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tv   America This Morning  ABC  August 30, 2019 4:00am-4:29am PDT

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breaking news in america this morning, hurricane dorian picking up strength overnight. >> you should have seven days of food and medicine and water. >> the storm now on a collision course with florida on track to be a category 4 storm this holiday weekend. the hurricane's new path. warnings about storm surge and the race to get ready. health officials sounding the alarm after a spike in vaping-related lung illnesses. >> one of the most serious health risks for our children today. >> doctors now calling it a vaping epidemic as the federal government reportedly investigates a popular e-cigarettemaker. >> the shocking video showing an inmate in labor while behind bars. the woman claiming she was forced to give birth alone. >> plus, dale earnhardt jr. opening up about his fiery plane crash. what the racer says about
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getting back behind the wheel. what is good news? alex trebek back on the job finishing chemotherapy. the "jeopardy" host's message to fans and an update on his health. and she did it again. 15-year-old coco gauff advancing in the u.s. open after another late night thriller. good friday morning, everyone. let's get right to it. the growing threat from hurricane dorian as the storm gains strength overnight. >> dorian has been upgraded to a category 2 hurricane and is now on track to become a potentially catastrophic category 4 by the time it makes landfall. >> this new image from space shows the size of the storm which is chugging over warmer atlantic waters east of the bahamas. >> we'll have the storm's latest track in just a moment. but first a warm welcome to abc's ines de la cuetara.
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first time on the show, and, ines, you've been looking into the scramble to prepare for dorian. >> reporter: that's right, guys. still lots of uncertainty as to where it will hit and how strong it will be, but if forecasters are right, dorian could wind up being the strongest hurricane to hit florida's east coast in close to three decades. forecasters taking no chances when it comes to dorian. hurricane hunters from noaa flying right into the storm to try and figure out just where it will make landfall. >> all the data that comes from our aircraft is sent realtime to the national hurricane center. >> reporter: the hurricane is growing stronger and could become a cat hits the mainland somewhere between melbourne and miloami. n people along florida's east coast now bracing for a strong storm surge, winds of over 130 miles per hour and over a foot of rain. boarding up windows and scrambling for supplies, gas stations running out of fuel. >> just getting prepared before the storm comes. >> just want to protect against
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what's coming. >> reporter: president trump watching closely canceling an upcoming trip to poland to monitor the situation. >> it's something very important for me to be here. this storm looks like it could be a very, very big one, indeed. >> in addition to declaring a state of emergency, florida's governor is asking president trump to declare a pre-landfall disaster for all of florida's 67 counties. that will essentially free up federal resources to help florida with any of dorian's possible effects. janai and kenneth. >> ines, we will be watching that closely throughout the weekend. and forecasters are warning some areas could get as much as 15 inches of rain and produce a life-threatening storm surge along the east coast. >> accuweather meteorologist chris nallan joins us with the latest track for the storm. chris, good morning. >> well, kenneth, janai, we are certainly keeping an eye on dorian and through your friday what we're watching is the future forecast. obviously the future is very important here. specifically the model data.
