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tv   ABC7 News 600AM  ABC  August 27, 2019 6:00am-7:00am PDT

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chase center's opening. we are live inside the new arena as fans get a chance to buy pre-season tickets for the game. >> good morning. it's august 27th. >> the screens are huge. >> can't miss them. >> you are never seven minutes away from your accuweather forecast. >> you can see gray out there, and there's more low clouds than fog compared to yesterday. here's a look at some of the low clouds trying to move their way through san francisco and become more in the way of fog, and isn't that a gorgeous shot? let's talk about what is going to happen today. 55 to 62, and maybe waking up a degree or two warmer this morning. mid-60s at the coast. 85 to 93 in the bay, and not as hot but the humidity will make it feel every bit of those temperatures, and we will talk more about the humidity coming up. i have several injury accidents to show you. one is in the south bay -- two
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are in the south bay. one is on southbound 101 near 87, and then very nearby, but it does look like it's a separate accident, northbound 101 at brokaw. we will keep you posted on the 101 already slow from 280. another injury crash in san leandro southbound 880 at marina, blocking the middle lanes. you can see traffic starting to slowdown as you approach the scene. 580 possibly a alternate for you. this is northbound 101 past 880, and it's heading towards the brokaw crash and we will keep you posted and let you know if that slows down. the bay bridge toll plaza is backed up now into the foot of the maze. two weeks to go until the opening of the chase center. >> pre-season tickets are also going on sale. jobina fortson is taking us live inside in san francisco. good morning, jobina.
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>> reporter: good morning, natasha and reggie. welcome to the budweiser club. you can see the drinks, and there's an area where you can get food as well, and this is a big change for warriors fans that are used to oracle arena, because -- it's here. you can see the whole arena from this vantage point and some can experience this sooner than later because the pre-season tickets go on sale today, and there are presale opportunities ahead of that, for example, season ticket holders can begin buying pre-season tickets at 9:00 a.m. the golden state warriors will have their first pre-season game on saturday october 5th against the los angeles lakers, and they are expecting fans to have an incredible experience here. >> whatever they have in their mind for a sports arena, it
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doesn't look like a sports arena, it's a grand entry space and setting the mood for the whole night. >> reporter: the first regular season game will be thursday, october 24th against the los angeles clippers. reporting live in san francisco, jobina fortson, abc7 news. >> is the chase even open until janet jackson performs on september 21st? >> reporter: it will be christened by metallica and the symphony on september 6th, and sorry, i know you love janet jackson. lori loughlin and her husband are due in court for a hearing related to the college admission scam. the couple is accused of paying in bribes to get their daughters
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into usc. today's hearing in boston will address potential conflicts of interests involving their attorneys. the law firm representing them previously represented usc on an unrelated case. and then several victims of epstein are expected to make a statement in court today. the criminal case will be officially closed before his death. it's expected to be a historic day for crime victims. a homeless man is under arrest for assaulting a police officer with a rock in el cerrito. he was hospitalized after the off-duty san francisco police officer shot him. this was the scene late sunday night, and several agencies are investigating, including elsa cerrito police, and the officer is now on paid leave.
