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tv   ABC7 News 500PM  ABC  August 26, 2019 5:00pm-5:30pm PDT

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>> you're just in shock, what you're seeing. it seemed pretty horrible. >> a woman talking about the moment she watched a car run a man over as he lay in the street, detained by police. that car was an unmarked police vehicle driven by another officer called in for back up. good evening. thanks for joining us. i'm dan ashley. >> and i'm kristen sze. it happened saturday at gary boulevard and webster street in japantown. police were chasing a man believed to be involved in an auto burglary. >> nbc's anchor kumasi aaron speaks with a woman who saw the whole thing. she is live now, kumasi? >> reporter: she told me she was walking with her fiancee and the suspect ran right past them. he was being chased by police. they caught him and they thought everything was over, but it was just beginning. it's hard to watch this video. the blurred aftermath of a man run over by a car. imagine seeing it happen in real
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life. >> you heard and saw just the smashing, you know. it's not something you want to see any day. >> reporter: joy told me she was walking along gary boulevard saturday afternoon with her fiancee when she saw a plain catch m, and then pinimthe gund. >>ember tom beex to me dn't pe what happened ne >> the man, you know, sort of out of nowhere, this other vehicle just drives up, you know, jumps the curb, slams into the bus station and essentially runs over the people -- i think the two people on the ground. >> reporter: she didn't know that car was being driven by another officer. in shock, she watched as officers tried to free the suspect. >> the officer, one of them came up pretty close to the person and sort of grabbed him by his
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arm and dragged him out from under the car somehow. >> reporter: today crews removed the bus stop damaged when the car jumped the curb. it was caught on this camera by the japantown district. they say they turned the footage over to the san francisco police. now, in the last hour, police told us -- in the last hour police told us they have arrested a second suspect, 30-year-old leunides may, and right now he's facing several charges including burglary. that other suspect right now still in the hospital with life-threatening injuries. reporting live, kumasi aaron, abc7 news. >> kumasi, thank you. a 28-year-old woman is dead after a car crashed into the right share vehicle in which she was a passenger. it happened in santa clara on poinciana drive. abc7 news kris reyes explains how the police tried to stop the suspect just moments before the crash. >> the suspect vehicle was driven by a single male adult
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and was traveling southbound on lawrence expressway when he failed to stop for a red light. >> reporter: it happened at about 1:30 a.m. sunday at this intersection in santa clara. the suspect is san jose resident 32-year-old claudio perez. he was arrested on scene and charged with murder, driving under the influence, auto theft, and probation violation. perez's vehicle collided with a rideshare car. a 28-year-old woman from santa clara died in the hospital. she was in the back seat. another passenger is still in critical condition while the driver is expected to be okay. >> it's our understanding that the rideshare vehicle was driving within safe speed limits. >> reporter: now, just prior to the crash, sunnyvale police had put the suspect's vehicle under supervision from this parking lot on east dewayne avenue after they deemed that that vehicle was listed as stolen. they even tried to deploy a tire deflation device. >> all four tires of the suspect's vehicle were intact at
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the accident scene. so it's our understanding that that device did not work in the correct fashion it's supposed to work. >> reporter: sunnyvale police decided it was too dangerous to pursue the vehicle when it took off from the parking lot late saturday night. instead sunnyvale p.d. sent a county-wide alert to be on the look out for the vehicle. captain craig robinson says he has yet to talk to the victim's family. >> we would be happy to sit down and explain to them much like i've explained to you our reasoning behind that and just how sorrowful we are this is the end result of this action of this drunk driver. >> reporter:? sunnyvale, kris reyes for abc7 news. >> california's supreme court ruled today the defendants heading to trial have a right to know if they've been arrested by an officer with a bad record. the justices ruled unanimously that a suspect's right to a fair trial outweighs the privacy rights of officers who have a history of bad behavior. the possible types of misconduct include lying, taking bribes, tampering with evidence, using unreasonable force, or engaging
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in domestic violence. >> medical marijuana could be allowed on california's school campuses under a bill passed by the state assembly today. the bill gives school boards the ability to decide whether parents can administer medical marijuana to their children on campus. medical cannabis can be used to treat seizures. the bill only allows the drug in non-smoking form. currently children need to leave campus to get their marijuana medication. former governor jerry brown vetoed a similar proposal last year. police have not yet made any arrests following a 40-person brawl that broke out at raging waters in sacramento yesterday. that fight left a modesto man near death. but police were able to revive him after performing cpr. the brawl involved two separate families and began because of a beach towel. cal expo police say they have not been able to arrest anyone because of conflicting statements from those involved. officers are looking for independent witnesses who saw the fight to come forward with details of what they saw.
