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tv   Right This Minute  ABC  September 6, 2019 1:42am-2:12am PDT

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cook and sub title app, why this is a recipe for disaster. it's a sight familiar to many in bangkok. traffic, it can take hours, i mean hours, to go half a mile down the road. here we're on the elevated highway that supposed to speed things up, and that's not happenin it's all relatively calm until you hear the conversation going on inside the vehicle. this is a family car and you can hear that the mom who's inside that car is very concerned. >> she sounds like she's in distress. >> the 2-year-old in the car with them has started vomiting uncontrolly. having a seizure caused by a brain issue and has now passed out in his mother's arm.
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they need to get to the hospital, but there's literally nothing that can be done. dad is doing what he can, switching lanes left and right. >> stop the people on the scooter and commandeer it. >> this is the thinking dad has it. you can see the vehicle stops, dad spotted someone, gets out of the car, has a conversation. and then you see our hero come into shot. that is a motor bike food delivery driver. dad spotted that guy, got out, look, my son is sick. mom and child have jumped on the back of that motorcycle delivery driver and he takes off as fast as he can, heading for the nearist hospital. >> how great he agreed to do it. >> how could you not? how did it go? i can show you. the little man feeling better and giving thanks to that particular rider as well. who is being hailed across
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thailand as a bit of a legend. it's a modern day cinderella moment. mary rose simpson found a festival in ireland and she was trying to figure out whose frame that lens belonged to you. is that you cinderella? >> i think i found your glass. >> david turns around with a huge smile and a handsome grin, oh my gosh. is this a love connection? is this a story to come to life? >> oh, no. >> it wasn't his lens. >> maybe there's another woman in the crowd walking around. >> but what about the person who -- >> lost that one.
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>> -- yeah. >> two cinderella stories out there. >> none of them will have a happy ending right this moment. >> i wanted them to go on a date. >> who's to say they didn't? you know what i love about "right this minute," our viewers can go to and upload videos that are going to go viral like this one. this is a video of susie with buddy, buddy's been away from home about 24 hours. >> 24 years did you say? >> 24 hours. but here's the important thing you should know. gina took the video, said susie was walking with buddy when fireworks went off, he ran in the road after he got scared, and got hit by a car and took off. they looked around the neighborhood.
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she went with him to look for another dog and buddy was like i know those people. and this is the result. >> i love you. i love you. i love you. this video was posted by richard. >> we are about to go in after being away for 20 minutes. >> richard rescued carlos from a shelter and he left carlos for only 20 minutes. >> hello, there. hello. >> he just can't. >> well, there's two responses. there's the i love you please never leave again and there's the i'm going to teach you not to leave again. >> play with me. play, play, play. >> i can't believe. somebody picked me up, now i'm his. i don't want to leave his side. >> are you better now? celebrating 100 seasons and
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fans are pumped. they'll be celebrating and also doing what lowe's calls homegating. >> today i'm in dallas, texas, helping a family tackle a living room makeover. >> jason and andrea are hard core dallas cowboy fans. they have three daughters. jason has spent 16 years in the army, where he's a staff sergeant in the infantry and he served four tours. when he's home, time is of the essence. here's what the living room looked like, she has a good space there. first up, move all the furniture out. we have work to do. mom and dad started with this. while they head out this is where the girls work. monica heads back inside and talks about the structure of the
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wall. >> i want this to be a space cozy for you. and one way of adding coziness to a room is layering in texture. >> so we're going to add stone. she takes adhesive and layers that on the wall and then beams. >> we want to draw attention to it because it's a cool feature to the room. >> after they do that, monica sends the family away because she has a big surprise for this. >> instead of just having one tv for game day to watch the cowboys, they're going to up it to three. >> so they mount the tvs, roll out the red carpet. are you ready because now we have the reveal. >> oh my god. >> oh my goodness. >> did a great job. >> did a very good job. used the dallas cowboy colors, added texture. they seem pleased with it. >> nice. this dude is not much of a skier, but --
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>> one thing i do know how to do is drive. >> see the moment he just wings it. and -- >> one, two, three. >> a hula with an adorable twist coming up. if your dishwasher doesn't get dishes completely dry... try finish jet-dry's new stronger formula. it dries 100% better than detergent alone - even plastics. get dishes drier than you ever thought possible. try finish jet-dry. am i too old to start askateboarding? chew on it twizzlers don't eat them for the 100 percent whole grain oats.
