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tv   ABC7 News 1100PM  ABC  September 13, 2019 11:00pm-11:35pm PDT

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whoa. >> there it went. that breaking news is happening on the bay bridge. a fire, an explosion come from a span on the lower deck. that's the direction leading san francisco towards oakland. >> this fire burned for a good half-hour before it was put out. the chevy van was completely destroyed, of course. a flatbed trick has been called in to remove the debris. as you can imagine, traffic is a mess. >> only lane is open. you're taking a live look now. scene. >> that's a perfect storm in a lot of ways.
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here's a look at the traffic map in real time. you can see that blockage blocke the car caught fire. traffic at a snail's pace, only about 4 miles per hour. >> you can see the backup there, all those red tail lights. >> rye to get on to the bay bridge. just a mess. we'll keep you updated on that bay brinl. in the meantime, developing news. tense moment in the capital today. a woman threw a red liquid on state senators. >> happened as anti-advantage seep activists were standing on the elevated public gallery. the people who dropped the liquid screamed it was baby's blood, they say. 4. >> we in no way, shape, or form call for that kind of behavior.
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we're protesting this bill. >> the senate moved to a different chamber to continue the legislative session after this. the california highway patrol is investigating what happened. >> the wom w the substance is arrested. there was a large protest es the capitol with activists being arrested. there were two laws signed limiting child medical exemptions for vaccines. >> this is a live look from the tower cameras from around the bay area. abc7news meteorologist sandy patel is here with the records. >> we had one record. 103 degrees today. passed the record said back in 1 1. conquered, liver moore, all triple digit. 94 in san francisco 97 in oakland. 9 degrees in san jose. haued to go to half moono
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see 80s, really. cooling begins tomorrow. 70 in half hoop bay, 72 from downtown san francisco. 9 degrees in oakland. walnut creek, you'll still be hot. bigger changes are coming. i'll be back with those details. >> in downtown palo alto it's been a lively scene you'll night. nobody here bothered by the heat. i found even more people who have been making the best of the hot temperatures. >> how hot has it been? >> it was really hot. even under the air conditioning and everything, it's still hot. >> it looked every bit like your typical summer day. this family from australia was surprised. >> it was hot in vegas. it wasn't as intense.
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>> and also it was really bringing the wood. >> went to santa cruz and we drank cove and saw the seals. >> this football team having practice time in the heat. >> this is our ice bucket with cold towels. we'll pull it out and though it on one of the guys. an outdoor movie was hosted. >> it is our opportunity to be outside and have an entertaining evening with the kids. it was great. >> i'm going to give a shoutout to the people playing behind me. 1-2-4-8. inspiration to dance the heat away. kris raez, abc news. >> you can say on top of the riding temperatures. enable push laerlts.
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>> your safety is a big part of our effort to build a better bay area. two men are in a window. >> police say they can't comment on an ongoing investigation but did as they're following up several strong leads. they wane to show what happened to them so it doesn't happen to other people. >> when no one answers the door, thinking no one is home, these two men try to break the door down. after the sixth try the door's opened. but scared off by a woman screaming inside. >> the house was shabing. s sd s wnshmplt downstrs for a.