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these are spaghetti plots signifying that a lot of models are in agreement with a storm that's coming ashore here across central florida. at least as of right now, but, again, some of those outliers bringing it further out to sea and then up into the southeast but, again, right now florida here seems to be that zone of concern and you can see over the next couple of days becoming a cat 4 hurricane before landfall sometime later into sunday night, early into monday, so this is one storm that we have to keep an eye on for sure. storm surge, wind and a lot of rain. janai, kenneth. >> all right, thank you, chris. stay with abc news and our abc on the go app. we will keep monitoring dorian as it approaches the u.s. we'll have a closer look at your forecast in minutes. well, turning to other news, breaking overnight, a 19-year-old new york man was arrested for allegedly planning an isis-inspired attack. investigators say he exchanged messages with an undercover agent saying he wanted to commit a knife attack in queens. he allegedly ordered the weapon through law enforcement and was arrested as he tried to pick it up. president trump's personal
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assistant and so-called gatekeeper has resigned. madeleine westerhout has worked for the president from the start of his administration. according to reports, she resigned after the president learned she shared information about his family and oval office operations during an off-the-record dinner with reporters. now to the scathing report about former fbi director james comey. the inspector general says violated fbi policy by sharing memos about his interactions with president trump, but he won't face prosecution. abc's pierre thomas has more. >> reporter: in a blistering report, the justice department's inspector general says former fbi director james comey violated fbi policy by disclosing details of a controversial memo to the media laying out concerns about president trump. >> he asked specifically of loyalty. >> reporter: those misgivings led comey to write a series of secret memos including one alleging that president trump wanted him to go easy on former national security adviser michael flynn for lying about
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contacts with russia. >> i was honestly concerned that he might lie about the nature of our meeting. >> reporter: comey was so worried about the president, he provided the details of one of the memos to the press. >> i asked a friend of mine to share the content of the memo with a reporter. i asked him to because i thought that might prompt the appointment of a special counsel. >> reporter: the inspector general bluntly says comey was wrong to secretly keep his memos and to leak writing, comey set a dangerous example for the over 35,000 current fbi employees. president trump tweeted that comey should be ashamed of himself and that the inspector general's report leaves him disgraced and excoriated. >> he gave it to a friend to leak classified information. he did an illegal act. >> reporter: but the inspector general, while sharply critical of comey, did not find that he gave any classified information to the press, and the justice department chose not to prosecute. former fbi director comey was defiant pointing out there was no evidence that he leaked classified information and that
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while he did not need a public apology from those claiming he had done so, he said they should think about sending him a message saying, sorry we lied about you, but if he's referring to the president, i don't think that apology is coming. pierre thomas, abc news, washington. >> our thanks to pierre. as promised time now for a look at your weather this friday morning. severe storms are roaring through kansas with wind gusts up to 70 miles per hour. heavy downpours and quarter size hail are likely to last all day. flash flood watches are in effect at least until this afternoon. today the south is heating up with 100s in some spots. triple-digit heat warnings are out for the southwest from southern california to arizona. below normal temperatures in the midwest and slightly above normal readings in the northeast. please, have a safe weekend. coming up, the surgeon general's new warning about
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marijuana. also ahead, the close call at a bus stop. a woman watches as her child is nearly hit by a car. her warning to other parents. and the detective who handcuffed himself to lee harvey oswald passes away. what he once said about his
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and down she goes. a decades old power plant in iowa is no more. the coal-fired facility outside des moines was imploded yesterday. it was shut down in 2017, six decades after it first opened. the plant was replaced by a natural gas facility. a popular e-cigarettemaker is reportedly under investigation as more health officials sound the alarm about vaping. "the wall street journal" reports the federal trade
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commission is investigating juul. federal officials are reportedly looking into whether or not the company engaged in deceptive marketing including targeting minors. juul is not commenting on the investigation saying in a statement that it is transparent with any government agency. in the meantime, doctors in colorado are reporting two new cases of severe lung illness related to vaping. one lawmaker wants congress to ban the sale of vaping products to anyone under 21. >> nobody is for sure what's in these products or what they're putting into their bodies or how it might affect their health. >> officials in colorado are singling out children saying their state has the highest incidence of teens using e-cigarettes. the federal government has issued a national warning about marijuana. officials have deemed pot dangerous saying it's harmful to young people and pregnant women. the health and human services secretary said, quote, this ain't your mother's marijuana. recreational marijuana is legal in 11 states and the district of
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columbia. one. last remaining figures of the jfk assassination has died. dallas detective, the one who handcuffed himself to lee harvey oswald passed away at age 99. jim leavelle was escorting oswald in this famous picture when oswald was shot and killed. in a recent interview, leavelle vividly remembered the moment before oswald was gunned down right in front of him. >> i had to get him ready for the transfer, and he wanted to put on that black lip-over sweater that he had. i let him put that on, and when he was putting that on, i told him, i said, lee, if anybody shoots at you, i hope they're a good as shot as you are meaning they'd hit him and not me and he laughed, and he said, oh, nobody is going to shoot at me. >> wow. leavelle was one of the first detectives to interrogate oswald
