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tv   ABC7 News 600PM  ABC  August 27, 2019 6:00pm-7:00pm PDT

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>> good evening, thank you for joining us. i'm dan ashley. >> i'm a mrma daetz. we'll update you. >> the oer big story involves serious allegations that have shaken up silicon valley. >> former google engineer has been charged with stealing trade euspect anthonying them to uber. the courthouse. kris reyes is live from the courthouse. >> reporter: good afternoon, dan, good evening, ama. he had nothing to say as he walked out of the federal courthouse an hour ago after his arraignment this afternoon. he self-surrendered early this morning. this indictment comes after a two-year fbi investigation that led to allegations that the engineer stole critical information while working on google's highly secretive self-driving project. through his lawyers in court, he pled not guilty to charges. he must now wear an ankle
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bracelet until his next court appearance september 4. when his full bail conditions will be laid out. prosecutors argue that he is a flight risk because he holds dual citizen ship. american and french and has a considerable amount of money including a bonus from google they believe to be worth $120 million. his father, stepmother left the courthouse after signing his release bond. his business partner and brother were also in court. at a news conference prior the his arraignment, the u.s. attorney's office presented details of his indictment. >> a forensic investigation revealed that on or about december 11th, 2015, levendowski downloaded to his google computer approximately 14,000 google files. >> reporter: in the indictment it's alleged the 39-year-old made a decision to resign from google no later than september 2015 and then quit his job in january 2016 and gave no notice
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to the company. shortly after, he signed a term sheet with uber. >> the sequence of events is stunning in the speed, the scope, the size of what occurred. >> the fbi will not stand by and let people steal protected trade secrets in an attempt to unlawfully get ahead. >> reporter: the engineer is described as an industry leader and innovative in self-driving technologies. >> let me be very clear, not a single one of these supposedly secret files ever went to uber or to any other company or person. anthony is innocent of these charges. he never stole or attempted to steal anything. period. the government has it dead wrong. >> reporter: now he has young children living in the bay area and he has cooperated throughout the fbi investigation and because of that, his defense lawyers argue that he is not a
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flight risk. also worth noting, the charges he's facing each count carries a maximum sentence of ten years in prison. kris reyes for abc 7 news. >> thank you. the companies involved, they issued statements of today's announcement from federal prosecutors. >> one said quote we have always believed competition should be fueled by invasion, the work of the u.s. attorney's office and the fbi on this case. uber spokesperson said we've cooperated with the government throughout their investigation and will continue to do so and pronto, which was just founded last year said the criminal charges filed against anthony relate to lidar and do not in any way involve the ground-breaking technology. we're supportive of an thoon kn -- anthony and his family during this period. dan is here with what he's found out. >> dan, and and ama, the charg many were not a surprise. it settled over trade secrets
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and he refused to tv. 39-year-old anthony levandowski was a pioneer in self-driving car. >> he was a pioneer. >> reporter: industry expert ed says today's charges were not a surprise. levandowski was a defendant in trade secrets and the case send as message that the feds are willing to step in. >> i think that's a message that will probably reverberate with companies because we had this gold rush if you will around self-driving car technology. this is a shout across the bow to say that, you know, you don't want to step over these lines. >> reporter: abc 7 first interviewed him in 2004. he was a cal graduate student building a motorcycle for a competition with a billion-dollar prize. >> victory is important to us. we want to win however we
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realize that the amount of engineering work we're taking on is tremendous. >> reporter: he worked on that project for two years and led to a jobbed a google where he became cofounder and lead on the self-driving car project. the criminal indictment says while still at google, levandowski started a side company for self-driving trucks. uber acquired auto and hired levandowski and google sued uber. the case settled in 2018. uber agreed to pay google $245 million in equity, levandowski refused to testify in th case pleading the fifth. before the charges today, he started another company for self-driving trucks called pronto. he spoke with tech crunch about the long road in the autonomous industry. >> after leading uber, i spent the nights thinking through what is next and why hasn't it
