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tv   ABC World News Tonight With David Muir  ABC  August 28, 2019 3:30pm-3:58pm PDT

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tonight, breaking news. hurricane dorian gaining strength. what the latest track is showing. ten us of millions potentially in the impact zone. rob marciano standing by with the new update. a state of emergency just declared in florida as residents scramble to stock up for what cod orearain dangerous storm from the islands now getting hit. dorian lashing the virgin islands and puerto rico, the first images coming up. fehreatening oong. of rain and deadly mosquito virus. a teenager now on a hospital ventilator, a woman dying from the infection as health officials wa residents in several states. tonight, the symptoms to look out for. also, the manhunt intensifying for a couple on the run
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considered armed and dangerous. allegedly overpowering guards as they were transported across the country to face murder charges. the tragic accident involving a stunt driver known as the fastest woman on four wheels, killed attempting to go more than 500 miles per hour in a jet-powered car. the fatal boat accident, a "shark tank" star on board one boat when it crashed into another. two people are dead. what the reality show celebrity is saying to attacked in their own home. the husband boxing the bear before his wife stepped in with a louisville slugger. muir". good evening. a very busy wednesday night. i'm tom llamas. we begin with breaking news, the latest advisories just coming in or hurricane dorian, gaining strength and making a shift. dorian with winds up to 80 miles
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per hour on track to hit florida's east coast as a possible category 3 hurricane. the storm passing between puerto rico and the virgin islands at this hour, dumping up to eight inches of rain. thousands without power. florida joining puerto rico issuing a state of emergency, and late today residents scrambling for supplies, stripping shelves bare beforelad rob rciano ihead f. th atormean't tak o ey off. >> we need to prepare for it, tom. likely a major hurricane. you see the eye developing northeast of puerto rico. the center is northwest of st. thomas by about 60 miles. it has getting hammered with big-time wind and rain. a big ridge of hig the south. that unfortunately is going to bend this thing, pushing it towards the u.s. as we head towards the weekend. let's time things out, strengthening in intensity during the day tomorrow, likely becoming a 100-mile-an-hour storm, category two by friday.
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sunday, makes landfall as a category three, a major storm ee avn play. we've got to track this by the hour. thanks so much. as you saw in the map, hurricane dorian missing a direct hit on puerto rico. the cat 1 strong enough to cause potential mudslides and flash flooding. many in puerto rico still recovering from hurricane maria two years ago. abc's victor oquendo is there. >> reporter: tonight, dorian lashing the british islands. the dirty side of the storm packing winds of at least 80 miles per hour and up to eight inches of rain. already inundating martinique tuesday, heavy rains washing away roads. this bus strapped by the severe flooding. in puerto rico where memories of hurricane maria's wrath two years ago run deep. people here not taking any chances. >> we're along the eastern most
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part of the island, closest to dorian. itthewags heshoc ergency management center at the ready. we met jessica espinosa on vacation from new jersey. >> are youanxious, believe it o. >> reporter: as puerto rico weathers the storm, anxiety growing as it takes aim at the u.s. mainland. >> bottom line is that we have a very, very serious hurricane threat to the state of florida. >> reporter: the power grid here in puerto rico is what officials were worried about the most. there are some outages, but not weather related. a much different story in the virgin islands where officials tell us nearly 40,000 people are without power. there are reports of damage, so far no injuries. tom? >> still a long night ahead. victor, thank you. the east coast bracing for dorian, heading into the weekend. millions possibly caught off guard. first planning for a tropical
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storm, now battening down for a possible cat 3. jeef gio benitez is in miami. >>av cruise liners already diverting their ships around dorian. air travel is being impacted, too. authorities are testing w lying areas to get their sandbags now. the governor has already declared a state of emergency here with hurricanes like michael, irma and matthew fresh on their minds here, they are not taking any chances. tom. >> gio benitez in miami, thank you. at the white house tonight, president trump taking aim at puerto rico, home to millions of americans as they were staring down a natural disaster, call puerto rico, quote, one of the most corrupt places on earth. democratic rivals firing back. this as the trump administration is choosing at the height of the hurricane season to divert