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even coming in on his day off. a lot of history there. well, coming up, the dramatic hot air balloon crash caught on camera. also ahead, dale earnhardt jr. back in the driver's seat. what he says about racing for the first time since that fiery plane crash. and the shocking surveillance showing an inmate in labor while behind bars. the new lawsuit claiming she was forced to give birth alone. hile behind bars. the new lawsuit claiming she was forced to give birth alone. i was on the fence about changing from a manual to an electric toothbrush. but my hygienist said going electric could lead to way cleaner teeth. she said, get the one inspired by dentists,
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whether your beauty routine is 3or 57,... make nature's bounty hair skin and nails step one. it's the number one brand uniquely formulated for silky hair, glowing skin and healthy nails. nature's bounty, because you're better off healthy. whoa. this hot air balloon crash in austria left two people hurt. it bounced while landing flipping two of the three people inside to the ground. one of them broke his arm trying to keep the balloon from taking off again. the crash is being blamed on a strong wind gust. well, now to the close call for a little girl at her bus stop. her mother watched as a car blew through the stop sign nearly hitting the girl. >> this video is terrifying, and this morning that mother is
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now -- has an urgent warning for other parents. an excited mother waiting for her daughter after her first day riding the bus to and from school in houston. >> there goes malina. >> reporter: the bus' arm swinging out to signal stop to oncoming traffic but then this terrifying moment. >> no, wait, wait, wait, stop. >> a car appearing to blow right past that sign seconds before that little girl tried to cross the road. >> if she would have taken one more step, my daughter's life would have been over. >> reporter: you can see the stop sign extending out from the side of the stopped bus moments before the car races past it. the girl's mother says she got the license plate, but says police told her they couldn't do anything, so she posted the video to social media to warn other parents, which soon went viral. >> they don't even stop. they don't slow down or anything, and i just screamed. this is something no parent should have to witness. >> reporter: a 2018 survey of school bus drivers in 38 states and washington, d.c. found that
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nearly 84,000 vehicles passed their buses illegally on a single day. malina's mother hopes her video serves as a warning to both parents and to drivers. >> we don't want anyone to be murdered or to have a life taken by accident. we need to watch out for our children, and we have to protect our children. our children are our future. >> unimaginable. 84,000 of these incidents on a single day. school districts across the nation are trying to make bus stops safer. new york will soon add stop arm cameras to school buses and that's to catch drivers who fail to stop. >> just incredible to see that, and they need harsh penalties as well for when people violate that law. well, a woman who gave birth while being held in a jail in denver has filed a federal lawsuit claiming she was forced to endure hours of labor alone. video shows diana sanchez in the denver county jail in july of last year. she gave birth to her son after nearly six hours of labor. sanchez says she repeatedly told deputies she was having her baby but no one helped her. her lawsuit claims staff did not
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ensure that she was able to give birth in a safe and sanitary medical setting. a sheriff's deputy and department spokesperson said an investigation determined deputies followed relevant policies and procedures. the policies have been clarified to have staff call an ambulance when an inmate is in labor. dale earnhardt jr. is road to recovery from that terrifying plane crash is taking him back to the track. the legendary racer is driving in a nascar event in south carolina tomorrow. just two weeks ago, earnhardt, his wife and their baby girl survived a fiery plane crash in tennessee. in a radio interview earnhardt said racing again will help him get over the anxiety of that crash. >> i think once you get in the car, you won't even think about it. race car drivers get a lot of credit for driving with severe flu and bad knees and sore backs but once you're in the car and you're in the middle of action, you don't even think about those things.
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>> earnhardt said he suffered bad bruising on his back in the crash but that it's getting better quickly. tomorrow's race is the only event he's participating in this season. earnhardt retired from driving two years ago. and in the nfl, free agent defensive lineman ryan russell has come out as bisexual, and he hopes to be the first openly lgbtq athlete to play in a regular season game. speaking with espn, russell said he has two goals, returning to the nfl and living his life openly. injuries have kept him sidelined since the end of the 2017 season. >> good for him. and the first big weekend of college football is under way and the defending champs who happen to be the rivals of the university of south carolina gamecocks have picked up right where they left off. clemson opened its national title defense by absolutely destroying georgia tech. the tigers scored the game's first 35 points then held on to win, 52-14. 15-year-old coco gauff has made it to the third round of her first u.s. open. it took her nearly 2 1/2 hours to win last night's three-set
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battle. up next a marquee match-up with world number one and defending champion naomi osaka. >> oh, that's going to be a good one. put the hat away. put the hat away. >> go, gamecocks. up next in "the pulse," "jeopardy" host alex trebek is back on the job. also ahead, a momma bear and cub hanging out at a dumpster. wait till you see what was inside. plus, the youth football team all ready for the game until they hit one tough banner. >> come on. >> we'll be right back. >> we'll be right back. and your mother told me all her life that i should fix it. and now it reminds me of her. i'm just glad i never fixed it. listen, you don't need to go anywhere dad. meet christine, she's going to help you around the house. the best home to be in is your own. from personal care and memory care, to help around the house, home instead offers personalized in-home services for your loved ones. home instead senior care. to us, it's personal.