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happened yet? >> reporter: today he was removed as ceo and removed the name from the company website. the fbi says he's from marin county and the search is napa county. it appears to be his parents home and had a state tax lean this year for $271,000. now i left a message at his parents' home and did not hear back. i'll be watching the court file and will be back when the news warrants. a lot more to come. >> so interesting, too. >> definitely. thank you, dan. we first sent out the alert about this story through the abc 7 news mobile app at 10:30 this morning. the app is one way to stay on top of breaking news as it comes into our newsroom. be sure to enable the push alert future. the highway patrol believes a suspect was under the influence of drugs when officers say he rammed a patrolar and a bus when a chase ended i oakland. sky 7 flew above where this morning's chase ended along interstate 580. the chp says an officer tried to stop a chevy impala in dublin
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after getting a call the driver was driving recklessly. he tried to squeeze between a dividen oaknd and then one officer fired at the driver when the man rammed both the patrol car and the bus. drivers endured delays when the chp closed for several hours. >> then i just, they kind of motion can i make a u-turn here? >> nobody was hurt. officers captured the suspect and all lanes reopened around 3:00 this afternoon. the man accused of attacking a woman outside a san francisco condo will not face charges in a second crime. austin james vincent remains accused of attacking a woman outside her apartment building in san francisco. you've seen this video in doubt. but the public defender's office says charges will be dropped in another case involving an assault against a woman and her friends in february. the office tells abc 7 news that vincent was misidentified in
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that case. we have a wild story out of mountain view while police say an upset landlord staged a home invasion robbery. the landlord and four others were arrested after the tenants called police. 50-year-old sani got frustrated when the family was late with a rent payment. investigatiors said she contactd friends and decided to kick the family out. the family escaped from the backdoor and the suspects face a slew of charges including attempted robbery. the parents accused of a hate crime against an african american boy they found in their daughter's closet are out of jail but facing multiple charges. luz pena spoke to the parents that are relieved to be out of jail on bail and want this experience behind them, luz? i spoke to the accused couple that said they never hit the 17-year-old boy and when they found them inside their 15-year-old daughter's closet, they thought he was an intruder. less than 24 hours after they
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were released on bail they decided to speak out. did you guys tie him? >> no, no. we never hit no one, so now it's like he can say whatever he wants but it's not the truth. >> reporter: she and the 15-year-old's biological dad were all booked into san mateo county jail facing multiple felony charges related to committing a hate crime, kidnapping and assault with a deadly weapon and criminal threats. san mateo district attorney says they have strong evidence to back up those charges. >> it was done by use of viral, racist terms beating him. additionally, they grabbed a rope and tied it around his hands and around his head. >> reporter: when asked about these charges, they said they are not racist. >> we are afraid about the family. we talking about we don't think about the race, race is not -- it doesn't matter.
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>> reporter: what about the rope the family used to supposedly restrain the victim. he says they had it at home for pinatas but he quote never used it to tie him. now the san mateo district attorney said these charges are very serious and the accused can approach 20 years in state prison. the three suspects will appear in court on september 4th. luz pena, abc 7 news. uber askand lyft drivers ar coming to fight a bill in the senate. drivers held a protest outside uber headquarters in san francisco today. democratic presidential candidate pete buttigieg was there. some los angeles ride share drivers stoped to support ab 5. that's a bill that would reclassified them as employees rather than independent contractors. the change would mean more benefits and possibly more pay.