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and now there's a series of break-i break-ins. a thief is shown breaking a window and stealing cash and items two weeks ago. there have been eight or nine break-ins in a month and a half. police do not have suspects but are increasing overnight patrols. happening today a popular pizza chain is holding a fund-raiser for those in the garlic shooting. the gunman died of a self-iflicted gun wound. the owner says all the money spent today will go to those mostly impacted by the violence. piology pizzeria opens at 10:30 this morning. a former apology on behalf
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of one department for years of mistreating the lgbt community. >> we are sorry for our role in it and the harm it caused. >> that was last night, and it was the 53rd anniversary of the compton cafeteria riot, when a group of trance women stood up to police at a restaurant in the tenderloin. an 82-year-old woman, is from that era. >> i don't need the apology, but a lot of people that need it are no longer here, so i wil take it on their behalf because they have already died of aids or are gone at this time. now at 6:00, pg&e plans to raise your phumonthly bill by in the next several years
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according to "the chronicle." they are wanting to raise rates to fund disaster prevention work. it's unlikely that all pg&e's requests will be approved in the fall. a deadly chase. a suspect steals a police car and crash into a fan killing two children. new at 6:00, too stoned to drive. a bay area company with technology to determine when you are too high on cannabis t
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let's see where we end up this morning in the east bay, especially the inland neighborhoods where we wetouchi 100 yesterday. we have 68 in antioch. mainly mid to upper 50s, north bay down both sides of the peninsula. here's a look from the golden gate bridge. the clouds are slowly dropping down. it's going to be foggy the next couple of hours there. cleaner air if you are out and about, beaches with a light breeze and a chop out on the
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bay. northbound, mid to upper 80s this afternoon from noon to 5:00 or 6:00. east bay, 60s through 9:00 and then mid to upper 80s most of the afternoon from 1:00 to 5:00, and then san francisco, low to mid-70s in the afternoon hours. 60s in the evenings. heading between the east bay and san francisco, bart is singling tracking right now. bay bridge toll plaza backed up to the maze. there's a car blocking the bus lane. a crash in san leandro slowing things down approaching marina on 880. we have a couple injury accidents in the south bay, northbound 101 at brokaw, and that's a motorcycle crash and southbound 101 near the airport by highway 87. >> thank you, francis. two children died after a
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crash involving a stolen police cruiser in ohio. officers were responding to a stabbing and the suspect was able to get into a police cruiser and drove away. you can see the officer trying to get the person out of the vehicle and he sped off and crashed into several occupied cars and several parked cars. two officers were hurt but are expected to be okay. a landmark ruling in johnson & johnson, as they are ordered to pay millions of dollars. the new security measures
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>> announcer: mortgages abc is building a better bay area. there's an increase in drivers driving high. while breath aliesers can determine how much alcohol you have. one company partnered to study pot consumption. >> we found thc is all test
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subjects and the thc peaked at 15 minutes and then went out of the breath in two to three hours. >> they secured funding to manufacture the breath liesers. we need more rest. that's what some sleep deprived people are saying in marine county because of the overnight horns coming from smart trains. some are threatening a lawsuit against the rail district unless it curtails the late-night noise. it conducted it's first tests last night and testing for the next couple of
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weeks. and then a four-legged friend hit all the right notes, and here's an >> that's so great. >> that is that sky. the dog, singing along. the opera said she was in scotland to perform and that's when her new duet partner started howling during a warmup. >> i would love this. >> i would pay to see sky. >> i love this! >> adorable. >> you call that stealing focus -- >> hocus pocus pocus pocus pocus >> you are never more than seven
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minutes away from my forecast. definitely look how clear the bay is. easing heat and unhealthy air today. humidity and higher clouds arrive today and get heavier t.togh a stray thunderstorm is possible due to the humidity coming through, but more than likely off to the east and north is where the fire weather watch is tomorrow. for us, still have 90s -- well, everywhere but milpitas and sunnyvale and santa cruz. we have a wide range of 80s. check out the 72 in half moon bay today. mid to upper 70s downtown, a sausalito. upper 90s to 100 in cloverdale,
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ukiah and we have mid to upper 90s in the east bay valleys. that comes with extra humidity today and that will keep the temperatures up tonight. a lot of 60s out there, so maybe not as great sleeping weather tonight nor tomorrow night and into friday morning, and then we will have seasonal temperatures on saturday and sunday, and dry air back. one hot spot in the south bay on 101 northbound. it's near the area of 880. an injury crash at the 101 and brokaw involving a motorcycle. traffic is backed up aroaching the scene on the map, and the same area, southbound at 187, accident is adding to the slowing. an injury crash here blocks nearly three lanes and is
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causing delays on southbound 880, so east bay 580 is your best bet. if you are heading up from the san jose airport from 85, that's your best bet. >> francis, thank you. it's 6:20. "good morning america" is coming up at 7:00 right here on abc 7. >> let's go to ginger. >> coming up here on "gma," i am tracking the tropical threat. dorian has weakened a bit. it has 50-mile-per-hour max sustained winds, and the governor of puerto rico declaring a state of emergency and rightfully so because even up to six inches of rain could do damage. also ahead, a big day in the college admissions scandal as lori loughlin and her husband are in court and we will be
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outside that courtroom. and now is the right time to start saving for the holidays. rebecca jar srus is here with simple ways to set aside a few extra bucks so you can be ready. we have a style contributor that will be here for tips for throwing a wedding, and that is five years too late for me. >> you got married in your home i did. >> yeah, i did. mine was a destination, because it was far northern michigan, so it took four hours for my parents to get here. >> yeah, reggie is from hawaii, so going home is a destination wedding by definition. >> yeah, it's everybody's destination wedding. >> renew your vows so i can get there. >> i will start on that now.
