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tv   ABC7 News 430AM  ABC  September 26, 2019 4:30am-5:00am PDT

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paying. so today the board is scheduled to vote on their replacement. here are the options. option one, a swing-style gate that will help people from jumping over the gate. option two, they have a retractable barrier. and the third option is a floor to ceiling turnstile. b.a.r.t. officials say they have do something putting an end to fare evading is important to riders. >> i believe we had 89% of the people surveyed believed it was important to reduce fare evasion. >> it is looking like this will cost around 1$150 million, but officials say riders will not be paying extra to get these new gates. they hope to get the new gates in place as soon as possible. reporting live from walnut creek. amy hollyfield, abc 7 news. >> thanks for that update. the time is 4:30. if you're just joining us, we want to get a quick update of weather and traffic.
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hi, mike. >> i'm putting together a day planner for you. we'll see temperatures that are actually going to drop as we head into the afternoon hours. especially the closer you are to the coast. here's the reason why. we can see the sea breeze starting to develop. we have a 14-mile-per-hour wind at fair field. we have an 8 miles per hour wind at half moon bay. that's the southerly surge that will increase the clouds along the coast this afternoon. so you'll start off clear with clouds increasing this afternoon. same thing in san francisco. eventually that will spread over all of the neighborhoods tonight and thwart our heat tomorrow. today we break it. tomorrow actually below average. i'll show that you coming up. frances? >> we have a new crash reported in the vallejo area. eastbound 780 past 80, it's off to the right-hand side. it may be partially blocking the low lane. here's 680 in walnut creek. it is flowing better than just a few minutes ago what they've done is picked up the road work
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on southbound 680 near geary and treat down towards highway 24. it's looking better. i think it should be flowing smoothly quickly. live shot of the bay bridge toll plaza, just shows a normal start here with just a minor wait for some cash paying lanes. in just 90 minutes, the acting director of national intelligence is speaking publicly for the first time about the secret whistle-blower complaint fueling impeachment inquiries. >> house democrats are hoping he'll explain why he withheld te complaint from congress for weeks. inez joins us more with more. >> good morning. more than two-thirds of house democrats say it's time to impeach as more information comes to light about that phone call between president trump and the president of ukraine. >> reporter: this morning, a source tells abc news that ukrainian government officials understood that in order to arrange a call with the american president, they had to agree to talk about investigating the
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bidens. the ukrainian leader says he never felt pressured. >> i think nobody push me. >> noin other words, no pressur >> reporter: but in a summary of the call, trump directly asked him to coordinate with bill barr and rudy giuliani to investigate his potential 2020 rival joe biden and biden's son who was doing business in the ukraine. there's been no evidence of wrong doing against the bidens. >> it's a joke. impeachment for that? >> reporter: democrats who have already launched an impeachment inquiry say the call summary shows there was a quid pro quo. >> it's such a blatant power it can't stand. >> reporter: this as select members of the house got their first look at the classified whistle-blower complaint related to trump's conversations with
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ukraine and that the administration had tried to block from congress. this morning the acting director of national intelligence will appear before the house intelligence committee and ask for that whistle-blower complaint. it's being declassified and could be releasd as early as toda today. >> thank you for that update. abc will have live coverage of the testimony. that starts this morning at 6:00. this morning electricity is back on to all 1400 pg&e customers in sonoma and napa county after yesterday's public safety power shutoff. >> pg&e restored power by 4:00 in sonoma county and that cal c stowing calistoga by 5:30. sonoma county supervisor susan goran is critical of the pg&e planned power shutoff.