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>> a teenager in walnut creek is awfully grateful tonight after being bitten by at rattlesnake over the weekend. as abc7 news reporter laura anthony explains, watch out. this is prime season for rattlesnakes. >> it felt like something zapped me. >> reporter: 15-year-old kaden zing didn't see it coming, a baby rattlesnake that bit him saturday night. he was walking into a gate at a friend's house in walnut creek and felt a jolt. >> i was freaking out. what was that? at first i didn't see the snake. my friend said it's a rattlesnake. i was like, no way. i turn around and i see it rattling. i'm freaking out. >> reporter: thankfully kayden had friends with him and called 911. in the ambulance on the way to john muir medical center, the freshman realized how serious it was. >> it start today get really bad. i was feeling if in my fingers, my tongue, in my nose. i never felt that in my life before. >> reporter: not everyone bitten
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by a rattlesnake needs anti-venom medication. the director of john muir hospital told us they need to take precautions. >> you want to get on constrict i have things like rings, bands around their arms, those kind of things. if you swell up, it's much more difficult to get those off later. you want to get the patient or the individual to have their extremity at the level of their heart. >> reporter: at walnut creek's lyndsay wildlife experience a rattlesnake is the patient, brought in after getting caught in garden netting. >> we should definitely coexist with them. while they do have the possibility of causing us physical damage, if you are aware and you know not to harass these snakes, there is a very, very small chance you will actually be injured by these guys. >> keep a look out, especially around nighttime where you can't see. >> good advice from kayden. that's laura anthony reporting. you'll be glad he is being released from the hospital today and is expected to make a full
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recovery. he hopes to be back in class for the start of his freshman year affidavit north gate hospital by the end of the week. good luck to kayden. >> all right, we may be in the middle of the best salmon season in years. fishermen are drawing in bigger hauls thanks to all the rain and snow that ended the state's drought. and that's good news for the people who sell the salmon. abc7 news anchor dion lim has this fish tale. >> reporter: there is nothing fishy about this story. because of fishery management and just the perfect weather conditions, there is a whole lot more of this king salmon available to you. >> my dear, that is for you. you keep that in your pocket. thank you very much. >> reporter: at jp seafood alameda, fourth generation fish monger he takes pride in the relationship he has with his customers. >> i've been seeing joey work for a long time. >> reporter: and for the first time-out of this tiny seafood counter, joey is selling up to 80 pounds of salmon a day thanks to the most bountiful season in
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decades. >> you have to go back to the '70s and '80s where we had the good abundance of salmon like we have this year. >> reporter: here's why the harvest looks so good in places like morrow bay, monterey bay and san francisco bay. most of the salmon come from the sacramento river and its tributaries and that is where the fish spawn and swim to the ocean. the salmon that gets caught now is the very first class to benefit from record rainfall in 2017 when our five year drought finally ended. in addition to the add the rain and favorable ocean conditions, regulators imposed restrictions to prevent overfishing. as a result consumers are seeing prices drop by 30% to even 50% depending on the cut. joey says this is just the beginning of salmon's resurgence. >> next year should be better. the following year should be better. it makes me happy. >> reporter: a bright light for now during a time of concern because of climate change. in alameda, dion lim, abc7 news. >> well, it definitely feels like summer in walnut creek and
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livermore. let's get the numbers now from abc7 news meteorologist sandhya patel. pretty steamy once again, sandhya. >> inland areas are baking in the upper 90s to low 100s, dan. these are the highs so far. 103 in fairfield. 99 in concord. 68, though, in san francisco. so really you're looking at a 31 degree spread between concord and half moon bay. if you want to go wider, half moon bay to fairfield is a large spread. 81 in oakland, 91 in san jose, 92 in santa rosa. not everyone feeling the effects of the heat. we still have the fog and the sea breeze to keep you comfortable at the coast. keeping it live with doppler 7 on the remnants of once tropical storm ivo, this moisture is going to be heading in our direction. and as it does, do expect the humidity to go up. right now a closer look. we still have the fog right near the beaches. find out exactly what you can expect for the rest of the workweek besides the higher humidity coming right up. kristen and dan? >> sandhya, thanks. still ahead, we'll go inside the