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i will see you, ginger, in hawaii at some undetermined date. an iconic local radio station is signing off after almost four decades. and pl
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future radar, and you can see at noon today not much focus on, but focus your attention on the sierra, and watch the storms develop and dissipate by 10:00. and then closer to us, sacramento and northward, this is our best chance for thunderstorms tomorrow. you can see how close they get to us and that's why i am keeping a stray thunderstorm chance in our forecast for the next two days. >> mike, thank you. an oklahoma judge ordered johnson & johnson to pay $572 million to the state to help address the opioid crisis. the oklahoma case is the first trial involving an opioid manufacturer in the u.s. johnson & johnson is accused of aggressively marketing the opioids to doctors as safe and effective. the judge called the crisis an
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imminent danger and menace to oklahomaens. >> this is the cost that i am ordering johnson & johnson to pay on the particulars of a nuisance claim and the evidence that was presented to that trial. >> johnson & johnson is expected to appeal the ruling. thousands of similar cases against drugmakers are awaiting trial across the country. new at 6:00, the tsa is changing its known crew member, and that's what aallows pilots and flight crews to go before us. the tsa says there's been a renewed focus on insider threats, and that change is going into effect tomorrow. chinese media reports that
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lin has reached a deal with the ducks. he was with the toronto raptors last season and played nine seasons in the nba. sfo's busiest runway is about to close and the airlines allowing passengers to rebook their flights. and there's a lot at stake for the bay area communities with the census. a slight
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developments after this shocking shooting on san francisco's market street. the suspects that are off the street this morning. big delays and possible cancelations coming to sfo, and united airlines will give passengers a break to help them deal with it. that story coming up. hundreds of workers heading to the streets to prepare for next year's census. what is at stake for bay area communities. signing off. an iconic bay area radio station is about to go off the air after four decades. good morning on this tuesday, august 27th. >> thanks for beng up with us. you are never more than seven minutes away from your accuweather 7-day forecast. >> this tells the tale, the fog at the street level, and not too
6:31 am
thick but increasing as some of the low clouds move through the coastal valleys and make their way to our inland neighborhoods. along the east bay shore you can see clouds over there and encroaching upon san francisco where it's 57 from sutro tower. mid to upper 60s at the coast today with slivers of sunshine. bay, and it's not as hot as yesterday but with increasing humidity it will feel every bit of that. we will talk about the phuphup t a chance for a thunderstorm next. the heaviest traffic on southbound 880 where several lanes were blocked approaching marina, but there's 30-minute delays on southbound 880 towards marina, so you may consider eastbound 580 as an alternate.
