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tv   ABC7 News 500AM  ABC  August 27, 2019 5:00am-6:00am PDT

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giving you the sharpest lines possible. get professional results with frogtape... no messy lines, no paint bleed. for sharp lines every time, frog it! now at 5:00, the countdown to chase center is opening and we are live inside of the warriors' new arena has fans get their first shot to buy pre-season tickets today. good morning to you. >> looks good. here's meteorologist, mike nicco. >> you will notice clouds along the coast and slipping through some of the valleys and a cross over towards the bay, but those low clouds are not going to hang around long. they will be increasing during the morning commute, and there
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are some clouds and stars out there. let's break down this tuesday for you. 55 to 63, so mild this morning compared to average lows. and then we stay in the mid-60s for the most part at the coast for noon. we will get into the upper 60s. 78 to 85 under mostly sunny skies for inland bay neighborhoods. we'll talk about the humidity next. a couple accidents in the east bay. both have injuries that have been reported. one is on the westbound 4 connect ramp on 680 headed to the bridge, and one on southbound 680 walnut creek at the off-ramp. there's a stall also eastbound on the dumbarton bridge, but traffic light enough in both directions to get by okay.
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a there's nothing like that new stadium smell, and we are getting a sneak peek inside. >> happening today, pre-season tickets going on sale. jobina fortson is live in san francisco. hi, jobina. >> reporter: hi, guys. i am just checking out my new seat, and i don't know how much it cost but somebody will find out because tickets go on sale for the public. we're just taking a look live now live in the beautiful chase center here. there are radio stations where the court is right now because they will be talking about all the new developments. it's exciting with a great vibe in here this morning. i talked about the special opportunities for presale tickets. if you are buying a pre-season game ticket, you can do that at 9:00 a.m. if you are a season
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ticket holder. the warriors will have their first game against the lakers, and that's the first time there has been a nba game in that san francisco since 1971. the warriors' president said the 18,000-seat chase center is more than just a basketball arena. >> i think they are surprised at the scale and scope of the building. it's a big building and it's in an incredible beautiful setting and in a have not explored before. >> a piece of the old court is signed and on the wall here. before the first game, metallica will take the stage here with the san francisco symphony on september 6th.
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>> you look good in that seat. thank you. >> that's so nice. >> that's a huge screen, both outside and inside. >> oh, yeah, come on screen. in today's gma first look, lori loughlin and her husband will inbound court. >> this is for the charges they face in the admission scandal. >> lori loughlin and her husband headed to court and expected to appear before a judge this afternoon, choosing to be represented by the same law firm, and the court acknowledging interests. they are accused of paying a
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bribe to get their daughters into school. they declined a deal maintaining they did nothing wrong. coming up at 7:00 a.m., we are live from the courthouse and we will weigh in on the case. case. it's 5:04. several accusers of jeffrey ebstein are set to make comments today. an attorney who was representeding multiple ebstein accuse kwrur accusers expect it to historic day. and then this was the scene near moser lane and kearney street on late sunday night.
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several agencies are investigating whether it's a criminal case. the officer is on paid administrative leave. new developments about a series of break-ins on a street. the video shows a thief breaking in and stealing cash and items. police say they have no suspects but they are increasing overnight patrols. happenig today, a popular pizza chain is holding a service for those that lost loved in the shootings. they are holding an all-day benefit and money spent today will go to those
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towards the victims. and then we're sorry for what happened, and we're sorry for our role in it and the harm that it caused. >> both sides move towards reconciliation last night, and it was the 53rd anniversary of the compton cafeteria riot. 82-year-old joan chadwick is an activist that lived through that area. >> i no longer need the apology, but a lot of people died and they need an apology so i am here to take the apology for them. >> many people in the lgbt say they are looking forward to a brighter future.