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chase center to tour the warriors' new home. and we get a one on one with team president rick welch. what he's saying about that amazing new facility. >> plus the super tanker that fought our fires is now fighting those in the amazon. that's not the only help coming from california. >> and the state's battle with the trump administration over immigration heats up again. the latest salvo in what seems
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that's the sound of finishing touches at the new chase center which opens a week from friday when metallica performs with the san francisco symphony orchestra. the warriors will have their first game in the building in october. and our chris alvarez spoke one on one with the president rick welch outside the new crown jewel in downtown san francisco. >> reporter: rick welch reminded me we had the nba finals on
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abc7. that's the perfect home and the perfect home for the warriors. what's the first thing people see? what do they say? >> i think they're just surprised at the scale and scope of the building. it's a big building and it's an incredibly beautiful setting. part of the city that a lot of people have never explored before. >> welcome to chase center, and this is warriors ground. >> reporter: you mentioned it's not just a sports arena. it's an entertainment facility, correct? >> the vast majority of events that are going to take place hre are not warriors games, right? even if we do go to the finals, it will be entertainment. honestly the hope is there is no artist in the world who will consider their resume complete until they've had an opportunity to play chase center in san francisco. >> reporter: how does this change or improve this area of san francisco, expanding and building 1234 i can't imagine what it's going to look like here five months, ten months down the road. >> if you're like most people in san francisco, you haven't been here unless you had a reason to visit ucsf or one of the businesses in this area.
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so this is an area that really h hasn't been discovered yet. it's got the best weather in san francisco. and with the addition of all the other things we're doing along with the arena, from the retail of the public spaces, the art, the restaurants, things like that, it's going to become really the center of a new neighborhood in san francisco. >> reporter: reminder, the nba finals are on abc7. the warriors, we hope they'll be there. >> looks great. all right, chris alvarez, thanks so much. work is beginning in the south bay to preentd the spread of wildfires. it's happening along highway 17. firefighters are creating what's called a fuel break along the six-mile stretch between the road and los gatos. it started in the redwood estates area. they will saw brush and remove whack weeds to remove as much vegetation and fuel as possible. this will prevent flames from climbing vertically to the tops of trees and keep fires close to the ground where first responders can better extinguish them. >> apple c.e.o. tim cook is
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donating $5 million of his own money as well as apple resources to help fight the fires in the amazon. >> meanwhile, the world's largest fire fighting plane that has helped control major wildfires here in california is now in south america fighting those fires. >> yeah, it's a converted 747 jumbo jet that can carry nearly 20,000 gallons of retardant or water. up to 4,000 miles. the decision by bolivia's president to lease the super tanker comes as south american leaders face increasing pressure to contain the fires that are threatening hundreds of species. abc's matt gut man is on the lines in brazil. >> reporter: these are the burn scars that cover so much of brazil. you can see this fire swept all the way up to those mountains. this was a palm growth behind there. you can see the palm trees completely singed. now, we saw this from the air yesterday. so many thousands of square miles burned just in this part of brazil alone.
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and the heat generated from these fires was so intense, we literally saw curtains of fire crossing dozens of miles. and it created its own weather patterns, even making the flight extraordinarily turbulent. those columns of smoke rising thousands of feet into the air, and everywhere we looked, we did not see a single firefighter. now, we did embed with firefighters here in this district. there is a single firefighter for every thousand square miles or so. they don't have radios. they don't have fire trucks, no hoses. and brazil's president has said this country doesn't need assistance and support, the kind offered by the united states. but from what we have seen, this country is absolutely overwhelmed. now, brazil has had 80,000 fires this year alone. that's a record number, up about 85 to 90% over last year. and why is this important? because brazil and especially its rain forests produce about 20% of the world's oxygen. matt gutman, abc7 news, brazil.