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millions in fema disaster funds to border security. kyra phillips is at the white house. >> reporter: as puerto rico braces for hurricane dorian, president trump sounding annoyed. the island s hurricane maria when he tossed paper>>eo ricobuown our budget a little out of whack. >> reporter: today with storm prep under island as one of the most corrupt places on earth, adding, i'm the best thing that's ever happened to puerto rico. his democratic opponents speechless. >> it's bizarre. the comment is bizarre. he's the best thing that happened to puerto rico? >> reporter: the president's message to puerto rico, fema and all others are ready and will do a great job. when they do, let them know it and give them a big thank you, not like last time. >> i don't know. just something missing. he lacks the ability to have
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empathy or sympathy or concern. what is wrong with this person? >> kyra phillips joining us from the white house. with the hurricane season in full swing, there's news tonight the administration is transferring more than $100 million from fema's disaster relief fund to support the immigration crackdown at the border? feists it won't hurt emergency response efforts, saying in a statement they'll still have enough money to, quote, support >> ka illips at the white house, thank you. next to the nationwide manhunt for an escaped couple charged with murder and now on the run. the husband and wife fugitives overpoweri offic in utah. they were being transported from new york to arizona. the couple now considered armed and dangerous. >> reporter: tonight an all-outman hunt for this arizona couple. >> blaine barksdale and susan barksdale could be traveling through arizona and should be
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considered armed and dangerous. >> they were being extradited to new york state when they overpoured the guards and stole the vehicle. the couple last soon driving a red pickup. police tonight urging drivers to be on the lookout. the barksdales are wanted for the murder of frank bly who vanished when his home burned back in april, his body never found. police adding susan barksdale new the 72-year-old. investigators say the couple fled to upstate new york in may where u.s. marshals and a s.w.a.t. team surrounded their rv and took them into custody. but this week, a private security company was bringing them to arizona when the couple broke free, and tonight, they're on the run. >> reporter: tom, police warning the public, if you see them, don't approach them, but call 911. >> kayna, thank you. the stunning death of a professional race driver, jesse combs known as the fastest woman on ls she died in a
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crash trying to break her own land speed record in oregon. the accident occurring as she raced across a dry lake bed trying to go more than 500 miles per hour. here is abc's will carr. >> reporter: jesse combs seen here barreling across the desert, died chasing her dream. the 39-year-old was attempting to set a new land speed record for women, trying to go faster than 512 miles per hour when she tragically crashed in oregon. her team calling 911 moments after. >> the jet, the high speed jet car that we got crashed, fatally injured. >> reporter: she left this earth driving faster than any other woman in history. widely considered the fastest woman on four wheels. combs described the emotion dan? >> she's like is there anything i can do. mom, there's not anything you can do. you can help me get my will ready. >> reporter: combs recently
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posted a picture walking behind her jet-powered car. people say i'm crazy. i say thank you. tonight authorities say the cause of the crash is under investigation. it comes as combs' boyfriend will come out down the road detailing what happened. >> will, thank you. next the growing health warning about a deadly mosquito vis. a 14a suspected case on a ventilator in michigan. at least three states reporting possible human infections. here is abc's kaylee hartung. >> reporter: a warning about a rare virus that's turned deadly. eee now threatening at least eight states. >> people can go from perfectly normal to paralyzed or dead within 12 to 24 hours. >> reporter: the first death in massachusetts, 50-year-old lori sylvia passing away sunday, with four cases detected there,
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officials spraying for mosquitos where 30 communities are at critical risk. three more cases, savannah dehart, 14, on a ventilator. >> her brain is trying to heal itself. she can't do anything until that happens. >> reporter: health officials are monitoring connecticut, delaware and florida where the virus has been found in mosquitos and animals. nearly 30% of people with encephalitis with ee. will die, while many others are left with permanent neurological damage. the vast majority of cases produce no symptoms, some only mild flu-like sick toms. there is no vaccine or cure. the cdc recommends avoiding standing water, covering up with clothing and using insect repel lent. >> caylee, thank you. a potential new threat fromh incapaef bld
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images tell the story. there at the left at the navy shipyard on north korea's coast, evidence that a new ballistic missile submarine is being constructed with a crane and support vessels nearby suggesting a submarine-launched missile is being readied to test. last month kim jong-un was shown inspecting what was called a null newly built submarine. seven in just the last month. but president trump this week down played the test. >> he has done short range, much more standard missiles. a lot of people are testing those missiles, not just him. >> reporter: today the new secretary of defense said there are concerns about the short-range missiles, but he says the administration does not want to overreact and close the door on diplomacy.