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according to our media partner, neighbors are threatening a lawsuit unless the late-night noise is curtailed. it conducted its first turns last night and they are not sure how long the testing will last. may not sleep as well for other reasons. this is going to be humid the next couple of nights, and that will allow temperatures to stay up a little bit. in the south bay, 59, and everybody else in the low to mid-60s here. once you get north of knew get kwraur redwood city, we have mid to upper 60s in the east bay neighborhoods. you can see the marine layer squashed, but there's an earlier push of clouds to the east. we will keep an eye on sfo right
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now. partly cloudy usually means no delays. cleaner air if you are out and about today. there will be a light chop if you are going to be out on the bay. 50s at 7:00, and 60s at 9:00, and 80s at 1:00 and near 90 this afternoon for highs, and then increasing high clouds. east bay, 60s through 9:00, and upper0s a noon, and hanging out in the mid to upper 80s for most of the afternoon hours. 7:00, 77 degrees. for san francisco, we have got temperatures that will start off in the 50s, and hang around in the 60s around 7:00. we will show you the accuweather 7 day forecast and muggy necessary coming our way. and then headingeadingeading roads. one accident could be blocking
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this ramp, so olympia could be an alternate. there's a good ride into san francisco. richmond san rafael bridge, traffic light approaching the tolls. drive times on the bridges, delay across the richmond san rafael bridge, six minutes, and san mateo bridge, 13 minutes, and then the dumbarton bridge, a nine-minute delay. recycling worries coming up. why the largest recycling operation may have to close. and also the slight
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if you are just joining us, seven things to know this morning. three people accused of shooting on a busy street are in custody now. and then thieves smashed jewelry cases in the great mall and the sound of shattering glass confused shoppers into
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thinking there was an active shooter on sunday night. today's hearing for lori loughlin will address potential conflict of interests with their attorneys. and then repairs on the busiest runway will start next t saturday. let's take a look at san jose. one of the areas will be warmer than average, and not as hot as yesterday, but still six to nine degrees above where we should be. an injury accident in walnut creek on southbound 680 on the main street off-ramp. here's a live shot at 680 near gary. we are live inside the new chase center in san francisco. are you ready to see the warriors play in their new home? pre-season game ticket sales are today and the chase center's grand opening happens next
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weekend, september 6th with metallica. when is the last time you rented a dvd? here's proof some people are still doing it. that is video from netflixflixfx showing them shipping of dvd. 2.4 million people still subscribe to the dvd shipping service. one of our coworkers had the dvd little red thing, you know the little red pauouch it comes in upstairs, and i had to stop her, like, are you okay? am i in a time machine? >> do they know something you
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don't is the question? >> obviously. there's wisdom there. i don't know what it is there. it was a really big night at mtv's music awards. >> lizzo performed, and people on twitter noticed did john travolta try to give the award to the wrong taylor swift. >> and the vma goes to taylorylr swift. >> then, look, tha tha tha tha
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trying to hand the award to this stunning person in pink, but that woman is a drag queen and she's known for her impressions of swift, and it's very convincing to be fair, and we saw her in the music video "you need to calm down," and she looked great. >> i don't blame john travolta. >> john travolta thinks you are a great dancer, so how are you going to trade him? >> i am not. if i were him, i would guess taylor swift is any average blond woman. >> there it is. there it is. >> hi, mike. >> yeah, great. i don't know. there's a live runs between live
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tv and other forms of doing things. it's 73 degrees on sutro tower. we are looking off to the east. you can see some of the cloud cover pushing in from the left side which is north of where the golden gate bridge is. the heat will ease a little today. the biggest thing is no unhealthy air, even though it's warmer than average. humidity and high clouds arrive late and continue tonight, the jellyfish clouds, cool. a stray dry thunderstorm is possible, and it's more likely elsewhere but it's possible. you can see the cloud cover along the coast, and this coming in is the higher clouds coming in and taking over, and you can see them get impressive around the sunset. mid to upper 80 at millbrae, the cool spot. upper 60s to low 70s, 69 to 72,
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peninsula coast. and mid-70s for san francisco. upper 60s, northbou bay coast. santa rosa, calistoga, mid-90s to around 100 in ukiah. 81 is the cool spot and that's oakland in the east bay shore. a quick look at tonight's temperatures, and they are not as comfortable this morning. a lot more 60s out there thanks to the humidity and high clouds. the mugginess increases on wednesday and thursday. still a good ride here, and we'll check out the ride on interstate 80 as you make your way through berkeley and emeryville. it's getting a little more clouded right now, an accident on westbound 80, but it's clearing.
