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tv   ABC7 News 430AM  ABC  August 29, 2019 4:30am-5:00am PDT

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to drive 52 new perimeter piles to stabilize the foundation. they'll be driltd 250 feet into bedrock three times deeper than the piles currently used on the building. the developer agreed to compensate the owner. >> the claim we made in the lawsuit is the difference between what the units are worth today and what they should be worth. you measure that by looking at all the other similar buildings in the area and the appreciation levels they have which the millennium has not had. >> reporter: homeowners claimed construction on the transit center caused their building to shift. >> it changes the game entirely. >> reporter: realtor kevin ho tower could mean good news for buyers and sellers in the future. >> once it gets back to where it's supposed to be, the market will find equilibrium and that equilibrium, just like the building, will probably go up and it w be a really good place to be. >> details of the settlement,
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specifically how much homeowners will be getting, a judge must approve the deal within 90 days. time is 4:31 this morning. we're getting a quick look at weather and traffic where you live. >> you're never more than seven minutes away from my accuweather forecast. that means you, mike. >> let's talk about what's going on. live doppler 7, haven't heard any reports of mr. drizzle yet. if you do run into some of that, frances and i would love to know so we can spread it around on social media and let everybody else know. we will cool a few degrees from where we are right now. notice temperatures stay in the 60s at the coast, all day today. noon in the mid 70s. pretty comfortable with slow clearing like we had yesterday. 77 to 83 under a mostly sunny sky away from the coast. low to mid 70s, very comfortable evening on the way. let's jump backo frances. check out these traffic maps. all green out there right now
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except for a little stretch out of trump administration see, westbound 205, it's under the speed limit there around 33 miles per hour. as we check out the drive time, you notice it did pick up pretty nicely as you made your way through the altamont pass. westbound 580 tracy to castro valley is 38 minutes. northbound 101 looking good through san jose as well as northbound 280 into san francisco. a live shot of the san mateo bridge shows a good ride. right now westbound is on the right-hand side. it's also looking great here on interstate 80. >> thanks, frances. happening today a judge is expected to decide if a man accused of attacking a woman as she tried to enter her san francisco building will stay in jail. >> abc 7 news reported are amy details. good morning, amy. >> reporter: good morning. should he be in jail or should he be free? that is the big issue today. austin vincent's attorney say he should be free, the charges he's in jail for are going to be dropped today. prosecutors want him to stay in
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jail saying he faces other serious charges. vincent made headlines when he was accused and arrested for this attack of a woman outside of her embarcadero apartment. when his mugshot made news, another woman came forward and said he was the man who attacked her back in february. vincent was charged with that crime and was put in jail for those charges. he can now prove he was in southern california at the time of that crime. >> this is an example of how misidentifications occur often from eyewitnesss. at the end of the day austin spent nine days, been in custody for nine days based on something he didn't do. >> reporter: this case sparked outrage in the public when he was arrested for the attack on the embarcadero but was not jailed. the judge he's now in jail for the second round of allegations. those are the ones that will be dropped today.