6:32 am
we should see things pick up. northbound 101 at brokaw, a motorcycle crash and emergency crews are in the left lane. look how the traffic lanes are backed up, and there's a live shot of northbound 101. you could say for the next month the bay area's is going to be an active >> the delays will be so prevalent, one major airline is making a big change. amy hollyfield is live at sfo. >> reporter: yeah, united airlines is saying if you want to avoid this, we don't blame you. they will not charge passengers a change fee if they want to reschedule their fl something to consider. this runway has caused problems for sfo, and it's old and needs
6:33 am
an upgrade. this is workers fixing a pothole in april, and they deal with potholes six to eight times a year and they need to repair the concrete base, so they have to close it for almost a month and it starts next saturday. they expect delays and possible cancelations. travelers say it sounds awful but you can't stop life. >> i think i will miss it. yeah, it's going to be inconvenient, but i think i will be okay. >> do you travel for business? >> i do. i don't think we will make any different decisions about what airlines or airport we are flying with, and we will just work around it. >> next saturday and scheduled to be complete on september 27th, and so almost a whole month. those traveling in september, beware, this is expected to add
6:34 am
time to your trip and they recommend making your flights before 9:00 a.m., if you can, and they expect the delays to add up as the day goes on. reporting live at sfo, amy hollyfield, abc7 news. two of the three people involved on the shooting on san francisco's market street are in custody this morning. oakland police recognized the suspects and arrested them yesterday, and they were identified as an 18-year-old simpson and 21-year-old earnest. the third suspect is a juvenile and has not been caught. milpitas police released surveillance images showing thieves smashing the jewelry display cases at the great mall. the sound of shattering glass confused mallgoers into thinking there was an active shooter on sunday night. the men wore black polos and
6:35 am
were seen leaving in this black car. u.s. census workers may soon be knocking on your door. they will walk through certain neighborhoods to make sure your address matches their records. but verification could be difficult in immigrant communities where some people are afraid of deportation. activist have been telling immigrants to not open the door to strangers. >> it's not going to put you on a list for deportation or a permit issue. >> addresses verified in this count will determine where they will mail census instructors and an under count could mean money for the county. one supervisor is bringing a resolution to the meeting and it would demand immediate action to stop, reverse, restore and address the consequences and causes of global warming.
6:36 am
the board meets at 9:30 this morning. 6:35. a fire weather watch has been issuedt some areas in the sierra tomorrow. the national weather service says there's a chance of dry lightning that could start fires and there's a concern about lightning-sparked fires as far south as yosmite. legendary rock station kfog is leaving the airwaves after four years. the cumulus media owns kfog are changing to sports radio. she says at one time it was a station everybody could agree
6:37 am
on. >> parents could put it on while they were driving teens to school and the carpool lane on the bay bridge, it was a default station because it was entertaining and fun. >> kfog was recently contkupbgtcontkupbgducted into the bay area radio hall of fame. we are countingdown to the opening of the new warriors home, and we are getting a look at the delicious food you will be able to devour at games and concerts. trading is under way this morning, and you can see we are up 144 points. >> you are never more than seven minutes away from your accuweather forecast. here's mike. we will start on the peninsula where we have the mid to upper 50s. elsewhere we have the mid to upper 50s elsewhere. fremont, san jose and interior east bay neighborhoods, low to
6:38 am
mid-60s. antioch up to 73. warm air is still around but not as hot as yesterday. and we look at 87 near the shark tank, and looking up towards san jose international. we have cool to hot conditions this morning to this afternoon on mass transit. on the bay, not much of a chop. the peninsula, 60 at 7:00. we will be 73 at 11:00. low to mid-80s in the afternoon hours, and 75 at 7:00 for the south bay. we will jump at 61 at mid to upper 80s, 1:00 to 5:00. still 80 at 7:00. need air-conditioning for not only the heat but to take the moisture out of the air in the east bay valleys. with the humidity coming in, not going to be quite as mild the next couple of mortgages, and we
6:39 am
will talk about that and the chance for a thunderstorm and the heightened fire threats incoi incoming us the state. we are slow here, and a motorcycle crash slowed things down, 101 approaching brokaw where there's a motorcycle crash, and emergency crews are blocking the left lane as well. traffic is heavy from 880, and it starts to slow down from highway 85. another hot spot this morning was an earlier accident in san leandro, and it was at marina and blocked three lanes for a while, the three left lanes and traffic started to back up in both directions, and in the south bay direction there's 30-minute delays on southbound 880, and northbound 880 heavy from 238. 580 might be an alternate for you. there's the slow spot on