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she ran down stairs. just as they opened the doors. >> they kicked it in right here. >> the husband said he's thankful no one was heard. when they saw me pull out, they went, huh, they're gone. >> sarah lives two doors down. the family had an alarm system, it didn't didn't stop the break-in. >> that's what makes it so unnerving for us. all security measures are put into place and the this happens. >> they go ahead with the burglary. >> he suggested someone knocks, it's still a good idea to make some kind of noise, that way they know people are inside. they have the doorbells, you can talk to somebody at the front door. that may give the impression
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that someone's at home. >> police say another safety tip. install security cameras facing the front of the street. that could, for example, capture a get away car and employ other important details for an investigation. reporting live, hassan, abc7news. >> thanks. we spent a week on ways to protect yourself and your neighborhood during safety week, part of our effort to build a better bay area. go to, scroll down and click on building a better bay area. >> advocates for a safer san francisco protecting the streets called on the city to make improvements for pedestrians and bicyclists as well. that tops our look at other stories making news tonight. tr. >> neighbors taking the case to the street. blocking the streets in show of protests. >> the same place where a
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7-year-old was struck on tuesday. he's recovering but many say this was the last straw. >> enough is enough. it's gotten bad. >> actress felicity huffman was sentenced to 14 days for her role today. she could be right here in the bay area. she pled guilty to conspiracy and fraud and paid $15,000. >> we've been through hell. we're continuing to go through hell. >> there was an settlement on a payment to be divided among insurance companies who paid victims. it covers 85% of claims from a dozen wipe country fires. visit our website at >> there ao date there are no f
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approved test for irrelevant. >> first, what's coming up on jimmy kimmel live. >> jimmy? >> we are totally on fleet tomorrow. what's your faift song? >> i like the new songs. i like -- you think i don't know. >> well, yeah. >> we all do right now. >>
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. let's upset that breaking news on the bay bridge. a chevy van caught fire. witnesses caught video of the fire. the fire is out but four lanes are still closed. only one lane on the right side is open. traffic is inching along there.
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there's a huge backup. take a look now live with the congestion extending well into san francisco. traffic. it's a mess, going to be a mess for a while longer. >> new developments for approval of a pill that treats allergies. here's more. >> any reaction? >> no. >> no. looking good. >> all good right? >> this is a two-year-old who just ate a peanut, something her parents were afraid for her to touch. >> the swelling is on her face down her neck. >> right now there is not an fda approved allergy treatment. just got a big recommendation
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for approval. >> they become not allergic to the peanut over time. >> while waiting for approval, this doctor has been using small pills of peanut poud ir. >> she can eat two peanuts right now and it's like a slow, gradual buildup but it's a lot, lot better now. >> according to the doctor having the pill will be safer. >> those will be more zip than the -- because they measure the major allergens. >> if approved, be able to use the off label type. there are still some concerns. >> we don't know. if you stop it what would happen. >> if san francisco, abc news. >> san francisco's public works department says if it needs to cleanup twitter's unsanction eed
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guerilla marking campaign have been stebs i would around the city. similar ones have popped up in new york. they're also illegal according to officials. a spokesperson says our street cleaning and street inspection teams have been made aware. if it becomes necessary to remove them we will be sending a bill to the defender. it says we looked into what happened and identified breakdowns in the process for meeting the city's retirement for our chalk stens ils. we're sorry this happen. >> if you're an at&t direct tv subvibe every, you may lose the ability to watch abc news. also espn, disney and free form. >> disney is currently in contract negotiations with tants. at&t pays discanny for the right
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to retransmit the broadcaster signal of abc an to carry the cable networks they provide to their at&t direct service subscribers. tanlt will drop abc 7, disney channel and free form if there's not an agreement. at&t provided this statement. we're disappointed to see the walt disney company put viewers in the middle of negotiations. we want to keep it a locally owned and operated news station. we hope to avoid sprupgs to the services some of our customers care about. our goal is always to deliver content customers want at a value that makes accepts for them. we'll continue to fight for that here and appreciate their patience. kgo abc has been warming
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subscribers about this possibility of losing these channels with these commercials. >> call at&t now to keep the networks you're paying for. >> walt disney company provided this statement. if abc 7 and the other disney owned networks are removed in at&t direct tv you will be able to find more information at >> go to our website. >> yeah. >> let's turn our attention to the weeken forecast. awfully hot and steam canny, will it continue? >> i hope not. >> you're going to get a break from the heat this weekend. i want to show you something that was stanley cupping. the friday the 13th, full moon rising.