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court hearing is set to start at 8:45 this morning. live in san francisco, amy hollyfield, abc 7 news. >> thank you, amy. that vincent case is now at the center of a battle over a navigation center for the homeless. >> we've been covering that. it's going up on the embarcadero right next to the condo where the attack happened. last night officials held a meeting to telecon sernd neighbors how the city plans to keep them safe. >> i know everyone here seems very committed to the idea that you're going to establish a safe and sane navigation center. as you see, none of us believe you. >> that was one neighbor warning the advisory board he's drafting a ballot inivive that would make it harder for the city to build and renew navigation centers. in the south bay the al
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investigation army is planning to build 300 affordable residential units after receiving a $1.5 million gift from google. this is part of google's $1 billion investment to create new homes around the bay area. the salvation army plans to use a gift to develop a complex of affordable homes in the silicon valley community center in downtown san jose. that means 225 affordable housing yuns and 75 transitional units. a 13-year-old boy is in custody in connection with the brazen daytime shooting on market street in [ gunshots ]. >> tha gre lweended up hurting one person. police arrested two suspects on monday. oakland police detained the teen yesterday, and one of the adult suspects pleaded not guilty yesterday. that suspect will be back in court for a bail hearing today. a richland high school pys ed teacher is accused of 26. police say the 26-year-old had a
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sexual relationship with and underage student. bail was set at $400,000. he remains in custody at the contra costa county jail in martinez. in the firefighters watching for flare-ups from this grass fire nearby ron. it broke out off byron highway. flames destroyed three structures and a barn. a person ended up where minor injuries. crews had the fire under control in about an hour. the cause is under investigation. b.a.r.t. police go on a hiring spree. the new officers it's adding to the force. a peninsula community ready to take a stance against climate change. what it's ready to outlaw in any new homes. this morning hurricane dorian picking up strength as it heads to florida. the governor there declaring a state of emergency. i'm mona kosar abdi in washington with that story coming up. all of that is ahead. but first, it's 4:36 this morning. of course we have to check in with mike to see what our forecast holds for today. >> good morning. hi, everybody.e change compared
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yesterday, up to seven degrees milder. that puts us in the north bay in the low to mid 60s. novato and san rafael 66, american canyon 60, 65 in vallejo. city of napa at 58, same thing in santa rosa. low to mid 60s until you get to san jose, 67 degrees. dress appropriately this morning. we're looking from the south bay, 64 degrees in the city. notice not too much in the way of low clouds mist or fog right now. mild this morning, mass transit. afternoon shine if you're out on the bay. you can see the cloud cover through 11:00. we break out into sunshine and upper 70s this afternoon. as far as the south bay, cloudiness through at least 10:00. we'll hit the upper 70s this afternoon. 72 at 7:00. and then look at the east bay valleys. clouds hang around through about 8:00.
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you can see we jump from the 60s at 9:00 to low to mid 80s. quite a ways away from those 100s we had just a few days ago. today is one of the cooler days in the forecast. i'll update you with a little warmer temperatures coming up. first i want to bring in frances and talk about the morning commute. pretty quiet but we have road work that might slow you down in the east bay. it's on the connection ramp from highway 4 to 680. now westbound 4 to 680 should be reopened by 5:00 this morning. east bay 4 to 680 will reopen by about 6:00 a.m. this morning. as we take you outside, we'll slow you a live shot of the bay bridge toll plaza. just a minor wait for some of the cash paying lanes right now. it looks good for the rest of the ride into san francisco, and the lower deck is light as well. if you're heading to the richmond-san rafael bridge some time this morning, this is what it looks like this morning. i'm seeing light traffic at this point. also, we'll check out a live
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shot in the south bay where no problems have been reported. headlights are on northbound 101. there's no slowing out of gilroy, morgan hill through san jose all the way
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palm springs at 110.
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afternoon shine in l.a. and san francisco. eureka cloudy, maybe a sprinkle. only 87 in skremtd. low 80s in tahoe with no more threats of thunderstorms. these are after lows in the low to mid 40s. here is a look at what's going on with dorian. pulling away, about 1735 miles, moving away from san juan puerto rico and strengthening. up to 85 miles per hour. we expect it to become a category 2, even a 3 by the time we get to saturday. the good news is it's going to give you more time to get ready on the florida peninsula. it's going to couple in a couple days later. much stronger, 125. flood and rain will be an issue, winds will be an issue. as it hits the shallow water, that's going to rise the storm surge. there will be major damage in the florida peninsula starting early next week. kumasi? >> thanks, mike. a state of emergency has already been declared in florida as dorian churns in the atlantic. it slammed the u.s. virgin
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islands. abc's mona kosar abdi has the latest. >> reporter: todays crews will be assessing the damage. this morning people inin bottled water flying off the shelf as emergency officials and forecasters sign the alarm. >> bottom line is we have a very, very serious hurricane threat to the state of florida. >> reporter: forecasters say dorian could grow to a category 3 hurricane by the time it reaches the florida coast late this weekend. people from jacksonville to miami taking no chances, buying generators, batteries andasig >>e are ready. >> the state's governor already declared a state of emergency. local officials are warning residents know you're evacuation routes. >> this is no time to panic. >> the u.s. virgin islands took a direct hit as a category 1 storm. new video shows winds up to 80 miles per hour wreaking havoc. nearly 40,000 power outages
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reported. and in puerto rico, heavy rains and strong winds, but a sigh of relief as the island was spared the brunt of the storm. overnight we've learned that president trump approved an emergency declaration for the u.s. virgin islands. officials there say they've seen a lot worse from other storms but we're expecting a better damage assessment later today. mona kosar abdi, nbc news, washington. president trump is coming to the bay area for the first time since he took office, and this is for a re-election fund-raiser. the president's campaign hasn't very veeld the location of the september 17th event. the website shows tickets are available for $2800 and he was last year in 2016, even then his appearance drew protests. he had to walk around freeway barriers to make his appearance in burlingame. menlo park could become one
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of the first cities in the country to ban natural gas in almost all buildings. it would require all new commercial, office and industrial buildings to rely completely on electricity by january 1st, 2020. one and two-story homes will be allowed to have natural gas stoves, but required to be billed built with the proper requiring to be all electric in the future. berkeley became the first city in the nation to pass a similar measure earlier this month. activists plan to protest at a meeting of thecsu in long beach, fighting a new admission requirement. officials want high school students to take an extra math, scol.ce or critics say the requirement i because they don't have access to college prep courses. b.a.r.t. says 40 new officers have joined its police force this year, boosting staffing levels to a new high.