6:40 am
northbound 101 approaching brokaw. there was an accident southbound
6:41 am
6:42 am
still looks like summer across the state with 100s in the central valley, and 111 in palm springs. 77 in monterey. 92 in yosmite with a threat of a
6:43 am
thunderstorm. lake tahoe down to bishop and then this expands and moves northward tomorrow, and that's why we have the fire watch from 8:00 in the morning to 8:00 in the evening. we will have lows in the low to mid-40s, and highs in the low 80s for the holiday weekend. breaking news in the east bay. brand-new video shows a a a a a hydrant sheared off. a speeding suv lost control and hit several trees and the hydrant on the corner of san pablo avenue and mead, and there's a good image of what is happening. we thank tony for sharing this video with us. that shows a lot of water on this street, so avoid the area if your commute takes you through oakland this morning. what a mess. apple was working on a technology that would let you send text messages when you don't have reception.
6:44 am
>> that project was shelved and we still don't know why. this is a new milestone for netflix, and they shared the video celebrating the shipment of its 5 billionthbillionthbillh they have more than 150 million streaming customers, so that puts this into perspective. >> some are loving the past. >> they want the red packages. >> yeah. let's talk about the present. it was a big night at mtv's music awards. >> and lizzo rocks the stage with her hits, "good as hell."
6:45 am
>> she literally snatched up all that. >> and then people on twitter cannot help but notice, did john travolta try to give the vma to the wrong taylor swift. >> and the vma goes to taylor swift. >> can the real taylor swift please stand up, and that is there in the blazer, and that's not here, this lovely blond is not her, and travolta is trying to maybe hand that award to a drag queen dressed as taylor that appeared in taylor's video. anyway, she got it in the end.
6:46 am
there you go. the chase center opening is almost here. today warriors' pre-season tickets go on sale. >> the team doesn't play at home until october, but the event at chase is next week already. jobina fortson is getting a first look and perhaps a first taste of what visitors can expect there. >> reporter: hey, good morning. i am here with the chef, mark jeffers, who is the culinary chef here at the center. >> i brought a few samples of what we have. we have 37 different eateries in the building, and there's a rotating group with local ve venders, and then we have a lobster roll from the shochowde house, and we have the chicken sandwich, and i made smaller
6:47 am
ones so we could taste them here. this is a small sampling of what we have going on here. >> reporter: let's check it out. we talked about the seats, the stadium and the lights and the jumbotron, but you can't have an experience without the food. >> different day, different food for me. the exciting thing is, all the different kitchens, they are built with all the equipment so we can cook fresh and hot and it's upping the game for the food, and i love the chicken sandwich but i am a sucker for dumplings as well. >> i don't usually eat on tv, so we may need to pan away. i was going to make a joke about the popeye's chicken sapd witch but i will let it go because it looks healthier and better. should i eat off screen or --
6:48 am
>> no, it's a nice shot of your face. >> delicious, guys. i am so embarrassed, guys, eating on tv. very good. tell us a little bit more about what visitors can expect especially when they get in here to watch the warriors come october. >> sure. well, there's an amazing variety of food and you have everything from amaze clubs to sweets and lounges, and then we have multiple layers of these eateries throughout the building, where we can be constantly revolving what we do and staying fresh, so it's definitely going to be something different than you have seen before. >> we are all looking forward to it. thank you very much, mark jeffers, everybody, culinary director here at the chase center and the chicken sandwiches there that i will continue to eat when i get off camera. >> the photographer, too, he wants one too, and that's what
6:49 am
that nod means. >> yeah, we see that. >> looks good. >> live shot action there. amazing. feed me and take me to a warriors game. >> take all my money, mike. >> oracle, they raise the bar, and then chase said, no, the bar is up here. >> oracle park has good snacks. >> yeah, we are blessed with great food at our ball parks. look at the sunshine. doesn't that look great. you can see some of the limited fog out there. let's talk about the high clouds and humidity increasing today. a stray dry thunderstorm is possible, and more likely the jellyfish clouds the next couple of days, as moisture rolls through. here's what is going on as far as temperatures and what you are going to say, warm temperatures in the south bay.