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one accident is on 680, and that has been out there for a while, and walnut creek, south main, an accident blocks the off-ramp, and southbound 680 delay free, and walnut creek to dublin, 13 minutes, and santa ros to san francisco, 50 minutes, and northbound highway 17 delay free out of the santa cruz mountains right now. recycling can help build a better bay area by protecting our environment, but china used to buy 90% of recyclables from us and now it buys close to 0%, and now the largest recycling operation may have to close. it's running out of time and space for its material to be processed. while the non-profit tries to find other buyers, they are trying to keep it afloat.
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>> we are encouraging recycling, and the problem is what do we do with the materials now that china is closing the doors. >> is that a big problem. they are trying to send some of the material to los angeles, but it costs $90 per ton. 5:21. close call, the quick reflexes that
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we will give aquick look at the potential for flowers and thunderstorms. here at noon today there's nothing going on and then you can see across the sierra, look at the green popping up. it's going to be gorgeous as you can see the thunder boomers,
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those towering clouds and thunder heads off in the distance. a gorgeous shot there. they dissipate once the sun goes down, and then they are not as big around sacramento or redding, and they move north away from us. >> thanks, mike. don't hold back from ordering king salmon. this year's harvest is plentiful, and that means prices are dropping. the owner says the record rainfall we got in 2017 and favorable ocean conditions led to a salmon boom. >> you have to go back to the '70s and '80s, we we had a had a amount of salmon like this year. starting today you can get a library card at san jose public
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libraries. sourdough sam will branches for reading. new former warriors guard, jeremy lin is heading overseas to play basketball. he has reached a deal with the ducks. he played nine seasons in the nba. >> talk about great reflexes. this is amazing. a pitcher saved a ball from coming at him more than 100 miles per hour. >> oh, right back to him. wow. hello. >> cat-like the diamondbacks short stop, nick ahmed sent a pitch right
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back to him. the giants still ended up losing 6-4. they play arizona again tonight. >> you see him shaken with that shoulder shrug, like, that was close. we are coming back with 90 minutes of news. and then great news for college students. and delays and cancelations are coming to sfo. we will get you ready for it coming up next. and the work in the south bay to help prevent the spread of wildfires. >> a live look outside at 5:26 in the morning, and we'll be right back. you have ever bought a ticket at the airport. it might seem like a strange thing to do but depending on the airline you are flying it could save you money. why? some of the airlines charge certain fees only on online purchases and purchases made by telephone. if you show up at the airport,
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to help you get a jump start on your projects. early now at 5:30, busted. the suspected gunman that turned san francisco's market street into a shooting gallery is off the street this morning. major repairs that sfo will mean more delays for bay area travelers. what you need to know before your next flight. signing off. it's the evened of an era for an iconic bay area radio station. what a study is saying about
5:30 am
studies and the perception of you. it's not good. >> it's not. you are never more than seven minutes away from your accuweather 7-day forecast. >> there was a lot going on there. >> yeah, putting on makeup. i am, like, what is the focal point of that? >> you know what i say? >> >> hocus. >> notice the clouds, they are prevalent along the coast and pushing into the bay as we speak. you can see from sutro tower, the clouds trying to take over san francisco. we will be in the mid to upper 60s at the coast today. 85 to 94 at the same time
5:31 am
inland. get ready for kind of a sticky day, francis. mike, we have a big backup at the bay bridge toll plaza. it's backed up towards the 880 crossing at this point, so i assumed the metering lights were on but they are not. oh, looks like they just turned them on. metering lights are now on, and thanks to my producer who helped find out about the metering lights if they were officially on or not. the 680, there could be a blocking some lanes. you could say for the next month the bay area's next airport is about to be construction runway. >> the problem will be so prevalent united is making a big change. amy hollyfield is live for us at
5:32 am
sfo. >> reporter: sounds like this will catch people off guard, so tell a friend today. here's the runway in question. they need to do repair work to it. they will shut it down for about a month. here they are repairing a pothole in april. they say it's time to fix the concrete base of this runway. delays and cancelations are expected. united airlines just announced it won't charge change fees if travelers want to scheduled schd around the closure. >> i had not heard about it, and i don't know if it honestly would affect me. i probably would still go. with or without the change fee option. not too worried about it. >> this starts next saturday, and it's scheduled to last through september 27th.