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the east bay times reports half of those officers have joined from other departments. many lured by higher salaries and a new contract approved by the board of directors back in december. the agency still has 34 vacant police officer positions to fill. listen to this. people who don't get much sleep but are always full of energy may be able to think -- >> researchers discovered a second short sleep gene. they found the first one a decade ago. people that have it average only 6.25 hours of sleep and feel fully rested. lucky. most of us need eight hours. researchers say the better they understand the genetics behind sleep, the more they learn what impacts things like insomnia. >> the number of people who have this are small. the number of people who say they're fine on six hours, much larger than it actually says. >> not adding up here. >> right after the midday show,
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people look at me and go, you look tired. >> that's nice. thanks. >> yes, i a. i'm not one of those people. my dad was, was. but now -- he sleeps all the time now. when he was in his 40s and 50s, get up at 6:00 every day, even on the weekends. no. 64 degrees in south beach. a milder start today, a cooler ending. humidity and lows will drop tonight. nah will lead us to summer temperatures starting saturday. let's talk about what's going to happen today. mid to upper 70s in milpitas, sunnyvale, cupertino and low to mid 80s elsewhere. that's pretty comfortable considering where we've been. humidity will be up again today. low to mid 70s on the peninsula. we'll have 62 to about 65 degrees along the peninsula. upper 60s for downtown, south san francisco. 68 and 69 specifically. 62 to 64 on the north bay
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beaches. upper 70s to low 80s, much comfort up in the north bay. 69 in richmond and low to mid 70s along the east bay shore. as we head inland, we'll start at 82 in pleasanton and brentwood about 88 degrees. tonight still a chance of drizzle. clouds around. notice the air mass a little milder than this morning. more mid 50s to low 60s. my accuweather seven-day forecast, troer's temperatures may be a degree or two warmer than today. you can see the 60s, close to 80 and close to 90 for saturday all the way through next week. hey, frances. >> good morning everyone. still pretty good on freeways right now. a live shot at 680 in walnut creek for you. there's closure on the highway 4 connector ramp to 680 that should be cleared in the westbound 4 direction to 680 in the next 12 minutes. southbound 680 on the right-hand side for the taillights moving towards highway 24. however, if you continu a water main break on franciscan drive on the 200 block.
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apparently that area could be closed. we don't know how many people are without water at this point. 680 flowing well. also a water project going on in the kensington area. road closures at coventry and valley road through early october. slowing right now, westbound 205 out of tracy as you make your way to the altamont pass. but that is about it. >> frances, thank you. privacy concerns are growing after more than 400 police departments announced they're teaming up with the maker of amazon's popular doorbell camera. >> apple says it's sorry for having workers listen to your conversations through siri. in today's tech bites, privacy concerns after amazon's attempts to fight crime. >> hundreds of police departments can request video from homeowners who use amon ring doorbell cameras. privacy advocates say the partnership could threaten civil liberties. ring says customers choose to publish the videos publicly on the app. they can decline.