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4:23 am
about "jeopardy's" upcoming season. >> i've gone through a lot of chemotherapy, and thankfully that is now over. i'm on the mend, and that's all i can hope for right now. we have some exciting things coming up, and i can't wait to share them with all of you. let me tell you it is going to be a good year. >> doing the push-ups in that video. ♪ happy birthday the video also features trebek celebrating his 79th birthday on the job. he went back to work on his birthday. the 36th season of "jeopardy" begins september 9th. >> that's how we get ready. >> yeah, push-ups. >> you go, alex trebek. a new hampshire woman will get to keep her vanity plate that bears some really good parental advice. >> wendy auger's tag reads pb4wego. the state's dmv told her she'd have to change it after 15 years because it referred to sexual or excretory acts or functions.
4:24 am
new hampshire's governor eventually stepped in and urged the agency to let her keep it. >> because it's good advice, because it's real life, because it's #momlife. pee before we go. just try, please. hey, now, to a bear cub. hey, boo-boo, trying to help his sibling out of a jam. >> one cub got caught in a dumpster outside a motel, so look at that other cub standing on momma's back trying to open the dumpster's lid. trying, trying. the bear tries but ultimately fails to free the sibling. >> thankfully some brave sheriff deputies came to the rescue. they placed a ladder in the dumpster which the cub used to climb out and rejoin the family. >> i know, working together. >> they really were. those bears are smart. finally, football teams are usually all psyched up to run on the field. that didn't work for this team in texas. >> the longhorns were supposed to blast right through their
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making news right now at 4:27, a bicyclist killed in a hit-and-run crash in san jose. this morning place still looking for the driver. a big change coming to b.a.r.t. starting tomorrow. the extra information you'll soon see on station signs. hurricane dorian picking up strength as it barrels toward florida this morning. the big question is where will it hit? i am really concerned about that because my family is in florida. >> we're all thinking about your family. how are they doing? >> they're doing well. preparing like everybody else, shopping, got the generator and everything. everybody is watching to see what's going to happen. >> got their bread, water, milk. at least they have a generator. that's good. there could be power outages for months if it's as devastating as it could possibly be. just the water, too, got to have
4:28 am
a lot of water, gallon per person per day. it's a little cooler this morning. a lot of dew on the cars and grass. you may notice that. not cloudy skies everywhere. but definitely at pier 15. here is a look at your planner today. upper fifls to low 60s by the time we get to 7:00. hanging out in the mid to upper 70s around noon and upper 70s to mid 80s around 4:00. at the same time in the mid 60s at the coast. real gorgeous evening on the way. how about the friday commute? we're hoping for light, frances? >> we've got a gorgeous commute right now like the weather will be this afternoon. there is a fog advisory for the golden gate bridge. here is a live shot. you can see why the fog is out there. you might have to use your wipers a bit. traffic is light. no accidents reported on the chp screen right now and at the bay bridge toll plaza, just a minor wait for a couple of those cash
4:29 am
paying lanes. the san mateo bridge ride also fine, westbound traffic is on the right. check out the ride out of tracy. westbound 580, no delays at all right now, tracy to dublin, 23 minutes. developing news in the south bay police looking for the driver who hit and killed a bicyclist and ran away on foot. >> the driver left his suv behind. abc 7's jobina fortson is live in san jose. good morning. >> reporter: good morning kumasi and natasha. i want to point out something we noticed as we pulled up to the scene. you can see behind me in the distance there are flowers and a candle in honor of the bicyclist. witnesses say drivers often speed through the intersection at story and jackson. many heard the sound of the crash yesterday. then when they looked out, they saw the driver get out and run off from the scene. san jose police say a man was behind the wheel of this


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