5:33 am
officials say book your flights before 9:00 a.m. if you can. they expect delays to start after 9:00 a.m. every day. they chose september to avoid busy september and holiday seasons. expect to add time to the trip if you are traveling this month. >> amy, thank you. it's 5:33. two of the three people involved in a brazen shooting on san francisco's market street are in custody this morning. >> unbelievable scene caught on video there. oakland police recognized the suspects and arrested them yesterday. officers did recover a gun. police say there's a third suspect out there and that suspect is a juvenile. milpitas police released surveillance images showing thieves smashing jewelry cases at the great mall. the shattering glass confused some customers and they thought
5:34 am
there was an active shooter on sunday night. the men wore black-hooded sweat shirts and were seen leaving in a black car. an identical heist occurred hours earlier at a jewelry store in modesto. and then the census officials will walk door to door to verify addresses. many are afraid of deportation and activist have been telling immigrants not to open their doors to strangers. >> this is not a count to be afraid of and it does not put you on a list to lead to peer taeugs, a deportation. >> an under count could mean less federal funding for that county. in the south bay, the board of supervisors will vote on a
5:35 am
resolution that would demand immediate causes of global warming. the board meets at 9:30 this morning. a red flag warning has been issued for areas in the sierra tomorrow from 8:00 a.m. to 8:00 p.m. there's a chance dry lightning could start fires. there's also concern about lightning-sparked fires as far as jyosmite. if you hear thunder or see lightning, take shelter indoors. and work is under way to prevent the spread of wildfires in the south bay. firefighters are creating a shaded fuel break between summit road and los gatos. fire crews are removing dead or dying vegetation and the focus is on hazards near the base of trees. the aim is to prevent fires from climbing to tree tops and to
5:36 am
keep fires close to the ground where firefighters can better extinguish them. legendary rock station kfog is leaving the airwaves after 40 years. cumulus media owns kfog and announced it will be sports radio. one woman was among the group of personalities let go in 2016 but later returned to the station, and she believes many loyal fans or fog heads did not. she believes kfog was a station everybody could agree on. >> it was like a default station because, you know, it was entertaining and fun. >> 104.5 -- >> kfog was recently inducted
5:37 am
into the radio hall of fame. a new state law did away with paper vehicle plates and it turns out to be a big win for bay area bridges. fall is not here quite yet, but starbucks wants it to be. a new addition to the pumpkin spice latte. when i was outside yesterday, it didn't feel like fall was almost here? >> no, and it's not going to feel that way today or tomorrow, even though it may not show it being as hot on the thermometer. here's a look at san francisco. a lot of 57s out there. a whole lot of 60s, sunny side, sunset, and lake merced. pleasanton at 60. daly city, good morning at 55
5:38 am
degrees. san rafael bridge, 60 degrees. cool to hot, and mass transit, morning afternoon and light breezes on the bay. your 12-hour planner, we are stuck in the 60s through 9:00, and then low to mid-80s from noon all the way through to 5:00, and then a nice 75 at 7:00 this evening. for the south bay, warmer. 60s at 7:00, and 70s at 9:00 and 80s at 11:00, and then hang on to the mid to upper 80s from noon to 6:00, and 80 at 7:00, and then the last stop will be the hottest this go around, theine valleys, not only hot but with that touch of humidity, you need the air-conditioner because it will help get rid of the humidity in the house. low to mid-90s, and even a spike of upper 90s around 3:00. we will take a look at the holiday weekend. >> there's september. right there. >> wow. we will talk about that coming
5:39 am
up. first, here's frances. yeah, pumpkin spice lattes and soon it will be christmas. >> we should decorate. we are tracking a couple injury accidents. they are still out there, and we will try and get a hold of chp and find out when they expect to clear this. there's an injury crash out towards the bridge here, and an injury accident on the off-ramp, so olympic boulevard may be your best alternate at this point. it's looking good towards highway 24 at this point. also, we will check out drive times for you. really a crawl out of tracy, westbound 580 from tracy to castro valley, an hour and five minutes. brake lights as well, san jose
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check out what is going on across the state today, and you will notice the hundreds in the central valleys from palm springs. look at monterey, 77. even eureka, 71. here you go, this is a chance of thunderstorms today and goes from south lake tahoe to bishop,