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>> the longest of the planet, they say. crisis there. all right, meantime, temperatures are heating up begin here in the bay area. >> let's get the scorching details from meteorologist sandhya patel. sandhya? >> well, the good news is, kristen and dan, the temperatures inland today in the triple digits. this is going to be the hottest in the next seven days. let me show you live doppler 7. we have changes underway. we have the fog along the coast which is pretty typical. but we are starting to notice some high clouds coming in as you will notice in the south bay. and that's all in association with what was once a tropical storm, remnants of ivo moving in our direction. and as a matter of fact, you're going to start to notice the humidity going up as those clouds increase going into tomorrow, particularly tomorrow evening. i want to show you what it looks like right now outside. we're seeing a wide range of conditions along the coast line, have a sea breeze and it's in the 60s. but if you're inland, you're cooking. triple digits, you will notice.
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fairfield, brentwood, 95 in livermore. at least you have the a.c.s inland. within a few degrees, mostly higher compared to yesterday. want to show you a live look from santa cruz camera. you see the fog down below, but notice the higher clouds up above. we're going to be seeing more of those in the bay area. here's another vantage point from the south bay and san jose where they are also seeing those clouds. and as they increase, the humidity will be going up as well. fogy near the coast and bay tonight. hot again inland tomorrow. we are expecting higher humidity particularly tomorrow evening through thursday morning. so let me show you the air quality basically for today. we have a spare the air alert, moderate to poor air quality across the entire bay area. the good news is stronger breeze will reduce the pollutants in the air a little bit. so tomorrow we do not have a spare the air. midnight tonight socked in along the coast around the bay, 5:00 a.m. tomorrow, 8:00 a.m., that's the same general area where you have to watch out for fog. it may be dense, and it will pull back.
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but notice those high clouds coming in for the afternoon and the evening. that's what's going to make it a little bit muggy around here. so be prepared for that. first thing in the morning, low 50s to the mid 60s. we'll see a mix of fog and high clouds. tomorrow afternoon in the south bay, here are your temperatures. 96 in morgan hill, 91 in san jose. still hot around gilroy. 95 degrees. 88 in sunnyvale. on the peninsula mid-'80s from palo alto, 83 in san mateo, low 70s right near the coast line. downtown san francisco 74 degrees. it's going to be mild in daly city. 69. north bay temperatures, 88 in san rafael, vallejo 93. santa rosa. you will notice extra clouds around tomorrow afternoon. in the east bay 81 oakland. 85 union city. so still warm. inland areas will be hot, 100 in fairfield, 95 in livermore. i want to turn your attention quickly to tropical storm dorian in the atlantic. this one is expected to strengthen to a category 1, dumping some heavy rain over parts of the leeward islands, puerto rico, and eventually by
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this weekend, could be heading closer to florida, eyeing florida. stay tuned. accuweather seven-day forecast, hot inland, humid afternoon, evening, sticky but cooler on wednesday. and on thursday morning, some lingering mugginess in the morning. we'll be back to our seasonal pattern as we head towards the long holiday weekend with temperatures in the 90s, minus the humidity. coast side, in the 60s. so you're just going to have to be prepared for that midwest mugginess feel the next couple of days. > all i heard was minus the humidity for the next weekend. a that's what we care about. >> thanks, sandhya, very much. >> signing off after more than three decades, a radio station says good-bye taking a little part of the bay area culture with it. that's next. >> it's an iconic station. then on 5:30 on world news with david muir. >> coming up tonight, bracing for a possible hurricane, tropical storm dorian could become a hurricane as early as tomorrow. the islands puerto rico and why florida and parts of the east should be paying close attention as we
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poy california and 18 other states sued the trump administration today trying block officials from changing policies governing the treatment of migrant children who have been detained. >> the flores settlement has guided the treatment of migrant children since 1997. it can only be changed with a judge's approval. now the trump add mks wants to implement new rules without a judge weighing in. >> the actions by this administration aren't just morally reprehensible. as i said, they're illegal. children don't become subhuman simply because they are migrants. all children are god's children. >> this notion that you can indefinitely intern the children in this state is perverse, unconscionable. >> the flores settlement requires that detained children be held in the least restrictive settings as possible. it also limits their detention to 20 days in most cases. >> hey, hey, ho, ho, it's time