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>> martha radditz, thank you. queen elizabeth dragged into the brexit crisis, formally granting boris johnson' stunning request to suspend parliament from early september to mid october. johnson's move makes it harder for lawmakers to block the uk from leaving the eu. opposition leaders calling it reckless and unconstitutional. the brexit deadline is october 31st. news about a deadly boat collision in ontario involving one of the cast of "shark tank." businessman and shark kevin o'leary confirming the boat he was on crashed into another vessel, killing two people. here is eva pilgrim. >> reporter: tonight one of the stars of "shark tank" revealing he was on a boat involved in a fatal collision on lake joseph in ontario, canada, over the weekend. kevin o'leary saying in a statement he was a passenger and the other boat had no navigation lights on and fled the scene of the accident. i am fully cooperating with authorities. canadian police providing no
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details about the crash but confirming two people on the other boat died, 64-year-old gary poltash died on scene, susann ied t at the flat. itight be difficult to s your boat. >> yl g d piuroc affected. no charg igating. onehave broer of hos is was accident, but he's waiting on police to find out exactly what happened. tom. >> eva, thank you. to politics and a new shakeup in the race for 2020.
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senator kirsten gillibrand dropping out, the most high-profile candidate so far to the withdraw from the crowded democratic field. she says she will endorse whomever becomes the nominee. 20 democratic candidates still remain. still much more ahead on "world news tonight." the colorado couple surviving a bear attack in their own home. the husband squaring up to box with the bear when his wife arrives with the louisville slugger. the tragedy inside an american mall, a toddler fatally struck when a pair of temporary walls fell on top of her. the new headline involving ring and the police. what you need to know if you own one of those doorbell cameras growing in pop lafrt. stay with us. igh school? somebody had to win it. my best high school moment was the day i walked across the stage. my dad...couldn't read real good,
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>> reporter: the terrifying 911 call reporting breaking and entering by bear, three actually. it turned into a brawl. >> there was a bear in the house. it attacked my husband. >> reporter: a bear and her two cubs sneaking through the screen door. jon johnson heard it. >> she took a swipe at my nose. i smacked her in her nose. >> the fight was on. >> she and i were sparring, if you will. johnson tonight has the battle scars to prove it. >> this is the bear aw. georgeanne field tries to help grabbing a baseball bat. >> that swing prompting the bears to make a hasty retreat. >> i felt like i had ayod thawa. i was so scared. >> reporter: because that mother bear attacked a human wildlife officials say they were forced to euthanize her. they do hope to find the two
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cubs, rehabilitate them and release them back into the wild. tom. >> a wild story. all right, clayton, thank you. when we come back, the campus shooting plot authorities say they disrupted, a college freshman in custody. the weapons recovered in his dorm room. stay with us. here! being here matters but the cold and flu keeps some students from being here up to 60 million days every year. introducing 'here for healthy schools' a new program from lysol, dedicated to curbing the spread of illness in classrooms by teaching healthy habits and partnering with a smart thermometer company. learn about our mission at but allstate helps you. with drivewise. feedback that helps you drive safer. now that you know the truth... are you in good hands?