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watch "right this minute" on september 9th. we will see you there. this guy has been out skiing with his brother. and it doesn't sound like he's had much of a great time. >> i'm learning how to ski. one thing i know how to do is drive. >> to prove it, he winds through the edge there and then proceeds to fly. >> oh! >> he jumped into a brick wall. >> check that first, at least throw a rock at it or something. >> he can't ski, and he can't even use gravity. >> his brother, who was recording the video showed so much concern in the form of laughter. >> i'm concerned too then. >> i don't think that worked. in the next video, these guys are out fishing, except one
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of them has grown very frustrated. >> why can't we just fish? >> you're going in the water. >> don't paint with such broad brush strokes, okay. we all got the dumb friend. that's why we like having them around because you get good videos and he's the guy you can just say, hey, rickey, try this. ♪ do you want to make an omelet you got to break some eggs. and if you want to make a crazy machine you have to break some everything. back with a new show called "what's your problem" where they're going to solve problems with inventive machine. >> i need a machine to do the dishes for me so i can get back to things i love. >> let's get to work.
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no surise he's inspired by the original. >> two, one. >> that's when you discovered there's a lot of trial and error. >> and it's all over the walls. >> we have to work on that aim, sis. >> oh. >> or come up with a slightly different idea. >> that's working pretty good. >> they want to use one of those fire sprinklers to deploy the water but there's an issue. >> the glass flew everywhere. seems dangerous. >> so they melt down a wax crayon and create a wax trigger for the very same sprinkler. >> so smart. >> when it comes to drying the dishes, the original plan leaves something to be desired. but don't worry this is going to work. this is the dish doer. pulls, hits the rubber mallet, hits the dominos, you see
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there's a magnet on the side. watch this. makes that other ball start rolling. hit another rubber mallet that rolls around and triggers that. now it's next to the sprinkler, melts the wax, the water pours down on the dishes. there's toilet paper, why? once it soaks, it starts rolling and triggers that and dries the dishes. job done. >> yay! sometimes you have to add your own spin to things, right. >> one, two, three. >> you want to use it? ryan is 2 half years old and this is how he does it. >> does a little dance. amazing. >> ryan is from virginia, he's visiting some family in north carolina. people next to him, are like, oh
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you do it that way. me too. it's super cute. you're from atlanta, a movie buff, listen up. >> one day you will be the king over all of this. >> everything. >> wow. he's james earl jonesing hard! >> jordan jay and he's got quite the voice on him. >> he should do voice over. >> he has a show called "the jay williams show". >> you will be the new ruler. if you need help watch up to the stars. ♪ it's a sticky stunt to gain some followers. >> and people did follow. >> his eye catching cruise around town next. >> this is the dumbest, smartest
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people will do a lot to get attention and for blogger tim, he decided, why don't i just attach myself to this car to get some followers. he had some buddies tape him to the back of this bmw. his friend drove him around town. and there were people who did follow him. because you can see right here, here they are on a pedestrian walkway. they've written the name of his blog so people can follow. and people did follow on camera, on foot watching what he was doing. >> this is the dumbest smartest thing i've ever seen. does that make sense? >> everyone gets their 15 minutes of fame. >> such a stupid stunt for what it was after -- >> it didn't work.
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>> it didn't? >> it didn't work. he says, okay, maybe i should have, a, thought about it because he said it was scary and i could have fallen. b, he didn't get any followers for doing this. and c, the police did follow it and they asked him to come to the police station and he did, and he walked in and handed him a $35 fine asking him to give it to the person who was driving because he was driving in a pedestrian area. you enjoy a good cup of tea. >> i enjoy a couple cups every day. >> do you have one right now? >> not now because i finished it. >> good. this video is for you then. becky is going to have one for you. becky has your basket here, scootch on down and get the tea party set up. takes out the beautiful table
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cloth. sometimes it doesn't always go the way you planned, right. >> this isn't traditional. but so far i'll go with it. we can go with it. >> good. you're going to have to. >> is gravity pulling the wrong way? >> hard to say. i think gravity is still working. no, let's turn gravity on its head. >> okay. >> that was slick. that was slick. well done. >> what's she going to serve? chlorine? >> probably yes, you're probably right, gayle. she gets her teacup out of the basket. >> that's cool. >> there you go. there's your chlorine flavored tea. takes a sip of that delicious cup of tea. >> that's brilliant. >> this was well put together by dawn. >> becky studied free diving and is also a
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she has the skill to pull off underwater tea making. he's conducting a how to for his followers but. >> it's all
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voice recognition software has come a long way, kind of. because michael here is making a cooking video with auto generated sub titles. >> welcome to cooking with mack. >> it's not cooking on mack and belly. it it's cooking with mack and billy. they're making baked eggs. >> oh. >> it's all downhill from there. >> all chopped up, there you go.