5:43 am
but it broadens and moves north as we head to tomorrow. this is the thunderstorms where the rain evaporates and it could cause fire. we have a fire weather watch tomorrow for about 12 hours from 8:00 in the morning to 8:00 in the evening. it's all gone by the holiday weekend. enjoy sunshine and low 80s after mid-40s for lows. >> thanks, mike. fewer drivers are cheating their way out of bridge tolls, and it's all thanks to temporary plates on the backs of cars. our media partner, the mercury news reports, bridge toll losses fell 75% in may, and this is a live look at the bay bridge this morning. the toll authority struggled that skipped paying tolls because new cars had paper plates instead of plate numbers. now interim paper plates have numbers printed on them and the
5:44 am
dmv is working out a few few few improvements to help reading the plates better. one bill up for a vote schools the right to decide if parents can administer marijuana medication at school. former governor, injujerry brow vetoed a similar bill last year. and then gavin newsom will visit a classroom at the river college in sbacramento and for the first time ever california will provide two free years of community college to a first-time full-time student. business, psychology and
5:45 am
biolo biology may be popular majors. >> compared to more than 160 majors and found navel architecture is the most valuable, and nuclear engineering ranks second, and pharmaceutical sciences and admin came in three, and drama and theater arts came in 162, because the median income is $35,000 a year, and i will take issue with calling it the best and worse as we just did in that graphic, because best and worse is subjective. you want to talk about income earning, that's subjective. you want to major in the arts, i love it. >> and not navel architecture? okay.
5:46 am
we see you. taking a selfie could say a lot about you and it's not good news. >> there's a new study that says taking selfies could make people like you less. people that post selfies are generally considered less likeable compared to those that pose for photos taken by other people, and they are generally less secure. there's an emphasis on physical appearance when taking a selfie. >> okay. >> we all need to find instagram friends/husbands and wives and whatever, to follow you around and take photos. >> that's the lesson? >> that's the lesson, mike. >> some people still want to take them, and they just want it to make -- >> yeah, that's what is they said. you need to find somebody else
5:47 am
to take your instagram photos. >> don't do it. probably never will. but that's me. >> you will look better anyway. >> i hope so. i can use that from what i have been told. >> you look a lot better off camera than on camera. >> people have said that to you recently? >> yes. >> the cruelty. >> you all are rude. >> that's one of the reasons why you don't see selfies of me, that and other reasons, on my social media. and i would rather the focus be somewhere else. southbound on 680. humidity and high clouds,olo aln the increase today. stray, dry thunderstorms, and i think more likely we will get the jellyfish-looking clouds. you can see some of the moisture coming up as the remanence of the tropical storm deliver on not only a littlewarmth, but a touch of humidity today.
5:48 am
it will feel every bit of the temperatures, and 80 in santa cruz. 80 is the cool spot, and that's millbrae. check out the temperatures, 70 duh long the coast as the water remains warmer than average. we have upper 80s in san rafael, sonoma, napa, low to mid-90s elsewhere. 100 in ukiah. 81 in oakland. everybody else around 83 to 86 degrees. mid to upper 90s in the east bay valleys. temperatures tonight, look at the wealth of 60s out there because of the extra humidity and blanket of high clouds. it will remain sticky wednesday and thursday and then the humidity is gone, just in time for the holiday weekend. walnut creek on southbound 680, the south main street off-ramp is finally open. on westbound 4 connecting to
5:49 am
westbound 680 an earlier crash may still be blocking lanes but not causing too much of a delay at this point, but where there are delays is the bay bridge toll plaza. a new accident just reported at the tolls as well. we will see if the backup starts to grow. if you are headed to the san mateo bridge, traffic is looking good, westbound on the right-hand side as you make your way out of hayward into foster city in san mateo, no problems on the peninsula. we will check out the golden gate bridge, traffic flowing here. there could be fog moving in later on according to mike. as we check out the slow drive times, it's always 580, tracy to dublin, right now 49 minutes, but looking good on the sunol grade. facebook is developing a new app for you and your closest friends. it's a messaging app called threats, your location, and how faster moving and your phone
5:50 am