6:50 am
how about mid-80s to mid-90s? as we head up to the peninsula, we have 88 degrees. 69 to 72 across the peninsula coast. mid to upper 70s downtown. south san francisco, sausalito, upper 60s, north bay coast. from santa rosa, calistoga, northward, mid to upper 90s. oakland to fremont, and hercules at 86. not quite as cool tonight. most temperatures in the 60s. the reason why is because we have moisture bubbling up, mainly the thunderstorm in the sierra and we will still get a touch of the humidity. temperatures dropping and humidity climbing. the crash on the san mateo bridge is clearing, and we will check out that drive time for you. westbound 92 is 32 minutes, so that's a slow ride. if you want to consider the
6:51 am
dumbarton bridge, that's not bad at 11 minutes. northbound 101 there san jose, a hot spot because of an earlier motorcycle injury crash at brokaw, and it looks like they are clearing it from the lanes, and the bottom bar, northbound 101 from highway 85 to the san jose airport is 30 minutes, so that's a slow ride. an earlier problem, 880 at the marina has been cleared but traffic still jammed in both directions. taking a selfie could say a lot about you and it's not study. >> there is a new study, because there's studies about such things, and it says selfies could make you liked less. people that post a lot of selfies are generally looked at in a bad light, and they are considered more insecure and less open to new experiences. researchers say there's a emphasis on physical appearance when taking a selfie.
6:52 am
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it's 6:54. number one, two of the three people involved in this brazen shooting on san francisco's market street are in custody this morning. they are identified as 18-year-old simpson and 21-year-old earnest. number two, say the sound of shattering glass confused customers at the great mall and they thought there was an active shooter there sunday night. and lori loughlin and her husband are expected in court on the admissions scandal. and then runway repairs on sfo's busiest runways will start this weekend, and you can have a chance to change your flights.
6:56 am
the thing you will notice today, warmer than average but humidity is on the way also. number six, big delays on san jose on northbound 101, a crawl from story to brokaw where an earlier motorcycle crash has been cleared from the lanes. we are live inside the new chase center in san francisco. just take a look. are you ready to see the warriors play in their new home? pre-season tickets go on sale today and the grand opening is next week already, september 6th, metallica playing and janet jackson is coming later on. >> and somebody has tickets already. >> i can't wait. looks like a beautiful arena. >> yeah, i am jealous. >> the food looks tasty and screens are huge and neighborhood looks great. >> just don't drive there. >> will we see selfies,s, >> i assume janet will see me in
6:57 am
the crowd, and she will say, you, you crazy tall by the laughing cow you can dunk, snap,
6:58 am
or twirl. so however you snack, snack like you. the laughing cow.
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oh, wow. you two are going to have such a great trip. thanks to you, we will. this is why voya helps reach today's goals... ...all while helping you to and through retirement. can you help with these? we're more of the plan, invest and protect kind of help... voya. helping you to and through retirement.
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good morning, america. as we join you on this tuesday morning, we are tracking tropical storm dorian on the move. when it could become a hurricane. trouble in the tropics. puerto rico now declaring a state of emergency as dorian moves north. the new track and timing while severe weather hits the midwest, strong storms knocking out power for 80,000 people overnight. ginger here with the latest. breakthrough judgment in the opioid epidemic. johnson & johnson ordered to pay more than half a billion dollars in a first of its kind ruling. newly obtained video, the former pharmaceutical executive under oath, right here on "gma." breaking overnight, deadly


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