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she said the on again/off again alerts left a lot of people confused and she questions if weather conditions called for these extreme measures. >> we really had no winds, not even close the winds we had the red flag days. >> pg&e says the move was all in the name of fire safety and its forecast modeled predicted dry, windy weather systems back-to-back monday and tuesday night. cal fire says it has arrested a missouri man who flew to the bay area and set more than a dozen fires over the weekend. 68-year-old freddie graham is facing 15 counts of arson. the bay area news group says that graham drove a rental car towards milpitas and started throwing flaming pieces of paper on to the grassy hills. authorities say he set four fires on friday and then nine more on saturday. a witness spotted that car and reported it. police arrested graham as he returned his rental car at san
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jose international airport. right now his motive is unclear. a third parent is set to be sentenced in boston in the college admissions scandal. los angeles business developer steven sempre vivo is facing a 13-month prison sentence. he said he was a victim of rick singer. prosecutors say he paid $400,000 to get his son admitted into georgetown as a fraudulent tennis recruit. defense attorneys asked that he receive probation and community service instead of prison. new developments in the plan to convert schools into housing for san jose teachers. the school board has ruled out leland high school and brett hart middle school as locations. the remaining locations are the district offices, the river glen school and the second start pine hill school. the aim is to build up to 400 housing units. a local teen will be old
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enough to vote in the general election but not the primary. he's pushing to correct what he sees as a political oversight. getting from point "a" to point "b" on electric scooters in san francisco is getting a little bit easier. a united airlines flight to san francisco had to divert to denver. the embarrassing potty jam one passenger got into. >> reggie, no. >> that's all ahead. it's 4:37. you're never more than seven minutes away from your accuweather forecast. >> welcome back, reggie. your first story, toilet humor. >> good. that tracks, so, you know what? makes sense. >> my goodness. you got our attention. some of the warmest temperatures in the east bay valleys. in the 70s in van ville van vil creek, 76, 74, 70 in brentwood. mildest temperature, 64 in pleasanton. mid to upper 60s on the bayshore
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up to the north bay, 72 at san jose. 69 in pacifica. you won't get much warmer than that this afternoon. here's the look from the east bay hills, 68 degrees. breezy afternoon driving especially on the richmond-san rafael bridge, mild on mass transit. breezy on the ferry. 62 this morning for north bay. low 80s this afternoon. we were near 100 in many neighborhoods yesterday. for the east bay, 66 at 7:00. near 80 at noon. 81 at 3:00. down to 70 at 7:00. look at san francisco, our temperatures will peak right around 1:00. and then fall this afternoon as the sea breeze ramps up, the clouds will be on the increase from about 3:00 on. you'll notice a refreshing change. especially in san francisco. we'll talk about more cooler weather and when it gets to your neighborhood coming up. frances, how is it starting today? >> not too bad. i'm looking forward to better
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sleeping weather. i could not sleep at all even with the windows open. so, we have an injury -- or a crash in vallejo, eastbound 780 at 80. we'll check that one next as well. but we're picking up slowing on northbound 101 as you make your way through sunnyvale. there's supposed to be road work at fair oaks. i'm surprised it's causing this much slowing as you make your way on northbound 101 approaching 237. check out the ride on 680 on walnut creek. you saw how jammed it was, they were clearing up road work so now traffic is free flowing there towards highway 24. here's 280 and highway 17. that's a great alternate to northbound 101. we'll have mor can my side be firm? and my side super soft? with the sleep number 360 smart bed you can both... adjust your comfort with your sleep number setting. so, can it help us fall asleep faster? yes, by gently warming your feet.
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while we had the trifecta of trouble the last couple of days, in thehe desert they have been worrying about flash flooding. a thunderstorm right now around blythe. that will continue around los angeles and san diego, a few showers possible. look at the sea breeze and the marine layer, all along the coast late this afternoon. eventually we have a cold front that will take us from 76 today
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in tahoe down to 42 with that snow still possible sunday evening. >> all right. thanks. there is a scare for firefighters in san francisco. they were evacuated last night while fighting a house fire because the home's roof collapsed. the fire on thornton avenue in the bayview forced a person inside the house to find a new place to stay overnight. thankfully no one was hurt. teens are taking center stage in global movements like the recent climate strike and gun control. age is not an issue in those youth-driven demonstrations. but soon current 17-year-olds in california who are turning 18 by the general election will find their age is exactly what isin . we meet a scotts valley teen and his push to correct what he's calling a political oversight. >> reporter: ryan beam will be the first to tell you he's 17 1/2 years old. that half, not enough for the high school senior to cast a primary ballot in less than six