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to go. >> local supporters of immigrant rights took their message to the immigration and customs enforcement office in san francisco. the group says it's demanding that immigrants and refugees be treated with the dignity that all people deserve. >> we don't believe it's okay for our country to be in the kidnapping and ransom business. and so we are in solidarity with immigrant rights groups across the bay area and around the country. >> protesters also made the statement in paint to cross both lanes of sampson street. artists came up with the idea and put paint to asphalt. >> rock and roll bands will have to find a new place to hear fred funk smr music when kfog goes off the air for good next week. kfog began playing alternative rock on the fm dial in 1982, and that will end when knbr's 680 sports programming begins simulcasting on kfog's frequency 104.5 on september 6th. the chronicle reports kfog's
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ratings have dipped recently. kfog hosted an outdoor concert and fireworks show called kaboom on san francisco's waterfront from 1994 until 2010. >> hate to see kfog go. parents are always bragging about their kids obviously, especially on social media. but one mom in kansas has very good reason to do it. moore poso of her 8-year-old son christian on the first day of school taking the hand of a classmate named connor. this story came alive. in mom's kamcaption, she wrote,m so proud of my son. he saw a killed balled up in the corner and grabbed his hand and consoled him and walked him into school. it's an honor to raise a compassionate child. thatis the sweetest shot. >> we should all share that post, right? you know the old saying if at first you don't succeed, try, try again. that's exactly what happened with abc7 news anchor dion lim. >> it's one of the -- for the bloopers reel. we'll have that next.
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but first we want to thank danielle for this picture of alameda. share your pictures with us with the #abc7now. >> you may see it on air or online at
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new sichuan hot chicken. for a heart breaking limited time only at panda express. i'm ama daetz. coming up tonight on abc7 news at kgo san francisco. at 6:00. >> i need to talk to you about the fire alarm. can you tell me what happened? >> the i-team dan noyes questions a san francisco police sergeant accused of pulling a fire alarm at a police station in another city. at 6:00, sources tell dan how it
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all unfolded. and recycling worries. find out why international politics could force california's largest nonprofit recycling operation to close. all that plus much more coming up in just a half an hour on abc7 news at 6:00. dan, kristen? >> thanks, ama, we'll see you then. >> earlier tonight in this newscast we showed you a dion lim story about salmon. >> but there was one part you didn't get to see until now. check this out. >> reporter: maybe if i hold it like this, like this? >> yeah -- >> reporter: ah! oh, no, did i ruin it? >> we're going to scale it. >> reporter: do you have that on camera? is that going to go on the blooper reel? >> forget the blooper reel, it's going on the news right now. dion, it is going on the blooper reel. >> oh, in slow motion. >> america's funniest home videos. she should send this in. >> she was so cute on her tweet. so sorry, salmon. >> "world news tonight" with
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david muir is next. i appreciate your time. i'm dan ashley. >> i'm kristen sze. for sandhya patel a tonight, bracing for a possible hurricane. tropical storm dorian gaining strength right now in the atlantic. forecast to become a hurricane as early as tomorrow. the islands, then puerto rico and why florida and parts of the east should be paying close attention as we head into the labor day holiday. ginger zee standing by with the newest track just in tonight. breaking news. the verdict late today. the opioid crisis in america. and the stunning decision from a judge. the $572 million verdict against johnson & johnson. president trump tonight facing new questions after the g7. does he have second thoughts about the trade war with china? and he's now suggesting his own hotel for the next g7, saying each country could have their own villa, their own bungalow. and why the president was a no-show for a meeting on climate change. our team tonight in the


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