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>> by california law, they are supposed to be paying us minimum wage or 52 cents a mile. we're not even getting that. we're getting 6 cents a mile. >> drivers head to sacramento tomorrow. uber and lyft issued statements saying they are working to get drivers some of the benefits they are demanding. another bold crime caught on camera in san francisco's china town. this as many residents and merchants fear they are vulnerable targets there. abc 7 news reporter vic lee has a story you'll only see on a brks krrbc 7 news. >> reporter: it was front page news in the world journal. it happe in the middle of the day at about 1:30 here on busy stockton street in the heart of china town. a brazen car burglary. the victim's rental suv was parked outside this travel ag n agency owned by ed sue. >> i asked them to stop it. they didn't stop it so what i can do is take pictures and call the police. >> reporter: here are some photos he took. two men in hoodies taking
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luggage, electronics and passports belonging to four tourists from southeast asia who stopped in china town for lunch. the burglars double parked their car next to the rented vehicle and broke two windows, got their loot and left. raymond owns a photo shop on the same side of the street. he saw it all go down. >> they are really fast. it happened around 15 to 20 seconds. >> that's it? >> that's it. >> reporter: china town merchants are reeling from this midday attack in mid july on two community leaders, which also happened on stockton street. the assault also caught on camera. since then he says china town merchants have banded together to monitor crime in the community. >> we have 259 people all work together if something happen we text that and say be careful, there is a robbery over there. >> reporter: police believe this group committed other car burglaries across the city usually on foot. double parking their car next to
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the victim's seems to be the new m.o. and they are getting bolder. vic lee, abc 7 news. >> vic, thank you. putting housing into the fast lane is one of the big issues that needs a solution as we look to build a better bay area. how one city is looking to dramatically speed up the new me construction projects, however, there is a catch. >> tired of getting flooded with annoying robocalls on your cell phone? it's terrible. the major carrier that will start offering built in protection but it's only for certain devices. we'll explain. and the warriors brass, they say it's on the brand-new chase center, what they had to say didn't meet their expectations. find out later in sports. i'm spencer kristin,
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abc 7 news is committed to building a better bay area and the major issue is housing. >> the market is tight for some people to go to extremes just to find a place that they can home. >> amidthe housing crisis, there is a series of measures aimed at making it easier for homeowners to build cottages in their backyard. >> the adus, which are officially termed as accessory dwelling units could add more housing in a region that desperately needs it. >> chris nguyen and plains how the city is trying to stream line the process. >> building a better bay area one granny flat at a time. >> we need to look for every potential tool in the tool box to help us get more housing built, backyard homes can be one
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of those solutions. >> reporter: a trip to the permit center can be a stressful outing for some. >> now serving p -- >> reporter: that dreadful wait can be a thing of the past for homeowners looking to build an accessory dwelling unit. they announced an initiative to transform the friendliest city. this includes an express review service where homeowners can meet with city staff for a single comprehensive review of the adu application. if no revisions are needed, they can walk out with a building permit in less than 90 minutes for qualifying homes, that could shave off 20 business days, which is how long it takes to get approval. the city is looking at creating a forgivable loan program. >> they can get the loans to built adus in exchange for keeping the rent at an affordable rate. >> reporter: more than 120,000 single family homes in san jose have room for a small adu including many lots in willow glen and won't work for large families but could be attractive
6:18 pm
to seniors and young people. homeowners can also use an adu design preapproved by the city. any opportunity for customers to save time and money is key. >> when you're looking for models to create efficiency within the local process, absolutely this is one of the best things a city can do. >> the capital of silicon valley aiming to invite the process. in san jose, chris nguyen, a brks krrbc 7 news. >> one of the issues is the bay area housing crisis and we dedicated a week of coverage to the topic from issues to renters and homeowners and solutions, you can find all of the stories on line at bay area. in the north bay, voting has started on a couple tax measures. there is measure b for the bolinas school district. it's a 318 dollars a year tax and inverness that would impose
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$1400. both need two-thirds approval to pass. some major league umpires took a time-out to help deserving kids here in the bay area. they treated young cancer patients and their siblings to a build a bear workshop at ucsf children's hospital in san francisco. the party was put together by a charity called umps care. for the umpires, it was a chance to get out from behind the plate and into a good cause. >> you know, it's our ability to give back to the communities that we travel around and work our games in and it's for me it's also the opportunity to come see the children and the young adults that you get to maybe put a smile on their face >> so nice.what it's all abt. umps care has handed out more than 15,000 bears over the last decade or so. this crew is in town to work the giants diamondback series at oracle park. great to have them in town. >> bright a lot of smiles today.