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tip he had guns in his dorm room. police say a pair of weapons were recovered. he had a plan to shoot up the school and was watching mass shoot tinge videos online. a 2-year-old girl when two temporary walls fell on her at a mall outside of chicago. the child identified as alexandra martinez was with family inside a store in the orlando square mall when the walls measuring eight feet by three feet and weighing 75 pounds struck her. paramedics responded. she was transported to the hospital where she died. a new police partnership authorities say will help keep neighborhoods safe that's raising privacy concerns. more than 400 police departments across the country now partnering with the amazon-owned doorbell camera company ring. police can automatically request videos recorded by homeowners, requests that can be decliebd. privacy advocates fear the program could subject innocent people to law enforcement suspicion. when we come back, the
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bride-to-be and what she did to make sure her 102-year-old grandmother got a chance to share the wedding celebration. it's america strong. stay with us. ♪ ♪ ♪ with the capital one savor card you earn 4% cash back on dining and 4% on entertainment so when you go out, you cash in. what's in your wallet? depend® fit-flex underwear for all day fun... features maximum absorbency, ultra soft fabric and new beautiful designs for your best comfort and protection guaranteed. life's better when you're in it. be there with depend®. (nathan) secondhand smoke caused measthma attacks,
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don't start humira if you have an infection. be there for you, and them. ask your gastroenterologist about humira. with humira, control is possible. finally tonight, america strong. the one thing a bride-to-be needed to do before walking down the aisle that has tears. when austin resident tara foley started planning her wedding, everything was perfect, except for one thing. her grandmother stash yeah, 102 years old living in hospice care in florida. >> her goal was to make it to my wedding. her heart was failing and they told her that they didn't want her flying. >> the two had a special bond.
3:57 pm
tara looked up to her grandmother who had seen so much, living through the great depression and working while her husband fought in world war ii. >> she was just always a very strong, strong woman. she was always a very, very important woman in my life. >> reporter: tara knew there was no way her grandmother could make her special day. she was too weak. a heart condition was getting the best of her. tara had an idea, what if she brought the wedding to her grandmother. here is that moment. tara surprising her grandmother, wearing her wedding dress, even getting her hair and makeup done, hiring a photographer to capture it all. all so her grandmother could feel some joy through that ailing heart, a hug, a kiss, one last special moment together. >> she kept looking at me, grabbing my cheeks and kissing me and telling me how beautiful i was and how much she loved me. that moment i will never forget. >> reporter: 27 days after the visit stasha would pass.
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tara sharing thoet photos on her real wedding day, bringing everyone to tears. >> they were overwhelmed with emotion and extremely surprised. it meant a lot to everybody. >> what a moment. thanks so much for watching, i'm tom llamas. i'll see you tomorrow on gma and back here tomorrow night. good night. this is an example of how public hysteria can impact the accused and how fear and ignorance can victimize the mentally ill. >> the man accused of attacking a woman as she tried to enter her san francisco building will not face charges in an earlier
3:59 pm
incident. his attorney is upset his client will remain in jail, at least forr joining us. i'm larry beil. >> and i'm kristen sze. a judge will decide tomorrow whether austin vincent will stay in jail. the d.a.'s office said it will drop charges from a february incident after he established that he was in southern california at the time. >> melanie woodrow is live in san francisco near the navigation center that's being built near the attack that happened earlier this month. melanie? >> reporter: larry and kristen, there will be a meeting tonight of an advisory committee at 5:30 at the nearby south beach yacht club to talk about this navigation center. in the meantime, those who are opposed to it are citing that august attack as one of the moved until tomorrow, when a iet judge will decide whether vincent should remain in jail. earlier this month he attacked a san francisco woman as she attempted to return home. the attack was caught on
4:00 pm
surveillance video. a judge released vincent from jail but people who saw his mug shot identified him as being responsible for a previous incident in february. red h to remain inja. his attorney has established that he was in southern california in february and the d.a.'s office has said it will drop those charges. >> this is an example of how public hysteria can impact the accused and how fear and ignorance can victimize the mentally ill. >> prosecutors say they will argue


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