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also nope as a harvest moong. the next time you get to see a full moon on friday the 13th will be 30 years. clear skies. temperatures right now anywhere from the mid 23i69s all the way to the upper 70s. we certainly are holding on to some of the warmed from earlier this afternoon. we're not going to hold on to it much longer. liver moore's high is 97 kegs. not as hot as today. 9 h degrees. and then dropping before coming back a few degrees. a live look. visibility is terrific. under crystal clear size we're getting this view. cooler, coast and bay tomorrow. there is a chance of showers on monday. mputer bng to
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ba off. >> coast and central bay as the breeze kicks in, good air quality, by sunday much better. temperatures in the low 50s to mid 60s in the morning. clear and mild for saturday morning. then in the afternoon it is certainly going to be noticeably cooler armed the coast kanld around the way. south wray 89 degrees, 86 until sun very vail. 6 on gilroy on the peninsula. 81 in san mateo. downtown san francisco, 72 degrees, 68 in the sunset district. north way temperatures around san rafael. 90 in sapt rosa. east bay community, 70s and 80s, 79 in oakland, 83 in castro valley. 94 degrees in liver moore. we're going to fast forward.
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fort bragg monday morning gets showers, the possibility of a few showers sunday morning across the bay area. accuweather seven-day forecast cooling begins saturday, temperatures tumbling inland on sunday. there's a chance of hours with cooler weather. for monday, 60s, 70s. the rest of next week would be a minor warmup coming your way. so looking better. >> thank you very much. >> are you a smart cookie? >> are you a smart cookie? >> well the ross fall fashion event has all the looks for way less... check this out! that's yes for less. get the brands you love and save 20 to 60% off department store prices. at the ross fall fashion event. on now.
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taste buds could win $50,000 if they guess the flavor. >> that could be interesting. time to get toe sports. >> i'm guessing vanilla. >> i bet you're wrong. >> the as are washing their way to the playoffs. five
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why go with anybody else? we know their rates are good, we know that they're always going to take care of us. it was an instant savings and i should have changed a long time ago. it was funny because when we would call another insurance company, hey would say "oh we can't beat usaa" we're the webber family. we're the tenney's we're the hayles, and we're usaa members for life. ♪ get your usaa auto insurance quote today. . good evening. sprint to the finish in the o homers in texas.ld card ra re. check out arlington.
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this inthat gram post is going viral. how about going, going gone. four in the second, shin-soo choo with a three run homer. 4-3 rangers. in the third, khris davis back and crushing. he struggled much of the season. three-run jack. danny santana. that's a three-run bob. another three run. five homers in this game. sheldon noisee went 4-5, ras win 14-9. up by a half a game over tampa bay. giants and marlins on ginnier night. on orange friday, orange hair. allowed three hits and struck out five. he'd get the win. two outs in the fifth.
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mike yastrzemski would have scored. slap longoria grounds out. we stay scoreless. giants finally break through. buster posey. steven voting scores and the theis how people talk about saun livingtop retired from the nba today. he spent the past five years with the warriors. earlier he suffered a knee injury, there was a fear his leg might have to be amputated. hoe managed to play 15 years. he may decide to work for the warriors in their front office. >> the boxer in the bay area
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. an update on the bay bridge. all lanes just reopened following a van catching afire. no one was injured. >> caltrans is looking to see if there's any damage to the road. congestion stebz well into san francisco traffic on the bridge is moving better than it was earlier. >> there's a look at the backup. it's still tricky to get on. all right. n hl o us here at abc7news, thank you for joining us
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tonight. check out dr. phil mcdraw on jimmy kimmel live. >> have a great weekend. >> dicky: from hollywood, it's "jimmy kimmel live!" togh dr. phil mcgraw. from "wu-tang an american saga", method man. and music from shaed. and now, keep your distance, jimmy kimmel! >> jimmy: tonight on the show, thanks for joining us on a, i don't know if you know, it's a very special day in the united states today, in case you haven't already been celebrating, it's beyonce's birthday. beyonce's 38 years old today. beyonce's one o


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