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>> let's hope they do at the game. >> that's true. we're hoping for smiles this week in the weather. >> it's cooling down. that will bring a few smiles, i think. it is humid out there right now. here is a look at the live doppler 7. we have fog at the coast expanding on the coastline. high clouds moving overhead. those clouds mainly the remanence of what was tropical storm bringing more humidity in. it is cooling down. this is the 24-hour temperature change showing all bay area locations are several degrees cooler than this time yesterday. here is a view from the tower showing a few fingers of fog moving out over san francisco and a few high clouds that have visible in this view, as well. current temperature readings are 62 san francisco. 71 oakland. 83 at redwood city. san jose 81 and 92 gilroy and 59 half moon bay and a cloudy or foggy view over golden gate, over the golden gate right now. it is 78 up north at santa rosa and napa 76, 75. 88 fairfield, 91 concord and 89
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livermore and the view from our east bay hills camera looking eastward and you can see lots of high clouds there and it's a little more humid here than it generally is. we wouldn't call it muggy yet. here is the forecast features, high clouds humid through tomorrow morning, a slight chance of isolated lightning mainly in the north bay during the overnight hours because of the buildup of instability in the atmosphere and cooler days coming our way over the next few days. here is the forecast animation starting at 7:00 this evening. we'll see an increase of low clouds on the coastline and continuation of passing high clouds and most suisture from t south and there will be enough instability in the atmosphere maybe it will be a couple isolated lightning strikes or so in the sky. overnight early morning hours, most likely time for that to occur. midday tomorrow mainly sunny skies with a continuation of the flow of high clouds through the sky and we'll feel it cooling down more tomorrow than it did
6:22 pm
today. on we go. lows tonight under humid conditions relatively mild and lows in the upper 50s to mid 60s and here is a satellite showing the continuing flow of that moisture, the remanence of tropical storm ivo. that's why it feels sticky in some spots. highs tomorrow under mainly sunny skies from mid to upper 60s at the costa the bay shoreline and relatively warm. under land areas upper 80s to low 90s. over in the tropical atlantic, we have tropical storm dorian centered about 300 miles southeast of eastern puerto rico and maximum sustained winds of 50 miles an hour tomorrow weakening as it does so and move back out into the open waters, warm waters regaining strength still tropical storm level as it is expected to make landfall sunday morning around central east coast of florida. here is the accuweather seven-day forecast. look at the cooldown there all the way through friday. we'll have a continuing cooling
6:23 pm
pattern but then starts to warm up gradually over the weekend but not to a very high level. we'll see highs in the seasonal range up to 90, maybe a little above 90 inland and 80 the bay shoreline. a steady and typical pattern for this time of the year. >> typical is good, right? >> yeah. >> we do. >> thanks, spencer. >> no surprises in typical. >> yeah. >> want to take a guess where this chaotic scene is at a we're here for you.
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a quick up daylight on the grass fire in marin county. this is video taken a few minutes ago. you can see considerable progress has been made. there is a little smoke now. this fire prompted an evacuation warning in the east area in wood acre. here is some of the business briefs making news tonight. verizon is going to give customers a little help to stop those annoying robocalls. the company is going to start automatically enrolling some android phones in the free call filtering service other users will need to download an app. while talking about phones, sales have dropped this year. smart phone sales slid by 1.7% globally last quarter. the biggest markets, the only country seeing a bump in sales are china and brazil. costco opened a store in shanghai today, the first in
6:27 pm
china. things got so chaotic the store had to shut down early and police had to be brought in to deal with the crowd and manage the traffic jams around the store. up until today, costco had an online presence in china only through a partnership with alibaba. looks like it will be popular. >> first costco, big deal. the legal move she and her husband are making that could give them a big strategy advantage. police can easily test a driver to figure out if they have been drinking but when it comes to cannabis, that's a different story. the bay area company that has a way to find out if someone is high. cleaning up the trash in san francisco is going high tech but are the new cans
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at aetna, we find that inspiring.ot game. but to stay on top of your game takes a plan. that's why aetna takes a total approach to health and wellness. with medicare solutions designed to help you age actively. aetna medicare solutions. we know police have the tools to catch peopleho he had too much to drink and decided to get behind the wheel but when it comes to cannabis, their options are limited. we want to help make the bay area an even better place to live and that includes keeping you and your family safe on the roads. >> exactly right. since recreational cannabis
6:31 pm
became legal in 2018, the california highway patrol says arrests and injuries from drivers getting behind the wheel stoned has really increased. >> yes, but there are no consistent standards for determining when a driver took that cannabis until now. abc 7 news anchor deion lim tels us about one company that says it can narrow down when someone is too stoned to drive. >> reporter: at dui check points across the state, police are seeing an increase in the number of drivers getting behind the wheel stoned. according to the california highway patrol driving under the influence of marijuana arrests have increased 31% and injuries relating to people driving under the influence of marijuana increased 102% since recreational cannabis was legalized. determining how stoned a driver is eluded police. if they suspect someone was drunk, police can use a breathalyzer but no such device has proven useful for cannabis consumption. >> when you can find thc in
6:32 pm
breath and that requires extraordinary sensitive tools but when you can find it, you know the person used very, very recently. >> reporter: tch is a component in cannabis that makes you high and can impair a driver's reaction. dr. mike lynn is an emergency room physician and reserve deputy sheriff. he is also the founder of oakland based hound labs, makers of the world's first breathalyzer to measure recent marijuana use and alcohol and breath. hound labs worked with ucsf on the study published last month and concluded thc can be found in breath. >> we found it in all 20 test subjects and what was interesting is the thc peaked at 15 minutes and out of the breath within two to three hours. >> reporter: dr. lynn says now that cannabis is legal, tests that check for it in things like hair are useful for law enforcement. police are concerned if you're high at the time of arrests, not so much your marijuana use in
6:33 pm
the past three months. >> we find thc in breath, it means the person smoked in the last couple hours. >> reporter: hound labs own road test show the first two three hours is the period a driver is at greatest risk for being impaired. dr. lynn says it could clear people suspected of being high but not. >> the good thing is that if it's not in your breath then you're very unlikely to have used recently. >> reporter: hound labs recently secured $30 million in funding to accelerate manufacturing and will begin rolling out their breath test to several law enforcement agencies around the state by the end of the year. dion lim, abc 7 news. in the meantime, rob gronkowski is getting into the cannabis business. the former nfl star is also calling on all the major sports leagues to allow players to use cbd to manage pain. gronkowski wishes he knew about cbd while playing because he thinks it would have made a huge difference.
