: hello


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