battery life. i don't need anybody to know any of that situation. >> i don't know. why are we sharing that? >> yeah, i am going 20 miles per hour on my scooter. only if you are a teenager. spirit airlines will develop the via what'sup what'sup what'p flights. >> i prefer that to being on hold for a while. new at 6:00, california law enforcement agencies are seeing an increase in driving while high. there's technology that can narrow down when somebody is too stoned to drive. christmas just four months away. one thing you
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these dogs have figured out the right way to beat the heat. take a look at the pool party they are having at the doggy daycare outside of detroit, michigan. you can see all kinds of dogs running around and leaping into the water. the daycare owner says it's an active but typical summer day for the dogs she watches. if those are the dog day of summer, i am all about that. afternoon high temperatures will drop a little as we head towards wednesday and into thursday. they will hold steady, around average for friday, 69 for san francisco and 70s for the rest of the bay to 80s in the south
5:54 am
bay and north bay and a few 90s lingering in the east bay. it was tuesday -- for some reason my pause points are gone, and there's a chance this afternoon in the sierra, and then sacramento northward we will add these areas in for a chance of a higher fire danger, and there's chances of thunderstorms. for us it's an increase in humidity and maybe a stray thunderstorm. keeping an eye on traffic this morning is francis. >> we got a couple new injury accidents in the last few minutes, and one is by the san jose airport by highway 87 on southbound 101, and then southbound 880 at marina, and this one looks to be blocking at least one lane so traffic is going to slow down in the area with injuries reported as well. as we check out drive time for you on northbound 880 from
5:55 am
to the maze, 13 minutes. hraeulg little problem at the bay bridge toll plaza, a little backup. and then a teen talking about an encounter with a rattle snake that landed him in the hospital. he was walk into a front indicate to a tprepbedfriend's d he felt a jolt. >> it felt like something zapped me, kind of like somebody was electrocuting me. it was weird. my friend said it was a rattle snake, and i was, like, no way, and i turn around and see it rattling and i am freaking out, and i run inside and i was like, i'm going to die. >> here's a rattle snake that was brought in over the weeken. it's still summer, but starbucks is thinking ahead to fall. starting today it will begin to
5:56 am
sell the pumpkin cream cold brew drink, that's new. it will also sell the pumpkin spice latte. it's coming for you, reggie? >> i am not into the pumpkin spice. i don't think it taste good. half of it is a moral moral morl now let's talk about the next holiday. the countdown to christmas is on. >> should you start saving now, and the average person spends about $1,000 over the holidays on gifts. the best gift you can give yourself is a debt free christmas and the best way to do that is by starting right now to put away money for food, gifts and travel. >> it's the envelope
5:57 am
and you put together on a daily, weekly or monthly basis, have the kids start to put in the envelope, have everybody think about it. >> in cash? >> there you go. >> can you imagine having cash? >> you can watch the full report on saving for the holidays coming up on "gma" at 7:00, after "abc7 mornings." how much more you could be paying for pg&e. >> the shocking theft caught on camera and the devastating end in what turned into a chase. good morning. check out the new digs. we are inside the chase c
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...6, 7, 8 ♪ ♪ ♪ big dreams start with small steps... ...but dedication can get you there. so just start small... start saving. easily set, track and control your goals right from the chase mobile® app. ♪ ♪ chase. make more of what's yours®. now at 6:00, countdown to
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chase center's opening. we are live inside the new arena as fans get a chance to buy pre-season tickets for the game. >> good morning. it's august 27th. >> the screens are huge. >> can't miss them. >> you are never seven minutes away from your accuweather forecast. >> you can see gray out there, and there's more low clouds than fog compared to yesterday. here's a look at some of the low clouds trying to move their way through san francisco and become more in the way of fog, and isn't that a gorgeous shot? let's talk about what is going to happen today. 55 to 62, and maybe waking up a degree or two warmer this morning. mid-60s at the coast. 85 to 93 in the bay, and not as hot but the humidity will make it feel every bit of those temperatures, and we will talk more about the humidity coming up. i have several injury accidents to show you.


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