6:34 pm
he started using a topica cream. one by one, 16 women that said they were sexual assaulted by jeffrey epstein poured out anger in the courtroom. the question was whether to throw out the indictment after he took his own life in jail. instead, he gave epstein's accusers an extraordinary opportunity to speak in court. they lashed out at him as a coward and manipulator, those were his words. at the end of the hearing, the judge did not immediately drop the charges against epstein. actress laurie loughlin and her husband appeared in federal court today in the college admission scandal. today the court was sorting out their decision to be represented by the same law firm. why this is such a key issue for the couple. >> reporter: actress laurie lock ra -- loughlin and her always living to court. the two appearing before a judge choosing to be rp seepresented
6:35 pm
the same lawyer. they want to waive their right so they can't claim they didn't get a fair trial. the couple two of nearly 50 people involved in the largest college admission scandal in history. so far 23 of the defendants have pleaded guilty including desperate housewives star felicity huffman. as part of the deal, prosecutors are recommending four months behind bars. loughlin and her husband decl e declining a deal claiming they did nothing wrong. loughlin is obsessing over every detail of the case and has been in com stanstant communication her legal team. sunny hostin said it's a legal advantage for the couple. >> for the jury to discount it, they have to believe both are lying. that's pretty smart strategy. >> reporte houstin says going to trial is a big risk. >> look at the evidence, they have emails and things on wiret wiretap. they have people that will testify against them. they are looking at 20 years in prison each.
6:36 pm
>> reporter: they are going in prepared while they share some lawyers, they will also have separate lawyers and individual teams. i'm not on probation no more. i don't have to go to court no more. >> meek mill mills' legal to an end today. he pleaded guilty to a misdemeanor gun charge. the rapper spent much of his adult life on probation or in prison. an appeals court overturned the conviction last month. the case has drawn numerous attention with athletes and celebrities coming to his defense. he plans to use the case to push for prison reform. this seems like it might be inspired by the hit television show "breaking bad" as we come back out here. >> the border patrol says it seized several pounds of meth disguised as frozen ice pops on sunday. that explains the brightly colored bags you see here stashed in the color. >> the seizure happened in
6:37 pm
california near the arizona border. the driver and her passenger were of course, arrested. we are going on tour but it's not quite what you think. an up close look at the notorious san andres fault and how it altering the landscape in southern california. >> we're taking you inside the chase center. is he satisfied with the the clear the rack sale is on at♪nordstrom rack. find the brands you love from nordstrom and take an extra 25% off red-tag clearance. ♪ shop anytime at and get easy returns in store. clear the rack is happening
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49ers mascot sour dough sam, you're looking at pictures provided by the san jose public library. students joined sam and former niners lineman inn williams for a ceremony at san josjose's library. great. the san andres fault is probably the most notorious stretching hundreds of miles responsible for some of the largest >> today reporter rob mcmillcel mill -- rob mcmillan got a tour. >> reporter: the tour started in san bern tino hosted by non-other than lucy jones. as everyone got on the bus, it was ironic that the tour started
6:41 pm
in city hall, a building that's now empty when you look at the these pillars you can see why. >> when you push it sideways, they tend to go oops like dominos. >> reporter: our first stop was at an area known as lost lake. >> this whole valley is called canyon, it is the san andres fault. >> reporter: the next stop was short of right wood where after a short hike we looked southeast. so we're standing on the san andres fault right now and someone asked dr. lucy jones what would it be like if the big one hit here right now. >> god, i wish. >> we see the rupture coming by us. this is actually not the safest. i want to be outside with nothing to follow he me but these big boulders here could be thrown in the air, accelerations exceeding the force of gravity. >> reporter: our final stop was near big pines where dr. jones
6:42 pm
showed us visual evidence of the power of the san andres fault. >> look how distorted all of the rocks are. this is not what you see at a normal outcome. >> when you see this is the earth itself and how much it's moved. you start recognizing the forces and the implications really being able to see our lifelines that cross the fault and realizing how much we're going to need to work together after the earthquake to bring it all back and the more we can prevent the losses before hand the better. >> reporter: rob mcmillan, abc 7 news. >> good idea to prepare now. a ribbon cutting for a trash can? >> why there is a lot of at bayer, we're here f. so chances are, you've seen us around the house.