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months. >> i would be about a week too young to vote in the march 3rd primary. march 3rd primary election. that was the case for the majority of my graduating class. >> reporter: young people leading global movements, capturing the world's attention. >> you all come to us young people for hope. how dare you! >> reporter: so beam is making a push not to lower the voting age but to correct what he calls political oversight. in 2017 jerry brown moved the state's 2020 presidential primary from june to march 3rd. this left some california teens in a gray area. >> we are really in turning point in our lives where looking ahead to our future and figuring out what we want to do after high school. >> reporter: beam has written op-eds and contacted political members. he wants a say. >> we are missing out. we'll be able to vote. >> reporter: in the legislature
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assembly constitutional amendment four would allow anyone 18 on the day of the general election to be able to participate in the corresponding primary. >> politicians can choose to ignore protests or write them off. but they can't write-off your vote. >> reporter: aca4 needs two-thirds of approval from legislatures before put on the 2020 ballot. abc 7 news. san francisco officials have given the green light to double the number of scooters on city streets starting next month. the san francisco municipal transportation agency announced yesterday that the number of companies operating these scooters will expand from two to four. permits have been granted to increase the number of scooters from 2,000 to 4,000 and the number of neighborhoods that will have scooters will also double. critics complained that a lot of scooter renters a riding on the sidewalks, which is not allowed. >> the police department has limited resources for enforcement. that's why we asked the
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operators themselves to do what we can to educate users, they have enforcement tools as well. >> now, to help with that enforcement scoot and spin have printed messages on their scooters saying no riding on sidewalks. this is embarrassing. a flight bound for san francisco from washington, d.c. was forced to make an unscheduled landing after someone got stuck in the bathroom. >> this video shows the crews trying to get it open. >> we'll get you out soon, okay? >> goodness. so, united airlines, their flight was forced to divert to denver. firefighters had to come on the flight and unjam the door. look at this person with the phone. >> then again we're looking at this from someone who shot this on their phone. >> the passenger was okay, maybe a little embarrassed when they came out. everybody was kind of like, mm-hmm. united got the plane back into the air after a two-hour delay. >> now, as a person of height, i
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have to tell you, i'm often taller than the bathroom. so i would have really had a problem in there, you know what i'm saying? when you're in there for two minutes, it's fine. but when you're in there for two hours, however long that person was in there -- >> you would have had a meltdown? >> i might have lost my mind a lile saying. >> you might have realized you were claustrophobic and didn't know it. being in there. they had the seat. why not just finish the trip? >> mike? >> no. >> though, the logic stands. just not a seat belt. maybe they should install seat belts. >> they still had to land. >> you're right. >> 67 at sutro tower. clear conditions. the real thing you want to see, the headlines, it's over. the heat is broken today bay refreshing breeze that will increase this afternoon and bring us cloudy conditions late this afternoon at the coast and for the rest of us overnight. even some coastal drizzle by tomorrow morning. and once we get past tomorrow we're cooler than average
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through the extended. here we go at 7:00 this morning. clear out there. we'll watch the southerly surge quickly develop by noon. watch our temperatures warm up to 2:00. the colors are getting into the reds. watch after 2:00, the sea breeze starts to take them. we're talking about 60s, just a few 70s left over by 7:00. that's how quickly things are going to change today. let's go back to our microclimates, down in the south bay, mid to upper 80s before we feel that cooling late this afternoon and into the evening hours. 81 to 85 on the peninsula. upper 60s to mid 70s on the coast then falling this afternoon. same thing for downtown and south san francisco, mid to upper 70s and then falling during the afternoon hours. low to mid 80s across the north bay. look at the 70s around richmond, berkeley, oakland. mid to upper 80s today in the east bay valleys. i wanted to tell you, you'll
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sleep really well tonight. upper 50s to low 60s. here's the accuweather seven-day forecast. 60s and 70s and good sleep. >> right now we're dealing with a crash in vallejo eastbound 780 near glenn cove. five d five cars are off to the right-hand side. traffic is light enough in both directions of 780. heading down to sunnyvale, there's some road work, traffic is heavy on northbound 101 making your way out of santa clara towards mountain view. a live shot of the macarthur maze. right-hand side traffic is westbound 780 heading towards the bay bridge toll plaza. no problems across the san mateo bridge. looking good here. the drive time always slow 580 tracy to dublin, 38 minutes. i never got stuck in a bathroom but i have been locked in a confessional booth once.