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an undernet sea cable linking california and hong kong could be in jeopardy. >> reports say the justice department is seeking to block the 8,000 mile cable because of national security concerns. apple is apologizing for letting third party workers listen to siri voice recordings. >> the tech giant says the practice is used to help improve voice recognition. apple says the practice will resume with its own employees and siri users being able to opt out. >> siri, those are your tech bites. >> have a great day. >> oops. >> don't know how it happened. one of the country's major airlines announces a big change to the frequent flier mile program. cable cars are one of san francisco's most popular attractions. they're about to come to a stop for several days. he may be a basketball superstar. a
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we've got baseball tonight at oracle park in san francisco. 65 at 6:45, dropping down to 62 degrees. this is going to be cool, but not too breezy. now we've also got the 9ers taking on the chargers. i'll have that forecast coming up next. bad news for a tourist coming to san francisco next month, muni will be shutting cable cars down along three lines for ten days. the examiner is reporting that bus service will replace the cable cars starting on friday the 13th. this is part of muni's gear box
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rehabilitation project, with crews specifically overhauling the hyde street cable car gear box. the last time it was done was back in 1984. mcdonald's introducing a new training program for employees in the u.s. after complaints and lawsuits over sexual harassment. the company says the 2,000 franchisees committed to providing training to 850,000 employees. it will be done online and in person. it will cover harassment and bullying and educate employees on how to report it. if you've been saving up those united mileage plus miles, this might be a big help. the frequent flier miles will no longer expire. this change brings united in line with delta andlue's loyalty program. in the past the miles would expire after 18 months without activity. they're planning on expanding the way the miles can be used
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including for tsa pre check memberships and apple products. that is always good. >> could use some more perks. 49ers taking on the chargers at levi's stadium. 72 in santa clara. games take a little longer, so we'll go to 11:00 about 64 degrees. probably need a coat or hoodie by the end of the game. a look at tomorrow's temperatures. antioch, clear lake and cloverdale. 68 in san francisco, oakland 73 and 79 in san jose. notice the 90s start to spread deeper into the north bay. mid 80s in the south bay and 70s around san francisco to 77 in oakland. as we head towards sunday, temperatures climb another degree or two. so we'll take a look and see if it's going to last into the holiday monday coming up in the next half hour. first want to get you out the door with good traffic information. here is frances. mike, the traffic was great until just a few minutes ago where a new injury crash just came in for the eastshore
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freeway. westbound 80 at hilltop drive, an injury accident blocks at least the right lane. emergency crews heading the the scene. once they get there, the flashing lights will slow all th down. we'll be keeping an eye oe drti 80 highway 4 to the maze is 17 minutes. delay free across the bay bridge. a live shot through berkley and emeryville. this stretch looks great. at the bay bridge toll plaza, things are bamd up for the cash paying lanes to the end of the parking lot. the san mateo bridge ride has been quiet and nice this morning. no problems here. westbound traffic on the right-hand side. looks good out of hayward and foster city and san mateo. steph curry is a three-time nba champion but he's not perfect as his wife was happy to remind him in this hilarious clip on social media. >> what did you just say? >> i've spent five minutes
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looking for my frickin headphones in a full panic. >> and they're on your head. >> ouch. >> it's that look, darn, they're right here. >> it has literally happened to every single one of us. mike was like, me, too, right? sunglasses. >> headphones, everything. coming up next, a possible short-term fix to the housing crisis in san francisco. the proposal the planning commission is considering today. also a violent confrontation caught on camera. the injury one uber driver suffered after dropping off a passenger in atlanta. speeding up b.a.r.t.'s expansion project, the time officials may save with the help of federal money. at 4:57 in the
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now at 5:00, new federal funding could fast track b.a.r.t. construction. good morning. it is thursday, august 29th. reggie is off today. i'm here hanging out. >> we enjoy your company, kumasi. you're never more than seven minutes away from my accuweather forecast. we made want to do a glass half mike? >> i get it. one more day. 32 in fairfield is the wind speed. look at everything coming ashore. that's why we'll be a little cooler today than yesterday, even though that's the afternoon. when you step outside this morning, remember the humidity and the milder temperatures you talked about, they


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