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remember when president trump took aim at describing the streets as disusting? >> the mayor's office started to install state of the art small trash stations across the city. >> lyanne melendez tells us something unexpected happened during today's announcement. >> reporter: with the mayor london breed out of town, she was left in the role of acting mayor and in charge of the official car but someone sideswiped the vehicle in the
6:46 pm
middle of the press conference. damaging the side mirror. >> whoa. all right. i think that was -- oh. it's the mayor's car. ut oh. >> reporter: we recorded the molt the driver of that white truck zoomed past us and never stopped, a hit and run. supervisor brown joked about what mayor breed might say. >> she's not going to let me use it anymore, is she? back to bicycles for me. >> reporter: brown went on to introduce city hall's approach to cleaning up neighborhoods by showing the smart trash receptacles. each is solar powered and using sensors, it can compact trash automatically as it begins to fill up. this way it holds up to three times the amount of garbage, hence the name big belly. >> when it gets totally full, it notifies everybody with the app and they come out here and pull it out and dump it.
6:47 pm
it's real quick. >> reporter: one thing those bill bellies eliminate is the ability to go through garbage cans, many of these things end up on the ground. as you can't get in them, you don't have the case where someone is going through all the garbage and then they leave it all over and that's a complaint we hear all the time. >> reporter: there were so many complaints the community obtained four of these new receptacles. city hall plans to install 80 of these throughout san francisco a collaboration betwee neighborhoods and the city. for supervisor brown, it ended up being a successful press conference with a minor hiccup. in san francisco, lyae melendez, abc 7 news. >> what a day. >> what a day. the mayor's car. >> i know. let's get a check on the weather. >> spencer christian is back. >> another mild night coming our way with an increase in humidity.
6:48 pm
here is a live look at the doppler. low clouds at the coast and high clouds passing overhead adding to the increase in humidity. overnight lows will be mainly to upper 50s to mid 60s, which is pretty mild. tomorrow look for mainly sunny skies but once again a bit elevated humidity with a few passing high clouds and temperatures from mid 60s at the costa 80s near the bay. here is the accuweather seven-day forecast. cooling trend which has begun already. slightly cooler tomorrow than today. humid but cooler, breezier and drier on thursday and friday with a slight glass well warming trend beginning over the weekend. temperatures will bounce up two to four degrees, not much. it will be nice and mild and summer-like. the way we like it. >> yes, yes, yes. >> yes. >> thanks, spencer. okay. we'll give you more of that great tour of the chase center. >> chris alvarez is here. >> did you guys like the chase center? let's talk about it. interviews with some of the warriors' biggest names in the front office and why they love
6:49 pm
6:50 pm
6:51 pm
today sports director larry beil sat down with the biggest names to get closer and closer to the first game in downtown san francisco. >> i feel amazed. every time i walk into this building, i see something new and i say my god, we really -- i think we did it. i want to see what the people
6:52 pm
say because they are the ultimate judge but i think we did it and i feel proud of it. >> when you walked in this morning and you have seen it's not totally, totally finished, the chase center but what was your first impression? >> well, i saw you and i thought -- >> oh, no. >> i have to talk to you. [ laughter ] >> not again. >> the arena is unbelievable, really. i just think top to bottom, you know, i've kind of been here a few times and walked around our campus, our players' campus and business office and the outside, to feel this anchoring of mission bay but i will be most excited when i get to walk in here and watch our team. >> everybody has their own tv in the locker room, which is cool. they have a manicure, pedicure station for people and that's probably the craziest thing i heard of having in the locker room. i'm excited to get my hands fixed. >> i want to see your nails. show them to the camera. >> they good now but in a couple