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>> what? >> yeah. that was bizarre. >> i need to know more about that. >> yeah. >> god was trying to tell you something. >> you just stay in here a little longer. >> she's not done yet. >> better than the bathroom. the company that owns and other dating sites is being accused of a romance scam. >> and the new food network app lets you cook along with the celebrity chefs. here's tech bites. >> in today's tech bites the federal government is suing >> the ftc said the company sent emails to phony accounts to users not paying to use the dating site. the emails claimed a possible love was trying to get in touch. the food network is launching a streaming video app that will offer live interactive cooking classes with some of its most famous chefs. >> it will allow subscribers to
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order recipe ingredients and cooking utensils all for under $50 a year. a south carolina woman learned those waterproof ifship cases really work. they dropped it in a river 15 months ago and a diver recovered the phone eventually and it still works. >> those are tech bites. >> after all that. phone still working. still ahead, the push happening today to save a program that provides free medical marijuana to people who need it. and the major changes coming to the oakland museum of california. do you dread sitting next to a baby op a flight? well, this airline has come up with a creative solution.
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they took $12.8 billion from big tobacco. juul marketed mango, mint, and menthol flavors, addicting kids to nicotine. five million kids now using e-cigarettes. the fda said juul ignored the law with misleading health claims. now juul is pushing prop c, to overturn san francisco's e-cigarette protections. say no to juul, no to big tobacco, no to prop c.
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welcome back. we have a day game to wrap up the series with the rockies. if you happen to be going today, 68 at 12:45 and down to 67. not hot at all. maybe a little warm if you're sitting in the sunshine, but much better than the mid 90s yesterday. >> sounds good. happening today, a group of activists is planning to rally in san francisco urging governor nwsom to sign a bill that would save programs that would provide free cannabis to seriously ill patients. the current law taxes non-profit organizations that have served medical cannabis patients for
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decades, that's forcing many of these charities to close. happening today, oakland museum of california officials will unveil plans for a $20 million renovation project. improvements will be made to the campus and gardens and new renderings will be unveiled at a special news conference later this morning. details about the museum's $85 million capital campaign will also be discussed. it coincides with the museum's 50th anniversary. this is the sea breeze you've been looking for. small craft advisory at noon today through 3:00 tomorrow morning. southwest winds, that southerly surge coming up at 10 to 20 knotts, about 13 to 25 miles per hour. one knot is about 1.15 miles per hour. what it's going to do is drop our temperatures and make it more dramatic tomorrow. today we get rid of the 100s and 90s. tomorrow we have 60s and 70s. same thing sat and cooler and faster breezes sunday..
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we're following a crash in vallejo, eastbound 780 just past 80. it's been out there for a while. five cars are involved. lots of debris the roadway. look out for that. not causing delays at this point. northbound 101 is slow through sunnyvale. road work going on at fair oaks. and traffic is delayed apparently waze is calculating an extra 11 minutes. here's a live shot of the golden gate bridge. traffic looking good here out of the north bay i francisco. if you'reannt s hoeading to the richmond-san rafael bridge right now, it's delay-free. we've all encountered fussy children on a flight. now one airline is giving advance notice about where the toddlers will be sitting. japan airlines seat map shows which seats are purchased for children between 8 days and two years old. japan airlines says it has no problem with the youngest passengers, it even offers bottle warming assistance, child seats and diapers.
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i appreciate the heads up. >> yeah. but -- >> often there's nothing you can do about it, but at least you know going in? >> some people are like no. i'm sitting up here. >> get the ear plugs? >> that's what i do. >> yeah. >> what kids? >> good for you. next at 5:00, now is the time to fill up your tank. the problems at several california refineries means gas prices are on the rise. three strikes before uber drivers are kicked off the app, that means drivers accused of sexual assault are given a second chance. and the lives of dozens of cancer patients could be in jeopardy after
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news to build a better bay area, this is abc 7 mornings. now at 5:00 a.m., former uber employees raising concerns about the company. they say some drivers accused of sexual assault are still allowed to pick up riders. now uber is responding. prices at the pump have hit over $4 at many stations in the bay area, and it's expected to get worse. the weather, though, that's expected to get better on this thursday, september 26th. >> yes. thank goodness. it was just a lot. it's too hot when you don't have air conditioning, 3 out of the 4 of us on the set do not. >> you guys are troopers this morning considering the lack of sleep you guys have been dealing with. appreciate that. i always have extra rooms. the boys are off to college. then again, it's a 35-mile commute. exactly. the visible, the southerly surge is out


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