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>> it's all chopped up. there we go. >> we used half because there's only two. >> only use half an onion because there's only two of us. he says listen to that. >> i love it. >> we're going to add some salt, some pepper and -- >> some smoked paprika. >> i'm just going to show you a wee bit because i need two hands. >> did you get the gist of it? >> no. >> i got a gist. because if it weren't for the titl i wouldn't have understood a word of what he was saying. so at least i understood something. >> it was only about 5% accurate from what he was actually saying. >> it can't understand me. it's struggling. >> it does look good. if you turn the sound off and go
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by the pictures. >> so i'm going to go with cheese -- >> i heard cheese. >> it might be delicious. >> there you have it, that was big takes and mack and billy. >> there you go, big takes and mack and belly. that's our show. we'll see you next time on >> it's "shark tank" week and shark robert herjavec is back with $5,000 and all of his lifelines. he's going for a million dollars for charity right now on "who wants to be a millionaire." [dramatic music] ♪ [cheers and applause] hey, everybody. welcome to the show. are you ready to play today?
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[cheers and applause] it is "shark tank" week here on "millionaire." so let's bring back out our shark, robert herjavec. [cheers and applause] what's up, robert. welcome back. >> hey, i'm back. i'm back. >> he is a returning shark. he was playing so well last time. we ran out of time, but we're still going. >> thanks for having me back. >> before we were so rudely interrupted, you were at $5,000. you reached that threshold, so guaranteed $5,000 for your charity. remind everybody what charity we're playing for. >> yeah, i'm playing for union gospel mission, which is a christian homeless shelter out of seattle. they do great work. >> and i was asking you, i'm like, "are you from seattle?" what's the tie to this particular charity? >> yeah, about five years ago, i went through a really rough time and my priest said to me, "i'm gonna send you to a place." i hopped on the plane and i ended up in seattle and i was serving soup in a soup kitchen. ended up spending a couple of weeks there, and it was a great experience, and i learned that everybody in life deserves
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a second chance. >> and they've changed your life as much as you're helping them, which is great. >> well, i think they did more for me than i've done for them, and i hope they get lots of money. a million dollars, chris, would go a long way. >> that's up to you, man. we're only 9 questions away. you're playing good. $5,000 guaranteed. >> nine? >> all the lifelines-- you know nine things. >> i do, yeah. >> you're a shark. you know nine things. all the lifelines are there. so we're in good shape as we get back to it. let's play "who wants to be a millionaire." [dramatic musical flourish] >> i'm ready! >> today we start with the $7,000 question. in 1967, it cost an average of $40,000. in 2017, it cost an average of just over $5 million. what is it? >> well, i--this is a tough one for me, chris, 'cause i'm so much younger. i wasn't around in 1967, so...
2:11 am
it cost an average of 40-- >> you millennials. >> ugh, i'm just a kid. uh, $40,000. in 2017, it costs an average of just over $5 million. well, it can't be a boeing 747 'cause those cost a lot more back then. four years of tuition at harvard isn't $5 million. close, but, uh... >> [chuckles] >> five shares of mcdonald's stock doesn't sound right. i'm confident it's a 30-second super bowl commercial. a boeing--it's not "a." it's not b. i'm gonna go with c. final answer. oh! >> that's good for $7,000. [cheers and applause] all right, well done. still have all the lifelines. you're in good shape. chance to get to five figures. this is a $10,000 deal if you get it right. [dramatic musical flourish]
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succeeding steve ballmer in 2014, satya nadella is the current ceo of what tech giant founded in 1975? >> okay. since i'm a tech guy, i'm thinking this is a trick question. >> [laughs] >> succeeding steve ballmer in 2014, satya nadella-- brilliant guy--is the current ceo of what tech giant founded in 1975? well, steve ballmer retired to buy a basketball team. i wish i could do that. mark cuban has a basketball team. steve has a basketball team. >> when are you getting yours? >> [sighs] when i win more money today and i give it to the charity and the lord gives me back more. >> okay, i see. >> um, it's not apple. it's not twitter. it's microsoft. final answer: c, microsoft. >> now we're up to $10,000. >> yes! >> halfway there! >> [laughing] >> all right, robert.


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