6:53 pm
weeks they going to be shining. >> i never want to leave. when i come in here, i literally don't want to leave. i find reasons not to go home. i find it hard to believe it's real and i probably won't entirely feel it's real until we have the first concert or first basketball game. i think then i will perhaps think wow, this is it. >> no more bay bridge. >> oh. [ laughter ] >> i get that bridge every single day, bud. >> makes me feel better. [ laughter ] >> why -- you know -- >> i had to do it. >> had too much fun today. the a's are in a virtual tie in the american league. green and gold against kansas city. fans hanging out by the famous water falls in kansas city. top two. marcus siemian base hit to right field. 2-0 green and gold. mike fires the starting pitcher hasn't recorded a loss since may 1st. can you believe that? the 20th start since then and
6:54 pm
look at seth brown. great catch in left center. lay it out for his pitcher. got to love that. third inning now. base hit to left and hits it to brown. he can catch. guess what? he can throw. out by a mile. anyone could make that call. last check a's up 2-0 in the fifth. 13 days and counting until the raiders season opener monday night football against the broncos. you'll catch the debut september 9th. the head coach jon gruden happy to have 84 back at practice. >> i've been in constant contact with them with modern technology, you know, i know that, you know, i don't believe in all of the technology but i do believe in ipads and sharing information and he's been all over it. he'sed a access to our meetings. he's had access to our film and cutups and he's taking advantage of it. he's a good player. he'll be great. >> 49ers san francisco signed nick williams to a one-year deal to make room. they release malcolm smith.
6:55 pm
he had 35 tackles. the former seventh round pick of seattle earned super bowl xlviii honors for two years before joining the niners. tiger woods announced he had surgery on his left knee to repair minor cart -- cartil -- l damage. they failed to qualify but did win the masters back on april 15th or back in april, that was his 15 at major. i believe in ipads. i have one here. we believe in computers and ipads. >> ipads and phones. >> and watching games. >> ipads, tvs, commuters. >> thank you, chris. >> join us tonight for abc 7 news at 11:00. >> here in san francisco where animal shelters are coming together and asking for help after 96 dogs and seven horses were found in a northern california puppy mill. we'll have that story coming up at 11:00.
6:56 pm
plus, a packed house for a gun control town hall in san francisco. how moms are putting pressure on congressional leaders. tonight on abc 7 at 8:00 catch bachelor in paradise by bless this mess and balackish ad stay tuned. >> always stick around because jimmy kimmel live comes on at 11:35. >> that is your lineup that is look for breaking news on the app. we appreciate your time. i'm dan ashley. >> i'm ama daetz for chris alvarez, the entire team, we hope you have a great evening. >> we do and we hope to see you again at 11:00.
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six captains. ♪ twelve teammates. eighteen of the most celebrated "jeopardy!" players have been invited back to play again, but this time, as members of a team. ♪ and now, the $1 million... here is your host, alex trebek! [ applause ] thank you, johnny, and thank you, ladies and gentlemen, and welcome as we continue with our "jeopardy!" all-star tournament. yesterday, we got off to a great start. we spent some enjoyable time talking to all six of the captains. and then we had a pretty exciting jeopardy! round. brad rutter found a daily double late in the round,
7:00 pm
made it pay off, took the lead, and did not relinquish it. his team, team brad, is in the lead with $8,400. team buzzy at $6,600. team colby at $3,200. today we have larissa kelly, representing team brad. [ applause ] alan lin for team colby. [ applause ] and the captain himself, buzzy cohen for team buzzy. [ applause ] we'll get to talk to them in just a few moments, and then we'll play the double jeopardy! round. stay with us, please. [ applause ] and out of respect, we will let you make the first offer. thirty minutes. thirty minutes? objection! overruled. one hour. sweeten the deal by doing the dishes and i'll consider it.


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